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Jackie Speier unwittingly exposes how Trump Wall would completely fail - 05/20/18

For years, I've been accurately predicting how Donald Trump's grand plans would fail miserably. I've been pointing out that "Trump Wall" is a bogus plan because Congress would simply move to neglect it, defund it, or tear it down after Trump leaves office.

Trump spox Katrina Pierson: "immigration is not showing to be a top priority"; Trump still for mass legalization - 09/06/16

Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson was recently interviewed on CNN by Alisyn Camerota and said among other things that "immigration is not showing to be a top priority for Americans in this election cycle".

Dan Merica of CNN is not a journalist - 06/06/16

Dan Merica is a producer for CNN who completely fails at journalism. Real journalists ask the powerful tough questions about their policies; Merica refuses to do that and instead is more a courtier. For instance, here's a question Merica asked Hillary Clinton earlier today:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz on immigration: is she fake or dumb? - 12/12/13

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz ("DWS", D-Florida, chairwoman of the DNC) writes in a CNN editorial about immigration fasters on the National Mall. It's hard to tell if DWS is dumb, or if she's just fake and thinks her readers are dumb.

Another misleading Public Religion Research Institute immigration poll (Saperstein, Preston, CNN) - 11/25/13

The Public Religion Research Institute describes itself in the highest terms possible [1]:

CNN brings back Crossfire, even faker than ever (Newt Gingrich, SE Cupp, Van Jones, Stef Cutter) - 06/26/13

CNN will be bringing back the debate program Crossfire, and this time around it will be even faker than some of its past incarnations (link). The four new hosts are (see each name for our previous coverage):

Univision opposes New York Times over term "illegal immigrant" (HuffPost, Maria Hinojosa, NAHJ, Chris Hayes) - 10/09/12

Jose Vargas (see the link) recently set off an intramural battle in the left-leaning media with his misleading campaign to get the New York Times and the Associated Press drop the term "illegal immigrant".

Piers Morgan is incapable of discrediting even John Leguizamo's absurd immigration ideas (CNN, Ice Age: Continental Drift) - 07/13/12

How weak an interviewer is Piers Morgan of CNN? So weak that he can't and won't show how a celebrity airhead like John Leguizamo is wrong about immigration policy. In an appearance last night to promote the Ice Age: Continental Drift movie, Leguizamo also promoted a racialist immigration policy for the U.S., with Morgan saying nary a peep:

Michael Bloomberg's horribly bad immigration ideas (crime, spending, family separation, Zakaria, CNN) - 06/07/12

On the Fareed Zakaria CNN special on immigration, New York City mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg promotes his very bad immigration policy. From this:

Fareed Zakaria's GPS Road Map for immigration (CNN, Bloomberg, globalism, Kobach) - 06/06/12

On Sunday, June 10th, CNN will be broadcasting a Fareed Zakaria show [1] called "Global Lessons: The GPS Road Map for Making Immigration Work".

Soledad O'Brien of CNN, Huffington Post fall for obvious hoax (banker 1% restaurant tip, OWS, Political Carnival) - 02/28/12

If you dislike CNN and their completely inaccurate self description of being a real news site as much as I do, the video below (cached) might just be absolutely hilarious. It features Soledad OBrien and three guests discussing a picture of a supposed restaurant receipt which shows a 1% tip and which includes a supposed note from the patron saying, "Get a real job".

GOP debate February 22, 2012 (Arizona, CNN, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Ron Paul) - 02/22/12

The worthless GOP debates move into a new month with yet another worthless debate tonight. NETWORK: CNN

Wolf Blitzer's outrageous lie about self-deportation (CNN, immigration, attrition) - 01/27/12

At last night's debate, Wolf Blitzer of CNN outrageously lied when he asked Mitt Romney this: "Governor Romney, the few times and I think it was only once, that they experimented with self-deportation, only a handful of individuals voluntarily left. What makes you think that -- that program could work?"

GOP debate January 26, 2012 (CNN, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Ron Paul) - 01/26/12

Yet another worthless GOP debate happens tonight. NETWORK: CNN

Republican debate January 19, 2012 (South Carolina, CNN, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Ron Paul) - 01/19/12

Brace yourself for yet one more worthless GOP debate. It starts today, January 19 at 9pm Eastern. NETWORK: CNN MODERATOR: John King. WHERE: South Carolina

Rick Perry's unworkable immigration idea: work visas for illegal aliens (John King, CNN, secure the border) - 11/04/11

Rick Perry appeared on CNN's John King show yesterday and supported an unworkable plan: giving work visas to the millions of illegal aliens in the U.S.

CNN Republican Presidential Debate October 18, 2011 (Las Vegas, GOP, Romney, Cain, Perry, Ron Paul, Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum) - 10/18/11

Tonight CNN will be conducting yet another of their worthless debates, this time a GOP debate in Las Vegas in conjunction with the Western Republican Leadership Conference (WRLC). Show time is at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific. Feel free to leave comments below before, during or after the debate. This post will be updated after a transcript becomes available.

Teaparty shouts "yeah!" to just letting the uninsured die (Ron Paul, CNN, GOP debate) - 09/13/11

Last year, Teapartiers threw dollars bills at and mocked a Parkinson's victim (see the video on tea parties). Their encore was at last night's GOP debate where at least two teapartiers shouted "Yeah!" on whether to allow the uninsured to just die. Video below. Yes, it was just two or three teapartiers, but it's an illustration of the teapartier mindset and where libertarian policies lead.

CNN Teaparty GOP debate: September 12, 2011 (Rick Perry, Romney, Bachmann, Ron Paul) - 09/12/11

Tonight CNN will be conducting a GOP debate in conjunction with the Teaparty Express organization. Feel free to leave comments below before, during or after the debate. This post will be updated after a transcript becomes available.

Newt Gingrich offers false choice, supports incremental amnesty, doesn't challenge CNN for misleading on immigration (GOP 6/13/11 debate) - 06/13/11

At tonight's GOP debate, both moderator John King and candidate Newt Gingrich offered a false choice on immigration. Instead of calling King on offering a misleading choice, Gingrich offered the same false choice.

John King misleads about Tancredo and mass deportations at CNN 6/13/11 GOP debate (immigration) - 06/13/11

At tonight's GOP debate, John King of CNN made a misleading claim about Tom Tancredo:

John King asks bogus immigration question, Ron Paul has confused answer (CNN GOP 6/13/11 debate) - 06/13/11

At tonight's CNN GOP debate, John King asked a bogus immigration question (no surprise), and Ron Paul answered in a way that was even more confused than usual. I'm not even going to bother discussing Paul's comments since it doesn't really matter.

GOP debate open thread: Monday, June 13, 2011 (CNN /WMUR /New Hampshire Union Leader) - 06/13/11

Tonight at 8pm Eastern, seven declared or possible GOP presidential candidates will debate at New Hampshire's St. Anselm College. Feel free to leave your comments about the debate below; some live coverage might also be provided. When a transcript is available I'll highlight the immigration-related parts in an update. Those debating are (see each link for more):

Brendan Nyhan still isn't credible (Obama, "Birthers", "science", CNN) - 04/28/11

Brendan Nyhan shows yet again why he isn't a credible source and how he's simply an establishment toady with "Why conspiracy theories die hard" [1]. His article is something that would have been right at home in totalitarian regimes where those who disagreed with the regime's leaders were declared insane. His article is also highly ironic: [In a study he conducted] undergraduate participants were given news articles in which a political figure made a misleading claim. In some cases, this claim was followed by a correction that set the record straight. Disturbingly, we found that corrective...

Gary Tuchman misleads about Obama certificate (CNN, "Birthers") - 04/26/11

Gary Tuchman works for CNN, thus we know at least three things about him: he's going to mislead about immigration, he's going to mislead about trade, and he's going to mislead about the Obama citizenship issue. Examples of the last are found in "CNN investigation: Obama born in U.S." (link). To start, consider this sentence from the article: Obama's 2008 campaign produced a certification of live birth, a document legally accepted as confirmation of a birth and routinely used for official purposes. A certification of live birth ("COLB") is in many cases legally acceptable proof of birth [1]....

Ed Hornick of CNN just makes things up (Brian Todd, Obama certificate, "Birthers") - 04/17/11

You can't trust CNN, especially on controversial topics like immigration, trade, and the Obama citizenship issue. An example was provided yesterday as John King lied and misled about the indisputable facts of this matter. Another example is provided by Ed Hornick of CNN (helped by Brian Todd, who in his report just makes something up that never happened ("Debunking the birther claim", debunking-the-birther-claim). Hornick states: The Obama team and the state of Hawaii released a certification of live birth, which documents the president’s birth on...

John King lies, misleads, smears; thinks facts are crazy (CNN, Obama certificate, Birthers) - 04/16/11

The video below provides yet more evidence that you can't trust John King and CNN in general.

Anderson Cooper lies about Obama's "certificate" (Montana, Bob Wagner, "Birther") - 02/16/11

Yesterday, Anderson Cooper of CNN interviewed Montana state representative Bob Wagner about the Obama citizenship issue and - no big surprise - Anderson Cooper lied about the basic, indisputable facts of this matter. Obviously, Obama fans like Cooper don't care about getting the facts right, but if you do and you want to find out how Cooper tries to mislead you, keep reading. Video of the appearance is attached [1] First, here's what Cooper said, followed by why he's lying to you: Here's the president's official certificate of live birth from the state of Hawaii [on screen: what appears to be...

Teaparty: 52% unfavorable, just 35% favorable (WaPo ABC poll) (socialism gets 36% favorable) - 01/19/11

[See the March 2011 update below] Per their enablers, the tea parties are as American as apple pie with a U.S. flag on top. So, why do many Americans have an unfavorable opinion of them? According to a new Washington Post / ABC News poll (link), just 35% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the teaparty movement, down from 38% in September 2010 and from 41% in March 2010. Meanwhile, their unfavorable rating has jumped to 52%, from a low of 39% in March 2010. Only 16% are strongly favorable on the teaparties. If the partiers were as mainstream and all-American as they say, wouldn't their...

How conservative activists like O'Keefe could have made CNN look worse - 09/29/10

CNN offers "Fake pimp from ACORN videos tries to 'punk' CNN correspondent" (link) about the latest stunt from conservative activist James OKeefe (linked to Andrew Breitbart and others). Obviously, the sordid stunt went badly awry.

Jeffrey Toobin of CNN forced to correct smears of "Birther" - 08/19/10

The video at shows CNN contributor Jeffrey Toobin apologizing for smearing a "Birther" who Toobin had - perhaps unwittingly - accused of being among other things a racist. It's great to see Toobin forced to give a correction, but if others who discuss the Obama citizenship issue were smarter and competent and understood why this issue is important we could get much more meaningful corrections from more powerful people. The backstory: a few weeks ago, CNN's Anderson Cooper interviewed Army Doctor LTC Terry Lakin about his court martial over this issue, which was followed by...

Roland Martin's reconquista rant (CNN) - 08/10/10

Criticizing Roland Martin of CNN is generally useless since it's doubtful whether anyone outside Jon Klein takes him seriously.

Rudabeh Shahbazi does puff piece on group that enables border deaths (KNXV, CNN) - 08/08/10

Rudabeh Shahbazi [1] of Arizona's KNXV offers a video report entitled "Group helps immigrants cross desert" (; the video was picked up by CNN as part of their continued campaign to oppose Arizona's new immigration law.

Shannon Travis of CNN lies about Obama certificate issue - 08/04/10

Shannon Travis of CNN offers "CNN Poll: Quarter doubt Obama was born in U.S." (link) which contains three lies about the Obama citizenship issue. Now, of course, just because Shannon Travis and dozens of other mainstream media sources have lied and misled about the easy-to-understand facts of that issue doesn't mean that Obama was born outside the U.S.: it just means those aren't reliable sources. (Note: If you aren't familiar with my coverage of this issue, please take a minute first and see my discussion of why this is an important issue and my angle on it at that link. Please don't jump to...

Gallup poll: Hispanics 2-to-1 for Democrats both before and after Arizona immigration law - 06/11/10

From a new Gallup poll (link): Hispanic voters nationwide haven't shifted their congressional voting preferences since the signing of Arizona's new immigration law on April 23. Their preference for the Democratic candidate over the Republican candidate, 61% to 32%, in April 23 to June 8 interviewing almost identically matches the 60% to 32% margin recorded between March 1 and April 22. White voters and black voters also haven't changed their voting intentions. Bear in mind, of course, that this was a nationwide poll and wasn't of, say, Mexican-Americans in Arizona or Southern California....

How is Chandra Bhatnagar lying and misleading about Arizona's immigration law? (leave a comment showing how) - 05/21/10

Chandra Bhatnagar of the American Civil Liberties Union offers "Arizona violating treaty ratified by U.S." in which he makes various false and misleading statements about the new Arizona immigration law (link).

Anderson Cooper lies about Obama certificate issue - 05/08/10

Questioning the official story of Obama's birthplace is the establishment's version of heresy, and Anderson Cooper - in the role of an Inquisition interrogator - yesterday interviewed Lt. Col. Terry Lakin about a lawsuit he's bringing over this issue (video: ). In the segment, Cooper lies and misleads about various aspects of this issue:

Sanjay Gupta helps Shakira mislead about Arizona immigration law - 04/30/10

Sanjay Gupta - CNN's idea of a journalist - interviewed fading pop star Shakira about Arizona's new immigration law; the video is at and as could be suspected it's a bit surreal. And, rather than calling her about an obvious lie, Gupta played along in order to smear the Arizona law.

Will Sam Feist correct CNN's lie about Arizona's immigration law? Ask CNN's political director. - 04/23/10

CNN pawns itself off as a source for real journalism when countless counter-examples show the opposite to be true. The latest example is a subtle but serious lie about the recently-signed Arizona immigration law. The page "What does Arizona's immigration law do?" ( says: Arizona's law orders immigrants to carry their alien registration documents at all times and requires police to question people if there's reason to suspect they're in the United States illegally. The last sentence is a lie: police aren't just going to be running around questioning...