Sanjay Gupta helps Shakira mislead about Arizona immigration law

Sanjay Gupta - CNN's idea of a journalist - interviewed fading pop star Shakira about Arizona's new immigration law; the video is at and as could be suspected it's a bit surreal. And, rather than calling her about an obvious lie, Gupta played along in order to smear the Arizona law.

On the video she says that she could be arrested because she doesn't even have her driver's license; Gupta interjects "so, you didn't bring your papers to Arizona" and then says, "that's an important point, because that's exactly what people are worried about."

Well, not really. This page has a picture of her arriving at LAX from Miami, from which she drove or had herself driven to Phoenix, or took another flight. Depending on the exact circumstances of her itinerary, she must have had some form of identification with her somewhere on her journey. And, she's apparently a Colombian citizen who lives in the Bahamas. So, unless she swam here, she must have gone through a U.S. entry point of some kind and with some form of visa or other permission. And, she probably has to carry that visa or other permission with her. So, her claims - and Gupta's amplification of her claims - are bogus, and CNN is yet again trying to mislead their viewers.

The rest of the video gets even funnier; it's like Britney Spears traveling to Mexico and trying to tell them how to do things. Except, they wouldn't stand for that.