Teaparty shouts "yeah!" to just letting the uninsured die (Ron Paul, CNN, GOP debate)

Last year, Teapartiers threw dollars bills at and mocked a Parkinson's victim (see the video on tea parties). Their encore was at last night's GOP debate where at least two teapartiers shouted "Yeah!" on whether to allow the uninsured to just die. Video below. Yes, it was just two or three teapartiers, but it's an illustration of the teapartier mindset and where libertarian policies lead. It's not like the teapartiers in general have shown much concern for the welfare of their fellow citizens.

This occurred during a hypothetical posed by Wolf Blitzer to Ron Paul about a previously-healthy 30-year-old who had decided not to buy health insurance. The 30-year-old fell ill and required long-term care. Paul's first answer was that he should have bought insurance, and when pressed he suggested pawning off the problem on churches.

Obviously, not even the Catholic Church is wealthy enough to deal with all the uninsured in the U.S. who need medical care. In the Ron Paul/Teaparty perfect world, the government wouldn't be providing that care, and if churches can't do it then I guess teapartiers will get their wish. Poorer areas of the country with large numbers of uninsured and with little charity spending would result in either migrations out of those areas or unnecessary deaths. Disease outbreaks might occur in such areas similar to outbreaks in Third World countries.

Bottom line: don't let libertarian/teaparty types anywhere near policy decisions.

UPDATE: Even Teaparty is too extreme for one of their stars (link):

The morning after a sometimes-rocky appearance in front of a Tea Party debate audience, Gov. Rick Perry said he was "taken aback" by cheers from some crowd members on a hypothetical question of whether a young man who decides not to buy health insurance should be refused care if he develops a life-threatening illness and be left to die.

"I was a bit taken aback by that myself," Perry told NBC News and the Miami Herald after appearing at a breakfast fundraiser in Tampa.

"We're the party of life. We ought to be coming up with ways to save lives."