How is Chandra Bhatnagar lying and misleading about Arizona's immigration law? (leave a comment showing how)

Chandra Bhatnagar of the American Civil Liberties Union offers "Arizona violating treaty ratified by U.S." in which he makes various false and misleading statements about the new Arizona immigration law (link). He's an attorney with the ACLU's Human Rights Program and he's trying to get the United Nations involved in Arizona or at least in supposed racial profiling in the U.S. as a whole; he references the recent statements from the UN about this issue (which was led by a Mexican partisan).

Now, instead of me doing what I usually do and going through it and showing point-by-point how he's misleading, I'm going to leave that up to you. I invite everyone to choose one paragraph or two and show how he's wrong in comments. Please only leave comments on this post about his article, and please take a few moments and find something he got wrong. Then, leave it in comments below.

Please bear in mind that at the bottom it says that the opinions expressed are his alone: he's not representing the ACLU, at least officially. So, please don't attribute his thoughts to that organization, even if it's doubtful that CNN would have printed his opinion if he were just some random lawyer.