Debbie Wasserman Schultz on immigration: is she fake or dumb?

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz ("DWS", D-Florida, chairwoman of the DNC) writes in a CNN editorial about immigration fasters on the National Mall.

It's hard to tell if DWS is dumb, or if she's just fake and thinks her readers are dumb.

I'll quote her CNN editorial "Delaying vote on immigration is immoral" ( ) and then discuss why it's wrong after the quote:

Last week, I had the honor to visit the Fast for Families tent on the national mall. The fasters welcomed me with open arms and a smile despite their struggle. The tent was full of messages of encouragement, expressions of admiration and symbols that remind every visitor of the reason for the fasters' sacrifice: the rights of immigrants and a House vote on the Senate immigration bill.

Volunteers explained the meaning behind each symbol: a shoe they found abandoned in the desert represents the immigrants who lost their lives in search of a better life in the United States; the bottle of cough syrup that has a $75 price tag attached to it represents the many abuses -- physical and economic -- that immigrants suffer trying to come to this country.

Several courageous fasters recalled their stories. Their strength, passion and commitment was clear. One story in particular hit close to home. Rosemarie Soto, an undocumented mother from Arizona who fasted for several days, explained that she constantly worries about being separated from her young children and not being able to see them again. As a mother, I can't imagine not being with my kids and not seeing them grow. Seeing Soto's pain and the fear in her eyes, and the love and sadness in her voice as she asked me in tears: "Tell Speaker Boehner to give us a vote," overcame me with emotion.

Fighting injustice is not a hobby. It's a way of life that requires commitment and unrelenting focus. The fasters embody this way of life and they represent millions of people who are struggling to keep their families together and be treated with dignity. The struggle of the immigrant community is our collective struggle. This is a humanitarian crisis that must be solved...

In the general case, there are no "injustices" involved. People simply don't have the right to cross our borders illegally, and there are penalties for doing so. Almost everything DWS and the fasters complain about could be quickly cured by simply returning to their home countries. If the fasters were complaining about actual abuses of the system, law-breaking by law enforcement, or the like that would be one thing. But, that's not what they're complaining about: they think our immigration laws shouldn't apply to them.

I realize that will sound harsh to those in DWS's audience, but consider what DWS wants. If she wouldn't deny citizenship to the fasters and almost all the other illegal aliens in the U.S., what happens when there are millions more new illegal aliens? Is DWS going to suddenly say "no" to them? Of course not: she's going to use the same arguments for them that she's using for current illegal aliens. If what DWS wants were made law, people could come here illegally and then get citizenship if they can stay here for some number of years. Since there are over 5 billion people around the world poorer than Mexicans, there's a nearly unlimited supply of people who could come here under such a system. Just as with the 1986 amnesty, comprehensive immigration reform would lead to millions more coming here or staying here illegally, and DWS wouldn't want to stop them even if she might claim to support increased immigration enforcement now. DWS would reduce the power of U.S. citizens to determine who gets to come to the U.S., and put more of the decision in the hands of foreign citizens. In the mindset of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, foreign citizens could decide if they're going to come here, and U.S. citizens would have a reduced ability to say no.

DWS refers to the "rights of immigrants", and they do have rights guaranteed under the Constitution. However, we have no laws that give people the "right" to come here at will: the fasters' current rights aren't being abridged, they want new rights. They aren't "immigrants" either: they're illegal aliens. Only the U.S. government gets to define what an "immigrant" to the U.S. is, to do otherwise would be to take control over our immigration system away from U.S. citizens and put foreign citizens in charge.

DWS is also encouraging bad parenting, see the separating families for a detailed discussion.

DWS is also encouraging more border deaths, not fewer; see the false compassion page for another detailed discussion.

The only question is if Debbie Wasserman Schultz is dumb enough to actually believe what she (or a staffer) wrote, or if she realizes how faulty her argument is but made it anyway because she thinks her readers are dumb.

Want to do something about this? Do a search for those who tweet at @DWSTweets, and make the points above to them.