Dan Merica of CNN is not a journalist

Dan Merica is a producer for CNN who completely fails at journalism. Real journalists ask the powerful tough questions about their policies; Merica refuses to do that and instead is more a courtier.

For instance, here's a question Merica asked Hillary Clinton earlier today:

"You're on the cusp of being the first female nominee of a major party. What does that mean to you and how are you reflecting on that?"

Even TMZ asks celebrities tougher questions.

If she's elected, Hillary Clinton would have influence over a multi-trillion dollar economy, would have access to the nuclear launch codes, and could have a negative or positive impact on billions of people.

Yet, all Dan Merica of CNN can ask is something even weaker than what TMZ would ask. Want examples of real policy questions? See questionsforhillary.com, [site coming soon] , and the entries on the Question Authority page.

Please look up those who think he's a real journalist and point out to them that he isn't: @danmericacnn. And, encourage others to act like citizens and real journalists and ask Hillary, Donald Trump, and other politicians real questions.