Jackie Speier unwittingly exposes how Trump Wall would completely fail

For years, I've been accurately predicting how Donald Trump's grand plans would fail miserably. I've been pointing out that "Trump Wall" is a bogus plan because Congress would simply move to neglect it, defund it, or tear it down after Trump leaves office.

Now, Rep Jackie Speier (D-CA) has admitted how right I've been. On the Wolf Blitzer show, she said [1] the following:

...But I have said publically before that if what we’re doing is build a useless wall for a couple of years that we can then tear down, I’m willing to pay that price to make sure these DACA kids can stay in the country...

Trump and his fans (like Ann Coulter) think "Trump Wall" would be "forever". Yet, here we have one of those who'd move to undercut it admitting what she'd do.

Trump's fans will no doubt invent a series of entertaining excuses why Trump would prevail. For instance, they might claim that "the people" would oppose any attempts to undercut "Trump Wall". If that were true, then "the people" would have been able to get funding for "Trump Wall". Despite Trump's wide-eyed fans demanding a wall, they haven't been able to sway politicians at all. Trump fans can posture all they want, but if their idol can't get his "wall" right now, then the chances of any parts of his "wall" remaining in place are slim.

The only real, lasting way to reduce illegal immigration is to make smart arguments that discredit those (like Speier) who enable it. For instance, the arguments on the DREAM Act and false compassion page could be used to undercut her to her base and make enabling illegal immigration politically toxic for her. Trump and his fans aren't willing to help with such things that would work, but instead live in a fantasy world were an extremely fragile "wall" would be "forever".

Trump and his fans are in effect helping those like Speier by refusing to do smart things that would work.

[1] breitbart · com/video/2018/05/18/rep-speier-dems-willing-to-trade-daca-for-trumps-wall-we-can-tear-it-down-in-a-couple-years/