Tomorrow, Sat, at 2pm Pacific, ESPN will have Napoli vs. Barcelona. On Sun, ESPN has a NWSL match at noon & Atlanta vs NYCFC at 1pm. 24Ahead will live tweet most of the action. #football #soccer #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
.@1126Dom: @mateagold, @partlowj, & @Fahrenthold are paid to push Bezos' billionaire agenda including increasing the labor supply to lower wages. They're paid to normalize hiring illegal aliens to help Big Biz make money. Prove it to yourself: do they oppose illegal hiring?
.@Fight4Goodness: @keithedwards 's mass shooting stats are incredibly deceptive. MX has very strict gun laws, yet ~20k murders so far in 2019. Other countries are awash in guns but have very low crime. Keith's too much of a hack to admit the real reasons for U.S. MCEs.
.@nativefoxnv: it's much, much worse than that. @TomSteyer could easily drop $100k on this ideology-neutral plan and neuter Trump's proxies. Without them, Trump'd be up against it. Instead, he's pushed something that'll never happen for years.
.@static4tw: congrats on a reply from Steyer, too bad you had to lie to get it. Do things the smart & honorable way: point out the Dayton shooter, the O.C. knife attacks, what Columbine was planned as, etc. show how simplistic Steyer is. Learn to take smart, effective advice.
.@gatewaypundit - Jim Hoft himself - blogs "GREAT NEWS: Trump to Use FCC and FTC to Police Unscrupulous Liberal Tech Giants". And, all his commenters agree, since he has a no-dissent-allowed rule. #MAGA #resist
TODO: take a kneeball video of a full drive (I found one) & reduce it to just the action. Title it "If Kneeball Was Like Soccer". The vid I found is 11 mins, it'll probably be under a minute. I might split screen it with a real football game. #MAGA #resist
.@b_fung: hey Brian, Trump/Parscale/etc would be left looking very, very bad if you covered the real data at my pinned tweet. As you can see, Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users, not just cons. You can easily verify that yourself. When will you help undercut Trump?
.@Vlgarza2u: @oliverdarcy has repeatedly tried to silence opponents & quash debate. Many supposed liberals cheered all the recent deplatformings. There really isn't much of an actual difference between Darcy & Trump on censorship, they'd just silence different groups.
.@ContentedIndie: Trump & most MAGA/GOP are very pro-censorship. The only question is whether they support it even more than @oliverdarcy does. He's a real lil' Honecker who's repeatedly tried to silence opponents & quash debate. Just like Trump.
That reminds me: remember when #HuffPost (IIRC) way back in July/August 2015 decided to only cover Trump in their entertainment section? That might have been one of the first few hundred dumb decisions by #TheResistance. Huff Post are pioneers! #MAGA
.@NickClairmont1: you, @gcaw, @CaitlinPacific, etc simply lack the smarts, sanity, & life experience to take on someone like Trump. Your wailing only helps him; you don't realize that. In fact, you don't even have undercutting him as a goal. You're like amoebas that scream.
.@onceatraveler: I've been keeping a list (on Github) of the dozens of ways #TheResistance has opposed Trump that's either done nothing or helped him. By tomorrow, you'll have moved on to some other pro-Trump tactic, never realizing @Slate has only ever just helped Trump.
NB: I spend ~$9/month on AWS keeping a server online for someone else, and I just spent $130 on Amazon. So, I'm part of the Bezos Problem. #whatchagonnado #MAGA #resist
.@Tartanelle mentions irony in response to @Slate 's La Pierre/Parkland blog. What's actually ironic is Bezos' bodyguards probably could take on all the grizzlies in Yellowstone. Slate writers probably have guns at home or live protected by those with guns.
.@Juliess31: a gang member recently killed 4 strangers in a stabbing spree. Columbine was originally planned as a bomb attack; they only resorted to guns when the bombs failed. If you're capable of representing clients, you should be able to realize the problem isn't guns.
What's funny is Slate is owned by Bezos; rest assured he has dozens of armed guards. Slate writers probably have them guns at home. MT @Slate [Wayne La Pierre worried about own safety post Parkland] MT @Juliess31 Then the NRA should just buy him a good guy with a gun, right?
One of the "kids" in the #LLWS wears a size 15 shoe. Instead of grouping by age, they should group by under-100-pounds, under-200-pounds, and has-kids-and-is-balding. #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Orders #56893 ("Telegraph what you're going to do") and #4 ("Close the broadcast day"), 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with Dead Kennedys - California Über Alles: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Enichan: here's some open source #Javascript to parse #NewTwitter tweets. How about helping find Greasemonkey/addon etc authors to use it (and add to it)?
.@BruceBeck4NY: kneeball is pathetic. It's like if you took a soccer game, slowed it way down, dumbed it way down, paused between *every* pass, and mixed in a healthy dose of yagli guresh & gladiator movies. (NTTAWWT).
.@MattBarkerRadio: a gang member recently killed four strangers in Orange County. He was let out due to @CityAttorneyLA 's AB109. Organize an effort to go to his events and ask him - on video for Youtube - what he'd say to the victims' families. Make AB109 a CLM for him.
Organize an effort to go to personal appearances by @mike_feuer & ask him - on video for Youtube - if he has anything to say to the victims' families. Make AB109 a CLM for him. MT @SgtJoeFriday1 @CityAttorneyLA Mike Feuer was the author of #AB109. You can thank him.
.@menschmedia: hey Steve, when @RepHuffman was in the Assembly he co-sponsored AB 109, the bill that let out the gang member who killed four people in OC. When will you ask him if he has anything to say to the victims' families?
.@Vanessa_Sea: you'd do more good if, instead of begging politicians as you do now, you *told* them what to do by asking them tough, Socratic questions. Give them a choice: either do the logical thing, or be discredited to their base. See "Congresswoman Roby on farm subsidies".
.@DaytonPubPolicy: @supervisoralejo co-sponsored #AB109, the bill that released the gang member who killed four people in Orange County. Give Luis advice on how to respond when he's asked about that - on video for Youtube - at public meetings.
.@stockspotify: @BobBlumenfield pushed #AB109, the bill that let out the gang member who killed four people with a knife. Go to one of his public appearances & ask him when he'll speak to the victims' families.
The #LLWS is all about teaching kids about life, being a gracious winner & and unbowed loser. It's about sportsmanship, and it teaches lessons they'll use throughout their lives. That said, I've got $10 on this game and these punks better get a few runs.
.@Patrick41553672: actually, no. Kayyem thinks El Paso is an L.A.-style sanctuary city. She's as eager to blame whites for everything as the Daily Stormer is to blame blacks. @wgbhnews would be a real news outlet if they found someone to debate her. P.S. I despise Trump.
.@hylen26: Trump's horrific, but: 1. Kayyem's first thought after El Paso was, "are illegal aliens safe?" She has no clue about the city. 2. She's tried to sweep the ideology of the Dayton shooter under the rug. 3. A gang member killed 4 strangers w/ a knife today. Not a gun.
.@LittleLeague: you're harassing *me*. I had $10 on California beating Hawaii. You were supposed to have fixed that up. The way I see it, you owe me $10.
.@BobPapa_NFL: kneeball is done. Lawsuits & legislation will bring NFL down, no sane parents want their kids playing it, attendance/ratings are down, they've alienated their audience, & no one wants to watch a sport with hostile players. Try a real sport. #football = #soccer
Excepting the violence, the action in kneeball is like you took 11 minutes of a real football game and added a commercial break after each pass. It really is a pathetic attempt at a "sport". #Cardinals #Chargers #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@MrMokelly: of course Trump's M.O won't go after illegal aliens' employers. Trump/Breitbart/etc obsess over illegal aliens but ignore real cause: Dem/GOP leaders & Big Biz. Ask his proxies why he won't use smart arguments against Dem leaders.
Pursuant to Trump National Orders #8 ("Play song while boating on river") and #3721 ("Aren't apples great?"), 24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with diminutive apple: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@RevClown: Trump's horrific, and one way is that - despite the shtick he does for his base - he's very pro-Big Biz. @MikeElk is also very pro-Big Biz. Like Trump, U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, etc. he strongly supports mass immigration designed to lower wages.
Your blog is extremely pro-Big Biz. You'd help U.S. Chamber, WalMart, etc. lower wages and harm American workers. Quite ironic for a labor blogger. MT @MikeElk [begs for money for helping Big Biz, gets $75]
"Backlash Hits Billionaire Stephen Ross—Equinox, SoulCycle, Dolphins Owner—Over Trump Fundraiser". Soulcycle? Their customer base has to be 99.99% Nanny Employing Class "liberals". #MAGA #resist
.@Ali_Lev: hi Alexandra, what you've heard about Twitter censorship is completely false. The fact is they heavily censor *all* kinds of users. They censor not only U.S. libs, but users around the world. Will you cover the real data at my pinned tweet?
After Werner missed a nearly-open goal, he put on a good move around two players. #USL #Sacramento
We're 80 minutes in to seeing that #USL is not even #MLS.
I have an idea for an upscale or semi-upscale restaurant chain that I think would take off, but I don't know if it'd be businessly feasible. I haven't heard about anything like it but I haven't done any research yet. Also, this is just a filler tweet.
.@viaCristiano: in any case, Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users, not just U.S. cons. E.g., they heavily censor libs replying to Trump officials. When will you cover the real data at my pinned tweet?
Reads like a very bad translation from a declined language. RT @viaCristiano Twitter locked @Team_Mitch for posting a video of protesters hurling threats at the his house [sic]
.@ramona4129: Trump's horrific, but local leaders & @FowlerSarah could care less. They're just pushing the Big Biz loose immigration agenda designed to lower wages. Look at the bottom line.
.@KatieEubanks: Trump's horrific, but @FowlerSarah & @samrhall are paid to push the anti-American Big Biz agenda of loose immigration that's designed to lower wages. Their agenda would cause pain to millions of lower-wage U.S. workers. Look at the bottom line.
.@kristyinplaya: Trump's horrific, but @Haleaziz is paid to push the Big Biz loose borders agenda. Big Biz wants more immigration to lower wages, despite how it harms U.S. workers. Ironically, Trump - despite his posturing - is just as keen at pushing Big Biz' agenda as Hamed.
That's the whole point. They're increasing the labor supply & thus lowering wages. Hamed is paid to enable that. Don't let Trump's horribleness make you a stooge. MT @TruthcastersTv [to @Haleaziz] ...these people [illegal aliens] are working and contributing to our society...
Trinidad *and* Tobago. #USMNT
Back in finishing school, Trump fell in with a bad crowd who stood around Morris dancing to metal. Now he's president. #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MorrisDancing
.@beany_weeny: @theintercept & @aidachavez are paid by a billionaire to push the billionaire agenda & they're lying to you. Illegal aliens aren't "immigrants": by definition, only those we invite in are immigrants. Look at the bottom line: they want to increase the labor supply.
.@Yogsothothoid: this isn't Germany & we don't have cows in the streets. @theintercept is also lying to you: the amendment isn't what they say it is. They're a front for a billionaire so they push that billionaire's anti-worker agenda.
.@WFLADaisy: hi Daisy, @patjchile isn't credible. He - a supposed law reporter - hypes "Democrats Are Resurfacing a Gun Control Bill That Contains an Anti-Immigrant Amendment", a blog that intentionally lies about legal issues. Being one of a billionaire's lackeys is no excuse.
As a cadet, a young Donald Trump attended the Dave Wilson Football School: #MAGA #resist
Trinidad, and Tobago. #USMNT
.@knittinglinda: @Arati4Congress - like all other Dem officials/candidates - is a liberal in name only. To see that, compare her immigration stance to what Big Biz wants. She'd increase the labor supply, exactly what Big Biz wants. Harming workers isn't liberal.
.@briancribb: @ryangrim is paid by a billionaire to push his Koch-style agenda (loose borders, free trade, globalism). Trump's very pro-Big Biz & his fans fall for it due to his shtick. Don't respond by falling for Grim's very pro-Big Biz shtick.
Undercut Liz to her fan(s) by pointing out she's paid to push amnesty (whether called "reform" or something else). Point out Trump's a big amnesty fan; he'd willingly collude with Pelosi on amnesty. MT @solskynco [to @LizRNC blog "The Hate Trump agenda has gone way too far"]
This momentous #USL match was reduced to audio-only, then even the audio went away. I blame shadowy conservative forces. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
.@ColbyItkowitz: you blog about Twitter locking McConnell's account over merely posting a video of someone threatening him. The fact is Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users; see the real data at my pinned tweet. When will you report on what they actually do?
Can you direct me to anything Sonmez has ever said ever having any impact on Trump? Has she put him on the spot on anything? Has she shown him wrong to his base? Haven't those like her only ever helped Trump? MT @SPTO MT @feliciasonmez [snarks about Trump's Dayton trip]
On ESPN News right now, Sacramento Republic is taking on the Las Vegas Lights in the USL. That's the 2nd-tier U.S. #football league behind MLS, but either team on a bad day could beat the U.S. Men's National Team on a good day. #USMNT #soccer #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
.@KerriJersey @RCSmithNYC: ddale8's list of Trump "lies" includes misleading citations. If he's going to call Trump on lying he should get his facts right. More importantly, name even one case where anything he's said has had any impact on Trump or his base. Name even one.
Trump's a vain, low-watt, self-centered dipwad. Someone like Putin - who's amassed 10s of billions through his wits at great expense to Russia - knows that & uses it. #TheResistance aren't high-integrity naifs who don't want to stoop to Putin's level, they just aren't smart.
As they say on the Internet, "well, duh". Putin, Saudi Arabia, Erdogan, etc. etc. know that and use it to play Trump. #TheResistance simply isn't in their league & can't "redirect" Trump. MT @SaraJaneMaki Trump only does things that benefit himself personally...
.@asmith702: of course everything's always about Trump. "The Resistance" lacks the smarts and sanity to use Trump's flaws to push their agenda. Putin & other foreign leaders can figure that out, the leaders you listen to simply don't have the capacity.
.@kab_fair: only @nanwhaley response to Trump's tweet is very weak. If she were smart she'd talk directly to his base about his many vulnerabilities (like how he's pro-amnesty, how his Muslim ban was either unnecessary or made us less safe, etc.) Echo chamber = bad.
Pursuant to Trump Official National Trump Orders #23498213 ("Wear A Tracksuit") and #60233 ("Defy the Twitter Language Police"), 24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with Gökçe Kılınçer - Güneşin Kızkardeşi: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@joe_kehoskie [to an @AnnCoulter ad for Gavin McIness vlog]: Coulter assumes everyone is divided into two neat camps, right & left. She & McIness would ignore many in both camps & all outside. Rather than nice chats, what's needed are real debates. You see her calling for that?
What exactly has Kaus *done* - not just said - about that? Likewise for FAIR/NumbersUSA? Don't enable grifters. MT @fly1nwa11 [about Amazon in NYC, to Kaus] it will all be 20 to 30/35 yr old males (mostly on H-1B, L-1, B-1, OPT & H-4 visas) + all long term residents thrown out
.@ImFullofSoup: point out to CIS/FAIR/etc that @kausmickey - by running cover for Trump - enables yahoos who call illegal immigration an "invasion". Point out to those duped by him that he enables yahooism rather than encouraging smart arguments.
.@tishdurkin: [@kausmickey does the usual Hannity shtick with "don't understand why [MSM] won't report details on] Dayton shooter"]: If Kaus were smart he could get MSM to cover it. It wouldn't be difficult to get them to do it, but he simply doesn't have the smarts or [other].
Speaking of ESPN, on Weds #ESPN2 is back as #ESPN8, "The Ocho". Also at 4pm (Pacific) on ESPN, it's Brewers vs Pirates. Then at 8pm it's the USL Championship with Sacramento vs Las Vegas. #soccer #football #USL #LasVegas #MAGA #resist
.@notthefakeSVP: ESPN/Disney execs are special in many ways & one of the key ones is *constantly* playing one single sport in its designated season. How about offering those who don't like those sports an alternative? Show #soccer in fall/winter + winter leagues. Give us choice.
.@thomasrjolly: as a lawyer, you should be able to spot the flaws in @crampell 's arguments, to the extent she ever offers any. How many have been killed in U.S. MCEs since 2000? How many have been killed in U.S. by lightning since 2000?
.@mccarthympma: Trump's horrific, but those like @TimAeppel are paid to push NeoLiberal/Koch policies (loose borders, free trade, globalism) despite how many millions have been harmed. If he ever dissented in the least, he'd be out of a job. Choose a third way.
Legal Q: we all know PI lawyers (ambulance chasers) are the lowest of the low, the types of lawyers who give other lawyers a bad name. Which lawyers are at the opposite end, those who are shining examples of the legal arts? Legal A: a good start. #MAGA #resist
.@Leslieoo7: I haven't been keeping track on @RyanAFournier, is he implicated in "Students for Trump founder pleads guilty to posing as lawyer in $46K scam"?
I was recently asked who I liked in 2020, and I responded I hate (in a loving way) all of them. However, I didn't reveal my secret plan to write in Blerta: #Blerta2020 #MAGA #resist
.@RealTimers: @crampell merely laughed like a little kid in response to Tucker calling the white supremacist scare (the scare itself) a "hoax". How about "cross-examining" her on his actual argument? Aren't more people killed by lightning per year than by real or supposed WSes?
Hey, how about a temporary change of pace before getting right back into it? #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@ClementsJeff [American Promise, Whaleback Partners] @kathayccc [of Common Cause]: @castateauditor is engaging in blatant racial & gender discrimination: the wrong race & gender replied to their call. Do your friends & colleagues know you support racial discrimination?
.@lancelands: the @CaStateAuditor is actively and publicly engaging in racial discrimination. See "California stretches applicant deadline to draw political districts - pool's too white, too male". Does @SenatorMoorlach oppose racial discrimination? What will he do about it?
.@colleenhagerty: hi Colleen, @jackie_botts promotes Common Cause wanting the CA Auditor to engage in racial & gender discrimination. Switch the races around & even a backwoods Alabama newspaper in the 50s wouldn't print her blog.
.@jackie_botts: a real liberal would oppose @reylc wanting @castateauditor to engage in discrimination. A real reporter would call them on it, e.g., does Rey think Korean-Ams in Sacramento have some genetic knowledge of L.A.'s Koreatown's boundaries? Be a real reporter.
Bad reporting-> MT @jackie_botts Seeking more diversity in [redistricting commission], CA extended the app deadline.. "These commissioners are going to have to decide, do we split Koreatown in two? What about what’s left of the Latino Mission district in San Francisco?" - @reylc
.@JimDollar: hey Jim, @DavidVanceDC 's group wants a state agency to discriminate against one race & gender. See "California stretches applicant deadline to draw political districts - pool’s too white, too male". Like David, do you support racial discrimination?
.@AvAforBLUE: Trump allegedly paid some to attend his escalator speech, but it's highly doubtful he has to pay anyone to attend his rallies. If anyone had asked Trump tough questions on that speech, he'd have dropped out. Did you or @umussbekidding ever demand reporters do that?
One of the many ways Trump has greatly helped the USA is by bringing Proto-Indo-European back, even going as far as weekly radio readings. 24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with one of these enlightening broadcasts: #MAGA #resist
MT @_luismontejoirrelevant because it doesn't fit the narrative...fitting... MT @baddestmamajama [#Dayton shooter's support for Bernie/Lizzie was irrelevant because he wasn't a true Scotsman...]
What part of Niemoeller is unclear to you? RT @StinePaulsrud [to @SaraSidnerCNN 's latest of many pro-censorship campaigns] My question is why is this website not blocked?
.@theviolencepro: your James Densley thinks gun control would help stop mass shootings. As @DarkSecretPlace points out, machine guns were legal in the U.S. for years. You could even buy them in the Sears catalog. How many non-mob mass shootings were there in all those years?
.@DonLemon - to his extremely rare credit - admits the #Dayton shooter was a Bernie/Lizzie fan.
#Oakland #Athletics came *this* close to walking it off.
"Cesar Sayoc, who mailed explosive devices to Trump's critics, sentenced to 20 years in prison". Based on what I've seen (not extensive I admit) he seems to be borderline "re-trade-ed" (put that way to avoid Twitter censorship). 20 years seems excessive. #MAGA #resist
#Oakland A's are now just down 1 to the #Cubs in the 8th with 1 out on back-to-back HRs. #Athletics were last in the World Series in 1990. Is this their year?
After shootings, Trump helps the far-left by opposing "hate": #ElPaso #MAGA #resist
24Ahead thus closes the day with the latest Trump plan. He intends to establish a "Ring Of Fire" around the USA to keep everyone out. #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
It pains me to admit that I've been to the Burbank-adjacent Fry's many times over many years. In the past their parking lot has been full, there's been a wait to pay, etc. Last two times maybe 100 cars in the lot & almost no waiting. Serves their owners right. #Burbank
.@Djaughe: @AndrewCMcCarthy & NRO are, as usual, wrong. "Crush This Evil" is just latest example. Debate is the answer; enabling never-ending SJW censorship as NRO would have it just makes things worse. Plus, the real issue is cultural, not all the other things they/CNN harp on.