MT @eBookRoulette This is a phony pile of💩 and @SusanWojcicki knows it. Truth is YouTube is desperate to become a mind numbing dull Netflix clone so they can eliminate all small channels and control 100% of content. They keep all ad revenue and can censor everyone
.@dustinmacdonald: the elites are pushing censorship to maintain control. All censorship attempts start with disfavored groups: then Jews, now Nazis. Point out to those taken in by @_outsidevoice and 60Minutes that they aren't real liberals.
NB: my avatar is Natalie Merchant giving the bras d'honneur in a rousing version of What's the Matter Here in Hoboken in 1987. #HTH #MAGA #resist
.@Bubola: not a "ma'am". While you might think life revolves around pie, I'm patriotic & when I see someone like @CalebHowe using the same anti-speech arguments DDR/USSR used, I point it out to his fans. Unless you say otherwise, I'll assume you're as anti-speech as he is.
Ochoa beaten again (!?!) as the Tigers make it just 2-3 against America on Univision right now. If #NEvsHOU wants real football, check it out.
Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! Tigers get a goal against America with ~40 minutes left. It's now 3-1 America. #football = #soccer #NEvsHOU
MT @MarkDice [Youtube censorship is just "election interference". I make a non-partisan campaign by elites partisan, helping them] MT @PapaCoke [YT censorship is great, great they censor "baseless propaganda", Big Biz deciding what I can see is great! I'm not a real liberal!]
Indeed. It's getting so bad I've been turning them in to the Chinese govt. [Note: that's just satirical, I'm pro-speech] MT @MomentoAnima Now that just leaves the ads for the cult over at @EpochTimes that I’m being flooded with currently even after blocking the page itself
Your simplistic plan is a recipe for even more homelessness. One of the first things you should do is help challenge elites on their anti-American policies that worsen things. RT @ChadPutman1 #Housingfirst MT 60Minutes [billionaires donate against homelessness]
All Dem & GOP leaders (Bernie, AOC, Trump, etc) are part of the problem too. They push pro-Big Biz NeoLiberal (loose borders/free trade/globalism) policies. MT @Hopeful86848674 [they're part of the problem] MT @60Minutes [Bezos/Apple pledge millions to "combat" homelessness]
You forgot to enable the DM plugin. #MAGA #resist MT @RealDonaldTrump Alexa, DM Judge Jeanine and tell her I really enjoyed her show as usual and that I'm naked.
How's everything in kneeball land? America just scored another goal against the Tigers on Univision. Check it out if you're sick of #TakeAKnee. #NEvsHOU
Gooooooool! America goes up 1-0 against the Tigers on Univision right now. Check it out if you're ready for some real football. #NEvsHOU
Are you ready for some *real* football?? America is facing off against the Tigers on Univision right now. Constant action and no taking a knee. #NEvsHOU
Cor blimey, gov: Sunday around 7pm Pacific*, Univision will have America vs Tigers in real football. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist * It might be 5 or 6, but I think 7.
.@vinaykesari: FYI, check out the Twitter censorship reports at my pinned tweet. @cramachandran heavily censors dissenters replying to Rouhani, Medvedev, Trump officials, etc. etc. ~1/2 the replies to Rouhani are censored. Like Chaitanya, do you support going easy on dictators?
.@espnSteveLevy: Jimmy Wichard thinking: "People are hot and dry, they want something cold and wet." ESPN suits thinking: "This is Fall, every sports fan just wants to see 'football' & basketball." Please urge them to show real football (soccer) & winter baseball too.
.@tracemetalclean: more recently, @AnthonyAdragna blogs "Rick Perry dances toward the exits". Cute! Has Tony ever challenged Rick on his huge vulnerabilities to MAGA (his support for amnesty, opposition to walls, TTC, etc.)? What use is he at holding Perry & Trump accountable?
.@DSandyToes6: GOP gets away with cutting SNAP to help billionaires *because of* those like @PhilMcCausland. Ultimately, their only response is censorship & clearly that doesn't work. In 4+ years, they've never once shown Trump wrong to his base over his absurdly flawed ideas.
.@rowaningala: you should direct your anger where it belongs. GOP gets away with harming the poor to help the wealthy *because of* those like @PhilMcCausland who only do shtick on the issue to get clicks. The last thing they're going to do is engage GOP leaders in real debate.
Headline: "Presidential historian predicts public support for Trump will collapse". Punchline: the "historian" is Douglas Brinkley. #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
.@greg_badalian: @ARmastrangelo blogs about the fired Newsweek reporter, without even mentioning that she appears to be a scapegoat. Even thejasonhopkins admits that. I've written 1000s of posts (& 100s of comments on BB before being banned). I'd never do what Alana does.
I want Breitbart to reach out to AOC fans & point out to them - in a way palatable to them - how her pro-Big Biz immigration policies would greatly harm workers. When'll Trump/Breitbart do it? MT @Rick_Gains [fake DMVs too] RT @ARmastrangelo I want...more fake [ICE] schools
Indeed. But, those like @lukerosiak, Trump, etc COINTELPRO attempts to criticize religions where it's justified. They might as well be working for CAIR. Tangible example: recent Stella claims about Ilhan only help her. RT @_MNmisfit No religion should be exempt from criticism
.@butchcrassidyxl: those like @lukerosiak constantly *help* those who push "deradicalization" classes. The goal of r/w leaders is only to sell books & get clicks or, in Trump's case, rile up his based with a pro-terrorist Muslim Ban.
.@LouBrandeis: now, @ShelbyTalcott blogs about the Newsweek reporter who was fired for what appears to be a mistake of her editor. Even @thejasonhopkins of the same site undercuts her blog: "Kwong may be taking the fall for what is a poorly run business model".
Ironically, #DailyCaller banned me (twice!) simply for showing them wrong MT @ShelbyTalcott I’m no etiquette coach but another idea here is to *act like an adult* and be able to have a conversation with someone who may not agree with you MT [AP consults EC on Tgvng dinner convo]
Presented for your consideration:
The main "progressive" tactic (if not the only one) boils down to quashing dissent. They do it in various ways: stacking the deck at debates etc; smears (some based on dumpster diving); and, of course, outright attempts at censorship. #MAGA #resist
The GIF's OK but it won't show Eric Carmen (!) wrong. Your leaders have never been able to show those like him wrong to their base. Urge them to do that rather than their usual attempts to quash dissent. MT @Nautilus916 [Truman GIF] MT @RealEricCarmen ...socialism is the enemy
.@angelafaulkner: the reporter @jenvanlaar cheers being fired (based on yet another dim @nickarama1 blog) makes a convincing case it was a mistake & by her editor. MSM constantly intentionally misleads, but #RedState isn't capable of showing that wrong to their audience.
Paranoid #WatfordFC fans make excuses after excuses for their own failures:
.@hdchappy: per @BrockHuard, you can spear people and do great damage to them using your head, you just can't spear them in the head. Kneeball = prison fights without shivs. It sends the completely wrong message to kids and to adults & contributes to violence IRL.
Cor blimey, gov! 'Ere are 'ighlights of today's South'ampton match against Watford: One of the goals was an egregious handball, can you spot it even if the refs couldn't? #football = #soccer
.@usvetsinc: when @JohnAndKenShow talk about the homeless it sounds more like Hutu Radio. Ken even fantasizes about punching people waiting for the bus. Will you go on their show and engage them in Socratic debate designed to show them wrong to their audience?
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #495452321 ("Close broadcast day with song about my glorious battle to drive out Fake News & so on"), 24Ahead close broadcast day thuslike: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Per a r/w blog (whether this is true or not isn't relevant to the point), "climate change" activists are considering rebranding it as "global meltdown" and "climate collapse." If so, won't that hurt them when there's no visible "collapse"? #MAGA #resist
.@Bubola: hey Gretchen, do you speak German or Russian (or Korean)? The @CalebHowe blog about Danielle Stella is creepily close to things DDR/USSR said BITD. She seems to be a fairly bad person, but quashing dissent - and those like Caleb who cheer it - is much, much worse.
Did the English pick up dropping letters ("Worcester" = "Wustr", etc.) from the French who ruled them for centuries? #UK #history
.@kef2319: more recently, @marisa_iati blogs about the Danielle Stella permaban, only urging Twitter to be even more pro-censorship. Twitter censors ~50% the replies to Rouhani & ~40% those to Medvedev. Iati not only fully supports Twitter helping quash dissent, she wants more.
.@jeffrich: hey Jeff, imagine if someone were sending emails to Valley leaders pointing out that Twitter - and you personally - greatly help dictators like Medvedev & Rouhani hide from dissent by not only censoring replies to them, but by ghosting dissenters. Good luck.
.@bajshagirl: hi Jeri. As you can see from my pinned tweet, @yoyoel censors about 1/2 of those replying to Iran pres Rouhani. You can easily verify that yourself. Do you personally think Yoel Roth should be helping a theocrat straight outta the 14th century hide from dissent?
.@JeffWMontague: hey Jeff, see the open source app & the real, reproducible data at my pinned tweet showing how heavily @alypavs censors *all* kinds of users. Eg, she censors ~1/2 the replies to Rouhani, ~40% to Medvedev, etc. She hasn't met a dictator she doesn't try to help.
Speaking about that, have there been any #Subaru cars in any of the #FastAndFurious movies?
.@SweetLouDiamond: as a certain Reich shows, totalitarianism is quite compatible with gays. @lgbtqnation is another example: if they had the power they'd be as totalitarian as regimes like that, DDR, USSR, etc. They also aren't smart enough to show Danielle Stella wrong.
.@Ramfam6: point out in comments at HuffPo that @lydiaoconnor isn't a real liberal. She writes about Danielle Stella w/o expressing any concern about someone being banned for a dim, childish ASCII figure. Lydia O'Connor would censor like Honecker if she could. She's no liberal.
.@metaburgeon: as a "questioner of BS" you should have noticed that @LEBassett only objected to Mitt calling Warren "Prof." (which she is) & not Senator. She didn't address Mitt's points so went for the LHF. She's not representing your interests very well.
.@Richard_Bayer_: you defend Danielle Stella's actions. Did you mention her Hangman-style ASCII art of someone (presumably Ilhan) being hanged, or did you forget to mention that? (I oppose her banning, but cons - truly vile, dim, deranged, reprehensible slime - make that hard).
.@TeamStella2020: cons have made it incredibly easy for Twitter to ban them. Instead of rallying *everyone* to oppose Twitter censorship using what Twitter actually does (see my pinned tweet), they falsely pretend only cons are censored. They marginalize themselves.
.@TeamStella2020: #DanielleStella didn't just "cit[e] the law]", she followed her Constitution tweet with Hangman-style ASCII art. Even Jim Hoft admitted that. Stella opened herself up to being banned & made her less defensible to honest people by being OTT & cutesy.
.@RoyPhilpott: kneeball (NCAA or NFL) highly negatively impacts society in many ways, such as promoting violence as a solution to kids. Any pro player in real football (Messi, even Vardy...) or baseball player (Trout...) is a better role model for kids than any kneeball player.
Four years on, @gatewaypundit 's "COURT RECORDS: Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooter NOT Republican, Identifies as Woman" (led to Ted Cruz' bogus "transgendered leftist activist" claim) still has no correction. I can't imagine doing such things. He lies & then bans dissenters.
.@strang666: @BrunetteJoy blocked me despite never tweeting it. @gatewaypundit banned me for correctly pointing out he's hazy on the truth (eg, his Robert Lewis Dear post). Hoft is on board with Trump's amnesty & he & his fans act just like SJWs by quashing dissent.
Went for a hike in ~47F. Fingertips were cold and left inside fingertips had black streaks. Frostbite? Gangrene???? Only when I got back did I realize it was from unscrewing a car cap. #TellASelfDeprecatoryTaleAboutYourselfToMakeItAppearYoureJustLikeEveryoneElse
.@sinkspur: by being one of Bloomberg's lackeys, @TimOBrien has tied himself to the full billionaire/Koch/NeoLiberal agenda: free trade, loose borders, globalism. Use that to undercut him to his readers.
.@Joannnoe1: the best way to undercut Bloomberg is over his immigration stance. He wants to flood the U.S. with cheap labor to lower wages. You can also undercut @camanpour for not calling him and his proxies on that.
.@NotReallyaDr: actually, Bloomberg doesn't "have enough money to end homelessness in NYC" or anywhere else: it would keep recurring due to the anti-American NeoLiberal policies (loose borders/free trade/globalism) he and all other Dem/GOP politicians strongly support.
Qui vous payez? MT @Vote2020change [to Mike Bloomberg's campaign director] Votez Bloomberg 2020 [etc....]
.@LilaFlw: @ksheekey isn't going to reply to you. If you want answers, organize an effort to go ask him *tough* questions in person. On video for Youtube. The questions have to be tough, he'll dance around weak questions. Email ifwdus at yahoo if you want to help out.
.@MelbourneCarrie: the censorship Borat wants *is* fa---c-s---ism. He's a totalitarian who wants to silence opponents. Refer to your Niemoeller.
.@mal_theakstone: no, @SachaBaronCohen is advocating full-on, DDR-style censorship. He's also admitting that he isn't smart enough to have shown Hitler wrong.
Direct his fan(s) and his bosses to the 9/11 Commission Staff Reports. He's spreading disinfo to help Big Biz increase the labor supply. MT @Funkflex34 MT @JimLaPorta [MSNBC's joke "military analyst"] Trump admin can finally accurately claim terrorists [are at the border]
.@LundieFrank: if @LVozzella were a real journalist, she'd engage Cucinelli in Socratic debate based on a true reading of Trump's (pro-amnesty) policies. Those like you wouldn't support that & she'd never do it. Neither of you are patriotic.
.@JeremyBednarik: AOC is very strongly amnesty, making her extremely vulnerable to her base. She'd greatly increase the labor supply & thus greatly lower wages. Instead of stocking up on Don Jr books & bad memes, shouldn't @TPUSA be making that point *to AOC's base*?
.@RomulanWarhawk: Reagan also pushed "greed is good" NeoLiberal policies (loose borders, free trade, globalism). There's no GOP or Dem leader that truly opposes those anti-American policies. That includes - bluster aside - @TPUSA.
.@nostradamRUSS: there are smart ways to undercut @TPUSA over buying up Don Jr's book, your childish graphic isn't it. Point out they spend donor $ on that, not on undercutting opponents. Point out - in a mainstream way - all the damage Reagan/"greed is good" did.
Speaking about real football, the Tigers have tied it up against America. #football = #soccer #NOvsATL
.@Vegasx07: 100s have said similar things to AjitPai; groups have waved signs about his actions, etc. Has any of it worked? Why keep repeating failed tactics? The smart way to undercut him is to challenge him to his face on video using Socratic questioning. See my Activism pages
Goooooooooooool for America against Tigers. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@GEsfandiari: Twitter censors ~50% of those replying to Rouhani. See the real, easily reproducible data linked from my pinned tweet. You'd think Twitter censoring opponents of a dictator would be big news, but I can't find anyone to cover it. How about you?
In case any #NOvsATL fans are interested in *real* football, Univision has America vs the Tigers. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #67431 ("It was ME who came up with the idea of using a violin bow to play guitar, not Eddie Phillips & definitely not Jimmy Page!") 24Ahead thus close broadcast day: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@GetItDoneGuy: the establishment is pushing censorship to better control what everyone can read. @isaacstanbecker is a lackey of totalitarians, he's not in any way a liberal. Hysteria over "bots"/"deep fakes"/etc is just a means to an objective. Be a real liberal.
.@KymLang: perhaps you should focus on being a real liberal first, Kym. @isaacstanbecker 's "Homespun disinformation campaigns on social media represent a rising threat" is like something from USSR/DDR/NK/etc. He - one "Isaac Stanley-Becker" - wants to decide what you can read.
On plus side, all Nyhan says easy to translate back into USSR-era Russian & DDR-era German. MT @JonasKaiser MT @BrendanNyhan the primary threat is cheap fakes not deep fakes
.@KarenBVoice: the Trump balloon @samanthajgross is obsessed with just helps Trump. His fans are worried about their jobs, while slime like her make fun of someone who offers to help them. She lacks the smarts & patriotism to obsess over asking Trump tough policy questions.
.@Freebird72: you tweet: "I was hoping to see [the Trump balloon] in the Macy’s parade". So was Trump:
.@pechi31: none of the @taveljimena replies actually said anything. Point out to her fan(s) she's obsessing over a balloon rather than doing real reporting by challenging politicians on the flaws in their plans. She's not a real journalist.
.@Iddybud: @JulianCastro 's immigration stance is very pro-Big Biz. He'd give them all the cheap labor they want, helping them lower wages and thus increase poverty & hunger. He'd paper it over with food programs that everyone except Big Biz would pay for. He's corrupt.
.@HarmonyHealing3: @JulianCastro 's "anti-hunger" plan is just corporate socialism. He wants to increase immigration - giving Big Biz all the cheap labor they want, lowering wages, increasing hunger - but he wants everyone except Big Biz to pay for his bandaid. Be a real liberal
.@LarryBoorstein: all else aside, was it honest reporting of @StefWKight to not highlight the fact that "University of Farmington" was started during the Obama admin? Can you trust someone who wouldn't highlight that? Isn't that like putting a balloon payment in 3pt print?
.@VerityPace: indeed. "University of Farmington" goes back to Obama. Oddly enough, @stefwkight doesn't seem to have spelled that out for the "OMG!! TRUMP!!!" crowd, for some odd reason. (ICE tactics are a separate topic than her tactics; she shows again she & #Axios deceive.)
.@psvail: "University of Farmington" was started a year before Trump took office. Who was president at that time? If the bust had happened in the era of that former president (whoever he was) do you think @Phil_Lewis_ would react the same?
Despite everything Trump's said you're clueless. Hilarious & sad. In any case, is braindraining developing countries good public policy, yes or no? RT @kayalbasi The ultimate goal is to stop all foreign students from entering the country by casting a shadow on the visa program
The mostly-white #BYU team is beating the mostly-black #VATech team in Ball-in-Hoop.
.@RickPetree: hey Rick, all else aside, did @Phil_Lewis_ tell you "University of Farmington" started a year before Trump took office? Who was president then? Disagree on tactics but is it good public policy to braindrain developing countries, yes or no?
I have to agree. We should give Big Biz all the cheap labor they want. No border controls, let all the billions of low-wage laborers come here. We'll be a Koch wonderland! #MAGA #resist RT @jcharlesgrant Abolish ICE.
"Deutsche Bank Executive Who Signed Off On Trump Loans Kills Himself At Age 55". In Malibu. I didn't look into if it's a suicide or a Bronxicide. #MAGA #resist
If you were locked in a room full of clues for 100 years, you'd never figure out where those 2 are actually vulnerable. You're hilarious & sad. MT @dcdufour ...It seems like Meadows is ignoring the reports that Mulvaney... [trivia unimportant to the vast majority of Americans]
.@eugenegu: the smears of @mollyhc, @Mr_Berman, etc depend on people believing them. If few believe them, they have no power. Your goal should be to destroy their credibility by highlighting *other, past* cases where they've lied by commission/omission.
This #Ducks game is going to PKs.
.@Geir7994: after all these years, supposed lawyer @BradMossEsq hasn't figured out engaging in a zinger battle with Trump is a bad idea. Bradley Moss simply lacks the smarts to figure out what he could easily do that would greatly undercut Trump to his base.
.@RobertLBurns61: Rudy is most vulnerable to Trump's base over things of interest to them. Can you grok that? They don't care about UA, but they do care about Rudy being pro-amnesty. Is @swin24 obsessing over Rudy & UA going to be effective at undercutting Rudy to MAGA?
"Apple alters Maps and Weather to show Crimea as a Russian territory". If you're a "conservative" & you object to that, you aren't a real conservative. What #Apple did is a perfect example of the free market at work! #MAGA #resist
Liverpool vs Naples & Chelsea vs Valencia were both draws. I picked both UK teams to win. A draw for them is a loss for me, even if U.S. cons can't understand how draws could be a win or a loss depending on POV. #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
.@MerrillLynched: Rudy's extremely vulnerable to MAGA over his very pro-Big Biz policies. @rebeccaballhaus daren't mention those for the obvious reason (she works for WSJ). She's ignoring the best way to undercut Rudy. Is that what you want in a reporter?
Please read this Max Boot headline with the appropriate level of seriousness & dramatic flair: "Trump's claim of a ‘war on Thanksgiving’ is absurd — but also sinister". #CountFloyd #MAGA #resist #scary
.@jackies63: Rudy's a very bad fit for MAGA. He's extremely vulnerable to Trump's base over TTC/Rockefeller/nat'l ID/amnesty/etc. You've never heard about that because @ShimonPro lacks the smarts to figure out where Rudy's truly vulnerable & the guts to use it.
.@soso08: all the things you complain about from Trump to Bloomberg wouldn't have happened if those like Zeleny & @DavidWright_CNN ever did their jobs. CNN went very easy on Saddam in exchange for access, and those like Zeleny/Wright do the same with U.S. pols.
.@bjneitzel: think of where we'd be if people like you hadn't enabled @jeffzeleny & his "enchanted" question. If you hadn't, he'd feel real heat to start asking pols - Trump, Bloomberg, etc. - real questions. Instead, you enable those like him. You're part of the problem.