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.@DRUDGE_REPORT: hey Matt, all the GOP claims about #Twitter censorship are a lie. They heavily censor all kinds of users: libs, cons, Bryce Harper fans, Target customers... See the real data at my top tweet or search "Brad Parscale is Wrong about Twitter Censorship" on Youtube.
Then, at 5pm Pacific, it's the #USL championship between Louisville City FC vs. Phoenix Rising FC on ESPN 2. 24Ahead will be providing priceless commentary on both #soccer matches live on Twitter. #MAGA #resist
Since I'm out of #Twitter search results yet again and no one can see what I'm saying, your #MorningWank is #USWNT vs #Portugal on ESPN 2 at 10am Pacific. If you're on the East Coast, it's a #LunchWank. #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@Zigmanfreud: when you started on KFI you replied to email I sent you explaining L.A. racial politics, Korean golfing in Griffith Park, etc. Remember? As reality shows, how Trump has been opposed DOES NOT WORK. How about helping with smart things that would? See my Stump site.
Is #Jeopardy champ Emma legal? #MAGA #resist
Univision is advertising "Instant Family" - an obviously crap movie but then again they're all crap - mostly in English. Marky Mark Wahlberg is the universal language. #MAGA #resist
President Trump personally tweeted me an email asking for my opinion of the Trump Regime so far. Including such questions as, "Do you believe the caravan of illegal immigrants MUST be stopped?" Here are my responses: #MAGA #resist
Trump's Acting Attorney General Was Part of Miami-Based Invention Scam Company: #MAGA! #resist
Sara Carter: "A source close to Donald Trump Jr. says there are no concerns that he will be indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and that the news-first reported by Politico-is false." #MAGA! #resist
Brrexit? Headlines at Breitbart include "Donald Trump Willing to Work with Democrats to Regulate Social Media" and "Trump Floats Amnesty Again". #immigration #MAGA
.@ScottWalker: #Wisconsin is finally free of you. Which #Koch front are you going to get a sinecure from?
This Trump press conference is why Trump is president. Race-obsessed, cosseted, low-watt, low-life-experience hacks asking him weak questions and he runs rings around them. #MAGA #resist
While we await Trump's concession speech, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with good ol' American Freedom Rock from Neil Young - Rockin' In The Free World: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #ElectionDay
Also, #Ocasio2018 has won despite a massive intellectual opposition as conservative stalwarts #DailyCaller & #Breitbart *called her out* over her purse & #NYPost *called her out* over a city she'd lived in as a kid. #MAGA! #resist #idiocracy
A non-Dem could win in #California by taking the things most support about Dems (economics, spending, green, etc.) & rejecting the things most oppose (mass/illegal #immigration, SJWs, etc.) I don't know if #CAGOP can't figure that or if they're just grifters. #MAGA #resist
.@stevekuzj: @TheRealJohnHCox ran as very pro-Big Biz fiscal con in a fiscally liberal (& pro-green) state. He didn't go after Dems where weakest: mass/illegal #immigration, SJWs, etc. Most - even in CA - oppose those. #CAGOP keeps running TX/KS candidates in CA. #idiocracy
.@libbyanelson: at #Vox - a site that'd be very pro-corporate even if they weren't funded by GE - you bring bad things to life by calling @KrisKobach1787 "a hardline anti-immigration activist". Can you direct us to anything he's ever done reducing #immigration?
Brian Kemp is apparently going to win in #Georgia. If he reports are accurate, he sounds completely incompetent over GA voter site being incredible vulnerable. Supposedly you could download any file on the site (!!!!!!!!!!!!), change others' info (!!!!!!!!!!), etc. #MAGA #resist
.@LevinsonJessica: that @Elex_Michaelson interview truly was "Fantastic!" as you exclaim. Too bad Tony Bologna & his sons Michael & Matthew - killed by someone Gavin Newson & Kamala Harris protected - couldn't be reached for comment.
With 54% reporting, Trump parasite @AntonioSabatoJr is losing 58% to 41% in #CA26 (Ventura County). #MAGA? #resist
.@KirkHawkins: @SupvToddSpitzer & his pals John & Ken talk about the homeless - including ~10,000 vets - like they were Gypsies and this was 1938. When will you get around to really pressing him on a mindset that in other countries has led to genocides? #OrangeCounty
.@MattBatzel: hey Matt, there are smart arguments against legalizing DREAMers. Please list all of them that Trump has made. Here, have some space:
Looks like you lost. MT @DonaldJTrumpJr West Virginia get out there and help Pat Morrisey win this so we have someone who will vote with @realDonaldTrump when it really matters, not just a Schumer puppet like Manchin. Do it now. #maga #wv #WestVirginia #wvsen
And Dems take the House. That means investigation after investigation, maybe impeachment. That means no "Wall", but you knew that was a bad joke on Trump cultists anyway. MT @MillePAC BREAKING: Republicans hold the Senate #MidtermsElections2018 #MAGA
In a way #Election2018 was a second job interview for Trump. His first went like this: #MAGA #resist
In news that has nothing to do with Trump, here are highlights of Totten'm 'otspurs beating PSV aus Dutchland: #soccer #Tottenham #HotSpurs #MAGA #resist #gov
.@peterdaou: how do you feel about Pelosi colluding with Trump to push a very pro-Big Biz amnesty? How do you feel about Pelosi colluding w Trump to greatly harm U.S. workers/students *and* foreign countries (via braindrain) w the DREAM Act? It's time to be a patriot for once.
.@BartB75231815: Mike Pence made Trump extremely vulnerable. 0 Dems - leaders or base - were smart or sane enough to use Pence to undercut Trump. Really think about that. Pence was a huge vulnerability. Dems couldn't figure to cash in.
.@vlynpowell: years & years of experience shows that cons are ineducable. No matter how badly they're beat, they'll lie, deflect, delude, smear, etc. etc. They're very deranged & very dim. Help them out by enabling @charliekirk11.
.@madisongesiotto: Dem leaders are racist and ageist (usually against interest). On cultural issues, #immigration, etc they verge to the extreme. They side with the #Koch bros on #immigration, trade, & globalism. And, they just won the House, all because of Trump & his enablers.
Pelosi promises to #DrainTheSwamp. To the victor belong the empty slogans! #MAGA #resist
.@BobbieDooley: Trump would move to Watts if blacks adored him as much as rural whites do. Those like you keep helping Trump by going low & inaccurate rather than understanding where Trump is most vulnerable & going after that.
Trump's pal Nancy Pelosi - still doable after all these years - is ecstatic about everything her pal Trump has done for her. #MAGA #resist
#CNN projects Feinstein wins. She's horrid, but @kdeleon - a true quisling who has zero loyalty to the USA - was much worse. #California #MAGA #resist
Trump is no threat to SJWs: when he's out of office they'll keep on - successfully - doing what they've been doing all along. As on everything else, Trump is a false messiah that only the dimmest people in the U.S. fall for. #MAGA #resist
His dupes think Trump opposes SJWs. He certainly does shtick, but at the end of the day he's stock #GOP hack with black/Hispanic outreach, dividing people along racial lines, etc. etc. He's no actual threat to SJWs, even if - only temporarily - he flummoxes them. #MAGA #resist
#CNN has a telestrator. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
Many Hawaii pols are Asian. Would you cheer them selecting non-Asian candidates? MT @GenderWatch2018 The U.S. has never elected a Native American woman to Congress. That changes in 2019 with the election of @Deb4CongressNM (D-NM) and @sharicedavids. #WomenRun2018 #Midterms2018
.@Storm_Rising: @JenGranholm cheers @VanJones68 's racist, ageist "younger, browner" cheer, even though she's neither. Jones is a racist who favors one race over another: if he had his way, those like her wouldn't have been elected.
.@VanJones68 cheers the Dem wave: "younger, browner"... That's not racist, but "older, whiter" would be racist. #CNN #Gramsci #MAGA #resist
OTOH, #CNN projects the Dems have taken the House. Tapper: this is going to be a "big problem... [MSM is nothing compared to House's subpoena power]". #MAGA! #resist
Ruh roh: #CNN projects Desantis has won. #Florida #Floriduh #MAGA #resist
.@Greeblehaus: hi Aimee, Jared Polis accepted the "Ohtli", an award the MX govt gives to U.S. leaders who push the MX govt agenda in the U.S. It's like if Putin gave Trump an award & just as bad. Polis is a quisling, when you look beyond superficialities.
In #Montana, @gregformontana is losing in early voting. Let's hope that holds. Greg isn't smart enough to show reporters wrong & he isn't sane enough to help those who can. Instead, he body slams them like an f'in thug, enabled by Trump. #Montana #MAGA #resist
.@simon_schama: @jonathanchait has said a lot of bad things about Trump. No one cares: he's completely impotent. If he were a threat to Trump you'd see Trump or his proxies going after him, but they don't even know he exists. He could help undercut Trump but he's just a grifter.
Wolf Blitzer strides onto the #CNN stage & declaims "CNN predicts #GOP will retain control of the Senate". #MAGA #resist
It takes Trump to get dims like @OsitaNwanevu to downplay a transnational criminal org. The Mob had stooges like it too.
.@jbarro: @intelligencer & #NYMag seem to need some ED meds. I probably get more traffic than them. You've hitched your wagon to a lame horse.
#CNN: Laura Kelly beats @KrisKobach1787 in #Kansas. Kobach is a complete & utter grifter who takes money from those who oppose amnesty and then does nothing for them. He's a complete scammer. Good riddance.
#CNN projects that Mitt Romney has finally won something. #Utah #MAGA #resist #ElectionDay
Before there was Trump, there was Roger Mellie: #MAGA #resist
Nate Silver needs a toup. Yeah, I know: I have even fewer hairs than him. But, I'm not the man on the telly who says f. #MAGA #resist
.@bitchylaughter: Dems don't even do "we're not Trump" right. @VanJones68 etc only know to play the race card, driving many towards Trump. They refuse to go after Trump where he's actually vulnerable: his "Wall" is unimplementable, his PR response was beyond incompetent, etc...
#CNN is *glum*. #Vote2018 #MAGA #resist
#CNN has called a NoVa House race for the Dem Jennifer Wexton. The Dems' House Magic Number is down to 22. #Vote2018 #MAGA #resist
If #Florida goes more Dem than expected, remember Trump's completely incompetent #PuertoRico response that caused an exodus to the mainland. Trump isn't a secret Dem, he's a Dem out in the open. #Vote2018 #MAGA #resist
If there's a #BlueWave, most won't be voting *for* loose #immigration, free trade, and globalism. They'll just be voting *against* how Trump has dealt with those issues. Trump *hurts* those who oppose or who are skeptical of NeoLiberalism. #MAGA #resist
#IVoted: it took exactly 25 minutes. That includes walking time, a few minutes in line behind someone with a ballot issue, time spent checking the ballot to make sure I'd voted a straight Dem ticket, time anguishing over picking Gavin Newsom... #MAGA #resist #Vote2018
#CNN Exit Poll: 48% say Trump's #immigration policies are "too tough", 16% say "not tough enough", only other choice is "about right". The real problem is Trump is fake on the issue & just uses it for shtick in dim, WWE ways. @davidchalian only understands simple choices.
.@CameronAnthony: that particular game was on ESPN. Many others are hidden on FS1, which millions don't get. Many others are even worse: the #USMNT loss to Trinidad and Tobago was hidden on BeIN & Universo. #Soccer needs to get on network, even if @MLS gives it away. @gyasinho
I've heard back from the #YesOnProp12 side but not the #NoOnProp12 side. Usually you can find some sort of tell but I can't in this case. I'll probably just skip that. #California #GoVote #VoteToday #Vote2018
Nuanced #MAGA cartoonist @grrrgraphics offers a stark choice (h/t @realdanjordan). Let's take censorship. Please list all the cases of MAGA leaders who whine about censorship opposing it *across the board*, not just of those who agree with them:
.@PolitiFact: you get called biased because you are. List all your blog posts that go against NeoLiberal (loose borders, free trade, globalism) orthodoxy. Also, your @AngieHolan & @farleyrob have issues with the truth.
#Trumpism needs to be distinguished from a smart, sane, big tent, patriotic Red Tory platform. The latter would oppose amnesty, not collude with Pelosi and Schumer on it as Trump does. The latter would make smart anti-amnesty arguments, not Trump's demagoguery. #MAGA #resist
#CNN will have first exit polls in 2:50, 2:49, 2:48... #idiocracy
I read on #Twitter that tomorrow is voting day. I've made almost all my choices so I'll be ready! #California #GoVote #VoteToday #Vote2018
How can you be even worse than Gavin Newsom? Ask @TheRealJohnHCox. He's running on a fiscal con platform in a fiscally liberal state. He's not running on what's needed: a smart, sane, patriotic Red Tory type. #California #GoVote #VoteToday #Vote2018
In #California, vote for Feinstein because is much worse. For every other office, vote for the Dem. That means voting for the horror that is but @TheRealJohnHCox is even worse. #GoVote #VoteToday #Vote2018
So far, this is the Official 24Ahead #California Proposition guide: 1 - Y 2 - Y 3 - Y 4 - Y 5 - N 6 - N 7 - Y 8 - N 10 - Y 11 - N 12 - ? #GoVote #VoteToday #Vote2018
.@CarriePoppyYES @YesOnProp12: @foaorg says #Prop12 is deceptive; @primate_refuge says "[it] doesn’t affect cows or calves, or pigs. Only hens, sticking them in cruel, 1 foot square spaces. That’s factory farming." Are they right or wrong?
The hardest proposition on the #California ballot to decide on is #Prop12. The No side claims it's a sham, but their arguments mainly consist of ad homs against #HSUS and their former CEO. The Yes side has #ASPCA, #LATimes, etc. It appears to be an internecine far-left battle.
24Ahead close broadcast day with stern reminder: you have patriotic duty to vote. It is easy: simply go to polling place, make your choice, and hand it to Trump polling worker to receive your stamp. #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist
The Official 24Ahead Voter Guide is simple: vote for the least extreme Dem who can win. On propositions etc., vote against the GOP or fiscal cons. If Trump doesn't lose *big*, he'll keep on greatly harming the USA. Put USA first. #MAGA #TheResistance
Most libertarians are true believers. Many libs are. Some cons are, but few con leaders are actually True Beliebers. They're just in it for the money: lowering their taxes for the big donors, selling books for grifters like Coulter, etc. #MAGA #resist
Imagine there were no profit motive in conservatism. Koch (mostly libertarians but use cons), Adelson, Peterson, etc wouldn't bother with something that didn't make them money. No more Fox. No more r/w grifters (Coulter, Rush, shock jocks, etc.) No more Breitbart/Daily Caller...
.@lukerosiak: your blog about Soros doesn't prove that he's funding the caravan. Him spending money doesn't mean he's funding the caravan. I'm trying to get an NYT reporter to follow the money. When can I count on your help?
Good idea. Better idea: Trump does that, making Soros look bad & reducing illegal immigration. When will Daily Caller push this plan? MT @REEMichaelJones @lori_miley @lukerosiak [Soros should help potential migrants stay in their home countries]
Those like her have the ability to quash dissent & shape policy. All those like you can do is make lame arguments like "National *Socialist*". Those like you are no help against those like her. MT @thejasonhopkins GoFundMe Launched For Gillum Intern Who Assaulted College GOP
After stipulating that you are adequately prepared for some real football, here are VfL Wolfsburg vs. Borussia Dortmund | 2018-19 Bundesliga Highlights: #MAGA #resist #TENvsDAL #TakeAKnee
.@SusanRogersMH: @adamkraymond & #NYMag have never changed anyone's mind except against them. Eg, they smeared Don Jr.'s exercising & I didn't hate him so much. They've never turned anyone on the fence against Trump, they've only ever done nothing or helped Trump.
.@BaylorAthletics: I was going to tweet your WV soccer vid but I stopped it after a few seconds due to the crap music.
.@LauraChapin: hi Laura, @jonathanchait could have tried to help stop Trump & could try to undercut him now. Eg: challenging Trump proxies on how the "Wall" is unimplementable. That'd really undercut Trump. Chait hasn't done that. Nothing he's ever blogged has had any impact.
Are you ready for some real football?!?!? Are you *desperate* for real football, not kneeball?? OK, here's the Twinsburg-Jackson '18 OH Girls Soccer Playoffs: #MAGA #resist #TENvsDAL #TakeAKnee
.@laura_nelson: FYI, check out the @natemcdermott blog post about Corey Stewart's NFL comments. Nate & #KFile downplay the very serious issue of domestic violence in sports (especially NFL). Do you agree with them about downplaying domestic violence?
.@nminow: hi Nell, please check out the @KFILE blog about Corey Stewart where Andy downplays domestic violence in sports. What about you? Do you think domestic violence is something to be downplayed?
Normally, Dem leaders wouldn't be able to get away with siding with the #Koch bros on #immigration. They get away with it *because of* conservatives. And, Trump wouldn't be able to get away with being pro-amnesty. He gets away with it due to the MSM. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@MattNegrin: hey Matt, do the wealthy want mass #immigration, or is it something they oppose? If the former, why do they want it? Does Trump want #MigrantCaravan folks to come here legally to take jobs, yes or no?
Obviously, sending more troops than are in Afghanistan and Iraq against 270 "bad dudes" is beyond overkill and beyond theater. Yet, the MSM has had zero impact on Trump's insane plan. In fact, they've *helped* him. Who's the bigger threat: Trump or them? #MAGA #resist
Ana Cabrera is doing a remote. I'll update you when I see what she's wearing. #CNN #MAGA #resist
.@danfromdc: Trump appeals to those who thought Trump Wall would be built by now & who can't figure out how easily a future Congress would tear down what little ever gets built. Instead of trying to educate those types, @Steve_Sailer panders to them for donations. Sad.
.@lauramholson: in 2017, you blogged about John Dean. I called it a fluff piece to @glennf, who then blocked me because that's what weaklings like him do. There's nothing about policy in your blog, even though that's where Trump is weakest.
One wonders why kneeball is America's fave spectator sport. It maims some players for life, it's much slower and more boring than real football and even rugby, few can identify with most of the players, and many of the players are hostile. #TENvsDAL #MAGA #resisst
.@CaliforniaLabor: @yesprop10 was too wimpy to go on John & Ken Show. That's how progressives roll: they reject debate in favor of such things as censorship and throwing chocolate milk. They can't & won't engage Kobylt in debate & show him wrong. What use are they?
Unnamed Trump officials often ask, "can you close the broadcast day with Wall Of Voodoo at the US Festival with Steve Wozniak back when Apple was an American company?" And I comply: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Aren't charges of "hate" used to advance censorship? Time to review that whole PhD thing. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist MT @DrGloriaBrame I voted 100% against the GOP's agenda of censorship, gun violence, and hate
.@CarlaBabbVOA: hi Carla! Your colleague enabled a company that was charged with 9000 child labor law violations. Now you enable @DefenseOne posturing against censorship, when they're too cowardly to allow comments. Reevaluate things.
.@womaninmedicine: if @getongab & their fans were competent, would they get pushed around so much? #Gab has consistently hurt themselves & others who oppose censorship by dividing the opposition to censorship. They've *helped* Twitter by shrinking the tent.
I've given up on finding a Xherdan Shaqiri video that doesn't have incredibly crap music. So, play these two videos at the same time: #GBvsNE #MAGA #resist
I use #Greasemonkey to add reply links to tweets. Those reply links lead to my site so I can reply to tweets & they go into my database. Those reply links only work on 1st page of someone's feed & don't work on Notifications. When I fix that I'll reply more.