.@bobgraham655: I made same point #AnnCoulter does years ago. The diff is she's just about playing cheap, counter-productive partisan games. I'm about undercutting Dem leaders to their base on the issue. Which is the better plan?
Some might not remember, but the Tampa Bay Rays - then known as the Tampa Bay Satan's Rays due to the large Satanist presence in #TampaBay - used to conduct ceremonies - sometimes sacrifices - to the Dark Lord after each game. Now it's close to paying off. #Astros
#Twitter trending: #JTFirstDayOut "City Girls rapper JT is dropping a new freestyle following her release from prison". No way is that cultural decay, right @AnnCoulter?
.@clantro: check out this absurd fanboy blog that was frontpaged to #Redstate during the @EWErickson tenure. I'm sure you remember GWB's amnesty, the NAU, and all the rest. Erick enabled that.
.@BostonLagrasse: kneeball is pathetic. It's like real football but with 30s to 10m between each play, constant concussions, hostile players, a committee of coaches dictating every move, and some guy who slides his hands between the thighs of a bent-over player. @ESPNNFL #NFL100
In the NYT, @veroderugy (Veronique de Rugy) blogs "These Trade Claims Made by Trump? They're All Wrong". It's good to have the #Koch POV, considering how free Trump has been of their Kochtopus-like influence.
This is a real @RealDonaldTrump tweet: "As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!)."
.@mlb_pr: spreading out the postseason means no more 4 games on one day; 2 games on one day only in a few cases (weekends). That means more viewership, healthier players, more revenue, more chance viewers, more buzz, etc. etc.
.@mlb_pr: various things make #MLB good for the culture. One of those is tradition. That means no large changes. A small change that'd help everyone is to spread out postseason by another week. Either start season a week earlier or slightly shorten regular season.
So, tomorrow, Tuesday, both completely-predictable #ALDS games are on FS1. Which means for me they aren't even on the TV. The much more interesting #NLDS games are on Weds: Cardinals vs Braves at 2pm & Nats vs Dodgers at 5:30pm (both times Eastern). #MAGA #resist
.@Kirk4Defiance: Trump fans will put every @JimLaPorta whine down to him being Deep State & Trump playing 12d chess. It's incredibly easy to show "12d chess" wrong, but all #TheResistance combined doesn't have the brainpower to do it. All they know how to do is to help Trump.
.@nuggetpalooza: kneeball is like Funny Rugby: "tight ends", "wide receivers", players constantly bending over, one player gently sliding his hands between the thighs of one of the bent-over players... #NTTAWWT #CLEvsSF
.@Evan_Flay @NextGenStats: kneeball is a joke sport. It's like if you took a real football match, made it all set plays, & added 30s to 10m between each set play. Plus, hostile (& occasionally felonious) players, a politburo dictating every move, brain damage, etc. etc. #CLEvsSF
Jim's blog is impotent: Trump fans/leaners think Jim's Deep State & Trump's playing 12d chess. #TheResistance isn't smart enough to show "12d chess" wrong or even to realize the importance of it. MT @LiveBSFree [weak snark] MT @JimLaPorta [someone says TK "rolled" Trump]
Trump's ban is/was incredibly easy to show ineffective/harmful to his base; I recently tweeted one way. Name a #TheResistance leader who's even tried it MT @BlondeinBklyn Americans call for total/complete shutdown of Trump calls until we can figure out what the hell is going on
As the fat lady said, "it ain't over til it's over." The Team of Convenience selected to eliminate the #Dodgers entity has one more game. #Nats
That's BS. #Nats #Dodgers
.@Dodgers: it's time to put in Kershaw!
#Nats go up 5-1 against the #Dodgers entity on a 3-run home run. #DodgersDelendaEst
#TheResistance = one loud, incredibly annoying tantrum after another. #impeachment = finishing your tantrum with projectile vomiting, that your parents make you clean up afterwards. #MAGA
Why won't they listen to #TheResistance?!?! Here's a partial list of the worthless, childish stunts they've pulled. Who in their right mind would listen to them?
Nothing either of you says will have any impact on what Trump does; you're just shaking your fists at clouds. Start small: see if you can first figure out how to show "12d chess" wrong. MT @Ibishblog [hypes @michaeldweiss blog claiming Trump's Syria move will help ISIS grow]
.@garyandshannon: so, your plan is those who have trouble living in CA should just move the f out, increasing the two-tier (rich + poor) system we have now, leading to even more moving out, increasing the two-tier system even more... Patriotic alternative: oppose NeoLiberalism.
Per Trump Official Executive Order #943893 ("And, this is why I'm nuking France. Just kidding! I might want to build a hotel there. But, seriously, kids, learn your alphabet.") 24Ahead close broadcast day thusly: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I got brigaded by Sleeping Giants; got zero help from cons. Cons constantly help censorship by falsely pretending they're the only ones who are censored. #solipsism MT @CIG_KingJames RT @Politick_Rick: @GiantSlyers is an Anti_Censorship Group that launches at the end of Oct
.@steve_katz: you & @dabeard strongly support censorship, you just want the right people to be censored. Opposing censorship only counts if you do it across the board. P.S. MoJo blocked me for always showing them wrong. P.P.S. Why does MoJo have same immigration stance as Koch?
Baby steps. MT @CheckinaCoulib2: #FamilyGuyFans should #FamilyGuy promote anti PC humor again, but with smarter social commentary?
.@justinhendrix: @WillOremus strongly supports Twitter censorship, just to reduce the #s of those showing him wrong. That's despite the fact that TWTR heavily censors libs replying to Trump officials and those replying to dictators around the world. Is that liberal to you?
.@thesyc66: FYI, @Delbius heavily censors *all* kinds of users. That includes libs replying to Trump officials, those opposing oppressive regimes around the world, etc. Find a reporter to cover the data at my top tweet & you'll put them in a world of hurt & force real change.
#FamilyGuy: bartender: "sorry Miss, no pr00n allowed at the bar." Quagmire's dad: "but, I'm transgender." bartender: "oh, that's OK then, do whatever you want." More effective against SJWs than a whole century of conservatives. #MAGA #resist
.@linguangst: this anodyne, worthless, pointless, not-even-slack-worthy BS is what you & @delbius consider a "healthy conversation". At the same time, you censor millions for daring to call out political leaders.
That says a lot about the loudest opponents of SJWs, doesn't it? You can have Messi + Ronaldo + Zlatan + Shaqiri, but if your defense/defence keeps making own goals, you're out of luck. MT @Mawza_B [it took just 3(!) complaints for SJWs to get a UK VW ad banned]
.@deephouse44: as reality shows, cons aren't the solution to anything. They marginalize the opposition, turning 80% issues (opposing SJWs) into 20% issues just for personal gain. You see @PrisonPlanet helping with a smart, sane, big tent opposition to SJWs?
.@KeysBabyBaby @matosortho: as you can easily verify yourselves (just look for the 'Show more replies' links), Twitter heavily censors libs replying to Trump officials. If you're right, then all those behind that link are cons. Is that a fact? (I mean, a real fact).
This local-ish place I pay a bill to each month claims #PCI compliance yet they're obviously storing CC #s on their site. Probably 95% it's just incompetence, not shady. I've complained about it. Now they're using a password field for the #. I doubt if they've solved the problem.
.@dancinghorse: Trump's horrific & his joke plans won't reduce illegal immigration. But, did @DenelleConfair point out all the untold tons of trash illegal aliens leave behind in #OrganPipeCactus NM & elsewhere? Illegal immigration = corporate welfare.
Denelle = Nancy Hicks-Gribble. If she were a real journalist she would've asked Beto tough questions about the huge flaws in his ideas. Point it out to her fans. MT @SubchiefBob [his campaign is "pointless"] MT @DenelleConfair [Beto talked about lots of issues at an event]
Even #CNN could only find 47% support "impeaching and removing" Trump. What'd be helpful is the results just from swing states (done by a real polling organization). #MAGA #resist
WaPo poll released Sep 27 shows only 37% of respondents think Trump should be impeached. It probably has 90% support among #TheResistance on Twitter, but that isn't representative of smart and sane people.
.@FatDaddy1961: not only that, @Progressive - like ~80% of the ads on TV - is racist and mocks white people. Whites playing the fool and blacks playing the cool is a common & culturally-toxic trope ads wallow in.
Reuters: "So, for Trump to be removed from office via impeachment, at least 20 Republicans and all the Democrats and independents would have to vote against him." If you live in this universe (YMMV), that seems to be nearly unachievable. #MAGA #resist
.@BlueWave215: here's a simple question that'd really put Kellyanne on the spot: "when Trump's bans were blocked, did he ramp up screening enough (& thus his bans weren't needed) or not enough (& thus endangered the USA)?" Has @ChrisCuomo ever asked anything like that?
.@captainballast: after Maria, @chefjoseandres delivered gourmet sandwiches. I suggested instead staple foods, the means to make them, & the means to produce them. That would've been quicker, cheaper, & more nutritious. Which plan is better?
.@MariaDiBi: @TomSteyer is working hard to reelect Trump. Trump won't be ejected & any other result underlines his victimization to 10s of millions. Even if Steyer ran replies, they'd just help Trump. Steyer simply isn't smart enough to figure out where Trump's vulnerable.
.@LakeKirsten: as TomSteyer implies, it's time for white people to sit down and let the real victims of #ClimateChange lead the charge. This is about #ClimateJustice!
The new #Trump2020 ad is absurd; it should be incredibly easy to show it wrong to Trump leaners. Instead of doing that, all Dems / #TheResistance will do is play right into the points Parscale is trying to make. #resist makes Parscale look like he's playing 12d chess.
Look at Trump's replies, no really, go ahead and look at the practically-incomprehensible intellectual might of #TheResistance. The new #Trump2020 ad is aimed squarely at normal people who are sick of BS like that. And, #resist is incapable of cleaning up their act.
Yay! #Nats get out of an inning. #Dodgers #DodgersDelendaEst
You know what'd be great? #LAGalaxy vs #DCUnited. Unfortunately, while both stars might be able to drag their teams to the finish line, I don't see it happening. #MLS #football = #soccer
Thank you, and #MAGA! MT @RealDönaldTrümp I changed my handle so everyone knows: I rock!
This is a new #Trump2020 ad, and it's not only good for it's genre, the Dems & #TheResistance are incapable of not helping make it true: #MAGA
Cover your mouth, in case the #Nats have employed a Korean lipreader. #Dodgers
On #ESPN right now it's Jill Ellis' last game, and #USWNT is in trouble. "Trouble" is relative: that means they're tied 1-1 with South Korea with ~15 minutes to go. Maybe Trump has a plan that would help out. #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
If Trump hadn't always just done extremely dumbed-down shtick on #immigration, this & the comments would've never happened: #climbing #MAGA #resist
.@ConwayShow: meet this week's winner of the @JohnAndKenShow Middle Class Hero Award:
Who's up for opposing NeoLiberalism? RT @nu_handen [to @abc7rachel hyping worthless donation boxes for the homeless] So instead of instituting rent control or finding new ways to tax the ultra-wealthy, they're gonna make ME pay while I'm browsing antique lampshades on Retro Row?
That tone only helps crooked pols. The goal is to undercut pols to their lib base. That means punch up, not down. MT @Mysonismyheart9 CA doesn't do squat for the homeless they only do for a criminal like all the illegals you get rewarded and tons of free stuff
.@rudedogreyes: kneeball is like rugby + gladiator movies + oil wrestling: tight ends; wide receivers; dudes bending over while another dude comes up behind them, slides his hands between their thighs, and starts screaming about Omaha. #NFL100
.@WardonSports: hey Brad, when will Ray Lewis' bloody shirt be inducted into the #NFL Hall Of Fame? #NFL100
.@ebruenig: hey Liz, as a journalist I'm sure you believe in the "Right of Reply". @daveweigel lied about me on his site, then refused to approve the comment where I showed how he lied. Would you do something like that, or do you have integrity?
So, tomorrow, Sunday, there's high-quality sports from morning to night: - 11am ESPN: #USWNT vs Korea (Sud) - 1pm ESPN: Timbers vs San Jose - 1pm TBS: Braves vs Cardinals - 5pm TBS: Dodgers get trounced by Nats #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
How do you say "Yowtch!" in whatever language that is on Univision? Memo Ochoa has allowed 5 goals. Whatever the circumstances, that's bad. #football = #soccer
All day on ESPN, Sports Theorists have speculated, "how will 24Ahead close broadcast day, in not-so-angry way or extra-angry way?" Now, finally, we know answer: not-so-angry way: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #Dodgers
.@dlshadothman: Twitter censors replies to *Target* (a chain store). Probably they are censoring replies to the leaders that you oppose. Find a journalist to report on the data at my top tweet. You will help expose what Twitter is doing.
You're doing it wrong. Use 1st args against *pols*. In his case, point out to his fans you can't trust him because he's disabled fact-checking. Who knows if he's lying? MT @Deplorabelle The @lookner guy blocked me after threatening to hide replies of anyone who called him out...
.@octonion: FYI, Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users (incl 20% to 40% libs replying to Trump officials; see my pinned tweet). One only wonders what they do to Hong Kong protesters. If you really care, go after those who refuse to oppose censorship across the board.
.@DeborahDitkows1: @RiegerReport is paid to help Bezos make more money, full stop. He's part of Bezos' PR dept. Anything else is just a show. If you want real reporting, help organize an effort to ask Trump proxies *tough* *policy* questions at their public appearances.
.@darksecretplace: see my pinned tweet for real data on what Twitter does. Cons' natural inclination is to grift off Twitter censorship even as doing that hurts them (see Alex Jones). Their mental/emotional issues keep them from opposing censorship *across the board*.
.@BlytheandDogs: Trump's horrific, but @shaneharris is paid to push anti-American Koch/NeoLiberal policies that the Dems used to oppose. Trump postures as an opponent of those so delenda est. Help hold DT accountable, but don't jump out of his frying pan into the Bezos fire.
24Ahead Daily "Learn To Speak Like Trump" Extra Bonus lesson. One of the words the beauty says in the last video is featured, in a different form, in this video showing Trump learning his fate (he's reelected): #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
24Ahead Daily "Learn To Speak Like Trump" lesson: in that last vid, "pravdu" is the accusative of a word you all know. #MAGA #resist
.@randyvera: @AnnCoulter is incredibly vulnerable to MAGA in many ways. The key way is she thinks Trump "wall" would be "forever". If you point out to her base how easily the next admin will just tear it down or neglect it, you'll undercut both her & Trump.
I expect better from blue check marks, the made men of the Twitterverse. Twitter gives you a huge break. Now, could you ask someone to help you with valid arguments? MT @secretdorkgirl [to AnnCoulter] Maybe your orange clown Combover Caligula could shut the fuck up instead.
.@NomDePume: all @edlavaCNN had to do was call Trump proxies on how the next admin/Congress will neglect/tear down Trump's "wall" & Trump's signature issue would be revealed as vaporware. Instead, Ed *helped* Trump by pretending Trump's absurd idea was realistic.
.@oncedeferred: Putin is much smarter than Trump & his loudest opponents. What was the goal of Putin's obvious use of "bots"? What does he want? Putin *wants* those like @oliverdarcy to push for censorship. Putin wants more U.S. censorship, & lil' Honeckers like Darcy help him.
~~~BREAKING DRUDGE SIREN~~~ The #Trump2020 campaign has just released their newest anti-Biden ad: #MAGA #resist
~~BREAKING DRUDGE SIREN~~ New Trump Official Executive Orders declare that his birthday is actually February 29, 1948, and restrict the presidency to those who own multi-million dollar property firms based in NYC and who are between 15 and 20 years old. #MAGA #resist
.@CelticGuy66: it's always been incredibly easy to undercut Trump to his base over his support for amnesty, how his plans will fail, etc. @oliverdarcy can't figure that out so tries to silence MAGA instead. He *helps* Putin: VP wants US censorship to show our system doesn't work
Good at-bat by Seager, but as always the #Dodgers are losers.
.@jasonglisson: what those like @joshscampbell pretend are tough questions are like WWE pretending their conflicts are real. The last thing Josh wants is for *all* politicians to be asked truly tough policy questions. Josh's partisan hackery takes a backseat to the oath he took.
Resistance snowflake & deranged partisan @justdawn_ has blocked me for suggesting she act like a citizen for once:
.@ADopicodelValle: hi Ana, @edlavaCNN greatly *helped* Trump. He did a segment on the "wall", complete with an animation of how it would work. If Ed were smart & patriotic, he would have called Trump proxies on reality: Congress & future admins will neglect/tear down the "wall".
LOL. #Dodgers #DodgersDelendaEst
.@LaurenMoms: Trump's horrific, but @megangarber is paid by Lauren Jobs to push anti-American NeoLiberal policies that make her even more money. That's what this is all about. It's possible to oppose *both* Trump's shtick/inhumane plans *and* child labor exploiters like Jobs.
Correction: Scherzer struck out all the #Dodgers losers on *14* - not 15 - pitches.
.@MidwinCharles: Trump's horrific (and fake), but @AdamSerwer is paid by Mrs. Steve Jobs to push anti-American NeoLiberal policies (loose borders/free trade/globalism) that help her make more money. Don't let your disgust at Trump make you help Serwer harm American workers.
Scherzer strikes out all the #Dodgers losers on 15 pitches.
In past years, #Dodgers have looked like world-beaters, then they failed miserably as losers always do. This year they're worse than past years: Kershaw, Jansen, etc. etc. They have OK hitters but that's about it. #losers #DodgersDelendaEst
Trump has to have been incredibly shocked at how incredibly incompetent his loudest opponents are. He's pres because of people like you two. MT @liesagreedupon [to @dandrezner blasphemic, impotent exasperation at Trump's latest shtick] [but, wait, there's more!]
I'm curious: can you even conceive of there being something smarter than street protests? Really think about that & reply like adult MT @Simian01 [one of the few replies to @JolyonRubs virtue signaling hyping #ExtinctionR; its pic puts "protesting" as a higher step than "vegan"]
.@sarp_ozge: it's a horrible situation, but @derherrschulz is paid to help Big Biz get more and more Gastarbeiter. Big Biz will do anything to increase profits, including taking advantage of someone's death (and paying Schultz to retail it).
.@Neal21584333: @AdamSerwer only eats due to Mrs. Steve Jobs. She profits from anti-American NeoLiberal policies (free trade, loose borders, globalism). Serwer does what she says. Trump's horrific, but at least understand where Serwer's opposition is coming from.
.@HoltonBarb: you claim to be "independent in thought" yet you block those who disagree. You fall for @JakeTapper 's argument to authority: the Clintons weren't involved because Jake sez so. Since Jake knows who caused jailers to leave Epstein alone, when will he broadcast who?
.@PerditionReigns: @JakeTapper says "[Terrence] Williams spread lies that Clintons had Jeffrey Epstein killed..." How is that a "lie"? Has JE's killer been found? Have Clintons been ruled out? Tapper's beliefs aren't facts, are they?
.@hhask: @StefanieDodt 's co-blogger is DLind of Vox. Vox is a GE-sponsored site that pushes the NeoLiberal/Koch line (loose borders/free trade/globalism). Vox retails very pro-Big Biz policies & Lind has repeatedly deceived her readers. That doesn't mean Steffi's lying, but...
.@Pgn3540: the #propublica blog is from @StefanieDodt & DLind. Lind is a GE-funded corporate hack & has frequently deceived to help Big Biz lower wages. That doesn't mean their blog is wrong, just be very skeptical of both of them.
.@chrisw_ottawa: both Dem & GOP leaders greatly harm Mexico & other countries by encouraging their most active people to come here (to help Big Biz lower wages & racial demagogues increase their racial power). #ProPublica intentionally helps that. Stop enabling them.
#Dodgers need to put in Jansen **right now**!
All #Dodgers need to do is give the ball to this generation's Mariano Rivera - Kenley Jansen - and that's it! Dodgers are inevitable!!!
*Yes!!* #Dodgers get their first hit, in the 5th with two outs. Yes!!!!! #DodgersDelendaEst