.@kyletrow: see the extremely weak @MatthewCappucci reply to a critic smearing him as a flat-earther. Such tactics - not to mention censorship - are one of the reasons why not many believe those like him. (There are lots of other reasons too; they'll never figure that out).
Exceedingly weak reply. MT @MatthewCappucci Yup. You got us. Climate change is fake, the earth is flat, and you can cure anything with lavender oil and daisies. MT @BuffettBrett My apologies Matt. At first I thought you were blatantly lying. Now its clear you're just misleading.
.@MattBruenig: one of your top goals is to undercut Trump, right? That means figuring out where he's vulnerable to his base & figuring out how to use it. I cab figure out how @HeerJeet could help greatly undercut Trump, but he can't. How about you?
.@ConnieScouts: @minakimes cheers XFL, because Americans can't get enough kneeball. Kneeball is already a joke sport, like a practice for very special big baby players who need to be directed in everything & need a tent revival to get them to do their jobs. #football = #soccer
People like you almost make me cry. All the cands need to be really pressed on the huge flaws in their plans. Those like Nick strongly oppose that; they're shepherds. Be a citizen instead. MT @tetlow8_w [lol] MT @nxthompson [cutesy listicle of what cands supposedly oppose]
.@CookieSmooch: Yang also wants the MSM - which constantly deceives about key issues - to decide which political ads you can see. Do you need a lil' Honecker minder or can you think for yourself? #YangGang???
Since the only way to undercut Trump is to undercut him to his base, do they care? Hint: no. Such blogs are just entertainment for those who already oppose Trump. MT @xbonefish MT @GrahamDavidA [blogs "Why Would a Billionaire Charge the Secret Service $650 a Night?"]
.@Rabidoggo: supposed biologist @luckytran cheers @TomSteyer on "climate change". In an ad, Steyer correctly says Congress isn't keen on his solution. So, he intends to push his plans via exec orders (just like Trump). You're probably smarter than them & know how that'd fail.
Isn't "that group owes me!" extremely culturally toxic, esp based on skin color. What exactly does an immigrant from RU owe blacks? Should all blacks pay for the very high crime rate of many ghetto blacks? MT @Kevtamz [he's great] MT @TomSteyer I support reparations...
Yes! Tom is the SJW president we've been waiting for! #Gramsci! MT @writernachin Tom is the #RealDeal MT @benfgerdes [Van Jones says "Steyer was brilliant in that moment...his commitment on racial and social justice is rock solid....and his numbers show that in South Carolina"]
.@Enigma462003: to stop Trump, all @TomSteyer ever needed to do was to challenge/jave challenged Trump proxies on the huge flaws in Trump's signature issues. Once those issues are shown to be vaporware, few will vote for Trump. Instead, Tom pushed impeachment & thus acquittal.
.@jlonga1: @SEIU is just about raking in the dues & gaining power. They strongly support illegal immigration. Big Biz also strongly supports that in order to lower wages.
.@sponge_lazy: @Tobias_Ellwood claims to oppose Chinese censorship re #coronavirus. His country is pro-censorship, have you seen him opposing that? Have you seen him opposing the very pro-censorship forces in the USA? His opposition to censorship is hollow.
That's it. Also, how do magnets work? MT @ChipmunkSeeds I keep saying that I think they must somehow be hypnotizing these followers of his..
.@LindaKWS1: Trump won because people like you enable leaders like @Comey. When Trump calls him names, Comey should always pivot to something that would undercut Trump to his base. Instead, he plays right into the bully's hands. Your leaders have *always* just helped Trump.
.@donnam44: it's always been incredibly easy to undercut Trump to his base using the huge flaws in his plans. It's always been incredibly easy to use Trump's childish name-calling against him. *None* of your leaders - @TrentCapelli on up - are smart enough to figure that out.
24Ahead whines, @MLS responds. Their new season starts end Feb & "ESPN will show 31 matches in total and there will be 10 broadcasts on ABC. FS1 has a 28-game slate and FOX will carry four matches". #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
"I frequently go to the South Lawn and stare up at the stars. I believe we're all Children of the Stars, trying to get back to our Home Planet." "And, that isn't Earth?" No, Tucker, it isn't." #MAGA #resist #FoxNews
Pursuant to Trump Order #9086905C ("Man my loudest opponents are dumb. I mean, really dumb"), 24Ahead close broadcast day w Suburban Lawns - Janitor: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #impeachment
#MAGA RT @BobbieDooley Everyone says I’m a big Trump fan. Are you serious? No I’m not. I think he’s interesting as a President because of Melanie and how tasteful she is. And Barron is interesting (not the other ones necessarily) it’s really about how great they are to look at!
What the USA desperately needs is someone who wants to call all the candidates on the huge flaws in their plans. I'm working on that, Grim strongly opposes doing it (ask him!) MT @gregori0md MT @ryangrim [cross-hypes Akela_lacy blog]
There are huge flaws in Bloomberg's immigration ideas, & no doubt his other. Note that Akela isn't capable of spotting those & lacks the patriotism to call him on those. MT @ElectionFrenzy MT @akela_lacy [blogs "Bloomberg Plagiarized Parts of At Least Eight of His Plans"]
.@devildog1179: those like you have constantly *helped* Twitter. They'd be in real trouble if those like you cared for what Twitter does to others.
.@SpeakerGrim: Twitter - & thus @vijaya - heavily censors all kinds of users all around the world. They even censor ~1/2 the replies to Rouhani, helping him hide from dissent (see my pinned tweet). When more know that, bye bye $TWTR.
.@TurgesonFerd: what's ironic is Twitter censorship wouldn't be where it is without cons. Cons falsely pretend only cons are censored. Only cons - a tiny part of Twitter's user base - care about that. By lying & only caring about themselves, cons hurt themselves.
.@gallagdy: indeed. @DavidNakamura throws a public tantrum over Trump's post-impeachment speech, exactly what Trump wants those like him to do. Four+ years later, they still haven't caught on. If you want to hold Trump accountable, Nakamura is worse than useless.
And that Trump... heathen! Pardonnez my French, but I simply can't stand the cut of his jib. MT @PigtownDesign Does that woman [Melania] not know how to put her arms through sleeves???
I'm often asked, "could you play highlights/lowlights of Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad" to which I vigorously respond #football = #soccer!!! #MAGA #resist
.@kk718: what's ironic is Trump *wants* those like @seungminkim to have meltdowns over his post-impeachment speech. He wants those like you to follow her lead & have meltdowns. If getting tricked into that isn't toddler behavior...
.@marthaevapearl @JoCool14: Trump's horrific & fake, but Peter Navarro is where Dems were not so long ago on trade. Now - tricked into being agin somethin' cuz Trump's fer it - they stand with billionaires like Bezos.
.@J_Leap: the effective way to undercut Trump is to call his proxies on the huge flaws in his plans. I pointed out in 2015 how the wall would fail. Trump would be a footnote if @jonathanchait had done that. He has access to Trump proxies, he just lacks smarts & patriotism.
Margaret Haberman, New York Times: "President Trump, do you regret anything?" President-for-Life Trump: "Non, je ne regrette rien". #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
What's #TheResistance record on holding Trump accountable, 0 for 9865 or something? Given that, would it be wise to do as you suggest? MT @PastaFazoool ..Trump does it. Turn his fear mongering back on himself and dilute it's meaning..
.@ladyliberty2034: Kobylt of @johnandkenshow actually said income disparity has nothing to do with homelessness. Even fifth-graders can see hoe false that is. Use it to undercut him to the few who take him seriously. #KFI
.@Mericaaa143: @johnandkenshow used to oppose amnesty. Then they bought into the libertarian utopia. Now they have a meltdown when they see how unrealistic that is. They never punch up, only way down. They cheer the pro-amnesty Trump; the old J&K would've fought against that.
Gascon co-authored the disastrous #Prop47. Pearce thinks a minor celeb endorsement will dazzle you into forgetting that. #LADA2020 MT @ourhappyohana MT @benpearceca [tries to trick people that @GeorgeGascon because some celeb supports him]
.@thatcarr: @georgegascon co-authored the disastrous #Prop47. Even Garcetti isn't a fan of the huge damage George Gascon did. @KaraRBrown #LADA2020
"These southern Utah sites were once off limits to development. Now, Trump will auction the right to drill and mine there." While #TheResistance has only had an impotent meltdown, Trump is getting it done for Big Biz.
News: Don "The Mouth" Trump - capo di tutti capi of the Maga Crime Family - blamed "evil, corrupt, dirty cops, leakers, liars" for his recent bust, then thanked all the "stand up guys" who helped get his acquittal. #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Order #9086905C ("Man my loudest opponents are dumb"), 24Ahead close broadcast day w Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Like A Hurricane - Live 1986: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #impeachment
.@ainslieann: soccer in the USA desperately needs to get on network to break through. @MLS instead sells out to Murdoch/Disney knowing they'll hide matches on cable, making soccer a specialty sport. But, look, new jerseys few will ever see.
.@alfvebe: @MLS is like a group of grifter farmers trying to milk out a sick cow. They cut bad TV deals that bring in just enough money, but refuse to take a hit by demanding what soccer in the USA desperately needs: to get on network. And, they let Zlatan & Rooney go.
It's a good trade, but the idea it'll save a losing organization is hilarious. MT @GLDNST8 Still need another ace in the playoffs and a manager who knows how to manage the bullpen MT @BillPlaschke [thinks Mookie Betts + Price trade will finally make the #Dodgers winners]
.@montefisto13: Bloomberg would be a lot less likeable if those like @TedNesi were real journalists & called him on the huge flaws in his plans. You don't know about PNAE, greenskeepers, etc because stooges like Ted won't bring it up. Shame the media into doing their job.
Trump won/keeps winning *because of* those like Liz. Trump's extremely vulnerable to his base, but those like her have only ever helped him with them. Enabling those like her is good for Trump. MT @BobLynchpin MT @feministabulous [blogs re Pelosi childish stunt tearing up SOTU]
.@DeAnna_Tweeting: @TomSteyer thinks - or wants you to think - he could enact the Green New Deal via executive fiat. If he's serious, he's literally insane. If he's not serious, he's lying to you. Which is it?
.@jenlilfoot: if you want to help make Steyer drop out, organize an effort to ask him the questions in my latest post. Obviously the MSM won't do that - they won't call him on the truly ludicrous things he says - so we have to do it.
.@dpwhite2: Yang wants CNN - who didn't call him on the huge flaws in his ideas - to decide if you can see a political ad or not. Steyer thinks he'd enact Green New Deal by executive fiat. Both are as dim & as worthless as Trump. #YangGang
.@bradcooney1: @DanaBashCNN is [Chatsworth term] #TomSteyer right now. Everything he says is even more full of holes than Trump's grand plans. He thinks he'd enact Green New Deal via executive fiat. Bash doesn't even seem to realize how incredibly unrealistic his ideas are.
.@ski42920437: @TomSteyer just said he'd enact draconian rules re pollution on Big Biz. As he admits, that won't get thru Congress. If he tries Trump-style exec orders, it'd be blocked in the courts like Trump's grand schemes. @DanaBashCNN didn't call Steyer on his insane idea.
.@LSmom9: what's much worse is that CNN has never asked a tough question, ever. My latest post has questions #TomSteyer would struggle with. If you ever find anyone who thinks @DanaBashCNN is a real journalist, ask them to compare those questions to her fluffballs.
.@Professorin_K: thanks to @donlemon and his friends, Trump will use his #impeachment acquittal to be reelected. Now, Lemon just asks Yang about sports, not the huge flaws in his ideas The media is about as good at holding politicians accountable as Germany is at fighting wars.
.@rockylee54: @AndrewYang wants MSM to censor political ads they think are lying. Point out to his fans he thinks they're dolts who need a parent to decide what they can see, how non-credible MSM is, & all the other huge flaws of censorship. #YangGang
.@MaggioMatt: the Yang agenda includes MSM censoring ads they think are false. Per him, voters are children who can't do their own research but need a parent to determine what they can see. That means you & @sullyfoto support censorship. Not at all ironic considering Pravda etc.
Pursuant to Trump Order #9086905B ("Melania wants to do German things! German things!!!"), 24Ahead close broadcast day w Loituma "Eriskummainen kantele": #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Don_Jr_SUCKS: indeed, nothing @CREWcrew has ever done has actually hurt Trump. What the could do is challenge Trump proxies in debate on the huge flaws in Trump's plans; that'd devastate Trump. Call them up & ask them to do that, see what they say.
"The officer responsible for US Navy special-operations forces will step down from his position in September". Don't worry, Trump's replacement for him - Jeanine Pirro - is ready to take over & she'll do a better job. #MAGA #resist
.@Caydenzmuggle: Steyer's impeachment crusade has made Trump as popular as he's ever been. Simple arguments would have stopped or hobbled Trump. @TomSteyer simply isn't smart enough to even conceive of trying that.
.@ElectProject: @TomSteyer is much worse. His impeachment crusade has made Trump as popular as ever. He thinks this is a democracy. He pushes exec orders as Trump does; they'd fail like Trump's. He admits he engaged in discrimination. He pushes very pro-Big Biz immigration ideas.
.@TomSteyer actual quote w audio: "if you want to find God or if I want to find God I would say go to a poor school & watch an 8-year-old boy or girl who's very low income eat a fish taco on a sunny day"
#TomSteyer really likes watching "eight-year-old kid in a California sun with a big smile, eat a fish taco": #MAGA #resist
.@crockerbarbieg1: every time @ChrisCuomo has Kellyanne on, she steamrolls him. He's had countless chances to show the tactics Trump proxies use wrong & he's constantly failed or done nothing. As reality shows, he's incompetent at holding Trump accountable.
"Trump says he will award Rush Limbaugh with Medal of Freedom". Harmless pandering that'll make lib heads explore (& not over a bad cause for once). But... note Trump ignores Alex Trebek. #Jeopardy fans are too smart to be #MAGA.
.@jwilson_detroit: if you passed the bar (did you?), you should know @MEPFuller is lying to you. Do you? Trump's horrific, but lying in order to push very pro-Big Biz policies as Fuller does only helps Trump.
.@DonMcLubin: @smerconish could have easily forced Dilbert to admit "12d chess" is bogus. Result: Dilbert couldn't dupe so many. That means all the other Trump proxies couldn't use it either. Just by asking some questions, Mike could have taken away a ruse that Trump really needs
.@DonMcLubin: your childish snark, obsession with @smerconish, & failure to realize how vulnerable Trump is are all linked. I've posted how to show a key Trump tactic wrong & I've also tied Trump fans into knots using those arguments. Ever see a lawyer show a witness is wrong?
.@mad4sci: I'm not saying the @Blaskey_S vid is bad cuz she hyped it. I'm saying that she's no good at holding Trump accountable. Just replace Granholm with Sarah in this tweet, it's true either way:
.@LilyPotter130: what are your goals re politics?
.@mejay227: Trump is about as popular as ever & about as popular as he ever could be. @JenGranholm has been whining about him for 4+ years. If you metric is undercutting Trump - as it should be = how are those like Granholm doing?
Way back in 2015 I correctly detailed how Trump's signature plans - why he gets votes - would fail. Did anyone like @JenGranholm do anything similar? Aren't they problematic apps? MT @MmeScience MT @JenGranholm [glad Iowa caucuses dropped a problematic app]
Race-obsessed SJWs like Jess - someone who h8tes her skin color - are great for Trump. MT @Nivekian13 ..You think these help Bernie.. MT @jess_mc Sad it was incompetence and not discrimination that took down the Iowa caucuses, but either way, RIP
.@LilyPotter130: considering that - despite/because of whatever those like @ddale8 do - Trump's as popular as ever, why thank someone who isn't doing you any good? Your metric is what makes you feel better, not what undercuts Trump. Dale is clearly no good at the second.
.@DDunn1234: you take a headache pill but an hour later, you still have a headache. Do you keep taking that brand, or realize it doesn't work? @ddale8 has *never* had any impact on Trump & never will. Why enable a proven incompetent?
Pursuant to Trump Order #9086905 ("A Rush And A Push And Greenland Is Mine... I Mean, Is Ours"), 24Ahead close broadcast day w The Smiths - A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I *think* there might be real football on Univision on Tues @ 3:30 or 5:30pm. I'll report here as the situation develops. Or it might be next week. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@jmw_SEATTLE: see the smart anti-amnesty plan in my bio. @peterbrimelow & #vDare have repeatedly refused to help with that. Instead they line up behind a pro-amnesty stooge who hired Koch stooges like Pence & Short.
.@VirginiaScharff: Trump won *because of* those like @gabrielsherman. His childish snark & obsession with fluff is exactly what Trump wants. Trump fears being called on the huge flaws in his plans. Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair isn't enough of a journalist to call him on that.
Smarts test: which of those much-hyped things has hurt Trump with his base? So, why do you hype them & enable their hypers? MT @wcyoungIII [Trump bad man cuz] making fun of pows, minimizing troop injuries, shaking hands with dictators, and trashing US foreign service workers?
.@SallyMoen2: FYI, @LATSeema outrageously lied, then refused to correct it. She's like a left-wing Gateway Pundit.
.@mad4sci: much more importantly, @Blaskey_S hypes a video that will have zero impact on Trump. She's not a real journalist; if she were she could really hurt Trump by asking him about the huge flaws in his signature plans. Wouldn't that be better than flash-in-the-Trump-pan?
LAT constantly ignored Villar's leadership of an irredentist racial power group... until a non-journo called him on it. Stuff your mythologizing. MT @allafarce [cheers] MT @palewire real news tonight. latimes has for1st time automated the print production of its weather page...
Pursuant to Trump Order #89988 ("Let all heads be suede"), 24Ahead mercilessly continues broadcast day: #MusicMonday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #IowaCaucuses
.@rhonda_harbison: FYI, @isaacstanbecker is very pro-censorship ("Conservatives spread false claims on Twitter...") He isn't just trying to show them wrong, he's trying to silence them. Real liberals oppose pro-censorship totalitarians like Isaac Stanley-Becker.
.@ReggieMoto: as you might tell, I'm no fan of cons. I'm also no fan of the corrupt media like @isaacstanbecker. What's the logical fallacy in his "The claims of electoral fraud were false, proved untrue by public data and the state’s top election official"?
Speaking in re sycophantic slags, The Smiths - Paint a Vulgar Picture: #MusicMonday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #IowaCaucuses
.@cynphonyrae: I agree on paper ballots. But we also desperately need a media that aren't just sycophantic slags like @smerconish. He had Dilbert - a key figure in Trump's rise - on 2x & treated him like a celeb rather than pressing him in the huge flaws in his ideas.
.@dappleathome: FYI, Dilbert was a key player in making Trump acceptable. His "12d chess" has convinced MAGA Trump is infallible. @smerconish had Dilbert on 2x & just fluffed him in a way a Chatsworth hoe would be ashamed of. He's part of the problem.
The Jam - That's Entertainment: #MusicMonday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #IowaCaucuses
.@lpage2001: #wolfblitzer completely, absolutely failed, losing big to a late night comic's sidekick. He's got the smart glasses & that's it.
It's just entertainment. What really natters anywhere are policies & if leaders are capable of devising effective plans. @wolfblitzer is paid to suppress what's really important & hype fluff instead. MT @cari_goncalves I’m Canadian but curious. [what's #IowaCaucuses mean]
.@AdamsAppleAnnie: @wolfblitzer might be the only *celeb* who failed miserably at Celebrity Jeopardy. Much more seriously, those like him helped Trump win by never calling Trump on the huge flaws in his plans. Now they repeat that by covering polls & ignoring policy.
Also, I *really* want to be alone with Amy Klobuchar when she's got a few drinks in her. #MAGA #resist #IowaCaucuses
#Youtube now deletes vids that - per them - lie about the current elections. I'll post "DO NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY" satires showing that Andrew Yang is eligible & Amy Klobuchar is NOT from Canada. Because authorities sat so. #MAGA #resist #censorship
.@MarcMissey: #Firefox had 20+ years & untold millions to make a viable browser & has failed. They've even bled marketshare to outright spyware. Now, they - & thus @chuckharmston - push censorship of "harmful content". How does, say, Saudi Arabia, define that term?
"Trump Campaign Ejects Bloomberg News Reporter From Iowa News Conference". Corollaries: they're very pro-censorship (imagine Trump if there weren't a First), & they're admitting they're too intellectually weak to show opponents wrong. #MAGA #resist
.@dkaroczun: the answer: @CNNPR needs another poll. Polls, horserace, scandal, & other fluff are safe, they don't call out pols on their BS. That means CNN gets to keep their access, the most important thing to them.
.@JonathanBohan: @joshtpm is already relegated to 3rd tier by clickbait sites, why is he obsessing over horserace & other fluff? If Trump had been called on the huge flaws in his *policies* he would've lost. Why isn't he trying that now? I've even got battle-tested questions.
.@iKaulukukui: see 2003's "The News We Kept To Ourselves" where a top CNN exec admitted they went easy on Saddam in exchange for access. Now they do similar with Yang's opponents, refusing to call Warren on huge flaws in her plans. @CNNPR is entertainment, not news. #YangGang
.@juney9800: a CNN exec admitted they went easy on Saddam in exchange for access. @DavidChalian continues that disgraceful policy. Rather than calling candidates on the flaws in their policies as reporters & citizens should, he harps on safe fluff: horserace, intrigue, etc.
.@main945: FYI, @web_rant pretends to oppose oligarchs, yet it blocked me over opposing one thing all oligarchs dearly want: lower wages. Beware wolves in sheeps' clothing.