.@_scott_oneil: your suggestion is ochen gloopy, but even a dip can mistakenly get on the right track for once. The way to force a better #Covid19 response from leaders is to make it an issue of their careers. Demand JRubinBlogger asks officials *tough* questions.
Here's something you can do, Ted. Urge those with access to Trump officials/proxies to really press them using Socratic questions about real issues like testing kits. You can do that. Will you? MT @TheTedAllen [to JRubinBlogger re Covid19, Trump] cares about only one person
Karen Pinsker. RT @kpfit420 Let trump have all the rallies he wants . The fewer Trumpets on the planet the better.
.@whiter069: JRubinBlogger is all talk, no action. In the middle of a crisis, she just blogs her mediocre musings. Point out to her fan(s) how worthless she is.
.@Crumlinfinglas: @JRubinBlogger has the access to really press Cruz/Gaetz/Scalise/etc on tough questions that'd expose *to their base* the flaws in the admin response. She refuses to do that but instead just cowardly blogs her musings. By enabling her, you *help* Trump.
.@bobsalpha1: if you want to sink Bernie, point out to his working class fans that he supports the same immigration stance as pro-Big Biz lackeys like @RadioFreeTom & JRubinBlogger.
.@grolarexpress: in his Vox/Ezra interview, Bernie seemed to oppose pro-Koch immigration policy. Then, when he ran, he adopted a very pro-Koch immigration policy. He's also very friendly to cultural extremists like BLM. He could make a play for MAGA but he's too dim & corrupt.
~~ BREAKING, DRUDGE SIREN ~~ Due to #Covid19 fears, Rachel Nichols will be spending the rest of the season *right here*. #MAGA #resist
.@tommymiles: in a survival situation, those like @jonathanchait only snipe w/o ever presenting or helping with a solution. He could easily help make Trump better (apply this plan to Covid19). Ask him; when he won't, help destroy his career.
~~ BREAKING, DRUDGE SIREN ~~ Due to #Covid19 fears, all #NERevs matches will be limited to players, coaches, and Robert Kraft's personal massage therapists. #MLS #MAGA #resist
.@musicteacher146: the people like @JonLemire are part of the problem. The Trump administration needs to be asked *tough* questions by experts. Instead, Lemire just blogs his musings. Put his career on the line. Either he asks tough questions or you'll help destroy his career.
Even that weak question is beyond @JonLemire. He's only interested in clickbait; by enabling him you *help* Trump. Make Jon an offer: either he asks tough questions or you'll help discredit him. MT @whatnot1512 I'd like to know why the Admin rejected the test kits from the WHO?
~~ BREAKING, DRUDGE SIREN ~~ Due to #Covid19 fears and also fears for a level of cultural pollution "like a million Bhopals", the #MaskedSinger has been cancelled for the season and for all eternity. #MAGA #resist
#TheResistance nightmare: Trump gets #CoronaVirus but survives and is reelected in a landslide after being hailed as a hero. #MAGA
New #Jeopardy champ Jessica is zaftig and looks like lots of fun.
EMBARRASSING CORRECTION: the USA national team is facing off against our archenemy *Japan* on ESPN right now, not our other archenemy Java. We apologize for any confusion. #MAGA #resist #USAvJAP
It was the Javanese sneak attack on the Falklands that dragged the USA into WWI. Now, Java has struck again, making it USA 2 / Java 1 on ESPN right now. #football = #soccer #USWNT #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Order #5234 ("The medieval-style drumming & bagpiping of Auli will assuredly take America's mind off my awfulness"), 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
A Trump official would be the one to ask. Mayer will never even lightly ask it until people like you stop enabling his clickbait. Demand he asks it or no more clicks. MT @spavis why can't we buy/license the korean test kit? MT @yayitsrob [yet more Jobs clickbait on #covid19]
.@JeanieCStein: Alex Jones is just a clown, pushing clickbait just as #DailyBeast does. The difference is the elites want to shut him up as a test/example. They want to decide what you can see & hear. Real liberals should strongly oppose those who push censorship like @willsommer
.@hami1t0n: your bio: "Avoid manufactured narratives..." Hilarious since you enable @willsommer. The elites push censorship to maintain control; Sommer is just a foot soldier in their effort (and with a strange obsession with a clown like Alex Jones).
In a Command Performance at the White House, Taylor Swift sings her latest hit: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@V2019N: Trump loves those like @ByMikeBaker. Like Maggie & all the others, Trump knows they're never going to ask him tough policy questions that'd really put him on the spot & force him to do better. And, those like you enable those like Baker whose only interest is clickbait
.@JoelHeyman: you & @ByMikeBaker are part of the problem, your fan(s) just don't know it yet. Instead of enabling Baker's clickbait, demand he asks Trump tough questions that'd expose Trump's failures to his base, thus forcing Trump to do better. Gonna do that or just "joke"?
.@JasonCT: smart experts can devise questions that, asked of Trump or a proxy, would reveal Trump's lapses to his base. That would force Trump to do better. @sherifink can ask those questions & make Trump better. Are you going to demand she does that, yes or no?
.@BirnbaumMatt: you & @sherifink are part of the problem, "doc". She's just about clickbait & you enable her. Any time in last 4+ years she could have pressed Trump/proxies using Socratic questions to stop him/make him better. Thousands are going to die because you're worthless
#Twitter won't let me tell you what I'd tell you to any question. MT @DavidChalian If ,one month ago, I'd told you Amy Klobuchar would be the 4th biggest TV ad spender in Super Tuesday states & more than double Buttigieg Super Tuesday TV ad spending, what would you have told me?
.@Mrtz1853: CNN went easy on *Saddam* in exchange for access. They suck up to power, the last thing they're ever going to do is press any pol on the huge flaws in their policies. If you're sick of Trump, @JohnKingCNN & his pals aren't your pals. They'll never challenge Trump.
.@audreyalison: reducing low-skilled immigration would raise wages & help get jobs for some/many homeless. @mikebonin papers over supporting the same wage-lowering policies as Walmart with transfer payments, shelters, etc. even though those will never solve the problem.
.@ouchithirschts: DSA supports loose borders, which results in flooding the labor supply & reducing wages & job opps. And, that results in more homeless.
.@lydmcleod: @mikebonin & John/Ken are the same coin. Both support anti-American NeoLiberal policies (loose borders/free trade/globalism) that play a major role in homelessness. Bonin is just trying to paper over the negative side-effects of his policies with transfer payments.
.@fruit4homeless reads like a satire. Kids picking very small quantities of fruit to give to the homeless, while illegal aliens pick fruit that the homeless could be picking and under non-exploitative working conditions for non-exploitative pay. #SierraMadre #homeless
~BREAKING~ Worried about #Covid19, #SerieA has given Ronaldo permission to dive from home. #soccer = #football #MAGA #resist
House-proud town mice thought they had it all figured out: live in #Venice (the good part, if any) and #StudioCity & thus avoid the impacts of the anti-American NeoLiberal policies they push (loose borders/free trade/globalism). Then, those harmed by those policies moved in!
.@AngieNBCLA: I hope he's OK. After he recovers, will you ask him what role mortgage brokers & others who've profited from anti-American NeoLiberal policies have played in increasing homelessness, not to mention the role played by Upright Citizens who push Prop13-style policies?
Lacey on #Jeopardy "rocks" the light skin/dark hair/red lips look, plus she's got a cute slightly chubby face. Too bad no one will ever see her again because she lost big.
Fearful he'd caught #Covid19, Matt Gaetz says, when he was traveling, he didn't want to get a hotel so "I slept in a Walmart parking lot somewhere off (Interstate) 85." #bravery #sacrifice #courage #MAGA #resist #Florida
"A psychologist just revealed the horrifying truth about Trump's malignant narcissism". Wow! That changes everything!!! #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
~~BREAKING~~ Here's the new Trump2020 campaign song (note: it's currently being edited to replace "Obama" with "Trump" and "Venice" with "Tuscaloosa", but everything else will stay the same). #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Order #445 ("To avoid #Covid19, I will be moving to northern Finland"), 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@dangalligan: @mozilla isn't credible on openness, etc. They've had 20+ years to make a viable browser & not only have they failed miserably, they've lost out to spyware. On top of that, they've branched out into pushing censorship. See their 12/19/19 tweet.
.@opento: you know how Breitbart just riles ppl up w/o suggesting solutions? @alexwickham - of a cat pic site - is like that. If #BuzzFeed really cared, they could easily challenge Trump proxies using tough, Socratic, policy questions. They'd just ask them to rank cat pics.
"The Italian government has officially suspended all sporting events across the country, including Serie A football matches, as the country's lockdown was extended nationwide on Monday". #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@RyanCaseyWA: "moderate" is @DLeonhardt speak for someone who'll push extremist, pro-Big Biz, anti-American NeoLiberal/Koch policies (loose borders, free trade, globalism) as the GOP. Both Trump & Bernie slightly oppose those policies, even if both are fake.
.@thomaschattwill: @jonathanchait is just about getting clicks from those who already dislike Trump. In 4+ years he's never once done anything that would force Trump to be better. Demand he finally does something:
.@ElectObama2020: reality is Trump is competent while #TheResistance doesn't even have competence as a goal: they're all about acting out, throwing tantrums, wearing childish hats, etc. etc. Not even one of your leaders has ever challenged Trump/proxies using Socratic questions.
.@cmhughesmd: you & @nicholas_bagley not liking a SeemaCMS policy on Twitter is great for your RTs but serves no other purpose. If you aren't just bloviating, develop smart Socratic questions that'd really put her on the spot, then urge/shame others into ask her them on video.
.@LucioMM1: the problem people like you have is you enable worthless wannabe 3rd-grade class clowns like @ModeledBehavior. As the last 4+ years should make abundantly clear, they don't have the smarts/deviousness/street smarts/balls/patriotism to hold Trump accountable.
.@LucioMM1: a better response would reduce Covid19 deaths. To force Trump to do that, undercut him to his base. To do that, force a Trump proxy to admit on video the flaws in Trump's response. To do that, find smart ppl to develop smart Socratic questions & others to ask them.
You enable the wrong people. Ozimek etc only care about RTs & clicks. Challenge him to find smart ppl to develop Socratic questions then ask them of Trump proxies on video. MT @nathanking Brains across America needed MT @ModeledBehavior [worthless cutesy "joke" re Covid19]
Companies that have reformed after their pasts include Bayer, BASF, & Krupp. One similar company that hasn't is #RiteAid (formerly Herrbundeskanzlerapothekenkaufenplatzen GmBH). Every last single thing must be done according to rules. #MAGA #resist
.@SavvyLindz: the only people who care what @jonathanchait thinks already dislike Trump; he's never changed a single mind about Trump. If that's your goal, he's worthless "entertainment". If he were serious, he'd do this (on Covid19 or other issues).
I've been trying to hold Ted accountable for years, he's never replied. Dim, unpatriotic children like you two are part of the problem. MT @johngary [cheers] MT @benschwartz_ [TedCruz replies to his Zodiac "joke"]
Low-watts like you have been helping Trump with such childish plans for 4+ years. You'll never get tired of being low-watt. RT @thefungramma Let’s give Trump a glass of water, telling him after he’s gulped it down that it’s infected with the virus (like in Erin Brockovich).
"Trump Recently Spent Time With Doug Collins And Matt Gaetz, Who Both Just Quarantined Themselves". I've never seen Citizen Kane, but is this like that? Crazy rich guy doesn't realize the world's closing in, lives in a fantasy world? #MAGA #resist
Based on the fake eyelashes & the shoes, I get the impression #CRampell is trying to hook a guy attracted to the Long-Island-cocktail-waitress-who-does-pr00n-on-the-weekends type. #WaPo #LongIsland
.@CDCgov: let me guess: Trump wroye your #handwashing page. 1. You don't cover one-handed washing (I'm temp s.b., others are perm). 2. You don't mention avoiding the very common air blowers. 3. Many following your directions will turn water back on w/ hand, making it dirty again.
"My calves are hard and defined. They're like chiseled steel, Ainsley." "Yes, I see, sir!" "Sleepy Joe Biden has scrawny calves. I want you to ask him to pull up his pants. Dare him to show you his calves! Expose his calves, Ainsley!" "I will sir!" #MAGA #resist
24Ahead close broadcast den with this shocking video Trump posted earlier today showing Joe Biden playing 14th century music: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I was going to say how much this #FamilyGuy sucked for being intensely PC & devoid of actual reality. #TakeAKnee #MAGA #resist
.@AlexBorstein: many pushing "climate change" are paid via grants & similar, as a job requirement, grifting, etc. Obviously, 10s of millions aren't convinced in part due to deception from pro & con and pro's obsession. So, those pro's resort to more deception & censorship.
.@ChrisJRailey: @RyanLizza & other elite lackeys strongly support censoring of dissent in various ways: calling name, getting Twitter - a strongly-pro-censorship company - to be even worse, etc. Those like Ryan, as long as they never dissent from the elites, think they're safe.
.@ObamaTax: I haven't looked in to if @Cat_Zakrzewski is deceiving about the Biden vid (orig below), but the elites want to quash dissent - *not just by cons* - to make control easier. Hacks like her are also trying to box out competition.
In the NYT, @TomSteyer blogs "What I Learned While Running for President". It's just a blank page.
.@nicasaurus: @DLeonhardt presents "a slowdown of future immigration" after amnesty as a realistic plan when it's down there with "the check is in the mail". Any amnesty makes even more future immigration & amnesties much more likely.
.@raffine9: @DLeonhardt has it backwards: NeoLiberals (Koch/libertarians/economic liberals) support loose borders. Leftwingers (aside from leaders seeking racial power) shouldn't help U.S. Chamber lower wages His amnesty plan is a bad joke too: any amnesty means more immigration
.@DoctorVive: I was never with @DLeonhardt. More immigration isn't really leftwing* since it means lower wages. He thinks neoliberals oppose loose borders when the opposite is the case: loose borders is a key part of NeoLiberal/Koch/Greed is Good policy.
.@DLeonhardt blogs "Simple Reason Left Won’t Stop Losing". He thinks more immigration is l/w & says cands pushed loose borders lest called "neoliberal sellout". He says instead "insisting on path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants but also slowdown of future immigration"
The only thing worse than liberals is cons. The only thing worse than cons is liberals. The only thing worse than liberals is cons. The only thing worse than cons is liberals. The only thing worse than liberals is cons. The only thing worse than cons is liberals. ..........
.@TerryDoesntMiss: those like @David_J_Koch would be gleeful if their political opponents got #CoronaVirus. Dave & many other pretend-liberals aren't smart/sane/patriotic enough to engage opponents in debate so they try censorship one way or another. Make it a CLM for him.
Note to self: add to the regular rotation, look up & email its associates.
.@Edwin26580350: for years, I've been trying to hold Cruz accountable on his policies. 3rd grade clowns like you two won't/can't help. It also blocked me for telling it how to hold Trump accountable. MT @JRehling If [Cruz] has [CoronaVirus], I feel sorry for the virus
.@scoville_katie: everyone self-quarantining for 2 weeks would greatly harm national economies & many can't take 2 weeks off. Also, this appears to be yet another case of @mkraju getting it wrong. As I read the letter, Cruz will only self-quarantine for another *4* days, not 14.
.@bobpi31415: a quick search will show dozens or 100s others exactly like you all suggesting that Ted Cruz extend his quarantine. All people like you is take up screen space. You aren't holding Cruz accountable & aren't capable of that.
.@tom_hart: #XFL & NFL = kneeball = funny rugby. NTTAWWT.
.@espnSteveLevy: #USWNT match attendance: 26k+ (it would've been more but it was sold out). #XFL attendance is less, but ESPN's obsession with kneeball might pay off after enough concussions.
#USWNT only scored because Spain took out Lucia Garcia. #usavspa
"This is for Guadalcanal!" the #USWNT players screamed as we finally scored a goal. #USWNT #usavspa
Rapinoe is doing great so far. If she scores a PK she'll pick up a Nobel Peace Prize. #USWNT #usavspa
Spain's sneak attack on the Groton submarine works led to WWI. In WWII, they conducted human experiments on our troops. Now, today is our chance at payback. It's payback time! On ESPN right now, #USWNT is facing off against our archenemy. #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Order #5564-592 ("Close broadcast day with The Innocence Mission - Full Session - 8/7/2018"), 24Ahead close broadcast den: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@aoshins_o: Trump is like a team without outfielders. His opponents - @ddiamond on up - constantly bunt then posture like they just hit a walk off homer. And, you cheer them on rather than demanding they do their jobs. It's incredibly easy to make Trump better. Demand *that*.
.@DavKat43: pretend @ddiamond is a drug & evaluate his efficacy at making Trump better. Has anything it - or all the fungible other things like it - ever - even just once - had any impact on what really matters. 1000s are going to die because people like you enable those like it
Those like Gillian are a dream opposition for Trump. It's been one meaningless clickbait after another for 4+ years. RT @gillianbdoll you search for this meaningless stuff? MT @gbrockell [hypes her "Trump 'didn't know people died from the flu.' It killed his grandfather." blog]
Whether Rudy's a nationalist or not, @gbrockell is still a very special person. MT @donewman [maybe Rudy's a nationalist] MT @gbrockell ["corrects" Rudy tweeting RoI flag not Norn flag re Mulvaney]
.@buccigross: XFL gets ~1.5 million viewers. USWNT vs England got 8 million. Disney/ESPN suits have advanced Coulterism.
.@DBattisto16: @jetjocko just uses #CoronaVirus for clickbait. Even if I painstakingly explained to him how he could help make Trump's response better, he wouldn't do it. People are going to die because people like you know nothing other than enabling grifters like him.
.@c4i: you've had 4+ years to notice that those like @jetjocko only use Trump for clickbait, even when 1000s of lives are on the line. People like you who enable those like him are part of the problem. Only support those willing/able to better Trump, even if you can't grok that.
Then, at 4pm Pacific on Sunday, ESPN has Portland Timbers vs. Nashville SC (additional proof that soccer can do well in The South). #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
Drudge headline: "CPAC VIRUS NIGHTMARE". Knock on wood, they're people too, etc. etc. But... #MAGA #resist
.@healthcommphd: what's your plan to make Trump better on #CoronaVirus? Has the idea of developing a plan ever crossed your mind, or that of any of your other leaders? 1000s are going to die *because of* people like you whose mental/emotional issues enable Trump's incompetence.
.@Alagai: to get Trump's attention, cut into his base. All your leaders - @ianbremmer on up - simply aren't smart/devious/experienced enough to figure out how something that'd be incredibly easy for me if I had their reach, even if they had it as a goal. You enable incompetents.
Sunday at 2pm Pacific, the U.S. National Team (women's) will take on our archenemies, Spain. We will never forget how their armada vanquished us in the Falklands in WWII. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@paul_stothard: a sheikh offers you $10 mil if you make Trump better on #CoronaVirus. Would you hire @ianbremmer, based on his history of having the means to make Trump better but lacking the smarts & patriotism? He couldn't figure out how to do it even if he had it as a goal.
Adam & Richie are just sub-Barnum entertainers. They have the means to make Trump better. They don't have the smarts, but even if I told them how they wouldn't do it. You enabling them *helps* Trump. MT @blakevictorkent MT @RMCarpiano [hypes jetjocko clickbait as not clickbait]
Both teams on Univision got red cards before the half. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
Hello! According to this card, you are adequately prepped for some real football. Is that correct? ESPN News has a USL match (2nd tier) and Univision has a match. FWIW, Landon Donovan is the coach of one of the USL teams. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Order #23047823 ("My CDC experts - right, Fauci? - well, I get he can't speak right now, assure me there's no harm in wearing a tracksuit & walking through London"), 24Ahead close broadcast den: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@alanhaymd: you (per your bio) spent years in med school & make life or death decisions. And, you think @yayitsrob clickbait will have an impact? Want more test kits? Make Trump think he'll lose support of part of his base. Rob isn't patriotic or smart enough to help.
.@JosephMajkut: @yayitsrob clickbait on problems with #CoronaVirus test kits will have zero impact on more kits. Even if he had the patriotism to do the things he could do that'd lead to more kits, he doesn't have the smarts to figure out how to do it.