In real football, America just lost a penalty kick against our mortal enemies, the Pumas. We, the Americans, are tied 1-1 in the semifinals of football. #JAXvsTEN #MAGA #resist
.@antipcnyuprof: @ruthbenghiat cheers mirjordan's blog post that's designed to help Big Biz exploit foreign serf labor & lower wages on U.S. workers. Anyone capable of college work should be able to see that, even if she isn't. Use that & how pro-Big Biz she is against her.
.@tanyadomi: year after year, this tweet where you fall for pro-Big Biz mass immigration propaganda is going to follow you around. Your colleagues & students will be informed you want to greatly help U.S. Chamber & greatly harm U.S. workers.
.@TheRealKerryG @1earth1people: by falling for the @mirjordan propaganda, you're *harming* workers. She's paid to write pro-mass #immigration propaganda. By enabling that you help U.S. Chamber & Koch. More labor = lower wages. You can oppose both Trump & anti-worker propaganda.
.@SalMoanella1: market test your tweet with a liberal. I'm sure you can find one. You'll see that your tweet *helps* those like Jordan. Focus on the *employers* - not on the illegal aliens - and you'll have a real impact. Do you want to have a real impact, Sal?
.@ChroniclesOfAzu (Writer/Assoc Ed at @eastbayexpress): neither you nor Jordan are in any way journalists. If you were, you'd be exposing attempts by Western Growers, sweatshops, WalMart, Tyson, etc. to use foreign serf labor to drive down wages. You just destroyed your career.
.@umasalam: until they invent a Money Tree, you can't give benefits to everyone. Case in point: there are only so many college discounts and any that go to illegal aliens were taken from U.S. citizens. The real solution is to help foreign countries, not screw US citizens.
.@Ronsoco67: to undercut mirjordan: - she used to work for WSJ (extremely pro-Big Biz) - she's not a journalist: she repeats grower's claims without investigating them - she's siding with Western Growers & other crooks who want to exploit foreign labor. Point that out to *libs*
Of course they say that. If you were a real journalist & not just a propagandist you'd investigate. RT @mirjordan The majority of workers in industries such as agriculture are in the country unlawfully. American employers say they cannot find Americans willing to do the work.
They're illegal aliens & boom times always lead to bust. What's your plan then? RT @mirjordan Critics of hiring undocumented workers say that companies should pay higher wages to attract workers. But with historically low unemployment, there are plenty of jobs on offer
C# / #ASPNET / etc = #Java, but crapified in the normal #Microsoft way to become a #VisualBasic dialect.
We say Christmas again! 24Ahead close broadcast day with special glorious 1 hour Christmas songs personally selected by Trump and Putin to celebrate glory of Our Leader! #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@weems: the open source app at my pinned tweet exposes how heavily Twitter censors *all* kinds of users (not just cons). They censor 20% to 50% of the replies to Trump officials. @jilliancyork refuses to help because EFF didn't write it themselves. Let their funders know.
.@fightfortheftr: I already told you how to keep #NetNeutrality, but you thought you knew better. How'd that work out? Eventually your support will dry up even more when everyone realizes you don't know better.
The Trump National Dancers demonstrate the new Official Trump National Dance: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #BellsOn
Con gets censored (cons "oppose" censorship as they always have) Con gets censored (cons "oppose" censorship as they always have) Con gets censored (cons "oppose" censorship as they always have) I trust you get the point, even if #MAGA doesn't. #resist
They'd never do that to a liberal because libs - for all their huge faults - tend to be smart, sane, non-lazy, & willing to cooperate towards a goal. Cons can't even spell those words. MT @ali Milo has been kicked off Patreon before even doing anything there
.@TrashFilmGuru @WSWS_Updates: see my past tweets to you. You can do something against censorship right now by finding a reporter to cover the data at my top tweet. Will you do that?
FYI, Rod blocked me despite never tweeting it, thereby helping Twitter censorship & showing how little it really opposes censorship. MT @toreilly MT @RodStryker: Every American should be outraged over the blatant biased censorship of conservatives on social media
"24 Amazon workers sent to hospital after robot accidentally unleashes bear spray". #MAGA #resist
"Kamala Harris aide resigns after harassment, retaliation settlement surfaces". I didn't read it, but things like that are what'd bring her down. Her policies that led to a criminal alien killing three innocent people? Not so much. #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@Hausmann_Music: I've opposed Trump from Day One, but @PattyMurray isn't the answer. She's extremely pro-Big Biz. She praises the Rep Jayapal OpEd where she wants to flood the USA with cheap labor. More labor = lower wages. Murray sides with U.S. Chamber against workers.
Public notice: pursuant to a plea arrangement between Robert Mueller & my legal team, I have agreed to take the zitherist & the guitarist in turquoise in exchange for my testimony: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Summer_Stinson: @RepJayapal is about as pro-worker as the #Koch bros. See her #immigration OpEd where she wants to flood the USA with millions of new workers. More workers = lower wages. Don't just take it from me: see Bernie's Vox interview from a few years ago.
Ironically, things like that are usually said by toothless residents of areas with fresh memories of company stores. #MAGA = #idiocracy. #resist MT @Larry4Congress Every worker had a right to quit if they don’t like their job
.@TonyKaron: hey Tony, @ishaantharoor cheers the extremely pro-Big Biz Rep Jayapal immigration OpEd. She'd help Koch, WalMart, McDonald's, Tyson Foods, sweatshops, crooked growers, etc flood the USA with cheap labor. What sort of liberal would help U.S. Chamber harm workers?
.@CHAIRRDRF: FYI, @mattseaton fully supports the Rep Jayapal immigration OpEd. She'd flood USA with cheap labor, harming U.S. workers & helping Koch & U.S. Chamber. Bernie's spoken out against such plans (see his Vox interview). What sort of liberal would help Koch harm workers?
.@beccalenn: Rep Jayapal's immigration OpEd is so pro-Big Biz, U.S. Chamber & the Koch bros could have written it. Bernie spoke out against policies like hers (see his Vox interview). How are you going to look when your funders realize you aren't a real liberal? Let's find out.
.@Sheeyahshee: @vanitaguptaCR hypes Rep Jayapal's extremely pro-corporate #immigration OpEd that could have been written by the Koch bros. They'd help Big Biz import millions of new workers, undercutting wages & harming American workers. They're libertarians, not real liberals.
.@bermanjeff: @LeslieProll hypes the extremely pro-corporate Jayapal #immigration OpEd. The Koch bros, U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, etc. could have written the OpEd for her. Leslie would help Big Biz flood the USA with cheap labor, greatly harming workers. Leslie is no liberal.
.@BartB75231815: pols answer your "legal good, illegal bad" by legalizing everyone. You're walking into a trap. Instead, point out to any *liberal* who thinks @mackie_gavin is liberal that he'd help WalMart flood the USA with cheap labor. Undercut him where he's most vulnerable.
.@KeithOlbermann: there'd be less cordcutting if #ESPN showed, you know, actual sports. It currently has 2 yak shows + Ball In Hoop. Somewhere someone is playing baseball or soccer, but ESPN mice can't wrap their minds around showing actual sports instead.
No one ever said conservatives are smart. But, they're wrong because:
Smart thing is to point out that those who support censorship aren't liberals. That marginalizes the censors. Cass marginalizes opponents. MT @WillieWholeSlew MT @CassandraRules [Twitter suspended supposed l/w account] May want to rethink your support of censorship, lefties
24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with a song with lyrics prominently displayed so #MAGA & #TheResistance can join hands and sing along: #MusicTuesday #NowPlaying
.@whydonttheytell: @getongab crows about 800k users, when Twitter has 300 million. Gab has helped Twitter divide & conquer: they've only ever opposed Twitter censoring cons, when Twitter heavily censors libs & all other kinds of users too. That's dishonest & helps Twitter.
A White House scheduling note: Melania won't be available for a week or so due to a special assignment she's on: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
In this 70s clip, an Enemy of the People engages in a witch hunt against Trump over his new product for kids, the Official Trump Brand Bag O' Glass: #MAGA #resist
.@ARKloster: #Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users, not just cons. See my top tweet for real data. So far, @HawleyMO, Tucker, etc just deceive & play partisan games. They don't oppose censorship across the board, & anything less than that doesn't really oppose censorship.
.@ShpBeds: if you've got a bag or at least blankets, there's nothing that bad about sleeping on a floor once in a while. Toughen kids up a bit. There'd be fewer kids sleeping on the floor if MSM like #CNN didn't push NeoLiberal policies that harm working families.
.@HawleyMO: I can't see the @DLoesch tweet you linked since she blocked me for showing her wrong. She *helped* Twitter with their censorship. She opposes open debate. You & her think only opposing censorship of cons will work, when it won't.
Breitbart's been losing advertisers for years. They've also only ever opposed censorship of those who agree with them, & that doesn't count. They refuse to oppose censorship across the board. MT @KathleenFiscel1 MT @Str8DonLemon [some at #Google wanted to demonetize Breitbart]
Has *anything* cons have done against Twitter censorship had any positive impact whatsoever? Are they doing it right? MT @growingaway MT @DrJaneRuby: BREAKING: #LauraLoomer will be speaking on Internet Censorship & I will be interviewing her about chaining herself to the door
Maybe they should just concentrate on making a browser that isn't incredibly slow & doesn't crash all the time. @gankro = incompetent. MT @xlerb ...But Mozilla's engineering ladder does involve a shift towards planning and leading and coordinating and teaching...
.@lelasart: a brief history of Netscape/ #Firefox / #Mozilla: constantly crashes crashes less frequently crashes less frequently but very slow, loses marketshare to spyware crashes frequently and very slow, loses marketshare to spyware @jensimmons etc etc = incompetent.
.@RepChrisStewart has released a voluntary confession on his earlier "Journalists disappear all [all the time in various countries]" statement. If he were smart he wouldn't have had to. Likewise if he supported Constitution & West.
.@EvieYbarra: #KFIPastaThon is ironic considering John & Ken have all but encouraged an Endloesung for the homeless. @ProdMichelle #KFI #OrangeCounty #LosAngeles
.@AndthenIsleep: the RepJayapal OpEd could have been written by the #Koch bros, U.S. Chamber, and #WalMart. Her #immigration stance is extremely pro-corporate. She'd help Big Biz flood the USA with cheap labor. She's using justified dislike of Trump to push horrible policy.
.@peacemomma67: RepJayapal wants to flood the USA with all the cheap labor that WalMart & crooked growers want. She'd help Big Biz drive U.S. wages down even more. She'd greatly harm U.S. workers. Her #immigration stance could have been written by the #Koch bros.
.@vestigiousvege1: I've been pointing out how those like Jayapal (& Immigration Docs, & others) would braindrain developing countries for years. In all that time, I've never gotten any help from either libs or cons. That helps explain why Jayapal thinks she can get away with it.
.@AdamBorland: @PattyMurray & RepJayapal would give WalMart, McDonald's, Tyson Foods, crooked exploitative growers, sweatshops, etc etc all the cheap labor they crave. They'd help Big Biz drive down wages & greatly harm workers. On #immigration, they're as liberal as the Kochs.
.@painter_nancy: @PattyMurray & RepJayapal would flood the USA with millions of new workers. That's exactly what WalMart & Tyson Foods want. Murray uses your (justified!) dislike of Trump to push extremely pro-Big Biz policies. You can oppose Trump & be a real liberal.
.@Datoneer: @cnnpost is probably Indian or Iranian pretending to be an American. Search for "Iranians Posing As Anti-Immigrant Americans Online".
.@Mrsssssmaryjane: the Jayapal #immigration OpEd is almost as pro-corporate as an immigration OpEd from the Koch-funded Reason or Cato. @MoveOn aren't liberals. If they were liberals, they wouldn't be keen on helping WalMart flood the USA with cheap labor & harm USA workers.
.@JulieBursic: one great way to undercut @TomPerez is to point out **to his base** that the Jayapal OpEd is extremely pro-Big Biz. The Dem base doesn't like WalMart. So, to undercut Perez, point out to them that he'd help WalMart greatly harm struggling U.S. workers.
.@Dsparky120: #MoveOn hypes an extremely pro-corporate OpEd from RepJayapal. She wants to help Big Biz flood the USA with cheap labor. She'd help WalMart, U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, etc etc greatly harm U.S. workers. MoveOn is about as liberal as the #Koch brothers.
.@DoreenHunns: use the RepJayapal OpEd to undercut @MoveOn to their base. Point out *to liberals, using arguments liberals are responsive to* to point out how extremely pro-Big Biz Jayapal & this #MoveOn are. MoveOn trying to help WalMart get cheap labor should finish them off.
.@Fmessia0: @TheDemocrats & @RepJayapal are using your dislike of Trump to push extremely pro-Big Biz #immigration policy. They'd help U.S. Chamber, #Koch, #WalMart, etc. flood the USA with cheap labor. They're actually on the same side as Trump despite his posturing.
.@MarlyRiveraESPN: search for "Questions Chris Cuomo can ask about Trump's Puerto Rico response". Unless Alex Cora or someone else asks Trump one of those, his intense incompetence will harm potentially millions of people. Ask Cora to politely urge Trump to be competent.
.@ac13alex: good choice about going to the WH. However, if you don't (politely) ask Trump about his incredibly incompetent Puerto Rico response, he'll keep doing it & harming others. Ask him these & harp on them when you get blowback from his cultists.
"President Trump traveled 250 yards to greet George W. Bush. He used a stretch limo and an eight-vehicle motorcade to make the trip". #LowEnergy #MAGA #resist
.@hjta @JohnAndKenShow: no matter how much you try, you'll never make #California like #Texas. Here are your two options: 1. Move to Modoc & ask Trump to let it secede. 2. Move to Texas. Their average IQ won't fall that much. #KFI
Forward, to the victory of #MAGA! 24Ahead close broadcast day with video of Leader Trump's Official National Trump Show Tune & Official National Trump Slideshow featuring his great successes: #MusicMonday #resist #NowPlaying
.@MintPressNews: as I've told @LeeCamp, Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. Falsely pretending only one group is impacted *helps* Twitter by shrinking the tent. When will you use the real data at my top tweet to undercut Twitter where they're extremely vulnerable?
Without conservatives, where would we be??? Not tied with Uzbekistan on most metrics, but that aside they do have some use despite their huge downsides. Why, I'm sure everyone can come up with how they've helped the USA, like #resist #MAGA
What would we do without conservatives? Not much! Back in 2005 they helped Japan deploy battleships to defend against whales, and they've won high honors from China, Imperial Japan, and IG Farben! Now those true American patriots form #MAGA! #resist
.@TerryTeachout1: thank you for your stalwart, years-long opposition to #Twitter censorship. Unlike others, you didn't just oppose their heavy censorship of all kinds of users only when you yourself were impacted. Even now, you're thinking of others, not just yourself!
Recall Trump's "Fifth Avenue" line. That refers to people like you ("PLY"). PLY have never been able to figure out where Trump is weak & use it against him. PLY have consistently *helped* Trump. And he doesn't even have to pay you! MT @carriecordero [Trump is witness tampering]
.@sarasidnerCNN: @AnnCoulter cheered a psycho who drove into a group of protesters. Why don't you ask her about it?
.@RepublicanDrew - college #GOP with "PragerFORCE" - blogs "University hosts ‘critical look at whiteness’ forum". List all such fora. List all the times r/w'ers have intellectually undercut them to undecideds/independents/weak supporters. What use are you to the USA?
Gritty was just trying to make a new friend by inviting another mascot to slip his hands between his thighs. That's kneeball for you! MT @Tarik_ElBashir #WASvsPHI, I looked up from my laptop...and Gritty was at the 20, snapping a football to another mascot. What is happening?
.@ChristoKoenig: @BillyBaldwin & #TheResistance *helped* Trump. Due to their efforts, Trump was able to replace someone highly flawed (Pruitt) with someone who can get things done (Wheeler). I saw that coming, they didn't.
Kneeball is just #rugby, with unathletic players who hate the "privileged" fans who buy their jerseys, ultraviolence, concussions, etc. etc and *without the cars*. And WTF is rugby/kneeball without the cars? #WASvsPHI #MNF #TakeAKnee
Sounds about right. A Socratic line of questioning - like lawyers use in court - would really put Trump or his proxies on the spot & greatly help the USA. List all the times you've done that: MT @sam_vinograd Thanks to ArianaGrande for the inspiration tonight
.@trypilla: @Evan_McMullin could have easily stopped Trump & still could hold him accountable. All he'd have to do is really press Trump or his proxies on how Trump's plans are unimplementable (like his signature issue, the "wall"). Did Ev do anything even remotely like that?
.@JoeTessESPN: NFL domestic abusers have enablers. See "Corey Stewart used racist stereotypes to disparage NFL players in 2017 campaign event" from @kfile of CNN. He enabled #DomesticViolence in order to zing a campaign foe. Put money where mouth is: speak out against him.
.@Claryse2: @brianstelter & #CNN are great at the passive aggressive zingers, but they suck at making Trump as good as he could be (such as it is). Case in point: #PuertoRico was a complete failure for Trump. When has CNN really pressed Trump on specific examples of his fail?
We'd all pay good money for Ana Cabrera to tweet something like this instead: #CNN #MAGA #resist
.@FromHorsesMouth: @AC360, @DrewGriffinCNN, & #TheResistance helped drive out someone who was ineffective (Scott Pruitt) & replace him with someone who's already gotten a lot of things done (Wheeler). Trump, #Koch, & Big Coal should be paying them.
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day on a cheerful, hopeful note for Laura Loomer, Trump, #MAGA, #TheResistance, etc. etc. You're the best! #MusicSunday #NowPlaying
When you hear about "censorship of conservatives", replace "conservatives" with "a group most people hate & wishes would shut up." That doesn't make censoring them right, it's just a real hard sell. Due to solipsism they can't figure that out. #MAGA #resist
In Aug I explained to you how to undercut Twitter censorship. Obviously whatever you're doing isn't working, so try my ideas instead. MT @Feisty_FL I’m not on anyone’s feed because of twitter censorship
.@alexanderchee: aside from minor tweetstorms, what has @Olivianuzzi ever done? She's been given access to r/w figures - incl Trump - but she just does toothless pastiches. She's never never once asked a tough policy question, even though (because?) that's where Trump is weakest
.@Bishop346: @RebeccaRuiz hilites a smalltimer making millions in order to help Big Biz make billions. Think through cuo bono from her propaganda. Trump's horrific, but her policies would reduce U.S. wages, braindrain developing countries, & increase border deaths. #NYTimes
.@Shaere10: there'd be fewer homeless and fewer dying along the border if those like @nkulish weren't trying to pull the heartstrings of people in order to enable anti-American NeoLiberal policies. If Nick got his way, U.S. wages would fall & Cent Am would be braindrained.
.@a_fanning: please look below the surface. @nickconfessore is hiliting a small timer in order to help the big fish. Big Biz wants people to come here illegally (even if some die along the way) so the can keep wages low. Trump's horrific, but Nick enables Big Biz causing deaths.
The Southern College #Cornhole Championship is sponsored by All Cornhole & Inside Tailgating. #ESPN #MAGA #resist
.@KevinCarson1: @CamilleEChavez (I guess) quotes Chris Hitchens: "Racist war criminal families don't deserve a moment of peace.." Bush circle is all about the money, race isn't a factor. By bringing that in, Camille etc *help* the Bushes. She isn't smart enuf to figure that out.
The #MLSCup Final will be Saturday, December 8 at 5pm Pacific and it will *reportedly* be on Fox (the network, not just hidden away on FS1). I'll believe it when I see it. Murdoch might decide to put it on FS1 to show a Judge Judy repeat. #soccer #MAGA #resist
No surprise: @stillcrowing1 has blocked me after pointing out to the #SecretService that they should look into its threats against those who disagree with Leader Trump. #MAGA #resist
My header image of *Trump* with *Pelosi* seems to confuse a lot of idiots. They see it and think I'm a Trump or Pelosi fan. I think that's why the Liga MX idiot blocked me: it saw the header & freaked. They can't figure out I'm smearing both of them. #MAGA #resist
.@EmilyKager: I opposed Trump from Day 1 & I knew how to either prevent him from being elected or at least hold him accountable. You/other #Mozilla hacks/ #TheResistance lack the smarts to figure that out & the sanity to help. You can't even figure to see bio/my site @__tusch__
.@EmilyKager replies: "You voted for Trump so you're the most incompetent of them all and definitely not an expert on browsers or spyware". That's a non sequitur, an ad hom, an attempted invasion of privacy, and shows yet again how incompetent #Mozilla hacks are. @__tusch__
On Fri at 11:20am Pacific, #ESPN 2 has Juventus vs. Internazionale in Italian #soccer. It features one of the most famous football players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo. The 24Ahead Couch Team will live tweet the match. #MAGA #resist
Nothing against seeing ESPN's #cornhole, but I'd rather see Guiseley vs. Fleetwood Town, West Bromwich Albion vs. Brentford, or Atalanta vs. Napoli. Instead, #Disney is hiding those on "Plus". And, that's not how you increase the popularity of #soccer in the USA.
#ESPN 2 is showing the #cornhole. It's not like there's a real sport available right now. It includes floor commentary from @stormbuonantony. Stormy: on Mon, ESPN is hiding 4 soccer matches on ESPN+ rather than elevating them to the cornhole status. Why? #MAGA #resist
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this list of prescripts all of which Trump & #MAGA completely fail at: #MusicSaturday #resist #NowPlaying
Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. Stop acting like children & stand against censorship across the board. MT @beny_benson MT @KaitMarieox: Call Laura Loomer crazy all you want, but she was able to get the whole world talking about Twitter's censorship of cons
There's no penalty for censoring cons. Feel free to argue with reality. If @libertarianblue truly opposed censorship, he'd oppose it *across the board*. How he opposes it clearly doesn't work. MT @JudahRobert @RubinReport: Beyond massive. Google is admitting to censorship