.@Bobjay47: @JeffYoung seems to think Trump's taxes, if released, would undercut him. Except they wouldn't, just like "Drumpf" & all the other failures haven't. Jeff isn't smart enough to figure out where Trump is most vulnerable.
Pathetic snark. RT @JeffYoung I, for one, am looking forward to the confirmation that everything in Trump's finances is totally above board and that he always paid the taxes he owed.
It's clear to everyone except @Public_Citizen that the GOP loves AOC: they can portray all libs as just like her. MT @joylovetrust It ought to be clear to everyone why Trump & LindseyGrahamSC are so afraid of AOC.
#Cubs start the season 0-37. Don't worry, there's still time.
.@thetomska: #PETA also says cow's milk is a symbol of, wait for it, white supremacy. That causes almost all sane people to ROFL, hurting their cause. If you agree with their cause in whole or part, you should ask them about that.
"Let me tell you," Trump said to thunderous cheering, "I spoke with a dairyman yesterday. He said the cows really like it. I mean, they line up at 4am. They really like it. It's like a massage to them, with a happy ending!" and the crowd cheered! #PETA #Patriots
After 'Nam, with broken bone spurs and a hole in his arm, Trump wandered from land to land until he finally realized his true homeland. 24Ahead closes with this, his story: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@sandy_b_good: Trump made FL - a swing state - more blue. That alone could help sink him to the #GOP establishment & to part of his base. Other than being just as incompetent as Trump, is there an explanation why those like @jdawsey1 aren't using that against him?
I'll have to watch that, I'm still mulling over Glenn Beck revealing the truth about the statues in front of the NYC library. MT @grantmichaels The golf guy on DeadlineWH with @NicolleDWallace this afternoon revealed the missing Puerto Rico puzzle piece...
.@JohnLT12: Trump's gross incompetence on #PuertoRico made FL more blue. That could make him more toxic to GOP leaders & peel off some of his base. Instead of using that, those like @MollyJongFast have an issue where they can only play the race card instead of acting grown-up.
.@mizzou_bench: cons have made it incredibly easy for #Twitter to censor them, because cons only care about themselves. That's like going to war after disbanding most of your army. When cons stand with *everyone* Twitter censors, they won't be so easy to censor.
.@stanthonysf⁩ ⁦@LydiaBransten⁩: you took @TwitterForGood 's lucre. Did they buy your silence? If not, speak out against them heavily censoring their users. Eg, they heavily censor replies from liberals to Trump officials. Not only that, they lie to their users via ghosting.
Sure, #SiliconValley titans have zero patriotism & would (further) sell out the USA if they could make even one dollar more. Sure - while many welcome their money - they've caused huge problems in the BA & CA: homelessness, social disruption, etc. etc. Look! #LeadersforLeave!
Jansen & #Dodgers just barely escape with a win on a double play. We (that is, all their opponents) will get them next time.
It also distracts from a discussion about the huge problems SV has caused: homelessness, social disruption... MT @vijaya I love that we’re talking about paid leave policies in Silicon Valley more openly - it's so critical for an inclusive workforce. #LeadersforLeave
#Dodgers 6, #Giants 5 with just 1 out & Giants on 1st & 3rd. #MAGA #resist
Jansen walks in a run. #Dodgers = losers. #Giants
Jugglin' Muncy tosses to the Jugglin' Jansen. What a bunch of losers. #Dodgers #Giants
.@drawbridge4kids: FYI, #Twitter prevents an open, honest debate on key issues (like homelessness) by censoring disfavored (but otherwise popular opinions). They also heavily censor dissent to Trump officials. See my top tweet for the details. Do you oppose such censorship?
.@chiefladybird: FYI, #Twitter heavily censors dissent from all kinds of users all around the world. @Jack heavily censors replies to Trump officials from their critics. Not only that, they censor by lying to people (via ghosting). Is that consistent with your moral compass?
Apparently the turtle is a mystical or semi-mystical figure among some Indians. So, I'm not mocking that. Just everything else about this picture of @Jack: #MAGA #resist #Twitter
.@AnonDesi @followsanjeev: #Twitter heavily censors all kinds of people around the world. The only way to #BringBackVashiSharma is to stand with everyone (with very few restrictions) they censor. Otherwise you marginalize their opposition. Get a reporter to cover my pinned tweet
Here's yet another in the very long line of examples of #Twitter technical incompetence. Only 2 of 16 words/terms are Turkish, and it's an easy translation. #MAGA #resist
You place a Fiverr request looking for someone who can undercut Trump. You get a response from #TheResistance. You ask them to list all their past successful campaigns. You never hear back. #MAGA
Another great #TheResistance thinker weighs in. MT @moisescohen ...[Trump trying to end ACA] all comes down to survival...his own. There’s something in the Mueller Report that they don’t want out. Talking about ending ACA is the ultimate distraction.
In other news, here's a new Light in Babylon video - Canım Benim: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@ikeonic: all those like @ASlavitt have only ever helped Trump. No one like him has ever undercut Trump in any way. That's just a fact. Trump/#GOP oppose ACA because it'd cost the wealthy who pull their strings money. It's as simple as that. Slavitt can't find his... etc etc.
.@writerknowles: it's difficult to undercut you to your fans since it'd take too long to find any. So, I'll just send this to you directly:
[In the interest of fair and balanced tweeting, we break from celebrating the historic Lori Lightfoot victory to play the new #GOP anthem] #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
2000s: you get points for being non-white, non-male, non-straight, non-Christian, non-able-bodied 1950s: you get points for being white, male, straight, Christian, able-bodied. Progressives are just 1950s Alabama sheriffs in suede-denim disguise. #Chicago #MAGA #resist
.@Anderhardt: Lori Lightfoot is the right race, gender, & orientation. But, she's the wrong religion and abled-status. #Chicago & @grahamelliot are as regressive as ever.
The much-hated-by-all #Dodgers entity gets a grand slam off #MadBum. #MAGA #resist
.@DePaulP3 @chicagotribune: #Chicago is still regressive. Lori Lightfoot is only LGBTQ & female, she isn't a disabled Muslim. When you elected an LGBTQ female mentally/physically/emotionally disabled Muslim, only then will you be truly progressive. You're no better than Alabama.
Twitter trending on Lori Lightfoot: "Chicago elects its first Black woman mayor who also happens to be the city's first openly gay mayor". Hold your applause: she's abled and she's not a Muslim. Of course, does anyone expect #Chicago to be truly progressive?
.@TimNeverett: upcoming #Dodgers promos: Felon Night Shiv Night Life Support Night No Colors Night Patches Night Gentleman's Social Club Night Corcoran Night Free Prison Tat Night Pruno Night SuperMax Night
Great High Lord His Highness The Most Merciful And Protector Of The Domain, Michael Milken, has deigned command that Earvin The Magician entertain the peoples of the town with a spectacle! Behold, the forthcoming loss of the #Dodgers entity!
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this (bad music but OK) vid of three sisters complaining about their arranged marriages to Jeff Goldblum, Wilbur Ross, & Trump: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
A quick search will show #MAGA isn't falling for Reuters' Argumentum ad Stomachum. How many failed efforts before #TheResistance opposes Trump in smart ways? MT @SunandSipCups MT @kylegriffin1: Americans would run out of avocados in three weeks if Trump shut down the border
Do you realize that's an ads page & #NYMag gets a commission from those links? Do you realize the job of citizens is to ask politicians tough questions, not be fanboys? MT @JustJoeyLopez MT @Lis_Smith: A great look in @nymag at the 10 things @PeteButtigieg can’t live without
In today's Grifter News, @McAllisterDen has been booted off corporate-friendly Trump Island, next stop mouthbreather-friendly Trump Island. @eScarry defends her on part of her thoughtcrimes cons play into.
Arabic metal by Mawarannahr. A little too studio-y, a little too generic atmospheric metal, not enough blending of folk and electric instruments. OTOH, imagine Trump & Wilbur Ross sword dancing. #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
The Donald J. Trump Official Blue Ribbon Committee On Metal has commissioned me to issue a Blue Ribbon Report on Arabic metal by Mawarannahr. My report is next. #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Millions of Bezos' money at your disposal, and you're too incompetent to make Trump do something. You don't even realize you're admitting your own incompetence. MT @WashPostPR #WaPo Publisher Fred Ryan op-ed "Six months later, Trump has still not acted on Khashoggi's murder"
Yet more empty therapy for #TheResistance: "Progressive groups plan nationwide protests over Mueller report release". #idiocracy
"Drumpf" didn't make Trump make FEMA pre-order enough sat phones for the Maria aftermath. "Drumpf" isn't even good consolation for #TheResistance: it makes them feel better temporarily but it ultimately just hurts them. None of them can figure that out. Like coked-up rhesuses.
Trump gets away with so much simply because #TheResistance - just like #MAGA - enables their corrupt & dim leaders. Trump pushes amnesty, pro-wealthy policies, his FEMA doesn't pre-order sat phones for Maria, etc. etc. all because #resist can't put away childish things.
.@lukehellier: hey Luke, @sambrodey blogs that Trump is "very bitter" about Puerto Rico. Trump's PR response was beyond grossly incompetent. It should show #MAGA that Trump isn't the chess player they think he is. So, other than those like Sam, why hasn't that happened?
.@joe_pa: #LosAngeles has huge problems, many related to the very wealthy inviting mass #immigration to get cheap labor. Instead of looking into that, @SamBraslow spent "*days*" looking for rejected vanity license plates. Please support real journalists, not just poseurs.
You show yet again that "reporters" aren't that. Verification was verification, now it's an endorsement. Twitter heavily censors replies to made accounts, shielding them from dissent. Real reporters would oppose. MT @swin24 [#twitter should verify] @sambrodey #VerifySam #wwg1wga
One of Trump's key campaign promises was that poorly-dressed slobs would dance in the streets with stylishly-dressed French/Belgian women. Promise made, promise kept: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@mattocko: hey Matt, how much would you take to give up your citizenship like your partner @esaverin did? It's better to buy people like you out now rather than waiting for you to turn on your fellow citizens if/when TSHTF.
@billhandelshow: @Amstergosh illustrates the bait those like Fox use; fight it. She seems to be engaging in a tu quoque attempt except I've opposed both Koch & Soros for years. Trump's pro-wealthy policies help all the wealthy incl Soros (but probably more those who pollute).
Just look at all the pro-amnesty, pro-globalism stooges - including Marc Short of the #Koch bros - Trump has surrounded himself with. He's surrounded himself with .00001% of the U.S., all big NeoLiberals. #MAGA #resist
Reason it out: if Trump were a real threat to the #Koch bros, Adelson, etc. they would got their pals to spend 100s of millions opposing him. Obviously, he told them all his talk about #immigration, trade, & globalism was just boob bait for Bubba. #MAGA #resist
One of main problems the U.S. has is how NeoLiberalism - loose borders, free trade, globalism - has become the elites' religion: those who dissent are apostates. Trump pretends to dissent but obviously he tells Koch, Adelson, etc. something quite different than his speeches.
.@billhandelshow: Trump's #FoodStamps plan is designed to a) help the very wealthy (like Koch, who went easy on him to get such policies) & b) play into conservative anti-social and false beliefs. It won't be the last thing Trump does for the Kochs. Why enable all that?
.@billhandelshow: a good part of GOP base thinks AL/MS/AR/etc prop up CA/NY/MA/etc. That & "moochers", beach bums using food stamps to buy sushi, trickle down, the rich are just better than the poor (eg Saverin is better than poor patriot), etc. are key parts of GOP mythology.
.@KarenF: @TheRickWilson could easily undercut Trump to his base right now by developing smart plans to undercut the idea Trump's playing "12d chess". Like by urging Don Lemon to really press Trump proxies on Trump's incredibly incompetent PR response. Is Rick doing that?
.@BoogSciambi: the Thursday #Dodgers game was blacked out in the 2nd largest media market & so is tonight's game. #ESPN advertisers can't like that. Why even show the Dodgers when they do things like this?
.@SMurp3131: in other countries, Biden would just be convicted of a crime and sent to a camp. Here, those like @gettinviggy enable obvious political hit jobs, never questioning why Biden would be so hard up he'd hit on infinite baggers like #AmyLappos & #LucyFlores.
Amy Lappos is, not to put a fine point on it, another infinite bagger like #LucyFlores. And - obviously - neither have to personality to make a dent in it. Either Biden has an ugly woman fetish, he's blind, or they're dissembling. #MAGA #resist #AmyLappos
Saw #LucyFlores on TV. She's an (i + 1) bagger. That is, if you start with 1 bag, you need 2. If you start with 2, you need 3... #Peano #MAGA #resist
24Ahead close broadcast day with dire warning from Great Leader Trump to all who dare dissent against greatness of his Great Plan to Make Country Great Again! #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
One way to undercut Trump's #FakeNews campaign is to point out he only sticks up for himself: he never goes after them over something that doesn't make him look worse. However, to do that the MSM would have to admit they constantly lie, so... #MAGA #resist
Cons help #Twitter censorship by heavily blocking anyone who disagrees with them. Even worse, they falsely pretend they're the only ones censored. That toxifies and marginalizes the possible opposition. MT @griffisk MT @tarafdavis: Censorship by Twitter 100%
The con base *only* responds to idiotic, showy plans that have Trojan horses, are fake, wouldn't work, and/or would make things worse. They reject making smart anti-amnesty arguments but line up behind Trump's Trojan horse/fake/unimplementable "wall". #immigration #MAGA #resist
Search for "grahamnesty". His law change would include amnesty. The smart way to reduce illegal immigration is to make enabling it politically toxic. No laws needed. MT @MathewsJeanne MT @LindseyGrahamSC: pora change the laws that are magnets for illegal immigration...
The smarter way is to just make enabling illegal immigration politically toxic. Knock out the political support & it'll dry up. Has Abbott ever even tried anything like that? MT @MumsyAdams MT RT @GregAbbott_TX: Law enforcement is one way to crack down on illegal immigration
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens asks, "Could you play Roxy Music - Ladytron? I promised Melania an all-girl version of TRON." #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes to ask, "How do you count in German?" The answer is, of course, "very carefully". #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@JaSiOui: @sahilkapur obsesses over Mulvaney's title, but ignores where Mulvaney is most vulnerable: his strong support for amnesty. Repeatedly calling out Mulvaney on his support for amnesty would make him a huge vulnerability to Trump. Kapur obsesses over trivia instead.
.@Energymom: @JonKarl takes a dive on truly holding Mulvaney accountable. Mulvaney is most vulnerabe on his strong support for amnesty, but no one with access to Mulvaney really presses him on it. Karl, ABC, CNN, etc etc all give Mulvaney a pass where he's most vulnerable.
I thought the "This tweet is unavailable" things from #Twitter were aholes who've blocked me, but I now see them when logged out. It appears to be them crowing about ramping up their censorship, like putting heads on pikes. #MAGA #resist
#LAGalaxy escapes with a win. Don Trump & I will have commentary on 24Ahead Radio in a bit. #soccer #MAGA #resist
Ibra plays a little dirty, tripping an enemy player and getting a yellow. #MAGA #soccer #resist
Ibra puts #LAGalaxy up 2-1 on another PK. #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@Dsquared75: FYI, #Twitter censored your tweet to @kr_schneider (see my pinned tweet for "LowQuality"). They didn't censor childish GIFs. Also, Kris isn't going after Mulvaney where he's most vulnerable to Trump's base: on how very pro-amnesty he is. Kris is a flopper.
.@taylortwellman: I just talked to Trump. He says the way to stop pitch invaders is to arm the players. What do you think?
And, the Timbers tie it up on a good play in an ultimately futile effort. #LAGalaxy #MAGA #resist
Don Trump & I are calling the #LAGalaxy game on 24Ahead Radio. I've cut his mic while he goes on and on about his plan to put the entire USA on the Newfoundland time zone. #MAGA #resist
Ibra scores on a PK for #LAGalaxy. #soccer #MAGA #resist
#ESPN has Bryce Harper vs Atlanta in baseball and #LAGalaxy & Ibra vs Portland in #soccer. #MAGA! #resist
Flip Covington of the 24Ahead Broadcast Closure Committee objected to electric-vs-real piano & the studio effects but we overruled him & close the broadcast day with Lara Di Lara: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@joshallan: hey Josh, RBReich postures as left-wing, yet he's very pro-corporate. Look at the bottom line: he'd help Big Biz greatly reduce wages by greatly increasing the labor supply via mass immigration.
The 24Ahead Broadcast Closure Committee is currently going to the Dokuz Sekiz channel and finding a qualified chick singer to close the broadcast day with.... OK, that was quick.
The wealthy want to greatly increase the labor supply to lower wages. Fugelsang (& Trump!) would help them. MT @FrancisWegner MT @JohnFugelsang: It’s perfect logic if you need more desperate migrants to horrify voters because your tax cut rips off the middle class...
.@MoniqueCook20 @AnnieLaur: make sure Cernovich fans don't forget this:
.@1MaidenUSA: hey Michele, here's @YLindaQiu not being a real journalist & looking into claims about the "Migrant Caravans". When can we expect Trump, his proxies, & his loudest defenders to call her out?
.@GregWeeksCLT: FYI, here's @_gsaldivia hyping political violence. "It was just an egg" isn't a valid defense: what starts as eggs progresses to pebbles, stones, rocks... Never debate.
.@gliderhopkin: you & @tomscocca have the same Reds Under The Bed/Soros!!! tic as cons, just in reverse. Please do some real research. The Koch bros want to greatly increase the labor supply. Does Tom want to do the same?
.@fifthstreetdude: see the table here showing how heavily #Twitter censors replies to Trump officials (many are from libs). Then, ask Craig Silverman of BuzzFeed etc. etc. why they refuse to expose how Twitter helps Trump officials.
The Trump interview continues: "On my fourth 'Nam tour, I'd blast Jefferson Airplane - We Can Be Together to lure the possibly-Cong villagers out, my flamethrower at the ready." #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@EngancheWorld: I've been pointing out Trump is pro-amnesty since Aug 2015. He's extremely vulnerable on that & his joke plans. What you should be doing is asking #TheResistance leaders why they refuse to go after Trump where he's weakest but instead only just help him.
.@Uli_Rosh replies [Yet (#Seattle is) the most educated/affluent big city in the country] There must be a correlation between education & assholery then. America has weird anatomy: our wang (#Florida) is across the country from our asshole, the #PacNW.
.@mcuellar has blocked me afterjust one tweet pointing out how pro-corporate Liz Warren is:
.@OkayResignTho: after our hot weekend on a cold Cape Cod, I'll always call her Liz Warren. Also, if she had her way on #immigration, would the labor supply increase or stay the same/decrease? Who gets the profits from an increase in the labor supply?
The Trump interview continues: "On my fourth 'Nam tour I tried to switch to LSD to get off the white horse. No matter how much I listened to Iron Butterfly I still had a hole in my arm." #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Sunday at 1pm, #ESPN has #Cubs vs Rangers, then at 4pm it's #Braves vs #Phillies (Bryce Harper won't be there because he's summering at his Luxembourg chateau). However, at 6pm it's #LAGalaxy vs #Timbers. 24Ahead & former #soccer player Trump will be calling that game.
In other news, the #Angels are sucking this year as they did last year, and the year before that, and the year before that...
.@themattwalton: hey Matt, Stephen Moore is extremely vulnerable to smart *policy* arguments, if anyone who has access to him ever makes them. Dumpster-diving, sub-Enquirer yellow journalists like @jonswaine will have zero impact on Moore other than to help him.