#Ocasio2018 is painfully vulnerable to her base over #immigration, but #Breitbart etc simply aren't allowed to use that because it'd also undercut GOP & Trump. #TheResistance is like that. Trump is extremely vulnerable on #immigration but they aren't allowed to use it.
.@DCTwining: in WaPo, @ARVershbow⁩ blogs "Will Trump let Russia take the Azov Sea?" Khashoggi & everything else should clue you in that what happens in the WaPo stays in the WaPo & has zero impact on Trump. Y'all can't figure out to make arguments that'd undercut Trump to MAGA.
I think it's time to be smart enough to start small & build. Point out Google = spyware & #23AndMe = Google. It should be very simple. MT @eugenegu I think it’s time we updated UDHR/Geneva Conventions to prohibit the creation of genetically modified human beings.
You know what the world needs & would have if we had a functioning troll ecosystem? "Trans Activists Against Coal". #intersectionality #MAGA #resist #ClimateChange
.@Robynmonty: in his #DailyCaller interview, Trump said he wants to work with the Dems on "comprehensive immigration reform" (aka amnesty). @esaagar didn't call Trump on wanting to work with Pelosi on amnesty. That's understandable: he's a big amnesty fan. Are you?
.@Trumpsters45: Trump's first amnesty plan (his 2015 amnesty plan) was basically the Flake-Gutierrez "touchback" amnesty: illegal aliens have to leave but get to come right back. Find a Trump statement where he's said "no amnesty, ever" or similar. Good luck. #MAGA
.@specialistgi: HRC supports the anti-American DREAM Act, a bill that'd keep some Americans out of college. All Trump/Corsi/Stone had to do was call her on that & she'd be toast. Instead, @jerome_corsi / Trump/Stone sought "dirt" from an enemy that never appeared. Be a patriot.
In case you're wondering why Funes Mori is trending, it's because of this bicycle kick goal in real football: #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@JoeySmoey5: to undercut @bennyjohnson, you have to understand what his suckers want & then show them what a grifter he is. Do that & you're really impact him. Point out to his base he said nothing when Trump told him he wants to work with the Dems on amnesty.
.@BaldyNFL: what best about the #NFL is how it hews to the original vision. In 1886, Elmer Butz would bend over in a field & invite local athletes to slide their hands between his thighs. While he was later convicted, his dream lives on, with Tight Ends & Wide Receivers. #MAGA!
.@gamurgis: Trump told #DailyCaller he wants to work with the Dems on "comprehensive immigration reform" (the DC euphemism for amnesty). @bennyjohnson didn't call him on it, but just moved on to the next, unrelated question. Benny knows what CIR is. Benny is very pro-amnesty.
Who? What? Sorry, I prefer real football. You know, the one that doesn't involve a QB gently sliding his hands between the thighs of a bent-over player. #NTTAWWT #NFL #MAGA #resist MT @Patricia_Traina OBJ is second in votes at WR behind Antonio Brown.
R/w worthless @mVespa1 blogs "Sen. Flake's Nauseating Obstructionism Over Protect Mueller Bill Delayed 21 Trump Judicial Nominations". At least he was good for something. P.S. Trump's first amnesty plan (2015) was the Flake-Gutierrez "touchback" amnesty. #MAGA #resist
.@LydiaBubniak: FYI, @vbolotnyy & @mattbasilico are involved with "Immigrant Doctors", a group that wants to deprive Yemen & other countries of the doctors they desperately need. Please have the humanity to oppose sociopaths who'd greatly harm developing countries.
In re "Myrbetriq", you're camping outside, piss wherever the f you want. #survival #survivalism #MAGA #resist
.@iranwic: FYI, @mitra_akh is associated with "Immigrant Doctors", a group that specifically sought to deprive Yemen of the doctors they desperately need to treat war victims. What sort of sociopath would deprive a war-torn country of the doctors they desperately need?
.@msanchezMIA: hey Melissa, @p_ganong is behind immigrantdoctors. They wanted to deprive Yemen of the doctors they desperately need. Instead of tending to those maimed by war, Pete wanted Yemeni doctors to come here to give nose jobs. Peter Ganong is a sociopath.
.@forsaken911: to hold @ChrisMurphyCT accountable, go to his events & ask him tough, focused Socratic questions with the goal of showing him wrong. Not rants, open-ended questions, or things most would oppose. Then, post the questions & his answers to Youtube.
24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this simple message from Leader Trump to the peoples in the Ukraine: "you are valued members of #MAGA!" #MusicTuesday #resist #NowPlaying
.@itsmenanice: I don't know the backstory of your tweet, @AliceAvizandum, etc. However, Twitter is extremely vulnerable due to their "content filter" ghosting that affects millions of all kinds of users. Find a reporter to cover the data at my pinned tweet to change things.
For more information, visit your lending library or search "Беларусь. Интересные Факты о Беларуси". #MAGA #resist
Thumbnail of the video "interesting facts about Belarus" has a tractor and a hot girl. #MAGA #resist
Leader Trump has a simple message to restive Ukrainians in the southern reaches: despite being out in the Trump National Fields all day, you are valuable members of #MAGA! #MusicTuesday #resist #NowPlaying
R/w grifters & suckers think "you like open borders? Let them live in your backyard!" is an argument. Just because it and the similar "U.S. budget is like a household budget" can't be shown wrong by witless, worthless #TheResistance grifters doesn't make them valid. #MAGA
.@steve_klopfer: the @MarcAlanBalay is obviously (at least to me) a stock #MAGA reply to the @Redpainter1 very pro-corporate stance on #immigration: "you support the Caravan? Let them live in your backyard!" It's very, very stock Fox/Breitbart fare. She's freaking over nothing.
.@Redpainter1: the @MarcAlanBalay tweet is obviously not a threat. It's a satire of your very pro-corporate #immigration stance. He's commenting on you supporting letting the Caravan in. It'd be smarter of him to point out you side with US Chamber & #Koch, but such is #MAGA.
That resolves that: Bohemian Rhapsody by Bruce Dickinson is even lighter than the original. Like Gilbert & Sullivan meets Pawtucket dinner theater meets a metal power ballad. #MAGA #resist
Youtube's "hard rock" suggestions are: Bohemian Rhapsody (by Bruce Dickinson, haven't heard it but given the song it can't be too hard), I'm Gonna Crawl by Zep (one of their softer songs), Neil Young (big fan but he's not hard rock), and Pink Floyd (ditto). #AI #MAGA #resist
.@blissamerica @HeshmatAlavi: Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users around the world with their "quality filter". See my pinned tweet for the details and real data. Find a reporter to cover that and you'll give @delbius the worst day she's ever had.
.@jonathansampson: you'll never get anywhere with the Hannity-level "hypocrisy!" gambit. It's never worked. To undercut Twitter censorship, you only have to do one thing: find a reporter to cover the real data at my pinned tweet. That'll bring Twitter to their knees.
.@Liu3chiang: see the real data on Twitter censorship at my top tweet. Marsha Blackburn, Ajit Pai, etc. shouldn't be able to tune out some voters & tune others in: that's anti-Constitution. Yet, that's what Twitter is doing via their "quality filter". Speak out against that.
.@MaximoBistrot: hey Max, I'm sure @nedsegal is a good customer. However, he also lies to millions of people around the world by ghosting their replies: he makes them think their replies are visible but they're actually hidden. I can't imagine ever doing anything like that. You?
.@Tweeter_IR: Twitter's hi-profile bannings of r/w grifters distracts from the much, much more serious issue of their "quality filter" censoring millions of users (and lying to those users via ghosting). Finding a reporter to cover the real data at my top tweet would reduce bans.
You know what'd be useful? HD Lindsay Casinelli highlights. #soccer #MAGA #resist
Back in July I told you about the data at my pinned tweet showing Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. That makes them much, much more vulnerable than r/w leaders let on. When will you help use it against Twitter? MT @Dangdurnit I miss free speech for everyone...
Meanwhile back in real football highlights, it's Real Madrid vs Roma. One would think Plaid Cymru would highlight real football not rugby, but in any case here are the highlights: #soccer #Wales #MCFC #MAGA #resist
.@osullivanauthor: your book is worthless against Trump, you know that and are just trying to (belatedly) cash in. Put your pride aside & help hold Trump accountable for real: see the Stump site in my bio. As a plus, making that happen will greatly increase your book sales.
Meanwhile back in real football highlights, it's Lyon vs Man City: #soccer #MCFC #MAGA #resist
In order to undercut 4d chess, all you need to do is find a case where Trump obviously should have done one thing and there's no "4d chess" explanation for him doing something else. Then challenge his proxies/fans to explain. The greater the gulf, the more the effect. #resist
.@GayLabourYorkie @kthalps: #Dilbert helped make Trump viable. @jonathanchait could've done easy (for me at least) things to stop that like pointing out *to likely Trump fans* that 4d chess is ludicrous, Trump is extremely venal, etc. Instead, Chait just ranted in an echo chamber
The fact that #Dilbert could claim Trump is incorruptible because he's a billionaire is horrific. The fact he was able to get away with it is much, much worse. Blame #TheResistance for that.
You have to know a) Manafort has serious dirt on Trump, and b) Manafort has a "if I disappear, release this to the press" compact with several people. No one - esp a long-term DC/international insider - would trust Trump otherwise. #MAGA #resist
.@Plaid_Cymru: when are you going to finally hire Piers Morgan as your spokesman? It'd be a win-win all around, plus I hear he's a big rugby fan.
.@piersmorgan: why don't you identify as someone who asks Trump tough questions? Like: "while your bans were blocked in the courts, you either ramped up screening enough (& your bans were never needed), or you didn't (and you endangered the USA). Which is it, sir?"
.@SuzanneGhais: 100s of millions live under threat of violence, billions live in poverty. The @FareedZakaria @theIRC policy that they should all move to USA or W. Europe is inhumane. They should work to improve conditions in other countries, not lead people on about moving here.
.@Jamierodr10: @wimvisscher777 & the rest only oppose censorship of those they agree with. That doesn't count. It helps the censors by shrinking their opposition. And, Wim knows he's *helping* Twitter etc. with their censorship:
Twitter has high-profile bannings of cons, but the much, much bigger issue (if you actually oppose censorship) is that they heavily censor replies from all kinds of users. #MAGA? MT @saneplanet MT @RealJamesWoods: Has a liberal ever been banned from #Twitter?
.@frum_reaganite: 14 years ago, @jackshafer scoffed at a story even though he didn't have all the facts. He's never admitted he might have been wrong. Point that out to his fans.
.@realThatDamnGuy: to undercut @jackshafer & other pro-censorship journalists, spread this list around & urge everyone to add to it. & point out to his fans he doesn't realize Twitter heavily censors replies from libs.
According to @BenShapiro, "TWITTER VS. SCIENCE: Twitter Changes Rules, Will Bar People Who 'Misgender,' 'Deadname'". That's insane. What's even more insane is Shapiro has a following despite not really opposing it & having no plan to stop it. #Twitter #MAGA #censorship
.@lovetogive2: Trump's horrific, but @carolecadwalla not only wouldn't have won an award she'd be out of a job if what she does cost the wealthy money. #Brexit would cost the wealthy money & she's - witting or not - helping them make as much as they can.
I know I saw a #MontyPython segment with a German lady in a long store line. She got tired of waiting & threw tantrum saying (in German) "I'd rather stomp on this bra!" or similar. I've never been able to find it, but it's what I think of when I think of cons / #MAGA. #resist
.@GayPatriot: if cons got over their issues & opposed censorship *across the board, especially of those they hate* & opposed censorship of *everyone* (not just Fox News guests), they'd greatly reduce Twitter's ability to censor those like Jesse Kelly.
.@GayPatriot: Twitter's high-profile bans mostly impact cons. The much, much more serious issue is how they ghost the replies of millions of *all kinds of users*. See the Examples section at my pinned tweet or "Brad Parscale is wrong about Twitter Censorship" on Youtube.
.@timcarman: you blog @chefjoseandres was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize despite that not being a big accomplishment & despite his PR stunt with sandwiches (!) instead of much more needed staple foods. His grift uses those like you who think water comes in plastic bottles.
Meanwhile in real football, here are highlights (or lowlights, depending on who you favor) of #Atlanta vs the #NewYork Red Bulls in real football: #TENvsHOU #MAGA #resist
.@dellcam: @TheRickWilson says Trump's anti climate change over supposed economic nationalism/he wants to relive 1850. That's wacky: it's because Trump is hoed out to Koch, Peterson, Adelson, Fox, USChamber, etc. If Wilson were smart he'd use that to undercut him to his base.
In a defiant move against Twitter and the Hegemony of the Twitter / Bing Translation Police, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with Gökçe Kılınçer - Güneşin Kızkardeşi: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlayingl
.@AlphaLackey: Twitter is much more vulnerable than @getongab pretends. The data at my pinned tweet shows Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. #Gab knows about that but refuses to use it because they think Twitter censorship helps them. Very cynical & immoral.
20% of Twitter users are USA, at most 30% of them are #MAGA. Most would stay. Twitter would lose 2% to 3% of their users (the most annoying ones). It's OK you didn't know that. It's not OK if you persist. MT @jjauthor Just think if Trump abandoned twitter and only gabbed?
.@LarryCampos1950: hey Larry, this 3 minute video shows how @Parscale is wrong about Twitter censorship, using his own feed. He *helps* Twitter censorship by falsely pretending only cons are impacted. Watch the video & wise him up.
He blocked me - thereby helping Twitter censorship - years ago after he got tired of being constantly shown wrong. RT @pdabrosca: Law professor Glenn Reynolds (@instapundit) has deactivated his account in protest of Twitter censorship
.@GayPatriot: cons have never really opposed censorship, they've just been upset they aren't the censors. Twitter is extremely vulnerable because they censor *all* kinds of users (see my pinned tweet), but cons refuse to use that. Playing the victim is more important to them.
#MAGA is under 6% of Twitter & they'd be glad to see you go. Maybe it's time to oppose censorship for real. MT @armandlaurin48 MT @bloggingcaesar: To stop the censorship, we need a mass exodus to some other medium by throngs of big name tweeps (like @realDonaldTrump
Krivo Sadovsko Horo - Barcelona Gipsy BalKan Orchestra: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Principled conservative = they start opining even before the check has cashed. MT @FFFFFFFuchsia MT @pdabrosca Censorship is fine, except for people I like.” - Principled conservatism [reference to @SearsAl on Jesse Kelly vs other grifters]
Meanwhile back in Maine (I think, I'm not a geology expert), it's Bayern Munich vs. Fortuna Düsseldorf highlights: #soccer #MAGA #resist #GBvsMIN
List all the things conservatives, libertarians, #MAGA, etc. have ever done that's helped the USA. Here, have all the space you need: #TheResistance
.@MontagnaTony: cons are under (probably much under) 6% of Twitter. They have no institutional power. Twitter can obviously censor their grifters at will. Cons think they know everything but know nothing & constantly fail. What use are you & @Cernovich against censorship?
The con mindset - most likely mostly genetic + failing to adapt to Kindergarten - makes them spectacularly ineffective at opposing things that are actually unpopular: illegal #immigration, censorship, SJWs, etc. They only do dumb things, they alienate others, etc. etc. #resist
.@russell_nm: either you're sincere about opposing Twitter censorship & you're doing it all wrong by greatly shrinking the possible opposition (i.e., making it cons against the vast majority who aren't cons), or you're just grifting & eventually people will catch on. Which is it?
.@painter_nancy: re @JoshuaHol, he blocked me after he got tired of always being shown wrong. I'm sure you're a real liberal unlike him, so read through this with an open mind:
"Migrant caravan: Mexico to deport group which stormed US border". They're bad for Mexico's grift: sending people to the USA in order to get cold cash back and perhaps serving in the future as our supplier of cheap labor from other countries. #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@MarkTLive RTs NYT w/ "coal has led to the brink of climate change...yet coal shows no signs of disappearing". NYT & rest of our dulligentsia - extremely pro-corporate & NeoLiberal w/ a veneer of SJW oneupmanship - don't GAFF about those left behind & reap the whirlwind.
At some point in time we haven't reached yet, the r/w grift has to meet reality. Even the dimmest cons have to eventually realize that they're just being pandered to by those who have zero interest in helping them. #MAGA #resist
.@MattMackowiak @CortesSteve: if you truly oppose censorship, then you have to oppose it of *everyone*. You can greatly harm Twitter by hiliting the real data at my top tweet. It shows Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. Are you sincere about opposing censorship?
.@MattMackowiak: cons have made it incredibly easy for #Twitter to censor them. They're like someone in a small town that was hated by everyone else & then disappears. No one GAFF. Cons can't understand that but will keep on with their solipsism that helps censors.
Fun fact: the gesture in my avatar is formed by holding your left arm in front of you parallel to the ground, then rudely thrusting your right arm upward so your left hand meets your right bicep. The much-admired lady pictured did that in 1987 in Hoboken. #MAGA #resist
Translation: 1st Americans got too expensive, then even illegal aliens got too expensive. Let's try robots (& get Chas Newkey to help). MT @WeAnimals important guardian article by @allthatchas [ppl don't want to work in slaughterhouses anymore]
How do you know it's not from farmworkers? Cite your research, doctor. MT @eugenegu Overuse of antibiotics in our farm animals encourages the growth of this deadly strain of E. Coli...
.@JenniferTilly: what about the gesture in my avatar? Have you ever made one of those?
.@haroldpollack @CharlesPPierce: TV (but I'm sure not you) don't want just any scientist, they want Lysenko. Related: easy arguments would show any popular #immigration plan wrong (Trump's/Ocasio's/Pelosi's/Pence's/etc). Let's start by you calling on TV to make those.
Austin Watson is the #MercedesBenz Star Of The Game. He was suspended for 20 games for domestic violence, but he just got a hat trick for the #Nashville (alleged) #Predators so all is forgiven. #hockey #MAGA #resist
Unfortunately-named pro sports teams: - #Nashville #Predators - #TampaBay Devil Rays - #Redlands Rapers (a #Dodgers feeder team) #baseball #hockey #football #soccer #basketball
Teams whose owners really didn't think through their naming choices: - #Nashville #Predators - #TampaBay Devil Rays Any others? #baseball #hockey #football #soccer #basketball
This from the station whose John & Ken talk about the homeless like they were Gypsies & this was 1938. MT @ProdMichelle .@smartfinal stores in CA, NV & AZ make it SUPER easy to donate to the #KFIPastaThon to benefit @caterinasclub.
Wild animals aren't your pet or plaything. They greatly harmed the deer by associating humans with food & might lead to it being killed. MT @ConwayShow MT @PATHETlCGIRL43_ A deer entered a shop in Colorado. The store owner gave the deer some cookies & chocolate
Q. What sort of genius named the #Nashville team the "Predators"? A. A Canadian. #hockey #MAGA #resist #Canada
A local station has #Anaheim #Ducks vs #Nashville #Predators (although that's just an allegation and they've vehemently denied it and have even offered to take a DNA test and a lie detector test, they've just been too busy). #hockey #Canada #MAGA #resist
.@RonColeman: see my pinned tweet for real data on how Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. @LibertarianBlue knows about my data but falsely pretends only cons are censored. Allum is not only a liar, he *helps* Twitter by shrinking the opposition to their censorship.
.@Sam_seau says "[Trump] got Mexico to detain migrants for us". Last I heard they say there's no deal. Re the military "locking down" the border with concertina wire, how long will that work? Did Trump tell Daily Caller he wants to work with the Dems on amnesty?
.@JeromeBettis36: what's great about the #NFL is how close it is to the original vision. Back in 1886, Elmer Butz would bend over in a field & invite local athletes to slip their hands between his thighs. While Elmer was later convicted, the game he invented lives on! #PITvsDEN
#NYRB are now down 3-0 against #Atlanta. #soccer #MAGA #resist
An #NYRB fan seems to be making his thoughts known on live TV. #soccer #MAGA #resist
Ref denies #NYRB a goal that would have tied it up with #Atlanta. Expect Trump to tweet about that soon. #soccer #MAGA #resist
W/o looking, I'll guess Breitbart etc are currently doing victory laps on the #MigrantCaravan rushing the border. #immigration #MAGA #resist
The #MLS semifinal game between #Atlanta & #RBNY is on ESPN. #soccer #MAGA #resist
24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with our Trump/Putin-mandated National Trump Song Of The Day: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@rooshv: how are you going to do when the social media censorship patrol comes for you? Not too well: review Niemoeller, then realize how cons have (pretended to) oppose censorship has only helped the censors. Twitter couldn't have designed a more self-defeating "opposition".
.@RonColeman: if someone only opposed censorship of a small group it wouldn't work, right? That's self-defeating: it excludes much larger groups of allies. It helps the censors via divide & conquer. Yet, that's exactly what @LibertarianBlue has done. He also consistently lies.