Thankfully, we have conservatives to protect us against the PC Police! Without our valiant conservative heroes, where would we be? To help us out, please list all of their victories: MT @BlueBoxDave The PC police at Google ban ads for a comedy site that isn’t woke enough.
A very #MAGA thing to say. If you weren't MAGA, you'd already know Twitter heavily censors libs too & oppose censorship across the board, helping yourself & others. MT @CampbellVideos [an SJW blocked him after a dispute] I'm going to laugh when social media goes for them next
#Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. Falsely pretending only cons are censored *helps* Twitter by shrinking the tent. MT @wimvisscher777 MT @MustangGirl3: Tonight @TuckerCarlson discussed Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives on social media
A gypsy caravan is headed to the USA, bringing carnival rides & kewpie dolls (my translation, I might be wrong). #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Christy4UNAC @OCCORDOC: @yesprop10 was invited to discuss #Prop10 on John & Ken Show, but were too wimpy to show up. That's just like Trump fans who refuse to talk to the MSM. Both realize they aren't capable of showing their opponents wrong.
You know what drives me and Verner nuts? Those who heavily enunciate t's. It's like "cool hhhwip" as far as I'm concerned. #MAGA #resist
The guitarist in the penultimate tweet is all kinds of hot. #MusicWednesday #NowPlaying
If I translate this correctly, hippies are forming an oud and guitar caravan to storm our borders, but Trump is sending in 10% of the troops involved at Normandy to stop them. #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@karyrhea: @ScottJenningsKY want credit for the business cycle at its peak. Urge Cuomo etc to really press him if he'll want credit when the biz cycle dips. Then, use that against him: he wants credit now, make sure he takes blame later. Also, urge Cuomo to press him on LFPR.
.@ksl_mann: to really undercut @ScottJenningsKY, demand those with access to him really press him on how Trump "Wall" is bogus. If Cuomo etc "cross-examined" Scott, they could force him to admit against interest Congress would tear down the "Wall" when Trump's out of office.
.@virtualwinegal: @donlemon had Trump on several times, never once pressed him on his joke plans. Only one (1) person in the USA urged those with access to Trump to really press him on how his plans wouldn't work. Hint: it wasn't @DonLemon. Trump should give Don a medal.
Speaking about clowns, turn CSS off for a #Twitter profile (eg, "Page Style", "No Style"). Look at all the cruft that's rarely going to be used & that could be handled by AJAX. Twitter has 100s of "engineers" but they can't optimize their main page type. #SiliconValley #tech
On #CNN, Maria Cardona is dressed up as a clown ho for #HappyHalloween2018.
Be right back, I have to refill this tray of small paper cups of Steel Reserve. #HappyHalloween2018!
.@EricLiptonNYT: hey Eric, @YLindaQiu has some problems with telling the truth. Can you help her try real journalism instead of deception? The solution to Trump's deception isn't to be like a sorry knockoff of him.
.@ChrisCuomo: @AnaNavarro tries to blame Trump for an attack in Willowbrook (look it up, it's next to Watts). 0.0001% chance it has anything to do with Trump. 99.9999% it's due to decades-old black/Hispanic hostility. Wouldn't you call her on it if you were a real journolist?
.@housingrightssf: apparently @yesprop10 was too worthless to appear on John & Ken Show. That implies #Yeson10 doesn't have valid arguments.
Here's extensive coverage of dozens of mostly pro-illegal #immigration groups. Do any of these a) get Soros $, and b) involved with #MigrantCaravan?
.@bradheath: you call it a "lie" that Soros is funding #MigrantCaravan. Have you done actual journalism & followed the $, or just started @ the conclusion & handwaved backwards? NGOs are helping the caravan. Post a list & let's see if any get Soros funding. Try real journalism.
#MAGA has to dumb everything way, way down & f everything way, way up. Instead of "Soros might fund XYZ that helps #MigrantCaravan", it's straight to photoshops of Soros handing out $1000 bills to tattooed criminals. If you criticize that, they *help* Soros by smearing you.
.@YLindaQiu: Soros $ flows to many (probably dozens) of pro-amnesty/pro-illegal immigration NGOs. Do you have a list of the NGOs helping the #MigrantCaravan so we can see if any get Soros money? If you don't have that list, you haven't followed the money or done real journalism.
.@YLindaQiu: you blog a "Fact Check" named "Did Democrats, or George Soros, Fund Migrant Caravan? Despite Republican Claims, No". Then say the claim "lacks evidence". Do you understand how your claims conflict? "Absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence".
Pouring soothing balsamic oils on stormy troubled waters like a President should, 24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with this urgent plea for enmellowation: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
McCain = war hero, Trump = draft dodger. Trump just does shtick on immigration. Name one case where he's gone after Big Biz: MT @DeniseBronsdon RT @realTrumpGuy: OpenBorders #RINO NeoCon & former BFF of EVIL #JohnMcCain, @LindseyGrahamSC, has gone full throttle [Trumptrad]
I've said a lot of bad things about Trump, but this video of Trump Youth singing the Trump National Anthem at Trump National Pioneers Camp in Mar-a-Lago is great! #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@OlaKamara: no one who wasn't already an @LAGalaxy fan knows about the loss. If someone isn't already a #soccer fan, they don't even know LAGalaxy exists. Galaxy, MLS, USMNT, USWNT, etc greatly harm USA soccer. They need to demand network TV, not channels few watch.
You know the "alt" govt accounts, the fake accounts that were supposedly started by those in USG agencies but that all speak in the same Dumb Punk voice of MoveOn activists? Many of the non-Russian #MAGA accounts are probably like that. #TheResistance #FakeNews
.@NevadaJack2: hey Jack, while you were in 'Nam, Trump had "bone spurs" so he could bang Muffy from the country club. Now, he demagogues a miniscule caravan, while ignoring the huge pull factors his Big Biz pals. Trump's pals urge illegal immigration & Trump won't call them out.
.@annewoj23 of #23AndMe is tight with #Google. Giving her & thus potentially them or even worse - any protestations aside - your #DNA is extremely unwise #privacy #MAGA #resist
.@dbrodbeck: hey Dave, @PrestonCNN thinks amnesty would "solve" the #immigration issue. See the link for what he & @ForecasterEnten either can't figure out, or choose to ignore. Do you think it's that they can't figure that out, or are trying to deceive?
Real freedom would be looking at the cost of NeoLiberal policies esp immigration. Not in a Trump way but in a smart, honest way. Which will happen first: you and PF will do that or hell will freeze over? MT @mdornic AT&T gave $250k to @pressfreedom
Cons (due to pathologies) consistently *help* censorship. They (falsely) think everything revolves around them, they toxify issues, they alienate allies, they think on they're affected. MT @d33ness72 MT @realTylerZed: Laura Loomer was suspended today until after the elections
.@PersuasivePR: hey Beth, @olivianuzzi keeps getting access to Trump/rw/GOP sources & just offers TigerBeat-style pastiches. She's like a TMZ reporter spilling gossip on the Titanic captain as the ship sinks beneath the waves. She can't even *conceive* of ask tough policy Qs.
Why should anyone who doesn't march in lockstep with you? You're no help against SJWs. You do misbegotten shtick off SJWs rather than marginalizing them in a big tent way. MT @getongab [promulgate our full interview] Debunk the dishonest lying media with our side of the story
"Kabaddi" is almost as grabassy as U.S. "football". So grabassy, Trump tried to start a U.S. Kabaddi League. It didn't take off because it just wasn't as NTTAWWT as U.S. football. #NTTAWWT #MAGA #resist
Only #CNN would choose a loose borders NeoLiberal Koch stooge like Stephen Moore to represent the pro-borders side. Moore was completely uncomfortable in that role, like "don't you know I'm one of you?" #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@FrankBruni: @stephenmoore is a NeoLiberal horror and always has been: loose borders, free trade, globalism. Can you imagine how, say, MLP would completely destroy you, Beinart, & Don Lemon? Thus, CNN chooses uncomfortable stooges like Moore
Hardest standard #Jeopardy category on 60s music was to name the musical style of Jefferson Airplane. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@49ers @gkittle46: some criticize kneeball as being akin to wrestling, rugby, kabaddi, and gladiator movies, but I say 'more power to you!' If you like a sport where each play starts with a QB sliding his hands between the thighs of a bent-over player, *that's OK*.
Whitey Bulger getting killed in prison is: - bad as being extra-judicial killing - great for org crime who want to keep secrets - great for crooked FBI agents who want to keep secrets He was complete scum, but those cheering it enable even worse scum. #MAGA #resist
Are you ready for some real football?!?!?! Here's a great free kick by Wayne Rooney: #CFBPlayoff #DCUnited #MAGA #resist
.@jenperkinsaz: hey Jen, Mark W Smith of NY FedSoc (neither on Twitter) defends Trump's completely bogus, insincere, deceptive birthright citizen scam on CNN. Can you ask him to explain why Trump never goes after pull factors, like his Big Biz pals? That's the smart way.
Drudge: "Kanye Done With Politics: I've Been Used! BREAKS WITH POTUS..." #MAGA = #idiocracy. #resist
Trump has no intention of stopping birthright citizenship, it's all just a scam to increase turnout. #MAGA will get tricked, #TheResistance will help Trump as usual, and - years later - nothing will have changed. #immigration
.@PevenzieLucy: @getongab only appealed to cons & did things in the con way. And, just like Milo, Alex Jones, Breitbart, etc. they suffer the consequences. They rely on those who simply aren't smart & sane enough to help them. Like other cons, they have all the answers.
#Gab is offline, promising to come back: "It doesn’t matter what you write. It doesn’t matter what the sophist talking heads say on TV. It doesn’t matter what verified nobodies say on Twitter. We have plenty of options, resources, and support." #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@highland_mn: illegal alien criminals have killed dozens or 100s this year. Your racist graphic *helps* Trump and substitutes your racial hatred for understanding and seeking to solve the problem. Your racist graphic is also false: at least one MCE perp was black.
.@HermosaKitCat: Trump could skate on nuking Andorra, because those like @jwpetersNYT can't do anything other than *help* Trump as they always have. Caravan is bogus threat but opposing illegal immigration is perfectly valid (& patriotic). Peters conflates the two.
Ready for some real football?!?!?! Here are all the goals Zlatan Ibrahimovic (now #LAGalaxy) scored with #MUFC. No #TakeAKnee or slipping hands between thighs of bent-over players involved, just real football. #NEvsBUF #MAGA #resist
Trump to send 1000s of troops to border to protect against #MigrantCaravan, a made-up threat that can be handled by BP alone as they've always done. Trump will skate on that because there are very, very few people who a) truly oppose illegal #immigration, and b) are smart.
Are you ready for some real football?!?!?! Here are highlights from a recent German #soccer match. No #TakeAKnee or slipping hands between thighs of bent-over players involved, just real football. #NEvsBUF #MAGA #resist
Remember the Thai #soccer team, you know, the ones from the cave? They practiced with #LAGalaxy a few days before their big loss. I'm blaming Elon Musk, because that's what Trump would do. #MAGA #resist
.@buffalobills: watching a real sport, one that doesn't involve the QB warming up his hands and then sliding them between the thighs of a bent-over player. I'm not saying that, or wrestling, or gladiator movies, or rugby are bad things. I just prefer real sports.
.@SNFonNBC: sorry, I prefer real sports. Ones that don't involve the QB gliding his hands between the thighs of a bent-over player and then pitching it to the Tight End or Wide Receiver. I'll bet you like gladiator movies too. #NEvsBUF
Somewhere there have to be some Trump supporters who aren't complete knuckledraggers. Here are a few smart ways they can help Trump help the USA: Let's #MAGA, for real.
I'm often asked, "can you end the broadcast on a cheery note with a song about Trump traveling from land to land, only to realize his real home is back in Russia?" And, I will thusly respond: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Chadwick_Moore: cons might as well be working for Twitter, GoDaddy, & all the rest. They're complete scum who glom onto & toxify what should be popular issues. They help all those they posture about opposing.
.@Ecto1Fan @TheGammon: what's ironic is #Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. @PrisonPlanet knows about the real data at my top tweet but refuses to use it against Twitter. Playing the victim is what's important to him, but actually opposing censorship.
Fans will often ask, "will you penultimately play an Arkona song tying various threads together?" And, I will respond thusly: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
The solution is to develop tough questions about that & then ask them at public events. Be a peer, not a subject. Engage leaders in debate & show them wrong. MT @amarespace NZ is aligning itself with China and Iran, leaving the FiveEyes alliance
A "web browser" should be an "object browser". You request "Twitter" & get an object with an API like "get Trump for desktop", "get Trump for mobile", "get Trump about page", etc. etc. Not just huge, gross blobs of text. #tech
.@adrianlovett: if I or anyone else competent had designed the web, sites would be objects. Eg, you could query a site for about, owner, etc. @timberners_lee did things in dumbest way possible: huge gross chunks of text. His gross incompetence set web back years & cost billions.
I'm often asked, "what is Arkona like when they aren't being all Arkona like?" And I respond with Силы ветра (Las fuerzas del viento) - Nargathrond: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I had to recast the last tweet because #Twitter thought periods indicated domain names & thus the tweet was too long when those "domain names" were shortened by t dot co. Twitter is truly the depths of #SiliconValley, the dumbest large company. #Ruby #Java #tech
.@jshgdmn @jonathanchait might ineffectually write about that. He's had megaphone against both Trump & SJWs for years, but nothing he's ever said or done has had any impact on anything. He refuses to use smart tactics that'd work. He's completely worthless to USA.
Discovering the conspiracy. MT @sudischuricht MT @kimboc5: Who thought it was a good idea to plaster brand new stickers all over that van
Jurgen Klopp named Funniest German Ever: #Liverpool #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@kosturdistan: countless 1000s of words later, @EricLevitz has had zero impact on Trump. He has somewhat of a megaphone so could have had an impact, but he just lacks the smarts and patriotism to figure out how to undercut Trump. Entertainment for you impact.
.@BobbieDooley: I doubt if Dave Roberts appreciates every.last.thing having to be about race. I'd imagine he wants to stand on his own, rather than being spotted points.
Trump - like your host a former #soccer player - used his right to tweet SMSes to every cell phone in the USA to send all of us "Xherdan Shaqiri Top 10 Amazing Goals": #MAGA #resist
The greatest minds of the NYT/CNN/WaPo colosus have determined a Melania connection to Trump changing the national religion of the USA: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Mistake #1: not marginalizing opponents as, say, "a small # of far-left leaders". Mistake #2: thinking con leaders are anything other than worthless grifters, completely useless to USA. MT @MahgdalenRose YOUNG CON LEADERS STILL NOT WILLING TO WORK W/ ME TO BEAT THE LEFT
.@JacobEngels: @RealOmarNavarro is a fan of @AnnCoulter, a grifter who pretends Trump "Wall" would be "forever". To be extremely blunt about it, this is an IQ test. Can you & Omar pass it?
As would you, if you opposed authoritarianism & censorship and all its associated evils. Time to be a real liberal. #TheResistance MT @glangendorf01 Someone tell #AnnCoulter She is legit pissed Gab is going away.
.@mrgnklly @outlawjw: @AnnCoulter thinks Trump "wall" would be "forever". Congress would tear it down when he's out of office & MAGA couldn't do anything about that anymore than they can get the "wall" in the first place. She & Trump refuse to undercut Pelosi w/ smart arguments.
A reminder that #MAGA don't need your books and letters and bookvi: #MusicSunday #resist #NowPlaying
No matter how many times I play it, people will often ask me, "what would a Balkan Roma song sound like... if sung in Kurdish???" And, I will respond thusly: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@LizHabib: it's great to see you & @SteveGarvey6 talking about #WorldSeries. However, one problem is #Dodgers have tarnished their brand by letting Murdoch turn baseball into a specialty sport by putting NLCS on a channel millions don't get. MLB has to fight that.
.@sharm629: the "caravan" is a complete non-issue, that MSM/Dems make into a big issue by presenting it as a minor issue. @joelpollak is extremely vulnerable because he's pro-amnesty. Your leaders aren't smart enough to use against him.
It's almost like many are sick of NeoLiberals, & NeoLiberals respond by blaming the victims of their policies rather than, chastened, decide patriotism beats enabling demagogues. #FU MT @Yascha_Mounk Jair Bolsonaro is the next President of Brazil [oni v] mortal danger
When I tweet things, bear in mind that I'm delusional enough to think there's an outside chance I can get with Liz Habib. #Dodgers #RedSox #baseball #MAGA #resist
Steve Garvey: "clearly the better team won". #Dodgers #RedSox #WorldSeries
.@davidharsanyi: can you direct me to even one (1) instance of Soros opponents (other than moi) showing how his plans would harm USA? Not just incoherent railing or railing on behalf of cons, but opposing how his plans would harm USA? Soros & Koch fund ACLU. Did you oppose?
Memo to #Dodgers & Dodgers fans: just relax, things were meant to be like this. #WorldSeries #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSunday
If you and Trump were smart you'd be "civic nationalist", not just "nationalist". Trump transmogrified "populist" into "popularist". You really aren't that different from the simp. MT @yhazony First I'm not allowed to say "nationalist" because it's a dog whistle
Only because she's intensely stupid, at a r/w'er level. It'd be smart & patriotic of r/w'ers to point out to her fans she's aligned with the Koch bros & U.S. Chamber on immigration. Have they done that, or obsessed over her purses? MT @davidharsanyi Ocasio-Cortez is a gift
#CNN lil' Honecker @oliverdarcy blogs "Fox Business Network has a Lou Dobbs problem". @LouDobbs - who came out for amnesty in the twilight of the GWB regime - has a problem. He's tied his wagon to #MAGA & they're too intellectually bereft to help him against dimwits like Darcy.
Pearce wins the truck! I thought it'd be a co-winner with Price, but that's OK. Is it stick & 4x4? Otherwise, send it back. #RedSox #Dodgers #WorldSeries
I predict a co-MVP award with Pearce & Price. #WorldSeries #RedSox
I'm Shipping Up To Boston - Dropkick Murphys: #WorldSeries #RedSox #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
#RedSox win #WorldSeries!
At the start of the postseason I predicted #RedSox would win the #WorldSeries. Not exactly a long shot. I said it'd be a #Boston sweep after #dodgers got the NLCS, so I was slightly off about that. Other than that, I've been right as usual. #MAGA #resist
#Dodgers down to 3 outs after Price & Kelly. #DodgersDelendaEst #WorldSeries #MAGA #resist
I like some #Fox shows like #XFiles, #TheStrain, #Simpsons, & #FamilyGuy. OTOH, I've been completely against Murdoch for many, many years. You can find *USENET posts* where I suggested sending the sleaze back to Australia. #WorldSeries #MAGA #resist #FoxNews
.@JessBlaylock: baseball and soccer are healthy, all-American sports unlike kneeball. Baseball is a staid sport of tradition & that's a good thing: we need more tradition. Murdoch craps all over that. He's a slimy Al Davis type. MLB should ban Fox for life. @Buck #WorldSeries
How's that working out? RT @kengurnick Baez pitching for Dodgers
Yet another Pearce homer. #DodgersDelendaEst #Dodgers #RedSox #WorldSeries
Tony Robbins is in the stands. He wants everyone to know the #Dodgers are *NOT* a client. #WorldSeries
.@LanceBass: @Dodgers greatly harm baseball by blacking out key games and by enabling MLB selling out to Murdoch (who hid the whole NLCS on a channel millions don't get). They do that even tho baseball desperately needs all the mindshare it can get. #Dodgers have *earned* this.
As things now stand, David Price will probably be #WorldSeries MVP. Just need to get rid of the #Dodgers, but that's a formality. #MAGA #resist