.@RobertVanKnowe: hey Bob, Dilbert is a big amnesty fan. He came out for amnesty months before even the dimmest Trump fan wised up to the fact that their idol supports amnesty. What are the upsides & downsides of the massive amnesties Trump & Dilbert support?
.@johndurant: you never answered my 2015 question, try again. Here's another question: within a few million, about how many new Dem voters would be created from the amnesties that Trump & Dilbert support?
"Bone spurs" is just a cover. Trump actually did dozens of CIA ops in 'Nam, deep under cover. Sometimes he has flashbacks to the smell of burning grass huts, but he comforts himself with his knowledge that the kids were probably Cong sympathizers. #MAGA! #resist
.@PeekMarc: Congress will just neglect/tear down Trump's "wall" when he's out of office. But, if he wants to trade something for his temporary "wall" & it's not amnesty or something that'd help SJWs, go for it. If he trades it for UHC at least he'd be famous for something.
.@Debbieamatthews: hey Debs, in #SOTU Trump referred to crimes criminal aliens (a relatively small subset) commit. @joshscampbell hyped a deceptive Sciutto report about the crimes illegal aliens + legal immigrants (a much larger set) commit. That deception *helps* Trump.
If Charlie hadn't broken his bone spurs, Trump would've done a 5th 'Nam tour. Instead, he came back to a job delivering Chinese food in Lodi. It didn't pay for the hole in his arm. This is his story: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@guerrillacrypto @_Kevin_Pham: the data at my top tweet would topple Twitter if enough knew how they heavily censor millions of all kinds of users. @getongab knows about it but helps Twitter by ignoring it. They think appealing to ~1 mil AltRight > ~200 mil non-AltRight.
A Mr. D. Trump of Astoria Park writes to ask, "Could you play highlights of Barcelona vs Real Madrid?" Of course! #MAGA #soccer #TrumpPlayedSoccer #resist #AnnCoulter
Colonialism was *bad*. Europeans went to the Third World & stole their natural resources. However, nowadays stealing their human capital (H1Bs & other visas) is great! Just listen to Tulsi Gabbard, Trump, Pelosi, the Koch bros, Mike Bloomberg, Schumer.... #immigration #resist
Since you're all about the logic, what sort of impact would that have on foreign countries? What would said impact have on the USA in the years to come? MT @TradeTexasBig [a massive pro-Big Biz amnesty] Must include green card on demand for all #STEM PHDs
.@sunilgarg3d: "comprehensive immigration reform" has only 1 meaning: a massive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. GWB, Obama, Pelosi, etc. all pushed CIR. Trump says he wants CIR. Now, @TulsiGabbard joins their ranks. They'd all screw American workers.
Pols say they want to "secure the border" but their goal is to get amnesty. They use border security as a distraction to get what they really want. GWB, Obama, Pelosi, Trump, Schumer, etc all do that. MT @richie_bambara Have to secure the border there’s no way around it
So, you support a massive, unprecedented, extremely pro-Big Biz amnesty, eh? MT @TulsiGabbard Our immigration system is a mess, and our politicians refuse to get serious about it. This is the state of the union. We need comprehensive immigration reform now.
.@JordanChariton: point out to those who take @BPopken seriously that he serves Putin's interests. Putin wants to show the American system (despite huge flaws) doesn't work. Various groups working to quash dissent - as Popken does - helps Putin say "see, I told you" to his base.
.@brandonlovejoy: to undercut Popken you have to do it in a way that matters to him. Undercutting him to those who already oppose him doesn't count. To undercut him where it counts, point out to his fans that he serves Putin interests by trying to stifle debate.
.@malika_andrews: ESPN shows basket at a Stephen-King-horror-movie level. Even you have to admit 3 at a time is too much. Since 90% of the USA doesn't care about basket, why isn't ESPN providing an alternative? Winter baseball, foreign offbrand soccer, etc. etc.?
.@wojespn: at its peak (~19 years ago, in the final), basket only got about 20% rating. You & others like it & that's great. But, why does ESPN If they showed 3 soccer/baseball games at same time even I wouldn't like that. Is Jimmy Wichard ESPN CEO?
.@XenHawaii: to undercut Popken where it counts, point out to anyone who takes him seriously that he's serving Putin's interests. Putin wants to show the U.S. system doesn't work. Popken helps that by quashing dissent. Some take him seriously. Help undercut him to them.
.@CraigSilverman: hey Craig, Twitter lies to millions of their users via ghosting. It's truly despicable behavior. Not only does Twitter ghost replies to Trump officials (many from libs), they also ghost replies from dissenters to foreign leaders. When will you call them on it?
And thus the 24Ahead Socialism In One Exceptional Country Commissariat closes the broadcast day with Traffic - The Low Spark of High Presidents: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #SOTU
I'm sure you'd agree Trump's plans are nuts. Now, explain why #TheResistance has never - even once - been able to show Trump wrong to his base. MT @NetworkJunkyz [to @parscale & @KatrinaPierson] Lolz, remember when you dopes convinced voters Mexico would pay for the wall?
Who knew #MAGA stood for "Make Amnesty Great Again"? OK, I knew, but Trump's base has yet to catch on to Amnesty Don. MT @AynRiedel98 [about Trump's #SOTU] Choose greatness! The best line of the night!
.@OrrChris: hey Chris, if someone has a platform & can't undercut a dim, buffoonish charlatan like Trump, what does that say about them? If they were competent, couldn't they undercut the charlatan instead of constantly helping him? Let's ask you & @jonathanchait.
Kellyanne called to remind me I haven't played this video in a few days so I should and try to pretend it's about Trump's #SOTU or his policies or something. #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@donna_moskal: if Trump saw what those like @RichardEngel say about him as a threat, would Trump keep making wild claims? Engel etc etc are worthless at holding Trump accountable. Disagree? Name even one case of them doing it.
.@mason1015: you can easily find data showing El Paso was safe both *before* & *after* the wall. El Pasoans are upset about Trump's smears. How about looking up the numbers yourself to start your journey out of the cult? #MAGA #resist #SOTU
Trump came back from 'Nam a wounded man, with one prayer: that he be allowed to become President to save the USA. He busted his bone spurs & got a hole in his arm for you. This is his story: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #SOTU #NowPlaying
.@joshscampbell: hey Josh, is it honest reporting for @jimsciutto to respond to Trump talking about criminal aliens (that's a term) by using stats that combine illegal aliens & legal immigrants? No response = you think that's OK. I'll then point that out to your fans.
.@charolyn_: RepEscobar pushes policies that harm U.S. workers, increase border deaths, harm developing countries through braindrain, and help superrich in the U.S. & foreign countries. Instead of calling her on it, @LACaldwellDC just regurgitates her anti-American plans.
When do you intend to do your job & call her on the huge downsides of her anti-American plans? MT @LACaldwellDC Dems hold a press event with their #SOTU2019 guests. @RepEscobar brought Dreamer Senaida Navar who told SpeakerPelosi not to trade her (DACA protections) for a wall
Sometimes I joke, and sometimes it goes too far. I want to make a personal apology to Mrs. Rick Perry. I thought he was trending over being named Designated Survivor. In my defense, I had no way of doing it was because he did what he did. I apologize to #MAGA #resist #SOTU too.
"Rick Perry" is trending. Either he [insert cute joke about how dumb he is], or he was the Designated Survivor. Let's find out.... #MAGA #resist #SOTU
.@enid_berrios: @RepJimmyGomez enables illegal #immigration now & he won't stop. His plans would increase # of illegal aliens who can be exploited by those like Trump. Gomez would also increase border deaths, harm American workers, & harm the 3rd World. He's Trump's twin.
Trump's a big amnesty fan. You're enabling him giving the Dems millions of new votes & Big Biz millions of lower-wage workers for a "wall" that'll never happen. MT @PeekMarc I think we need the wall in addition to other things. We'll work together. You give, we give, we all win
.@JonBarela1: you're *steamed*, peeved even about Trump's SOTU claims about El Paso & crime. I'll tell you how to solve it & let's watch as you don't do it. To finally do something for once, use my Question Authority plan. I'd say there's a 99.999% chance you're too fake.
Who could get conservatives - Trump Blue All American Patriots - to waver from their undying opposition to amnesty? I ask you #SOTU fans, who? OK #MAGA & #resist, here's a list: Trump Teaparty GWB Glenn Beck CIS NumbersUSA FAIR countless GOP reps U.S. Chamber Koch bros .......
Trump should make that his slogan: "Unlike Pelosi, I want to give amnesty to DREAMers. I'm a real amnesty fan, Nancy isn't!" #MAGA!! #SOTU!! MT @denise_coyle6 That’s awesome she can watch how Nancy won’t stand or clap when Trump offers a deal for Daca in an exchange for a wall!
.@uvgreenchile: I have very effective questions & arguments against the DREAM Act, DACA, amnesty, etc. How about organizing an effort to ask @RepEscobar those questions on video for Youtube at one of her townhalls? You'd really damage her career, sending a message to others.
I'd undercut @tomforemancnn to his fans for fact-checking Trump, but I can't find any of his no doubt countless fans. Fact-checking Trump is futile: it won't change any minds. #CNN needs to fact-check *themselves* repeatedly to stop helping Trump. #MAGA #resist
Is there a special interest group Trump hasn't pandered to, so far? Trump fans are too dumb & too gullible to realize how much of a Gramscian their idol is. #MAGA????? #resist #SOTU
Iran is a "radical regime", "they do bad, bad things". Trump needs to dumb things down even more so #MAGA can understand it. #resist #SOTU
Trump's stole his shtick from most socialist leaders. He's be True Red if he thought it'd help him. #MAGA #resist #SOTU
When his nation called, Trump staged a strategic retreat. He knew he couldn't risk it all in 'Nam because he was destined to be president one day. Trump saved himself to save us all! #MAGA!!!!! #resist #SOTU
Here comes the sop to the Religious Right to keep them in line. #MAGA????? #resist #SOTU
If you're in #SoCal, there's a Ducks hockey game on KCOP or whatever it is. #MAGA #resist #SOTU
.@bobmoorenews: Trump is durak, but @DrToddACurry isn't smart enough to figure out that encouraging people to come here illegally - as GOP, Dems, Big Biz, academics, religious leaders, NGOs, etc. etc. do - increases border deaths. You & Todd have blood on your hands. #SOTU
On #FoxNews (IYKWIM), @theabstoddard claims Trump #SOTU was a huge departure & that he's eager to "reset" his relationship with the USA. Actually, it was the same old BS con job. She's let Fox paychecks go to her head.
A reminder: if you don't support Trump's extremely fake & lunkhead #immigration policies - including mass immigration & amnesty - then you want AMERICANS to be KILLED by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. You MONSTER!!!!!! #MAGA????? #resist #SOTU
Trump is giving a transnational gang street cred. Even if he could figure that out, he doesn't care: he's only about doing a sales job. #immigration #MAGA #resist #SOTU
Trump SOTU: "I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever, but they have to come in legally". He wants mass #immigration to help Big Biz lower wages. #MAGA????? #resist #SOTU
For extra confusion, watch Trump on Univision. #MAGA #resist #SOTU
.@davidmackau: you claim a CBP official grilled you for 10 minutes at JFK about your Mueller blogs. Thank your lucky stars he didn't take my advice & ask people like you my tough #immigration questions on video for Youtube in his off hours. You'd become a liability to your bosses
Trump: "unemployment has reached the lowest point in over half a century". That's because millions are out of the labor market completely. Check the LFPR. #MAGA #resist #SOTU
Draft dodger Trump is just WWII-vet-waving to get close to the hot granddaughter. #MAGA #resist #SOTU
"Safe, lawful, modern, & secure" isn't that far from the very creepy "safe, legal, & orderly" shibboleth: #immigration #MAGA #resist #SOTU
.@pgmckim @MollyMcKew: Ben Popken serves Putin's interests. Putin wants to show USA freedoms don't work. Popken works to make USA less free by trying to quash dissent. Ask yourself what Putin wants. Then, compare it what those like Popken do.
.@SACNSNew: as an attorney, I'm sure you can figure out what would undercut Ben Popken. Can you find me a con doing it? Even just one.
Hey Don, here's a list. Will you help add to it and call out these "journalists" to their fans? MT @donsurber [about Ben Popken] This message was brought to you by Journalists Against Free Speech
.@johncitysq: since the only things Ben Popken understands are a) being undercut to his base and b) being undercut to his bosses, what's the con plan to make either of those happen?
It's the Trump/NBC convergence, as 24Ahead close broadcast day with Trump/NBC Pioneer Tania singing the Trump/NBC anthem! #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Putin asked me to play Stan Ridgway - Mission Bell so I did it: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@bpopken 2018: "Russia's age-old playbook for attacking democracy gets exposed" Ben 2019: Someone tweeted #LearnToCode to me & I got them suspended "within 20 minutes". Wow. Stalin's trains took days. Modern technology, eh?
In some corners of the internet, despite centuries of examples showing the dangers of personality cult, Trump has a personality cult that Stalin could only dream of: #MAGA #resist
.@musingsofmegan: Tomi Lahren is pushing pro-Big Biz mass #immigration using Big Biz talking points while ignoring cultural aspects. Smart people realize that could be used to turn a good part of the GOP base against her. Find me even one "liberal" doing smart things.
Think where we'd be now if my nominations push had succeeded and my candidate had won in 2016. All this Trump stuff would have never happened. America has a second chance in 2020: #MAGA #Blerta2020 #resist
.@LoganMurphy1: Tomi Lahren uses Big Biz talking points to push mass #immigration. If you were smart you'd realize that, even if Dem leaders don't, much of the GOP base stands with workers over Big Biz. You'd then use that to undercut her to that part of the GOP base.
"Safe, legal, orderly immigration" is by far the creepiest #immigration talking point ever. When someone says that you know they're just a puppet. Obama, GWB, etc. etc. have all used it. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump uses it in his #SOTU. #MAGA #resist
Obviously, about 99.99% can't recognize #immigration talking points. Almost no one else will have noticed the creepiest of them all, the one that marks someone as a complete stooge just doing what they're told: #MAGA #resist
.@davidmweissman: "system is broken" was invented by Big Biz & has been used by a long line of pro-Big Biz amnesty: GWB, Trump, Tomi Lahren, Obama, Jeff Flake, the Koch bros, etc. etc. When will you call Tomi on using a Big Biz talking point to help them to lower wages?
.@ColeShett: all amnesty fans have used "system is broken" just like Tomi Lahren does: GWB, Obama, Ted Kennedy, Luis Gutierrez, Trump, Jeff Flake, etc. etc. She supports massive immigration that'd help Big Biz lower wages. She also promotes antisocial rap crap.
The #SuperBowl score was **13-3**!!! That's like 2-1. That's like *****soccer*****. And, we know that #soccer is the Path To Socialism: #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
.@quietstorm33: cute graphic, what grade are you in? Also, @tonyposnanski isn't smart enough to realize Tomi Lahren is pushing very pro-Big Biz mass immigration & use that to undercut her to her base. Of course, he supports the same pro-Big Biz policies.
.@SpazzBhabie: Tomi Lahren pushes pro-Big Biz mass immigration, using hoary pro-Big Biz talking points. She hides it by scaring people about keeping them safe. She also pushes antisocial rap crap. Put it to the test: ask her how many illegal aliens she'd legalize.
It's too bad Saddam, Hitler, Honecker, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Stalin, etc. etc. aren't still around to run as a Dem in 2020. They'd stand a good chance. MT @AllUnitedAs1 [about Tomi Lahren] I wish she'd go away forever!
She pushes massive, pro-Big Biz immigration, only cares about monetary fiscal impact, ignores cultural impact, hides behind "safe". MT @TomiLahren We must keep [US] safe while also making sure ppl who work hard/contribute/don’t leech off the system are able to LEGALLY immigrate
See She's using a hoary Big Biz talking point just like they wrote it (including the "here's something" part). MT @TomiLahren Here’s something maybe we can agree on, our immigration system is broken.
I can't imagine ever saying anything good about rap, but then again I care about culture. MT @TomiLahren [to @IAmCardiB] I'm a fan of @21savage and I’m a fan of yours.
I tried to prevent his election by urging people to use immigration to undercut him to his liberal base. He'd have lost if I'd gotten some help. Why didn't people like you help? Get creative. MT @SandraTXAS MT @MissTeresalam: Mayor DeBlasio [is bad on criminal aliens]
While dirty, filthy hippies were at Woodstock, Trump was in 'Nam fielding Charlie's bullets. He came back after his 4th tour, broken in body & mind with busted bone spurs & a hole in his arm. For #MAGA & #resist, this is his story:
.@davidharsanyi: where are your questions for Trump? My Stump site has had questions that'd really hold him accountable for 3+ years. When will you help expose him to his base as the charlatan he is? When will you start a campaign to urge Iowans to ask tough questions on video?
.@davidharsanyi: you blog some not-fully-horrid questions for Dem candidates. But, if someone is a Dem candidate they're good at pivoting & deflecting. My questions are designed to keep them from doing that (start at the links in my bio). When will you use my better questions?
.@ellie_bufkin: how much of an average NICU stay should the govt subsidize? If you'd put it on a sliding scale, please give a few examples.
If it doesn't bring in enough, that just means they aren't being taxed on the right things. Let's change what's taxed, using your screams as a Geiger counter. MT @Brian_Riedl They will be disappointed in how little revenue would be raised [by more heavily taxing the rich]
.@nielslesniewski: solving that is easy. Ask smart people - trial lawyers or similar - to come up with a series of tough Socratic questions designed to put Trump or his proxies on the spot. Then go ask those proxies the questions on video. That'll send a message right to Trump.
.@nielslesniewski blogs "Trump is ignoring the law today. No one really cares." I'll tell him how to solve that problem - something he could easily do - then when he doesn't do it, I'll use it to show those who know who he is that he's part of the problem.
.@mikerothstein: #ESPN showing guys playing Madden 19 is great, but I also like the talk shows & Sports Center. The last thing I want is for ESPN to put the world's most famous athlete in the world's favorite sport on TV. Instead, keep hiding him on PPV for the real fans.
.@Hala_Ghonaim: that is not burqa, sister, that is haram! Do not think you can take burqa off 364 days of year or even 1 day of year. Every day is #WorldHijabDay for you, sister! I will talk to your #CBC boss about your heresy!
.@CBCWindsor @katgeorgieva: excellent report on #WorldHijabDay. I bought Kat as gift for a minor chieftain in a remote province, he need matron for his harem. I will send Lyft for her tomorrow. She might enjoy, if she relax.
.@KateDubinski: I have bought you as gift for harem of a minor tribal leader in a remote province. If you don't resist, you will enjoy perhaps. I will send a Lyft for you tomorrow. Soon you will forget about #NoHijabDay & #CBC!
.@JHazlewoodCBC @RebeccaZandberg: you are both a little old, but will be acceptable additions to my harem for now. Perhaps you can teach the younger girls! I will send car for you tomorrow. If you relax you will probably enjoy. Soon you will forget about #NoHijabDay & #CBC!
24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with a strong message in support of the Trump Way Of Immorality: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@LulaFortune4: encourage real liberals in #Canada to support Ataturk, not attempts by the @CBCLondon to return to the 14th century. #NoHijabDay
Could you get "liberals" to support the most fascistic things possible, including infanticide, FGM, etc. etc.? Of course you could: "it's their way". Not assimilating to the 14th century would be rude, dontcha know. #MAGA #resist
The Patriarchy, harems, hadors, etc. etc. sound like a great idea to me in some ways. It'd make things a lot easier! But, I'm wondering what @JessicaValenti thinks about the #CBC pushing it. MT @CBCLondon You're invited to try on the hijab for World Hijab Day
Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users all over the world. You only oppose censorship if you want Joe to call him on that. MT @TheSpeaker2018 @joerogan [is sell-out for not pushing @Jack on censorship]..I’m big fan ain’t using [your platform] for betterment...
They did that to my John Titor tweets about Nancy Lutz too. MT @joe_pelech: @LorenceHud @herredness66 When I started to document Q from the internet, many Qanon posts were instantly deleted by Google
.@darksecretplace: compare the outstanding Japan v Belgium match (Fellaini, Courtois/De Bruyne, etc.) to kneeball (Al Davis, Ray Lewis, Jack Tatum, Aaron Hernandez...................................) @shannonfarren #SuperBowl #BigGame #MAGA #resist
Back in 2017, the Trump Imperium extended to all four corners of the globe. "The sun never sets on the Trump empire", the saying went. Now it's been reduced to parts of Alabama and Texas. #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@RaechelBlaze: everything @MarkDice says about @joerogan applies to him too. Joe won't call Jack on any kind of censorship, but Mark won't call Jack on how Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users all around the world (see my top tweet). Both Mark & Joe are false idols.
What if Georgian girls were interviewed on Latvian TV in English? I'll bet you never asked that question of yourself. Nevertheless, here is what it's like: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying