You know what's funny/weird? Depeche Mode is apparently an #AltRight fave. Cheezy synths, simple melodies, repetition, hacky backing vocals, and all: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
"Them thar libruls done support censorship" is a great thing to say if you're a partisan hack, but all it does is help the bad guys: it falsely pretends all libs support censorship & demands they become cons. The smart alternative is to marginalize SJWs as *not* liberal. #MAGA
There's one word in your rant that greatly helps SJWs. Since you can't figure out what it is, maybe you should take advice from those who can. MT @1marcelochi Tell you what,nobody is the end of the day,far left liberals will come for everyone...
.@StevieTGarris: thanks for sticking up for kneeball. Could you list all the successes @JJ_Poff & CollegeFix have ever had? They have the means to undercut SJWs, have they ever used it to help the USA? Here, list their successes:
.@Amstel444: Tom Brady is just the latest front in the culture war against white people. While @CollegeFix isn't quite as grifty as others, they're still grifters. All cons might as well be on the other side due to their various issues (low wattage, Dunning Kruger, etc).
This is just part of the Kulturkampf gegen those who look the same as Kjell E. Eriksson. Cons are worthless against it. MT @NateAcreman1 [to @idrottsforum hyping U. Rhode Island (!) Prof Kyle Kusz smearing Tom Brady] [I don't like Brady but he's a winner so people like him]
.@SamSanderson123: except Trump isn't Nixon (smarter but much less charismatic & street smart). @karendeyoung1 blogs that 300 ex-officials oppose Trump; it'll have the same impact 100 historians voting him worst ever did (you probably missed that, it had no impact either).
Just switch 3 terms & you'd sound like every Fox News viewer. MT @bmckenz44559503 Thank you @NicolleDWallace for great fact-finding journalism on Ukraine. Actually MSNBC has done a great job focusing on the facts only on Ukraine and supporting facts-only journalism with VP Biden
Talk about moral decay: the Tampa Bay Satan's Rays - a team that conducts a black mass before each game to vow allegiance to the Evil One - has made it through. #TampaBay #Florida
"Geraldo Rivera Says He'd Like to Beat Up ‘Rotten Snitch’ Whistleblower for Trump". Of course. P.S. The Jewish-Puerto Rican national joke supports... reconquista. #immigration #FoxNews #MAGA #resist
.@twowithplenty: @jessica_pels asking Bernie questions is like Hannity interviewing Trump, but even more dumbed down. I mean dumbed way, way down. #Idiocracy never even dreamed of something like that.
There are lots of questions that'd really put Bill Nye on the spot. Did Ari ask any of them? That's a simple yes/no question. MT @AbdulMIsmail @AriMelber is the only person I follow from MSNBC because he engages in critical analysis
My gosh you sound simple. RT @janeosanders @AriMelber is bringing different people on his show - not the usual politicos - refreshingly interesting! He had @BillNye the Science Guy who gave the facts on climate change & the new Cosmopolitan magazine editor-in-chief Jessica_Pels:
.@larryleclair: speaking about mythologizing the media, @peterbakernyt blogs a Mike Pence bio review, w/o mentioning any of the ways Pence is incredibly vulnerable to Trump's base. E.g., his amnesty plan inspired by (no, really) the Loctite heiress. Why didn't Pete mention that?
.@heybramson: @rickhasen blogs "Democrats Have Trump on the Ropes. They Must Act on Impeachment Now". Both of you allegedly passed the bar, but can't figure out Trump wants impeachment to GOTV. You'd silence 10s of millions. You aren't smart enough to undercut Trump on policy.
.@Mr_Electrico: Trump's horrific, but - when you ignore his shtick & tactics - his policies are where Dems were 20 years ago. ezraklein is a GE-sponsored corporate hack pushing the Koch/NeoLiberal line (loose borders/free trade/globalism). Everything Dems used to oppose.
#WorldSeries outside bet: Cardinals beat Athletics in 6. The 24Ahead Odds Desk will consult with the 24Ahead Couch Desk after the Wild Card games and make a pick.
#Mediaite blocked me after a few dozen comments showing them & other opponents wrong and lil' Honeckers brigaded me. I need to spritz more bile their way.
Tur & Mediaite = Hannity. Like them, he trades in "hypocrisy!" claims but he can't show opponents' policies wrong. Clickbait is Trump's friend. MT @susanec [to pathetic @Mediaite blog that @KatyTurNBC "Brutally Grills Trump Adviser"] We need way, way more information.
You should be old enough to realize Maher's point is Maddow is just a partisan hack. MT @modemjunkie [re Bill Maher correctly pointing out Maddow would be all over DJTJ if he did what H Biden did] There do seem to be similarities between Hunter and Don Jr. So what
.@larsp2740: speaking about competence, has #TheResistance ever shown any of it? E.g., here's video of @RudyGiuliani extolling David Rockefeller (a huge globalist & thus toxic to MAGA). Have your leaders ever used anything like this?
.@beneezadick: you claim to be old enough to have seen lots of things. Over the past 4+ years, have you ever known #TheResistance to go after Giuliani on even one of the many things that make him extremely vulnerable to Trump's base? Doesn't l/w have same grifter issue as r/w?
#Cubs go up by 2 on a good hit & a wild pitch. Good job.
.@amifangirl: @KFILE downplayed the problem with domestic violence in the NFL to smear a nobody. As a woman, what do you think of those who downplay domestic violence?
.@DShulman_ESPN @Sut_ESPN: Addison Russel for Aroldis Chapman & Roberto Osuna. #Cubs #Yankees #Astros
.@mediatexan: hey Chad, Giuliani has always been incredibly vulnerable to #MAGA: he's a big amnesty fan, he got paid to help the TTC, he extolled David Rockefeller, he supports a national ID... Have #TheResistance leaders ever gone after him on those to undercut him to MAGA?
.@boogsciambi: FYI, the Angels game wasn't blacked out, it was a me-problem. Sorry for the false alarm.
.@GaryandShannon: Liverpool 5, Sheffield 1 Chelsea 3, Brighton 0 Norwich 2, Crystal Palace 1 Man City 3, Everton 1 #football = #soccer #GaSFantasy4Play
"My name is Donald, and I'm a lieaholic. It's been 10 years, 3 months, and 8 days since my last lie." "Hello, Donald!!!" #MAGA #resist
I'm frequently asked, "what do you listen to as you close broadcast day, to mellow out after being an absolute ahole?" Well, one enmellowment technique is to play Yasmeen Olya w/ Spring in Winter: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Login using a test account w/ least restrictive settings. Look for the 'Show more replies' links in Mike Trout's replies: those behind that link are censored. Think outside your box. MT @BiglyTrumpette MT @gbroh10: It seems #BigTech hates to hear from #Conservatives
Everything @UniteSurvivors stands for is a "horrible thing". Those who need trigger warnings etc need counseling or better. Otherwise, pull your socks up & act like an adult. MT @EmalynThielking Censoring people's stories if they are deemed "too dangerous" is a horrible thing..
Those like CRINWire are at the front of the line demanding censorship of "bots", "trolls", etc. You don't oppose censorship unless you do it across the board. MT @mongster MT @CRINwire: A 2019 World Map of Forbidden Books includes children's picture books
.@alpipkin: FYI, @skyrider4538 blocked me for correctly pointing out Trump's a big amnesty fan:
.@Natrani: FYI, Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. See the real data and detailed explanation at my pinned tweet. Then, call them out for helping Pakistan leaders hide from accountability and stifle dissent.
.@dougiegyro: FYI, @CraigSilverman knows all about the real data at my pinned tweet that shows how heavily Twitter censors *all* kinds of users (and that thus shows how Trump/Parscale are lying). It's valid, reproducible data, but for some odd reason Craig refuses to cover it.
.@inklessPW: 1. Your reply to @JaneLytv was censored by Twitter; how's the con campaign against that working out for you? 2. Jane's use of "trolls" is oddly similar to other phrases totalitarian regimes have used to stifle dissent; she can probably translate some for you.
Trump on Hannity: "What about Strasbourg?? Ukraine is #FAKENEWS. Why aren't the Dems looking into Beautiful Girl Singing in Strasbourg????" #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Kendahl897: #DREAMAct is very pro-Big Biz: they want more workers to bust unions and lower wages. The idea that Ted Olson "puts people and country above party" is absurd: both Dem & GOP leaders strongly support illegal immigration to help Big Biz profit while harming workers.
Hey Joe, what's it feel like to shill for Bloomberg and - 7 hours later - this is only your 10th interaction? You're like Homer Simpson selling his soul, but pathetic. MT @opinion_joe [cheers Ted Olsen representing DREAMers, perhaps funded by Big Biz to help them lower wages]
.@FakeNewsHuntres #DREAMAct is anti-American: whenever an illegal alien gets a college slot it's at expense of an American. It's also union-busting. It's also anti-Mexico: they need DREAMers at home to avoid getting even worse. It is, however, very pro-Big Biz. Are you?
.@Chuckmeg: hey Meg, FYI: Tina Morphis (@tinamorphis) blocked me for constantly showing her wrong. Just like Trump would do:
That's not surprising: NYT/MSM & Dem/GOP leaders all want more immigration (for racial power, to lower wages, etc). Don't be a Slim stooge. MT @jspace_man [never woulda guessed] MT @adamliptak [blogs "Ted Olson, Conservative Stalwart, to Represent ‘Dreamers’ in Supreme Court"]
Steyer strongly supports illegal immigration, the biggest example of corruption there is: Big Biz pays off crooked pols to look the other way so Tyson etc etc can lower wages. MT @wmcoale MT @TomSteyer We need to end corporate corruption and greed⁠ - at the expense of workers
Apparently the Burbank-adjacent "pharmacy" I've been going to - ohoN neZ - has closed permanently, perhaps put out of business by unlicensed "pharmacies". There are closer "pharmacies" for my "medicine" so I'll "check" them out "when" I'm out of "medicine". #NoHo #Burbank
.@brianduggan: your @JamesDeHaven will interview Steyer on Sat; here's a good question to ask him. Will he ask something as tough (on any policy topic), or will he just shill by asking Q's Steyer knows how to answer, about horserace, etc.?
.@LevalloisPerrot: it would be better to avoid personal issues. Let Steyer do that. Instead, concentrate on how his plans would fail. Do the same with every other politician.
Here's something I've known for a while: Justine Bateman is also Maltese. So, that leads to two tough trivia questions: Who is Justine Bateman? What ethnicity is she? #MAGA #resist
Things I did not know: "Mayor Pete" Buttigieg is Maltese; due to him "knowing" Norwegian I thought that was it. #Malta has a heavy Arabic influence. Now, I'm not saying Pete's a Muslim. I'm just saying he *could* be. #MAGA #resist
.@thischoi: also important is @TomSteyer has as much respect for debate as Trump does. Steyer wants to silence 10s of millions and the "question" for him that he promotes is as weak as something Ainsley Earhardt would ask Trump. Like Trump, he'd wilt if asked really tough Qs.
TODO: a #PHIvsGB highlights video, but with the part where the QB comes up behind the center and gently slides his hands between the bent-over lineman's thighs pixelated.
.@Sinclai2Gabriel: don't forget the part about the QB coming up behind the bent-over linemen and sliding his hands between the thighs of his favorite. There's nothing like that in rugby, it's an @NFL innovation. #PHIvsGB
.@greasyforrisi48: you know how there can be a dozen or more passes in hockey per minute? Imagine there was 30 seconds to 10 minutes between each pass. That's what kneeball is like: it's a pathetic attempt at a sport for players who need direction on everything. #GoPackGo
.@Howie6149: it's not just #MAGA who should #Direxit. The @ATTCares ads are targeted towards two groups: white-hating blacks and self-hating whites. Everyone else should drop them. If they made cell phones 80 years ago, ATT's boxes would look like grapefruit boxes from that era.
How we know Trump wants impeachment: "Lewandowski may lead White House impeachment team". #MAGA #resist
OK, I'm in! Thank you & #MAGA! MT @RealDonaldTrump OK, I need everyone to stay off the internet between 3pm & 3:05pm (Florida time) today. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. I'm going to try something & I need lots of bandwidth. I'll explain this all later. Thank you for your cooperation!
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive National Order #4934 ("Do me a favor & close broadcast day with these Ukrainian singers"), 24Ahead does as ordered: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Trump is, as usual, *hurting* you. By falsely pretending only cons are censored, he *helps* Twitter by shrinking the possible opposition to their censorship. MT @pennington_jr MT @ThatTrumpGuy: Thank you Trump for fighting for me! Big Tech censorship must stop!
MSM is working 25/8 to censor their critics. Canada is Ground Zero for #HideReplies. Work on that. MT @DrJacobsRad [Trudeau supposedly having @AndrewLawton ejected] I don't like censorship of the Press and I don't like politicians using our policemen and policewomen as thugs.
.@UnKn0wnNymiss: I've been #DeBoosted for years. Cons have constantly *helped* Twitter censorship by only opposing censorship of those who agree with them & that doesn't count. Are you going to do the same? If you want to fight it, find a reporter to cover my pinned tweet.
.@MickClm: I see 1/second mention of #crowdstrike in a search using #Twitter API & your tweet was 2nd on hashtag page. Cons & SJWs are the biggest special little snowflakes in USA. Plus, cons keep *helping* Twitter by refusing to opposed censorship across the board.
NYT hacks have spent years pushing for more censorship, just to avoid people constantly showing them wrong. MT @swhnorton MT @paulmozur ...TikTok moderation guidelines laid out clearly have a political agenda, though it shows how censorship can masquerade as content management.
How is that different from #Twitter? They want to make this a safe space for those who need to be challenged the most. How's it different from what those like you constantly push? RT @verge TikTok’s moderation guidelines penalized political criticism and "controversial topics"
Thank you for promoting healthy conversations on #Twitter! MT @furrynewsntwk Evidence of a furry crime ring emerges: Legal docs and news tie Cupid, Tane, more to zoosadism
Was Honecker a furry? MT JaredHolt MT @staceygarratt [a la "own the libs", I want to hear Fox explain "furry"]
I'm sure he does. And, that "community" showed how open & welcoming it is by reflexively rejecting him like the tolerant creatures they are. #furry MT @orbitalnomad ...Yannypop wants paypigs MT @jaredlholtthe furry community kicked Milo Yiannopoulos to the curb [immediately]
Rasmussen Aug 2019: "Voters Still Worry About Illegal Immigration But Are Divided By The Wall" Rasmussen Jan 2019: "Most Voters Say No Wall..." Is your statement accurate? MT @JoannOceanfalls American people say build the wall
.@LTMiller7: from Trump's election to now, was depending on the "wall" a smart idea? I'm only asking about from now back to then. During all that time, why wasn't Trump making smart arguments that would've undercut Pelosi to her base on immigration?
.@bangkok_one: so, in order to keep whatever of Trump's "wall" ever gets built in place when he's out of office, all you have to do is vote out 13+ RINO Senators, right? And, if you don't, they'll just move to neglect or demolish the "wall", right?
.@YesBoobs1: thank you for promoting healthy conversations on #Twitter!
If you're right, isn't Levin just posturing then? If he wanted to help his idol & the USA, he'd wean Trump off only ever just doing shtick for MAGA MT @HeubergerMarsha Republicans dont have the stones tp do this MT @marklevinshow [there should be a roll call vote on impeachment]
.@StoxMan1: those like @marklevinshow gave Trump a blank check, and he scrawled and got pureed peas all over it. They've never encouraged Trump to quiet his inner child & do smart, sane things that would help the U.S. as a whole. Instead: "owning the libs", "12d chess", etc. etc.
Rand Paul blogs at #Breitbart: "Exclusive - Rand Paul on the Fake Witch Hunts: BASTA!" Finally, some good news! #MAGA #resist
"Ashton Kutcher Pushes For Trump Impeachment After Meeting Ukrainian President". Satire? Probably real. #MAGA #resist
~BREAKING~ Here's the Ukrainian government singing about the Trump Scandal! (Note: it's a mistranslation, they really are singing about the Trump scandal). #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@JonathanChait blogs "The Ukraine Scandal Is Not One Phone Call. It's a Massive Plot." What a joke he is.
If Team Z constantly loses to Team A, that indicates Team Z sucks: bad players, bad coaches, bad tactics, etc. etc. Their loudest opponents keep losing to SJWs. What does that say about those like Sailer? MT @PhiSteveO MT @Steve_Sailer [another SJW triumph]
Could you list all the things Sailer/vDare/Trump/MAGA/GOP/cons have ever done to prevent such triumphs? Note that Sailer had no plan to prevent it & has no plan (other than blogging in an echo chamber) to prevent it again. MT @RobertNRicher MT @Steve_Sailer [another SJW triumph]
If you like kneeball, that's your problem. Is it just me, or is the Angels/Athletics game blacked out in L.A.? MT @bpeterson407 NFL in 4K? I’m in! No surprise that DIRECTV is the Undisputed Leader in Sports!
.@JTNyse: sports and culture are closely linked. @AnnCoulter *hates* soccer (e.g., Rose Lavelle); she thinks it's "cultural decay". Coulter *loves* kneeball (e.g., Ray Lewis), she thinks it's an all-American sport. Where do you stand?
.@boogsciambi: ESPN right now for millions in L.A.: "Yankees vs Rays is blacked out on this channel." That started after the Angels game started. Wouldn't it be a good idea for ESPN to prevent things like this from happening?
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #834 ("Close broadcast day with peppy Latvian song and dance number"), 24Ahead close broadcast day with peppy Latvian song and dance number: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Patriot4444: Trump/MAGA/cons have constantly *helped* Twitter censorship by falsely pretending only cons are censored (see the real data at my top tweet). Cons have shrunk the likely opposition. Twitter didn't need to divide to conquer, cons did it for them.
That #Twitter feature will help corrupt pols like Trump hide from accountability. Twitter already heavily censors *all* kinds of users, not just cons (see my pinned tweet). Use against her MT @LovesTheBern [to @neeratanden calling #HideReplies "great"] Of course you‘re into [it]
Coptic Music [Folkways recording_ Father Morkos, Clerical College, rec. c1960]: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #Egypt
"Sounds of North American Frogs (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 1958)" is 54:21 of... frogs. It's on my playlist now. #frogs
NYT & @declanwalsh strongly support restricting debate on Twitter. They want to bring Egypt Lite here. MT @StillHereBugger If you believe in freedom, you defend it, regardless.
.@DrDeclanInIdaho: as a supposed Neonatologist, do you find it ironic that @declanwalsh complains about Egypt supposedly trying to restrict his speech, while he & other NYT hacks try to restrict speech on social networks? There's no halfway on opposing censorship.
.@trandyblunt: @CNBC & @_danmangan hype completely worthless dreck about Wilbur Ross to distract for those Trump railed against. Trump's horrific, but don't let that trick you into supporting globalists.
You know what'd be a healthy conversation? The best comments about the Ukrainian dwarf orphan psychopath. #Twitter #MAGA #resist
How #impeachment will work out: - not well. Trump won't be ejected, Dems will overreach, Trump'll make the Dems look like witchhunters, and #MAGA, rest of #GOP, & many independents will be energized. #TheResistance is basically guaranteeing four more years of Trump.
Speaking about real football & baseball, on Weds ESPN has: Parma vs. Sassuolo at noon (Pacific) Houston Dash vs. Washington Spirit (NWSL) at 6pm In baseball: Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Satan Rays (4pm) Oakland Athletics vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (7pm) #MAGA #resist
This is pretty much every TV news broadcast ever. Just a show with actors playing themselves: #MAGA #resist #CNN #KCAL #MSNBC #FoxNews
.@JeffVaughn @cbslasuzie: #FightFor15 lives in a fantasy world where we can have high lower-skilled wages *and* mass/illegal #immigration. Supply/demand says that doesn't work. Since I have to tell you how to do your jobs, when will you call them on that?
Did you cover how large #s of illegal aliens impact citizens by affecting apportionment? That's one of the many reasons crooked pols enable illegal immigration. So, when will you press them on it? MT @JeffVaughn Los Angeles is working to have everyone counted. #Census
.@lizkelley: you replied to the worthless, anodyne, cutesy @Larakate reply to @WillOremus with more of the same. That's a "healthy conversation" to those like Oremus. It's like smoking mercury to the rest of the U.S.: he needs to be challenged on his anti-American ideas.
Is it healthy for me to accurately point out you two are lil' Honeckers helping crooked U.S. pols & also Putin (who wants U.S. speech restrictions)? RT @Larakate We're sorry. RT @WillOremus Help, I logged off Twitter for a bit and a healthy conversation broke out in my mentions
~BREAKING~ Today was not the day the #Mets were eliminated!!!! #MAGA #resist
'After Math' has been a Trump production from Trump Holdings Bahamas, Ltd. Produced, directed, written by Donald Trump. Starting Donald Trump as Master Spy Col. Donald Trump and Master Businessman Math Remington. With some English actors too, for class. #MAGA #resist #AfterMath
"Colonel Lavrov! We have word that Colonel Donald Trump - in the guise of average American man of business Math Remington - arrived in Minsk earlier today! Then, unfortunately, our men lost him." "You fools! You let my archnemesis Trump go! It's to the gulags!" #MAGA #resist