.@tpapatolis: better yet, help expose how heavily Twitter censors *all* kinds of users. See the open source app at my pinned tweet & the worrisome reports.
Even Lenin had to start somewhere, right? Also, Twitter heavily censors replies to Medvedev (see pinned tweet). Unless you oppose that I'll assume you support that too. MT @BenSRachinger [re latest Twitter censorship campaign] Great start.
.@NotUTom: Kobylt of @johnandkenshow said income inequality has nothing to do with homelessness. Even fifth graders would realize how absurd that is.
.@katielmcinnis: more recently, @StevenOverly rewrites a Twitter press release about their latest censorship effort & blogs it at Politico. Twitter heavily censors Medvedev & Rouhani critics (see my pinned tweet). Overly enables things like that.
.@Jlovestheusa: 1. Trump posted on his site (later deleted, but at a link I tweeted) an explicit ban on Muslims entering USA. 2. Later, Rudy admits, Trump asked him to make a legal form of the same ban.
So, plebes get party line as usual. If someone with a better idea dissented from party line & got censored, would that be good? PS Twitter censored your reply. MT @RephInbar ...[@SachaBaronCohen 's censorship] is for those that can't tell the diff and are easily influenced...
It's funny because it's true! We have to know about Canda, Mexico, France, Germany... But, #Australia? If it had never existed the only thing we'd have is some ancient Crocodile Dundee references. #MAGA #USA!
.@__KaraJohnson: you're from Australia, right? Where is it?
"President Trump, what have you found difficult?" "That question, Ainsley! But seriously, finding an air popper that works." "I hear you! But, we've got a special guest you know! Here's the ex-governor of Arkansas with the Huckabee Deluxe Air Popper[TM]!" #MAGA #resist #Fox
Pursuant to Trump Order #875645C ("Zuzana Navarová - Naruby"), 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@PreAnteDiluvian: isn't screaming "conspiracy theory" (a CIA phrase) something those like @elianayjohnson (& her MSM pals) use to cover up their invalid arguments. Do we know all we need to know about 9/11, or are some things still unclear?
.@ofnoimport: @maggieNYT has had countless chances to really press Trump on the key issues that'd really undercut him to his base, and... She's a joke of a reporter.
.@tmdunk: Trump gets away with everyting *because of* those like @MoshehNBC. They've never once even tried to really press Trump on the huge flaws in his plans.
If Tim were a real journalist, wouldn't he be concentrating on asking Mike *tough* policy questions? Not Watters-style fluff just for Fox, but real, grown-up policy questions? MT @tcgohawks MT @TimRunsHisMouth [criticizes Bloomberg pandering]
.@mohomran: smart, easy-to-devise (at least for me) arguments would have stopped Trump any time in the last 4+ years; he's extremely vulnerable to MAGA. Even if @jonathanchait were smart enough to understand that, he wouldn't help with it.
.@RealBenisons: way back in 2015 I accurately predicted how Trump's signature issues would fail (see my Trump page). If @jonathanchait had pushed my arguments, Trump would be a footnote. Instead, Chait just impotently whines for a tiny echo chamber, never impacting Trump.
.@Curious_Chak: it's much, much worse. Nothing @intelligencer has ever blogged has impacted Trump in any way. They're more impotent than a Nevada boxing commissioner.
BLM want racially-segregated councils (see the NYT). Point out to her fans that a real journalist would have called the volunteers on that. Impact her career. MT @Stephe96 MT @LissandraVilla [pic from Bernie call center with "Black Lives Matter" scrawled on a poster]
That raises questions (Animal Farm. etc) that real journalists would've asked. Know one? MT @LissandraVilla [pic @ Bernie call center saying to reply to "socialist!" concerns that Bernie supports "social equality"]
.@docdebags: you claim you're a doc so you have to be smart enough to realize @saletan has a horrible record. Trump's *extremely* vulnerable *to his base*. Will has the audience to have cost Trump a great deal of popularity. Has Will even tried to do that?
.@JSabergamer: if you want to help Yang, organize a campaign to get him asked my questions. See my latest post.
.@pussyhatlaw: as a supposed lawyer, are @TomSteyer gun arguments valid? (Hint: no. See my latest post for questions that'll end his run when he's asked them on video.)
.@esoterically60: if you *really* want Steyer to lose, start a campaign to get him asked the questions in my latest post. @KevinCate wouldn't be able to respond.
.@TennisDiva26: aside from the inextricable class issues, tennis is OK. But, Messi & Eonaldo are living legends. Maybe @darren_cahill can ask ESPN why they trip over themselves to show lawn tennis rather than the world's most popular sport.
Pursuant to Trump Order #875645B ("Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home(Electric Version)"), 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@mdunjic: have you spoken out in support of all the millions Twitter censors around the world (see my pinned tweet)? By not caring for *all* those censored you make it easy for Twitter to censor @hunter_penn_h.
.@tsias: why should anyone care re @dcexaminer whine about a parody acct getting suspended? Cons are exclusionary, solipsistic, hostile, small in number, [etc etc etc]... By not caring about those others Twitter censors, you hurt yourselves.
.@billjohnston: look who props up @apavliuc. Do you think they want less censorship & more debate?
.@Halkmund: the powerful took advantage of 9/11 to push a surveillance state. The same take advantage of disinfo campaigns to push censorship, aided by those like @APavliuc. She might as well be working for Putin: he wants to show our system doesn't work; censorship *helps* him.
Remember this? Of course you do, unless you're #MAGA. #resist (New York, NY) December 7th, 2015, -- Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on...
All the top replies to Biden are from MAGA; he's obviously considered a threat & he doesn't have active/popular fans. #MAGA #resist
.@DeepStateEnemy1: on 12/7/15, Trump posted at his site a call for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States." He later asked Rudy to find a legal way to do it after he was informed of the obvious fact his plan wouldn't work.
.@UVIL1991: @steph93065 is lying to you. See my last tweet for a link to the page at Trump's site where Trump called for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States".
.@Styx666Official: nice try, but Trump's ban started as an explicit ban of Muslims. He's - of course - deleted it from his site, but Archive still has it. What's the first sentence?
.@coombs1109: Biden's metric (if someone wants a "better life" let them in) is as bad as Trump's (bring money). What we need are those who'd be good citizens. Trump & Biden don't have the patriotism to make that their metric.
.@kathynwk: making every last thing about a Big Trump Conspiracy undercuts you; push for no-poor immigration precedes & is bigger than Trump. There are good arguments that'd undercut Trump's plan to his base. You should concentrate on finding a leader who can make them.
Trump supports mass immigration. The Biden metric is anti-American; Trump's ($) is un-American. Try patriotism, Scott. MT @ScottPresler MT JoeBiden No family in search of a better life should be denied permanent residency because they don't meet Donald Trump's wealth test..
.@SteveCaponigri: Biden & @JillDLawrence are right that Trump is ill suited to lead #coronavirus response. How about them? Neither can figure out how to undercut an extemeley vulnerable simpleton to his base. Since they can't do something so simple, is a virus in their reach?
Joe Biden blogs "Trump is worst possible leader to deal with coronavirus outbreak". Trump is definitely worse than all the other idiots, including those like Biden who don't realize #MAGA thinks Trump is the best for the job. Thus, his blog is worthless. #resist
.@rm2014rick: actually, no. Trump's non-poor immigration means more carpetbaggers like Saverin. Trump's metric is money, not whether someone would be a good citizen. It's an un-American Silicon Valley/Koch-style scam. Just because @Arianedevogue opposes it doesn't make it good.
.@ProfBrianKalt: on the wider issue, it's very easy for me to show MAGA the huge flaws in Trump's non-poor immigration plan. (I want less overall, but I don't want carpetbaggers like Saverin). Who in the media - @Arianedevogue etc - has even tried to show Trump wrong to MAGA?
Things we learned today: Ash Barty is now the first Australian since the 80s to make it to the Australian Open semis. Something we're still not clear on: where is #Australia? #MAGA #resist #tennis
As @feliciasonmez well knows! MT @newsbabe1530 Big loss. You always know how to promote the heck out of a story and the company you work for... MT @MatthewKeysLive [my latest sinecure (at comstocksmag) didn't work out]
Pursuant to Trump Order #875645 ("Close broadcast day with Kalenda Maya - Heming og Gygri (Norwegian middle-age music)"), 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@LouisRBridgema3: there's no conflict btw Dershowitz saying bad things about Trump & agreeing to rep him. @HeidiNBC is just minor Dem hack who doesn't grok our legal system. She's also never challenged a pol on the flaws in their policies. She ignores Trump's real weaknesses.
.@meechebucco: what's ironic about your bio is @JGreenblattADL is a wannabe tyrant aka an authoritarian. He wants to control what you can see & hear. He's also too intellectually weak to show some obscure Facebook group wrong.
.@RephInbar: only the weak need to engage in censorship. By pushing FB to censor a 'Holocaust Deprogramming Course', @SachaBaronCohen is admitting either they're right, or he's too intellectually weak to show them wrong. He's also admitting he's a totalitarian, not a liberal.
.@AlexBorstein: #FamilyGuy Trump ep is OK in parts, rest is just childishness ex Westside that obviously missed its mark (did Breitbart etc have a meltdown?) I accurately detailed how Trump's plans would fail back in 2015. A better treatment would've focused on his incompetence.
.@Violet_Midnite: Trump has always been extremely vulnerable to his base; repeatedly making smart arguments would greatly decrease his popularity. What's the closest @JRubinBlogger has even tried to do that? Doesn't she just preach to the choir?
.@kakss1_kathy: if NPRKelly has written about immigration, she's deceived like any other NPR blog on the issue. @JRubinBlogger has repeatedly deceived on the issue. And - despite how easy it should be - she's never once undercut Trump to his base.
.@plovesdogs: your bio: "...MAGA = blocked". I, OTOH, can show *any* MAGA wrong in debate on my Trump-related issues. Trump won & wins because your leaders can't even engage a simpleton like Trump in debate.
.@Wiseburn1: unless it's bait'n'switch/gouging, @HRBlock variable pricing seems OK. What isn't OK is their racist ads. Would they have blacks doing funny dances & walking into walls for whites' amusement? They think reversing the minstrel show races makes it OK.
.@DemWarrior2020: one key thing you should learn from 2016 is the MSM - minor cogs like @ZachMontellaro & up - *helped* Trump win by never challenging him on the huge flaws in his policies. He would've dropped out in 2015 if they had. Shame Zach into finally doing his job.
.@morning_s0ng: Rooney & esp Zlatan would have put @MLS on the map, & they didn't do whatever it took to hang on to them. They also sell out to Disney & Murdoch knowing they'll hide their games on cable, rather than doing whatever it takes to get on network. #MLS mgmt = problem.
My follower has been demanding for days I give my thoughts on #LAGalaxy signing #chicharito, so there you go. #MAGA #resist
.@VitoDonCorleone: @LAGalaxy hiring chicharito is just desperate pandering to appeal to Vela fans. #LAGalaxy & #MLS are too dim to do whatever it took to hang on to Zlatan (with LAG or another team). They're also too dim to do whatever it takes to get on network.
.@aliciavlozano: main driver of homelessness is the anti-American NeoLiberal policies those like you are paid to push: "greed is good"/loose borders/free trade/globalism. GOP covers that up by blaming the homeless themselves, Dems cover it up by transfer payments & race-baiting.
.@logico_ar: even worse, @firefox strongly supports censorship. See the Mozilla tweet from 2019-12-10. How dod caudillos define "harmful content"?
.@EdMcGrogan: why is ESPN showing 2 nobodies (excluding therein @bgtennisnation) in tennis on network, while I had to tithe to Disney to see the world's most famous athlete in the world's most popular sport on Plus?
.@lizziejacklyn: @grubhub wants people to round up to do something about the ~14% food insecure kids. Can you list all the issues with that?
Dems & GOP are so far apart & distinct on every issue, but one thing they agree on is who was the world's top leader ever! 24Ahead thus close broadcast day with video all must watch now. Is heartwarming! #MusicSaturday #resist #NowPlaying #MAGA
Apologies are fluff. What's important is Trump's rarely been held accountable, forced to admit a mistake, & pledge to do better. I could make him do it, Gearan & all her pals haven't even tried. MT @agearan [VFW/Trump/TBI] MT @lawgirlwa [Trump] never apologizes for anything
@agearan bio: "[WH] Correspondent [WaPo] & MSNBC contributor. Foreign policy and politics here, mostly. Sometimes pandas." Isn't that cute & charming? She's a parasite & much a propagandist as Hannity,... but pandas! Didn't that come as a surprise since her job is so serious?
.@mrfurious911: Obama & @IsaacDovere are both corporate hacks. Billionaires tell them what to do & they do it. Trump's horrific & fake, but he's at least pretended to oppose globalism etc. His bluster is a threat to billionaires making even more. That's all this is about.
.@IsaacDovere is owned by Mrs. Steve Jobs, like Obama was owned by Goldman Sachs. Trump's fake, but his supposed opposition to globalism would cost them $. Thus the smears. MT @langwiser [re Atlantic hypes Obama's "fascist" smear] ...authoritarian regime [would be more accurate]
When I've mentioned "WITWICS" recently, I've been thinking of "Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer (with Ariel Winter)". I can do math, so I haven't been thinking that hard. #MAGA #resist
.@twistopherrobin: 1. NPR constantly deceives re immigration (examples on request). 2. @jonathanchait hypes NPRKelly's WITWICS Battle with Pompeo. Trump's base - the key to Trump - doesn't care. 3. Chait has never even tried to present an argument that'd undercut Trump to MAGA.
More importantly, there's yet another reason not to trust Brianne Pfannenstiel's "reporting". She's not going to ask her bosses' pick any of the tough policy questions that'd expose her for the fake she is. MT @benigma2017 MT @brianneDMR [hypes DMR endorsing Warren]
Thank your lucky stars for the GOP then. They won't go after her where she's extremely vulnerable: she's very pro-Big Biz on immigration & would help Big Biz lower wages. GOP ignores that because she agrees with them. RT @saramikaila I'm ready for President Elizabeth Warren!!
.@elisea1976: in the USA, @juventusfcen is hidden away on a pay service. They & Ronaldo would have millions more fans (& thus millions more $) if they demanded ESPN show their matches on network.
Now that we're tithing to Disney, ESPN Plus has Juventus vs Naples on Sun ~11:45am Pacific. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@xplosionmind: @mozilla is openly campaigning for Big Tech to censor dissenting voices. They want Google & Zuck to decide if you shouldn't see something. See their 12/10/19 "harmful content" tweet. Do you need them to decide what you can see?
Sat Feb 1 Univision has #USA vs Costa Rica around noon Pacific. If it were #USWNT it'd be 17-0. It's unfortunately #USMNT so we'll probably lose by 2. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@furiousape: more generally, @mozilla (enabled by @EmRothman) wants to silence "harmful content" (see their 12/10/19 tweet). They beg for money, then spend it pushing a level of censorship that'd make Trump, Putin, & Iran jealous. Be a real liberal & oppose censorship.
"The 'Great One', my ass! Excuse my french-Canadian, Ainsley, but Gretzky just wasn't that good. Compare my prep school stats and you'll see!" #NHLAllStar #MAGA #resist
There is bear in woods. No, not that bear, other bear, much smaller bear. Ignore large bear, is no problem. Is snow in woods. Walk with Us as We close broadcast den! #MusicFriday #resist #NowPlaying #MAGA
.@cheetofacts: Trump has always been *extremely* vulnerable to MAGA on the huge flaws in his plans. Those like @jdawsey1 have access to Trump. They've never - not even once - pressed Trump on those huge flaws. You're enabling proven failures who've only ever helped Trump.
.@tracyfrary: you're enabling those like @jdawsey1 who've repeatedly proven their incompetence at holding Trump accountable. Telling you what you want to hear doesn't count. List examples of them forcing MAGA to admit tings they *don't* want to hear:
Women of Alabama sing glorious song about #MAGA & thus Great Leader Trump! #MusicFriday #resist #NowPlaying
.@TrumpNewsPolls: I accurately predicted in 2015+ how Trump's signature issues - the reasons he won - would fail miserably. If @maggieNYT had pressed him on that he would have lost. You're enabling someone who *helped* Trump win.
.@IanGertler: hey Ian, check out the reproducible data at my pinned tweet showing how heavily @boo lies to millions of users via ghosting and helps those like Rouhani & Medvedev hide from dissent. Check it out, you can easily reproduce it. Whither $TWTR when MSM covers it?
.@cpen: hi Carolyn. @vijaya lies to millions via ghosting; all non-verifieds need to be worried about being ghosted. She helps everyone from Ajit Pai to Rouhani & Medvedev hide from dissent (real data at my pinned tweet). But, I'm sure she wouldn't lie to you.
What % of voters agree with Mike we should have loose borders to keep greenskeepers wages low? Has Wright pressed him on this? Why do you enable someone worthless? MT @archvillainfilm MT @DavidWright_CNN [OCD cataloging of topics in Bloomberg ads]
Don't be duped by MSM mythologizing. They *helped* Trump win. MT @BlueGirlsRule MT @yashar By reporting on this story, @jason_a_w has put himself in danger. I don’t make a statement like that lightly. Journalists receive lots of threats, but the Base is a very serious threat
My follower doesn't care about me hosing my wrist, but while waiting for the prognosis I watched the somewhat exciting Atletico Madrid vs Cultural Leonesa match. Some good saves in here: #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@BishesBrew: @NPRKelly is *not* "standing up for this country". She had a chance to ask Pompeo tough policy questions & got into a WITWICS battle with him instead. Enabling her = helping Trump.
All Sipher says about Trump reflects poorly on him. Before, smarter people told Sipher what to do. Now, he's on his own and - as reality shows - he simply isn't smart enough to figure out where Trump's vulnerable MT @gramrcyriffs MT @john_sipher [Trump bad man!, version #987698]
Hey Jim, do you realize most Americans (many not Trump supporters) think of those like you as worthless, pompous, pampered, cossetted parasites? RT @jimwindolf Good time for those "on the fence" to unfollow this account. Unpleasant tweets ahead. Thanks.
"That's right, Ainsley, after my four 'Nam tours, I got a job playing the guitar for Leslie West. This is actually me playing on Dreams Of Milk And Honey while he played air guitar." #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Trump has repeatedly hyped plans that harm USA esp his base. Instead of using that against him, Nick Confessore relies on an in-the-market pr00n issue to undercut Trump. Enabling Nick = helping Trump. MT @youroldteacher MT @nickconfessore [cops fired re Stormey Daniels]
"Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Ainsley?" #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@darbyjlyons: Trump has always been incredibly vulnerable to his base. If @VFWHQ really cares they'll research Trump's vulnerabilities (hint: my site) & use those as leverage. If they don't really care/aren't smart/aren't rational, they won't. Watch what they do.
You're sad because VFW & all other loud Trump opponents have *never* been able to figure out how to oppose him correctly. It's hilarious & sad. MT @VFWHQ [wants TBI apology] MT @darbyjlyons ...I'm sad that your request for an apology will surely be ignored by [Trump]
"VFW demands apology after Trump claims traumatic brain injuries are not ‘very serious’" #MAGA #resist
.@Ibishblog: Trump's 2016 immigration plan was basically the Flake-Guttierez amnesty. That's an open goal, but those like you & @mtomasky have only shown yourselves adept at own goals. Do you have any sense of shame or sense of pride in doing a good job?
"That's right, Ainsley, after my four 'Nam tours - including 7 Purple Hearts, 3 Bronze Stars, the Iron Cross, & a Congressional Medal of Honor - I spent some time in Lodi." #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@JENFL23: hey Jen, you know how Trump's ban was blocked for several months? That's exactly what'd happen to @TomSteyer 's plan to impose #GreenNewDeal via fiat. Either one, both, or none of you can figure that out, which is it? If you can't figure that out, are you qualified?
Speaking of which, I hosed my wrist darn good. The cast isn't going to work, I'm going to need a metal plate. #surgery
If my doctor "opposed" Trump as alleged Dr. Eugene Gu does, I'd question his IQ. Has Gu used his platform to use Trump's huge vulnerabilities to his base against him? Is he even capable of understanding that? MT @seanwhiter MT @eugenegu [melts down over Space Force logo]
If opposing Trump was football, all his other opponents would have been relegated years ago. Do you realize those like you have only ever fallen into his traps? MT @GeoffHughes01 MT @nachosarah [melts down re Space Force logo, as Trump intended his opponents to do]