Here's a smarts & honesty test: Who would more competently administer the #CoronaVirus response: 1. Carmen Yulin Cruz 2. Trump 3. Bloomberg #MAGA #resist
#Jeopardy has replaced Aaron with some weird guy who's on the same spectrum as Matt Jackson.
"I must admit I'm sorry to see Amy go, Ainsley. In fact, I wrote a song about her." "Let's hear it, sir!" "OK! ♫ 'Dear Amy, you're America's [bleep] sweetheart / But I know, you're a [bleep]! / [this is the chorus, Ainsley, join in!] Amy, I want to [bleep]..." #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Order #98767 ("Begin each day with bagpipes, I hereby command"), 24Ahead rebelliously *close* broadcast den with them: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
#TomSteyer has dropped out, but his ads are still running. #MAGA #resist #zombie
Miller, Trump, & all his other hires are pro-amnesty. Marc Short = Koch (pro-loose borders). Kellyanne got Zuck $ to deceive on amnesty. Etc. Not realizing that is great for Trump. MT @07_firecracker MT @MillerCrime #Coronavirus will be to ICE what typhus was to the SS: an ally
Prager doesn't care about all the millions of others censored by TWTR (like Rouhani opponents). Not caring about anyone else means few care about them. MT @MiaCarlaNY you need a class action lawsuit... MT @prageru [we only care about Youtube/Twitter censoring us]
.@SmokyMtnGal12: Danielle Stella is a borderline case; one of her tweets could be read as an incitement to violence. Another thing you won't hear from @BarnettforAZ is how widespread Twitter censorship is; see my pinned tweet. Cons who play the sole victim *help* Twitter.
.@Flyfishinmary: Danielle Stella also tweeted a stick drawing of Ilhan being hanged, something that might be construed as incitement to violence. Either @BarnettforAZ knows that & didn't mention it, or didn't do research. P.S. See my pinned tweet for what Twitter really does.
Rumor: when Bernie Sanders becomes president, his next step (after declaring a General Strike) will be to nationalize #LAFC & #InterMiami. #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
Here's why #resist has always lost. Gu didn't check his facts; he thinks it was NYP, but it was a 2/20/20 Gallup poll. His reflexive dismissal is logical fallacy. Etc. MT @PaulMiller1313 MT @eugenegu [re Trump deceptive tweet re "A Poll in today’s New York Post" on #coronavirus]
I've tried several #Linux video editors & all are incredibly flawed. The only one that comes close to the absurdly low level of Windows Movie Maker is @pitivi, & it's pathetic. #Ubuntu
It's incredibly great to be free of #Microsoft, but #Linux has its own obvious limitations incl w the open source model. MS can put man-centuries into something, open source can't. And, they fracture that: dozens of weak projects instead of collaborating to make one good.
An objective observer wouldn't doubt who's incompetent here. Trump's failed a lot, but Farrow & her celeb pals have only ever *helped* him & fallen into his traps. Name even one counterexample. MT @pblowe2 MT @MiaFarrow [lists Trump's failed businesses]
.@BrandonBeckham_: here's a video about Schiff's racist rhetoric. I'll pay people to go to Schiff's events & ask him my questions about his racist comments (on video for Youtube). Want to help me find people? @jefflowen
Per @ATLUTD "Josef Martinez suffers torn ACL". That's bad news; MLS needs all the stars it can get. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
#LAFC is taking on David Beckham's team Inter Miami in their first game. It's on ESPN right now & I can easily see Miami winning. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
"Corn Pop was a bad dude, Ainsley." "What??? You aren't President Trump! Who are you???" Tune in to our exciting next episode to discover the shocking truth! #MAGA #resist #FoxNews
NOOOOO!! @TomSteyer has dropped out. Who will I show wrong now? OK, plenty. But, showing him wrong was so easy and fun.
Received via USPS: a personal, signed invitation from President Trump to join TMAGAC ("Trump Make America Great Again Committee"). "I'm a fighter. And I'm ready to fight by your side." I'll send it back with a penny. #MAGA #resist
.@TarynVaneWP101: @Maebe_A_Girl [joke candidate gegen Schiff] is unwittingly very pro-Big Biz. Trump's horrific, but ICE/BP are needed to keep Big Biz from flooding the labor market to lower wages. U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, Walmart, Koch, etc have no use for ICE either.
CNN went easy on *Saddam* in exchange for access. Don't expect them to ask anything tough. MT @larry4000 [to @JohnKingCNN] Why are you not mentioning that the unknown source patient in California lives just a few miles from CDC 's Travis Air Force Base quarantine site?...
1. There was a streaker in the #Vancouver / #SKC match. 2. Why am I getting subtitles? P.S. Vancouver is in Canada. It's a separate country, not a U.S. state. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
RT @nellaludlow News keep reporting COVID-19 lethality rate around 2%. They make mistake or dividing total deaths by total cases - but there is 10-14 days from symptoms to death or recovery. Other sites show “death rate” at 8%. Nella Ludlow a MATH professor
.@SoCalPremier: USA football desperately needed Zlatan to make the sport more popular. #MLS & @LAGalaxy didn't do all they could to hang on to him. Chicharito isn't exactly going to make real football more mainstream.
Here are highlights of #NashvilleSC vs Atlanta United: #NASvATL #MAGA #resist
This - apparently written by #Twitter management - is trending: "Tom Steyer backed that azz up to get out the vote in South Carolina/The Democratic presidential nominee had DJ Jazzy Jeff and Juvenile perform at a rally". Capitalism repeatedly rapes the culture. #MAGA ##resist
.@jskorner: 60k in Nashville (in the South, Coulter's fan base) just attended a soccer match. It was on Murdoch's Fox. @AnnCoulter hates soccer. She's repeatedly smeared it, wishing ill on the national team. Coulter thinks kneeball (NFL) is an all-American sport.
.@daytripper905: speaking about NIH Syndrome, @AnnCoulter has repeatedly refused to help with the smart anti-amnesty plan in my bio. She instead pushes a vaporware "wall" that will never happen.
.@fakeserpounce: @AnnCoulter thinks Trump's "wall" would be "forever". When Trump's out of office, Congress will neglect/demolish what little he builds. Huckabee helped the *Mexican govt* enable illegal immigration, & he's a big fan of the "wall". You're being tricked.
Good debut for #NashvilleSC. #football = #soccer #NASvATL #MAGA #resist
Josef Martinez being OK is very, very important for #MLS & USA football in general. #football = #soccer #NASvATL #MAGA #resist
The #Nashville team ties it up! It's on Fox right now, check it out. #football = #soccer #NASvATL #MAGA #resist
The #Nashville team is called "Nashville SC". Searching I thought there might be a Nashville in South Carolina, but I guess "SC" stands for "Soccer Club". Using the very common "FC" ("Football Club") would confuse Tennesseans. #football = #soccer #NASvATL
.@Geoffrey_07AE: @JohnKingCNN 's "magic wall" & CNN coverage of worthless horserace helped Trump fleece millions with his "wall". What really matters are the huge flaws in the candidates' policies. CNN assiduously avoids discussing things that actually matter.
Atlanta goes up 1-0 against Nashville weak defense on Fox. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
Are you ready for some real football? In about 15 minutes, Fox will have Atlanta vs the new Nashville team in their season opener. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
A programming note: 24Ahead will be moving to far, far northern Finland. Not to avoid #CoronaVirus, but for the yoiking. We close broadcast den with a preview: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@QuentinAries: you cheer @chicoharlan fluff piece on Buttigiegs in Malta. You & he are paid *not* to call candidates - Pete, Trump, etc - on the huge flaws in things that matter: their plans. Don't you worry that one day soon your fan(s) will realize you greatly harm them?
I never would have guessed "Buttigieg" as Maltese, not that I know much about Malta. But, it doesn't seem Italian or Arabic. Turns out it's from Arabic "abu dajaj" ("uncle of chickens", a euphemism for "chicken botherer"). #linguistics #knowledge #MAGA #resist
.@GeorgeyByron: @skirchy acts like #SPLC is a credible group, even though they have a history of lying & grifting. Point that out to the obviously very few who take her seriously.
"Activist investor Elliott Management is seeking to oust Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey...The $40.2 billion hedge fund run by Paul Singer has taken a major stake in [$TWTR]..." I wonder: better a buffoonish, incompetent wannabe Honecker like @Jack? #censorship #Twitter
The matchups on regular TV aren't exactly key, but it'll be good to see a new team (Inter Miami CF) defeat #LAFC. Also, Houston Dynamo vs. LA Galaxy will stream on this site at 12:30pm Pacific on Sat. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
On Saturday at 5pm Pacific, Fox will *supposedly* have Nashville SC vs. Atlanta United. On Sun, ESPN has Seattle Sounders vs. Chicago Fire @ noon Pacific then LAFC vs. Inter Miami CF. Other matches are on ESPN+; we tithe. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
This image of #DCUnited still has Wayne Rooney. Either I'm confused, or Twitter is. #football = #soccer
.@lookoutandlearn: Team Trump is like a baseball team without outfielders. He keeps winning/escaping because those like you enable those who only know weak bunts like @EricLevitz. Here's how Levitz can hit a homer. Ask him, he'll refuse to do it.
.@foxybookgirl: it's incredibly easy to show MAGA that Trump's Maria response was grossly incompetent; doing that would have forced a better #CoronaVirus response. @CarmenYulinCruz had/has the means to show Trump incompetent to his base. Instead, she acted/acts like a child.
Steve Knight ads crow about him voting for the "wall" 4x. Like the "wall", GND will never happen (Big Biz/Congress/courts will make sure of that). The only question is if Jen knows that & is tricking you or she's just dim. MT @loudabbs MT @JENFL23 I support a #GreenNewDeal...
That's not true. But you are hurting your own cause by asking it & you'll never figure that out, so keep on helping Big Biz & corrupt pols. MT @batkoanarkhiya why are right wingers so angry at the idea of Americans having clean drinking water?
Trump at a South Carolina rally: "The Democrats are politicizing the #coronavirus... This is their new hoax." I can see the Bernie ads already. #MAGA #resist
Trivia question! Who is the "Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair in Media, Culture and Feminist Studies at Rutgers U"? #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@tobesolipa @JoshuaRush: 1. Bernie (like all the others incl Trump) would help Big Biz lower wages via mass immigration. 2. "Green New Deal" is even more unrealistic than Trump's "wall". Big Biz would pay Congress to stop & drag it through the courts. GND = wall = vaporware.
.@michaelbd: Trump needs his proxies - Jennings, Cortes, etc. So, you go through them. You really press them on *tough* lawyerly questions designed to make them admit things against interest. That will go directly to Trump & force him to change. Use your q's or I'll supply. Deal?
.@michaelbd: deleted but not forgotten. Also, you blog "Not that I expect the White House to read me, but I hope someone talks some sense into Trump’s ear." I'll tell you how to do it. When you don't do it, I'll point that out to your fans. Deal?
The obvious venality & gross incompetence of both Trump *and* his loudest opponents is going to get thousands or millions killed. Enabling Suzania types = blood on your hands. MT @jakebelder MT @suzania [cutesy GIF - not even hers as she admits - re coronavirus kak 14th veka]
.@NGivasDC: if I got comments like those, I'd realize I was doing it wrong. I'd engage those unpatriotic sociopaths (aka conservatives) & show them wrong. You won't; you'll keep riling up un-American traitors-in-waiting. And I'll make sure your career suffers for it, Nick.
.@NGivasDC: hey Nick, here are a couple of comments on your blog: "As long as the coronavirus continues to target liberals ... it’s all good" & "Could this virus be the Hope & Change we all want in California?" And yes, I will hold you accountable for them: you riled them up.
#Jeopardy has replaced MacKenzie with Aaron, someone who - I'm sure I'm wrong - gives off a "personality-free frat boy ahole" vibe.
.@garyandshannon: it sounds like both Biden & Shaz were under arrest. That said, perhaps you can help lead the charge to favor discussing *real* issues - policy - over dreck.
~~BREAKING, DRUDGE SIREN, MUST CREDIT DRUDGE ~~ 24Ahead close broadcast den with this EXTREMELY SHOCKING video of Trump & Chris Christie retiring from politics due to "exhaustion": #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Dave is 4+ years late at realizing the obvious. He & all your other leaders will continue doing the only thing they've ever done: help Trump. MT @EVNow MT @Redistrict [hypes its blog "To Beat Trump, Democrats May Need to Break Out of the ‘Whole Foods’ Bubble"]
1. Bernie is very anti-worker re immigration. 2. Keep racializing everything. MT @briantcairns [Dems dumped working class ergo] Sanders is best gegen Trump; Biden is pretty good, too. Warren/Buttigieg/Klobuchar all appeal only to the affluent & educated, mostly white voters
~~BREAKING, DRUDGE SIREN ~~ A joint Buzzfeed/Mediaite/WaPo/ProPublica/CNN/WorldWeeklyNews Special Investigation has uncovered this video of Trump wooing Melania: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I don't think you got their subtext. They're sneering at the religious. That *helps* Trump, as has everything they've done for 4+ years. MT @michele5411 Christianity is based on collectivism MT @TPM AG Bill Barr To Christian Media: Accept God, Reject ‘Collectivist’ Libs
.@Yastreblyansky: now, @JoshKovensky blogs re HHS / #Covid19 / safety gear. If you want to make Trump better on C19, Josh is your *enemy*. He'll play partisan games, bring anti-American issues into it, push failed tactics... Everything he does - as usual - will only *help* Trump
Speaking about football, this weekend starts the #MLS season. At least two matches will be on #ESPN. The 24Ahead #Football = #Soccer Desk will be live tweeting both. #MAGA #resist
The USA is **screwed** not just because Trump is an intensely stupid, venal, deranged man-child, but because his loudest opposition - #TheResistance - are intensely stupid, venal, deranged man-childs.
.@CarolynMcC: if Putin wanted Trump to do better on #Covid19, he could do it because he knows how to play Trump. Those like @yarotrof & all your other leaders simply aren't smart enough to do that and - even if told how - their emotional issues would keep them from helping.
.@SeanBrodrick: Trump is extremely vulnerable to his base & simple (but smart) moves could force him to do much better at things like #CoronaVirus, Maria, etc. Putin is smart enough to make Trump better for him, but @yarotrof isn't smart enough to help make Trump better for USA.
.@sistercrow: @KFILE is a dumpster diver. He downplayed domestic violence by NFL players. He's also paid not to do anything that's cost the elites money, like going after Bloomberg where he's truly vulnerable.
'In some instances, the teams were working alongside personnel from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in “full gown, gloves and hazmat attire,” the complaint said'. #HHS #MAGA #resist #Covid19
"Officials at [Trump's #HHS] sent more than a dozen workers to receive the first Americans evacuated from Wuhan... without proper training for infection control or appropriate protective gear, according to a whistleblower complaint" #MAGA #resist #Covid19
.@Omarmasry: now, @RobBontaCA hypes #georgegascon. Gascon crosses the line from being pro-justice to being pro-criminal. He'd let out serial killers if they could get away with it. The SF DA & mayor have endorsed his *opponent*. Both Gascon & Bonta are bad news.
.@CristineDeBerry: @georgegascon isn't about justice, he's pro-criminal. List the stats from his time in Frisco: Who did the Frisco mayor & DA endorse?
Back when it was mostly white (y compris settled Hispanics & the now nearly-extinct in #LosAngeles working class whites) - #PanoramaCity was a 24Ahead locus operandi. Now, you can pay *$1500 to $2500* to live in #PanoramaTowers.
Sad to see MacKenzie lose on #Jeopardy. She'll be back.
"A stranger is just a fried you haven't met yet, Ainsley." "...President Trump, I hate to ask this but... are you OK?" "I'm OK, you're OK." "OK, I'm alarmed now. Mr. Trump, please show me on this Steve Doocy doll where Deepak touched you. It'll be OK." #MAGA #resist
24Ahead close broadcast den with Day 582 of the Trump Diaries from last century: "Melania & me are still driving my '72 Dodge Dart across the now-barren wasteland, searching for anyone who survived the virus." #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@the_pike_man: if the "markets" that really mattered were working, @brianstelter would be selling used shoes after his fan(s) realized he's completely incompetent at holding Trump accountable. Instead, both he & Trump have jobs despite bamboozling dozens & millions respectively.
CNN pays a stooge to catalog Trump's lies/"lies". He's (obviously) never impacted Trump in any way. You're enabling gross incompetents. MT @rambo20 MT @sethdmichaels [reblogs Stelter's "The President's lies have given the public ample reason to distrust what he says"]
.@Panger2020: #CoronaVirus is a big threat. @JonLemire turns it into a test of Trump's credibility. He doesn't do all he could to hold Trump accountable like asking tough policy questions, he just blogs to get clicks. And, people like you enable someone who does you no good.
.@kkearns: let's say otherwise apparently competent people like you spent 4+ years enabling those charged with holding Trump accountable like @ZekeJMiller but who are obviously incompetent. If your goal is to hold Trump accountable, how are you & Zeke doing at it?
So, if 1000s die, he'll face a credibility hit. Then, after Aamer gets clicks over it, Trump will recover by tricking his loudest opponents to fall for his latest stunt. MT @EliEstherVizio MT @AamerISmad [blogs "Trump faces credibility test as he plays down virus threat"]
We get Bacon because those like you enable those like Benen ho've been proving for 4+ years that their only competence is at getting clicks & helping Trump. Name even one thing Benen has said that has impacted Trump. MT @jheartney MT @stevebenen [hypes his James Bacon blog]
.@Bionicscode: those like @drsanjaygupta have never held Trump accountable on anything but instead have just done childish things that *help* Trump (name *one* counterexample). Gupta - a literal brain surgeon! - can't figure out how to hold Trump accountable. #CoronaVirus
.@virtualhispanic: CA/CH/etc have lots of guns but few mass shootings. There were few mass shootings in USA when guns were much more available (incl machine guns). @TomSteyer is good at making $, but he's extremely dim on everything else.
Questioning authority can get you suspended on Twitter: #FirstAmendment #censorship
.@scbenergy: fast forward 1.5 years & @SenatorPavley endorses #TomSteyer plan to achieve "Green New Deal" via executive orders. In reality, his plans would be blocked by Congress & the courts, just as Trump's autocratic moves have been. Fran can't figure that out.
"Thanks, Steve! I'm in the Oval Office waiting for an interview with President Trump... I hear shouting..." "NO MELANIA, I WILL *NOT* EAT SPROUTS! THEY'RE YUCKY, YUCKY LITTLE CABBAGES. MICK! REMIND ME TO NUKE BELGIAN. I'LL FIX THEM!" "Back to you, Steve." #MAGA #resist #Fox
Pursuant to Trump Order #89954 ("24Ahead is your #1 source for music videos of hot women walking in the Middle East"), 24Ahead reminds you to never forget it & close broadcast den: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@StJon: it'll be wall-to-wall James Bacons for the next 5 years, because people like you enable those like @kylegriffin1 rather than demanding they finally ask pols tough policy questions. Because of people like you, those like Griffin just push shock to get clicks.
.@melp55: Trump has always been extremely vulnerable to his base over the huge flaws in his plans. Rather than pointing out those flaws to them, those like @mattyglesias - a corporate-owned flack - have only ever helped Trump by pushing anti-American NeoLiberal/Koch schemes.
"Biden pledges to nominate black woman to Supreme Court". Not that it will ever happen, but that means his main qualifications are race & gender even if someone more qualified is the wrong race and/or gender. #MAGA #resist
.@maryderrickart: it's not just that @ErinBurnett won't talk about real issues, it's that she's forbidden to do it. CNN is just about sucking up to keep access. However, if you use my Question Authority plan with tough questions (which I'll help with), I might pay for the vids.
QUICK! ALERT JIM HOFT!!! MT @350AGL Did you know that Warren was not a Special Ed teacher per se. She got an emergency certificate to do speech pathologist work two days a week for one year. Not a biggie, but represents it like she was a teacher for some time, which she wasn’t.
.@nichflo: both Bloomberg & Warren are big fans of mass immigration. Both would help Big Biz flood the labor market in order to lower wages. CNN went easy on *Saddam* to get access, & @ErinBurnett continues that disgraceful practice by never asking U.S. pols tough questions.
Meanwhile back on the other side of town: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@frankmonah: have you ever seen @ChrisCuomo & Kellyanne? She runs rings around him, constantly pivoting & dragging him into fluff. It's like watching an orca play with a seal. Lawyers are trained to use Socratic questioning & Cuomo's in desperate need of CLE.
.@austenphile11: majority look at Trump - dimwitted, failed plans, but speaks his mind sans peur & offers to help them - then they look at those like @ChrisCuomo - even dimmer, sucks up to power, can't show anyone wrong, and despises most Americans. What'd you choose?
.@100FrogLegs: @DanaBashCNN, Wolf, & CNN in general always try to suck up to power. CNN had Trump on several times & never asked him even a remotely tough policy question. They approach wannabe govt employees like Trump & Bernie in the same way Tiger Beat approaches BSB.