.@NBABeau: @oneunderscore__ would give Honecker a run for his money if he had power. He's a totalitarian who works to quash dissent. He even cheers @yoyoel, who helps shield Rouhani & Medvedev from dissent (see data at my pinned tweet). Urge others to reject their DDR dreams.
.@DaveEDanna: oneunderscore__ is no liberal. Pointing out to his fans that he's a totalitarian - in a non-partisan way - seems like a good thing you could do.
.@hansenkarenm: ironic to see someone from @RTDNA enabling a totalitarian like @farhip who's eager to use both public & private means to quash dissent.
.@daicing: as a (presumed) liberal, you should oppose totalitarians like @farhip. He's eager to censor anyone who disagrees with Bezos. P.S. Ironically, Twitter censored your reply to him. They call your tweet "LowQuality" (see my pinned tweet).
.@deltahedgejohn1: @TomSteyer thinks he'll beat Trump on economics (where Trump is fairly strong)... by pushing policies that only play in very blue areas. He ignores where Trump is extremely vulnerable to his base (his grand plans, like his failed "wall"). Tom is "special".
.@OpinePinAZ: @TomSteyer admits he hasn't/can't make a persuasive case for Green New Deal, so he'd try to impose it via executive fiat. What he can't figure out is that - just like Trump's grand plans - his would be blocked by Congress & courts. His plans = Trump's vaporware wall
Injured? Then you need to call Cross, Bow, & Bow LLC. They're the crossbow injury specialists! They'll remove the arrow, staunch the wound, hie you to a physicker, and sue, sue, sue! Get the maximum entitled under common law! #ad #attorneys #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Order #98684 ("I'm revoking Neil Young's citizenship and sending him to Gitmo for sedition & lese majeste"), 24Ahead close broadcast den with Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Down By the River: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Phlash909: now, @alfredwkng gets his 15 mins with his deceptive blog re Rudy. People speculate on domains all the time; "covid19" etc. He's the same: he wants clicks. P.S. He refuses to cover how extensive Twitter censorship is, see my pinned tweet.
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes to ask, "I'm a former football (real football) player like you. Could you play highlights of MAN CITY vs WEST HAM? Thank you." #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@BensTalkShow: now, @atNickVega hypes Zuck's pits. See this, & have him on your show to ask him when he'll call Zuck on deceiving people (with Kellyanne's help):
Today, we are all Messi: #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@StephLBaum: @ThorntonMcEnery is owned by Murdoch, a big amnesty fan (Rupey even testified to Congress for it). That explains why he hypes Zuck's pits instead of going after him over FwdUS's lies. P.S. Zuck paid Kellyanne to deceive.
.@lukemetzger: @cwarzel is very pro-censorship. He's a totalitarian who wants to dictate what people can see. He's the opposite of a liberal, what about you?
Congrats! You low-watt reply might be the highest watt reply to such weak clickbait. MT @BoscoBoss MT @Walldo Rudy Giuliani typos URLs in tweets. Hackers have been buying those domains to spread malware
.@otherotheryan: both @willwilkinson & ezraklein push very pro-Big Biz/Koch policies; at least the 2nd is funded by Big Biz. I also tricked Will into presenting a *satirical* pseudo-slavery plan as a real plan:
Neil Young - decadent artist & possible cosmopolitan - tries to corrupt glorious youth of USA by spitefully turning against Great Leader Trump who has given him so much! #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@EArnoldNPR: @zackbeauchamp is funded by Big Biz & he constantly pushes Big Biz policies (i.e., NeoLiberal/Koch policies: loose borders, free trade, globalism). Lizzie Warren - despite her bluster - pushes those same policies, so of course Zach pushes her.
.@Catherine_asks: you'll never "overcome [Trump's] destruction" because people like keep enabling those like @funder. For 4+ years he's had the means to undercut Trump to his base yet he's never done even one single thing. Name any impact Dworkin has had on Trump:
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes to ask, "could you post a pic of a young Amy Klobuchar? It gets awful lonely aboard Air Force One." #MAGA #resist #DemocraticDebate
.@BlueColt17: Trump couldn't have won & be about to be reelected without people like you. PLYes enable those like @joncoopertweets who are clearly incompetent @ holding Trump accountable. What TLJCT say makes you feel good, but they've only ever *helped* Trump via self-COINTELPRO
.@bholc646: what in @TheDemCoalition past actions makes you think they're smart enough to use Grenell against Trump? Everything they've done makes you feel better, but it just helps Trump with his base Name one thing #TheResistance has done that's made Trump change his policies.
You got $10 mil from Soros to undercut Trump to his base (actually very easy, if you're smart). Would you hire Grant to help, given that he's provably not smart enough? MT @HallNolta Always the worst possible person for the job [to @bannerite hypes @grantstern blog re Grenell]
.@rocky53: debates are fake; MSM never calls pols on huge flaws in their plans (in part because MSM is very dim). Speaking of @ChrisCuomo, he hilites race of Blago etc even tho that's not material (it was in case of Jack Johnson; Blago/Milken/etc are about toadies & money).
.@Mo05222402: if Trump wins again, it'll be because of those like @ChrisCuomo. One example: he highlights that those Trump pardoned are white, when all that matters is what they can do for Trump. Just one word shows how little Cuomo groks Trump. "Know thine enemy" & he doesn't.
.@tystiklorius: you probably have a $ reason for hyping @georgegascon, but you gotta admit his ad with a non-white v/o talking about how GG'd protect "the community" from the cops takes the cake. He's not interested in protecting everyone from predators from those "communities".
.@GeorgeGascon: in SF, @KamalaHarris & Newsom pushed very pro-Big Biz immigration policies that also favored criminal aliens. Kamala & Gavin have blood on their hands over the multiple murders as a direct result of their policies.
Pursuant to Trump Order #986343 ("I'm building a castle fast, with a moat"), 24Ahead continue broadcast den with The Moon And The Nightspirit - Alkonyvarázs @ Castlefest 2016: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@GrayShadowTech: @hayleymiller01 & others use your (justified) dislike of Trump to bring home the bacon for Big Biz. Big Biz wants more immigration because more labor = lower wages. Hayley is paid to push the Big Biz agenda to people like you.
Trump is very pro-Big Biz & despite his bluster supports mass immigration. He/Hayley/U.S. Chamber/Koch/etc - despite their bluster - all would help Big Biz increase labor supply to lower wages. MT @BDGarp [cheers] MT @hayleymiller01 [cheers Stephen Miller uncle donating to HIAS]
.@randell_young: not so surprisingly, you & @seanmdav oppose Bloomberg in SJW ways rather than where he's actually weak. Of course, no one ever said cons are worth anything.
.@SariArhoHavren: as a Phd you must be smart enough to realize @LetaHong is implying only women/womyn had to sign Bloomberg NDAs or he had gender-specific NDAs. And, you must be smart enough to realize that's ludicrous. Right?
NDAs are very common. Leta seems to be implying MB didn't make men sign the same NDAs. Are you sure you want to sign on to that? MT @schemaly [cheers] MT @LetaHong I am one of the many women Mike Bloomberg’s company tried to silence through nondisclosure agreements...
.@SuelouiseS: now, @BillPascrell says Trump uses pardons "to shield unrepentant felons, racists and corrupt scoundrels". Either Bill has Tourettes, or a) racism is a crime & b) one of those pardoned has been convicted of it. Which is it?
Pursuant to Trump Order #978566753 ("Continue broadcast day with Elisabeth Pawelke singing Ave mers sterne"), 24Ahead continue broadcast den: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
So, Trump's as bad as Obama? P.S. Another way you & Will are alike is you want to protect our elected employees from tough policy questions. Only the group you want to protect differs. MT @JRSox029 [Obama did it too!] MT @saletan [meltdown re Blago]
.@liberalvixen: 1. Don't expect MSM to ever really press candidates on important issues like electric cars. They only ask puffballs. 2. @RonBrownstein is a "passive eliminationist". He wouldn't put whites on trains, but he's gleeful re declining demographics (read his blogs).
.@Kurtpimentel: all know Bloomberg tries to buy election, we don't @jeffzeleny ("enchanted")/Erin/Pete. When ezforms hires someone you ask them tough questions about how they'd solve problems, calling out the flaws in their ideas, right? Have Jeff/Erin ever done similar?
.@AlainGagnon1959: @jeffzeleny asked Obama such an incredibly obsequious question ("enchanted") that even Obama laughed at him. He & @DanaBashCNN are both unpatriotic toadies (including for Trump). CNN goes easy on leaders around the world. They're flacks, not journalists.
.@noctulapress: @ErinBurnett is too unpatriotic to ask Mayor Pete the tough policy questions he needs to be asked. She'll never be patriotic; we have to do it. In fact, I'll buy vids of him being asked real questions. Will you help me find questioners?
Gov' no @tommysheahan was allowed to ask Amy a very weak question at #CNNTownHall. #MAGA #resist
.@joshuagrotheer: if you applied to be a McDonald's fry cook you'd face tougher questioning than @ErinBurnett has ever used against those who want to be President of the USA. It's a simple matter of patriotism. She isn't, and neither are those who enable her.
.@jeremycochrane: CNN had many chances to call Trump out on the huge flaws in his policies, & they weren't patriotic enough to do it. @ErinBurnett lacks the patriotism to call Mayor Pete on the huge flaws in his policies If you applied for fry cook you'd face tougher questions.
Trump has also pardoned Michael Milken. Maybe he got promised a piece of the #Dodgers. #MAGA #resist
Not OK: "Trump has pardoned Edward DeBartolo Jr., the former San Francisco 49ers owner convicted in a gambling fraud scandal". Plus he pardoned Kerik. Apparently Trump wants a discount on cement & garbage hauling. #MAGA #resist
Trump has apparently commuted the sentence of Rod Blagojevich, probably an OK idea. What isn't OK is only one form of his corruption was ever discussed. #immigration #MAGA #resist #Illinois
Pursuant to Trump Order #986479 ("In conjunction with key stakeholder I shall liberate Baltics from oppressive government"), 24Ahead close broadcast den with Laima Jansone - Traditional Latvian kokle variation 2: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@JohnHall2946: politics is multidimensional. Those who want to censor are totalitarians, something both cons & cons can be. I couldn't see the whole @RonWyden blog since it's at WaPo, but I'd be surprised if he truly supports true open debate.
When a pol leaves a meeting happy, that means no one acted like a citizen and asked him tough questions. Wyden wants subjects, not citizens. MT @t_gelder44 MT @RonWyden A participant at today’s Lincoln County #2020townhall put it perfectly - "This is how democracy works"...
I assume you - like Trump, Pelosi, U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, WalMart, Koch, etc - are a big fan of "reform". Is it liberal to help Big Biz by flooding the labor supply? MT @toddhutchens [to RonWyden] Never mind Immigration reform?...
.@post_prufrock: now, @bafeldman blogs that Trump besting those like him is even more likely. All sickeningly-cutesy snark aside, does that indicate that how he & #NYMag oppose Trump is effective?
.@Huzaifa47: now, @bafeldman blogs "A second term for Trump seems more possible than ever". If a CEO says "a second losing year seems more possible than ever", what happens to that CEO? What's funny is those like you don't even have success as a metric in politics.
Remember the gal who flushed her emotional support hamster? Here's a mini-support horse on a plane: #MAGA #resist
.@JoyPoos: all else aside, isn't it dishonest of @gdebenedetti (BIRM) to pretend a planted story is what Obama is saying "in private"? Someone gave Gabe the tale because O wanted them to. Of course, no one expects honesty from him or #NYMag.
.@Sylvia67727693 [to a @gdebenedetti planted story re what O says "in private" which - oddly enough! - makes it into a tabloid rag] ..[Obama] is a man of solid integrity and the fact that he has stayed out of publicly voicing an opinion shows his masterful leadership..
Both O & Lizzie are very pro-Big Biz. MT @sistercrow [hypes a "blind item" (hah!) supposedly saying] Obama is reportedly talking up Elizabeth Warren with donors
.@Frances_Fisher: see the Question Authority plan on my Activism menu. That's an *ideology-neutral* plan that will make politicians listen. The cheap @DxEverywhere stunt will be forgotten tomorrow.
Topless protests are definitely the ancient Greek way. When Socrates was losing an argument he showed his moobs. Plato made several important points the same way. Grow up. MT @balezana [to @DxEverywhere, topless Bernie protesters] Can we use your video on Mega TV, Greece?
Here's the hot gal from the Bernie Sanders topless protest - the one who didn't follow through - cuddling a chicken: #MAGA #resist #Bernie2020
I'm sure everyone remembers how Trump resigned after #WWD blogged "Nicolas Ghesquière Speaks Out Against Donald Trump" ("I am a fashion designer refusing this association,” he wrote after Trump inaugurated a Louis Vuitton leather goods workshop in Texas.) #MAGA #resist
.@preising: if you think the subject of @JRubinBlogger 's latest meltdown is "a danger to this country", then how's she doing? Trump's as popular as ever despite all the WaPo/MSNBC/WWD/Teen Vogue/etc meltdowns. Why are you enabling someone who's provably incompetent?
.@tired_oftrump: FYI, @OrinKerr banned me from a blog for pointing out that he folded when helping GOP with a judicial nomination. He couldn't show me wrong, so censored instead.
Assume arguendo you have a goal & that's to undercut Trump. How is @ddale8 helping that goal? Has he undercut Trump to voters? Forced a Trump correction? Is is smart of you to enable someone who's worthless? MT @oatmealish [Trump no know what] quantitative easing means
What an interesting choice of words. RT @csd [Trump] Sure seems insecure about Obama’s superiority
#CRampell - otherwise attractive aside from her personality - is still wearing fake eyelashes like she's got a pr00n shoot after #CNN. #MAGA #resist
.@PaulaChertok: @RadioFreeTom is so incredibly low-watt he thinks Barr is going to resign because one "Donald Ayer" - someone I & 99% have never heard of - demands it. Some day soon, your fans will realize you just used Trump to grift rather than opposing him in smart ways.
Pursuant to Trump Order #12754 ("What if we could map the oceans, like topographically? Like wouldn't that be awesome? I think I'll do it"), 24Ahead close broadcast den with Yes - Ritual (Nous Sommes du Soleil): #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@AAPI4_Bernie: remember the @sonam_sheth #BadgerGate bombshell from a few days ago? Don't worry, no one else does either. Trump is extremely vulnerable to his base over his highly flawed plans, but those like Sheth only obsess over pointless fluff.
.@peterwsinger: in his Maza blog, @kevinroose refers to those who oppose Youtube/MMFA/etc acting as speech commissars as "free-speech absolutists". He's a totalitarian, not a liberal.
.@mlcoor70: while @Z_Everson obsesses over a potential minor Trump grift, Trump really delivering for Big Biz is largely ignored. Why, it's almost like Zach is trying to distract people like you from real issues. That couldn't be it, right?
.@naanders: how much did Obama transfer from taxpayers to the wealthy? It was a lot, wasn't it? Now, Trump is doing the same (although it might be less than Obama). @davidaxelrod uses a possible & minor Trump grift to cover up the real money flows.
.@ORgrannie: while @BrendanNyhan impotently obsesses over a potential minor Trump grift, he isn't exactly obsessing over all the ways Trump helps transfer $ from the non-wealthy upward. Is Nyhan helping organize efforts to have Trump called on things that really matter?
Very good! What grade are you in, Norm? RT @NormOrnstein Never forget: Reince Preibus without the vowels is RNC PR BS.
If Jesus Was a Jew, Why Does He Have a Puerto Rican First Name? #MAGA #resist
.@cmykscott: the great majority think those like you & @jkbjournalist are less credible than used car salesmen. We need real reporters, not just pompous oafs wallowing in their mythologizing.
.@Dijokatmom: I'm very familiar with immigration, & I've posted & tweeted about 100s of cases of the MSM deceiving about the issue. @jkbjournalist plea to underwrite local deceivers falls on deaf ears. MSM has a credibility problem; their constant mythologizing won't correct it.
Back to something that really matters: "Bernie sanders rally interrupted by topless milk protesters". Since The Resistance can't do anything right, the first one doesn't strip down: #MAGA #resist
.@NYCNavid: if you really are a "NYC attorney", I pity your clients. @alibreland obsession over some Mayor Pete fan distracts those like you from things that actually matter. You should realize that and concentrate on real issues. You're a PI lawyer, right?
.@CartoonsHateHer: while @ashleyfeinberg obsesses over some Mayor Pete fan, all the candidates - Trump & Dems - push truly outlandish & unrealistic plans without being called on it. She's distracting those like you from things that actually matter.
.@fiondavision: @JaneLytv & all other "reporters" are paid to push the establishment line; if they ever dissented (esp on NeoLiberalism) they'd be out of a job. It's not a "conspiracy theory" (a CIA term) to point out she'd never mention the downsides of elites' policies.
.@NathanBLawrence: @JaneLytv obsesses over what some Mayor Pete fan says on Twitter. She doesn't obsess over being a real journalist & calling all candidates on the huge flaws in their plans. Presidents hold millions of lives in their hands; she obsesses over fluff.
.@gingerventures: bottom line what @ddale8 does. He harps on meaningless fluff while Trump delivers for Big Biz. His quest for clicks is basically running cover for Trump's Big Biz agenda.
.@jtreddog: can you direct us to @ddale8 ever having any impact on Trump? How many things like #DaytonaAirForceOneGate have there been? Did #BadgerGate have any impact? Dale basically *helps* Trump by riling up "The Resistance" over fluff, while Trump helps Big Biz.
.@DaviLindsay: @TurnbullMalcolm admits many don't listen to him. He can't figure out or lies about the reason. He can't make & defend valid arguments so is forced to push censorship. Ex 1: he can't figure out or deceives re how closely "global warming" is linked to SJW types.
.@thecattery: @TurnbullMalcolm strongly supports censorship of his opponents; he thereby admits he can't show them wrong. He isn't smart enough to figure out why millions don't slavishly follow his lead. I suggest you find a smart leader who debates instead of trying to censor.
.@seanbradbery - Sean Bradbery - blocked me, apparently back in 2017. It's from Australia so who cares.
.@MColvinMcKenzie: in the USA, AU has the mindshare of UY. There was a brief blip of interest from that movie decades ago, but that soon passed. Andorra is of greater strategic importance than your meaningless island.
Thanks for showing you strongly support censorship & are too intellectually weak to engage opponents in debate. MT @simonahac [russellcrowe on climate change] is good... now foxtel [apparently an AU network], how about you dump the climate science deniers on @SkyNewsAust]
"Amy? Amy is from the Badger State. She loves animals. She doesn't have a badger, but she does have a dog, a cat, and a big ass that follows her wherever she goes." "[LOL] I wasn't expecting that, sir." "It's all about owning the libs, Sean." #MAGA #resist
We broke our wrist hiking (thus the typos), but Trump earned eight Purple Hearts over his four 'Nam tours. He came back to Lodi with broken bone spurs & a hole in his arm. We close with this, his story: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #ewsist #NowPlaying
.@KashJackson2018: hey @Kash, their are very powerful anti-illegal immigration arguments that resonate with libs (wages, braindrain, etc). I've used them in comments & they really work. Why aren't Trump & @RealJamesWoods using them to undercut Dem leaders to their base?
.@lizjosullivan: take a look at the easily-reproduced data at my pinned tweet showing how thoroughly @delbius protects leaders from Ajit Pai to Rouhani from "harm". Del Harvey censors ~1/2 the replies to Rouhani & ~40% to Medvedev. She silences dissenters to help totalitarians.
.@barringerbits: now, @calwd blogs the 765875960485th iteration of "MX won't pay for the wall". Imagine how hosed Trump would be if he were ever called on how easily Congress will tear down the "wall" when he's out of office, then send Cal & @hopeyen1 a Thank You card.
.@yolandayoungesq: @hopeyen1 blogs that MX isn't paying for the wall. Many have said the same & none of them have had any impact because MAGA has a response. I've posted dozens of times how the wall will fail & there's no answer to that. Yen only uses talking points that fail.
Speaking about real football, here are highlights of what looks to be an engaging match: Toluca vs Pumas: #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@gallowglass321: now, @mikedebonis blogs re long-past Cruz/Trump dustups. Reality shows their fans don't care. There are many ways both are extremely vulnerable to their base, but Mike DeBonis & other "journalists" are too dim/cowardly/unpatriotic to call them on that.
Conflict = clicks; that & pushing Bezos' agenda are all Sean/Mike care about. They aren't patriotic or journalists; if they were they'd call Trump/Cruz on their huge policy vulnerabilities to their bases. MT @matunos MT @WaPoSean [cross-hypes mikedebonis blog re past dustups]
.@LizED81: real football - aka #soccer - doesn't need cheerleaders. A goal can happen in seconds, not after half an hour. Not only is kneeball an inferior sport, it's culturally toxic: NFL icons Ray Lewis, OJ, Hernandez, Al Davis, etc are basically criminals. #NFL100
"It's almost Spring, I must hurry!" Trump muttered as he set to work building the wooden fort on the South Lawn. 24Ahead has no point, so close broadcast den with Kulgrinda: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@WriterKevin: will the @eilperin meltdown re @MississippiMG impact her or Trump? To help you answer, all the similar past meltdowns have only just helped Trump (name a counterexample). If you truly oppose MMG, then enabling those like Juliet - based on reality - won't work.