.@AndRetort @Excalib88557245: the best thing Fox could do against Twitter censorship is to finally tell the truth about it. Most of the 300 million users could be impacted (see my pinned tweet). They falsely pretend only a million or so are impacted. They marginalize the issue.
.@amajorityofone: actually, Trump greatly *helps* Twitter censorship. He falsely pretends only cons are impacted & only cons care about that. In reality, they censor *all* kinds of users. They're much more vulnerable than he pretends, but he won't use that. @EmilieTHF
.@WSWS_Updates: if you truly oppose censorship the only way that counts (across the board, not just of those who agree with you), then start with Twitter. They're much weaker & dimmer than Google. Find a reporter to cover the real data at my pinned tweet.
.@fredswork: as you can see from the real data linked from my pinned tweet, Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. You can easily prove that to yourself, unless you're afraid. @TerranceKozak can't do that. He also *helps* Twitter by marginalizing their opposition.
I have /home on a separate drive & the OS on its own (500gb) drive. Waste of space, but much less worry when changing the OS: just pop the case & unplug the /home drive. Then, plug it back in and change fstab to point to it. #Ubuntu #24AheadGivesTechTips
.@boilerroom481: if you're actually atty, why aren't you smart enough to figure out how useless @elainaplott is at opposing Rudy? He's extremely vulnerable to MAGA on several issues, yet she ignores those. A client finds out you ignore an opponent's weaknesses. What happens?
Trump & Rudy *love* people like you. You're the best opponents those like them could ever have. You're Thailand, Trump & Rudy are USWNT. MT @EvanHoffman [childish dreck about Rudy] MT @elainaplott [watched an old golf show for her blog about Rudy]
I'll pay you a reasonable amount to go to events with newsmakers & ask tough policy questions on video (see my Activism menu). Email ifwdus on the yahoo. MT @mckinneykelsey If you would like to hire me to write features...
#Ubuntu 18 has problems. I switched to #LinuxMint 19 (based on Ubuntu 18) hoping that'd be a partial solution. It isn't much of a solution. I think I might try Ubuntu 19 & see how bad it got or just go back to Mint 17 (based on Ubuntu 16). It'll be supported through 2020.
.@IMTHEMIDDLESIS1: Rudy's extremely vulnerable to MAGA over amnesty, national ID, TTC, Rockefeller, etc. etc. Has @nickconfessore ever even mentioned that, or has he helped Rudy by not even mentioning where Rudy is extremely vulnerable to Trump's base?
.@bononymous: @susandominus spent a year (!) covering 2 congresswomen, and never once asked them anything close to a tough question about policy. It's that kind of "journalism" that led directly to Trump winning.
Does it discuss how closely aligned the Koch agenda (loose borders/free trade/globalism) is with the Dems, MMFA, @alexkotch, etc.? If not, you got duped again. RT @TheRefinedEmo For a truly deep dive on the Kochs, check out Kochland by Christopher Leonard
RT @Feveredpitch I cannot share my soul, my spirit, the kind of communion one enjoys with friends, if they are Trump supporters.
.@JennieinDC: "handmaidens" isn't related to your cowardly reference to the TV show, read the Bible.
.@realworldrj: GWB & Pelosi are very close on policies that matter: they both buy into Gramscism on culture & NeoLiberalism (loose borders, free trade, globalism) on economics. @SherylNYT isn't smart enough to realize that she's paid to pretend they have some huge difference.
"Prosecutors preparing to file charges against Epstein prison guards". Guess how long they have to live. #MAGA #resist
.@johnstodder: in the first result for TimAlberta + immigration, he lies about illegal aliens being "immigrants" & he doesn't understand how weak Trump is on immigration. That's just the first result, I could find lots more if you want. @jimgeraghty just isn't credible.
.@ramey_deb: @jimgeraghty says @timalberta is a "First-Rate Journalist". In the first two instance of the first result for his name + immigration, he can't understand Trump's real position on the issue & he lies about illegal aliens being "immigrants". JG & TA aren't credible.
.@DrewVanosdale @MRocky1616: FYI, Twitter censored your replies to MarshaBlackburn; see 'LowQuality' at my top tweet. If you don't like Twitter trying to silence you (& also want to undercut Trump & Blackburn), find a reporter to cover my data. I haven't had much luck so far.
.@brettglass: if you really care, then turn your tweet question into a real question designed to put him on the spot. Weave upsides/downsides into it. Make it so he'll either answer or look bad by not answering. Then, go ask it. I'll even pay people to ask him it for you.
Pai has it very easy: those who challenge him just wave childish signs or ask tweet questions he'll easily ignore. But.... MT @brettglass [to AjitPaiFCC] How about freeing the #spectrum for INNOVATIVE uses, such as competitive fixed wireless for unserved areas...
.@Dviddles: Ajit Pai & @RepMikeRogers are owned by the same billionaire class that sold off our infrastructure to foreign countries. Don't worry: Trump, also a member of that same class, has a solution.
.@JaiceHarmon: FYI, your 100% anodyne reply to AjitPaiFCC was declared 'LowQuality' by Twitter. Ask your leaders why they refuse to cover the real data at my pinned tweet but instead push fictions about what Twitter does
Tired of Kap, #TakeAKnee, BLM, Myles Garrett, & all the other #NFL garbage? Tomorrow at noon Pacific, ESPN has Wales vs Hungary in real football (i.e., soccer). They aren't top flight teams, but compare it to the toxic mess that is the NFL. #KCvsLAC #MAGA #resist
.@whatsupjantz: real football is ~8x faster than kneeball: there's only ~12 minutes of actual action in a kneeball game. Players are big babies who need to be given a specific team (offense or defense), pointed in the right direction, & given chance after chance. @BarstoolBigCat
.@HenryMarten1602: nothing - absolutely nothing - @crampell has ever said about Trump has had any impact on him whatsoever. She just virtue signals to those like you & lacks the smarts & the guts to take her arguments (such as they are) to Trump's base.
Catherine Rampell of the #WaPo is still wearing fake eyelashes. At the same time, she probably shaves her pits & snatch. Go natural, gals. #MAGA #resist
In Europe, two countries have constantly battled for centuries, constantly at each others' throats & constantly invading each other. Tuesday at noon (Pacific), the Final Battle will be fought as Wales faces off against Hungary on ESPN. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@UTCHIEFSFAN: real football can have several changes of possession per minute. Players have to be ready to play offense or defense at any time. And, they have to do it on their own. Kneeball players need to be pointed in the right direction or they'd f up. #KCvsLAC
.@thomas4293: the solution for @NFL is to hire Kap as an NFL exec. Hey, they put Ray Lewis in the HoF, can't get much worse than that.
.@4nthonylol: considering that #NFL put Ray Lewis in the HoF, Philip Rivers is an upgrade. IAC, kneeball is a joke. Normally this MX stadium hosts real football: constant action & players who don't need a politburo to direct their every move. #KCvsLAC
Trump led me through a large kitchen into an even larger dining hall. "Recognize this, Ainsley? It's an exact replica of Comet Ping Pong. See the 'Spirit Cooking' posters? I've got John Podesta locked in the hidden basement until he tells me how Hillary did it." #MAGA #resist
If there's one thing Trump & Bernie agree on, it's that you have to be ready for some *real* football 24/7. Even right now, as Ireland takes on Denmark on ESPN right now. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
24Ahead Behind The Scenes: my references to things like "Wong's Chinese Palace" are based on a real place in Salinas I visited once or twice. There are lots of similar places. #ennui #BTS #MAGA #resist
After 'Nam, Trump came back to the USA with busted bone spurs and a bad habit. He ended up in Lodi & got a dead end job delivering for Wong's Chinese Palace. 24Ahead thus close with this, his story: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@VWilcoxMD: Trump is, to some extent, an @AnnCoulter creation. He's brought up important topics but "Coulterized" them, dimming them down to the lowest level possible. He's a venal derpkin who's pandered to E. Indians & would to American Indians. And Coulter enabled all that.
.@chjatin115: stackoverflow has some good advice, but I'll remember to discount yours. Antifa & unruly r/w / Trump fans - attacking reporters, Trump encouraging his fans to attack dissenters, etc. - are just two sides of the same coin.
.@Russian44859821: @AnnCoulter also says the "wall" would be "forever". Three years on, no new "wall" at all. I accurately predicted that, see my site. She couldn't figure out what would happen or a better way to do things. Instead, she constantly enabled Trump's worst instincts.
.@PaulaMedical: to unpatriots like @kirstiealley & @jamespyles, the homeless are the new "welfare queens". They punch way down at fellow Americans in trouble in order to mask that the anti-American NeoLiberal policies they enable are a major contributing factor to the problem.
Plenty of progressives have cheered the deaths of their opponents too, thinking that will solve all problems. Sometimes that's organized. James E. Higgins is just as bad as they are. MT @krausem16 [that's not classy] MT @JamesEHiggins [cheers Ignatiev dying]
Leave the same comment at Breitbart &, as long as they don't immediately ban you, you'll get lots of replies. What can you do with those replies that would help you? MT @resistwithlove1 Trump has gotten us 3,000,000,000,000 (3 trillion) more in debt...
.@CeleryVase @destroyed4com4t: from your POV, the much more serious issue with prisonplanet is how he helps Twitter censor liberals. They heavily censor replies from libs to Trump officials. By falsely pretending only cons are censored, PJW marginalizes their opposition.
After 'Nam, Trump came home only to be spat on by filthy, communist hippies. He got a job delivering for Wong's Chinese Palace in Stockton. He had busted bone spurs & a hole in his arm. This is his story: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@nursevictoria11: Twitter's most widespread censorship is of replies. They heavily censor replies to Rouhani, Medvedev, Duterte, etc. They heavily censor liberals replying to Trump officials. @Joshua4Congress would get a lot of support if he called Twitter on my pinned tweet.
.@InclitusRegnum: FYI, @HumanProgress is from CATO, a group funded by Koch & other billionaires. Their only goal is to help those billionaires make more money (incl via corporation socialism). Their talk about social issues is just to find dupes to help push their fiscal agenda.
.@alyshadelvalle: a paycheck's a paycheck, but kneeball is culturally-toxic. They put Ray Lewis in the HoF, despite his bloody shirt. The plays are like prison fights. The players need constant direction or they'd face the wrong way. Urge Fred to cover real football.
.@chessninja: the smart way to undercut Trump is to go to public events by his proxies & challenge them on the huge flaws in his policies (see below) using questions that resonate with *his base*. Ignore #resist, focus on his base. @Kasparov63
.@tw00ps: years ago, I told the top pro-NN group how to keep it: challenge @AjitPaiFCC to his face using Socratic questions (like lawyers ask at cross-examinations) on video for Youtube. That would've kept it. They instead waved signs like kids, etc etc. Learn from that.
.@gpublicity1 @AmyTrask: kneeball is culturally-toxic. They even put someone involved in a double murder in the Hall of Fame (OJ was already in the HoF when he did his murders, I'm talking about Ray Lewis). They'll probably put Myles Garrett in the HoF too. Try real football.
.@earldean71: what do you expect your content-free, childish chiding of @AjitPaiFCC to accomplish? Did you even get that far? He & Trump have succeeded precisely because of those like you & your leaders who encourage childish rather than smart things.
.@buccigross: in terms of complete athleticism, the frisbee game on ESPN News is more of a sport than kneeball. Long passes, runs, etc but without needing to be pointed in the right direction, given countless chances to score, & needing to pause btw each play to direct every move
.@crazy_boris: imagine a video "I showed the FTC wrong about #COPPA!" Wouldn't that undercut the FTC position and get lots of views? Go to an FTC event & ask them a "Socratic question" (like lawyers use). Not just your opinion or an open-ended question, but something very tough.
.@AndreiTerbea: I have no idea what #COPPA is, but if you want to impact it & get lots of views, so to a public appearance by a Youtube/FCC/etc exec and really press them on the flaws in their support or opposition. In an accessible way that everyone can understand.
.@Thejakesmith_: @NFL & kneeball in general are culturally toxic. Big baby players, some criminals. Some/many are hostile to many of their fans (BLM). Plus, it's a joke of a sport. Real football has constant actions & players thinking for themselves, not just meat puppets.
"An errant golf ball flew at me, but Trump reached out & grabbed it." "Don't be so surprised, Ainsley. Didn't you know I was drafted as the Yankees shortstop out of prep school? I went to 'Nam instead, working ops with the Company. Bone spurs was just a cover." #MAGA #resist
.@dbloomy: many kneeball players - like those in #CHIvsLAR - are big fans of BLM. BLM is hostile to whites & other non-blacks. Take a look at their list of demands (the NYT published it a while back). Why are you a fan of a sport you can't play & whose players are hostile?
.@LindsTeach1386: @ChicagoBears & kneeball in general are a big joke. Kneeball players get pointed in the right direction, their every move is scripted, & they get chance after chance to score. The players are big babies on and off the field & some are big baby felons.
"You know Bear Grylls, right, Ainsley? We were on the 16 at Augusta when it started to rain, hard. Lots and lots of rain. Bear started to get worried as the greens flooded. I made a raft out of our golf bags & got him back to the clubhouse safe & sound!" #FoxNews #MAGA #resist
.@TimMalia: thank your lucky stars for GOP proxies like @JamesRosenTV. There are tough questions - like about the anti-American DREAM/DACA - he could ask that would really put Pelosi on the spot and undercut her to her base. His partisan show will have no impact on her.
You two are peas in a pod. Neither of you want to mention where Warren is most vulnerable: how pro-Big Biz she is on immigration. Steve *agrees* with her on that. MT @mistresstina [hypocrisy!] MT @SteveGuest [Liz] Warren is such a FRAUD... [hypocrisy!]...
~~ DRUDGE BREAKING SIREN ~~ FBI investigators have found incriminating searches on Trump's iPhone, like "how to say 'bribe' in Ukrainian" and "how to commit high crimes and misdemeanors and get away with it." #BREAKINGNEWS #MAGA #resist
Are you ready for some *real* football? The USL Championship is on ESPN right now. #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #502 ("Close broadcast day with video of Marie Yovanovitch going to impeachment hearing but pausing before doors of meeting deciding what to say") 24Ahead says OK: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@TBoyMB: @kurtbardella has IDed Trump's ego & emotional issues as one of his great vulnerabilities. But - unlike Putin, Erdogan, etc. - Kurt simply isn't smart enough to take advantage of it to get what he wants. Your leaders are your problem.
Putin's smart enough to use Trump's ego to get what he wants. Why can't Kurt, #TheResistance, etc? Hint: it's two letters. MT @SalannB1 [...relives Watergate...] MT @kurtbardella [blogs "Trump's impeachment tantrums reveal a fragile ego obsessed with saving his legacy"]
.@schwingstate: @craigscolorado will be fine. What you should do is urge him to greatly help the USA. That means going to appearances by Trump proxies & engaging them on the huge flaws in Trump's plans, using Socratic questions, on video for Youtube. Trump'll hate that.
.@mcmanus_whitley: @craigscolorado doing a podcast, being on CNN, etc will help his $ but it won't undercut Trump. Only way he can do that is to call Trump's proxies to their face on video on the huge flaws in Trump's plans. In a way that'll undercut Trump to his base.
.@sangster: hey Ben, imagine if Etsy helped oppressive regimes, like knowingly selling products made by Chinese prison & child labor. Wouldn't you oppose that? @mikecvet & Twitter greatly help Rouhani etc by heavily censoring replies to them. See my pinned tweet for real data.
Many of the problems in SF are due to TWTR, GOOG, etc reducing the city to two tiers: the very rich & the very poor. But, at least you got a little help in the garden for a few hours. MT @TwitterForGood [photo op w @TNDC community garden] #Tenderloin
The smart thing for the 10s of millions of Trump leaners is to withhold their votes for more & better: smart anti-illegal immigration arguments instead of a vaporware "wall", etc. The mental/emotional issues of those voters keeps them from doing that. #MAGA #resist
Given two alternatives - the sheer scum that is Trump on one hand, the the sheer scum that is the Dems on the other, 10s of millions have made the rational (in their context) choice of Trump. He offers solutions to their problems, the Dems just despise them. #MAGA #resist
.@ChrisJZullo: imagine you're a Trump fan & you see him hyping @KimStrassel of the very NeoLiberal (loose borders, free trade, globalism) WSJ. Then, you look at Dems & #TheResistance. You look back at Trump & Strassel. You look again at "the Resistance". What do you do?
The 7 Stages of #TheResistance Grief: 1. Tantrum. 2. Tantrum. 3. Tantrum. 4. Tantrum. 17. Tantrum. 8212. Tantrum. 3. Tantrum. #MAGA
.@_KevinSteele_: hey Kevin, @EddieRispone (before he lost) supported a Muslim ban. You should know how that worked out: it was blocked for months. When it was blocked, did Trump ramp up screening enough to keep us safe (and thus his ban wasn't needed) or didn't he?
.@DolFanBandits: thanks for being an @NFL superfan! NFL is all about the tradition. It started 100 years ago with a simple idea: one man bending over while another slips his hands between his thighs. It soon left the bushes in Central Park to become USA's favorite sport! #NFL100
.@egheitasean: @EddieRispone might've lost, but his ideas live on because your leaders are grossly incompetent. It's very easy to show Trump's Muslim ban wrong *to his base*. List all the times your leaders have done that against Trump or Rispone: [empty space] [empty space]
.@vincejgonzalez: @EddieRispone supports a Muslim ban until we get better screening. Trump's been prez for 3 years. Either he ramped up screening enough to keep out ISIS embeds from France, Yemen, etc or he didn't. If he did, no ban is needed. If he didn't, he endangered USA.
.@matt_lorenzo7: as @T_FdEz points out, your @EddieRispone talking point is wrong. In fact, he forced his opponents to backtrack. You got "owned". Meanwhile, his support for a Muslim ban shows how incompetent Trump is. You don't know that because your leaders are dim & corrupt.
.@westtexasmommy: this is real football. @BUFootball & kneeball in general are about doing permanent damage to opponents. Greatest crimes real football players commit is tax evasion. Kneeball players have been implicated in murders.
.@BonnieBernstein: it might pay your bills, but kneeball is a joke of a sport. The big baby players need constant hand-holding. They need to be pointed in the right direction and given chance after chance to make a goal. Real football has constant actions & *real* athletes.
.@gregt_44: I'm boycotting @NFL into they make Kap a QB or an NFL executive! #Bernie #ImWithKap #TakeAKnee
Billy: thanks for not being quite as sociopathic as Brandon Adams. Good job. MT @DawgNationDaily [cheers a sports opponent's injury] MT @BillyHoward_KW Love winning. The way we do it though is unecessary. Kirby has to stop coaching this way when he is up big in games. Period.
.@StephStradley: hey Steph, compare @NFL to real football. #NFL is full of sociopaths, they put someone involved in a double murder in their HoF, there are 30s to 10m between *each play*, the players are big babies who need constant hand-holding, two platoons to avoid confusing..
#UGA Supporters = sociopaths. Cheering someone getting injured? Of course, I'm not surprised: kneeball is a sociopathic joke of a sport. MT @central_cfb MT @Support_UGA Georgia just broke the hearts of Bama, Auburn and Florida fans all in one night. Got to love it!
"I am Trump!" the crowd screamed in unison on the National Mall earlier today as millions turned out to support the USA against the Deep State. 24Ahead close broadcast day with video to warm heart: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@annapickard: check out the reports at my pinned tweet showing how heavily Twitter censors dissenters replying to Rouhani, Duterte, Medvedev, etc. Like Trump, there isn't a repressive regime they aren't keen to help. @rondoftw helps implement Twitter helping those leaders.
.@vikramadhiman: FYI, @rondoftw censors about half the replies to Rouhani. See the real data at my pinned tweet that you can easily verify. Like Ronnie Chen, are you keen on helping a repressive regime hide from dissent?
.@YOHO_me: Garrett is just the latest example of how sociopathic NFL is. They even put someone involved in a double murder in their Hall of Fame. Plus, kneeball is a joke. The same general plays as real football, but with 30s to 10m between *each and every play*.
.@JasonHornbuckle: not only that, Trump, @joelpollak, & Breitbart are now pushing Obama's unpatriotic plan to legalize millions of DREAMers. They're as bad as he was. The patriotic alternative is a repatriations; pointing that out might be one of the reasons Breitbart banned me.
.@ShurrieP: @BreitbartNews has repeatedly pushed amnesty. They pushed the Goodlatte amnesty as "pro-American" & Joel Pollak rushed to support amnesty as soon as Trump openly came out for amnesty. If you oppose amnesty, are you going to keep enabling Breitbart?
.@mtvail: just a few days ago, Trump came out yet again in support of amnesty. Breitbart has repeatedly pushed amnesty (like the Goodlatte amnesty). By enabling them, you enable amnesty.
.@carpiediem: Trump isn't smart enough to undercut his opponents & his base just enables him. A smart thing he could do right now is make arguments targeted *to liberals* that show how Pelosi etc harm workers via mass immigration. That'd greatly help him & USA. Has he?
There are only 34k people in #Gibraltar. It's not like there's a huge talent pool for keepers. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
Spain couldn't beat Russia, but they did beat Malta 7-0. #whoo #MAGA #resist
I'll point out how delusional you are to your fan after Trump's reelected. RT @jimstinson [Coulter] has high expectations for a president not in office for even 60 days.
No real liberal wants to silence opponents. For some reason Twitter has elevated your illiberal, pro-censorship tweet yet, instead of trying your best to show her wrong (very easy for me) you just show how degraded you are. MT @JakeBrownArt [Ann Coulter], SHHHhhhhhhhh...
By multiple requests, here's Italy beating Bosnia in the Euro Qualifiers. In Arabic. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@ByronSumpter: full auto machine guns were freely available in years past. How many school shootings were there? @SenWarren on guns = Trump's "wall", his Muslim ban, etc. She doesn't want to face cultural changes that've led to so many school shootings.
.@Hexdek16: Trump & Liz Warren are both just demagogues, only the groups are different. His harebrained plan is arming teachers, hers is banning guns. Full auto machine guns were legal for over a decade & there weren't background checks, etc. List all the school shootings then.
If you really care, urge others to go to Liz' townhalls & ask her why there weren't mass shootings in past decades well before gun control. Press her on that & you'll help change the conversation. MT @drdativc [to Liz Warren, wants to address why kids go for mass shootings]