The *only* things so far that will outlast the Trump admin are his Supreme Court picks & how he & #MAGA have degraded the culture. Everything else he does will be easily rolled back. His fans lack smarts/sanity to realize that. #TheResistance
.@ShilohRoslin: point out to @gregg_re fan(s) the issues with his "Trump announces escalating tariffs against Mexico, starting at 5 percent, until illegal immigrants 'STOP'": 1. Anything Trump does can be easily undone. 2. Trump completely ignores pull factors (i.e., Big Biz).
Matt, GOP, Breitbart/Daily Caller, etc simply aren't smart/sane/patriotic enough to undercut DIS/Netflix/etc. RT @MattWolking ["rapid response" for Trump2020] netflix Continues Production In Egypt, Where Abortion Is Illegal, While Considering Georgia Boycott Over Heartbeat Bill
In real sports news, Oklahoma goes up 2-1 against Alabama in the #WCWS. #NBAFinals
Like I said, bad fielding = entertainment! #WCWS
.@plcjoanne: to @peterjhasson 's "Disney Threatens To Boycott Georgia But Partners With China, Which Puts Muslims In Internment Camps" you suggest a boycott of DIS. When's the last time a conservative boycott worked? DIS will win *because* of cons like Hasson.
In real sports news, Alabama has tied it up against Oklahoma in the #WCWS. Bad fielding = entertainment! #NBAFinals
.@shannonfarren: the idea that USS McCain shouldn't be an issue shows why Trump has always won. It should be an issue: it points out what a fragile snowflake he is & it can be used to undercut him to his base *if used correctly*. How difficult can it be to show how fake he is?
"North Korea Executed Envoy Over Trump-Kim Summit, Chosun Reports". Everyone knows Trump will react in the wrong way, including #MAGA. Everyone knows he's a worthless POS. Only some excuse his behavior. #TheResistance
In a real sport, Oklahoma is up 1-0 against Alabama in the #WCWS. #NBAFinals
Stefanie Hertel has one goal - to Make Switzerland Great Again! 24Ahead closes with her campaign video featuring singing & backing that only Trump could exceed! #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MSGA
Think through what'd have to happen for you to think like Zippy. Then realize that's the main audience for Manjoo. MT @Zippy_McAwesome [to @fmanjoo re his blog calling to censor Fox News] I mean they [Fox News] aren't even allowed to call themselves a news outlet.
.@djgeoffe: you cheer @fmanjoo blogging "Worry About Facebook. Rip Your Hair Out in Screaming Terror About Fox News." That means you support censorship like him and, like him, aren't smart enough to figure out how to undercut Fox honorably and like a citizen.
.@sivavaid: the "undocumented immigrants" in what @sarahjeong quotes are illegal aliens. Her boss is one of the richest in the world & he supports migration from MX to US. If she opposed that she'd be out of a job. P.S. She's on the same basic side as US Chamber & the Koch bros.
.@WorkFamilyCA: many NGOs are completely fake. They support mass/illegal immigration to gain racial power, even as that immigration completely undercuts their supposed mission. Are you sincere, or just after more power and a greater paycheck?
.@greenSVLG: how many zero-emission buses could Zuck buy with what he made in the time it took to tweet this? How about Zuck, Sergei, etc. pay for *all* the impacts of their companies rather than relying on (or paying off) those like @kevinmullin to make everyone else pay for it?
More corporate socialism. MT @greenSVLG t/y CA Assm members who supported passage of #AB784 today, & thank you @kevinmullin for your steadfast leadership on accelerating the deployment of zero-emission buses, bolstering local manufacturing jobs, & improving local air quality
~~DRUDGE BREAKING SIREN~~ This is the newly uncovered video of Obama passing the torch to Trump: #MAGA #resist
.@Wolfworks: @PhilTing is as keen on corporate socialism as Trump. He pushes to give Big Biz even more cheap labor, while he pushes everyone in California to pay their workers' healthcare, education, etc. Don't look at the suede-denim facade, look at the bottom line.
.@CindyMrtnez: everyone in California is negatively impacted by mass legal/illegal immigration (everyone that is except for racial power advocates, Dem leaders, & Big Biz). Choose more racial power or a better educated populace, you can't have both.
.@miltsdad: @JackieSpeier inadvertently said something that - if repeated over & over - would really hurt Trump with his base. Especially if his proxies were forced to admit she's right. So, why hasn't she been repeating it?
.@maggie64207422: plus, @MichaelDTubbs cheers #first5ca: an "oh s***!" response by the elites. They messed up bad by enabling mass immigration & they realize California will vie with Alabama for lowest ranked state shortly. Tubbs is too corrupt to address the real issue.
Smiling, confident professional women @farrellERA & @AsmAguiarCurry took advantage of a sale on poses:
Should kids get out of their comfort zone, have new experiences with kids from different backgrounds? Or, should they cocoon themselves in comfortable, unchallenging surroundings? MT @ekgabel We asked all the 2020 Democrats how they’d fix child care [Vox link]
.@JulieLowen: FYI, your tweet ("Please verify that decisions are made based upon merit/not politics! Every Child Deserves to begin life with Big Dreams!") to @Rendon63rd @Child_360 was censored by Twitter (put into the "LowQuality" section, see my top tweet). Ask them to oppose.
"White House Wanted USS John McCain ‘Out of Sight’ During Trump Japan Visit". What a f-ing scumball. #MAGA #resist
App idea: eHowser. Using advanced AI technologies, it scans your surroundings and prompts you with lines. An example will make clear: before: "nice plants, granny" after: "wow, those are nice petunias! And such brilliant colors! You have a green thumb!" #KCET #California
24Ahead thus close broadcast day with this video of Trump's years in Buffalo: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@MissMyrtle2: see this 3 minute, easily verified video showing that Parscale is lying or can't do basic research. If @SchreckReports were a real reporter, wouldn't he know this already & wouldn't he have tried to call Parscale on it?
.@mhickey187: if Trump had his way, people like *you* would be banned. Didn't you learn "First they came..." in school? Be a real liberal, not a wannabe bookburner like Trump.
.@Bing / #Twitter couldn't translate "Speaking about Trump, new Rammstein video with Ausländer" from "German". #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
Speaking about Trump, new Rammstein video with Ausländer: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@natogreen: as a labor organizer, what do you think of those like @melmason constantly enabling attempts by Big Biz to lower wages via mass legal/illegal immigration? Either you care about opposing Big Biz as Cesar Chavez did, or you're corrupt. Which is it?
.@VetrepreneurOne: a #GuaranteedLivableIncome [#GLI] or #UBI won't do anyone any good if Big Biz is allowed to balloon the labor supply via mass legal/illegal #immigration. You can't fight supply & demand. Ask @JosephNSanberg how much he'd increase the labor supply by.
.@Twocsanimallove: your $ issues are because our elites - & wannabes like @JosephNSanberg - have taken NeoLiberal policies (loose borders, free trade, globalism) as their religion. Anyone who dissents is an apostate. Fight Koch-style policies, don't enable those who push them.
.@MarcieBianco: while we definitely need the "intersectional analysis of wealth inequity and poverty" of @JosephNSanberg, one of the key reasons for poverty is NeoLiberal policies (free trade, loose borders, globalism). Since the LATimes hypes him, he's 110% NeoLiberal.
"Jared Kushner, Google's Schmidt and Microsoft's Nadella to attend secret Bilderberg Meeting". On the plus side, that might cause the trained sheep on the "left" to turn into Alex Joneses overnight. #MAGA #resist
.@Natalie_DeVito: @bradlander blogs "Being A Man Helped My Career At Every Step. That's Why I'm Endorsing Elizabeth Warren". Could there have been other factors or did he achieve his lofty post only due to his gender? Is an Old Gals' Network the solution to an Old Boys' Network?
.@BorisSantosBK: Bernie, Liz Warren (& thus @bradlander, to the extent he has any policies) all support very pro-Big Biz immigration policies that'd reduce wages. Trump - despite his bluster & attempts to portray him as tough - is on the same basic side as all of them.
The privately-built "wall" is yet another in the long line of examples of how conservatives *help* the pro-amnesty side. They sink their very beings into a bad joke while attempting to undercut smart solutions that would actually work. #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@stankm: review what happened to KrisKobach1787's SB1070: he messed up & he only just helped the ACLU. Likewise, he didn't get a permit for his 0.5 mile "wall" that illegal aliens will just go around. All that's needed to curb illegal immigration is to make smart arguments.
.@Republican6365: if you're 10 miles from @KrisKobach1787 's 0.5 mile wall, what bearing change would avoid it entirely? He didn't even get a permit for it, giving his opponents an easy way to tear it down. Kobach has *never* won anything on immigration, he just helps the ACLU.
Perennial loser @KrisKobach1787 is building 0.5 miles of border fence, but didn't get a permit first. And he's supposedly a lawyer.
.@RVAwonk: you say "But the doctored video of Nancy Pelosi can stay up.." I agree, Facebook needs to be more vigilant. It's not just the Pelosi vid but Twisted Sister records, plus all the books on this list:
.@ManfromFlorida: @GovBillWeld is just a RINO, he stands no chance. He lacks smarts/sanity/integrity to understand where Trump is weak & go after him on it. He could undercut Trump by pointing out Trump's PR response made FL more blue. Weld is too dim & wimpy to mention that.
"There's no crying on Everest!" Trump bellowed down at Wilbur Ross & Betsy DeVos as they struggled to join their leader on the summit as part of a White House teambuilding exercise. "Sarah! Take away their oxygen & the rope, they need to learn a lesson!" #MAGA #resist
.@SistahSHE: @ericswalwell isn't just a self-hating racist, he's racist against all other whites. Voters have caught on to how toxic he is: despite more CNN appearances than probably any other recent candidate, he's stuck at 0%.
Looks like he's got the no-avatar/all-numeric-name vote sewed up! However, Dems cheering a GOP is toxic for him: it makes him a RINO. RT @19991231235959 [to @GovBillWeld] Governor Weld, I a lifelong Democrat would without hesitation vote for you!
.@DrOz: merhaba! Greg Gutfeld of Fox recently had an issue where he was using multiple "devices" that all oscillated at the same frequency. They harmonically locked. Please urge all celebs to use "devices" tuned to different - preferably prime - frequencies to prevent disaster.
Drudge has an update on @GregGutfeld and it looks like good news. Apparently he was using three devices when they harmonically synchronized (like a microwave oven) & caused a mild version of SHC (Spontaneous Human Combustion). However, he's expected to make a full recovery.
Pursuant to Trump National Official Order #098234-E ("mellow now, but on July 4 we're having party including my speech"), 24Ahead close broadcast day by urging all to mellow: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #mellow
Pro-amnesty leaders (NGOs, Big Biz, etc.) know how much Trump agrees with them on #immigration. They pretend he's tough to bring in the donations & press mentions. #TheResistance isn't smart enough to figure that out.
.@Defeat_Trump2: @CarolynEvertso1 have at least one thing in common: both support the anti-American, pro-Big Biz DACA. Trump is weakest on immigration, but opposing his actual position to undercut him to his base isn't going to work if you agree with him.
The "conservative mission": wealthy suckering some into helping them make more money & low-level grifters grifting off the same suckers. MT @JimDelRey [libs would be hoist on own petard, so] This is why one part of the conservative mission involves saving [libs] from themselves.
Has Cucinelli run on immigration or run away from it? How many times has Trump hinted at or pushed amnesty? I suggest being a savvy (& cynical) news consumer. MT @jilevin Union chief blasts Trump pick to lead [USCIS], says choice signals 'end of legal immigration'
.@Guyism: in things that matter, @Schwarzenegger ran as a reformer then went completely corrupt in office. Among many other things, he let the murderous son of a corrupt pol buddy out of prison early. He pushed amnesty to suck up to Bush. Has he renounced his AT citizenship?
.@AtotheOD: a Shetland nude scene.
.@mcbyrne: I don't know about that, but @jonathanchait has always had the means to negatively impact Trump. Instead, he's just whined in a small fishbowl & nothing he's ever said has had any impact whatsoever. Urge him to finally help with smart anti-Trump plans.
.@KenSimonn: you complain about Trump's corporate socialism, yet @PhilMcCausland is pushing NeoLiberalism (free trade, loose borders, globalism). That's the biggest example of corporate socialism ever devised. It's meant gains for some, misery for many.
Given the untold millions of starving people around the world, #foodies - especially a foodie dog - are beyond immoral. Not to mention eating contests. For more, consult my many past tweets on this topic. #MAGA #resist
In most of the world, this would start with the dog looking at a "To Serve Dog" book and it would end a whole lot differently. #foodies #MAGA #resist
.@popeyethefoodie is great! I'm going to follow you on Instagram!! #LosAngeles #foodies
.@SunandSipCups: did you see the other reply busting @TomNamako & #BuzzFeed for deception? I mean, think about it: Ben Shapiro being the gateway to Stormfront? That shouldn't pass anyone's smell test but it's what Buzz Feed & thus Namako claim.
Tactics of "progressives"/#TheResistance fall into two basic groups: the stupid/childish (puppets, balloons, marches, etc.) & trying to quash dissent (playing race card, shouting opponents down, smears, outright censorship, etc.) Cons & #MAGA wallow in the same tactics.
MC blocked me over questions about Trump's vaporware "wall". BF attempts to quash dissent will win: their loudest opponents lack smarts/sanity. MT @KurtS96734 [to Cernovich] not a big fan of @benshapiro but no one should be impugned with a lie. BuzzFeed has become irrelevant
"Per to Nolan, she began with rightwing yet mainstream views such as those presented on Fox News. She then moved on to writing by @BenShapiro and articles on Breitbart News which bridged the gap to the notorious white supremacist and anti-Semititc propaganda site Stormfront."
#Mets now have bases loaded in the 8th with just 1 out. Jansen is coming in to hopefully give up a homer. #Dodgers
.@BlueBoxDave: you blog "IAN BREMMER PUSHES FAKE NEWS ON TWITTER. WILL LIBERALS CARE?" The answer is the same as "[TRUMP DID A HORRIBLE THING THAT MADE ME CRY], WILL CONS CARE?" It's OK to listen to smart people. You don't have to try to do everything yourself and fail at it.
TWTR heavily censors all kinds, not just cons. You're supporting censorship rather than opposing it. MT @dennis_peter_58 "Will we have calls to investigate Twitter for allowing this tweet on their platform? Will Bremmer be banned from the website, as many conservatives have?"
In the 8th, #Mets are now only down by 3 to the #Dodgers with no outs. #DodgersDelendaEst
Not only that, but 98% of the TVs in #Canada are big screen & hi-def (mostly stolen from Americans in home invasion robberies). Together with their genetic mutations, they usually see it go in (unless they're too drunk as usual). #StanleyCup #MAGA #resist
In the 1920s, the Canadian govt started an "Eat A Carrot A Day For Your Health" program. Canadians didn't ask any questions but just did what they were told. As a result, their populace has literally evolved into having freakishly good eyesight. #Canada #MAGA #resist
The average American eats a few pounds of carrots per year. The average Canadian? Close to 50 pounds. It started with a "Eat a carrot a day to keep the doctor away" campaign in the 1920s. They'll plead ignorance if asked, but Canadians - unlike us - see it go in. #StanelyCup
Trump is in Japan. Trump is (intellectually) lazy. 24Ahead close broadcast day. 24Ahead needs a Japan-related song to close broadcast day. Putting all that together: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@HueroJack: @SilERabbit tries to presents border control as racist, which is exactly what Big Biz wants. U.S. Chamber & Koch have spent millions pushing for mass/illegal immigration, not to mention big banks. P.S. I've been opposing Trump's dim plans/quotes from Day One.
.@PatTheBerner: one of your tweets opposed the MSM censorship push. For over a year I've been trying to get MSM reporters to cover the real data at my top tweet showing how heavily Twitter censors *all* kinds of users. Maybe you can find someone.
Suburban Lawns - Green Eyes: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Buttigieg speaks Norwegian, except the only thing he knows how to say is "That's all the Norwegian I know". MT @JRubinBlogger Buttigieg stands out because he is remarkably disciplined, can effortlessly show expertise and projects authority on foreign affairs.
"We felt that putting our users in mortal danger was the right move". Bear in mind this was years before the Trump regime. #MAGA #resist
.@CarrollQuigley1: interesting. How do you expect to get any traction when your fans are craycrays who think Comet Ping Pong has a basement, who don't really oppose censorship (they're just peeved they aren't the censors), and who act as fanboys for Trump?
Likewise, if Trump tries to silence dissent it'll only be to make things fair. MT @joe_zappa Do any of the [Facebook] execs get that not acting IS acting, not moderating is neither apolitical nor neutral?
How about - unlike @karaswisher - you act like a real liberal? Stop enabling those like Trump & Putin, don't act like lukewarm versions of them. MT @_elena How about I make a similar video [to the slowed-down Pelosi vid] featuring Zuck to see how long that lasts on the platform?
.@CHURCHLADY320: all Trump's loudest opponents have ever had to do was engage him or his proxies in debate about how Trump's signature issues will fail miserably. Without those issues, Trump would just be a joke. Ask @Will_Bunch why he's never done smart things.
How do #TheResistance & other loud Trump opponents manage to make it through the day? If they can't figure out how to undercut a doof like Trump, how can they do basic things like their laundry, feed themselves, make sure they're wearing pants before going out...... #MAGA
.@GregMitch: hey Greg, what are some smart ways to undercut Trump or at least hold him accountable? I don't mean wishes like impeachment, I mean action plans everyone can help with right now.
.@warren__terra: you & @CharlesPPierce would have NYT keep doing things that obviously don't work. Trump's loudest opponents have a mental age of 2. Smart way to undercut Trump: call his proxies on how Congress will neglect his "wall" when he's out. Will Pierce do that?
.@Will_Bunch RTs @galavanter cheering a Bunch blog: "Great piece! I'm for taking it to the streets, if Pelosi doesn't honor her oath." Don't forget your pussy hats.
.@hdbintn: Bernie spoke out against very pro-Big Biz mass/illegal #immigration (calling it a Koch scheme in his Vox interview). Then, the first time he ran he... pushed very pro-Big Biz immigration policy. Take whatever @AriRabinHavt says with a sack of salt. Bernie folds.
.@DigitalLiberty: have you met @UpWithLiberty? Also, several years ago & powered by Koch money, @mkibbe & Dick Armey blogged in the WSJ that they & Teaparty were going to take over the GOP in an obvious scheme to help Koch etc make more money. How'd all that work out?
.@Buster_ESPN: in August, #ESPN will switch into "Kneeball 24/7" mode, even as kneeball has lost millions of viewers and will probably be illegal in a decade or so. Please urge ESPN suits to give people an alternative: baseball & soccer.
Or, it could be that Twitter has banned a lot of real people, incl libs. Twitter heavily censors libs replying to Trump officials. Don't enable TWTR's anti-speech crusades. MT @AmoneyResists It’s great [that Trump's RTs etc are declining]. It means his bots are getting blocked
#Cardinals finally get out of an inningis horribilis. #SNB #MAGA #resist
.@caborose: at this rate, with opponents like @nrothschild3 to help him & w #TheResistance to enable those like Neal, Trump won't be out of office for 6 years. None of his loudest opponents can figure out to do simple things, like calling his proxies on how the "wall" will fail.
.@quinnscanlan: you blog "Cheney won't respond to tweet about Biden, says she supports Trump's N. Korea policy". That indicates you're asking bad questions. Ask a smart friend for a smart line of questioning, then have the humility to ask those questions.
She's our Beethoven. RT @quinnscanlan ladygaga is a national treasure and we are NOT appreciating her talent enough
#Cardinals always have the Self Destruct button ready, this time due to Hicks. #SNB #MAGA #resist
Jessica Mendoza preferred 100+MPH softball pitches. #SNB #MAGA #resist
It was sprinkling when I went out but started raining fairly heavily as I was driving back. #LosAngeles hasn't been as cold as it sometimes gets, but it's still cool. Rainfall totals for Jan-Apr are about our yearly average. This is as bad as the people in #Buffalo get.
And thus 24Ahead close broadcast day with this video of a typical journey on the Official Trump Golf Cart: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Trump certainly doesn't support all who are censored. He - & most likely you - are just angry you aren't the censors. MT @worldgoneweirde [Charles Martel's "granddaughter"] MT @J_TrumpIN Thankful for Trump RTing for James Woods & all conservatives [against censorship]