2018: Trump barely escapes impeachment after failing to try Wolf Blitzer for sedition & lese majeste. 2019: To fund Trump Wall, Trump sells Alaska to Putin for $20 billion. 2019: 200 miles of Trump Wall are built. 2020: Trump nukes Andorra as a distraction. #MAGA #resist
.@philipaklein & @TomRtweets have to defend their idol at any cost, so try to pretend that Cesar Sayoc is some sort of anomaly. In fact, his tweets are indistinguishable from thousands of other Trump superfans on Twitter, in comments, etc. #MAGABomber #MAGA #resist
Previous Trump enablers' line: #MAGABomber was just a false flag. New Trump enablers' line: @hardrock2016 is crazy and doesn't represent Trump fans. His tweets are indistinguishable from thousands of other Trump fans here. #MAGA #resist
24Ahead closes the broadcast day with a reminder that classical music can be fun and sometimes you can cop a feel too: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
"Exclusive: Chelsea Clinton mulling political office: If someone ‘steps down or retires’". Or has an accident on railroad tracks in Mena, or their plane crashes in Croatia, or - despondent - they commit suicide, or... #MAGA #resist #Arkancide
"Trump is considering taking executive action to bar migrants, including asylum seekers, from entering the country at the southern border". That'd last hours before being tied up in courts & blocked. Trump puts on a show for #MAGA *plus* the cheap labor continues. #immigration
No, really: one of the first places I sought help with my app that busts #Twitter #censorship is #EFF. They wrote back to say that they don't help with things they didn't write. Even though my app is open source so they could in effect take it over. #idiocracy
.@carolinesinders: Twitter auto-moderates replies to Trump officials, censoring 20% to 50% of the replies. See the data produced by the open source at at my pinned tweet. #EFF refuses to help expose that (and bust Trump/Parscale/Breitbart) simply because they didn't write the app
.@rcalo: FYI, Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users & about as many libs as cons: see the real data at my pinned tweet. Despite months of trying, I can't find an NGO or MSM reporter (or Doctorow) to cover that & bust Trump/Parscale/Breitbart disinfo. Please explain.
Do cons even understand common words and phrases like "big tent", "small tent", "million", etc. etc.? #censorship #MAGA #resist
I have a feeling that there are zero circumstances under which cons would understand that a big tent movement beats a small tent movement. Cons don't understand numbers, like 100 million being greater than a few million. #censorship #MAGA #resist
.@BrianKolfage: China, NK, etc send whole families to work camps for dissent, and all cons care about is Facebook blocking your coffee company. Unless someone opposes censorship across the board, they don't really oppose censorship. They also help the censors.
Yet another MAGA snowflake, @PaulaJanL, has blocked me despite never tweeting or mentioning it. Because Trump fans really oppose censorship.
.@TFMetals: let's think about this. All the greatest rightwing minds couldn't keep Paul Craig Roberts on Twitter, what makes you think they'll get him back on it? Cons consistently *help* Twitter by dividing the opposition. Only a big tent opposition works against censorship.
Cons & libs - America's two greatest & much beloved partisan groups - cluster in their own communities, block/silence/cover ears contrary voices, etc. Both think they're the only groups in the USA as a result, but cons are even worse. #MAGA #resist
.@sweetweetertot2: Twitter felt free to censor you precisely because of those like @Cernovich. They reduce the opposition to censorship, shrinking the tent. Twitter wouldn't mess with 100 million users but they obviously don't fear messing with a few million.
Merely as an intellectual exercise, how would you do things the #MAGA way? You'd buy the pipes out of state, wearing gloves. You'd build a rig of some kind so you could make them in a particle-free environment w/o fingerprints. You'd buy a used printer at a garage sale. #resist
Fiscal cons, libertarians, etc. believe in the "free market" above all else. If they didn't accept the highest bid for what they believe, they wouldn't be free market capitalists but commies or something. Fiscal cons & libertarians are completely depraved whores. #MAGA #resist
.@RoundsR: I'm no @PattonOswalt fan, but #NoOn10 is self-interested landlords who'd harm CA for profit plus fiscal cons like @HJTA. Fiscal cons are - by definition - not credible. They have to sell their beliefs to the highest bidder, otherwise they'd violate their core beliefs.
.@CuomoPrimeTime: hey Chris, here are a couple questions you can ask @mattgaetz next time. These would actually put him on the spot, unlike what you ask him now.
Visual image: the telenovela #AmarAMuerte. A naked Peter Griffin enters, and carries off the chubby chick. #MAGA #resist
.@cm_merlin: you'd turn his show into an even more worthless echo chamber. The problem isn't who @ChrisCuomo has on, the problem is he refuses to hold them accountable using Socratic questioning. He's been trained in that as a lawyer but, for some reason, he doesn't use it.
Cost of a pint of beer in 50 cities around the world. All these people are doing it wrong. #MAGA #ILikeBeer #resist
24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with the new Trump National Anthem. He appears to have got his orders from Putin mixed up. #MusicWednesday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist
I tried to play "Don McLean - American Pie (Good quality)" but I didn't hear anything. Must be a glitch. #MusicWednesday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist
#CNN wants Trump to "tone down his rhetoric". If Trump were smart, sane, and patriotic, he'd "tone it up". Instead of "Pocahontas" & all the rest, he'd do what I do: make valid arguments targeted at opponents' base designed to undercut them to their base. #MAGA #resist
.@JerryFalwellJr: hey Jerry, @Parscale is wrong about #Twitter #censorship. See this 3 minute video. Not only is he wrong, he *helps* censorship by shrinking the tent. Twitter doesn't have to divide & conquer when he does it for them.
#Twitter & #Facebook suspended "AntiMedia". She doesn't seem like the crazy type, but I'm sure our leaders know what they're doing in protecting us from her no doubt dangerous thoughts. #censorship #MAGA #resist
.@doctorow @Ada_Palmer @ADSJohns: 1. Does BB still quash dissent via "disemvowelments" etc? 2. As Alex Jones etc show, far-left is even more keen on book burning than, say Alabama in the 50s. Where's the opposition? 3. Where's opposition to Twitter censoring *all* kinds of users?
.@EmilyMiller: if Cruz wanted to encourage better behavior, the pro-amnesty Ted Cruz would have engaged Beto on the "rain tax". Instead, he just riled up mouthbreaters over it sounding funny. Cruz opposes "rain tax". When will he try to show it wrong? #CruzCrew
Tip for conservative spokesmodels: when around other conservatives, keep your purse between your PayLess shoes to keep it from being stolen by Ted Cruz. #CruzCrew #MAGA #Texas #resist
On the bright side, #Dodgers now only need to win 4 of 5 games against the #RedSox to win the #WorldSeries. #LOL #TeamSpectrum #TeamBlackouts #TeamMilkin
Want to undercut #MigrantCaravan? Stop hyping it for partisan gain as our un-patriotic prez does. And, undercut touchables (U.S. mainstream reporters, etc) who enable it, using smart/sane/patriotic arguments. Because of Trump & #MAGA, we can't have that. #immigration
"Trump promises to stop the migrant caravan. But his administration struggles with how to do it." Trump doesn't want to stop it, he wants to use it for partisan/personal gain. Reducing its impact wouldn't be difficult if Trump were smart/sane/patriotic. #MAGA #resist
Betts came close to a homer. Don't worry! Things will be different once the #WorldSeries travels to L.A. That's when the #Dodgers will get them! #LOL
I'm totally surprised @mindykaling or some other worthless celeb hasn't yet been spotted at the #WorldSeries. Just wait: it's Fox. #FoxSports #tradition #AustralianBillionaireRepatriationAct #RedSox #MAGA #resist
#RedSox go up 4-2. #BeatLA
Madson walks in tying run. #RedSox #BeatLA
#RedSox knock out Ryu. #WorldSeries #BeatLA
.@GitRDoneLarry: see this for ways to undercut @oneunderscore__. The goal in this is to undercut him *to his audience*. Undercutting him to those prone to dislike him doesn't count. Help me expose him as very pro-Big Biz to his base.
Leapin' lizards! #RedSox #BeatLA
#Breitbart 's lawyer has sent a standard-issue "Preservation of Evidence" letter to #SleepingGiants. They're very common. As you'd expect, BB *helps* SG by marginalizing the opposition to them. If they were smart they'd try to undercut SG to Dem leaders etc.
For instance, here are 5 ways Trump could undercut Liz Warren. All of these are much tougher than calling her "Pocahontas" & would really put her on the spot. #MAGA *opposes* doing these smart things, thereby helping her. #resist
Wimping out vs "Pocahontas"/"body slam"/etc is a false choice. A smart alternative that would both undercut Dem leaders *and* reduce political violence is Socratic debate or at least trying to show opponents' base why their leaders' policies are wrong. #MAGA #resist #MAGABomber
CNN etc etc are using "#MAGABomber" to urge Trump to "tone down" his rhetoric, stop "lock her up" chants, etc. He & others might do that because they can't figure out a smart alternative that would both undercut Dem leaders *and* reduce political violence. #MAGA #resist
.@willsommer & @kellyweill blog "Pro-Trump Media Insists Bomb Threats Against Clinton, Obama, CNN are ‘Pure BS,’ a ‘False Flag’". It's as crazy to insist that must be true, as it is to insist it must be false. Guess which one applies to Weill & Sommer.
My guess to the number of rallies before President Wacky jokes about pipe bombs: 2. #MAGA #resist
Comrades! 24Ahead closes broadcast day with Best #MAGA Song Ever! Young Trump fan celebrates glory of the Great Trump, Our Great And Glorious Leader! Trump = USA, USA = Trump!! #MusicTuesday #resist #NowPlaying
.@MrDeadmanDT: Twitter heavily censors *liberals* replying to Trump officials, Blackburn, Ajit Pai, etc. The @prisonplanet victimisation shtick is good for clicks, but it doesn't match reality. He & Alex Jones have consistently *helped* Twitter & *hurt* themselves by lying.
.@haydentiff: Twitter is extremely incompetent, mentally/emotionally weak, & very pro-censorship. If you want to change their M.O., find a reporter to highlight the data at my top tweet showing how heavily they censor all kinds of users. Only that will change things.
.@roger_brenz: actually, @gasca & #Twitter heavily censor *all* kinds of users: see my top tweet for real data. That makes them much more vulnerable than con leaders let on. Con leaders *help* Twitter by shrinking the tent.
In fact, I just chose a random video from the Kantelar Youtube channel. Now, let's all watch it together: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #Finland
.@kalske: do you know the kantelar Youtube channel? I've played lots of that here. But: Nokia shouldn't enable Twitter. They heavily censor all kinds of users: Mike Trout fans, Target customers, Trump opponents, etc. See my top tweet for real data. Twitter lies to their users.
Finally! A patriotic song celebrating American nationalism & greatness of American citizen & great leader Trump! #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@antmandan: whatever Twitter releases, the goal will be to quash dissent & regress to the NYT. Look at the feeds of Twitter employees like @yoyoel: pumpkin cheesecake, cat pics, etc. They're the antithesis of "question authority, no matter who it is".
#Twitter once again locked my account until I verified my phone number for at least the 3rd time. Because Twitter is competent, & not the biggest joke in the Valley. #technology #Java #Ruby #SiliconValley #programming
This November, remember this jaunty syncopated number reminding you and your troop that it's all about you and Trump: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@DavidClinchNews: hey Dave, delbius lies to millions of people via ghosting. Does @Storyful do something like that? Would you trick millions of your users? Or, unlike delbius, do you have a smidgen of ethics?
.@jowens510: @delbius lies to millions of people via ghosting. It's not just cons! She censors up to 50% of the replies to Trump officials, many from libs. She censors Kashmiri activists, Target customers, & Mike Trout fans. When will you call her on the data at my top tweet?
.@Famousfatfatt: to force changes at Twitter, find a reporter to cover the data at my top tweet showing that they heavily censor *all* kinds of users. It's not just cons or your friend, it's millions around the world. If most Twitter users knew about that, things would change.
Some will greatly enjoy the skin, the wet, the bf. Some will only obsess over the fact that it's supposed to be a trio yet THERE ARE ONLY TWO OF THEM ON THE VIDEO. WHERE IS THE THIRD??? #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@stein_ir: disliking Trump is a wise idea, but don't miss the big picture. More #immigration = lower wages. Those like @NGallonCNN are trying to increase immigration. They help U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, WalMart, etc. etc. harm American workers. #CNN
.@Sapphire7733: point out to those taken in by @camanpour & @BillWeirCNN that they present hollowing out Cent Am as the solution, when that just makes things worse. They'd also increase USA labor supply, undercutting USA wages. Point that out *to liberals*.
.@JuliainRaleigh: @leylasantiago cheered FEMA helos dropping pallets of small water bottles... in a light rain. Small water bottles aren't sustainable, but cisterns to gather rain are. She *harmed* #PuertoRico by not being familiar with how billions live around the world.
3 simple rules to live by: 1. If you want to undercut something, get cons to claim it as their own. They *are* COINTELPRO. Everything they glom onto, they help the other side. 2. Never - *never* - trust a fiscal conservative. 3. Don't eat the yellow snow. #MAGA #resist
.@geoffgolberg: Twitter is extremely vulnerable because they censor *all* kinds of users: see the real data at my top tweet. Cons have consistently helped them and hurt those like you by falsely pretending only cons are impacted. Are you smart enough to help yourself?
.@DAVILACOLON: see my many tweets about getting triage teams to each PR settlement, then use that clear example of gross Trump incompetence against him. Urge those w/ access to Trump proxies to really press them on that. Undercut the proxies to make Trump better.
#Twitter is probably the dumbest major #SiliconValley co. Here's a tangible example of their incompetence: someone replies to you then blocks you. You can't block them & remove their reply *and* you can't reply to their lie. Their lie is just stuck there. #Ruby #Java #technology
On this thread I picked up a tick named @DarthPeestains. I think I mentioned it & it responded w/ several false tweets then it blocked me & ran away like a coward so I can't reply to it directly. That illustrates yet again the poor design of Twitter's system. .@24AheadDotCom_
.@LizHabib: nothing against you personally, but #Dodgers were never in the game and they aren't in the series. Serves them right for selling out potential fans with blackouts, enabling Murdoch as he hid the NLCS on a channel millions don't get, etc.
.@PaulTheBookGuy: it's legit. I wrote it, I'm a known quantity, & it's open source. @adamcurry should cover it & help bust both Twitter & those lying about what Twitter actually does. See "Brad Parscale is Wrong About Twitter Censorship" on Youtube for a 3 minute overview.
#Twitter thinks I'm tweeting in Haitian Creole. Is $TWTR competent, yes or no? #SiliconValley #technology #Ruby #Java #CompSci
.@LadyEights: the idea that a draft dodgers like Trump is patriotic is absurd. If he were patriotic, he would have said he's a *civic* nationalist & tried to get enough of the Dem base on board. Instead, he just trolls for partisan game. It works for him, but not the USA.
Kimbrel closes it out. Bye bye, Team Spectrum, bye bye, Team Milken. #sweep #RedSox #Dodgers #WorldSeries
.@iamfrench: Trump's a P0S, but he's smart enough to get those like you & @Amy_Siskind to side with globalists like the child labor-employing Apple, WalMart, Koch, steel, autos, etc. Globalists have greatly harmed 10s of millions of Americans for decades. You & Amy side with them
#JBJ is now due. #RedSox #Dodgers #DodgersDelendaEst
Q. How incredibly ***stupid*** does someone have to be not to understand Trump's shtick and how to undercut it? A. #TheResistance stupid. Pure, unrefined, intense, deranged, record-breaking stupid. #Guinness #MAGA
.@cohenss: globalists (steel/autos/Apple/WalMart, etc) have done great damage to 10s of millions of Americans for decades. It's hilarious that Trump - with just 1 word! - has tricked those like you & @sarahkendzior into siding with U.S. Chamber & Koch against the American worker.
.@rafamontoya82: Trump's beyond dim, but @camanpour & @BillWeirCNN are even worse. They think hollowing out & braindraining Central America is the solution. That's *even worse* than Trump. First step: oppose both Trump & those who'd greatly harm Central America like C.A. & B.W.
#RedSox go up 8-4 on a 3 run homer. #RedSox #Dodgers #BeatLA
Baez didn't suck as bad as I thought he would. There's still time. #RedSox #Dodgers #BeatLA
#Baseball is, in a word, staid. It should always remain staid. That's a good thing! The Murdoch / #Fox way is the antithesis of that. What does #MLB care? As long as they can make money *right now* they're happy. #Dodgers #RedSox #WorldSeries
Is there any other conceivable way #Fox could try to monetize the #WorldSeries? Yes: when it goes back to L.A., expect the stands to be full of the "stars" of their latest shows, in addition to the ads, the mini-ads, the banners, etc. etc.
Pedro Baez comes in. This should be good. #Dodgers #RedSox #DodgersDelendaEst #WorldSeries
Damage limited to 1 run. Now it's time for #RedSox to put it into 5th and destroy the #Dodgers. #WorldSeries #BeatLA #DodgersDelendaEst
.@MichaelZee0: 10s of millions of Americans have been harmed by globalists (US Chamber, WalMart, steel, cars, etc) sending their jobs overseas, dropping pensions, etc. Trump's a P0S, but he's tricked those like @carlreiner into siding with WalMart against American workers.
Trump's "my advisors told me not to use 'nationalist'" = a slimy used-car salesman saying "my boss might fire me for giving this deal, but I will because I like you." Trump & his advisors knew exactly what they were doing & knew how #resist would respond. #MAGA
.@KaufmanJanine: @carlreiner smears nationalism. Guess who agrees? Companies that use Chinese slave/child labor like Apple, the Koch bros, U.S. Chamber, WalMart, etc. All greatly profit from globalism while 10s of millions of Americans are harmed. Reiner is *very* pro-Big Biz.
Each morning you should thank your lucky stars etc that Trump isn't smart/sane/patriotic. If he were he could do lasting damage to globalism. MT @SSestanovich Read davidfrum and you'll see why Trump's embrace of the term "nationalist" is probably winning him votes
If Trump had used "civic nationalist" instead, he'd have made attacks less likely & shown NeoLiberals bad. So, why didn't he? MT @SophistsAwake MT @CaliConsrvative [Trump calling himself a "nationalist"] is about putting American citizens, of all races, first again...
Kershaw (AFAIK, I got it from Joe Buck) being charged with all 5 runs has gotta harm the #Dodgers mood. Hey, maybe Spectrum & Milken can black out more games to make them feel better. #WorldSeries #BeatLA
#RedSox have bases loaded, 0 outs. #WorldSeries #BeatLA
.@camanpour @BillWeirCNN: Trump has fired you up, just like he fires up his base. Just like them, you aren't smart enough to realize what's going on. He's reduced your already-low thinking abilities so low, you think emptying Honduras is a solution to issues in Honduras. #CNN
.@NGallonCNN: I oppose Trump more & much smarter than his loudest opponents. But: let's look at the bottom line of the #MigrantCaravan. Imagine we let all of them in. Who'd profit from that: U.S. workers or U.S. Chamber? Do your fans know you're extremely pro-Big Biz? #CNN
I have almost everything I need right here to survive in the wilds of post-Maria #PuertoRico, right here: a big pack, an all-season tent (probably not needed), a tarp, water filtration supplies, etc. etc. All I could use is fuel & dried food, but even that's not needed.
Want to make a billion dollars? Invent a Joe Buck filter. #WorldSeries
.@codylundinalss: how about speaking out against Trump's beyond incompetent #PuertoRico response? PR needed small teams w/ sat phones for comms/triage/etc. It took over a week. If you had USG resources, how long would it have taken?
#RedSox go up 3-2! #BeatLA #WorldSeries
Safe. #WorldSeries
To get small teams to each #PuertoRico settlement, you'd need ~1000 first responders (firemen, NG, SAR, etc), ~1000 camping sets, ~300 sat phones, & ~20 helicopters to transport them (w/ or w/o some hiking). That's it! Trump made @PRNationalGuard look horrible. #MAGA #resist