"Damn my bone spurs!" Cpl Trump muttered as, during a forced week's of R&R, he was forced to watch Fotheringay Live at The Beat Club in 1970 as decades later 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@blankslate2017 @drvox: you can point out to those duped by Howard Schultz that he isn't in any way a real Dem because he wants to legalize millions of illegal aliens, giving Big Biz millions of new legal workers & encouraging a new wave of wage-lowering illegal immigration.
.@tweetingsourav: do @jordanbpeterson & @PrisonPlanet have an alibi? #InfoWars #MAGA! #resist #PizzaGate #SpiritCooking
Meanwhile from South Dakota, it's the Trump Pioneer Singers with I Regret Nothing: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Please detail PJW assisting a smart, sane, big tent opposition to censorship: He's constantly worked to *help* censorship by marginalizing the opposition as something only for cons. Who really cares about them? MT @OneAndOnlyZel MT @PrisonPlanet: YouTube has caved to BuzzFeed
.@zackwhittaker: the open source app in my pinned tweet shows how heavily Twitter censors all kinds of users: libs, cons, Target customers, Mike Trout fans... They heavily censor replies from libs to Trump officialsl. @jilliancyork refuses to help due to NHS Syndrome. Logical?
.@russthompson: I wrote an open source app that shows how heavily Twitter censors all kinds of users all around the world. Esp. libs who reply to Trump officials. (see my top tweet) @jilliancyork refuses to help because #EFF didn't write the app themselves. Does that make sense?
.@Lilyoft93439421: playing ethnic/racial politics goes back centuries in USA. @MariaTCardona is just a grifter trying to increase her viability even as she helps Big Biz lower wages. @AnaCabrera can't figure out she's helping Big Biz harm workers to help Cardona's sleazy grift.
Trump earlier today: "These Bretons are bringing **bombs** & **argot** into the USA!!!" We tried to figure out what he saw on Fox and then tweeted about, & we think he got confused over this: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@NETRetired: urge/cajole/shame anyone with access to Trump proxies to really press them on the tough questions at the stump site in my bio. Those questions would really put them on the spot & change what Trump does.
The #DeepState scuttled Trump's plan for a corps of 200,000,000 Trump Pioneers in bright red neckties. However, his new plan calls for 40,000 Headmen in counties across the USA: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@FabMAGADiva: hey Bianca, let's fast forward to Trump being out of office. There are holes in Trump's Slats. Will Congress & President Chelsea be keen on repairing Trump's Slats, or will they neglect or just tear down Trump's Slats? #LatinosforTrump #MAGA #immigration
.@anacatyhdz: I like your big thighs. #Univision #MAGA #resist
Most of the few watching will already agree with you. IOW, you're just posturing. When will you engage CNN hosts in Socratic debate? MT @JoeGamaldi I will be on foxandfriends tomorrow morning @ ~5:15am CST [about] false narratives/anti police rhetoric... #EnoughIsEnough
#ThisMightSoundCrazyBut: all the greatest minds of our generation couldn't figure out how to undercut Trump to his base. #MAGA #resist
.@ouchinagirl: was I right about wbat I told you a hear ago? Didn't @AnnCoulter & others who enabled Trump hurt him and (of actual importance) the USA? She could have given him arguments that'd undercut Pelosi to her base, but didn't.
Life seemed so rosy for #MAGA in 2016: #MusicTuesday #resist #NowPlaying
Dozens have MAGA have blocked me, attempting to do the same as Milano allegedly did. They help Twitter censorship. So do those who falsely claim only cons are censored. MT @lavery1965 MT @Acewilums [Alysa Milano allegedly got me suspended]
I'll take two gorditas to go: the Lindsay Casinelli temp replacement on the Univision sports show also has big thighs. #MAGA! #resist
Will you tell the truth? Twitter actually censors all kinds of users, not just cons. See the real data at my top tweet. Those who pretend it's just one group *help* Twitter by marginalizing their opposition. MT @pnjaban [I'll be speaking at cpac about big tech censorship]
.@juangon68: hey Juan, I don't believe in fraternal guilt, but shouldn't @samalcoff speak out against his brother @sabokitty of #DC #Antifa being charged with multiple felonies for his (alleged!) attack on the two Marines? #MAGA #resist
.@sabokitty (Joseph Alcoff) - a #DC #Antifa leader - has been charged with "17 charges, including multiple counts of aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy and terroristic threats, and one count of robbery while inflicting serious bodily injury". #MAGA #resist
.@ericgarcetti has promised not to run for prez in 2020, saying that being mayor is "what I am meant to do". Hey #LosAngeles, #WhatIsGarcettiMeantToDo?
.@azcentral publishes a blog from @blackyodayogi in which he thinks a decades-old photo of coal miners covered in soot is actually blackface. Because everyone needs a good laugh. #MAGA #resist #Arizona
"Deep space radio waves baffle astronomers; aliens not ruled out". They've been monitoring #FoxNews & they want to warn us: they don't like the cut of this Trump fellow's jib. #MAGA #resist
.@othermattwagner: plus, there's the fact that @bubbaprog referring to something being "painfully white" is racist. It's easy to see, just replace "white" with another color. Or, replace it with "Muslim" or another religion. By hyping it, @SamStein is painfully racist too.
.@J_Klinsmann: ESPN has showed very little soccer in last 6 months. They hide Ronaldo on a pay channel few buy since few in USA know who Ronaldo is. Fox hides most games on FS1. To succeed in USA, soccer needs more exposure & to be mainstreamed. Please urge ESPN to do that.
.@StewPross: @ChrisCuomo only has a Plan P For Putin. If it doesn't pan out, he'll have nothing that will undercut Trump to likely voters in 2020. Cuomo also has to go after Trump on immigration, specifically how his plans are unimplementable or harm the USA.
24Ahead accordiongly close the broadcast day with bucolic video about Don "Donnie the Crayfish" Trump's time as Russian peasant: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@kentwilliam94: Coulter & Cernovich could be used to achieve things that'd help the USA. Also, @LibertarianBlue isn't a reliable source either. He bears false witness on Twitter censorship. See the real data at my top tweet. He *helps* Twitter by lying about who they censor.
Both l/w'ers & (to a much greater extent) r/w'ers confuse "I agree with this & it entertains me" with "has any sort of measurable impact". They can't even conceive of trying to change minds. #MAGA #resist
I & 99.99% of USA must have missed out. Has NGR since disbanded? Lost any of the power they had? List all who had their minds changed right here: MT @CassandraRules If you aren’t watching @LibertarianBlue and @NolteNC destroy @NewsGuardRating you are really missing out...
.@Briteeye777: Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users: cons, libs, Target customers, Mike Trout fans... Only opposing censorship of your "friends" means you don't really oppose censorship, plus you're helping Twitter censor you by dividing their opposition.
.@AliArqam @Natrani: the open source app at my pinned tweet shows how heavily Twitter censors all kinds of users all around the world. Why don't you use it to prove your point?
R/w grifter's Youtube video with over 100k views: "Ocasio-Cortez WORST NIGHTMARE Came True After President Trump Made An EXAMPLE Of Her". Somehow I think she'll pull through. #MAGA #resist
The "GOP never goes after illegal aliens' employers" zinger is as old as the hills. It's used by Dems who know the GOP won't go after employers **and** it's used with the goal of helping those same employers. #immigration #MAGA #resist
WaPo constantly enables mass/illegal immigration. Both they & Trump are very eager to help Big Biz lower wages. MT @MoondanceGiving MT @farhip ...Trump rarely, if ever, talks about: employers benefit from, create demand for, undocumented workers, who work hard and keep wages low
Yet another MAGA snowflake - @marsha9753 - has blocked me for calling her cult into question:
While Trump has mostly divided the USA, he's united us on two things: covfefe, & helping make Tatar throat singing popular again: #MAGA #MusicMonday #resist #NowPlaying
The two most dangerous words in politics are: 1. "Should". As in "someone should do something!" Yet, oddly, no one ever does. 2. "Ah". As in "Ah done knows better". Sorry, you don't. #MAGA #resist
.@GIJoeOPS: if you really want to solve problems, then put your pride aside & ask my much tougher questions. They're designed to really put amnesty fans on the spot & would greatly help Trump. See the stop amnesty link in my bio. Help Trump, don't help the Dems speechify.
They'd respond "I oppose illegal immigration. That's why I support comprehensive immigration reform so we can finally solve the problem..." IOW, you'll have helped them speechify. MT @GIJoeOPS Questions For TheDemocrats & Resistance: *Has Illegal Immigration Improved America?...
.@celesteholsinge has blocked me after just one tweet, because that's how scared little MAGA snowflakes do things:
On Trump's urging, our Japanese allies are currently conducting nuke strikes on Iran. Live video: #MAGA #resist
How is him apologizing a good thing? Would Brokaw have apologized if the loudest voices who agree with him were smart & sane & thus able to back him up? MT @bill_lindy1959 Brokaw Apologizes After Letting the Dirty Truth About Immigration Slip Out on Camera...
.@SoKneeOh: you & @perpetua just need to #LearnToCode.
You've just won a trip back in time to explain what that means. Do you want the 14th century or the 8th? MT @perpetua I wrote about being laid off from my role as Director of Quizzes at BuzzFeed after working there for six and a half years
.@HelloAndrew: I've been posting for 3+ years about Trump being pro-amnesty & wall/bans being unimplementable. Those would have really undercut him to his base & made him lose. Did @jonathanchait or @billscher do the same? Did they ever even try to undercut Trump to his base?
.@RobertaSaidThat: @jonathanchait could have easily helped stop Trump. Ready-made arguments show to MAGA how bogus Trump's plans are. All Chait had to do was use his mini-megaphone to get someone to press Trump or his proxies on it. Despite lots of trying, Chait refused to help.
.@yachtboykai: use the incredibly puffball question @elizaannedy of @drakecphs asked to undercut @drakeuniversity to academics & potential students. She's unclear on the duties of citizens. We're supposed to question authority, not gently lob puffballs. Help make Drake look bad.
.@tonyposnanski: hey Tony, the best way to stop @HowardSchultz is to call him out to his face over supporting the anti-American DREAM Act. It'd harm American workers & keep some Americans out of college. And, it's easy to show it'd do that. Will you help stop Howard?
.@jschmidt27: there's also Tony Bologna, Kamala's support for the anti-American DREAM Act, and much more. If you want obsequious toadies like @JakeTapper and @KyungLahCNN to really press her on that, you have to show *their fans* they aren't real journalists.
In the political history of #Iowa, has any one of their "citizens" ever said, "I'm going to put USA first & get help coming up with really tough questions for candidates, questions that'll put them on the spot." Of course not. Iowa screws the USA every four years.
Iowa. Every 4 years they completely stab the USA in the back by making it all about themselves. Pols bend over backwards to win their favor, & it's always about *their* weak questions & *their* easily-mollified concerns. I'd jettison Iowa into space if I could. #ThingsIWouldBan
.@BaronNoah: Kamala supports the DREAM Act, an anti-American bill that'd keep some Americans out of college (details on request). If you want to hold her, #CNN, & @JakeTapper accountable, use that to undercut them to their supporters. #HarrisTownHall
.@lotsofspots2: Kamala's very pro-Big Biz policies helped get at least three people killed. Search her name plus Tony Bologna for the details. You'll have to look that up yourself because @JakeTapper is too much of a hack to call her on it. #HarrisTownHall
.@ZZachmeier: Trump has always been incredibly vulnerable to his base. @renato_mariotti couldn't figure that out or is too corrupt to bring it up. Those like him *helped* make things easier for Trump. What makes you think those like him aren't going to do the same with Howie S?
.@davegramana: Howard Schultz is going to do whatever he wants no matter what @renato_mariotti thinks. Renato has to figure out how to keep those who don't like Trump from voting for Howie. Based on his history, grade Renato's chances at being able to figure things out.
.@taylortwellman: #ESPN thinking: "let's get the rights to show the most famous athlete in the world, but instead of hyping him & showing him on network to our & his benefit, let's hide him away on a pay channel that only those who've already become fans are going to buy." #doh
.@byIanThomas: since med-Dec, #ESPN has shown ~5 soccer matches on network (~2 at 3am). They shown ~500,000 hours of baskeball, ~20,000 hours of tennis, & a few days' worth of cornhole. If soccer isn't on ESPN network/network, it stays a specialty sport. #DeOstracizeSoccer
Trump #MAGA #TheResistance #CNN #MSNBC #FoxNews Muzak synths of all kinds the Dem & GOP leadership political grifters kneeball, basketball, cornhole, & spikeball #ThingsIWouldBan
And Trump's amnesty is forever. I knew Trump is pro-amnesty 3+ years ago, you're still making excuses for the pro-amnesty stooge. Even if you still support Trump, at least oppose his amnesty. MT @MJC_815 RT @mitchellvii: Walls are cheap. Illegal immigration is expensive.
.@Alecjenson: Trump would've lost if @KyungLahCNN etc. had asked Trump tough policy questions. #CNN was & is all about horserace & scandal, never about policy. That greatly harms the USA (eg, by helping elect Trump). Should Kyung ask Kamala & all the rest tough policy questions?
.@carlatomsmd: re the #refugeeswelcome in your bio, by how much would you increase the U.S. labor supply if you could? How would U.S. workers benefit from that? How would Big Biz benefit from that? How would foreign countries benefit from that?
I.e., No Labels 2 aka Mike Bloomberg 2 aka Kasich 2 aka Help Reelect Trump. Want to #ReimagineUS? Pick MLP as your running mate and then just let her do all the thinking & talking. MT @HowardSchultz I am seriously considering running for president as a centrist independent.
Prediction: Trump's nickname for @howardschultz will be "Soy Latte Howard", "Soy Boy Schultz" or some other variant involving soy. And, Howie won't be able to figure out how to undercut him but will just fall into the same traps all his other opponents have.
.@ESPN_FanCentral: it looks like Plus is the only way to see Ronaldo, is that correct? Also, who's "Ronaldo" and what's "soccer"? I searched at the ESPN site and I quickly flip on ESPN occasionally but I didn't find anything.
.@Marcotti: is ESPN forbidden from putting Ronaldo on TV? If so, he hurts himself: he could increase his popularity in USA. Otherwise, it's nuts for ESPN to hide him on a pay channel when he's largely unknown in the USA. I suspect the latter due to how little soccer they show.
#USMNT scores their second goal after many chances. #USAvPAN #MAGA #resist
If the Panama men's team was playing #USWNT, we'd be up at least 3-0. (Note: "we" means everyone in the USA except for #AnnCoulter). #USAvPAN #soccer #USMNT #MAGA #resist
After several chances, #USMNT finally scores. #USAvPAN #soccer #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
Are you ready for some real football? The U.S. Men's National Team is facing off against Panama on ESPN 2. #USAvPAN #soccer #USMNT #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
There wasn't enough space to point out that journos sticking up for pro-wealthy NeoLiberal policies (globalism, free trade, etc.) isn't ironic at all. Even the most crusading journo makes sure never to offend the hand that feeds them. They never rock strong boats. #MAGA #resist
Ironically, Trump fans act like old-timey Dems in this case while journos act like old-timey GOP & stick up for pro-wealthy NeoLiberal policies (globalism, free trade, etc.) MT @bypatrickgeorge MT @chick_in_kiev [#LearnToCode] harassment [was] coordinated on 4chan (of course)
MSM blogged several stories over the years suggesting that those laid off by NeoLiberal policies (eg steel) & (largely welcome in the grand scheme of things) environmental policies (eg coal) should "learn to code". R/wers got back by suggesting laid-off journos #LearnToCode.
Marco Rubio says "people will be surprised" how far Trump will go on amnesty. I'm not surprised: I've known Trump is pro-amnesty for 3+ years even if #MAGA & #resist still haven't caught on. #immigration
Unironic comment at #RawStory, Part 2: "[Trump voters] are my enemy. And they are not just my enemy: they are the enemy of civilization, of decency, of justice, of kindheartedness, of reason, of equality -- of humanity." Many #MAGA & #resist are mentally ill.
Unironic comment at #RawStory, Part 1: "I will never forgive anyone who voted for Trump. They will be my enemy forever. Knowingly, I will not do business with them; I will not break bread with them; I will not give them succor..." Many #MAGA & #resist are mentally ill.
.@MariaTCardona & @AnaCabrera cheer obviously false claims about Hispanics assimilating & can't see anything wrong with bilingualism in the public sphere. Could you understand this in Russian, French, German, or Turkish? Could I speak behind your backs in those languages?
.@elizabethpipko, a model who's come out as a big Trump fan & who, in her NYPost story appears to be wearing 3 bras, says "I never leaned liberal or conservative, but there was something about Trump - the way he spoke and his honesty - that had me convinced he was our next pres".
Vox: 10 days ago an internal Border Patrol email asked for evidence to back up Trump's claim that smugglers put tape over the mouths of women & drive them across the border in windowless vans. Bottom line: it certainly looks like he made it up. #immigration #MAGA #resist
Unless you've studied Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, etc. you probably just have a vague idea about them. Trump's not going to be like that: 100 years from now he'll be considered the worst president ever. All his own doing. #MAGA #resist
NBC/WSJ poll: 63% say USA is "on the wrong track", just 28% say "headed in the right direction". It was 56%/33% before Trump's shutdown. Speaking of which, 50% blame Trump for the shutdown, just 37% blame the Dems. #MAGA! #resist
Wait: the #ProBowl is in Orlando? I thought they always held it in Hawaii? #kneeball #MAGA #resist
.@kyunglahcnn hypes Kamala Harris & her "incredibly diverse" crowd in Oakland. Same thing other #CNN hacks did to hype Obama (& Fox did to hype Trump). Real reporters would ask Kamala about her role in the murders of Tony Bologna and his sons. That leaves Kyung out.
You & Coulter have been enabling Trump for yeas, enabling his amnesty. At what point do you admit you were wrong? MT @GeorgeEliseo @AnnCoulter explaining to Bill Maher's audience how the Elites on both sides want mass immigration
.@retherj: on #SECupp, @joelockhart falsely claimed Trump wants to shut down immigration & trade. In fact, Trump & Lockhart are both very pro-Big Biz & want to *increase* those. Not only is Lockhart a liar, he *helps* Trump by being unwilling to go after him where he's weakest.
.@AngryRichRadio: point out to @SECupp fan(s) that she let @joelockhart outrageously lie about Trump. Joe says he wants to shut down immigration & trade, when Trump & Joe are both NeoLiberals keen on helping Big Biz.
.@Theonlyhonest: does @JohnKDelaney think braindrain - such as doctors in Third World countries to the USA - is a serious issue, or does he support depriving Somalia, Yemen, W. Africa, etc. of desperately-needed doctors?
Per #Twitter, this tweet was in French: #MAGA #resist
.@Elex_Michaelson: when Trump's out of office & his "wall" (metal slats) are literally full of holes, who's going to fund repairs? Won't Congress neglect or tear down his "wall"? Did you or @LisaBloom call @AnnCoulter on that, or did you in effect help her scam suckers?
.@LizHabib: which is better for society, #soccer or kneeball (Aaron Hernandez, Ray Lewis, Al Davis, Jack Tatum, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc... ad infinitum)?
.@realdarkromance: I'm talking about *you*. Twitter - such as @stephanieprager & @danielbrennan ghosted your reply to me, putting it into their "LowQuality" category. See my pinned tweet for what that means. Steph, Dan, & other Twitter employees are lying about you. Get angry.
Are you ready for some football???? Well, you'll have to wait 21 hours until the U.S. Men's National Team faces off against Panama & their coach, Manuel Noriega. #ESPN #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@ItGoestooEleven: Twitter censored ("LowQuality" at my top tweet) your reply to me. When have your leaders called Twitter on censoring people like you? Your #immigration stance helps Big Biz lower wages. Venice dumpster diver @KausMickey can't & won't call your leaders on it.
#MAGA Brain, #TheResistance Heart? The Resistance Brain, MAGA Heart? OK, neither of those seem to work. However, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day thusly: #MusicFriday #NowPlaying
.@KiwiShame: @JessicaV_CIS is a scammer: she steals money from people. Everyone of good conscience - even if they oppose immigration restrictions - needs to oppose such scammers & wise up her victims. Help make these points:
"Bells on for Trump!", the Trump Morris Dancers yelled as, donning their stylish red bandanas at Trump Camp, they put on a pro-Trump show: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@stevebeachman: point out to those taken in by the pro-amnesty Trump - like @JakeWerner77 - that Congress would neglect Trump's Slats or just tear them down as soon as he's out of office. Trump's Slats would be temporary, Trump's amnesty would be permanent.
.@MendlovitzMark: hey Mark, from which dynamic duo did Trump borrow his first #immigration plan (back in 2015). Here's a hint: one of them is Jeff Flake. If you know about these issues you'll know who the other is. Who is it?