2015: "This WaPo/CNN/NYT story shows how bad candidate Trump is!" 2016: "This WaPo/CNN/NYT story shows how bad nominee Trump is!" 2015: "This WaPo/CNN/NYT story shows how bad president Trump is!" .. 2021: "This WaPo/CNN/NYT story shows how bad 2nd termer Trump is!" #MAGA #resist
The fact you think that's needed shows you're as incompetent as Trump, @JStein_WaPo, & Trump's loudest opponents. MT @papiurbano Excellent and harrowing story. A must for anyone who needed anymore evidence of the nihilism, petty vindictiveness , and plain nastiness of Trump
Partial list of media pundits who bet it all on collusion. Tweet their fans & point that out in order to shame them into going after Trump on policy. #MAGA #resist
.@hsojlightfoot: a very easy (for me) to devise line of questioning would show how incompetent Trump was on PR. The Miami phone store sat phones, failure to get teams to each settlement, etc. Make it a CLM for @jdawsey1 if he doesn't start pressing Trump proxies on those.
.@brianrayguitar: it should be incredibly easy to show Trump's base how incompetent his PR response was. So, why hasn't that happened? Because his loudest opponents - such as @jdawsey1 - are even more incompetent than Trump. Demand Josh does his job.
Letter Trump campaign is (per The_Donald) sending to TV channels about how various pundits aren't credible. True or not, use it to demand better Trump opponents: #MAGA #resist
.@RiegerReport: hey JM, Trump's #PuertoRico response was beyond incompetent. It shows he can't plan, can't govern, & isn't even playing 1d chess. On the plus side (for Trump) due to Dunning-Kruger his loudest opponents won't analyze their failings that help him to skate.
No comment:
"CNN analyst Mark Geragos said to be Avenatti's alleged co-conspirator". While that'll hopefully get both of them off TV, they're fungible so expect new scum to clog up worthless panel discussions. #MAGA #resist #CNN
.@BenMendelsohn: @crampell blogs "Stephen Moore could inflict more long-term damage than any of Trump's other nominations". She's always had the power to stop him: he's extremely vulnerable on #immigration. She can't go after him on that because they agree. She's just playacting.
.@CharlesDignam: Trump's horrific, but @ChadBown & similar should be on the other side from liberals. Everything those like Chad do redounds to Big Biz' benefit (his crocodile tears about soybean "farmers" aside).
Isn't that as sociopathic, unpatriotic, incorrect, & counter-productive as when "conservative" "patriots" turn their backs on California? MT @californiacpa21 [soybean "farmers" supposedly being hurt by Trump's trade policy] voted for trump. Let them sink
OTOH, Univision has #LAFC (the much less favored L.A. team) vs the #Earthquakes (a name that won't seem so ironic after the next major earthquake) on Saturday at 12:30pm (Pacific). #soccer #MAGA #resist
Twitter says: "McConnell blocks Democratic attempt for release of full Mueller report". We got them! There has to be something bad in the report they don't want us to see. Let's spend the next 6 years demanding the full report and ignoring other issues! #TheResistance
#Soccer on #ESPN (all times Pacific, I think): Tue 5pm: #USMNT vs Chile Sun 6pm: #LAGalaxy vs #Portland #Timbers If only the world's most popular sport had the pull of Rapid City Community College basketball, ESPN would play more of it. Either that or the mouse is rabid.
#Baseball on #ESPN (Thursday is opening day, all times Pacific I think): Thu 10am: Orioles v #Yankees Thu 1pm: Diamondbacks vs Dodgers (probably blacked out) Thu 4pm: #RedSox vs Mariners Sun 1pm: Cubs v Rangers Sun 4pm: Braves v #Phillies
.@samstein: hey Sam, @jonathanchait etc etc bet it all on collusion. They never once tried to undercut Trump to his base (which is what really matters) despite how vulnerable he is. There are smart, easy ways to undercut Trump over things like Puerto Rico. Has Chait done them?
"And the Mueller told his tale..." 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this song that Q helped write, foretelling Trump's fantastic rise & the coming Conflict. Watch for the Owls in the Ian Paisley shirts: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Guns don't kill people, crazy Americans kill people (in America, varies by country). #MAGA #resist
Switzerland has ~4th highest rate of gun ownership, yet has almost no such incidents and MCEs and few murders. Please explain. MT @davidroyintokyo [various supposed incidents w/ guns from high school]
They didn't ban "guns" and, while they're yahoos, violence isn't as big a part of their culture. MT @Porecomesis Unless you are in Australia, where guns get banned after mass shootings and then you don't get mass shootings less than two weeks apart.
.@Niff_Eking: Trump's "teacher carry" is just more boob bait. Like all the rest, #TheResistance has never been able to show it wrong. Re MCEs, both #AOC & Trump are wrong. The root problem is cultural & neither have a plan to do anything about that.
.@Madpup70: there are smart things @fightfortheftr could have done for #NetNeutrality, like challenging opponents using tough questions designed to show them wrong. They did kid's stuff instead. They also won't discuss how Twitter protects Ajit Pai from dissent.
I have a used #EMeter for sale cheap. Just $85,000. It's the same one John Travolta used! RT @sandylocks This is an intersectional dynamic not often addressed—structural intersectionality. Dorothy Roberts is all about it. Listen to our testifiers to learn more about it.
Korean TV is weirder than telenovelas, and that's saying something. Not in the forced Japanese-weird way. It's a natural weird. #MAGA #resist
.@gyomber6711: FYI, your tweet was censored by Twitter. Nothing con leaders have done has helped people like you & me. That's because they falsely pretend only cons are impacted, marginalizing the opposition.
.@PolisWoke: do you think those like @emptywheel casually revealing their disdain for various disfavored, non-Gramsci-compliant groups (e.g., her blog "How William Barr Did Old Man Back-Flips...") might have something to do with Trump's victory & looming reelection?
I got some urgent calls about the replay of our March 24, 1956 show and I rushed in. Playing that old show with Donald Trump turns out to have been a very bad idea, and we're now switching back to a live broadcast. #MAGA #resist
And, we're back. We're having fascinating conversation with Donald Trump, a college Republican. He was explaining how Hitler was very bad, but that doesn't mean all of his ideas are wrong. And, he was explaining how to survive nuclear war with the Russians. #MAGA #resist
And, we're back with Donald Trump, a 15-year-old young conservative. When we went to the break, this wonderful college Republican was explaining how President Eisenhower is a conscious agent of the Soviet Union under the direct control of Stalin. #MAGA #resist
24Ahead gold! The following is a replay of the 24Ahead Show from March 24, 1955. The 24Ahead Show will return live tomorrow. Enjoy!
.@cultofdusty1: what do you think about the conspiracy theory that Bush wanted a rightwing coup?
Shortly before Alex Jones was deplatformed, PJW posted a petition only opposing censorship of "alternative voices". He doesn't really oppose censorship & he helps marginalize Twitter's opposition. MT @baldeguy56 @PrisonPlanet Free speech affects everyone. Like it/live it/love it
.@fhill16: I have no idea what's going on there in Australia or who Jordan Peterson is, but anyone who supports free speech isn't a "dingbat" as @onThePaepae calls him. Those who want to quash speech are extremely dangerous "dingbats".
.@aaronjhill: cons have consistently *helped* Jack & #Twitter censor people. Cons falsely pretend they're the only victims. That marginalizes the opposition to Twitter censorship, which is exactly what Twitter wants.
.@MichaelSmolens: hey Mike, @LATSeema outrageously lied about what someone said & years later still refuses to correct her lie. Is that what you call journalism?
.@cindrianna: you "love" Trump? Please read the Constitution & the Founding Fathers. Our job as citizens isn't to treat politicians as celebrities, it's to hold them accountable. *All* politicians.
24Ahead closes broadcast day with this video of renegade Duggar daughter Jinjer fronting a metal band: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@AnnCoulter hilites an illegal alien who allegedly really liked a cow, and @Yaucolion71 replies "For real! Ask White boy Travis". Travis allegedly really liked a horse & 3 dogs. The other diff is Coulter didn't use a racist slur like Yaucolion71 did.
.@pennylane007007: Trump's been pushing amnesty since 2015. His first immigration plan was the Flake/Gutierrez amnesty. @JxhnBinder & #Breitbart have pushed the Goodlatte amnesty as "patriotic reforms" and similar. Stop enabling Breitbart, Trump etc. Demand they act patriotic.
.@PatriotGinata @mainlineflorida: "Trump’s America First agenda" (which has always included amnesty, even if you didn't listen to what he's been saying) being "derailed by GOP establishment" is because McConnell etc are smarter than Trump & @AnnCoulter.
.@rushin291: Trump never "turned on his base". He's always been pro-amnesty. He's always been incredibly intellectually & emotionally weak. #MAGA fed into & enabled his weaknesses, harming both him & themselves. They never once - even one time - demanded he do better.
.@formarrowdbs @Glenlager57: I've been pointing out since Aug 2015 how pro-amnesty Trump is. His first #immigration plan was the Flake-Gutierrez "touchback" amnesty: illegal aliens leave & then come right back. He's repeatedly pushed the anti-American DREAM Act/DACA.
.@like2trvl: no worries. Trump has devised a plan to rescue you. He always thinks everything through, so you're as good as rescued. #MAGA!
.@sotiridi: don't worry. If #Norway can't rescue that cruise ship, Trump will step in and get it done! #MAGA!
Recording Reveals Oil Industry Execs Laughing at Trump Access [note: as always Trump fans will ignore it because MSM/Resistance isn't smart enough to bring it home] #MAGA #resist
.@jayrosen_nyu: when reporters have "fun conversations" with politicians, is that journalism or Hannity?
.@sandibachom: Trump is planning the Rapture if he doesn't get reelected. @blatherat should look into that for her next scoop.
.@DavidOValentin: there's a simple way to stop Newsom: urge/shame those with access to him to really press him on questions like if he thinks there's even the remotest chance that someone like the Night Stalker wasn't guilty. If they won't ask him, use it to undercut them.
.@LittleAngus: FYI, @itswanda blocked me because I pointed out she supports very pro-Big Biz immigration policy that would help crooked growers & others exploit foreign serf labor. Check out my one tweet to her. She's no liberal.
Another thing those have in common is they obviously don't work. Smart anti-amnesty arguments would stop Beto/Warren/Newsom/etc, but GOP/Fox wouldn't approve. MT @dgonzalez_me [GOP/Fox-approved "arguments" like Pocahontas, "Villaraigosa" & "Beto" are demagogic fake names, etc]
.@markzbarabak: hey Mark, @scottshafer hypes your "thoughtful analysis." Look at his tweets. How is he not a de facto press agent for politicians? Has he ever really pressed a pol on their constant lies or their joke plans? Are you a real reporter or just a hack like him?
Speaking comforting words to power & sharing their heartwarming tales. Journalism at its finest! MT @LevinsonJessica The monarch butterfly story really got me. Terrific interview by @scottshafer & @mlagos of @amyklobuchar.
.@myownthoughts78: help urge/shame those with access to Newsom to ask him things like: "You blocked death penalty due to Pianezzi being falsely charged. Is there any chance - even the most infinitesimal chance - the Night Stalker wasn't guilty?" Will you help with that?
.@ProBalanceTV: you can't trust @StefanHofmeyer's judgment on anything. RepJoeKennedy is no doubt wrong or deceptive about many things. He supports mlagos not calling JK on that. Likewise, Hofmeyer won't pick apart biz ops, looking for how they'd fail. He just believes authority.
.@KirsCoachman: there are probably lots of things @RepJoeKennedy is wrong about & many of his ideas are probably full of holes. The job of reporters is to call pols on such things. Are Kennedy & his plans perfect, or isn't @mlagos a real reporter? You can only choose one.
Trump & his base don their party hats over the Mueller report the dim #TheResistance base thought would take them down. Video from earlier today: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
IOW, you're his unofficial press secretary. Real reporters ask tough questions. You have fun chats. MT @mlagos interviewed @joekennedy today- fun conversation about everything from #GreenNewDeal to his law school prof ewarren to how a broken ankle can get you out of diaper duty
.@istvan641: Newsom will get away with it until his opponents do smart things for once. Urge everyone with access to him to ask him questions like "You blocked death penalty over Pianezzi. Is there any chance - even the slightest chance - the Night Stalker wasn't guilty?"
Pursuant to Trump Interstellar Decree #39419-B, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with the new National Trump Anthem, Pani Jeziora by Leśne Licho: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three different Ones): #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #CAGOP
.@oakland1300: #CAGOP, @hjta, @JohnAndKenShow, etc. etc. are the best "opponents" Newsom could ever wish for (besides ISIS). Their self-centered, selfish, anti-American extremism makes him seem reasonable by comparison to most. To undercut him, first undercut them.
.@TheMarieFonseca: absent something extremely unexpected (which you're free to rely on), Dem leaders are too smart/sane to impeach Trump. Plus, Trump is eager to create millions of new Dem voters with amnesty. That's where Trump is most vulnerable, but they won't harp on it.
#Texas is a very conservative state. For instance, in 2012, #Texas had the 2nd highest % of kids without health insurance. #California isn't conservative: we want to be part of the First World, not the Third World. Decades later, @CAGOP hasn't caught on. #CAGOP #MAGA #resist
#Texas is proud to be conservative. I.e., 50th (incl PR) in % graduated from High School (2012). #California isn't like that. We don't cotton to yahoos like Tim Donnelly trying to make us like a state that can't beat Mississippi in H.S. graduation rates. #MAGA #resist
How smart do you have to be to realize #California is overall not a conservative state? Parts w/ very few voters are con, many are con on some issues, but there are issues on which most break with #Texas. @cagop has almost never figured that out. For *decades*.
Let's start with something easy: was @PatriotNotPol a worthy candidacy? (Not just in Modoc but statewide). MT @SoquelCreek Dems have controlled BOTH chambers of the California Legislature for nearly EVERY year since 1959. The currently also hold EVERY major statewide office.
.@WerIstDeinPa: the loudest opposition of the homeless almost always from a very dark place bordering on the eliminationist. On the plus side, the fact that those loud opponents are either just grifters or dim & deranged makes them much less able to recreate Hutus vs Tutsis.
.@mslisajoyner: Kamala Harris's very pro-corporate policies (designed to help increase the labor supply so Big Biz could lower wages) resulted in the murders of at least three people: Tony Bologna & his sons (do a search). She's got blood on her hands.
Enough gloom and doom, here's the heartwarming Humanicide by Death Angel: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Can you imagine what he'd answer? You're a child next to him. Stand down. Help those with questions he can't answer. MT @JerryFuhrman2 First, can we get an answer to the question, "How in the hell did you [Newsom] manage to resurrect the typhus epidemic 'out west'"?
.@TiklapN: my *guess* (just that, a guess) is that many w/ low-quality H2O are Central Valley illegal alien farmworkers. Newsom would improve their water. I.e., their crooked, exploitative employers wouldn't have to. Point out to his fans he's pushing yet another Big Ag giveway.
.@Ladytatt_09: many w/ poor quality water are *probably* illegal aliens. It'd be smart to urge others to avoid the tax angle & instead point out *to liberals* that his solution would be yet another giveaway to Big Ag & others who exploit foreign serf labor. Go after his base.
.@IndianaTheresa: maybe you should grow up & just help those who can make smart arguments that'd undercut Newsom to his base.
.@BobbieDooley: I understand you'll be presenting the Tastee Award at the Taste of Duarte this year. Will Steve be drunk again this year?
.@ESPNPR: Thu/Fri/Sat, #ESPN will have shown 8 hours of #soccer. At 11%, that's the highest rate in the last few months AFAIK. Did you finally get sick of playing interminable basketball 24/7 on three channels at the same time? If so, thanks.
.@JasonHowery: Trump would have stayed a joke if he & his proxies had been really pressed with tough questions about Trump's joke plans (like how his "wall" would fail, as I predicted). @TomSteyer could have made that happen & stopped Trump. Instead he just led you on.
.@ebruenig: hey Liz, @DaveWeigel lied about me on his blog, then refused to approve the comment where I showed how he was lying. All snark, cutesy quips, & other childish behavior aside, do you think Weigel should abide by the "right of reply"?
.@MelanieSpell: there are smart, easy, cheap, & guaranteed things @TomSteyer could have done that would have stopped or undercut Trump. He didn't do them but sold a dream. Three years from now he'll still be selling the same dream. Wake up & demand a *smart* opposition to Trump.
.@jslovegrove: I'm sure you're patriotic. You realize USA desperately needs pols to be subjected to job interview questions as tough or tougher than those a McDonald's fry cook would be asked. Right? Of course you do, because you're patriotic. So, when will you act like it?
A recent recording from the extremely confidential Trump Confessional: "Bless me, Trump Priest, for I have sinned. I slightly doubted Trump was telling the truth but I corrected myself." "Say 3 Our Fathers and 2 Hail [Current Wife]s. But, if it happens again..." #MAGA #resist
One of the most sacred parts of the Trump Church is the confessional. "What happens there, stays there" as Trump says. Trump Priests have been tortured and they haven't revealed what was said that. (Note: they don't validate parking) #MAGA #resist
"Without Major Sponsors, Tucker Carlson's Show Leans on Ads for Fox Programming". Cons did that by enabling him & their leaders. They're dim & deranged, thinking they always know best even when - as Tucker's lack of major sponsors shows - they obviously don't. #MAGA #resist
"Trump Says He'll Nominate Stephen Moore to Federal Reserve Board". Because we're living through #idiocracy, Trump's loudest opponents will never call Moore on where he's most vulnerable: #immigration. #MAGA #resist
In a tense replay of WWII, #England is facing off against the Czech Republic (previously known as Chechoslovakia and Chechnia) on ESPN News. The Czechs will never forget what General Churchill did to them. #soccer #history #geography #MAGA #resist
.@TheWordUpdate: as you can easily verify right now (look for the "Show more replies" links), #Twitter heavily censors libs replying to Trump officials. Con leaders like @SebGorka can't even do basic research like looking at their own replies. They *help* Twitter censorship.
.@RealKabakoff: what's incredibly ironic is #Twitter heavily censors replies from liberals to Trump officials (example below). Not only does @SebGorka hype frivolous suits, their supposed opposition to censorship is based on a lie.
.@MiddleClazzMom @neuro7plastic: for more arguments against common MSM arguments for amnesty etc, see the talking points list on my Topics menu at my site. My arguments really work. Please urge Trump & his proxies to use them.
And thus, the 24Ahead Music, Sports, Weather, and News Teams close the broadcast day: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Dysfunctional07: @RyanAFournier is just pandering to you & *hurting* you. #TakeAKnee is about protesting cop violence, not disrespecting USA. It'd help everyone if he tried to show #BLM wrong. Instead he & Trump build & destroy a strawman. Think it through.
#TakeAKnee isn't about disrespecting vets as Trump demagogues. If you & he weren't just grifters you could show them wrong. MT @RyanAFournier ...You should always stand for national anthem. Liberals have no respect for our nation’s laws, especially ones regarding immigration...
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes to ask, "could you play Erkin Koray - Askimiz Bitecek?" And we respond thusly: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Back in the Olden Tymes, Rove kept the large segment of the conservative base that's incredibly dim & deranged in the attic. When he lost power, con leaders willing to one-up each other by pandering to those idiots took over. Trump is just a waypoint. #MAGA #resist #immigration
One reason why MSM downplays horrid actions by minority groups is somewhat defensible: let Fox News rile up their incredibly dim & deranged base, "I'm not going to help them." Why fan their disreputable flames? #immigration #MAGA #resist
When a protected class member - most religious/racial/ethnic minorities, illegal aliens, etc - does something horrid, the MSM has every motivation to downplay or ignore it. Their loudest opponents simply aren't smart/sane enough to overcome that. #immigration #MAGA #resist
1. If those like PJW were competent they wouldn't. 2. Why would MSM harp on that when it feeds extremists w/ little power? MT @Katmcbeez MT @PrisonPlanet: The media already seems to have forgotten that a migrant in Italy tried to burn 50 kids to death by setting a bus on fire
Trump is able to get away with everything for several reasons: 12d chess, the Owls, Q, and Flavor Crystals among others: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@brookecorte: hey Brooke, a lot of Americans have a bad opinion of #Australia but you've got a lot to be proud of: Crocodile Dundee, M-o-z-a-r-t (sorry, I got you confused with a real country), Yahoo Serious, substituting sneak egg attacks for Socratic debate. Etc? #EggBoy
.@AnitaMendiratta: "kebab urbanism" makes me forget all about honor killings, FGM, creeping Sharia, efforts against assimilation, etc. etc. etc. Plus, more problems = more profits!
"But [Kushner lawyer] Lowell said [Jared Kushner] was not violating federal law requiring official communications to be preserved because he takes screenshots of his messages and then sends them to his White House email account, [Elijah Cummings] wrote" #MAGA! #resist