Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Orders #0-2345 ("Defy The Twitter Language Police") and #393434 ("You Have To Fight For The Right To Party"), 24Ahead close broadcast day with Yasemin Mori - Muşta: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Went for hike in #GriffithPark. At the start, Hey Jude was playing in a tent camp full of aholes shooting some kind of movie/ad/TV show. When I got back, another Beatles song was playing. Therefore, I conclude, it was something involving the Beatles. Maybe an Apple ad.
.@MarkusAB747: @prisonplanet has constantly *helped* Twitter censorship. Just before Jones got deplatformed, PJW started a petition against TWTR censorship... except he only cared about them censoring "alternative voices". He marginalized the opposition, *helping* Twitter.
.@BloodSpite: hang together or hang separately. @gunpolicy & all other cons don't GAFF about anyone else who's been censored by Twitter (millions all around the world). To them, it's always about cons. They & all other cons have helped Twitter by shrinking their opposition.
.@SpinDr: what's ironic (or not) is: @ThePlumLineGS *helps* Putin. Putin wants to show U.S. system doesn't work. Putin wants more restrictions, esp on speech. Sargent is trying to limit speech ("Are Democrats ready for the coming disinformation tsunami?") He should work for RT.
.@DohaMadani: @DartDClark blogs about gun violence. Full-auto machine guns were freely available in the US for at least 13 years. How many Parkland-style incidents were there in that time? (For reference, 13 years is like 2006 to now.)
"A progressive revolt against Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is exactly why Trump will win (again)". I'll let them sort that out, I'm sure they'll do the smart thing. What's ironic is Sinema was a prog darling, as far-left as they come in #Arizona. #MAGA #resist
.@WomenHoldTheSky: @oneunderscore__ doesn't just strongly support censorship, he's a strong advocate of it. That means he'd let Mark Zuckerberg (honk if you have more life experience than him) decide what 100s of millions can see. Ben also *helps* Putin: he wants US censorship.
.@RolyTonks: FYI, @AshaRangappa_ used someone who was pretending to be an anti-Trump spy as a source. He was actually a pro-Trump non-spy either playing a game or trying to ensnare the unwary. Let's say she'd done that *in the field as an FBI agent*. Would she keep her job?
Here's a replay of the #LeaguesCup: #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
Goal for the Tigers... at the end of regular time. What's also funny is that Mexico took the #LeaguesCup seriously. We sent our D team, they sent the best they have & the Mexican #WorldCup ref.
.@Autarkh: I started a satire site in 2005 comparing those like @willwilkinson to slavers. I sent the link (in character) to Will & #ReasonMagazine. A couple weeks later, Will blogged the same plan seriously.
.@kbucklen: full-auto machine guns were freely available in the U.S. for at least 13 years. Those like @Jerry_Ratcliffe think access to guns leads to more mass shootings. Ask him on video at his public appearances to list all the Parkland-style shootings in those 13 years.
Watch them kick it into the stands. #LeaguesCup
.@musepolsci: if you're a good programmer, that means you have to figure out how to solve problems, right? Someone says "I want to do X" & you have to figure out how to do it. Holding Trump accountable is a problem. Is @jonathanchait smart enough to figure out the algorithm?
Trump is floating the idea of doing away with the gun show loophole. #MAGA = #LOL #resist
Apropos of nothing, 24Ahead decides to defy the Twitter Language Policy and play Yasemin Mori - Tuzlu Su: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Murdoch testified to Congress in support of amnesty; Hannity caved on amnesty a few years ago (it's on YT). Has Carl done actual journalism ever, like by challenging them on that? MT @TradrGator MT @carlquintanilla [hilariously references Fox promoting a "Lisa Simpson"]
Tearing down statues & changing names is second thing conquerors do. MT @nielslesniewski Remember William Jennings Bryan? Pres nominee three times, Secretary of State, lawyer in the Scopes Monkey Trial, the "Great Commoner"? His statue in the U.S. Capitol has been replaced.
.@owl_denouncer: @melissakchan normally spends her days worrying what Justin Trudeau did 18 years ago. Hong Kong protests, endless wars, mass starvation, lying and grifting politicians: everything takes a backseat to what some nobody did 18 years ago.
.@chithecynic: more recently, @melissakchan blogs about a nearly two decades old Trudeau pic. Billions around the world are food insecure, millions die in wars, pols constantly lie & get away with it, trillions are grifted around the world, but she blogs about an 18-year-old pic.
.@marshamcleod_TO: hey Marsha, is @maddiecarlisle2 blogging about an 18-year-old Trudeau pic what you'd call investigative journalism? Is what we need more Race Warrior Enforcers like Maddie, or for reporters to finally live up to their mythologizing & ask tough policy questions?
.@whoisalexjacob: good luck w the show. How about also using your skills to greatly help the USA? Pols are so horrid because the MSM refuses to really press them on policy. You can help change things (I'll even customize questions for you)
.@RachelJStrodel: @maddiecarlisle2 blogs about something Justin Trudeau did 18 years ago. There are lots of things someone who pretends to be a real reporter could do: really press Trump proxies on the huge flaws in Trump's policies, etc. Maddie's just a worthless PC Enforcer.
.@SebiSalazarFUT: #LAGalaxy sent their D team. Not enough in the U.S. like real football, but in the case of the #LeaguesCup that's OK.
.@langsyjdue: what's ironic is Trump doesn't like Justin Trudeau so @anna_P_k acting in the role of the Race Warrior Enforcer suits him just fine. If she were a real reporter she'd call Trump on the huge flaws in his policies, instead she helps him with 18-year-old stories.
Immediately prior to screaming at those kids about my lawn, let's consider #unboxing. It's like economic glue-sniffing. People who should be working in a factory making things or on a farm growing things opening boxes packed by Chinese children. #MAGA #resist #globalism
Interesting: the on-screen scoreboard refers to Blue Cross as "CRA", but Univision makes thier name "CAZ". I shall endeavor to write a scholastical monograph on this, as soon as the #LeaguesCup - the World's Super Bowl - goes to PKs. #MAGA #resist
The Tigers and Blue Cross aus Mexico are about to face off in real football on ESPN 2. Yes, it's in a made-up competition and the USA only sent their D team, but it's real football so whatever. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
I can't tell good visual art from bad or good acting from bad, but Lindsay Lohan is perhaps one of the best actresses I've seen based on her beer ad. She looks reasonable, when reality shows she's a giant POS. MT @JamesBesanvalle LinLo reserv[es] private toilets in nightclubs
Hey #Hawaii, the #Jeopardy answer is "the Fat Man". Also, fuck you.
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Orders #40 ("Maps are FAKE NEWS"), #904939 ("Oceans are Topographic"), & #344092923 ("Close broadcast day with 'Yes - Tales from Topographic Oceans (Full Album)'"): #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Frankd06830: plus, Liz Warren is very pro-Big Biz on immigration. If her fans knew she'd help U.S. Chamber lower wages, she'd be toast. @mj_lee is too much of a hack to press her on it, but it's curious why Trump has never pressed her on it either (and he never will).
Yang's pulling one of the oldest tricks & Stevens is neither a reporter nor much of a citizen. If he were, he'd ask *all* candidates tough questions. He's just #YangGang MT @HiSteveKim ...I appreciate your reporting MT @ByMattStevens [claims someone yelled a slur at Andrew Yang]
Thanks for being a citizen. Demand those like @aseitzwald do their jobs and start asking *all* politicians tough policy questions. RT @osmfarm I can’t tell you how little seeing a friend or acquaintance on social media in a selfie next to a politician would sway my vote.
Maybe you should act like a citizen & a liberal and question authority. Warren is very pro-Big Biz, she'd help U.S. Chamber lower wages. MT @theglassfish13 @ewarren commented on one of my tweets. I'm voting for her..
.@GreggieBenny: @DaniellaMicaela has spent hours blogging & tweeting about Liz Warren taking hours of selfies. It's #idiocracy on toast. Point out to those who take Daniella Diaz of CNN seriously that a real reporter would ask Warren tough questions about policy.
If you scroll too fast on #autoscroll pages, you end up missing stuff and have to scroll up. It's idiotic, but what do you expect from those who think #Javascript & #CSS are neato technologies?
.@Jasonew6: @hannahbleau_ & #Breitbart are obsessed with Ilhan's private life, but can't show her *ideas* wrong to anyone outside their circle. What use are they to the USA besides as pointless entertainment?
.@HRivera72964164: FYI, @joelpollak is an amnesty fan. #Breitbart 's audience *hates* amnesty. So, every time someone mentions "Joel Pollak", you can help Tulsi by directing them to Pollak's amnesty sell-out.
It's probably taken out of context like her "build that" comment was. It says so much about GOP they won't show Warren wrong to her base over immigration but have to deceive & smear instead. MT @BreitbartNews [Warren's "men at all comment"] MT @cuinmass451 [Pocahontas smears]
As I recently said, cons are just as bad as the far-left. Note the "conservative" sites keen on prying into Ilhan's private life: #MAGA #resist
Isn't #Shetland small enough that meeting in public places as part of cheating is out of the question? I mean, it's not Glasgow or anything.
I not only left 100s of comments there showing them wrong, I even had a site designed to help them hold accountable. I never got any help with that from cons. They're part of the problem. MT @weusedtocry like the NYT, the Atlantic is fake news, very fake news
They're horrid, but Trump, MAGA, GOP, & cons in general aren't any better. MT @rusty_pharris What the Left has done to the Kavanaugh family will haunt me forever. They would destroy any of our lives just the same if we stood in the way of power
.@scroarty: if MZHemingway really wanted to help the USA, she'd hold the MSM accountable in big tent ways. She's batting about 0.005 on holding the MSM accountable because to her & her fans it's always about cons or MAGA & never about helping USA as a whole.
.@MFSTeve82: @TheAtlantic is owned by Mrs Steve Jobs & they (& thus @RussellBerman) push the very pro-corporate NeoLiberal line (free trade, loose borders, globalism). It's no wonder they go easy on Liz Warren: she's very pro-Big Biz too. To undercut them, ask Warren tough Q's.
When you blog something, I'll point out to those who take it seriously that you're on their level and proud of it. RT @ronlieber Happy pub date to @rpogrebin and @katekelly. I'm proud to call them colleagues.
Countries with the highest murder rates: Honduras Venezuela The United States Virgin Islands Belize El Salvador Guatemala Jamaica Lesotho Swaziland #Scotland (due to #Shetland) #MAGA #resist
"Trump on death of Cokie Roberts: 'She never treated me nicely. But I would like to wish her family well.'" Trump is pure scum, but #TheResistance can't do anything about it because they aren't much better.
In other sports news, Felipe Vazquez has just been hired in a cross-sports deal. While every over #NFL team bid for his services, he'll be the new #Patriots QB.
Too good to check: 'Corey Lewandowski: “I have no obligation to be honest with the media"'. That might be out of context, but it's in line with the same taqiyya Trump, #MAGA, & #GOP heavily engage in (just like the far-left). Lying & smearing is first nature to them.
.@ozjon731: if you want something to happen, help discredit KFILE over downplaying the (off-field) violence committed by NFL players. See "Corey Stewart used racist stereotypes to disparage NFL players in 2017 campaign event". Discrediting him = better coverage.
.@colin_meyn @KitNorton: in all the time you've been blogging about Sanders etc, when have you asked any of them *tough* policy questions like one of those mythological journalists would do? I'm recruiting people to ask such questions & it'll make you look really bad.
If he "owned" him, heathertappel & all other MAGA wouldn't dare dispute it, right? They'd be too stunned. To really "own" Corey, find smart people to ask him *tough* *policy* questions on video for Youtube. MT @MigsyGirl Barry Berke owned @CLewandowski_ [at Judiciary hearing]
And by "VETTING", you mean dumpster diving that'll just help him. The smart way to oppose him is to ask him tough *policy* questions designed to *undercut* him to his base. Who do you want to help? MT @AstridWinegar LET THE VETTING PROCESS BEGIN!! MT @CLewandowski_ [something]
Baseball trivia: the last time the #Cubs won the #WorldSeries, Trump wasn't president. Anybody remember either of those??? #MAGA #resist
.@geoffwood @GregfromFargo: it wasn't sunspots that made Net Neutrality lose, it was the failings of its opposition. See the link. You can reject/ignore that (& help @AjitPaiFCC) or demand those leaders do smart things (& make Ajit sad).
MT @LFC 87' - Shaqiri comes on to replace Henderson MT @macncheese065 Shaqiri should just leave. Sad for the lad with that quality
"R,f,a" is marketing speak, did someone write the tweet (w/ intentional typos) for you? Never trust fiscal cons like Ajit: he'd put 5G next to you if he'd make $ off it. MT @bisonbooties Thanks @AjitPaiFCC Reliable, fast, affordable home internet access is a BIG deal for [us]
1. Twitter censored you; see my pinned tweet. 2. Ajit Pai RTs CrimeADay not over weird edge cases, but to reduce commonsense laws (like ones that would've stopped Purdue Pharma). MT @BarnettEwin [edge case] MT @CrimeADay 1787: We should probably federal crimes
Anytime #Jeopardy wants a *really* tough question, they ask about #Canada. No one - not even Canadians - knows or cares.
While the 24Ahead Sports Desk has no prediction, we're hoping it's 4-0 at 89' so Klopp puts Shaqiri in. #Liverpool #Napoli #football = #soccer
WWII, WWI, the War of the Andorran Succession, the list goes on. Throughout it all, the mighty city-states of Liverpool and Naples have battled for control over Gibraltar. The latest battle is on TNT right now, as the two mighty city-states play real football. #MAGA #resist
In case you are adequately prepared for some real football & you have all your hooligan friends together, there's a fairly good football match on TNT between teams from Italy & the Czech Republic. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
24Ahead thus close broadcast day with Kıvılcım Ural - Romantik. "Wait, what about the "Trump National Order" thing?" Well, this does comply with Trump National Order #5023 ("Defy the Twitter language police"). #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@terryschleder: Liz Warren strongly supports illegal immigration. That's a huge example of corruption: Big Biz pays off Congress to enable & look the other way on massive illegality. Would Big Biz do that if increasing the labor supply via illegal immigration raised wages?
.@saucerspecial: @Vox was/is funded by @GE, no stranger to corruption. They & Liz Warren both strongly support very pro-Big Biz immigration policies: both would increase labor supply & thus lower wages. It's also a huge example of corruption: Big Biz paying off politicians.
.@WMN4SRVL: more recently, @DavidBrennan100 blogs the claim that Trump's a pancake thief. I'm not kidding: Brennan did that. He won't call Trump on how the next admin will tear down/neglect his wall, or on his Puerto Rico failures. But, if it's pancakes you want, Dave's on it.
.@jooltman: Liz Warren would legalize millions of illegal aliens & she'd bring in millions of new workers. She'd greatly increase the labor supply; there's no way to deny that. More labor = lower wages. Warren's the champion of Big Business, not workers.
As "formerly of The Economist", you would. She's a very thorough NeoLiberal who'd lower U.S. wages, push trade plans that cost jobs, & help the rich get richer. P.S. I'm recruiting people to call her on it on video RT @justinhendrix I prefer Elizabeth Warren as the next [POTUS]
.@Debb719: Trump's horrific, but some Mexican LPRs/Mexican American citizens have more loyalty to their group than to their country. That doesn't mean Trump should have asked his question of that guy or in that way. By not engaging Trump's argument, Baker just *helps* Trump.
.@mollysmcdonough: you know how Trump never engages someone's actual argument? @peterbakernyt acts just like that. Trump has a point about some LPRs/citizens of all origins who have more loyalty to their group than their country. By just doing shtick, Baker *helps* Trump.
Speaking about real football, #TNT allegedly has two matches Tuesday: * at 10am (Pacific), it's Inter Milan vs. Slavia Praha * at noon, it's Napoli vs. Liverpool #football = #soccer #CLEvsNYJ
.@ZeetuhZ: is Trump's question perfectly reasonable if asked of Mexica Movement or MEChA? Didn't Villar finally renounce MEChA when called on it? Isn't "More Mexican than Mexicans and more American than Americans" common? P.S. Who employs & who enables @peterbakernyt 's boss?
Trump's (probably) intentionally dumbed down a valid question. Dimbulbs like Baker will hype it & everyone else will be able to figure out what he meant. MT @ZeetuhZ MT @peterbakernyt [Trump's "Who do you like more, the country or the Hispanics?"]
.@WildBillWellman: more importantly, Liz Warren would help lower wages. Warren has a very pro-Big Biz immigration stance, & more immigration means lower wages (despite false Koch claims to the contrary). If @rubycramer were a real reporter, she'd call Warren & WFP on that.
A low-priority TODO: unleash my Twitter bot on developing an "MSM Hype Map". MSM reporters hyping the blogs of their fellow employees. It's not organic: they're told to do it. That way they hype their blogs w/o looking self-promotional + get a 3rd voice as in sales #MAGA #resist
You were ordered to hype her dreck, now you've got it on you. Is "Asians tend to attend college at higher rates than other groups" true or false? MT @cathleendecker Good at math? Work hard? Some Asian Americans bristle at Andrew Yang’s use of stereotypes. From @amybwang
.@PanasonicDX4500: Liz Warren strongly supports illegal immigration. That means she strongly supports political corruption (Big Biz buys off Congress) & she'd help Big Biz lower U.S. wages & braindrain foreign countries If @AsteadWesley were a real reporter he'd call her on that
Illegal immigration is the biggest example of political corruption there is: Big Biz pays off pols to enable it. Warren strongly supports that. MT @Janmcknight5 What’s stopping her now?.. MT @alexburnsNYT hyping @thomaskaplan blog on Liz Warren "fighting corruption".
.@katmc68: Trump's horrific, but I have trouble believing @nprfreshair is any better (based on the NPR habit of deceiving about immigration). Did they call @katekelly on omitting a key part of her OpEd (as NYT now admits)? Did they call @rpogrebin on the tweet NYT deleted?
Just as they help Trump, their loudest opponents help *them* by making this all about Trump. Help hold them accountable in big tent ways. MT @VickiBalfour When I worked in journalism, If I had done what @rpogrebin and @katekelly did I would have been fired immediately...
.@rachaelray: household tips: - Not only doesn't Gatorade freeze at the normal temperature, it's hard to find anyone who's determined its actual freezing point. - Gummy edibles become liquid even left in a hot car for an hour or so. - There are 17 dimensions.
Did you know? Apparently, Rachel__Nichols - don't like her sport but she's hot - is a mix of "English, French-Canadian, Italian, German, Northern Irish, Scottish". #ESPN #MAGA #resist
.@BrownsRally: what do you like best about the historic @Browns win, the part with the tight ends and wide receivers, or the part where the QB came up behind the bent-over lineman, slipped his hands between the lineman's thighs, & started screaming about Omaha? #CLEvsNYJ
"Purdue Pharma, drugmaker accused of fueling the opioid epidemic, files for bankruptcy". They've killed thousands of people, now they're paying the price! More proof the #FreeMarket works! #Teaparty #MAGA
Those who lead ppl on about impeachment (Darren/Steyer/etc) *help* Trump by distracting from the huge vulnerabilities he has with his base. MT @Djlee_md [Trump should've always been impeached but it's a chimera] MT @dsamuelsohn [HRC's 50-year-old memo is the key to impeachment!]
Warren is almost as bad as the Kochs and U.S. Chamber on immigration. She'd help them increase the labor supply and thus lower wages. MT @AimeeDemaio [@WorkingFamilies endorsing Liz Warren] just blew your legitimacy for me
Thank you and #MAGA! MT @RealDonaldTrump Of all the things I hate, FAKE NEWS is the worst. Second to that has to be crinkles. Can you believe in the Obama admin they stored the sheets folded? I installed a German-made sheet ironer & now they store the sheets the right way: flat!
Pursuant to Trump Executive Orders #9034 ("Dress like Cossack"), #4045 ("Synchronize dancing") & #49223 ("Do not take samovar of me"), 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@PolitJunkieM @Rosie: when Trump's out of office, next admin will tear down/neglect his "wall". 10s of millions of his fans don't know that because those like RBReich won't mention it. They just act like cons did during Obama's presidency. Reich is part of the problem.
.@AlbertoMedinaPR: FYI, Grijalva is a proud former member of the extremist irredentist group MEChA (think League of the South). Even Villar has renounced his involvement with them. Grijalva hasn't had to simply because those like @michaelcdeibert will never call him on it.
.@larazarum: FYI, after leaving dozens of comments showing them wrong, @nymagPR basically banned me. Those are not the actions of a site that's printing accurate information.
You should be outraged at her completely worthless pastiches. Mark Sanford is a fiscal con & their ideology is toxic. Nuzzi lacks the smarts & patriotism to ask fiscal con tough policy questions to discredit them. MT @samsanders MT @Olivianuzzi [pastiche of Sanford]
.@JasonTselentis: I left dozens of comments at #NYMag showing them wrong & got brigaded. They made me change my name from what you see here, putting a nondescript name on my (c) content. They ghosted new comments. @nymagPR has zero integrity & their actions admit they're wrong.
.@LaurenEC1983: @janellefiona & @gwenfaviles ("Trans cafe worker fired after kicking out conservative activist") blame the victim; cons are no help against them. Your reply was censored by Twitter; cons only *help* that censorship by falsely pretending only cons are impact.
Nothing Steyer has ever said or done in the last 4+ years has had even the slightest impact on Trump. He refuses to hold Trump accountable by helping get his proxies asked tough policy questions. MT @PyurEnergy MT @TomSteyer [we have to stand up to Trump, he's not above the law]
On information & belief, #TNT will have two real football matches on Tuesday: * at 10am (Pacific), it's Inter Milan vs. Slavia Praha * at noon, it's Napoli vs. Liverpool If those are actually on the TV, 24Ahead might live tweet them. #football = #soccer #PHIvsATL
.@pll1942: much, much more important than typos is the fact that @nytopinion is covering up for Kamala over her enabling the murders of Bologna & his sons. Shouldn't they at least mention that, or are you OK with them only telling you what they want you to know?