Thank you for your service! #MAGA! #resist MT @RealDonaldTrump Four legs good, two legs bad!
You is on CNN. You is bad! Bad man!! - every great conservative thinker, ever. #MAGA #resist
.@JohnMcKellar2: the many issues with @MaxBoot don't involve him being on CNN. The actual issues involve him being a NeoCon, a NeoLiberal (i.e., like Koch on trade/immigration/globalism),& being too intellectually weak & too much of a wimp to do simple things like undercut Trump.
On ESPN News, North Carolina has tied it up with Utah.
.@ProFamilyIL: @AnnCoulter thinks those like Rose Lavelle are examples of "moral decay", but those like Ray Lewis are examples of America at our best. Do you agree with her?
Remember how the Women's World Cup made all of us (except for #AnnCoulter) join together in patriotism? Now, several of the same players from the U.S. team are playing in an NWSL match on ESPN News. #football #soccer #MAGA #resist
Has that talking point ever worked against anyone? So, why are you still using it? It'd be smart to point out Congress will neglect/demo Trump "wall" when he's out of office. Is @ZoeTillman doing that? MT @ushadrons [uses the 'you said MX would pay for it' talking point]
.@banksta62: a few billion won't "bankrupt" us, we aren't Trinidad and/or Tobago. It's always been incredibly easy - and an incredibly necessary public service - to call Trump on how the next pres will just neglect/demolish his "wall". Has @ZoeTillman done that?
.@AnuskhaSonai: #Twitter used to have their determination of a tweet's "quality" in the HTML: "LowQuality", etc. They put tweets they didn't like into the "tombstone" section. Now they've obfuscated that, hiding what they think of millions of users. #NewTwitter
.@Merz: streiff can't figure out that as soon as Trump's out of office, his successor & Congress will neglect or demolish his "wall". Trump fans won't be able to stop that anymore than they can get the "wall" now. Use that to undercut it to its few fans.
.@LivingstonLD22: hey Dave, you cheer the Supreme Court letting Trump spend $2.5 billion on his "wall". How much can he build with that amount? What happens to Trump's "wall" when he's out of office? (P.S. I'm recruiting ppl to ask those like you questions like those on video)
Either @streiffredstate blocked me just now, or it blocked me way back in 2016. In any case, it'll see that blocking me doesn't work.
Why, it's almost like cons - due to low-wattage, Dunning-Kruger, delusional behavior, solipsism, etc. - are no help against SJWs. MT @LinneyAnnette [@streiffredstate blogs Nick Sandmann's libel suit against WaPo has been dismissed] dismiss this altogether is outrageous.
.@destruction_bay: plus, @Milbank 's latest blog calls McConnell a "Russian asset". Not only does that hearken back to Joseph McCarthy, it's the mirror image of what cons said about Obama. That didn't work, and Milbank's sleaze won't work either.
The Twitter/Twellman/moi consensus is that Pity Martinez shouldn't have been taken out. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #LAFC
The celebenemy #LAFC scores again! Yes, it's an own goal, but those count too.
And the Oscar for Best Simulation goes to... #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #LAFC
The celebenemy team sponsored by a spyware company - #LAFC - ties it up against Atlanta on ESPN. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
On ESPN in about 80 minutes: the Battle of Madrid featuring Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid. That should be OK, but that's followed by #LAFC - the disfavored L.A. team - vs Atlanta United and that should be fairly good. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
Remember "There's A Communist Living in the White House!!"? This is exactly how #TheResistance is acting, in reverse.
.@FeralCherylZ: tweet a childish GIF about McConnell. How is that different from Victoria Jackson in reverse? More importantly, isn't that what Putin wants those like you to do? Unlike Trump, Putin's playing 12-d chess.
Trump/Saudi Arabia's loudest opponents certainly have the means (newspapers, verified accounts...) to make that a bigger issue. They simply lack the ability. MT @herbakeet [to Trump's #FreeRocky] If only there was as much concern over Jamal Khashoggi
It was #Florida this morning in #LosAngeles, now we've got Florida bugs: some sort of winged creature almost as big as a hummingbird.
Dear Honored English actors who are speaking in an American accent: no American speaks like that. #acting #AccentReduction
.@3YearLetterman: you reply to Trump's pro-rap Rocky tweet with cheap jokes. Tell all those who are apoplectic about Trump around the world that you're squandering Twitter putting you at the top of the list with kid's stuff. Grow up or stand down.
Trump tweets: "Very disappointed in [Sweden PM] for being unable to act. Sweden has let our African American Community down in the United States... #FreeRocky" Rap is culturally corrosive, but all Trump cares about is trying to get a few votes. #MAGA #resist
In a better world, P Diddy or whatever the f it is would have asked Trump for his private line and been given the phone number for Julliard. In our world, P Diddy has Trump's private line & Trump's going to bat for #FreeRocky. #MAGA = #idiocracy #resist
.@JoelBro43866365: cons are usually the victims of dumpster diving (a current example: Monica Crowley). @SethAMandel - who dumpster dives elshamyme - is just paying them back! No way could encouraging dumpster diving splash back on cons.
.@NYCGreenfield: you reply to the dumpster diving of elshamyme of CNN, seem to be referring to the ADL. Is the ADL's definition of "hate" credible, and if so why does it include the SPLC?
.@natbabou: @besslevin is just a meaningless cog & #VanityFair is a meaningless rag. The entire media pushes anti-American NeoLiberal/Koch policies: loose borders, free trade, and globalism.
.@garyandshannon: I and probably lots of your other listeners have taken a knee on kneeball. Consider promoting things like this instead:
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes, "Wouldn't it be great if we could send all MSM 'reporters' on a Holiday in Cambodia? Vote for me and I'll make it happen." OK! #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Flordagrl1: @CREWcrew is just another grifter group trying to get publicity to bring in donations. They could undercut Trump to his base right now just by asking Trump's proxies tough policy questions on video. Are they doing that, or just hawking worthless petitions?
Allegedly, the #PuertoRico governor is going to resign. Trump helped push him out! #MAGA #resist
And, you'll still be promoting impeachment years after Trump's been reelected. But, you'll never realize those like you only *help* Trump. RT @OnlyWhiteTiger I have been promoting impeachment for years now and will not stop because the USA must be defended against nazis
What would he be charged with, Larry? If he could be charged then, why isn't he being charged now? Do your clients know you aren't smart enough to think up ways to undercut Trump to his base right now? MT @LarryBoorstein [works out when Trump could be "charged"]
If you could send @davejorgenson & all those replying somewhere for a few years, where would it be? - a Sovkhoz - Somalia - a Sudan - penniless, forced to do manual labor in rural Kansas. #MAGA #resist #WaPo
When will you call Trump or TPUSA on policy? Be grown-up journalists, not the other thing. MT @ReisThebault @TheArtist_MBS and I explore the mystery of the seal [behind Trump at a Turning Point convo] doctored to include apparent references to golf & the Russian coat of arms
.@bengrosser: WillOremus strongly supports censorship, & just to reduce his already-small # of mentions. Also, have you figured out how to deal with Twitter's obfuscated CSS? They're hiding the "LowQuality" etc data. If you figure it out, contribute it to my pinned tweet.
.@sarahintampa: when you get back, you can ask Twitter about how their redesign uses obfuscated CSS in a vain attempt to make it harder to see the censorship they engage in: the "LowQuality" etc that were in the HTML (described at my pinned tweet) are now just random strings.
#NewTwitter is even worse than Old #Twitter. They broke my #Greasemonkey script to add reply links, and they probably broke the anti- #censorship Java application at my pinned tweet.
"That's it, I've had it with this job!" Trump screamed as he slammed a printout of Gateway Pundit on the table. "Melania, warm up my '72 Charger! We're heading back to OKC!" #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Maybe if "reporters" did their jobs by really pressing pols on policy we'd get better policy from all sides. Do your job. Have some pride. MT @jmartNYT [Trump's just about attention] pushing to get a complicated deal done on lowering Rx prices isn’t gonna make Hannity...
.@upine: many would accuse GOP of "over-compromising with" Dems as you accuse Dems of doing with GOP. How are you different from them? Re @brianbeutler blog that Dems get "More Fighting", they'd get more support if they weren't so pro-censorship, so racist... Work on that.
#USMNT couldn't beat Mexico, leaving it up to #LAGalaxy 's D Team. #football #soccer #MAGA #resist
The War of 1812, Part 2 is now - just like the series original - in penalty kicks. #ZimmermanTelegram #MAGA #resist
.@TreeHappyDog: your tantrum was entertaining, but it's incredibly easy to undercut Trump over Twitter censorship. They censor *all* kinds of users (see the real data at my pinned tweet). Showing MAGA/GOP that Trump & Parscale can't do basic research would pay big dividends.
.@brkend: hey Brent, claims that Twitter only/mostly censors cons are completely false. See the real, reproducible data at my top tweet showing that they heavily censor *all* kinds of users. Will you ask Parscale etc about that?
I falsely said Zlatan might play. I assume he isn't even in the stadium. However, this would be a great time for him to be sent in. #LAGalaxy #MAGA #resist
If Danielle Stella supported Western Civ & what's best for USA, she'd oppose Trump acting like Tlaib. She wouldn't think Tlaib excuses Trump. MT @MichelinoNibal1 [old Tlaib tweet saying to deport Trump] [she said that about our idol??] MT @2020MNCongress Pot, meet kettle.
.@Nebula81081: @RubinReport isn't smart enough to realize he's saying Trump is as bad as IlhanMN. He's not pro-Western Civ, otherwise, he'd refuse to support Trump until he learns how to make valid arguments instead of demagoguing the dimmest people in the USA.
.@ClimateAudit: in Mondo @DineshDSouza, IlhanMN acting just like Trump somehow makes Trump right. Is that logical? Wouldn't it be better - not to mention patriotic - to encourage Trump to *not* act like her?
.@musings_n: both SJWs & cons are extremely intolerant: argue with MAGA & they'll act just like SJWs by blocking, smearing, etc. Likewise, @RubinReport is admitting @IlhanMN is just as bad as Trump. He can't figure that out, which isn't surprising since he's no help against her.
How can we be living in a computer simulation, when they didn't have computers until a couple decades ago? #space #futurism #MAGA #resist
I just tweeted the link to the 2012 tweet, and it's from her account. Instead of making outrageous excuses for IlhanMN, realize she's just as bad as Trump. MT @butchimoto Something fishy about the date of this tweet...
.@IlhanMN tweet from 9:40 PM - 4 Oct 2012: "@jworiah1 @stevepratico @bemetor5 @somalisijui we are citizens & can't be deported, why don't we deport you to where ever you came from"
.@larsondh1: whether with the GOP, Jeb Bush, or the "Bulwark", @Timodc is paid to push the Big Biz line. There are legit issues, but his tantrum is just about helping Big Biz make money by harming American workers. So, appeal to U.S. Chamber, Koch bros, WalMart, sweatshops...
Ironically, you'd help Big Biz make billions by using mass immigration to lower wages. P.S. Trump's on your side, not mine. MT @AlamoOnTheRise At $775 per day, Francisco's imprisonment cost U.S taxpayers over $16,000. Money that goes directly to private prison camp owners.
They should, if they have a case. It'd be beyond foolish to think they do based on Tim's tantrum, esp since he's paid to push a pro-Big Biz line. MT @royalmusing [to @Timodc - ex-Jeb hack - going off on a DU-style rant about a CBP detainee] I hope his family sue
.@fkarulas: I only scanned the first part of the @rgay blog because it was linked from another site. It's about unsympathetic parasites, written by an unsympathetic parasite, at a parasitic site that's in effect banned me for constantly showing them wrong.
Some people say the same about non-whites. What would you call them? RT @fizzhazel [to a rgay blog] I just, who cares about the plight of the white man atm
"Former Justice John Paul Stevens traveled to Portugal at age 99, Ginsburg reveals at his funeral". And, it was that sex tour that did him in. #MAGA #resist
If @nhannahjones had her way it would be. MT @MaureenRedig [about #project1619, a racist NYTMag attempt to take power from whites] Amazing! I cannot wait to see this groundbreaking issue/event- and the discussion that will follow. I wish it could be required reading
Team Taco Bell has tied it up against #LAGalaxy! That means tomorrow all tacos are free at #TacoBell!!!!
.@JonChampionJC: is Twellman Skyping? Does he have a cold? Did they get his mic from the Radio Shack bargain bin? It's driving me nuts.
.@LucieBritsch: hey Lucie, do you agree with @julietlapidos that the USA is nothing more than a Make Your Own Adventure? Do you agree with her that immigrants (actual immigrants) don't have to assimilate but can keep holding on to ideas like honor killings?
~~DRUDGE BREAKING NEWS FLASH, MUST CREDIT DRUDGE REPORT~~ Chivas vs Atletico Madrid is going to PKs. #MAGA #resist
As a grown-up, I can understand their (usually inelegantly-stated etc) point. What are the downsides of that "fluidity"? RT @Pontificatist [to YAppelbaum] I love your story but it occurs to me that a MAGA American will hate the fluidity of Americanness you describe.
.@SebiSalazarFUT: I hiked for about an hour in ~90F - most of it in the sun - earlier today. They're younger, slimmer, in lower temps, and on flat ground.
Chivas just isn't that good. #football #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@MyNameH33271686: @julietlapidos & @YAppelbaum fail as Americans. Canada (corporate pluralism) is more appropriate for them that the USA (melting pot).
MT @josephzeballos [the suck up part:] This piece from @julietlapidos really resonated with me - [the un-American, that's not how it works part:] a key part of being American is the freedom of self-definition and embracing the American identity on your own terms
But, wait, there's more: in about 30 minutes on ESPN, #LAGalaxy will take on Team Taco Bell aka Team Tijuana aka Team TJ. Zlatan will reportedly play. #football #soccer #MAGA #resist
Are you ready for some football? Chivas out of Mexico is taking on Atletico Madrid out of Spain on ESPN right now. #football #soccer #MAGA #resist
24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day pursuant to Trump National Order #942356956-C: "Close the day with yodeling." #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
The latest "hate crime" *might* turn out to be fake. If so, know one thing: #MAGA is too dim/nuts to show the hypers of it wrong.
.@eslaven: you didn't explain why you accuse @johnwschoen of being a hack:
.@RadicalGoats: I'm wondering why @jeffzeleny has never asked a politician a question that'd put them on the spot. That's what the U.S. desperately needed and it would have stopped Trump.
Smart questions would show Trump's policies wrong to his base. Is OS challenging Trump proxies on those questions, or encouraging others to do that? MT @JRMAZMNAmerica [she should resign] MT @OpenSecretsDC [Betsy DeVos is getting even richer due to Trump's policies]
True in the 40s, & still true. Also, Americans regress to the dim. MT @ginzbiz single largest contributing factor into why Americans don't have decent public ed is cuz BetsyDeVos/family don't want us to have one. An educated population is the greatest threat to tyranny.
#MAGA dimwits think #FEMA is operating a whole series of FEMA Trains & FEMA Camps, yet they can't even keep enough sat phones on hand. Ah, but you see: that's all part of the #Agenda21 plan. They only act grossly incompetent but it's just a cover. #PuertoRico #resist
FEMA had to rush order 300+ sat phones a week *after* Maria. From a phone store in Miami no less. That's gross incompetence but they, Trump, and Trump proxies have never been called on it. #MAGA #resist
I repeatedly (and repeatedly, and repeatedly) tweet about Puerto Rico not due to any personal link, but because such gross incompetence - normally seen only among teens in horror movies - is personally offensive to me. Do your frigging job. #MAGA #resist
.@ant_911: after Maria, @CarmenYulinCruz tweeted "Puerto Rico needs water!" Less than a week later, she tweeted a pic of her in a deluge. People have had cisterns for millennia, but she can't figure that out. All her antics did was make things easier for Trump.
Begnaud will keep screaming about Trump's lies/"lies" long after Trump's been reelected. He simply isn't smart enough to figure out how to undercut Trump to his base. MT @JuanRuizPR1 [WaPo explains what @DavidBegnaud calls yet another Trump lie (on billions for Puerto Rico)]
.@murdochdavis: one of Trump's latest lies is that he's "The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Puerto Rico." I've repeatedly posted how to show that wrong where it counts: to his base. Have @jonathanchait or any of the rest ever even tried to show Trump wrong where it counts?
.@Alex_G_Miller: @scottbix, @TomJawetz, etc are lying to you and in effect helping Trump as they always have. Trump is partly/mostly controlled by the loose border Koch bros. His bluster aside, he's very pro-amnesty. In fact, he & Scott/Tom aren't that far apart.
How would amnesty fans show you wrong to sane people? If you tried that talking point on TV, wouldn't you just set yourself up? MT @JimmyJ2U Americans don’t want third-world criminals flooding their communities. Crazy, right!?
If a worker at a MX Target couldn't speak Spanish, would they be kept on? How many Americans are there on the Selection National? MT @TomJawetz [to @Harlan about a VA Target selling MX Nat Soccer shirts & the clerk not speaking English] That’s some ratio, loser.
.@LindacoxCox: @joshdcaplan blogs about the LA cop fired for threatening AOC after thinking a satire was real. Instead of encouraging Breitbart readers not to do such things, he plays the childish whatabout game, trying to distract from the fact many cons are unhinged.
.@zachariahdumey: OK, I'm confused. @SohrabAhmari said @RichLowry "delivers a mighty counterpunch to HawleyMO’s mendacious critics", yet you don't seem to be affected. Please explain.
You know how you're resistant to things celebs say about Trump? @RichLowry & other grifters are like that for The Resistance MT @SohrabAhmari In tomorrow’s NYPost, RichLowry delivers a mighty counterpunch to HawleyMO’s mendacious critics [over Hawley referring to "cosmopolitan"]
Trump hired Koch hacks like Pence, Marc Short, etc. The Kochs donated millions to him - in effect - by not opposing him. Trump's tax plan delivered for them & he needs to keep delivering lest they oppose him in 2020. #MAGA #resist
Despite the common mythology, #Teaparty was started in *2002* by a Koch group. They were revived by FreedomWorks - a successor to the original Koch group - in 2009. Despite his bluster for the yokels, Trump is mostly a Koch president. #MAGA #resist
Indeed they are. Who started the TP & in which year? How are there founders linked to Trump? Falling for TP = falling for Trump. MT @barbaylive [to @Brian_Riedl claiming Trump's latest giveaway is the "Final Nail in the Tea-Party Coffin"] Thanks, but #TeaParty is #MAGA
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #03841 ("let there by dancing, and masks, and much gnashing of sticks"), 24Ahead thus closes the day with Beltane Border Morris performing our new national dance: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Joe__Byrnes: indeed, calling Cuccinelli an "immigration hawk" as @PhilipWegmann does (hyped by @jonathanvswan) is "quite the headline". In fact, Cuccinelli is - like Trump & all in his circle - an amnesty supporter. Phil/Jon are trying to deceive you to help Big Biz.
.@pjsauer: I dislike Breitbart, which banned me for constantly showing Trump wrong. And, I didn't read the @BobSaietta smear of Mariano Rivera (?!?!?!) However, I'm left concluding Breitbart got it right. Try to present a valid argument showing that wrong.
That's one of the major reasons why people like you helped Trump win: you can't debate, you can only thuggishly attempt to stifle dissent. MT @hemjhaveri [to BobSaietta about his smear of Mariano Rivera (!?!?!)] Time to mute your mentions
.@Lord_Neill @Charles83975549: BTW, your tweets against @awinston helping smear Mariano Rivera (?!?!?) were censored by Twitter. Obviously, relying on cons to help stop Twitter censorship doesn't work.