Our leaders constantly try to blame whites. qv De Blasio try to blame Trump in part for attacks by extremist blacks. MT @GhostPandaColin [cheers] MT @MunaNawabit1 #ItsOkayToBeWhite [but] society [treats] anyone that's not white as a criminal, a rapist, a thug or as a terrorist
It's easy to find Dem leaders, Madison Ave, etc. exploiting hatred/dislike of whites for gain. Has Risky called them out? MT @bit_h0use MT @RiskyThePirate1 [uses #ItsOkayToBeWhite to express "diversity"]... However, it’s not ok to be hateful to others just because of race...
"Check out my delts! Hold on, let me pump up a bit... now, more oil.. Check them out! I want you to interview this Joe Biden character & compare his delts to mine!" "I will, President Trump! And thanks for the great interview!" "Thank you, Ainsley." #MAGA #resist #FoxNews
Trump's a preschool-level bully. Comey lacks the smarts & life experience to figure out how to turn those attacks around on Trump. It's a good thing he's a *former* FBI director. MT @Carissa5419 [thinks Trump won't be reelected] MT @Comey [I got attacked by Trump]
The Trump: "Woe be unto any who dare defy my will!" The Interparleur: "Woe be unto any who dare defy the will of The Trump!" Assembled multitudes at Tampa Bay Stadium: "WOE BE UNTO ANY WHO DARE DEFY THE WILL OF THE TRUMP!" #Trump2020 #Florida #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #4023 ("We'll have a ball on Mars & meet lots of groovy people when I, Trump, am reelected. The Space Force will begin Space Truckin'"), 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
"Howdy everyone, this is Bill McGibbons from Pigeon Knee, Tennessee. Thanks to President Trump, we can say 'midget' again! Remember when Obama tried to change our money to read 'Little People' instead? Well, President Trump rolled that back! Vote #Trump2020!" #MAGA #resist
.@defensealt: now, @DLeonhardt blogs "The Presidential Nominating Process Is Absurd". What's absurd is McDonald's fry cook applicants get asked tougher questions than any politician ever is. That's why Trump won & will again. Start demanding Leonhardt etc finally do their jobs.
The best thing you could do is help me ask pols *tough* *policy* questions. That's also the last thing NYT lackeys want. MT @saranics Woke up this morning thinking about how I might get more politically engaged in 2020... DLeonhardt @DouthatNYT & michelleinbklyn share [ideas]
.@John_F_Donnelly: now, @MelissaQuinn97 blogs "GOP Senator James Lankford says he doesn't think Trump is a role model for young people". List all his fans who care. Is that why 10s of millions hired him, or other things? Why isn't Quinn calling him on his actual selling points?
The reporter's credo. If you make a politician frown & stumble, you didn't ask a nice enough question. Only ask pols nice questions they can answer with ease. Bake them cookies too. RT @MelissaQuinn97 If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all
.@CDUBS_F: @NYCMayor tries to blame Trump for part of the anti-Jewish violence committed by extremist blacks. If you want to undercut him, constantly point out to his fans how absurd that is. And, also point out to them his immigration stance helps the 1% lower wages.
Bondi cheers Mick Mulvaney as "wonderful". I'd like you to imagine what will happen when #MAGA realizes how pro-amnesty he - and all of Trump's other lackeys - are. Maybe that'll be the October Surprise. MT @JaxYRs AG @PamBondi is the best!
The same people who can't undercut a simpleton to his base thought he'd never win. If you want to avoid a repeat of the 2nd, work on the 1st. MT @GRmedic7604 [claims his personal poll of yard signs shows otherwise] MT @Tara_Mckelvey [Trump is king; impeachment is great for him]
In real football news, in part because an America player sent a penalty kick sailing over the crossbar, America lost. #football = #soccer #SFvsSEA = kneeball
In real football news, the Mexican World Cup is now going to penalty kicks. #football = #soccer #SFvsSEA = kneeball
.@mvogts: @AjitPaiFCC won Net Neutrality because people like you enabled dim grifter leaders who - as reality shows - failed at their job. Realize that, stop enabling them, & demand they find smart people who can challenge Pai to his face on video using Socratic questions.
Meanwhile back in real football, America and Monterrey are going to extra time due to aggregate scoring. If you're a conservative, don't even try to understand that, it's too complicated. #football = #soccer #SFvsSEA = kneeball
There's already 30s to 10m between each kneeball play, imagine kneeball without a play clock. It's a pathetic joke of a sport. MT @GeorgeKittle85 MT @NFL [it's two minute warning time]
What you should do is challenge Derrick to ask Pai *tough* policy questions that'd reveal the flaws in his ideas. If Derrick won't, shame him to his fan. MT @KG_Cocidius Are we allowed to excommunicate him? MT @mattderrick [explains that Ajit Pai is big fan of kneeball's Chiefs]
Meanwhile in real football, the Rays are now down just 1 goal against America. #football = #soccer #SFvsSEA
"I'm sick of these slobs! In Europe they know how to dress. You see many fat slobs on your Paris trips, Sean? Everyone in this pissant backwater dresses like a Walmart reject. Alabama must have an average weight of 400lbs! Help me come up with a plan, Sean." #MAGA #resist
Are you - yes, you - adequately prepared for some *real* football? The Mexican football final is on Univision right now. Unlike #SFvsSEA & NFL in general, it has constant action and real athletes who have to make up their own plays.
.@Daggerhandz @SpikeFriedman: kneeball - NFL, #Seahawks, NCAA, etc - is a pathetic joke. Big baby players - on and off the field - who make more for a game than most make a year & they still need a tent revival meeting to motivate them & a politburo to direct their every move.
Are you ready for some real football??!?! The deciding game in Mexican football is on Univision in about 15 minutes from now. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #45034 ("Melania's getting old, hard to start in the morning. I'm going to trade her in for a new model from the Yale Slavic Chorus") 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Everything starts between the ears. Those like TrumpJew are either only it for for clicks, or they aren't smart & sane enough to do the easy things that'd undercut Sharpton to his protectors. MT @DavidPiercy9 [blames Sharpton] MT @TrumpJew [attacks by blacks on Jews in NYC]
.@jenniferewren: @JxhnBinder just uses criminal aliens etc to get clicks, & I can prove it. Challenging Dem leaders on how their plans would harm workers - using my lib-friendly questions - would destroy them. Ask Binder to help out & let him prove he isn't fake.
1. When Trump's out of office, the "wall" will be torn down/neglected. 2. In last 3 years, when has harping on criminal aliens moved the needle on immigration? Has it impacted Pelosi? MT @StefanCJames Build The Wall MT @JxhnBinder [uses yet another criminal alien to get clicks]
MT @dianeski Doesn't impact the babies' lives very positively -- they're ripped limb from limb, or scalded to death, or extracted part of the way... MT @nora_germain ...a lot of men have been very quiet about how safe and legal abortion has positively impacted their lives...
He's aiming squarely at his Bell Curve segment, the far-left. He's also making replies too easy. RT @CoryBooker Abortion rights shouldn’t matter to men because women are our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends. They should matter to men—to everyone—because women are people.
.@MorganFeldman7: @JessicaV_CIS has consistently refused to help make smart arguments that'd use immigration to undercut Dem leaders to their base. Instead, she's *hurt* Trump by not giving him smart arguments. Read this with an open mind:
.@TWeighted: NJ votes for Phil Murphy *because of* those like @FAIRImmigration. There are very powerful arguments that'd undercut him to his base. Those like FAIR obviously use very weak arguments, as the reality that he's gov shows. Demand FAIR does their job for once.
If your fave team tweeted "we got beat by 100", "we lost by 200", etc, wouldn't you realize they suck? FAIR has very few successes *and* they refuse to help with smart plans. MT @Astrodomania MT @FAIRImmigration NJ gov signs bill for driver's licenses for illegal aliens
Since they keep doing that (& almost all black/white ads make whites look like fools, etc, etc), what exact use is Coulter? Has she ever even slightly hampered SJWs? (Note: actually hampered) MT @Kaos_Madness MT @AnnCoulter [Law & Order SVU etc always present whites as perps]
NB: "BTS" = "Behind The Scenes". #HTH #MAGA #resist
.@RealMarkKennedy: @JoeySalads staged a fake attack on a Trump-bedecked car & got a Drudge link out of it. Only when a BTS vid someone else had take surfaced did Joey admit he'd faked the whole thing. He just sees those like you as a meal ticket.
.@sean_antrim: @AnnCoulter hypes @brandonbonwell hyping a Joey Salads video. Even a tiny bit of research will show Joey's pawned off staged videos as real. Coulter is just a grifter who could care less about the truth.
.@DavidPDuffy25: @AnnCoulter thinks Trump "wall" would be forever; when Trump's out of office it'll be torn down/neglected. She hyped the *NFL* even tho BLM was easily foreseeable. She gave Trump highly flawed arguments that have only allowed illegal immigration to continue.
.@ASooner4Life @SportsNation: kneeball is a pathetic joke. Big Baby players who can only ever play one role & who need a politburo to direct their every move. Real football has constant action & players who are real athletes & who have to think for themselves. #CFBPlayoff
.@nephewlyle: one of the "fees" Twitter imposes on everyone is censoring replies to Medvedev, Trump officials, Rouhani, etc. etc. (see my pinned tweet). Twitter helps Medvedev etc hide from dissent, and that has a direct impact on you & Myrna.
"That's right, Ainsley, after 'Nam I was stuck in Lodi for a few years. I delivered for Wong's China Palace & let me (I wonder? Is Ainsley really buying this? Does she see through me, or am I so magnetic & great she believes everything I say?) tell you..." #MAGA #resist
.@truthyjason: "real football" is soccer. @FieldYates covers the NFL/NCAA game known as "kneeball". Kneeball is pathetic, with big baby players who need their every move to be scripted, who can't play both offense & defense, & many of whom aren't exactly athletes. #CFBPlayoff
.@lawrencebrenner: at least per headline, we should oppose #AB5 just because it would impact one @JennaBusch, someone maybe 0.1% of the USA has heard about. If you really care, the *smart* way to stop it is using Socratic questioning (see my Question Authority page). Or don't.
.@uncbluefan: have you seen those orange crates from a century ago, with blacks eating watermelon and the like? @ATT ads are exactly like that, in reverse. Every ad features cool blacks and whites acting the fool. OTOH, #ATT is only playing to race hatred cynically, to make $.
.@NCVates: if @davidfrum were smart & sincere, it'd be easy for him to engage a Trump proxy in debate and force them to admit that the "wall" - Trump's signature issue - won't last. Frum could show that Trump's signature issue is vaporware, greatly harming Trump. Why hasn't he?
.@JoshuaPCohen1: @davidfrum is employed by Mrs Steve Jobs. Just as Koch lackeys sing the Koch tune, he sings Apple's. Everything he says about Trump reflects poorly on him. Trump's doing X? That's because those like Frum have the means to stop it, but lack the smarts or will.
.@danielpmcdermot @mcphillips: plus, look at the @attcares ads. They all involve whites acting the fool and blacks acting the cool. You know old movies where blacks are shown with a watermelon under one arm & a stolen chicken under the other? Their ads are exactly like that.
.@DaveRVW @ATTCares_Not: in addition to your issues, @ATTCares is a cynically racist company. Look at their ads: they all involve blacks mocking whites. Their ads are like orange crates from a century ago, just with the races reversed.
Pursuant to Trump Official Order #5345 ("Yes, I was stuck in Lodi. Yes, Space Force will do Space Trucking. However, I've now fled to Portugal to escape prosecution so I don't care"), 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@themoose: hey Greg, as you know, @yoyoel heavily censors millions around the world. He not only helps protect those like Ajit Pai from dissent, he censors ~40% the replies to Medvedev & ~50% those to Rouhani. How'd you explain to your friends you helped the Iranian dictator?
.@mbracemoore: shortly after Trump hyped amnesty, so too did @joelpollak. Joel just wanted Trump to sell out the USA for a good price. Breitbart has also repeatedly pushed the Goodlatte amnesty as "patriotic". And, they've never given Trump good anti-amnesty arguments.
.@subschneider: FYI, @jack greatly helps the Trump admin by heavily censoring replies to Trump officials such as Ajit Pai. See the real data at my pinned tweet.
Twitter heavily censors replies to Medvedev, Rouhani, etc. He helps them hide from dissent. If they aren't tipping him they should. MT @MustacheTommy [to @Jack] Is there a way for twitter users to tip each other bitcoin in the future?
Twitter heavily censors millions around the world. They censor ~40% the replies to Medvedev & ~50% to Rouhani. See the real, reproducible data at my pinned tweet. Will you cover that, Yasha? MT @Schaar880 MT @yashalevine [Twitter suspended me until I deleted a tweet]
Why was I completely confident #Dissenter would fail? Because all similar past efforts - including one from Google - have failed. Few will bother to add an extension to leave comments few will read. #MAGA #resist #Gab
.@lowrie_george: I haven't used my Gab account lately, but @getongab blocked me here for a) correctly pointing out dissenter would fail, & b) correctly pointing out they keep lying about who's censored on Twitter (see my pinned tweet). Gab *helps* Twitter by shrinking the tent.
If burglaries keep happening, are the cops any good? Gab/Trump/Parscale all lie about *and thus help* Twitter censorship. They could stop it if they used my data (pinned tweet). MT @jarathel MT @getongab ...if Trump RTs your account you have a 10% chance of being suspended...
"Rural disconnect: Majority in some Alabama counties don't have internet..." Or indoor plumbing. Or teeth. #Trump2020 #MAGA #resist
"Prosecutors in day spa prostitution sting turn up heat on PATRIOTS owner Kraft..." A reminder: the only sport Kraft is involved in is kneeball. Specifically, NFL kneeball. He's not the owner of any other teams in any other sports. #MAGA #resist
Questioning authority is a key part of citizenship. Will you help me ask both Dem & GOP leaders very tough policy questions? MT @michikokakutani [sounds the alarm about Trump] MT @composerem ...Millions of Americans are derelict in the ethics and duty of citizenry...
.@PeterHLemieux: Trump will probably be reelected, and it'll be *because of* @Yascha_Mounk, his fellow Mrs Steve Jobs lackeys, and our dulligentsia in general. Trump keeps scoring points off them & they don't even realize it but just keep repeating their same failed shtick.
Since Trump already trounced Dems & those like Yascha once & they haven't even caught on much less corrected, doesn't Trump deserve to win again? MT @erikhalvorsen18 [donate to Dems is solution] MT @Yascha_Mounk [if Trump chances to beat us again, it'll be armageddon!]
"That's right, Jeff, after 'Nam I was stuck up in Lodi for a few years. Next question... yes, Maggie, in my second term there will be space trucking... No, Anderson, I was never friends with Jeremiah, I hardly knew him. I didn't even know he was a bullfrog." #MAGA #resist
Neither of you have ever made a convincing case, as reality shows. That's why you have to use smears like "deniers". Name a smart belieber. MT @EC_Kosters Yet today I once again got trapped in a "debate" with some deniers... MT @simondonner [CC is real because I say so]
Imagine Zak was a lawyer like you claim to be. Is the jury convinced climate change is a real thing? Since it obviously isn't, what does that mean? And, why are you enabling him? MT @nwg83 [likes his writing] MT @MrDanZak [hypes his climate change blogs]
What's funny is neither of you have any clue that this is an obscure variant of old joke. MT @RebekahPaulson1 MT @bydarrylfears Ancient Tasmanian Aboriginal women fashioned these snail shells into necklaces... climate change in Australia threatens to take it away...
.@aussiefortrump1: if you really want to undercut Steyer & other Dems, find someone in Iowa who can ask him one of my questions on video for Youtube. I'll even pay them to do it. On yahoo it's ifwdus. But, only if you really want to undercut Steyer.
Steyer admits he'd try to go around Congress on climate. He's as much a wannabe dictator as Trump. MT @JAnotherperson MT @TomSteyer Americans know what is right [impeachment poll]. What can save our democracy? More democracy.
.@trappercreek: more recently, @IgorDerysh interviews Bandy X. Lee, the leftwing Orly Taitz. Is he doing the same thing that's repeatedly failed expecting a different result, or hasn't he even progressed to the point of having a result in mind?
Bandy X. Lee - the crazy psychologist, one of the leftwing versions of Orly Taitz or Laura Loomer - is back in the news. Or, at least in #Salon. As always, #TheResistance isn't insane: they aren't repeating the same thing expecting a result. They aren't expecting a result.
.@EthanBearman: @TheThomasGuide thinks the solution to homelessness is... to lower taxes & regulations. Pause to admire the cheek/chutzpah! Then, be intellectually honest & admit he only wants to enrich the very billionaires who have helped increase homelessness.
.@KarlGrafxguy: those like @TheThomasGuide, his pals in the MSM, & his employers & benefactors are the enemy. Politics should be about the best policies winning. Those like John Thomas make it about the best tan winning. Those like him are anathema to good governance.
.@bond_kurt: you know how the courts have blocked Trump's attempts to go around the Constitution and Congress? That's exactly what'd happen to @TomSteyer 's wild promises. The only question is whether he knows that & is trying to deceive you, or if he hasn't figured out reality.
Steyer's as much a wannabe dictator as Trump. He hasn't proved his case so he'd do it by executive fiat. And - just like Trump - the courts would block him MT @LoaphMeat [you're great] MT @TomSteyer ...I’m prepared to take executive action and make climate change my top priority
Pursuant to Trump Executive Order #27 ("OK, I'm building castle. And it'll have a moat. You know, that's how... So, in the castle there's The Moon And The Nightspirit with their song, that song they do...") #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@ResnickElliot: start at the end & work forward. You'll see I did think it through & I accurately predicted in *2015* how Trump's grand plans would fail (& recommended smart alternatives). Examine why you didn't think it thru, Elliot.
.@ResnickElliot: re your blog "The Gripes of a Trump Supporter" you say "Trump alone is not to blame for the barely-existent wall". If I say "donuts for all!" but I don't have the cash for that many donuts, then the lack of donuts is indeed my fault. Trump didn't think it thru.
.@Novar_bk: I try to avoid acknowledging r/w blogs, but "In supposed apology to Richard Jewell, Tom Brokaw revises history" makes a fairly good case that @tombrokaw is full of it.
I pity your clients (if any). Neither of you are smart enough to figure out where Trump is truly vulnerable to his base. If you could, you don't have the integrity to use it. MT @WarrenKZola [Kent's from KY!] MT @Kentgreenfield1 [doesn't like cut of Trump's, McConnell's jibs]
In a since-deleted tweet, Trump talked about "Moon and the Nightspirit" and "Eg fele". No one knows what those words mean, but then again we aren't part of the Orban Conspiracy, are we! #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Many w/ megaphones have pointed it out, yet it goes nowhere. Chait etc are grifters. Even if they were smart enough to realize where Trump's weak they'd ignore it. MT @JKDAnthony10 Some of us have been pointing this out for years MT @jonathanchait [shifts shtick from RU to HU]
.@reallyDontTrump: after his 3rd-grade collage tying Trump to Napoleon, the Ottoman Empire, & bimetallism went nowhere, @jonathanchait moves on to Hungary. Trump is extremely vulnerable to his base over his signature plans. Chait lacks the smarts to realize that.
.@Salacia_sea: has anything in @intelligencer had any negative impact on Trump? Has he even angry-tweeted about them a la CBC & "Home Alone 2"? They're a non-entity, even in NYC. Disclaimer: NYMAG has blocked me after dozens of comments only controversial for showing them wrong
How odd: I just tweeted about chasing waterfalls, now I'm playing Waterfalls by Cecile Corbel. Odd coincidence. #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
TDSers keep chasing waterfalls rather than doing very easy things I've posted 100s of times that'd really undercut Trump. MT @Mark_Ly0ns ...She was either being used as a stooge, or she was in on it... MT @ErikWemple Maddow rooted for the Steele dossier. Then it fell apart
.@britektire: re the supposed Liz Warren lie, all pols lie. Just as ddale8 doesn't impact you, @RyanAFournier won't impact Liz. He would impact her if he pointed out to her base how pro-Big Biz she is on immigration. But, he can't do that because the GOP & Trump agree with her.
.@JIMrichards1010: in re Home Alone 2, CBC claims they cut Trump in 2014. In his big investigation in this matter, MM seems to think they only show it 1x/year & anyone would've noticed it in 2014 (I don't know if those are correct, does he?)
"‘Home Alone 2’ TV version was edited years before Trump's election, CBC says after right-wing outrage". If true, I will *never* trust rightwing tweeters & bloggers ever again! #MAGA #resist
Wouldn't you help Trump even more if you pointed out the French don't like him? Multiple fronts, invading Russia in the winter... don't you people ever learn? RT @restaudenmaier Germans in a recent poll overwhelmingly [say the greatest threat to world peace is] Donald Trump.
.@NYCRoda5: now, @UrsulaPerano blogs that the Germans don't like Trump. Without mentioning or realizing Trump fans/leaners will react to that in the same way she'd react if learning that holler dwellers don't like Obama. Trump won *because of* people like her.
Steffi is just about clicks & helping billionaires, not about actually covering real news. Eg, has she ever called Trump proxies on how his wall won't last, when that'd really hold Trump accountable? RT @ctrandolph Amazing! MT [GIF] The insane news cycle of 2019
.@CharlieBatch16 @maxjenn: kneeball is a pathetic sport. Most of the scores are just 1 precision pass or a run. Real football goals involve much more athleticism. Plus, real football has constant play by grown-ups, not big babies who need their every move to be scripted.
#Tennessee is a horrible state, but I did visit Gallatin only to find out it was the birthplace of the late, great Huell Howser. I wrote about it and someone claiming to know his sister offered to introduce me. I stupidly didn't follow up. #California #LosAngeles
.@dj_oze: @tomforemancnn is like Huell Howser, if Huell had been a weirdly-wired dim corporate stooge (which he wasn't). Among other things, Foreman cheers social networks quashing dissent. He's no liberal.
"Hurry up! ...What? Of course not, I free solo all the time... Oh, *you're* scared? Isn't the view great? ...This is the crux, it's just a 5.13b overhang with 2000' of exposure... that's it... now, where's my comb?... Ainsley?? ...Oh well, I'll interview myself..." #MAGA #resist
.@DarkSecretPlace: over a decade and lots of trying later, not one Dem/GOP leader (broadly defined) has helped with this smart and patriotic plan to ease homelessness. For them, patriotism takes a back seat to helping billionaires get cheap labor:
.@DarkSecretPlace: per Hutu Radio, out of the blue many decided to take up the homeless lifestyle Much better explanation is Neoliberalism (loose borders/free trade/globalism). R/w'ers blame the homeless to cover up billionaires' excesses. L/w'ers offer giveaways to do the same.
.@Didikatz: the @TheDemocrats disinfo ideas boil down to "DO NOT question authority". Among other things, they hype Snopes (which lied about no-show jobs after Katrina than tried to cover it up) & MMFA (which strongly opposes open debate). Be a real liberal.