.@dmcgowen1776: @PrisonPlanet has consistently *helped* Twitter censorship. 100+ million users need to be worried, but he refuses to stand with them. Instead, he only opposes censorship of 1 million or so. He divides, helping Twitter conquer.
.@KMCRadio compares the "gas tax" - a fictional crisis invented by @HJTA & other fiscal con scammers and that failed by 10+ points - to the Paris riots. Because fiscal cons never miss a deceptive trick.
Whoever it is, they'll get away with it as they always have, aided by con leaders who shrink the possible opposition to censorship. #irony MT @rn_deplorable RT @realLionKingD: Which influential voice will tech companies try to silence next? @rooshv ... @PrisonPlanet
What Trump is playing after abdicating as he passes Midlothian in his '74 Dodge Dart with the 451 Hemi: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Does one (i.e., moi) soften things for them, or does one splash the cold water of reality on them? l much favor the latter, but the problem is *neither of them work*. They only listen to grifters they've selected. Ergo, those grifters have to be demolished. #MAGA #resist
.@kjgillenwater: for 2+ years I've been right about Trump & you've been wrong. If you accept reality I won't rub it in. You enable @ScottAdamsSays & @joelpollak, both of whom are big amnesty fans. Be a big girl.
Raise your hand if you ever expected better. #Canada #MAGA #resist RT @TheRebelTV: Saudi Arabia allegedly murders a Muslim Brotherhood activist in Turkey. How much should we care? @ezralevant
.@ckemp1542400: FYI, @RealKyleMorris is pro-amnesty. See Trump's Daily Caller interview where he said he wants to work with the Dems on "comprehensive #immigration reform", aka amnesty. Do you see Morris or Breitbart opposing the Pelosi/Trump amnesty?
"Fuck it, I'm outta here!" Trump screamed as he abdicated and drove back to Tulsa in his 451 Hemi 1974 Dodge Dart. And with that, we lost the greatest president we've ever had. #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@iabfe: @KyleKashuv & @nikkihaley use a deceptive talking point & support massive, wage-lowering, American-harming #immigration that also greatly harms developing countries. They're very GWB/Obama-like; use it to undercut them to their base.
.@Monica_DelRocio [my brother, on Industrial Technician.. He will be asset to this country] Doesn't his own country need Industrial Technicians? What would happen to that country if it lost its Industrial Technicians? Doesn't your brother have any patriotism to his own country?
.@JHBoulware: hey John, the "fix" you suggest is very pro-Big Biz. You'd massively increase #immigration, greatly lowering wages & harming American workers. Think through supply & demand, then think through who caused you to be on the same side as U.S. Chamber. #TheResistance
Commander Trump sends a strong message: if Lt. Acosta wants war, then war it will be! #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@CaliRN619: All Trump has to do is make anti-amnesty arguments that resonate with the Dem base. Please list all such arguments he's made: MT @CaliRN619 MT @DaveSchreiber3: **GOD BLESS OUR AMERICA 1st PRESIDENT** Trump Threatens To Shut Down ‘Whole Border’ With Mexico
.@SPQR43961077: the Kochs started #Teaparty in 2002. After they revived it in 2009, @TOOEdit jumped on board the anti-/un-American fiscal con crazy train rather than, say, morphing into a smart, sane, pro-American Red Tory stance. Like Trump if he took the crayon out of his brain
Light in Babylon - Kipur: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Sam_seau: was I right about what I told you 2.5 years ago?
.@DonaldTrumpWall: I've written 1000s of anti-amnesty posts & I've never believed Trump. See his pro-amnesty comments to Daily Caller. I've been smeared by @steve_sailer fans - aided by Sailer - when I've suggested ways they can help make Trump less of a #DonTheCon.
.@RodDreher: 2nd try before I do things you won't like. Why wasn't my comment approved?
The Tigers win 1-0 against The Goats on a long, last second strike. #NDvsUSC #MAGA #resist
#TheEconomist blogs "Donald Trump is attacking the rule of law and may well get away with it". To save time & electrons, just blog "Donald Trump is attacking [X] and may well get away with it". Then, just fill in "X" each edition. #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
.@PastaVersaucy: hey Marie, can you direct us to @Olivianuzzi ever having any sort of impact on Trump? Trump is extremely vulnerable on his unimplementable plans. Has she gone after him on those, or has she just blogged TMZ-style items that have zero impact whatsoever?
.@sbagen @whstancil: a line of questioning I'm sure you can come up would show Trump's bans were either unnecessary or endangered the USA. Using that against Trump's proxies would greatly help the USA. @ericlevitz has access to Trump proxies. Has he ever done anything like that?
.@jessphoenix2018: those like you simply aren't smart & sane enough to understand #MAGA & undercut those like Trump & @KurtSchlichter. Those like you have incessantly *helped* Trump hurt the USA. It's time for those like you to finally put USA first.
You aren't smart enough to be a scientist if you don't know the answer. MT @jessphoenix2018 Are you going to trust [@KurtSchlichter] [who got her gender & allegedly volcano wrong], or are you going to trust me, a scientist who has actually measured volcanic gas output? Tough one
The Mexican #WorldCup ref just tripped while jogging backwards. Pray Trump didn't see that and doesn't have a beef with him. #soccer #MAGA #resist
Mind experiment: you're sitting at a table with: - a hippie - a #TheResistance librul - a fiscal con - a #MAGA When you get back from the bathroom, your peppermint schnapps is empty. Divide up the probabilities among the suspects.
.@Pissed_Pat: see my recent pkcapitol tweets: that (or a better version) are where he's incredibly vulnerable. Please direct me to con leaders either doing that on their own or helping my efforts.
.@rudnicknoah: hey Noah, @benpershing thinks majority white districts should only be represented by whites; you can find it in his feed if you think what he hypes through. Do you agree with Ben blacks should be kept from representing majority white districts? #NationalJournal
.@CitizenWonk @brianschatz: according to @pkcapitol, districts should be represented only by those of the right race. Per him, majority black districts should only be represented by blacks & majority white districts by whites. Unless you say otherwise, I'll assume you agree.
Smoking is now socially unacceptable in all but the most conservative areas. Kneeball is going to be like that sooner or later. Five years or 10 years, parents will be "WTF were we thinking?" and schools will be running from the liability. #NDvsUSC #NFL #MAGA #resist
.@ClayTravis: here's an idea, a Grand Realignment: #ESPN sticks Fox or Amazon with a sport with no future (kneeball) & a sport with a hard ceiling (Ball In Hoop) while concentrating on healthy all-American sports: baseball & real football. #soccer #MLS #MAGA #resist
The 24Ahead Couch Team reports: "it's the Goats vs the Tigers on Univision in real football, but, breaking from our usual stance, also want to see USC go down in flames (this time to Notre Dame). Together with Don Trump & Vlad The Putin, we'll be tweeting both." #MAGA #resist
.@mitchellvii - Trump's #1 fan - wants a national biometric ID card. Principled conservatives & libertarians oppose that. Use that to chip away at Trump's base. #TheResistance
I think I've figured out #Coravin. It's not meant to be used to keep their target audiences' first bottle of the day, just the one they start on after that before passing out while their cats look on waiting for the day they can finally dig in. #MAGA #resist
.@benpershing hypes @pkcapitol 's ways to make "Congress look more like the people it serves". IOW, both of them support this: majority black areas can only have black leaders majority Hispanic areas can only have Hispanic leaders majority white areas can only have white leaders
Unless there are hidden downsides or Trump gave something away, "Remain in Mexico" - where asylum seekers must stay there while awaiting a hearing - seems like one of Trump's few actual successes, two years later. (With "success" meaning for the USA, not just him). #MAGA #resist
In today's news, Ana Cabrera seems to have deflated her hair a bit and is wearing a frilly, demure olive green top but with silver hoop earrings for some spice. #CNN #MAGA #resist
24Ahead closes the broadcast day in a not-so-special, generic #metal way. But, it has a good beat and you can (metaphorically) bang your head to it: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Neither is Trump. In fact, in the Daily Caller interview he said he wants to work with the Dems on "comprehensive #immigration reform" (aka mass legalization aka amnesty. #MAGA got played. MT @Carlos_S01 MT @PhxKen: I'M NOT AGAINST IMMIGRATION...
I've said this many times before, but: only 20% of #Twitter users are USA. At the absolute outside, 30% of them are #MAGA. It's probably much less due to celeb fans, etc. etc. That means at the most 6% of Twitter are Trump fans. They think it's just them vs libruls. #resist
If you could do math, you'd realize at most 6% of Twitter users (and probably much less) are Laura Loomer. You've alienated everyone else. MT @les_deplorable MT @deanbc1: @JackPosobiec We are all Laura Loomer
In real football news, there are two games on Sunday on ESPN: a Serie A game in the morning & an MLS game in the afternoon. Then on Tuesday it's Roma vs Real Madrid at noon Pacific; I think that's on Univision. #OUvsWVU #MAGA #resist
It'd be smart of cons to adopt a "hi, we're friendly & here's what we can do together to help you out!" posture. Instead they're always about shrinking the tent, whining like little b's about being persecuted, only ever thinking of themselves, etc. #MAGA #resist
Why should they? Her supporters obviously don't have the power. Twitter could do without them. They *shrink* the opposition to censorship. MT @johngault071 MT @KTHopkins: I am certain this is an oversight on the part of Twitter and jack will kindly reinstate LauraLoomer
Imagine, if necessary, you just got here from Rigel VII. Can you figure out ties? Tying them involves a personal ritual that might be like girding for battle, but they serve no real purpose. If your neck's cold, get a scarf. #observational #MAGA #resist
.@deplorablenuman: Trump could easily & permanently reduce illegal #immigration & stop amnesty just by really pressing Dem leaders on smart arguments that'd undercut them to their base. Trump won't do that because he supports amnesty (see his Daily Caller interview). #MAGA?
Trump will be very benevolent. #MAGA #resist MT @boy12_jimmy Limited government is being effectively put in place by Trump as he can. Now though, he is fighting/removing Deep State/Swamp. After their prosecution, then focus will be on infrastructure of country and government.
.@pablo_honey1: "secure the border" is frequently a pro-amnesty talking point. GWB & Obama used it. @Jim_Jordan & Trump would legalize millions of illegal aliens in exchange for "securing" the border. The smart thing for you to do would be to hilite the amnesty part to #MAGA.
Here's a fun activity: look up the transcript of a Trump speech, take out the Trumpisms (the Queens parts, the Queeg parts, etc.), *and* read it in a GWB voice. No, really, go ahead and do it! Minus the Trump veneer, Trump is just GWB 2 (albeit less Neocon). #MAGA #resist
I mean, this is Marketing 101: "Joe's tie stays don't keep your tie in place. Watch this demonstration, then buy Schmoo's tie stays!" Years later, #TheResistance can't figure that out but thinks calling Joe's customers Nazis is the way to go. #idiocracy #MAGA
The #TheResistance base has maybe 0.1 IQ point on the #MAGA base. Think where we'd be if they didn't just rely on personal smears but a) understood an opponent's target audience & b) showed that target audience how the opponent's ideas would fail.
.@jnganie1: #Twitter shows me your deceptive smear of @Jim_Jordan at the top. If you were patriotic & wanted to undercut him, you would have called him on his "secure the border" line & pointed out he wants amnesty after it's "secure".
Remember when cons opposed a national ID card? That was before Trump. He's wound them up so much they want what strict authoritarians have wanted but failed at for years. That turns #MAGA from a temporary danger into a permanent threat. #resist
.@GeorgeForTheUSA: you & @mitchellvii support a national biometric ID, all to help Trump's posturing. Even a Giuliani advisor warned against the national biometric ID card you want all to carry. #MAGA #resist
.@mitchellvii says "we need" a "National Voter ID w/ picture, thumb print and pin number." Hey @nickgillespie, it's almost like Trump & his leading fans are creepy authoritarians, and all those who enabled them or refused to do smart things to stop him are responsible too.
Case in point: here's the Trump National Freiburger Barockorchester Song Of The Day with Corelli Christmas Concerto; Op.68: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #ChristmasMusic
.@darksecretplace: there's plenty of high-quality Christmas music on video sharing sites, none of which involves crooners: early music, classical, Euro folk.
.@darksecretplace: @caitlin_oh (& Sr Campbell, Dem leaders, Big Biz leaders, far-left NGOs, etc. etc.) push policies that *increase* border deaths. They have blood on their hands but get away with it because no one else presses them on this:
Meanwhile in real football (i.e., it doesn't involve one player slipping his hands between the thighs of another), it's teams with historical pasts (but let's ignore that), Bayer Leverkusen vs. VfB Stuttgart: #OUvsWVU #MAGA #resist
Search a name on #Google. They offer an "Entity Claim": "You show up on Google. Now you can make the most of it. After you're verified, you can post content right on Google." It uses @lafourcade as an example. So much for their image as an honest broker! #LOL #SEO #SEM
.@sportslimelight: #a7fl is football like Elmer Butz envisioned back in 1878. He'd bend over and invite local athletes to gently slide their hands between his thighs. While he was later convicted, the sport he invented lives on in a7fl, the #NFL, and the #NCAA! #OUvsWVU
.@thea7fl is "real American Football the way it was meant to be played". It has a QB gently sliding his hands between the thighs of a bent over player, Tight Ends, and Wide Receivers like the NFL/NCAA, but they don't wear helmets or pads. #Oklahoma #WestVirginia #MAGA #resist
24Ahead thus closes this #Thanksgiving with a video that President Trump personally directed: #MusicThursday #MusicThanksgiving #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@RobManess @KTHopkins: #Twitter censors millions of their users. Grifters like you *help* them by minimizing the opposition to their censorship. Think about what will happen to you when your fans realize you're *helping* Twitter censorship by shrinking the tent.
.@MrAndyNgo: hey Andy, you visited Vietnam and got a more conservative Weltanschauung. As a result, you're more conservative: you support Trump & oppose amnesty. Is that correct?
.@T_S_P_O_O_K_Y: as an "intel operative", do you realize how Laura Loomer & other con grifters have pretended to oppose Twitter censorship has only helped Twitter? If you're competent, you will. Do you?
.@Communism_Kills: FYI, @LibertarianBlue has consistently lied about Twitter censorship. Despite his false claims, Twitter censors all kinds of users: see the real data at my top tweet. He *helps* Twitter by reducing the opposition to their censorship.
Think how good this would be without the synths. *You're singing in Old Icelandic*. It'd be just as accessible with real instruments. Thankfully Pawelke is doing better things. #MusicThursday #MusicThanksgiving #MAGA #resist
.@Debradelai: Twitter censoring cons is good for the grift, short-term. Playing victim = more clicks. It's a complete lie (Twitter censors all kinds of users, see my top tweet), but Loomer etc don't care. They're always about the grift. So are you unless you finally put USA first
Did you deceive about Trump's MX/rapists comments, yes or no? MT @StefanMolyneux Government media bailouts are great for alternative media, because I AM NOT FOR SALE! Buncha presstitutes well paid to lick the black boots of state power. Wormtongue sellouts the lot of them.
.@Partisangirl: cons could easily reduce Twitter censorship if they cared about anyone else. Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users: see my pinned tweet. That makes them extremely vulnerable but cons only care about themselves. They help Twitter divide and conquer.
In the same way a root canal marathon is FUN. #TheMatch #golf #MAGA #resist MT @TBSNetwork: Golf is FUN
It's called the Bell Curve. MT @LacunaInc369 I can't believe I'm going to pay $20 to watch golf tomorrow. PPV golf is a thing now I guess. #TheMatch
Clearly her fan club weren't able to stop it & they won't be able to do anything about it. Cons only care about themselves. Loomer/Jones/etc got bit by it. MT @cecki RT @JewishVoice: BREAKING: facebook just suspended Jewish Conservative journalist LauraLoomer [after Twitter did]
Trump phones troops in Afghanistan: "Look, I'm always on the lookout for some new properties. If you see something that I could build on, let me know. There's a finder's fee... Don't worry about that: my partner Vlad will make sure you get paid." #MAGA #resist #Thanksgiving
.@ritholtz: I started a site with Socratic questions about policy. It would have either stopped Trump or made him better. 3+ years later, I've received zero help with it. People just want entertainment, even if it doesn't impact Trump.
All are thankful that 24Ahead closes the broadcast day, and also that we close with Arkona - Rus: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #Thanksgiving
.@badler: @EricLevitz simply isn't smart enough to figure out what Trump fans want & that the way to undercut Trump is to point out to them that he can't deliver. Eg, the "wall" would be torn down, his Maria response was grossly incompetent, he supports amnesty, etc. etc.
.@chuckmaddenpics: Trump supports "comprehensive immigration reform", a massive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. @stranahan could have undercut it just by really pressing a Rep on these questions. Lee refused.
Foreign potentates will frequently ask, "can you play that video of Trump wrestling Mothra set to Arkona music?" and I comply: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@FlagofFreedom4: FYI, @stranahan had the ability to undercut the anti-American DREAM Act. All he had to do was go to a nearby meeting & ask a question I gave him. He hemmed 'n' hawed, but couldn't bring himself to oppose an anti-American bill. That's not #MAGA.
Cons have only ever cared about those who march in lockstep with them being censored. MT @ScottPresler If you truly care about free speech, then you should be mad as hell about Laura Loomer getting banned. This is egregious, maddening, and downright frightening. [Niemoeller]
So, you support #Twitter censoring the wrong types, just like SJWs do? And, just like SJWs, you can't show opponents wrong but substitute censorship? Got it. #MAGA #resist MT @ScottPresler Louis Farrakhan, who called Jews "termites" is still on Twitter.
Trump's Soviet/Putin/Saudi/Indonesian/Chinese/Australian/Austrian/Andorran/Cyprian/Latvian/CARian/Manx/Aleutian handlers frequently ask me, "could you play Arkona -Rus Iznachalnaya?" and OK: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@stuartenyt: it should be child's play to undercut Trump to his base: he supports amnesty, his "wall" is unimplementable, his bans made USA less safe, he failed Planning 101 on Puerto Rico, etc. etc. etc. @TomSteyer simply isn't smart or patriotic enough to even mention those.
Often Ivana, Ivanka, Ivanushka, Ivanochka, Ivanushochushka, and Olya ask, "could you play Arkona - Kolyada?" and I respond thusly: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@GyneenL: I've strongly opposed Trump since Day One, but @TomSteyer claim he wants to "make this country more free for everybody" is ironic since he'd impeach Trump just because he disagrees. Steyer can't even figure out how to undercut Trump to his base (!).
.@SManolesco: which would be more powerful: if 100,000 supported #FreeLaura, or if 100,000,000 supported it? #MAGA repels anyone who doesn't march in lockstep with them, greatly shrinking the tent and helping Twitter. They're also of no use to anyone else.
Melania, Ivana, Ivanka, & Ivanochka are the she-wolves of the Trump Crime Family: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Odd how Alex Jones spent years screaming about FEMA Coffins, FEMA Trains, & FEMA Camps, yet he hasn't said a peep about that since Trump took over. MT @Acts_11 @AlexanderLevit @KimDotcom @PrisonPlanet Alex Jones is controlled opposition
To be a conservative is to be a complete idiot. Case in point: only 20% of #Twitter users are USA. At the max, 30% of them are #MAGA. If all Trump cultists left Twitter, they'd only lose an absolute max of 6% of their users, and they can easily survive that. #doh #resist
What % of Twitter users are Trump fans? MT @coldeststory1: PrisonPlanet Only way this stops If you (in somewhat) leadership positions for conservatives start leaving Twitter
Arkona Rus 6 Strela Arrow - Стрела: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Because, like your Leader, you only know to call him names & can't show him wrong to his base or at least help those who can? #HTH MT @Go_USC_Gamecock MT @lucky348: Why is Justin Trudeau #twatwaffle , giving our money to fake news !
In my TED talks I'm frequently asked, "what does chasing rainbows involve and is it like chasing waterfalls?" And I respond thuslike: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@TomSteyer tweets "Can anyone confidently say Mr. Trump's behavior is NOT affected by a Saudi emolument?" No one in #TheResistance can figure out what's wrong with that, and that's why Trump got elected & might as well have no opposition at all.
.@thelastpinkcar: @TomSteyer is, as always, illogical. No one can say Trump isn't motivated by Saudi $, anymore than they can say Steyer isn't also. There are incontrovertible ways to undercut Trump - like on his support for amnesty - by Steyer isn't smart enough to use those.
Resistance snowflake @SallyDeal4 has blocked me despite never tweeting it.
.@She_Became: you'll never #FreeLauraLoomer the @prisonplanet way. 100+ million need to be worried about being censored by Twitter (see my top tweet) but he reduces that to ~1 million. Which is worse for Twitter: 100+ million being worried, or ~1 million? PJW *helps* Twitter.