.@wigberto17: after Maria, @CarmenYulinCruz tweeted "PR needs water!" Less than a week later she tweeted a pic of her in a monsoon. CNN showed FEMA airdropping bottled H2O in a light rain. Did she build emergency cisterns & demand industrial reverse osmosis or just act out?
Cruz is incapable of figuring out how illiberal some of her thoughts are. RT @Anaelenacuebas When I was stationed in Kuwait I was told women are obliged to use the hijab to conform their inferiority MT @CarmenYulinCruz [plays race card on opposition to wearing hijab]
.@Turtle2Pond: Bernie & those like @Analilia_Mejia constantly target certain groups, putting women above men, People Of Color above People Of Pallor, etc. etc. The idea that Bernie isn't pro-Big Biz is absurd: his immigration plan would help them lower wages & decrease HC costs.
.@Giovasummer: @RochelleOkimoto would collapse #MedicareForAll in her quest for money & racial power. The mass/illegal lower-skilled immigration she strongly supports would decrease MFA income, increase costs, & be a huge boon to Big Biz (lowering wages & reducing costs).
In order to win the #WorldSeries, the #Nats will have to win 2 games in Houston. When's the last time that happened? #Astros
In case you were wondering, the #Astros - capped off by a Springer 2-run homer - are going to trounce Trump's #Nats.
.@tekstone: @RoKhanna says @ninaturner "is the first among equals", linking to a CNN blog that puts women ahead of men. I'm sure your sense of irony isn't as defective as theirs.
That links to a "badass women" CNN blog playing the race card. Ro doesn't understand the irony. MT @RoKhanna So proud of ⁦@ninaturner⁩. Let there be no doubt: Among the co-chairs for ⁦⁦BernieSanders⁩ in terms of time devoted and impact made, she is the first among equals.
"Boom!"?? What, did she set off a bomb? RT @Latinos4Bernie Representative @RashidaTlaib officially endorses Senator BernieSanders! Boom!
.@JoshuaBenevide2: @BernieSanders wants "equal justice for all people" yet he's playing racial politics & working to divide the electorate in ways usually falsely applied to Trump.
Obviously you don't. MT @BernieSanders If you are wealthy & powerful, or maybe the president, you are above the law. But if you are poor, if you're Black, if you're Hispanic, it's a different story. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I happen to believe in equal justice for all people.
.@geoff_ginter: you & MMFlint would destroy #MMT by enabling mass lower-skilled #immigration in order to gain more racial power. That'd reduce MMT income, increase MMT expenses, & be a huge boon for Big Biz both by lowering wages & passing healthcare costs onto everyone.
~~BREAKING~~ #Nats plan to pull Rendon and put in former baseball player & current U.S. president Trump! #Astros
"Give me a pair of cleats!!" Trump screamed at a quivering underlying in this #WorldSeries game. "I'm going in as a slugging pitcher, to help my #Nats!"
I generally hate movies, but it's great to see that Clint Eastwood has done a movie about Richard Jewell. #movies #MAGA #resist
.@ennwhycee: Big Biz wants to lower wages & get others to pay their costs, right? @MMFlint would *help* Big Biz by opening #Medicare4All to illegal aliens. That'd increase its expense, decrease its income, and greatly help Big Biz "privatize the profits & socialize the costs."
.@JWKeady: the @MMFlint & @DavidSirota quest for racial power would destroy #Medicare4All. They'd open it to illegal aliens, flooding the system. That'd also greatly help Big Biz: they'd use the Moore/Sirota illegal immigration flood to lower wages & avoid paying for it.
Another great Gurriel play. #Astros #Nats #TrumpJinxedNats
In case #Bears fans want to see real football, ESPN has Chicago vs North Carolina in the NWSL championship.
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #4902334 ("Close broadcast day about my lynching, with metal. Preferably with squid tentacles & manga") 24Ahead thus close broadcast day with Gallhammer: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
"Symbol of '80s Greed [Michael Milken] Stands to Profit From Trump Tax Break for Poor Areas". 24Ahead trivia: in relation to what have I mentioned Milken several times?
.@TeckieGirl: no Trump fan cares about Rudy getting the key to a UA village. @ChristopherJM is just playing to those who already oppose Trump/Rudy; he's impotent. MAGA would care about Rudy getting paid to push TTC, but JM ignores where Rudy is truly vulnerable.
.@d_b_myers: #Buzzfeed put six (6) hacks on a blog about a UA village honoring Rudy, incl @AubreyBelford. Rudy's an extremely odd match for Trump's persona: he's a Rockefeller/amnesty/TTC stooge. Trump fans don't care about UA villages, they would care about that.
.@OutOnTheMoors: the real data at my top tweet shows how heavily @delbius not only censors millions, but lies to them (via ghosting). IIRC, out of 187 censored users, just 1 (one) of them was a blue check mark. If you want to make $TWTR plummet, get my data into the MSM.
.@ali_alser: @vijaya admits to censoring millions around the world & she does that by lying to millions (by "ghosting"). She helps corrupt regimes around the world by censoring dissent to their leaders. Look at replies to Sudan leaders: the "show more replies" tweets are censored
.@pebender: you say Twitter violates security re "CA BPC 17602(c)". The California renewal law (??) or something else? Also, Twitter censored your reply to Damokieran.
.@jmkirl: do you speak a foreign language? Do this: login to Twitter with a test account. Look at all the replies to foreign leaders that Twitter censors ("Show more replies" = censored). @Damokieran helps leaders - some dictators - escape from accountability worldwide.
I bought a bunch of his books and then held a book burning, but he kept on speaking! Maybe I'm doing liberalism wrong, I don't know. MT @Piccolo911 I have worked far and wide to try to get Donald Trump’s account suspended...
.@ammori: @vijaya admits censoring millions & it's probably much more. That includes libs replying to Trump officials but also dissenters worldwide; see the real data at my top tweet. Not only that, she does it via ghosting (i.e., lying). But, I'm sure she tells you the truth.
What's ironic is you're replying to cwarzel. He's very, very strongly pro-censorship. He wants FB to be as much an echo chamber as NYT. OTOH, he's corrupt. Pay him enough & he'll care. MT @craftedbyangel [alleges FB has deleted dumpster-diving about a celeb]
.@abintra: Breitbart banned me for constantly showing them wrong. But, unlike cwarzel, I can show them wrong. He just wants to silence them like the totalitarian he is. Liberals (allegedly) used to oppose bookburners like Warzel.
Trump's #Nats fail, but tomorrow's another day. #MAGA #resist
.@edzitron: hey Ed, does Putin want the U.S. to be a free society (thus showing our system works), or does he want more U.S. censorship (thus showing that people need a strongman)? Lil' Honeckers like cwarzel give Putin what he wants. Just as he plays Trump, he plays them.
.@showusyourwork: libs of yore (allegedly) opposed censorship, now some cheer bookburners like @cwarzel. Breitbart banned me for constantly showing them wrong. Warzel can't show them wrong, he can only smear & try to silence. He also helps Putin (who wants more U.S. censorship).
.@dundreary: whenever I proposed smart ways to undercut mass immigration at @Steve_Sailer site, I've been smeared - with Sailer's help - by his fans. vDare has repeatedly refused to help with the smart anti-amnesty plan in my bio. Sailer's constantly enabled the pro-amnesty Trump
Great play by #Astros against Trump's #Nats.
I was worried that I was the only person watching the #WorldSeries & that it was considered unfashionable. Thankfully, Bret Baier being spotted in the stands - completely by accident - has let me know this game is happening! #Fox #FoxNews #DeportMurdoch #MAGA #resist
YESSSSSSSS!!!! Bret Baier is at the #WorldSeries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #FoxNews #MAGA #resist
Cor blimey, gov! American Christian Pulisic shows our archenemies, the English, how to play football by scoring a hat trick: #MAGA #resist #football = #soccer
.@LUCYLUCYHL: @funder, as usual, helps Trump by paying attention to Trump's obvious attempt to get attention by going to Game 5. Idea that Andres is a "hero" is absurd. He made things *worse* for PR long-term by increasing their dependency rather than helping self-sufficiency.
.@VendettiAudio: you RT @funder calling Jose Andres an "American hero". Andres handed out *gourmet sandwiches*, like victims of Maria were at the mall. You should know survival involves staple foods & the means to make them & that self-sufficiency is better than his dependency.
#Astros make it 8-1 on a Bregman grand slam. Take that, Trump! #MAGA #resist
#Astros get out of the inning with minimal damage.
.@RealDonaldTrump: temperature in Vilnius now 9C. Frogs are doing the jumping. It is fall in Lithuania. Do you understand? If not, see codebook, is all in there. I now close broadcast day: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Tedsnotfunny: GIFs are for kids. Use big words like a grownup & try to show others how you think @NickAdamsinUSA is wrong (about Trump's supposed opposition to opioid crisis).
.@Julie01540242: instead of kid's stuff, how about helping the USA? Call out fiscal cons on how Purdue Pharma killed thousands & just got a slap on the wrist instead of life in prison for their execs.
.@sarahalvarezMI: @nixonron hypes an "investigation" into "the business of sheltering migrant children". Big Biz makes billions each year encouraging illegal immigration to lower U.S. wages & exploit foreign workers. Nixon *enables* that.
.@thaitopher: you're paid to push very pro-Big Biz immigration policies. @elliotspagat is so deceptive he's a liability to your cause. Bear in mind that I haven't covered his deception for years; he's obviously still at it.
.@amccrack3: aftermath of Katrina, Maria, etc are so bad due to lack of a self-sufficiency mindset. @chefjoseandres made that even worse. He hands out gourmet sandwiches like a survival situation is a f-ing food court, rather than helping people survive on staple foods.
There will be a Game 5 at least. That's going to be fun, in a I Weep For Our Idiocracy kind of way. #Astros #Nats
.@sharonvt75: Katrina, Maria, etc would have killed fewer if more had a Utah/scouting/etc ethos. Jose Andres & probably @WCKitchen & @chefjasoncollis go in the opposite direction: making people dependent on gourmet sandwiches rather than enabling self-sufficiency.
"Umpire Joe West has sued retired player Paul Lo Duca for defamation. The former catcher alleges West gave pitcher Billy Wagner a bigger strike zone in exchange for..." #Astros #Nats #litigation
Hey Dan, what's your smartest plan to undercut Trump to his base *right now*, not later? It should be easy, but since you don't have a plan & I'll inform your benefactors that you don't, cutesy quips won't save your career. MT @djlavoie [cutesy quip to cutesy @swin24 quip]
Some of my jokes are hilarious. OK, a few are. However, most tweets like this are just filler. It's beyond sickening to see blue check marks trading quips unironically. That unfiltered dreck is what #Twitter thinks of as a "healthy conversation". #MAGA #resist
What's Marc Short's biggest vulnerability to MAGA? Has Dawsey done anything to widen that gap? Dawsey's great for Trump: he's paid to ignore his biggest vulnerability. MT @GeeWillicker8 [cutesy, worthless quip] MT @jdawsey1 [cutesy, worthless quip about Marc Short]
Those like you are part of the reason why Trump won & will be reelected. You being worthless parasites aside, do we know all the major relevant facts about 9/11? MT @EvanDonovan [cutesy quip] MT @Futureboy2K [cutesy quip] MT jbillinson [cutesy quip about Mark Wahlberg & 9/11]
.@AllGoneTomorrow: anytime in last 4+ years, @TomSteyer could've easily stopped Trump just by challenging him/his proxies on the huge flaws in Trump's policies. Either Steyer's a pro-Trump mole or he just isn't that smart.
Obviously, TS is wrong: despite attempts to silence them, many disbelieve AGW. TS can't/won't try to make valid arguments, he's all about thuggishness. MT @cheryela0114 [weak reply to TS opponent after @TomSteyer tweets "Americans know climate change cannot wait" re a poll]
.@ColleenSchulz: Trump won & will be reelected *because of* those like @Olivianuzzi. She has access to leaders up to Trump himself, but has never once even tried to press them on the huge flaws in their policies that'd undercut them to their base. Instead, she just blogs fluff.
.@TexarkanaFed: those like @davidmcswane have never gone after Rudy where he's incredibly vulnerable. They're just entertainers playing to an echo chamber. They *help* Trump by ignoring his & his lackeys' huge vulnerabilities.
I don't know what "go" means anymore. #Astros
.@BErickson_BIO: Rudy's always been incredibly vulnerable to MAGA: TTC, national ID, Rockefeller, amnesty, and all the other things you & @davidmcswane agree with him on & those daren't mention. I'll inform your fans that you can't/won't go after Rudy where he's truly vulnerable
Drudge linked a #WorldSeries post; I scrolled through some of the comments. His fans are as dumb, deranged, & unpatriotic as usual. Per them, all those in the #Nats stands are Deep State. #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
.@nomoremister: Trump's going to Game 5 to rile up libs to "own the libs". If those like @EricLevitz were smart, they'd mostly just ignore Trump's troll. Expect those like him to instead freak out about it, giving Trump what he wants as they always have.
That Little League team is terrible. You not only can't beat them, they keep getting HRs off you. What does that say about you? MT @JesseFFerguson Is it really punching down when [Trump's] already the lowest of the low?
.@bendwilliams: hey Bend, #NYMag in effect banned me for dozens of comments showing them wrong. Breitbart also banned me for the same reason. You two have more in common than you are capable of figuring out.
Bregman continues to pay off. #Astros
Difficult question: do I continue with my plan of hoping for an #Astros #WorldSeries win, or do I hope for a sweep so Trump will stay in Florida and golf? Also, this is now the 1,000,000th variant of this joke. #MAGA #resist
Great egos think alike. Last night I said MLS had to do everything they could to hang on to Zlatan. Unbeknownst to me, shortly before or after he said: "If I don't stay, nobody will remember what MLS is". He's mostly right. #football = #soccer
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #239023 ("Close broadcast day with some depressing, but I repeat myself, Swedish music") we do as ordered: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #LAGalaxy
Also, go #Seattle #Sounders! #LAGalaxy
.@STOPTHiS: Trump supposedly cancelling WaPo/NYT subscriptions is yet another pathetic stunt. He's crawling even further into his echo chamber & he's admitting he can't show them wrong. I can show WaPo/NYT wrong with 99% of my brain tied behind my back, but Trump obviously can't
You sound college educated. Has anyone in #TheResistance evinced any desire to understand Trump's appeal & undercut it? List some specific examples: MT @HerasmusB Since trump has evinced no desire to educate himself...
Which officials & Trump fans wear sheets? Do you have a list with evidence? MT @adambstrassberg [cheap, soul-destroying, childish joke about "sheets"]
.@Oh_My_Gloob: what's tragic about Trump is that WaPo/NYT constantly deceive, but Trump & his fans can't/won't show them wrong to their readers. As a liberal, you should oppose news sources that constantly deceive, but that's obviously not the case.
.@BurningKikoken: for years and years, those in the @RepKatieHill sphere have had the ability to undercut #RedState using my arguments and my experience with them. Your leaders that knew about it either cheered it or ignored it. They ended up hurting Katie.
.@JPolk5001: the @RepKatieHill scandal started on #RedState. It's been easy to undercut them (and their exes Erickson and others) for years based on my experience with them. Those like you who knew about it either cheered what they did or ignored it. Blame your leaders.
There's a #TickFire. Gosh I wish. #hiking #backpacking
Yes, but the bigger issue is @MLS has to keep Zlatan around no matter what. He's needed to take MLS to the next level. Based on their horrible TV deals, don't expect them to grok that. RT @tiffyinmbc Some seriously bad ref calls in this game that affected the outcome
When you realize who "everyone" is - in your meaning & in reality - you might have a shocking epiphany. More likely you'll just keep playing ball-in-cup. MT @kelly2277 [wants "everyone" to follow @hausofcait]
Kellyanne is extremely vulnerable to MAGA: she got paid by *Zuck* to deceive about amnesty. Did Cait call her on that, or did she just *help* KA with MAGA? MT @HombreDeBicycle [cutesy] @hausofcait [cutesy; she's internet-famous for next 2 hours for talking to Kellyanne]
For the first time ever in anything, I'm hoping #Seattle wins. #LAGalaxy #football = #soccer
By any means necessary, #MLS has to keep Zlatan around. Preferably with #LAGalaxy provided they replace the defense (except perhaps for Bingham). #football = #soccer
And, now #LAGalaxy is only down by 1. #football = #soccer
Zlatan (and the LAFC, thank you!) make it 2-2. #LAGalaxy #football = #soccer
Zuck - a slimy little punk/billionaire - at least understands marketing. He had different pro-mass #immigration messages: 1 set for libs, a different set for cons. Neither #MAGA nor #TheResistance can understand such a simple concept due to solipsism, Dunning Kruger, etc.
.@timrote: @GOPLeader supports the "wall". If you want to make both him & Trump look bad where it counts - to MAGA - help organize an effort to go to his public appearances and ask him what happens to the "wall" when Trump's out of office. Demand he explain how it stays in place.
The LAFC Archenemies Of All That Is Good went up 2-0, but then #LAGalaxy made it 2-1 on a Zlatan pass. #football = #soccer
For decades, the #LAGalaxy vs #LAFC rivalry has roiled #LosAngeles. It's a generational thing: if you dad was a Galaxy fan, so were you. If his wife was an LAFC fan, he got a divorce. The latest battle in this decades-old war is on ESPN right now.
In case #WASvsMIN fans are in the market for real football, L.A. Galaxy vs LAFC will start soon on ESPN 2. Non-stop action, real athletes who have to make up their own plays, and no felons.
Since I mentioned "Suede Denim" earlier, as you've probably guessed I'd close the broadcast day with France Gall - Ein bißchen Goethe, ein bißchen Bonaparte: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
ICYMI, Thursday is the *big* day as #LAGalaxy faces off against LAFC. It starts at 7:30pm Pacific and the entire 24Ahead team - the Sports Desk, the Sports Book, Tawni & Stormey With Weather [TM], Bucky McWithers with Traffic, etc. will be right here. #LosAngeles
.@HKWORLDCITY: you hype @Davis4Hk plan to wear Winnie The Pooh costumes at #UCDavis to support Hong Kong protests. That childish, 20W plan makes this look like Stephen Hawking. Learn to engage opponents in debate, not act out like children.
That's certainly a step up from when those of the wrong gender asked the same incredibly weak questions that didn't put politicians on the spot. That they're the right gender makes it OK! MT @HerbSpeaks [cheers] MT @darehgregorian [all 4 MSNBC debate mods are of right gender]
MT @ESPNLosAngeles Less than 24 hours away! 🙌#MLSCupPlayoffs #LAFC vs. #LAGalaxy
.@RobertVinet: check out the real data at my pinned tweet showing that Twitter heavily censors large numbers of *all* kinds of users (not just cons as Trump falsely claims). @CraigSilverman knows about the data. He refuses to bust Twitter for censorship & Trump for lying.
.@ZebraFactCheck: indeed, those like @Mantzarlis are just trying to quash speech they don't like. They're Suede Denim bookburners. To help destroy their careers, point out to those who take them seriously how *non* liberal they are.
.@Marek_Miller: as "Google News Lab Teaching Fellow" I was just talking about those like you. If I search for "immigration" in Google News, are the results going to tell me the truth or try to lie to me? Bonus: is Wikipedia a credible source?
.@MrRyanNYC: FYI, @googlenews refused me admission, so I responded by showing how they help deceive about the main issue I cover. If you want to be deceived, they're a good source of disinfo.