.@funcrusherplus replies with swear words. Like the other thing I replied to today, it hoist itself on its own petard.
.@michaelreale7 replies "Thanks for the free press". Did you check my follower count? You won't get any free press here but elsewhere I will agitate against your company.
.@justjanedoee tweets "We have transients throwing boulders at passing cars on Venice Blvd" then replies to the dip who replied to me "Civil debates are welcomed". OK. As a first step & knowing you aren't them - characterize how those like John & Ken discuss the homeless.
.@jibannjibartik replies "if you want to have a discussion about what might actually help, maybe dont be a d-bag". Sorry to harsh your buzz, but you ran away by your own admission.
.@jenvanlaar @CJayMahoney: Twitter is at or near common carrier status: they sell themselves as a way for govt officials to do official business. They then decide who can communicate with those leaders & who gets censored. Imagine if Comcast only delivered some emails to the FCC.
As with the other play, a good infield catch was followed by a fielding error. #WCWS
Indeed: yet another good diving infield catch. #Arizona #WCWS
.@jenvanlaar @CJayMahoney: Twitter has a lot of rules & they're open-ended by design. The Krassensteins probably got banned to show that TWTR doesn't just ban high-profile cons. If buying followers upranked their replies, that's a problem w/ TWTR's incredibly flawed algorithms.
.@inappros replies "it was a joke [swear words]". You & @AmericanHomocon obviously aren't joking: you're keen on censoring those you can't show wrong. P.S. You also got hoist on your own petard. I won't explain the irony to you.
.@caborose: I'm not "bashing" you since I'd never seen you before I replied to you. I am bashing those like @nrothschild3 who are worthless against Trump & who suffer from extreme Dunning-Kruger. Urge Neal to finally make anti-Trump arguments that resonate *with MAGA*.
.@warren__terra @CharlesPPierce: there are lots of Trump proxies around, so CPP shouldn't have any trouble talking to one. If he asks tough questions & really presses for answers he'll send a message directly to Trump. That's how he can finally undercut Trump. Will he or not?
.@warren__terra replies w/ ad homs; @CharlesPPierce is bewildered by its reply. Here's what I want CPP to do: challenge a Trump proxy on what happens to Trump "wall" when Trump's out of office. The proxy will claim it'll stay in place. Ask who'll fund the upkeep.
.@cornholio74 replies with a link to the Comet Ping Pong owner implying they have a basement. While my wider point stands, I've asked a couple of people to explain. How about you following up?
.@driven_by_data: in 2016 you blogged "Dissecting the #PizzaGate Conspiracy Theories" in which you scoffed at (and thus didn't debunk) said theories. You claim Comet Ping Pong doesn't have a basement, but in a 2015 interview the owner implied it does. Did you lie?
.@ruleonwriting: in 2015 you blogged "James Alefantis: From Scratch" in which he implies Comet Ping Pong has a basement. So, does it or not?
In a 2015 interview, James Alefantis (owner of Comet Ping Pong of #Pizzagate fame) said: "we harvest 10 tons of tomatoes/year. Can them all, store them in the basement..." Others have claimed there's no basement.
.@KenSimonn replies: "Who the [heck] cares what Phil McCausland thinks or does??? Who the [heck] is he??? I don’t recall him getting elected to anything" @PhilMcCausland is a very minor cog in the MSM propaganda machine. Showing those like him wrong has many benefits to the USA.
#Timbers bicycle kick makes it 2-3 against #LAFC. A chainsaw-wielding maniac is now roaming the stands looking for his next victim.
.@stankm: see my Immigration Talking Points page (off the Topics menu). If Trump, NumbersUSA, Breitbart, etc. challenged Dem leaders on that - something they refuse to do - they'd easily & permanently reduce illegal immigration. Ask NUSA/Breitbart why they refuse to do that.
The penultimate batter in this series that will not be named has a wonderful batting stance. #MAGA #resist
#ESPN geniousess have put #Portland vs #LAFC on against #WCWS. #Timbers just got a goal, meaning that a chainsaw-wielding maniac - usually an oxy-besotted ex-lumberjack - is roaming the stands looking for victims.
.@user_one0one: what proof do you have that @KrisKobach1787 lost the job due to *the publicity* surrounding his demands rather than something else (such as Trump's reaction to a mere commoner making such demands?) @LeeH3283
.@ScottAnthonyUSA replies "Censorship on ANY topic, is wrong" .@CoreysDigs replies "I oppose ALL censorship & think most people do as well". The point of my initial tweet is that cons tend to only oppose censorship of other cons (see Parscale, Trump, etc.) That doesn't work.
OK, so much for #OSU. The 24Ahead Couch Team - despite all of us hating the PacNW - is pulling hard for Washington to knock out #UCLA. #MAGA #WCWS #resist
.@facts_dontlie: I assume you are or were MAGA. If so, did you ever try to make Trump better such as by urging him to use smart arguments? Also, see the 'Stop amnesty' link in my bio. @NumbersUSA twice refused to help w/ that plan; I ever offered to give it to them outright.
Canuck spree killer could get all the ammo they want. Reason for U.S. MCEs is cultural (cowboyism, medicating...) MT @spungebon [to me, @DeliaMacD1, & @Darw1nEvolution] Maybe because Swiss and Canadians and many more have very high restrictions on ammo AND the guns allowed??
Good diving infield catch from Gibson. #WCWS
.@LilDramaShow: P.S., @jeanmobilia blocked me over that one tweet. That's the same thing Trump fans do: they know they can't present a valid counter-argument so they have a little tantrum & block someone who showed them wrong.
In a first for the #WCWS, a good catch & a good throw prevented a run. Normally they drop it and the whole opposing team scores.
The 24Ahead Couch Team ranks the remaining #WCWS teams by possibility, weighted by 24Ahead's preferences: Oklahoma Arizona OSU Alabama Washington UCLA #MAGA #resist
In #WCWS news, #Florida - usually one of the hotter teams - has been eliminated. #MAGA #resist
.@Charms77 @SamPhDEng: speaking about moral bankruptcy, @waltshaub blocked me for correctly calling him on how his immigration stance increases the number of people dying trying to cross the border:
.@DemFromCT hypes "Justin Amash’s town hall revealed the cure for right-wing lunacy: right-wing common sense" by @page88. She's a pompous dip who - like you - isn't smart enough to figure out how to undercut Trump. Any extremely slight impact she's had on Trump only helps him.
Even Shaqiri gets a medal. #Liverpool #Tottenham
Art Garfunkel of Totten'am 'otspurs has missed at least two chances that Messi, Ronaldo, Trump (in his playing days), etc would have made. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
Cor blimey gov! It's Liverpool 1, Tottenham 0 at the half on TNT. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with the Official 24Ahead National Closing Argument: DEATH ANGEL - I Came For Blood: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@verawishful1: GWB & Rick Perry - both big amnesty fans - made a big deal of #BorderSecurity like @chiproytx does. Ask him how many illegal aliens he'd legalize.
.@akeleven: if you really want to undercut him, make these points to his fans/enablers:
.@facts_dontlie: people like you gave Trump a blank check rather than being patriotic & asking him and all the rest tough questions about his policies. You do that with @NumbersUSA too. Have they challenged Trump proxies to their faces on how Trump/Dems would harm the USA?
.@caseyatbat3: @SenGillibrand *hurts* the issue of USA healthcare & related issues by demagoguing. She turns a systemic issue - the complete victory of NeoLiberal/"greed is good" policies over the commonweal - into a racial *and* gender issue & thus marginalizing legit concerns.
Dolt. MT @SenGillibrand When three in five pregnancy-related deaths could be prevented, but aren't, you have to ask: Are we a country that cares about women? These deaths—disproportionately women of color—are unacceptable in 2019. We have to end our maternal mortality crisis.
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes in to ask, "Will you dare defy the Twitter/Bing language Polizei by playing Gökçe Kılınçer - Neyleyeyim?" So I decided to show him by playing it. #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@boredpanda: what a sad sack Buzzfeed knockoff you are. Your tweets have very few interactions and you push the same pabulum as all the rest. Give up.
Blue Oyster Cult: Then Came the Last Days of May #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
In 2021, #MAGA will be singing this: #MusicFriday #resist #NowPlaying
.@puckthecat1: @aidnmclaughlin strongly supports censorship, even as the First Amendment pays his rent. If Mediaite ever had any impact on Trump, he'd want to silence Aiden as much as Aiden wants to silence buffoons like Jones & Nehlen. It's time to be a real liberal.
While McCain was livin' it up at the Hanoi Hilton, Trump was fighting for the USA at Woodstock '94. He distinctly does not remember Traffic - Medicated Goo but here's a video: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@LoriVanzuuk: you cheer @justinbaragona trying to censor Ingraham for opposing censorship of Nehlen. Neither of you are liberals. In past decades you'd be burning Elvis records; in other countries you'd be burning reactionary books. Be a real liberal.
.@politicory: you claim you're a PhD candidate at MIT. Yet, you aren't smart enough to use the things Erick Erickson says against him. He's "hippie punching", but you aren't smart enough to use that to undercut him.
.@CollinIngram: I wrote ~75 blog posts for #RedState before @EWErickson took it over, then they banned me for showing GWB wrong. Erickson converted (i.e., stole) my (c) content. He's also extremely vulnerable over this:
Hello my friend! I am not from here. Are you the U.S. Navy? MT @SkipScooters We still have no reason to believe in a systemic fleet issue, but we are continuing our investigation.
.@caitlinmokane: you blog "Russian trolls fueled anti-vaccination debate in U.S. by spreading misinformation on Twitter, study finds". Is the agenda of such "studies" to spur debate or to quash it? Does Putin want more real debate in the USA or does he want more censorship?
.@flashdawg68: what you can do is help shame those like @StevenTDennis into doing real reporting. Instead of playing cutesy emoji games, he should be really pressing Trump supporters on what happens to Trump's plans when he's out of office. That's what real reporters do.
Here's something very, very curious: I have two #Target "Goodfellow" shirts in the same putative size (hint: it's more than 2 letters). I say "putative" because one fits OK, the other is too tight. This is very, very odd and I'll be writing to Trump about it. #MAGA #resist
.@rachelbovard says "Strong emoji game from a non-millennial. Props." to @StevenTDennis using emojis to indicate which Sens support Trump's MX tariffs. Corinthians 13:11 the emojis & ask pols what happens to Trump's tariffs when he's out of office. Be a patriotic adult for once
.@crampell blog DHS to send agents to MX/GT border; @ffiltzer replies "I hope they all get Montezuma’s revenge" Rampell didn't bat an eye as Don Lemon named all the Big Biz outfits that oppose MX tariffs. She didn't say "Trump's a dolt but U.S. Chamber are crooks" as libs would.
So, 2 #OSU pitchers have walked in 3 #Oklahoma batters in a row, all with 2 outs. OTOH, both OSU pitchers are hot so there's that. #WCWS #MAGA #resist
Almost all Dem leaders & a good part of their base fully support the Koch agenda. Most don't know it. Some have cognitive dissonance. There's no sustained campaign aside from mine (FWIW) to educate libs that they're stooges for the Koch bros. #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@accidentalflyer: or just run like a smart, sane, patriotic, genuine Trump. Show those like @Neil_Irwin who push anti-American NeoLiberal policies (loose borders/free trade/globalism, i.e., the Koch agenda) wrong. Destroy their careers before they do any more damage to the USA.
#OSU walks in an #Oklahoma run after bases were loaded after a collision at 3rd & a hit batter. #WCWS #MAGA #resist
.@babs_klein: in another tweet, @johnastoehr pushes "open borders". Vox asked Bernie Sanders if he supported open borders & he replied: "No, that's a Koch brothers proposal". What about you? Are you a big Koch fan like John & @monthly? Or, are you a real liberal?
IOW, go full-on NeoLiberal (free trade, loose borders, globalism). Big Biz - esp Koch - would spend millions on them! MT @johnastoehr [a @monthly blogger] Lots of room, I think, for an enterprising Dem candidate for the senate to run on free markets &--wait for it--open borders!
While others watch the #WCWS imagining the ones with hairbows naked, I'm imagining the hairbow-wearers also wearing gypsy-style peasant dresses. Not a Stevie Nicks-style shawl, just the gypsy thing. #MAGA #resist
.@Randy1116: GOP isn't exactly trying to "undercount non-Whites" as @Susan_Hennessey says. They favor fans (most of whom are White). Dems want to count as many non-Whites as possible for a similar reason: most vote Dem. Hennessey isn't honest enough to make that distinction.
.@Leslie_resists: Trump & Dem leaders both want to "fix" #immigration via a massive amnesty that will give Big Biz all the cheap labor they crave. Did you see @robastorino oppose what U.s. Chamber wants? Of course not: like Trump he's a Big Biz stooge. Libs shouldn't be like him
.@DeliaMacD1: both USA & Canada (& Switzerland, etc.) have a very high # of guns per capita. How many Canadian/Swiss mass shootings have there been? There must be something else involved, right? @Darw1nEvolution has a different agenda than solving problems. #GunControlNow
#WCWS is paused for 10 minutes because someone ran over the generator at the ballpark, knocking out the lights.
If I heard it right (this isn't a joke, so verify), #Oklahoma pitcher G Juarez left #ASU because it was (if I read between the lines correctly) too secular & too much of a party school. That's the opposite of that celeb welp. #WCWS #MAGA #resist
"Trump to Award Economist Arthur Laffer the Presidential Medal of Freedom". The vast majority of his base won't have any issues w/ that: they think "trickle down" only harms others. #TheResistance is too dumb & deranged to show that wrong.
That said, some conservatives are, I assume, good people. I haven't met any or heard of any and I'd be completely shocked if there are any, but just to cover my bases I'll assume there must be *some*, or at least two or one. #MAGA #resist
The far-left & other control freaks take advantage of crises to push #GunControlNow (after shootings), censorship (due to Putin), etc. etc. The loudest opponents to those are conservatives: the dumbest, most deranged, most unethical, worst people not currently institutionalized.
Wait, what am I doing? I don't have to try to show #GunControlNow wrong. That's why we have conservatives like @BenShapiro: they'll take care of it for us!
.@LilDramaShow: naivete is only the start of @jeanmobilia 's issues. What do Cruz, Laughner, Lanza, the VTech shooter, etc., etc. all have in common? It's not race. It's not gender unless one wants to suspect all males. It's not guns either. What is it? #GunControlNow '
.@ConnersSandy: for an unknown reason, @joelleyden isn't trying to solve the root problem. The great majority of non-terrorism mass shootings involve those who a) were mentally ill, and b) who those around them were worried about. #GunControlNow is only a "solution" for the dim.
And now, for our English-speaking readers, the English version of the last tweet: 'ello, 'ello, 'ello! Cor blimey, gov: tomorrow, Saturday, TNT will supposedly show Liverpool vs Totten'am 'ot Spurs on the telly! Cor! #soccer #MAGA #resist
Are you ready for some real football? Not kneeball, but *real* football. Tomorrow at noon Pacific, TNT will supposedly show Liverpool vs Tottenham. Liverpool is favored, but we shall see. #soccer #MAGA #resist (Note: this tweet will repeat in English momentarily.)
Pursuant to Official Trump National Order #383908973 ("let there by yodeling, in addition to kulning and similar forms"), 24Ahead close broadcast day with the Trump2020 Singers: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@TJMacmusic @Education4Libs: aside from Supremes, his successor will undo anything Trump does. He's just putting on a show. He also refuses to go after one of the main reasons for illegal #immigration: Big Biz. You see Trump arresting Tyson Foods execs? No: he'd help them.
In a Trump Stadium rehearsal for Trump Independence Day, Taylor Swift sings a classic! #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@funcrusherplus: @chick_in_kiev posted something damaging without doing basic checking first. And, she's making excuses for it. I assume she was fired, if not she should have been.
Buttigieg might "speak" Norwegian, but Trump is certified as fluent in East Frisian. Here's a video of Trump singing a song he wrote, The Epic Of Gilgamesh, in that very language: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
The #Dodgers - as regrettably usual lately - are doing semi-OK. As thankfully usual, they'll hit the wall sooner or later. And, I'll be there waiting to jeer. #DodgersDelendaEst
.@themistocles_w: here's a challenge: find anything @mariasacchetti has ever written (WaPo & before) that would cost Big Biz money. *Every single thing* she's ever written serves Big Biz' interests. Hold Trump & Big Biz accountable, don't help them.
.@ajgaming: do a search for this: nazi banned books Explain how that's different from what @MikeDrucker would do if he could. Don't just snark or send a GIF like a child. Instead, do your best to present a valid argument.
In unsurprising news, snowflake @gaywonk has blocked me after just 1 tweet pointing out how he's wrong:
.@numidianflank: @bad_takes is very pro-censorship. Today Nehlen, tomorrow he'll be burning a cookbook or something. Be a real liberal. And, instead of Brenden Karet, seek out leaders who are smart enough to just show Nehlen wrong. Because Karet isn't.
"Hillary Clinton and Daughter Chelsea to Form Production Company". They're trying to cash in on the experienced-teaches-inexperienced genre that's exploding right now. #MAGA #resist
Is a kid a kid an hour before birth, or only after it's fully out? MT @nataliemself MT @quasimado I'm heading to Missouri as the state's last remaining abortion clinic is set to close.
.@bidonkules: @srl blogs "Census Citizenship Question Was Meant To Aid Whites And GOP, New Documents Suggest." ~99% of his tweets are designed to help non-whites & the Dems. He also ludicrously pretends GOP GAFF about white non-supporters.
"Revealed: Memo Shows Trump Officials Trying to Rig Elections for Whites". Not all whites: just those dumb enough to get caught. I.e., conservatives & #MAGA.
German & (I assume) most other languages are phonetic. There's only a U.S. #SpellingBee because of the Norman Conquest, various shifts, changing Latin/Greek words to match how dolts pronounce them, etc. etc. #MAGA #resist #Auslaut
The #SpellingBee misspells "Auslaut" as "auslaut". #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
"Broken" is a stock Big Biz talking point, do a search. MX has some control over the flow, but not as much as Big Biz does. Why isn't Trump going after them? MT @GoRoyalxx To be completely honest the system is broken and CBP is overwhelm. Mexico needs to stem the flow.
In real sports news, Alabama loses to #Oklahoma on the first day of the #WCWS. #MAGA #resist
.@scottytaco: @damianpaletta could easily undercut Trump right now by asking questions designed to make a Trump proxy admit the root cause that Trump ignores: Big Biz, the wealthy, l/w leaders. Paletta can't do that because - like Trump - he's in the pocket of Big Biz.
.@JoelKlebanoff: it'd be smart of @damianpaletta to call Trump/his proxies on how Trump ignores root cause: Big Biz/Dem leaders/NGO leaders/wealthy. Trump perp walking Tyson Food execs & making smart arguments that undercut Dem leaders to their base = much less illegal immig.
Spotted: the official #Trump2020 party van: #MAGA #resist
.@cdn515: distraction or not, Trump is not going after the root cause: Big Biz/Dem leaders. If Trump perp walked Western Growers or Tyson Foods execs, illegal immigration would greatly diminish. @jdawsey1 can't call Trump/his proxies on that because he's also in Big Biz' pocket.
.@santoroski: @jdawsey1 loves what Trump does: more clicks. Even if he wanted to he's not smart enough to figure out how to undercut Trump: - Call Trump/his proxies on how the next admin will roll back anything he does. - Call them on ignoring pull factors (i.e., Big Biz).