.@pgh_law: up to a month before Obama left office, a Tea Party guy here on Twitter thought the Sergeant-at-Arms would arrest Obama. @Mimirocah1 & @jonswaine are exactly like the TPer. Moore is extremely vulnerable on policy. Dumpster diving by yellow journalists just helps him.
A bad strike call & a fly out end an #Angels rally in the 8th. They get 2, need 2. Also, unlike the #Dodgers game, this isn't blacked out.
.@ChrisALadd: @DavidOAtkins blogs "Trump’s Isolationist Nationalism Is a Mask for White Supremacy". What have such false statements not simply helped Trump? Can you name the Trump officials who oppose mass #immigration?
We've never had a "democracy", the Founder rejected it. So, you fail Civics 101. Trump seeks to quash dissent. Dems/SJWs seek to quash dissent. Please explain how one is OK. MT @gaywonk Treating the modern Republican Party like it isn’t a threat to democracy is a form of bias.
.@bonchieredstate: you blog in support of Trump pulling aid from 3 CentAm countries. What's the #RedState plan to make things better there so fewer come here? Is Trump pro-mass #immigration? Are everyone he's surrounded himself with pro-mass immigration?
To those pulling Trump's strings, causing huge problems in Cent Am leading to more illegal #immigration is a *feature*. Everyone Trump is surrounded with is pro-amnesty & pro-Big Biz. #MAGA #resist
Likewise: "State Department says US cutting off aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras". That sounds tough to mouthbreathers, but it's an incredibly bad idea. It will *increase* illegal #immigration & cause huge problems down the line. #MAGA #resist
A mouthbreather to me several years ago (after USSR went dormant temporarily): "We shouldn't be sending money to Russia, we need that money right here." Propping up what we'd toppled would've prevented huge problems mouthbreathers will never understand. #MAGA #resist
If I were Bryce Harper, I'd just sit on that first HR for the #Phillies for the next 13 years. Take it easy, spend most of my time flying on one of my private jets to one of my chateaux. #Philadelphia fans don't deserve any better.
.@gavinnewsham: if you blogged "Trump is the world’s worst cheat at golf, players and celebs say", congrats on now being famous: #MAGA #resist
Putting together a cheesy personal shopping site, should I use #Drupal 7 or 8? If 7, it'll come together quickly using modules that work. If 8, I'll be more future-proof, but I'll need to deal with #Drush issues and I'll need to write missing modules (like Flickr field). #Drupal
I can't install #Drush 8, at least so far, even when I put "~8.2" in my global #Composer json. Even if I delete drush from composer's cache, it installs 7-dev. If I change the json to 9, it installs 9 and that doesn't work with D7. #Drupal
#ESPN has girls softball (Texas vs Oklahoma St) & a local L.A. channel has #Angels vs #Oakland. There might also be soccer on Univision.
Trump just now: "Can you believe the #FakeNews media? They didn't get the 'It's 4:20 Somewhere' decal I put on Air Force One! They sure won't get 'Pink Floyd - Meddle'. Listen on headphones to really get it!" #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@SabeenGeopol: FYI, #Twitter heavily censors replies to Trump officials. How about using the open source app at my pinned tweet to see how much they protected those like Erdogan from dissent?
.@LillyK28: FYI, Breitbart has repeatedly pushed amnesty. They called the Goodlatte bill "pro-American" even tho it would've legalized millions of illegal aliens. @joelpollak even went as far as directly pushing amnesty:
.@gliderhopkin: Trump isn't putting ppl in "prison camps" as @tomscocca says & he isn't prepping "genocide" as you claim. Trump is very pro-Big Biz. That includes on #immigration. He & Tom are basically on the same side as the Koch bros.
.@actioncookbook: what's funniest about @david_j_roth 's bits is Donald Trump is leader of the free world and gets to do whatever he wants. And, nothing those like Roth have done has done anything but helped him. Maybe Roth's doing performance art or something.
If I'd seen 'In Like Flint' years ago, I could have invented the cell phone, Ring doorbell, Apple Watch, and sundry other gizmos. #MAGA #resist
AP constantly misleads about #immigration. Eg ignoring downsides of what they push. That's horrific for USA. MT @kelleyllc [to @kristenhare blog about AP approving "%"] Well, I'm glad journalism has advanced to the point of making stuff easier to read
.@NocrapNN: everything @mirjordan says about #immigration is designed to help the wealthy reduce wages. If she didn't do that she'd be out of a job. All of her post are designed to increase the labor supply to lower wages. Examine what she tells you in that light.
Imagine a local pol did the same in your city. Wouldn't the local media be competent enough to stop it? Since what Trump does continues, isn't the MSM completely incompetent? MT @16RoLynn [to @ToluseO blog about Trump solving problems he's created] And the con goes on...
.@EngancheWorld: the bottom line is that @mirjordan is paid to push pro-wealthy #immigration policies. Her base is libs deluded into helping the wealthy lower wages through mass immigration. Urge those libs to follow the money: who profits from what she pushes?
.@tyschalter: @LucyFlores had years to tell her tale and now suddenly finds her voice. Why didn't she find her voice when Biden was VP? Also note that a Daily Wire hack is joining in the anti-Biden campaign.
.@CarlaGreevr: I know, what's wrong with Biden? @LucyFlores had to endure 8 years of Biden as Obama's VP plus years of Biden as Obama's running mate & former VP. Now, years & years & years later when she finally find her voice to tell her tale, Biden says nothing. The monster!
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with Rammstein - Deutschland: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@BudrykZack: you blog "Swamp creature crashes Interior pick's hearing". Which is better for the U.S.: brainfree cutesy stunts, or Socratic questioning with the goal of showing opponents wrong? Which are you promoting?
"Trump to pick Fox News contributor for new State Dept spokeswoman - Morgan Ortagus will replace Heather Nauert, an ex-Fox News anchor who was Trump's pick for new U.N. ambassador but withdrew herself from consideration." #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
.@birnbaum_e: without a First Amendment, pols would have sent you to Siberia by now. Appreciate free speech & open debate: it's how you eat. Oppose #Twitter censorship. See the real data at my top tweet showing how heavily they censor *all* kinds of users.
One of those issues is their extremely crufty HTML that - on every page load - contains things that are rarely used & that could be brought in via AJAX when needed. They could probably save millions on hosting costs just by fixing that. #MAGA #resist
.@birnbaum_e: you blog "Twitter considering labeling Trump tweets that violate rules". They sit around obsessing about new ways to quash dissent, worrying about creating a monster that allows open debate & trying to stop it. At the same time they won't fix obvious issues.
"Two black candidates for Savannah's mayor attend meeting that bars white reporters". This will get swept under the rug because cons will toxify the opposition: #MAGA #resist
.@ranimolla: you worked at #WSJ. They & their fellow travelers push the idea that U.S. poor sit around eating food stamp sushi. And that U.S. poor aren't really poor because they have TVs. Then, they get stooges like these to help the wealthy out.
On the plus side, Mueller's investigation did unearth this formerly-secret video of the Betsy DeVos job interview: #MAGA #SpecialOlympics #resist
.@fifthstreetdude: FYI, Twitter heavily censors replies to Trump officials (many replies are from liberals). Twitter especiallys censor replies to Pai. See the real data at my top tweet. Despite lots of trying, I can't find a reporter to cover that. How about helping out?
.@AjitPaiFCC: you're truly oppressed. Also, do you have any comment on #Twitter heavily censoring replies to you & other Trump officials? Is it good public policy for them to decide some people can speak back to you & others can't? (Not to mention the deceptive ghosting aspect).
.@imillhiser: FYI, Orin Kerr advised Cornyn (or similar) when this corrupt lawyer was nominated. Kerr refused to go after the corrupt lawyer where weakest; he blocked my comments on a blog he contributed to pointing out he folded.
.@sheldongilbert: does the @ConstitutionCtr have plans to engage candidates in Socratic questioning about policy? I don't mean fake MSM questioning that just leads to speeches. I mean challenging them on what they haven't thought through or don't want to reveal?
Any day now, Trump is going to declare a new law of lèse majesté. His staff just has to first explain to him that it's not a Stormey Daniels movie. #MAGA #resist
.@AROD: #Seattle & #PacNW are full of Arsch holes. It's like an Alabama trailer park by the sea. It wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't populated.
.@aprilaser: hey April, compare replies to Ajit Pai when logged in & when logged out. The logged-in is probably similar to what he sees. I.e., #Twitter is shielding him from dissent. See my pinned tweet for real data on how they protect Trump officials. Will you cover that?
.@StevenLevy: hey Steve, did you see the Oremus blog where he supported censorship just to reduce his (already low) mentions? Twitter heavily censors replies from libs to Trump officials (eg, Ajit Pai). Oremus fully supports that, just for extremely minor personal gain.
The point is to bring in new fans, not keep a static fan base that's in-the-know. Why am I complaining? The worse things are for the #Dodgers on any front, the better. RT @Aye_Trey25 Most fans know where to watch the games regardless of ESPN and Spectrum...
.@GeneNBCLA: ask #ESPN why they even bother to show #Dodgers games when they get blacked out in the #2 media market in the USA. Their advertisers can't be happy about that.
.@CBSLA: the #Dodgers game was blacked out in #LosAngeles. If it had been a crushing defeat I would have wanted to see it.
'Hurry!', I screamed at the medic who was putting a bandaid on Lt. Calley. 'These huts aren't going to burn themselves, and some of these kids might be Cong!' -- From "Trump: Profiles In My Courage In 'Nam" by Donald J. Trump #MAGA #resist
'Ouch!', Lt. Calley uttered, as he pinched his finger on his flamethrower. I rushed to his aid, laying down bursts of machine gun fire in case the village kids tried to momentarily distract him. -- From "Trump: Profiles In My Courage In 'Nam" by Donald J. Trump #MAGA #resist
.@jessmendoza: why does #ESPN even bother showing #Dodgers games when they get blacked out in the 2nd largest media market in the USA?
Pursuant to Trump Decree 21-8B (the Enmellowment Proclamation), 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with the Official Donald Trump Mellow Song Of The Day: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Despite #PuertoRico not being a third-rail issue & being something that could be used to greatly undercut Trump to his base, #TheResistance - as usual - is as incompetent at holding Trump accountable as he was in his handling of PR. #MAGA #resist
It's sad but understandable why Dems/MSM won't go after Trump where he's most vulnerable: on #immigration (because they agree with him). #PuertoRico is a different story: it's not a third-rail issue. It shows how intensely incompetent Trump is. #MAGA #resist
Joe says "I'll protect the camp from bears!". A bear later steals the camp's food because Joe was mumbling to himself. Who bears the bigger blame: the bear, or Joe? Hint: Warren is Joe MT @BruceMirken Trump's refusal to fund #PuertoRico relief is "ugly piled on ugly." --ewarren
Hey Marty, on #immigration is Liz Warren closer to most Americans or the Koch bros? What would happen if most Americans found out where she really stands? MT @mcuellar Senator @ewarren's policies are an impressive counter (and just plain good government).
Trump's PR response was grossly incompetent. Dem/MSM response to his response is likewise grossly incompetent: just look at your tweet. You admit you aren't smart enough to make him care (it should be easy) MT @RepGraceMeng [Trump didn't care um #PuertoRico & he still doesn't]
Or we could just #EndColonialism (your term) by letting you go. MT @PRSC51 We urge the USCongress and President Trump to admit #PuertoRico as the 51st State of the Union!
.@clairewillett: hey Claire, dlind blocked me for repeatedly showing her wrong on #immigration. She can't show me wrong about anything so has to run away. If you dispute that, name any of her immigration posts & I'll show you one or more major ways she deceived.
Inquirer: "Who is the Trump?" Élève: "The Trump is all. The Trump is everyone." Inquirer: "Where is the Trump?" Élève: "The Trump is everywhere. The Trump is there, when he is needed." Inquirer: "What is the Trump Way?" Élève: "The Trump Way is the Trump Path." #MAGA #resist
.@rendale: Trump would've dropped out in 2015 if he'd been asked tough policy questions. We get very bad pols because no one asks them very tough policy questions. Instead of pushing someone who puts on a good show, start demanding the MSM finally does their job #BookerTownHall
I didn't a quick copy all/sort/uniq diff of the tweets but there are too many to figure out which tweets #Twitter thinks I can't handle and which are from lil' Honeckers who've blocked me. #censorship
#Twitter tells me it won't show me certain tweets. Why? Why not just not show them? (They're marked "tombstone" like tweets in the "AbusiveQuality" section. I thought they were from blockers, but maybe it's some other TWTR idiocy). #censorship
#Dodgers opener blacked out. #BaseballIn4Words
Trump pensively reminisces: "This was my 'Nam soundtrack. When I was fighting Charlie in the paddies, we played lots of Stones, CCR, and Squonk by Genesis. Then we set more huts afire." #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@just_jenna: Corey did great in #BookerTownHall! Of course, that was with their weak questions. Now imagine a trial lawyer goes to one of his events & asks him Socratic policy questions designed to show him wrong. Then, imagine the video is put on Youtube & Drudge links it.....
How many yuan is he paying you and all the rest? #BookerTownHall #MAGA #resist RT @JudyChu06634420 Corey was fantastic tonight! I love his experience with Mayor of Newark.
.@catholiclawyer: as a lawyer, I'm sure you can come up with a completely fact-based line of questioning that'd show Booker wrong *to his base*. Not just ranting like everyone else does, but Socratic questioning designed to show him wrong. Push his loudest opponents to help out.
.@justdawn_: you should know by now that pols' happy talk is almost always just hot air forgotten as soon as they get into office. If you think Booker's different that's like #MAGA thinking Trump is different. For your sake, start demanding MSM finally asks *tough* questions.
.@sabrinasingh24: hey Sabrina, check out the questions at the link. A trial lawyer really pressing Booker on those questions on video for Youtube would end Booker's candidacy. I'll find - pay if needed - a trial lawyer to do just that.
And when Trump's pres, we'll build a big beautiful wall! Be a reporter & a citizen for once in your life. MT @RebeccaBuck In response to an emotional question about gun violence, Booker says, “If I’m pres, we are going to bring the fight to the NRA.” #BookerTownHall
#MAGA thinks the same of Trump. Many Iraqis thought the same of Saddam. Be a citizen for once. #BookerTownHall MT @missallycat07 Here’s the thing I love about CoryBooker...when sm1n asks him question you can tell he’s genuinely listening and FEELING what that person is feeling
.@McClainJulie: I'm looking for a trial lawyer to go to a future #BookerTownHall and - instead of CNN's puffballs - ask Booker very tough questions about the anti-American DREAM Act. It'll show Booker can't think things through or doesn't care about Americans. Good luck.
"This really sends me back. I survived three weeks in the 'Nam jungle and all I had was a knife just like this. Now, you can have a replica of the knife I used for just 3 easy payments of $39.95. Order now & I'll include a free scabbard!" - Trump infomercial, 2021. #MAGA #resist
.@garyandshannon: what's ironic is few mention that Alanis Morisette was on a Madonna label and designed to compete against Natalie Merchant albeit to a slightly different market. Jagged was released a week before Tigerlily.
All power to the #MAGA Councils! 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this stirring version of the Trump National Anthem: #MusicTuesday #resist #NowPlaying
Think about it for a second. If @jdawsey1 were effective, would the GOP do that? Those like him are provably ineffective. They don't even have being effective as a goal. RT @JimGarrisonII And the GOP sits there as quiet as rats [despite WaPo on PR].
.@englertj: if Trump saw his gross incompetence on PR as a liability (he doesn't now), he'd change what he does. @JStein_WaPo can't even conceive of making Trump's gross incompetence on PR a liability for him. He's just entertaining #resist, he isn't helping them or the U.S.
.@dislexicon: @jdawsey1 whines about "Mr. Trump’s many norm-shattering interventions in the law enforcement system". Bezos buys ink by the barrel (probably from China). You'd think there would be something they could do, some smart arguments they could make. Why can't they?
CORRECTION: at first this site ignored the Jussie Smollett issue, then we joked about it when we couldn't ignore it. We assumed he was guilty. Now, we know he was completely innocent of all charges. 24Ahead sincerely regrets our error. #Chicago #MAGA #resist
WaPo: "Rachel Maddow, the left's powerhouse on cable, won't let the Mueller probe go." Max Boot: "Let's not lose sight of the real scandal: Trump was elected with Russia's help" No one ever said #TheResistance is smart. #MAGA
.@LennyDykstra: check out the @Cernovich 1/27/2019 tweet where he smeared Christianity then said "A moderated form of Islam is probably the West’s only hope." Do you agree?
Cernovich tweet (1/27/19): "Christianity has given us a country where 11 year olds dance for adult men who throw dollars on the stage... A moderated form of Islam is probably the West’s only hope." You were saying? MT @kadajoza MT @ImDeplorable16: I don't like Cernovich, but...
In the first ~50 replies to that #WhiteHouse tweet, 3 tweets were from accounts that've blocked me (I won't bother finding out which). My enemies (whether #MAGA or #resist isn't known) are able to get their tweets high and really don't like hearing from me. Good.
.@j_seibyl: those like @TomHill31672547 think the current GOP leader is a demigod until he's out of office (see GWB). Any gains those like him think they're getting from Trump either aren't gains or will go away when Trump's out of office. Also, "broken" is a pro-amnesty slogan.
.@MichelleHill387: plug this into your fave search engine: immigration "system is broken" obama As you can see, Trump is using the same pro-amnesty talking point that Obama (& GWB, the MSM, etc. etc.) use. All his bluster aside, Trump is like GWB/Obama on #immigration.
.@ukitena2: Trump uses the same pro-amnesty "system is broken" talking point as Obama & you respond "Put them at Mar A Lago". You'd be living up to your supposed titles if you realized he's using a talking point that could really undercut him to his base, and then used it.
So, like Trump, Koch, U.S. Chamber, & WalMart, you want to increase the labor supply in order to lower wages? MT @Renae131 Trump was given funding to hire more people to process immigration applications...
.@ParnellKate @Scrufey21Me: the "system is broken" talking point is used to push amnesty. Obama, GWB, MSM, etc. etc. use it. Now Trump uses it just like them. MT @WhiteHouse: How broken is our immigration system?
Trump Trivia Of The Day: while a certain Beverly Hills restauranteur - I won't give him the courtesy of naming him - claims to have invented it, it was actually Donald Trump who invented the foil-wrapped baked potato as a side dish for Trump Steaks! #MAGA #resist
"Education Secretary Betsy DeVos proposes steep cuts to Special Olympics and autism programs". And she'll get away with it due the standard partisan issues: #TheResistance will toxify the issue just like #MAGA toxifies their issues.
The women's speed climbing times are ~15 to 25% higher than the men's times on the same course. #climbing #MAGA #resist
.@Mel4Justice: hey Mel, @KatrinaNation is a proud member of Rockefeller's CFR. She pushes anti-American NeoLiberal ideas (free trade, loose borders, globalism) just like the Koch bros. She dresses it up, but the bottom line stays the same: she's very pro-Big Biz.
These speed climbing competitions are basically ladder-climbing competitions. That and the women's competition don't emphasize that much skill. Take it from me, I broke through 5.6 once. #ESPN #climbing
.@espnSteveLevy: as you know, I tend to complain about #ESPN playing anything that isn't soccer or baseball. However, showing some climbing - even the indoor variety - makes for a good change every once in a while.
I was at the Celebrity Centre enjoying an informative John Travolta talk when I got lots of calls about tonight's rebroadcast. I told Bud to play the February 18, 2014 episode but the trad got confused. So, I rushed back and I'll be doing the rest of the show live.
Coming up next on the show we'll have our special #TheResistance Round Table featuring Don Lemon, @RepAdamSchiff, @EWarren, and others to discuss how quickly Trump is going to be impeached as soon as the Mueller report is released in March. Stay tuned!
My confidential sources - which include @HeerJeet & @JonathanChait - have informed me that the upcoming Mueller report will result in an immediate impeachment for collusion! The report will be released in March so we're only a few weeks away! #TheResistance!
[Due to a meeting at the Celebrity Centre, the following is a rebroadcast of the February 18, 2019 episode of the 24Ahead Show, entitled "Something Mueller This Way Comes!". We will return with a live broadcast tomorrow.]
.@sjta_amy: are you a big NFL fan? Because @MedvedSHOW is. Last time U.S. was in World Cup, he didn't cheer for the USA. He doesn't want U.S. to excel at soccer because of... U.S. exceptionalism. Instead, he supports patriotic, all-American sports like the NFL.
The U.S. Men's National team is currently taking on Chile on ESPN. If you're more patriotic than #AnnCoulter, tune in and cheer #USMNT on.
Just as in WWII, Serbia marched into Portugal and hurt their key fighter. Like WWII, it ended in a draw: #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@MikeHinko: nothing #WaPo has said about Trump has hurt him. Their current tale won't hurt him. There are smart arguments they could use to undercut Trump over his PR response. Rather than enabling them doing things that don't work, urge them to do things that would.