,@vancegt_: FYI, your reply to WillOremus was censored by Twitter. Alex Jones, Breitbart, etc are only in it for the money. If they really cared about censorship they'd use the reports at my top tweet to greatly harm Twitter and force them to stop shadowbanning so many people.
.@andrea_koppel: hi Andrea! @alibreland knows about the real data at my top tweet showing that Twitter censors all kinds of users (including many libs). He refuses to expose what Twitter does even though it'd be a big story. Helping Trump officials avoid dissent is more important
According to the #WaPo, we all have to move to a place where we know enough Spanish (or the language of Bezos' current greenskeepers) that we can fap to this video without harming ourselves: #immigration #MAGA #resist
Reality bites twice for MX, as Luis Suarez gets a PK. #Uruguay #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
That bites!!! Luis Suarez scores goal kick against MX!! #Uruguay #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
Trust me on this: learning enough Spanish to know what's going on during #soccer games on Univision really helps you when fapping to telenovelas. #WaPo #immigration
MX gets it right back on a PK. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
Meanwhile back on Univision, MX is facing off against Uruguay, who have just scored a gooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
.@delbius: you stand against those who question authority and stand strongly on the side of authority figures who want to silence dissent. You let those who need to face dissent decide to silence dissenters. You are not in any way, shape, or form a liberal. #Twitter
.@delbius: your quote is as nonsensical as the rest of #Twitter censorship. If someone tweets the same exact message, they most likely aren't a bot, just someone who's doing it wrong. They might be showing those contacted wrong, in which case you'd expect blocks/reports.
.@RGonzalezCBS: hilarious! Meanwhile, the great majority of Americans have no idea there's a #USMNT game on because they sold out to Murdoch (assuming it's even on FS1). @USSoccer make MNT/WNT a specialty sport. That reduces interest, reducing quality of future MNTs. @grantwahl
.@SoccerInsider: of course #WaPo has to freeride a wealthy-friendly #immigration agenda on a sport. Not only is mass #immigration good for Bezos, it's good for those in your circle who can afford domestic servants. Does braindrain in all fields harm the sending countries?
Let's think about this delbius quote: "If you send the same message to four people, and two of them blocked you, and one reported you, we could assume, without ever seeing what the content of the message was, that was generally a negative interaction". #Twitter = #idiocracy
Thank gosh for Univision: not only is #USMNT game on it right now (we're losing to Neymar & Brazil 2-0), but they'll have the England vs Spain game tomorrow after 11am Pacific. #ESPN has neither. #soccer #MAGA
[random #ESPN host]: [whine about ESPN hiding England vs Spain on their pay channel] [suits] [mouse] [cheese] [hashtags]
#Koch stooge @ScottWalker has waded into the #TakeAKnee issue, like Trump pretending it's about disrespecting the flag and the military. Of course, with Walker it's always just about a) his career, and b) delivering real value to the Kochs & other wealthy donors. #MAGA #resist
.@FestusFilbert: @ScottWalker, Trump, etc get away with their strawman on #TakeAKnee because those with access to them or their proxies don't call them on it in effective ways. Urge CNN hosts to engage Trump proxies in Socratic debate designed to force them to admit the strawman
George Papadapoulous, a capo in the Baio Crime Family, has been sentenced to 14 days. Sentencing of Don "The Mouth" Trump, a Baio associate, has been delayed until next year. #MAGA #resist
#Italy ties it up against #Poland on a PK. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
Of course, suggesting that #RedState & #TheResurgent aka #TheMaven check out inflammatory quotes first, that marks me as a librul. Lying and deceiving are markers of True Conservatives. #MAGA #resist
#RedState & #TheResurgent aka #TheMaven didn't have a note about asking the campaign for more info. Bloggers don't do real reporting. #MAGA #resist
Navasota Texas is 72 miles NW of Houston, pop ~7.5k. VFW Post #4006 Commander Carl Dry rented the hall to Beto O'Rourke & claims they wanted him to take the flags off the wall. Only cons intent on deceiving suckers wouldn't think there's more to the story. #MAGA #resist
.@TexansForBeto: @EWErickson & @TheBrandonMorse claim Beto asked a VFW Hall to take down American flags. Is there more to this story than they blogged?
Bandy X. Lee, the crazy Psycher - the #TheResistance equivalent of Orly Taitz - now suddenly claims two WH officials complained to her about Trump's mental health. That's month after her suspect claim about Cong staffers doing the same.
While I haven't spent a lot of time on Jon Huntsman, I've been on to him since 2005: #MAGA #resist #immigration #Utah
.@saletan thinks Jon Huntsman wrote the anti-Trump "resistance" OpEd. While he makes an OK case based on JH using similar words, I don't think it's him. What issue the OpEd harped on isn't very Huntsman-like? What key issue the OpEd ignored would Huntsman have mentioned?
Almost all of the things people do on their own are stupid, like waving banners. RT saletan The money line from Obama's speech: "You cannot sit back and wait for a savior. ... People ask me, 'What are you gonna do for the election?' No, the question is: What are *you* gonna do?"
Like "bitter clingers". #MAGA #resist RT saletan Obama: “We won’t win people over by calling them names or dismissing entire chunks of the country as racist or sexist or homophobic.”
#Poland goes up 1-0 against #Italy, just like in the Cola Wars.
Are you ready for some football?!?!?!? #Italy & #Poland are facing off on ESPN2. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
Now, to enmellow yourselves, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with Laps by Mari Pokinen: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Things I've gotten wrong: - I thought HRC would beat Trump - I thought Germany, reborn, would trounce South Korea Things I've gotten right: - Everything else. No, really, every other thing. #MAGA #resist
.@adamcurry: a few weeks ago I pointed out to you Alex Jones was in the running for a Darwin Award, was I right or not? It's time to oppose Twitter censorship in a smart, fact-based, big tent way. Will you help with that?
.@PaulTheBookGuy: hey Paul, did you see my tweet of a few weeks ago? If Alex Jones had opposed Twitter censorship in a fact-based and big tent way, is it less likely he'd have been banned?
.@TheHirsty: FYI, @MrNashington lies about what #Twitter does, plus he *helps* Twitter. TWTR censors all kinds of users, not just cons: see the real data at my top tweet. That makes them much more vulnerable than Nash claims. He won't use that against them, helping them.
.@ThePatriot006: hey Cris, @LibertarianBlue *helps* Twitter censorship. He knows about the data at my top tweet showing Twitter censors all kinds of users. That makes them extremely vulnerable, but - simply to get page views - Allum lies and pretends it's all about cons.
.@whiterabbitt51: yet, instead of helping a big tent common front against the SPLC, jihadwatchRS - oddly enough! - wants donations. He could be a hero for millions & make more money at it, but he always has to choose the easiest, least patriotic grift.
.@whiterabbitt51: to undercut SPLC, all @jihadwatchRS has to do is work reporters who give them ink, pointing out how SPLC has deceived ( ). SPLC needs press; Spencer could take it away by holding reporters accountable for giving them the time of day.
.@RealKiraDavis: #Twitter can censor con leaders because those con leaders do things in the con way. Those cons lie and they shrink the tent all to get page views to sell supplements. And, they don't care about the millions of others - including many libs - who are shadowbanned.
Here's just one of the ways Trump "wall" would fail miserably: #immigration #MAGA #resist
Trump's "bans" endangered the USA, not that he cares: #immigration #MAGA #resist
To answer my own questions, Trump has always supported amnesty. His fans just aren't smart and sane enough to pick up on it. In fact, he's supported a variant of the Flake-Gutierrez amnesty: #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@JaredBeck: hey Jared, does Trump support amnesty? What would keep Congress from neglecting/tearing down Trump "wall" when he's out of office? Did his "bans" make USA more or less safe? Does #Twitter only shadowban cons or do they shadowban all kinds of users?
She sure showed Eph Goodweather real good! Sure, she lies about who's censored on Twitter & she rants at Congress rather than asking them tough questions, but. MT @rezazia You can know who is real and who is fake in the “conservative” media by how they treat Laura Loomer
Back in June 2017, r/w star Laura Loomer stormed the stage of the production of Julius Caesar featuring Trump as Caesar. Guess who played Brutus? -- SPOILER ALERT -- -- SPOILER ALERT -- Brutus was played by Corey Stoll aka Eph Goodweather of #TheStrain. #MAGA! #resist
.@HKecia: @LibertarianBlue *helps* Twitter censorship. TWTR censors all kinds of users, see my top tweet for real data. A big tent opposition to their censorship would undercut them. Instead, Allum falsely pretends it's all about cons. That shrinks the tent, helping Twitter.
.@geor97: #Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users: libs, cons, Target customers, Sadiq fans/opponents, Ozil fans/opponents, etc. Emotional issues of cons like #UKIP always have to make it about them, even when doing that *hurts* them by shrinking the opposition to censorship.
I can and do tweet myself blue in the tweeting fingers, and cons will *never* figure basic things out like a big tent beats a small tent. No matter all the bad things that happen, they'll never once stop and realize they're part of the problem. They're nuts & intensely stupid.
.@MadReplicant: #SMACA is yet another grifting opp. It'd go nowhere. The smart, easy alternative is to just point out that #Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users, not just cons. Alex Jones played partisan games with censorship & we see how that worked out.
And I don't mean the good kind of Pity Party: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #UKIP
.@DrGABaines: help undercut @UKIP to their fans. The data - real data, not anecdata - at my top tweet shows #Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. About as many libs as cons but also Mike Trout, Ozil, etc fans. #UKIP is lying about what they do for their pity party.
.@peterboykin & @PaulKnowsAll2 have uncovered the *real* conspiracy. We are through the looking glass, people! #MAGA
.@DamnDatBoiDank calls Twitter Nazis for banning Alex Jones. How many people with megaphones are going to sign on to that? Posturing makes you feel better, but you feeling better won't undercut Twitter. When you want to undercut Twitter for real, push the data at my top tweet.
I greatly dislike kneeball, but it's good to see @Michele_Tafoya back on the TV.
There are no timeouts in real football. NFL = #kneeball #ATLvsPHI #MAGA #resist
Did shrinking the tent like that help Alex Jones & PJW, or did it harm them? They opposed #Twitter censorship in a small tent way and few care about them because they weren't invited. MT @DrSueDVM RT @PrepperSilver: Just a few top conservative Republicans to follow [incl PJW]
.@RobQuigley: does the real data at my top tweet (the Samples section) show #Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users? That is, about as many libs as cons but also Target customers, Mike Trout/Bryce Harper/Ozil/etc fans, @PhillyD fans, etc. etc.? Yes or no, Rob?
.@RobQuigley replies, just as you'd expect someone of his intellect to do, "Right. Keep promoting your service". I don't have a service Rob, it's an open source app. Writing it & promoting it has cost me a great deal of money, but I've done that as a public service.
He & Jones made it easy for Twitter to push them around. 80% of Twitter users need to be worried about shadowbans, but Jones & PJW only cared about themselves. MT @veganvecoh MT @CassandraRules: PrisonPlanet Hit With 12 Hour Twitter Ban
Martin has been accused of collusion. #DocMartin #MAGA
.@CollinsworthPFF: football is indeed back! Here's a video of the highlights of the first half of this exciting Falcons / Eagles game! #NTTAWWT
.@CheriJacobus @GlennKesslerWP: there's a tell in the NY Times anonymous "resistance" OpEd that - if not a red herring - should greatly narrow the list of suspects down. Can either of you figure out what it is?
"Final Alex Jones Twitter Broadcast: Big Tech Launches Operation 666 In America". #Op666 is next to FEMA coffins, FEMA trains, & FEMA camps. It's down the road from the black helicopter U.N. blue helmets training ground. Turn left at the Target. #MAGA #resist
Even after being permabanned, #Infowars is loading data from #Twitter (perhaps via a link). Loading their data hurts them, linking them helps them. Jones is probably doing both and he simply isn't smart enough to do otherwise. As dim as Twitter is, they're smarter than Jones.
Meanwhile in real highlights from a real sport, here are the Areola saves from today's Germany vs France match: #ATLvsPHI #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer #NFLBoycott
Yes! Football is back!! Here are highlights of the first quarter of this Eagles / Falcons game: #ATLvsPHI #MAGA #resist
Also, in other news - just as in WWII, WWI, and the Cola Wars - France and Germany played to a 0-0 tie. Germany got a bit lively in the 2nd half but - just as in those previous wars - the French goalie had several good saves. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
.@PrisonPlanet & Alex Jones, shortly: "tis but a scratch!" They opposed #Twitter censorship their way, and it came back to bite them. If they'd opposed censorship *across the board* & revealed how heavily Twitter censors *all* kinds of users, everyone would be better off.
The lil' Honeckers at #Twitter have permanently banned Alex Jones & Infowars. Now all he has is his site & Tumblr. And, it's all because he only opposed censorship of conservatives, not of everyone. #MAGA #resist
I don't think Kellyanne, Pence, or Stephen Miller wrote the #NYT "Resistance" OpEd. Even if they were trying to hide their identity they would have worked #immigration into it in some way. #MAGA #resist
My analysis of the #NYT "Resistance" OpEd indicates someone who's libertarian-leaning & in the GWB sphere. However, unlike others in that sphere, they don't see #immigration as a big issue. #MAGA #resist
Are you ready for some football?!?!? France & Germany are about to face off. It's starting with both teams singing the German national anthem while Germany marches into the stadium. #FRvGER #GERvFR #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
Thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day. I'll tweet the France-Germany game as soon as I get back to my home planet: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@V_actually: actually, #Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. See the real data at my top tweet. By falsely pretending it's all about cons, cons *help* Twitter by shrinking the tent. Do you realize that >200 million opposing shadowbans is more powerful than a few million?
.@RobQuigley: only thing "fake" about r/w outrage over Twitter censorship is their false claim only they're impacted. The real data at my top tweet shows Twitter censors ~20% to 50% of replies to Trump officials (many from libs). *That* harms USA, but you could care less.
"Trolls" in Russia were sent to Siberia. Portraying dissenters as "trolls", "bots", etc. is a lite version of that. If Americans fall for influence operators, simply stifling them is bandaid MT @RobQuigley WH should be looking at how to stifle Russian trolls active in elections
.@DanDeBono: the real data - not anecdata - at my top tweet shows #Twitter censors about as many libs as cons & all other kinds of users. Do you have the integrity to oppose Twitter over censoring all kinds of users, or are you going to falsely pretend only cons are impacted?
Speak! If they know you are simple, they will elect you president: #MAGA #resist
.@Robbo1992x: Alex Jones "talked back" to Rubio by acting like a child. Just because Rubio responded like a child - just as he did with Trump - doesn't make Jones a grown-up. A grown-up would have engaged Rubio in debate & asked him tough questions.
While #Twitter (shockingly) accurately determined the language of this tweet they couldn't decode these common Turkish words: #technology #translation
There might be a small number of libs who are actually moral but deluded. Cons are deluded by I have yet to meet a single one who'd I'd consider moral. Cons are people with zero integrity, zero morals, zero honor. Broad strokes! Now, show me wrong. #MAGA #resist
.@janie_austin: Twitter shadowbans *all* kinds of users & about as many libs as cons. See reports at my top tweet for real data. I can't imagine making something only about me when everyone else was impacted. That's immoral & it *helps* Twitter by shrinking the tent.
Warning: do not accept unofficial audio of Gökçe Kılınçer with Ne Tadı Var Bu Dünyanın. Only accept this, the official audio: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Theoretically, anyone with any sense should realize that a big tent is better than a small tent. Want a new flavor a Pringles? 100 million demanding it beats 100,000 demanding it. Cons are not only incapable of understanding that, they attack those who point out reality.
.@EileenTownsend4: before his boss got deplatformed, @PrisonPlanet started a petition against censorship. It only got 15k sigs because he kneecapped it by falsely claiming only "alternative voices are censored". PJW *helped* FB etc censor him by reducing the opposition.
I translate, yes? Serbian young women sing in support of a Russia-Montenegro-USA superstate to be led by Putin and his president Trump: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@An0n_American complains about censorship. I've never tweeted it, but it's blocked me. Cons are simply incapable of figuring things out and are a drag on society.
.@NemoV8: Jones lost 100s of 1000s of video views. All preventable if he'd opposed censorship in a big tent way. Instead he just did shtick & falsely pretended only cons are censored. He made it *easier* for Tech to silence him by alienating everyone else.
In case you didn't see all those comments on Arkona videos, Serbia is Russia: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #Resist #NowPlaying
Only conservatives think 200 million, but they're very, very special people. #MAGA #resist
.@SiddonsDan: hey Dan, the data at my top tweet - real data, not anecdata - shows Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. By lying and making it all about cons, Alex Jones *helps* Twitter by reducing the opposition to their censorship from >200 million to
.@Jitski43Kenneth: just 20% of Twitter users are USA, & at most 30% of them are cons. Ie, under 6% of Twitter users are cons. At the same time, 80% of all Twitter users need to be worried about censorship. Instead of reaching out to them, @LauraLoomer only reaches out to the 6%.
As it turns out, I've stood 10 minutes of punk quite well so far. I'd just heard the name "Angry Samoans" before, hadn't heard them. They aren't that bad. #MusicWednesday #NowPlaying
I looked up "cook islands people" and every. last. one. was smiling. I have an "angry samoans" aka "Hawaiians hostile to haoles" stereotype which may or may not be accurate. #MAGA! #resist
"Obese" is fallible. Eg, I knew someone who was 280 but not fat & could climb 5.11. Some athletes are "obese". MT @spectatorindex Share of population that is obese, 2015. Cook Islands: 83% Qatar: 42% UAE: 37% Saudi Arabia: 34% US: 33% Turkey: 29% Egypt: 28% Australia: 28%...
If you can stand 20 minutes of punk, here's the Angry Samoans in the early 80s: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #Resist #NowPlaying
.@tom_trotts @Partisangirl: 80% of Americans would probably side w Rubio based on Jones' behavior. You like him, few others do. There are tough questions that'd show Rubio wrong, Jones didn't ask them. Reducing TWTR censorship would be easy, if not for Jones etc.
Tomorrow round about noon hour, ESPN (or at least Univision) will have a tense replay of WWII as #WorldCup winner (or similar) France takes on Germany (miserable failures in the last WC). The 24Ahead Couch Team will live tweet the match. #soccer #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
Back in 2008, self-identified 50-something white women flew out of the woodwork at #TheAtlantic to profess their support for Obama: Why, almost like they were campaign staffers setting up bogus Disqus accounts. #MAGA #resist
Sabrina from #BreakingAmish: #MAGA #resist