Speaking on Trump, women of Michigan (yes, Michigan. it is truth or else) sing in support of USA and of great leader Trump! #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Speaking about real football, here's the ESPN schedule (Pacific times): Fri 4pm: Houston Dash vs. Seattle Reign FC (NWSL) Sat 9:30am: Man U vs AC Milan Sat 7pm (possible): #USWNT vs Ireland Sun 1pm: Minnesota United vs Portland #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
.@mr_max_g: there have always been incredibly easy ways to undercut de Blasio. @juliakmarsh & @TomDurante harp on things that few care about instead.
.@navy26vet: she looks fun:
.@RosaGoldensohn: what % of New Yorkers are very pro-Big Bank? De Blasio's immigration stance is very pro-Big Bank (see my page about him). Will you call de Blasio on being very pro-Big Bank?
.@Enrique4JR: connected contractors, Poindexter, etc took advantage of 9/11 to make money, push the surveillance state, etc. Likewise, @BMakuch helps those taking advantage of Trump to push a censorship state. Less freedom in the USA served interests of AQ then, Putin now.
They fought *against* censorship. Recognize when you're being duped. MT @AWorldOutOfMind and grandfather fought in world wars. Don't let their generation's sacrifice become meaningless. MT @AmarAmarasingam [pushes censorship]
I've had some sharp things to say about him in the past, but this is sad. MT @JustinRaimondo Justin Raimondo, co-founder of , Dead at 67
.@dogstar7tweets: after 9/11 major contractors cleaned up & those like Poindexter got away with a surveillance state. Likewise, those like @justinhendrix are paid to take advantage of Trump by pushing massive censorship. Neither of those campaigns are liberal in the least.
Meanwhile back at the Jay Leno show in 1989, here are 10,000 Maniacs with Trouble Me + Eat For Two: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@RobbinMilne: those like @MadameButtons are understandable, but why are @im_PULSE (contributor to LAT Review of Books!), WaPo, NYT, etc so keen on smearing Gabbard (even stooping to McCarthyite tactics)?
.@robertoharrow: just one like to your Ratcliffe blog, & this the first reply? Other Bezos-owned hacks get all the attention, don't they? Can someone declare themselves an "immigrant" or can only the receiving country do that? Ergo, isn't your "illegal immigrants" a lie?
"‘Fast & Furious’ Stars' Complicated Demand - I Never Want to Lose a Fight". Also, all their cars have to have 21 gears and they always get faster whether they up or down shift*. * this joke is from some other site & not used with permission. #FastAndFurious #MAGA #resist
Interesting, thanks. MT @takeyourbasepod Ed Reed looking like a certified G while everyone else wore their hall of fame polo today 😂 #NFL #halloffamegame
.@cwp_1: @JulianCastro is extremely pro-Big Biz on #immigration. He'd give U.S. Chamber, WalMart, sweatshops, exploitative growers, etc etc all the cheap labor they crave. I'm recruiting people to ask him *real* questions about that - on video for Youtube - at townhalls.
Rhea on #Jeopardy is going to be hot once she's legal. And, I'm sure she'd be into me in a "why's that creepy guy staring at me?" kinda way. #MAGA #resist
.@RotoStJournal: as increasing millions of Americans take a knee on kneeball, maybe you should consider a real sport. #halloffamegame
So... Tulsi told Assad and Assad told Trump who told Tulsi who told Putin who told Trump to order that 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with... FINSTERFORST - Zerfall! #MusicWednesday #MetalWodenstag #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@BassReeves0: @VanJones68 is #YangGang!
.@DonnaLynnNH: #TulsiGabbard supports a very pro-Big Biz amnesty, just like the other bought-and-paid-for pro-Big Biz stooges at the #DemDebate.
.@BuddyWalkerDA: Coulter truly hates the whites-friendly soccer - a sport whites can and do excel at - but she loves the NFL.
.@curt_willis: like you, @AnnCoulter can't wait for a *real* sport to start up again! #soccer is for commies, #football is for real Americans!
Amnesty is a key part of the NeoLiberal/Koch agenda, & Tulsi strongly supports it. She's no savior on domestic issues. MT @shoe0nhead [to @SethAbramson trying to corral people against Gabbard] less people know who she is and want to look her up. what i mean is NEOLIBS MAD
.@jimstinson: point out to those duped by @page88 that she's just trying to box out the competition for the narrative, and she's trying to do it using illiberal means: censorship. Urge her base to act like real liberals.
.@danestory: de Blasio & other pols can easily ignore small groups of protesters acting like children. If those protesters ever decided to act like adults - peers of the politician, not just child subjects - they could force change. That means engaging de Blasio in real debate.
.@peppgrad: real change would come from politicians - *all* politicians - being asked very tough policy questions by experts. That'd reveal the huge flaws in their plans & result in better politicians. Of course, Trump fans don't want that & neither do Booker/de Blasio fans.
.@MissCWilshire: the de Blasio protesters - like all other small groups of protesters - act like children begging their parent to buy them candy. It's almost like those like him & the people are different species. Act like adults. Engage him in real debate using real questions.
.@itsmelissabrown: in the past 24 hours, no one w/ more than 1k followers other than you has interacted with @ByChipBrownlee. Perhaps because he blogs prima facie ludicrous things like "What the Web's Smartest Liberals and Conservatives Are Saying About Wed's Dem Debate".
To celebrate 6 glorious years of the Trump administration, the #FIFA Women's World Cup will expand to 32 teams in 2023. #soccer #USWNT #football #MAGA #resist
Previously I've noted that Englisch actors trying an American accent talk like no 'Murrican I've ever heard. @ElizabethBanks is close to what they sound like, but more sour. #AccentReduction #HuffPost
.@MaryFairy180: FYI, @FullFrontalSamB is a fake liberal. Compare the bottom line of what she wants on immigration to what Big Biz wants and you won't see much of a difference. Real liberals don't side with Big Biz on increasing the labor supply (and thus lowering wages).
Cardinals have 2 on, 1 out, down by 2 in the 9th. #DemDebate
For some reason, a Moscow smartphone company's ad appeared on my wonderful #Twitter homepage. I clicked it - the URL contains "src=promoted_trend_click" - and this is what we got. Hey, P-u-t-i-n whoever owns them has lots of the deng. #MAGA #resist
Speaking about the #DemDebate, ESPN has Cubs vs Cardinals. It's 1-0 in the 8th. #MAGA #resist
MT @RealDonaldTrump what the Fake News "Media" won't tell you about the "Green New Deal" at the "#DemDebate" is that their socialism scheme would greatly reduce grass lands in the USA. Where do you think those animals are going to go? Rabid elk, cows, & badgers will come for you!
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with Mariam Matrem (Montserrat) by Kantika: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I never even knew there was a Deputy Mayor of L.A., but in fact there is. RT if you're surprised, like if you knew but don't care, do nothing if I'm just talking to myself. #LosAngeles
.@TenaciousPita RTs @JeffGorell - Deputy Mayor of L.A. - hyping Waste Management. See this and - even better - look up the full report:
It's no joke that Koch policies have led to this situation, both by causing people to become homeless & by driving others out of the state. MT @shiztalk1 If you can’t afford to live in Los Angeles then move somewhere cheaper this is a joke
This is either satire or a John & Ken fan. #KFI MT @PaulHuebl_PI [to video of the Sepulveda Basin Fire - possibly started in a homeless encampment there - of July 2019] All those expensive stolen grocery carts! Why aren’t the thieves ever arrested?
.@steffpaige: mental illness is a major reason of homelessness, but a major reason you won't hear about is NeoLiberal policies: free trade, loose borders, & globalism. @MayorOfLA supports all of those, but he gets away with it because no one with access will call him on it.
From a future pro-Garcetti mailer. MT @clownifornicate [THE HOMELESS] ARE NOT "NEIGHBORS" THEY ARE CRIMINAL VAGRANTS WHO ARE QUITE LITERALLY $h!tting on and setting FIRE to our city. MANY ARE FROM OHIO, ETC... SQUATTING in the 72 degree weather for free cause YOU allow it!
.@atotheod: #Shetland appears to be promoting remittances. On the surface they sound good. The reality is much, much worse:
.@NextLAMayor: one of the major causes of homelessness is NeoLiberal policies (free trade, loose immigration, globalism). Do you support or oppose those? If the latter, see my bio to some questions that'd undercut him to his base.
.@dizzheart: what's ironic is bourgeois sociopaths like you & @JohnAndKenShow *help* those like Garcetti: you make him seem reasonable to most. There are obvious (to me) ways to undercut Garcetti, but those like you aren't rational enough to help.
.@sweet2spicey12: either Trump's smart or not. If you think he's smart, then he's obviously smarter than Newsom & @yashar: he's foiled those like them at every turn. If you think he isn't, then what does that say about them? Fight idiocracy, don't enable it.
.@DGHunter42: Trump is extremely vulnerable to his base on issues like how his "wall" would be torn down when he's out of office. @ilike_mike is so incredibly low-watt he can't figure that out. Instead, his cheap stunt will be blocked by the courts & will just help Trump.
.@undeadorlan: the @ilike_mike bill will quickly get blocked by the courts, it's just a (not so cheap) stunt. Tax returns wouldn't show how deep in the pocket of exploitative growers he is. He's also admitting that he isn't smart enough to figure out how to undercut Trump.
.@ilike_mike of Healdsburg (a nice little town, him aside) authored a bill Gavin Newsom signed that requires presidential candidates to release 5 years of taxes to get on the ballot. It's like Trump demanding Obama's birth certificate. Any court will block his cheap stunt.
"Becky G talks about her singing career and admits she is 'still growing'". She's the proper physical size all around right now. As for the rest, it's everyone that has growing to do. #MAGA #resist
The issue I whined about last night wasn't due to the #Twitter API, it was due to an issue with one of my other servers that was being contacted as I tweet these invaluable messages to all, sundry, and you my highly valued follower. #technology #MAGA #resist
"Pocahontas" aside, Lizzie Warren has a shrill, annoying personality. Klobuchar looks like a simpatico supermodel next to her. #DemDebate #MAGA #resist
.@ShapeCAFuture @castateauditor: let's say there are 2 DTSes: one white, one Hispanic. You racially favor the Hispanic due to your racism. The white person you rejected due to their race was a moderate. The Hispanic is to the right of Franco. Explain the benefit.
I'm going to use FOIA to get records of your racist decisions over who's appointed. Since most applicants are white, you'll discriminate against whites. MT @ShapeCAFuture @castateauditor Announces More Than 10,300 Applications Submitted for 2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission
.@ariaxoxo96: when not blaming one race for all the world's ills, @marwilliamson rants against "corporate overlords". Yet, her immigration stance is extremely pro-Big Biz: she'd give them all the cheap labor they crave.
#DemDebate: ["white people like me are the cause of all the world's ills... especially People Of Color... especially Communities Of Color... if whites had never existed the world would be a better place..."] @DonLemon: now, let's talk about racism... #MAGA #resist
Here on the U.S. Christmas Islands, it's 5:47AM due to the time difference. Accordingly, we close the broadcast day reminding everyone that there will be a sunrise, Trump or not. #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@ChadPeace (of @ivn): have opponents of your plans made arguments you think are faulty? If so, then use this technique to show them wrong *to their base*:
.@hitstheMark: if @HeerJeet & @TheLloydGrove had a brain cell between them, they'd have figured out how to undercut Dilbert years ago. Dilbert played a sizable role in making Trump acceptable; undercutting him would have helped stop Trump. What use are they to opposing Trump?
.@6Strings_1Hack: what's funniest about you & @morninggloria is nothing all the many just like you have ever said has had any impact on Trump. You don't even have having an impact as a goal. Trump loves people like you.
.@bobbyobrienjuli: if @Hassouny & @David_Ingram were real reporters, they would've included the whole quote, and it's debatable if "mestizo" is a "slur" as they say.
.@JoelWBerry: Trump is partly right about BMore. However, he's not trying to solve the problem, he's just trying to rile up people like you. (If he did have a plan, it'd be the usual Ed Anger shtick or just a cover to help Big Biz via corporation socialism.)
Trump's horrific, but over the past decade how much has been spent on BMore? What are the real reasons for their issues? MT @ZaleskiLuke [useless tantrum against Trump] MT @pwoodreporter BMore @mayorbcyoung on Trump: “If he wants to MAGA, put the $ in cities that need it most."
The latest effort from @TPPatriots is a documentary against the "Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA)"; it made changes to the U.S. patent system. I know zero about AIA, but it must be costing Koch or some other sugardad money. #Teaparty
'alf a mo', gov': the hangup might not be the #Twitter API per se but some sort of Twitter name lookup. A tweet that doesn't mention a handle posts right away.
.@GarethBale11: are the boots made in China?
For some reason, the #Twitter API is taking a loooooooooooooooong time. I fill out a form on my site & the server sends the tweet to Twitter via their API. Other form POSTs don't take any time. It might be system-wide & temporary or yet another sneaky attempt at censorship.
1. Plenty of cons charge higher speaking fees than $12k. List some for us. 2. Hypocrisy is very weak; notably it doesn't show an idea wrong. 3. When will you find smart ppl to engage Wise etc in real debate? MT @TPPatriots [DailyCaller link about Tim Wise etc cleaning up]
.@nitin: @alexstamos is like a barometer app that steals your private data. He's not trying to improve elections, his real job is to push censorship & reduce media choices to a small set of approved sources. He's also *helping* Putin: more USA censorship is a key Putin goal.
.@Mrs_K_Hill: noUpside is paid by Craigslist to push censorship, full stop. She'll dress it up, make cutesy "jokes", etc but it boils down to censorship & consolidation of media power. That's not liberal, & it's what Putin wants: he wants to show the U.S. system doesn't work.
.@marccardwell: look beyond the cutesy "jokes": @noUpside is paid to push illiberal, un-American policies: censorship, the consolidation of media, etc. Not only that, but censorship *helps* Putin: he wants to show the U.S. system doesn't work. She might as well work for RT.
24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with this mix of Mongolian throat singing with Latvia bagpipes and drums: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Per Gilroy PD, perp(s) premeditated the attack & cut a hole in a fence.
"Nearly 1,400 detained in Moscow protest; largest in decade". #MAGA knows Trump would do that if he could.
Let's pretend for a moment your goal is to undercut/hold accountable Trump. Has anything Chait has ever said helped that goal? Has the hoary, sleazy old tactic Chait uses ever worked against Trump? MT @gs314 RT @OrrChris [hypes still yet more more race card from @jonathanchait
~~BREAKING~~ Gilroy officials have revealed that the last surviving members of Air Supply, Kansas, America, REO Speedwagon, and Journey are still all accounted for. No further action is needed.
.@Carley8Carley: it's not even the very weak hypocrisy charge: @SaraCarterDC is trying to deceive people like you. Bernie Sanders was offering to help Baltimore, Trump is just smearing them. You can disagree with Sanders' plans, but don't let Sara dupe you.
.@nyc_2018: leaving aside your opinion of what Bernie Sanders was offering, he wasn't insulting Baltimore, he was offering help. Trump is just insulting them. Cons have little or no patriotism. They turn their backs on most of their fellow Americans, whether in CA or Baltimore.
Are you paid by a govt, a corporation, an NGO, etc to post in support of Trump? MT @ZionistGirl18 [pro-Trump tweet]
1. Cons are unpatriotic cowards, turning backs on Baltimore, CA..... 2. Point out to his fan cons have no urban plan that isn't crooked. MT @TheBigBossMang [weak reply to "Why Do Democrats Run All Of The Dangerous And Rodent Infested Cities?" that gets weak reply from @KMCRadio]
ESPN, all times Pacific: -baseball- Mon 4pm: Braves vs Nats Weds 5pm: Cubs vs Cardinals -football- Fri 4pm: Houston Dash vs. Seattle Reign FC (NWSL) Sat 9:30am: Man U vs AC Milan Sat 7pm (possible): #USWNT vs Ireland Sun 1pm: Minnesota United vs Portland #MAGA #resist
.@JAngello85: it's always been incredibly easy to undercut Trump to his base. E.g., pointing out how fake his plans are. Steyer, @tribelaw, etc simply aren't smart enough to do that. Instead, they've only ever *helped* Trump & they'll keep helping him after he's been reelected.
.@TrishTheMiddle: Trump's horrific, but @nytopinion is owned by one of the richest men in the world & the Koch agenda (loose borders/free trade/globalism) makes him more money. That's why the NYT pays @KevinMKruse to sell the Koch agenda in a way that's palatable to ppl like you.
.@bluebirdofunhap the Koch bros, U.S. Chamber, Facebook, Microsoft, WalMart, Tyson Foods, sweatshops, meat processors, growers, etc. etc. all want more immigration. Most Trump fans oppose that. @jeremyneely fully supports their anti-labor agenda. What about you?
.@PaulHandley2: Trump fans are rightly concerned about the NeoLiberal/Koch agenda (loose borders/free trade/globalism) you & @AdamSerwer are paid to push because it harms them. Neither of you are smart enough to realize you help Trump by smearing those legitimate concerns.
You aren't smart enough to realize you've always helped Trump. Just stand down. MT @AdamSerwer In 2016, reporters from mainstream outlets took umbrage at the very suggestion racism was at the core of Trump’s appeal. Now it’s conventional wisdom [but I, as usual, knew better]
Drudge link: "ALEX JONES: WHY IS PRESIDENT TRUMP COMMITTING SUICIDE?" Trump isn't the type to commit actual suicide since he, at heart, doesn't think anyone else exists. As for political suicide, more and faster please. #MAGA! #resist
Working in Santa Clara several years ago, I didn't provision a room for the night. I think I might have rented a room at a really ratty Gilroy motel. Bear in mind my standards are low when deciphering "really ratty".
.@MikeNen: on an unrelated note but helpful to understand @MedvedSHOW 's ability to think or not, in 2014 - with the #USMNT in the World Cup - he smeared soccer, while presenting kneeball as an example of American exceptionalism.
Multiple people have been shot at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Although I haven't been to that, I have been or driven through Gilroy a few times.
.@jessmendoza: #ARod is a Just Win Baby kinda guy.
.@GEICO: who's the redhead stylist in your ad?
Instead of opposing the SJW agenda, there are things like "Left-handed Maori Dog Groomers For Trump", #GOP obsessions with getting the "Hispanic vote", etc. They use the Oppressed Vs Oppressors narrative to rile up their base, but they don't oppose it. #MAGA #resist
#GOP makes hay from SJW overreach, etc, but they don't actually oppose the SJW cultural agenda (except by toxic trads like Roy Moore, etc.) When they pretend to oppose it, they're only doing shtick. #MAGA #resist
On economics, we can have any system we want as long as it's a variant of NeoLiberal. Cultural issues are the same: we can have any system we want as long as it's a variant of Gramscism. #MAGA #resist #SJW
The women's game, as played just now by Utah, isn't that different from the men's game, as played Friday by Real Madrid. #parity #soccer #football
In the U.S., we're only allowed one economic system: some degree of NeoLiberalism + some degree of corporate socialism. Anything else is viciously smeared & anyone who dissents commits a CLM. There's little diff between Bernie, Lizzie, & the "Freedom Caucus". #MAGA #resist
"Liberal" usually means libertarian: anti-American loose borders/free trade/globalism: i.e., like the Koch bros. Dem leaders are liberal, not Labor. MT @FriedrichSmith [the GOP of the 1800s was] the liberal party of the day... Early GOP prevented ANY roadblocks to immigration
.@JimOfficious: Trump, like Obama & GWB, is a big fan of corporate socialism (disguised as raw capitalism). So too are Liz Warren, AOC, etc. Eg, they'd all give Big Biz all the cheap labor they want & stick the non-wealthy with the bill. Where AOC's esp toxic is Gramscism.