A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes to ask, "Speaking about Saddam - or as I call him 'So Damn Insane' - could you play that Ederlezi song in Kurdish language?" OK: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@DarcyDarce: as a coder, you're smart enough to worry about @ShimonPro referring to "fringe conservative sites". I've been banned for showing Breitbart/Hoft/etc wrong, but CNN went easy on *Saddam* in exchange for access & now they try to marginalize opponents. Be a liberal.
.@QueenBB30571035: search "CNN Executive Resigns Post Over Remarks". CNN went easy on *Saddam* in exchange for access. @PrestonCNN & his pals continue that disgraceful practice, never ever putting a pol on the spot. Now, Jerry Yang is a temporary bit player on their show.
.@Helpful_Comrade @KyleKulinski: see my front page post with some policy questions for #TomSteyer. If you find people to go ask him those questions on video, I'll even buy the videos.
.@dollyjoyner: hello from the USA! On the last episode of the first season, your partner introduced himself to the gardener dude, even though he'd already met him with the Lady in an earlier scene. I'm not paying #BritBox for such obvious continuity mistakes.
.@shannonfarren: the best football player (perhaps ever), Messi, is just 5'7". Ronaldo, Zlatan, etc are tall, but many other players in real football aren't tall (like Shaqiri, Hazard, Griezmann, etc). Of course, real football is a real sport while kneeball is like funny rugby.
.@shannonfarren: the resemblance to @BobbieDooley is eerie. How are Seth, Dylan and Justin?
Amy Klobuchar's medical report shows she's in good health. Her cholesterol is a little elevated, but she's modifying her diet to keep it under control. She's taking micro doses of lithium to control her nymphomania & pursuing a healthy exercise regimen. #MAGA #resist
.@Faithhillfan1: CNN went easy on *Saddam* in exchange for access. They're all about sucking up to power; questioning authority is verboten. If you want Amy to be asked *real* questions you'll have to do it yourself. See my Question Authority plan. I'll even buy the videos.
Pursuant to Trump Order #9070684750 ("Mike Bloomberg is a *Communist*! He even got married in the Soviet Union! He's crazy. I call him Crazy Man Michael. Close broadcast den!") #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@USAValues: whatever someone in BP *Union* did or didn't do, #gingerthomp1 has an ulterior motive. She's employed thanks to billionaires, so she pushes stories that help them Every billionaire - even Trump - loves loose borders; #ProPublica focuses on that to help billionaires.
.@Ascher1234: how is allegation that someone in El Paso BP *Union* might have embezzled a whopping $500k "best news in a while"? The billionaires who bankroll @ACInvestigates push such stories to weaken immigration enforcement; loose borders make them *billions*.
.@bayes_bacon: now, @jamieross7 blogs "Trump Speaks to Massive Indian Crowd, Mispronounces Almost Everything". How many similar clickbaits have there been? Is Trump as popular as ever? Would Trump be a lot less popular if media challenged him on the huge flaws in his plans?
The 24Ahead Virtue Signalling Of The Hour is to satirically blame Harvey Weinstein's victims: #MAGA #resist
"Arizona congressional candidate suspends campaign after heroin overdose". Only in #Florida! #Arizona #MAGA #resist
.@moevila: @scottbix works for Big Biz. They want to quash dissent (to make $) & they want to avoid real debates about real issues (which would cost them $). So, he distracts people like you with dumpster diving while Big Biz transfers $ from you to them.
.@ehnottooxabi: @samstein works for Big Biz. They want to quash dissent (to make money) & they want to avoid real debates about real issues (which would cost them money). So, he distracts people like you with dumpster diving while Big Biz is robbing you blind.
"Bad" as in triggering? Something no one can show wrong? Something that requires use of a fainting couch? MT @krgoad [re dumpster diving another Bernie lackey] [Bernie's] national spokesperson Brianna Joy Gray is guilty of spouting some pretty bad stuff
.@LLeeki: @TomSteyer simply isn't smart enough to "defeat" Trump; if he were he would have already done it. I know where Trump is extremely vulnerable to MAGA (see my 2015+ Trump posts) & I know how to use that to undercut Trump. Steyer can't figure out either.
.@Morgatronics: even worse, every @ATT consumer ad is as racist as Birth of a Nation, just with the races reversed. All their ads have blacks mocking whites, like the @mattycardarople ad.
.@CuddleBugBows: more importantly from a cultural perspective, every @ATT consumer ad is racist: they all involve blacks mocking whites. Look at them on ispot, find one that isn't just like watermelon crate labels from a century ago, just with the races reversed.
I'm not just saying that. #TomSteyer is obviously an idiot. He got really lucky on $, but he just can't figure anything out. Nearly everything he says is head-slappingly stupid. Jimmy Wichard-level stupid. #MAGA #resist
It's always been incredibly easy to undercut Trump to his base. Steyer's had 4+ years & all he's done has *helped* Trump. He simply is not smart. Use my Question Authority plan if you want real change. MT @DaisyTom5 [wants @TomSteyer to run ads gegen Trump judge pick Pitlyk]
#CNNTownhall question for #TomSteyer: "what's the first thing you'll do to stop school shootings?" Can anyone with a brain and who has web access not answer that question already?
.@ztalpnielk: @ChrisCuomo constantly gets bowled over by lightweights like Kellyanne. He's never pinned her down on anything cuz he never asks Socratic questions as real lawyers are trained to do. She's always able to pivot to her issues. He's beyond incompetent.
.@allenbussell: CNN went easy on *Saddam* in exchange for access. While he was killing thousands, they looked the other way. They later admitted they won't ask pols tough questions at debates. @ChrisCuomo continues their disgraceful sycophancy.
.@SleepyDjango: @krystalball is a team player. No modern candidate's *ideas* have ever been vetted. Go apply for a McDonald's job. You'll get asked tougher questions than team players like Krystal, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, NYT, etc. have ever asked.
.@Bags_O_Beans: only Fox fans buy the @CalebJHull "arguments" against Bernie. Bernie's extremely vulnerable to his base over his immigration stance, but Caleb daren't use the huge vulnerability because Bernie & Trump/GOP are basically on the same side.
Be very grateful Caleb is too much of a GOP lackey to go after Bernie where he's incredibly vulnerable: his loose immigration stance. Caleb can't do that because Bernie & Trump/GOP agree on it. MT @BlindEagleAce [Bernie was carpenter] MT @CalebJHull [OMG, Bernie has 3 houses!]
So, your argument against Salads is some meaningless personal smear designed to silence him, which you also make explicit. My argument against him is he's a liar. I suggest you grow up. MT @bribbis [to @JoeySalads] shut up [apparently some personal smear]
LOL, until you realize nothing will have been learned. If you want to do something, help organize ppl to ask Pete *tough* policy questions. I'll even buy the videos. RT @WillMonox2112 Pete's history making campaign will be history on March 4th MT @TheStefanSmith [Pete lackey]
That'd just enable more bad behavior: hostility, Smollet etc, "Hands up don't shoot", etc etc. MT @PeteButtigieg ...We need a comprehensive agenda to right past wrongs and empower Black Americans
.@billhandelshow: your pal Pete is a Zuck lackry & he'd help him lower wages via mass immigration. He also blames availability of guns for mass shootings despite endless counter-examples from USA/CA/CH/etc. He lacks integrity/smarts/guts to address the real reasons (culture).
.@LBmtb: point out to @PeteButtigieg fans there were few if any school shooting-style incidents in all the years *full-auto machine guns* were freely available. He uses guns to distract from much more serious cultural issues.
.@kyleruggles: Zuck is a big fan of mass immigration (to lower his labor costs). See FwdUS. Point out to @PeteButtigieg fans that he'd do Zuck's bidding & reduce workers' wages.
.@PeteButtigieg: you wrap yourself in the flag, yet you're standing there taking extremely weak setup questions the Founders would be outraged at. CNN doesn't have the patriotism to ask *all* candidates tough questions, & you're benefiting from their lack of patriotism.
"Sean, how'd you like to join Space Force & experience the level above human?" "I'd be honored, sir!" "You have to be committed." "I am, sir!" "OK. First I need you to get black Nikes." "I'm on it, sir!" "The next thing, well... it's a bit more involved..." #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Order #8 ("After tweeting 100 times, take break to mellow"), 24Ahead close broadcast den with Mari Jürjens (nee Pokinen) - Nüüd ja igavesti: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I had a lot to say about the James Kim case (CNET, look it up) too. I like to chime in, especially when the local SAR & the local village idiots are the same group. #SAR #SearchAndRescue #MarinCounty
.@PSSpecialists: it took @MarinSheriff *eight days* to find an elderly couple *who could shput* and who were *a half mile* from their *AirBNB*. (Real wilderness doesn't have AirBNBs). That's disgraceful. Thankfully they got lucky.
Sounds like @ClimatoDan. MT @B9lyEquivocal Is there some reason why your article made NO mention that Heartland Inst has waged a decades-long industry-funded disinfo war gegen public on climate science? Did you think that wasn't relevant to this puff piece on this "skeptic"?
.@HRWC: Dan's so dim a) he thinks attack is puff & b) he can't show HI wrong. MT @ClimatoDan This shameful puff piece [on Naomi Seibt] championing spox for HeartlandInst, an org that has been spreading lies about climate science for decades, has made me cancel my Wapo sub...
You aren't smart enough to make valid arguments or even grok you aren't. Thus, censorship. MT @RyanMiller_WX As an environmental science teacher, it’s hard to combat ignorance, even pride in ignorance, when people like [Naomi Seibt] are given even an ounce of media coverage..
"I am stern, but also merciful, Tucker. Rather than trying this Neil Young for sedition & lese majeste, I have simply banned him to the Outer Province!" "You mean Canada, sir?" "Yes, that is the popular name." #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Here's one of my plans to undercut Trump. Replace "Chait" with "Margaret Sullivan", then watch as she doesn't do it or anything effective MT @MichaelStusser: [cheers @Sulliview to self-promote his "essay.. about how citizens also need to step it up"]
.@KennyKPIX: it took @MarinSheriff *eight days* to find an elderly couple who a) could shout & b) were 1/2 mile from their starting point. That area appears to have lots of vegetation but it's not like there are 1000' cliffs, ice/snow, etc. Don't enable their incompetence.
.@ricfink: #CarolKiparsky & #IanIrwin were within 1/2 mile of their rental & were able to shout. It not like they were 100 miles from civilization. It took @MarinSheriff & @MarinSAR *eight days* to find them. They probably need multiple hands to find their behinds.
.@DickJackman1: while it's OK of @juliaioffe to blog that Putin is probably more interested in chaos than supporting specific candidates, Putin is rich/smart/ruthless/KGB. It's not smart to p;resume to know what he wants. Censorship does serve his goals, does she oppose that?
"Yahtzee!" "You win again, Mr. Trump!" "Of course I won again, you worthless toady. I am superior to you in every way, Sean. I am a winner & you are a loser. I control #MAGA, I control #resist, I control the media, I control the world! Curtsy before your king, maggot!"
Pursuant to Trump Order #938683 ("I am the salt of the earth, Sean"), 24Ahead close broadcast den with The Rolling Stones - Salt Of The Earth: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@zenayj: FYI, @PrisonPlanet has continually *helped* Twitter play their games. They censor *all* kinds of users; he falsely pretends only "alternative voices" are censored. PJW *helps* them conquer by dividing & minimizing their likely opposition.
It's a threat to 80%+. Those like @NoHighwayOption *help* SJWs by only making it a threat to under 20%, simply to get clicks. Those like her only grift off PC, they won't help with a smart/rational/big tent opposition. RT @jmpnc7 Political correctness is a threat to ALL!
#conservatism = #idiocracy MT @tomsuperlegoman I sick of the #vegan naming their plant based food after meat so I’m getting my own back. Fresh in the counter today we have these lovely fresh carrots made with 100% fresh minced pork..
What they did wrong was only appeal to cons. They marginalized themselves, making it incredibly easy for Twitter to ban them. Cons do everything wrong except grift & are useless to others. MT @BeigeShiba Zero Hedge did nothing wrong [some story not relevant to what they did]
"Je suis Jean-Paul Belmondo, Tucker." #MAGA #resist
.@RaineyScribbles: @ericanurnberg is just a grifting puppet. The "socialism" of AOC/Bernie doesn't mean everyone's poor or dresses alike. She can't go after them where they're truly vulnerable to their base - immigration - because Murdoch & Trump are on the same side as AOC.
"Couple allegedly drove 2 teenage boys on bikes off the road for their Trump flag" Rank the state! Without looking, I'll guess FL, FL, FL, VA, NM, TX, CA, WA, OR, FL, & FL. #MAGA #resist
"Clint Eastwood Ditches Donald Trump for Mike Bloomberg in 2020 Election". #MAGA #resist
.@joannakakissis: @hey_hashbrown really knows her stuff. As a very smart, very experienced, very ruthless, very rich KGB agent who leads a nuclear power, she knows exactly what Putin is thinking. She knows why Putin meddled before & meddles now. She's one of the best.
Rick's had the means for 4+ years to undercut Trump to MAGA & he's done nothing but grift. Name *anything* he's done that has impacted Trump. MT @cfthepodcast [to @TheRickWilson] Thanks again for coming on the podcast and sharing your strategy for Democrats to defeat Trump!
Yes, his 10s of millions of fans. He's as popular as ever *because of* those like you & @jdawsey1. RT @jlewis019 Can anyone really trust anything trumps installed cronies have to offer anymore?
.@meyerjef: as "AF intel" & "EE" (per your bio), you might be smart enough to figure out how to undercut Trump to his base. Wild assertions, fits, giant puppets, rants, etc obviously don't work. So, what's your plan to actually do something?
.@BrowningStephen: I *assume* @joelockhart thinks "[Robert O'Brien] hasn't seen any evidence of Russia seeking to help Trump" is the "lie". If so, that means Joe is so low wattage or so dishonest that he takes Putin - a KGB agent! - at face value.
.@Martina: in 2015 I accurately detailed how the plans that got Trump elected (wall, ban, etc) would fail. If those like @mj_lee had called him on that he would have lost. Instead - to keep access - those like Lee obsess over fluff: horserace, songs, etc.
"I hate Brad for cheating on Sally with her best friend. Sure, Sally isn't perfect, but Clint was just a fling." "I'm sorry, Mr. Trump, who are those people?" "I'm sorry too, Ainsley. I thought you were a Lifetimer too... Look, I think you should leave." #MAGA #resist #FoxNews
.@mcbc: CNN greatly helped Trump win & they're working on doing it again. Their lackeys like @ForecasterEnten entertain with meaningless horserace while ignoring what really matters: policy. CNN is a disgrace to journalism & greatly harmful to the USA.
Pursuant to Trump Order #1 ("Pursuant to Trump Order #1... Pursuant to Trump Order #1... look, I saved myself from an infinite loop!"), 24Ahead close broadcast den with Yasemin Mori - Aslında Bir Konu Var: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@WalterZaykowski: the ban is a key Trump issue; showing it wasn't needed or endangered USA would undercut Trump to MAGA. Has @Timodc ever suggested similar? So, how can you trust his advice? (Now, Timmy = Chait)
See my Trump posts. In 2015+ I accurately detailed how Trump's selling points would fail. If his fans knew he'd have dropped out like before. Did Miller do anything similar? What was his smartest plan? MT @thewordsof_JDN MT @Timodc [as advice for Bernie opponents]
A 24Ahead of Montauk writes to ask, "Could you play Dünya ("World") from Yasemin Mori? One of the best videos ever." #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@EricColumbus: more recently, @AJosephOConnell hypes julianbarnes, a Bezos tool who takes Putin - Putin! - at face value. She clearly isn't smart enough for whatever little she does.
.@cameron_parker: now, @julianbarnes *helps* Putin by helping him spread chaos. Julian is so dim he thinks a very smart KGB agent is doing exactly what it looks like he's doing. Even 5th graders wouldn't fall for what Julian falls for.
.@newsdoc: Bezos lackeys like @nickconfessore are too dim & too inexperienced to understand what Putin - a very smart/rich/experienced/ruthless KGB agent - is actually doing. Nick is an unwitting Putin stooge, helping him spread chaos.
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes to ask, "Mas, for favors! Could you play Nolur Nolur Nolur from Yasemin Mori with Boğaziçi Caz Korosu? Thank you, & I know TR 'c' = EN 'j'." #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@LPeterP: you can't trust Trump admin (good idea) yet you trust @julianbarnes take? Putin is very smart/ruthless/rich. He's KGB & some dim, inexperienced Bezos lackey can't even imagine his league. Julian unwittingly does Putin's bidding.
IP is San Fran. After watching a Lithuanian & a Turkish music vid, #Youtube sidebar text ad is... "Find Spanish Singles Near You / Never To Late To Find Love". (NB: fingerprinting might play a role). #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes to ask, "Could you play Muşta from Yasemin Mori? Thank you." #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@DaBillySCH: @nakashimae - Wapo blogger who probably gets confused by Sizzler menu - simply isn't in same league as the very smart & ruthless billionaire KGB agent who heads a nuclear power. Her trying to figure out what Putin is doing is like me against Messi, but much worse.
One @JohnLaprise of @ICANNAtLarge has blocked me after just one tweet. He's too mentally weak to engage so has to censor. I'll work to undercut him via Twitter & email.
.@PaulG254: indeed. @nakashimae can't even view Putin's league. She does Putin's bidding, helping him sow chaos rather than even trying to figure out what he might really be trying to do.
This dim bulb is doing Putin's bidding, completely unwittingly. RT @nakashimae Moscow's reprising the 2016 playbook. Boost Sanders. Stoke divisions in the Dem primary. That helps Trump.
Putin DOES NOT want you to hear Žalvarinis - Stinta pukis. I [ominous voice] wonder why. #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Why "lesidiots inutiles"? Because "useful idiots" or "useless idiots" is HATE SPEECH under the #Twitter censorship rules. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@MoreWhit: as I know from Swampland, @michaelscherer simply isn't in Putin's smart league. Putin *is* interested in chaos in USA to show our system doesn't work. For samw reason, he wants more USA censorship. Wapo & lesidiots inutiles like Shearer help on both counts.
.@steph93065: FYI @yossigestetner blocked me for showing it wrong. Ironically, over 1000s of tweets I researched, it was the only blue-check-mark who got censored:
.@SaxySaxMan9001: what if no candidate is a Russian asset, but Putin meddles knowing much dimmer lackeys like @michaelscherer will unwittingly do his bidding? Another way MSM does Putin's bidding is by pushing censorship (Putin wants to show people need a strongman; MSM helps).
.@EmilyCohenB: the deeper issue is Putin wants to show the USA system is a failure. Those like @WaPoSean *help* him sow chaos & also by pushing censorship. Sean is probably more an (unwitting, because he lacks wits) Putin puppet than Bernie.
.@PotionKnights: @WaPoSean & other MSM lackeys simply aren't smart enough to understand why Putin does things. By "helping" Bernie he could be helping, hurting, or playing some other kind of game. One thing is clear: Putin wants to show USA is dysfunctional. Sean *helps* him.
.@DamonMartin: @shaneharris & other MSM toadies are too dim to understand all the reasons why Putin - a very smart, very ruthless, very rich KGB agent - might do what he does. Those dim bulbs take everything at face value. They also *help* Putin by pushing censorship.
.@DDennison45: Putin is much smarter than @shaneharris & he's KGB. Shane & other "reporters" aren't in his league. So, "support" for Bernie/Trump might not be support after all. Putin does want more USA censorship, & wee Honeckers like Shane Harris are eager to help.
24Ahead, *off the record*. DO NOT QUOTE. Lizzie Warren is a shrill, angry-for-the-wrong-reasons, completely repellent old hag with few if any redeeming qualities. #MAGA #resist
.@nevinkohler: both @mmckinnon & Lizzie Warren are very pro-Big Biz on immigration; both would help Koch flood USA with cheap labor. Point that out to those who think Lizzie is pro-worker (& to those duped by Mark).
.@forwardDEMS: MAGOP opposed Warren over her immigration policies. Then, nat'l GOP took over & made it Pocahontas 24/7. Nat'l GOP doesn't want to talk about Lizzie + immigration because they basically agree with her. Challenge a leader who cries Pocahontas to discuss immigration
.@jessicsm: both Trump & Lizzie Warren are very pro-Big Biz, despite their bluster. Both would help U.S. Chamber/Koch/Walmart/etc lower wages. Despite the awshucks, @mmckinnon is very much a corporate stooge. He's not going to call her on how she'd help harm workers.
Pursuant to Trump Order #98684 ("I hereby declare Wyoming to be the Royal Trump Hunting Preserve. All subjects not on Royal Business must leave immediately"), 24Ahead close broadcast den with Arkona - Strela: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@FoxCahn: now, @shiringhaffary cheers Twitter's latest attempt to quash dissent. She thinks a co that lies to millions via ghosting & that censors ~1/2 the replies to *Rouhani* should be the Pravda Polizei.
.@HatesHorseshoes: while totalitarians like @oneunderscore__ cheer Twitter's latest anti-speech move, they lie to millions around the world via ghosting. In fact, Twitter ghosts ~40% of the replies to Medvedev. Will you cover the easily reproduced data at my pinned tweet?
.@bert_gilfoyle: FYI, Asha Rangappa got taken in by a double agent. If she'd done something like that with the FBI she could have gotten people killed. Maybe that's why she's ex-FBI.
.@Drewalangoodwin: now, @IgorBonifacic cheers a Twitter plan to decide if a tweet is truthful. Ironically, Twitter lies to millions via ghosting. The censors ~40% the replies to Medvedev (see my pinned tweet). Igor doesn't see a problem with a company that lies to millions.
.@cfisherwrites: hi Christine. Twitter lies to millions (most of them not U.S. cons) via ghosting. They ghost ~1/2 the replies to *Rouhani* (see my pinned tweet). @IgorBonifacic doesn't know/care. He thinks a co that lies to millions should decide which tweets are truthful.