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David Frum makes some sense: Now, for the action part: #teaparty #sgp
I was watching Did something happen in the Yankees game or something?
So, why is @EdMorrissey promoting ineffective techniques that allow politicians to shine people on? (Don't ask!) #teaparty #glennbeck #sgp
She didn't do that; she just got a worthless statement and achieved nothing (aside from stroking her own ego). #teaparty #sgp #tcot
I'd "cross-examine" Newt over this: My goal would be to discredit him (or change his mind). #teaparty #sgp #tcot
The smarter thing would be for her to find someone smarter and more experienced to "cross examine" Newt. #teaparty #tcot #glennbeck
What was accomplished? He just said what anyone would expect him to say. #teaparty #glennbeck #sgp #tcot
Here's a (multitweet) #teaparty brainteaser about @HotAir video of Newt Gingrich giving mini-speech: #glennbeck
Fifth-story buildering at 3am ends just about as you'd expect:
Ron Paul / #teaparty drama queens make game, this time *not* involving dress-up games:
"Bears on Ice" turned out to be a really bad idea:
this is just a test
another test
this is a test