.@nick_underhill: while you & @smartfootball discuss time, thousands are being killed in our streets by rogue cops. Urge NFL to stop acting like a plantation, finally oppose Trump & his racist supporters, & support the full BLM agenda.
.@TheSportMouth: @nflcommish talks a good game, but he acts like a plantation owner. He needs to go all in on social justice & take on Trump and his racist supporters!
#LAGalaxy ties it up on a Zlatan header.
.@Chrtut1: Kap is great & @nflcommish needs to get him a QB job right now! Goodell needs to think about his legacy. If he opposes the racism of Trump and his fans now, he'll be remembered as a great. If he doesn't, everyone will hate him years from now. #TakeAKnee #BLM
.@Good1Lucy: FYI, @Schwarzenegger ran on a "drain the swamp" platform (so to speak). He then became BFF with a racist crook (Fabian Nunez) & even commuted the sentence of his murderous son. He was a "girly man" when CalNurses criticized him. Hopefully Austria will take him back.
I won't be amending my score prediction for Seattle vs #LAGalaxy.
.@DeepakRajgor: AFAIK, @Schwarzenegger still has Austrian citizenship. That means that if things get too hot in the USA, he has a refuge. That impacts his decision making. It also means if we have a conflict with Austria, he'd be torn who to support.
It's the U.S. National Team, not the French Foreign Legion. DNs will always be conflicted in every battle, big or small. MT @jalanmiller [re dual nationals ("DNs")] Sentiment appears to be if you are not 100% committed to USMNT we don’t want you, which, if true, is insane
Are you ready for some real football? On ESPN soon it's L.A. Galaxy vs Seattle. The 24Ahead Odds Desk, in collaboration with the 24Ahead Sports Desk, predicts a 3-1 Galaxy win. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
~~BREAKING~~ Trump moves to halt travel from Canada after learning that Morris Dancing is occurring not 500 miles from the USA in Toronto. 24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day in solidarity: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I thought about changing "inchyping" to "inhyping", then I went full-on and added the "c". Given what "inchyping" means, you can probably figure out what the "inc" part is an abbreviation for. #journalism #inchyping #MAGA #resist
"inchyping" was going to be "innerhyping", to describe hacks of one organization tweeting about some other (probably designated) hack's work. So the hack who wrote the tale doesn't look self-promotional when calling their blog the greatest thing ever. #MAGA #resist
Warren's stances on U.S. Chamber/WSJ/Koch issues (immigration/trade/globalism) aren't in any way populist. She might as well be funded by Big Biz. Compare what her policies would do to what Lach says. MT @jlrindahl [to @ericlach inchyping a blog calling Liz Warren a "populist"]
.@FJHandley: as a DC lawyer & a "policy wonk", have you considered going to townhalls & asking politicians questions on video? I don't mean simple/childish questions ("what will you give me?") but questions designed to put them on the spot about how you think they're wrong.
NYT constantly deceives on issues of vital importance to the USA. They've repeatedly interviewed Trump & other leaders but never once put them on the spot about policy. Grow up & be a real journalist. MT @WeNeed2GoDeeper [@perlberg hilarious, good-spirited, fun joke about NYT]
.@elainaplott blogs about Trump smearing a fan (who'd he'd mistaken for a protester) over his weight. All the top replies are pre-K jokes. That's her audience, she obviously doesn't attract smart people.
Trump is an adult (albeit a dim one) who acts like a child to rile up #TheResistance so #MAGA can drink their tears. You two just act like children. MT @socialkosplay [Trump smears a fan he thought was a protester for his weight & @MaxKennerly responds with Trump weight smear]
.@elgordopoppy @jbillinson: your beyond-hilarious jokes aside, Greenland is of strategic importance (just ask Russia and China). Did Josh mention that? Did Josh or anyone else mention that Trump's *helped* China by making their encroachment easier?
.@MaxMcGrathHorn: if the @profmusgrave "take" on Greenland is the "best yet", did he acknowledge the tale is driven by a) Trump needing a new provocation, b) "where's Greenland?", & c) MSM playing on b? Did he point out *to Trump's base* that Trump's in effect helping China?
.@ONowland: Trump's horrific, but @profmusgrave ("assistant prof UMassAmherst")'s plan will help *increase* border deaths. It's almost exactly like this Glenn Beck plea:
"The choice for thousands of union workers at Royal Dutch Shell's petrochemical plant in Beaver County was to either spend Tuesday standing in a giant hall waiting for President Donald Trump to speak, or to take the day off with no pay". #MAGA! #resist
.@GBigmamatea: Trump & @IsraeliPM are both very pro-censorship, and both are too intellectually weak to engage opponents in debate. If Bibi thinks he's right, then engage Tlaib/Ilhan in debate & show them wrong to their base. Bibi's admitted they're either right, or he's weak.
Thank you for your service, & #MAGA! MT @RealDonaldTrump sharks are overrated. They're just big fish. Very dumb. Dolphins are mammals. Instead of just reflexively chomping down, they'll play with you. Then they'll eat you because they play with their food!
No wonder you have so few interactions: you aren't that smart. (In case I need to explain, most would be from Asia). MT @davidgoldiner [re Cuccinelli re #EmmaLazarus] Gimme your white immigrants from Europe yearning for a sweet gig on Wall Street. Totally 100% not racist
Sad about Peter Fonda. Here's The Byrds with I Wasn't Born To Follow: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Can you imagine trusting Trump with a secret? There's no "smart, stalwart Trump" underneath his BS, just layer after layer of BS. If he'd offed - or knew who offed - Epstein he'd have tweeted about it 10 times already. #MAGA #resist
.@EWeinerFantasy: speaking about football, do you think Atlanta will repeat?
.@dotdotti11: @migold 's propaganda will deceive 10s of millions using Google & Wikipedia as a vector. That doesn't mean Trump was involved: he'd tweet about it if he were. Use migold's "nothing to see here" to undercut him to the few who think the NYT is about journalism.
.@LEditoros: @AliWatkins 's & @migold 's "nothing to see here" will deceive 10s of millions using Google & Wikipedia as a vector. (NB: Epstein was probably offed, but Trump's too grossly incompetent to have done it. Concentrate on it happening on his watch.)
Bill Walton recently called an Angels game. I can't find the video, but here he is with Dick Engberg calling a Padres game four years ago: #baseball #Angels #MAGA #resist
.@MaryJane___: @AliWatkins & @ScottMStedman are just pushing the establishment "move along now" line. Their blog will be put into Wikipedia (because, even though they constantly deceive, there's no more credible source than the NYT) so 10s of millions won't question the narrative
Tomorrow, Saturday, at 7pm Pacific, ESPN will have L.A. Galaxy vs Seattle in football. The 24Ahead Sports Desk will be live-tweeting the match. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
The "Resistance" is so desperate to go big & dim - Jean Carroll, Julie Swetnick, 5W bulb Trump planned Epstein's offing - that they ignore the obvious: it happened on Trump's watch. MT @mad4frmj [to @AliWatkins 's "nothing to see here, move along" on the Epstein "suicide"]
And after I've firmly established my "football" vs "kneeball" campaign in the national psyche, I intend to lead a march across the Anatolian Plateau. #MAGA #resist
"What's your favorite L.A. football team?" "L.A. Galaxy" "Huh? Is that arena football?" "No, real football. The L.A. Rams & Chargers play kneeball. Kneeball is like a sociopathic version of real football, slowed way way down with minutes between plays." #MAGA #resist
NFL, Nick Saban, etc are "kneeball". L.A. Galaxy/Man United/etc play either "football" or "soccer", & the word "football" should only ever be used to refer to what they play. Any confusion that causes is intentional. #BoycottNFL #NFLBoycott #MAGA #resist
.@GrayHendrix: dkdc who Josh Gordon is, but kneeball players always get into trouble, commit crimes, need constant direction, need constant pep talks, etc. @AdamSchefter hypes a "sport" for big babies. Kneeball is like football for the slow and sociopathic.
It's in the U.S. national interest to increase our sphere of influence over Greenland. Trump has made that *less* likely. Watching dimwits lose their minds over Trump's latest provocation must be worth it, since he's *helping* China. #MAGA #resist
.@wittewx: 10s of millions believe Drudge/Fox/etc headlines against "climate change". The science may be "settled", but the debate isn't (thus the push to censor "deniers"). Given that, is it high or low watt for @fpleitgenCNN to work "climate change" into his Greenland tale?
.@RIPMSM: crampell wears fake eyelashes. Maybe she has a bu**ake shoot after her CNN appearance.
MSM has had 4 years to hold Trump accountable (either directly or through his proxies). You & Rampell admit the MSM is completely incompetent. MT @gonzomingle ..[DTS] always meant eliminate all accountability.. MT @crampell ["drain the swamp" - well duh - isn't]
While Pentangle - incl the late great Bert Jansch - were known to play the sitar, there is no sitar here. Nonetheless, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with Chelsea Clinton beautifully singing Willy O Winsbury: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
#InAndOut is OK, but Tommy's, Whataburger, & Fat Burger are better. #BurgerWars #California #Texas
Because the one in Panorama City was too busy. MT @CraigBass1533 [@nypost stalks Ghislaine Maxwell to the one in] universal city on Ventura BLVD.
.@BuffaloTracer: as a supposed lawyer, you should be smart enough to realize how fake Trump is on immigration. You should be able to figure out @JohnCornyn is very pro-Big Biz. Both support amnesty to help Big Biz lower wages. So, why are you so confused?
Speaking about windy moors, here's video of Trump stalking the windy moors of Brittany. It's all real instruments (including real bells), but no sitars for some reason. #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Manny_Funes: both Trump & @JohnCornyn are big amnesty fans: both are very, very eager to flood the legal labor market in order to help Big Biz lower wages. It'd be smart of those like you to point out Trump's pro-amnesty, but #TheResistance doesn't do smart.
Speaking about a song with a sitar, here's Traffic - Paper Sun: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #sitar
.@ELenzPhotog: if @AronBender wants to keep getting better & better every day, he should start by helping John & Ken. Their homeless segments are like Tutsi Radio. They obsess over revenge fantasies against the poor & punch way, way down instead of holding leaders accountable.
Speaking about those who played the sitar, here's a Rolling Stones promo vid from 1967 for 2000 Light Years From Home: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@ItsASmallGirl: many years ago, the loose borders GWB admin threatened @johnandkenshow over their (then) #immigration stance. Now they only punch down at the poor while glorifying the rich. John wants to replace Americans with Guatemalans. And they now ignore One Bill Gil.
Meanwhile back on the windy moors of Texas, Incredible String Band - Three Is A Green Crown: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #sitar
.@derekjGZ: what's funny is neither you nor @peterbakernyt are smart enough to figure out how to undercut a low-watt bulb like Trump to his base. In fact, those like you have only ever *helped* him.
You should know Trump doesn't direct local spending. You should know to not fall for Trump's shtick as @fuggirls do. Why don't you grow up & try to figure out how to hold Trump accountable? MT @1CreativThinker streets/airports are falling apart & [Trump] wants to buy Greenland?
Sweeney's Men - Willy O'Winsbury: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@ot_ford: you criticize @HayesBrown for hyping the wrong geographic projection. As a PhD, can you figure out that parasites like him have never done anything other than *helped* Trump? Can you figure out how they could finally hold Trump accountable on important things?
.@2bigdoghouse: indeed. Trump has been extremely vulnerable on his joke policies, his gross incompetence, etc for years. All those like @HayesBrown can do is play right into his shtick. Challenge parasites like him to help smart people really press Trump proxies on real issues.
.@cyrinafiallo: it's good to see you back on the TV, but that ad is targeted at women who freak out just because tire pressure is low & then walk out $800 poorer. I just drive around Highland Park until I find a llantas usadas place that has an acceptable tire.
Meanwhile back in a real sport, Bryce Harper got a walk off grand slam: #Phillies #MAGA #resist
.@damienwoody: you were a tight end before you became a wide receiver, right? #oakvsaz
.@Mrsbldvls: as usual, r/w are as pro-censorship as l/w. @IsraeliPM showed great weakness keeping Ilhan/Tlaib out: he knuckled under to Kushner, and he's clearly afraid of their ideas. He thereby admits he's too weak to engage them in debate and show them wrong.
Israel has denied Ilhan & Tlaib entry. Trump says it'd be "weak" to let them in and as usual he's all wrong. It's weak to keep them out. Let them in and then, if IL thinks they're wrong, let IL engage Ilhan/Tlaib in debate and show it. #Israel #MAGA #resist
Hey kids! 24Ahead is closing the broadcast day with Baby Shark: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Cnn_Faking_News: if @CR wants to have an impact, let's see them speak directly to libs & educate those libs on how their leaders are working to lower wages via mass immigration. That'd permanently undercut Pelosi, etc. If CR is genuine, then they'll do that. Watch and see.
That answers itself: because those like CR are intensely incompetent grifters & people like you keep enabling them. They have no monetary incentive to do a competent job. MT @Cnn_Faking_News MT @CR Why is there no focus on the endless [heinous crimes illegal aliens commit]
.@brscheaffer: whether Cucinelli is right or not doesn't matter because he's only preaching to the choir. Every good thing you think he's done on immigration will be rolled back by the next admin. He & Trump will have done no permanent good because they can't make valid arguments
Everyone in the Trump admin supports mass immigration. Trump's first immigration plan was the Jeff Flake/Luis Gutierrez "touchback" amnesty. Trump still wants to legalize millions of illegal aliens. MT @superbucks2050 [Cuccinelli is "pro-LEGAL immigration]
.@FordJohnathan5: jokes on you. @Haleaziz isn't smart enough to realize everything Cuccinelli has done will be rolled back (& then use that against Trump). He's hurting you. Those like him are also conning people like you into support Koch/U.S. Chamber immigration policies.
Show her & the rest up. I pay $150+ for acceptable vids of people asking politicians my tough policy questions. MT @LucyMadAsHeck ...You really get to the important matters [re @sarah_grossman blogging at HuffPost that "Kamala Harris works out daily, and Cory Booker meditates"]
.@pamelamacn: hey Pamela, Kulish, @mmcintire, etc are paid by a billionaire to push anti-American loose immigration policies. By enabling him, you put yourself on the same (albeit unpaid) side as Slim, Koch, U.S. Chamber, WalMart... Do your fans know you help billionaires?
.@karesf: you cheer @mmcintire Scaife May propaganda. He's paid by a billionaire to push loose borders designed to lower wages (harming millions). He helps encourage people to cross the desert & many die. He helps braindrain 3rd world harming millions. Be a real liberal.
.@Badgersbane: are English less gullible than Americans? Here's a test: who pays @itscaitlinhd 's salary? What would happen if she ever expressed even the slightest sort of doubt about the holiness of mass immigration designed to lower wages?
She's like the cartoon version of how "journalists" are cartoonish pompous parasites. RT @itscaitlinhd (Epically good and important journalism abounds today and it is a gift!)
.@PJVogt: Scaife May wasn't even a billionaire. Please list all the billionaires who support mass #immigration in order to lower wages. Do your fans know (yet) that you're eager to help Koch, etc.? P.S. One of those billionaires pays @nkulish 's salary. Do you know it is?
ICYMI, earlier today Atlanta (out of Georgia, USA) beat Club America (the top Mexican team). Here's a highlights video: #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
Take over & issue executive orders just like Trump's trying? Alternatively, you can realize @nkulish is paid to push a billionaire's loose borders agenda that would greatly harm U.S. workers. Be a real liberal on all fronts. MT @Kathleen_Craig ...How can we stop this?
.@Bos_imm: as a lawyer, you might be smart enough to figure out why @nkulish blogs about Cordelia Scaife May. It's not just news; he's paid to push mass immigration by a billionaire. From your name I guess you'd gladly take Slim's bucks too. At least be honest about it.
It's almost night here, but it's still light in #Portland. They get more light, but it's also full of Oregonians. #MAGA #resist
.@DroneDeep: the O'Keefe story won't get beyond the Drudge/Fox/Trump/Breitbart bubble. Rather than helping a smart, big tent opposition to #Google, O'Keefe just does partisan shtick for personal gain. He *helps* Google by marginalizing their opposition.
I pointed out O'Keefe's a grifter before he got famous. You think a spyware co that pushes Wikipedia disinfo to the top is credible. MT @eng_bryant ...Google bias narratives are going to end up in MSM news cycle because of [O'Keefe's] story. How do people fall for this stuff?
.@RicoSuaveJD: JamesOKeefeIII (who I pointed out is a grifter before he got famous) has less power than the very pro-censorship @willsommer or Blackwater. How about opposing all of them, and in smart ways?
Trump's popularity is near an all-time high!! "President Trump's disapproval rating has jumped to 56 percent in a Fox News survey released Wednesday, just one point shy of the record high in Fox News polling". #MAGA!!!!!
Tomorrow's NYT headline today: "USA DEFEATS AMERICA". #football = #soccer
ICYMI, Atlanta is taking on the top Mexican team on ESPN right now, and it's a good match. #MAGA #resist
On ESPN right now, it's Atlanta out of USA vs Club America out of Mexico. Also, Josef Martinez needs to stop the funny moves when taking PKs. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
Cor blimey gov: on Univision right now, it's Chelsea vs Liverpool. In U.S. terms all will I'm sure be familiar with, that's like WeHo vs Reseda, if Reseda had a port. Mo Salah just came close to scoring. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
Pursuant to Trump Official Order #56953319-B ("Close the broadcast day with Patrícia Pereira - Concertinista, as if that would happen."), 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with Patrícia Pereira - Concertinista: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
So, you respond by cheering someone calling him names, making you no better than him & no alternative to his sleaze. That's what #MAGA is all about. MT @RonCentrelloJr MT @winstonCovfefe: For yrs, this @ChrisCuomo from #FakeNew #CNN has called [his opponents names]
Dips --->> MT @AnnaBella45MAG RT @America31859: @BrianQuinn36 @katrina_wiser @ChrisCuomo Guido would be more accurate
I'd have engaged him in Socratic debate & made him admit something against interest, then put in Youtube. I guess I'm just not funny like #MAGA. MT @LibsNoFun MT @AaronLeuer: ...I'd have called [Chris Cuomo] #Frodo....HAHAHAHA #FredoCuomo
I wonder if Allison O'Donell would agree to give me a Scottish lesson, because I can only make out every third word. #Shetland
Thank you for your service! #MAGA #resist MT @RealDonaldTrump hey everybody, here's my latest workout video! Check it out!! Gettin' swole!!!
Cuomo could strike back by finally using Socratic debate against Trump officials, really put them on the spot. What are the chances of the weakling doing that? MT @chris_snowflake MT @MarkieJP: cons make @ChrisCuomo to be bully after he stood up for himself after being baited
I had to omit the part of the last where I called @HeidiHugh8 traitorous, so I'm including that now.
You're Harvard admissions. 2 equal applicants - 1 a citizen, 1 an illegal alien - apply for last slot. Who gets it? MT @HeidiHugh8 My experience (I see this in Canada too) is that educated and well-off immigrants are also deemed threats, for “stealing” jobs and college slots...
Yes, aside from the cost to U.S. workers. Who fed you your deceptive & un-American U.S. Chamber/Koch talking point? MT @LoriSums Work visas + path to Citizenship like the U.S. did after WWII (where millions were accommodated) would cost a hell of a lot less than a wall, ICE...
"Substances" can't explain everything. Everyone I've seen on Twitter claiming to be a lawyer, an ex-civics prof, a scientist, etc. is an ABSOLUTE FREAKING IDIOT. I wonder how they can manage even simple things like their laundry. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
As a retired supposed civics prof, can you think of smarter ways to challenge Trump than obsessing over his windmill obsession, childish balloons, name-calling, etc.? MT @cbn2 [to @MollyJongFast] Donald lost in court to Scottish windmills and he's never gotten over it
#idiocracy is not a joke -->> #MAGA #resist RT @roper_93 I'm starting to believe that trump had a bad memory of from childhood about windmills. There is something there. Windmills hurt him somehow.
#Shetland is so gloomy it's almost a satire.