.@VickieLFisher: only his Supremes picks will outlast Trump. Everything else will be reversed when he's out of office. E.g., Congress will neglect/demolish his "wall" when he's out. There are smart, permanent anti-amnesty things Trump could do if he were smart & anti-amnesty.
.@NOEL_VERZOSA: to stop @michaeljohns 's grift, point out to his fans that Congress will just neglect/demolish what little of the "wall" gets built when Trump's out of office. Congress will always oppose it. Trump fans can no more stop them than they can get the "wall" now.
No he isn't. RT @michaeljohns It is preposterous to label @POTUS' #immigration policies "controversial." He is doing precisely what is needed, what he promised, and what the American people have asked him to, I told #China's global television news tonight
In case you're wondering about the proper formulation, it's: "New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft" As in, "New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft". To clarify, "New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft". #Patriots #NewEngland #NERevs #soccer #football
"White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump says her father asked her if she was interested in taking the job of World Bank chief but she passed on it". #MAGA = #idiocracy #resist
.@chelleinchicago: all that should matter is whether #DailyCaller is credible or not, not their "wing". Guardian is about as credible as DC & leftwing; why should they be rejected? P.S. This is just about power. @juliacarriew are worried about losing a monopoly on info/disinfo.
.@kari_paul: Twitter heavily censors replies from *all* kinds of users, not just from cons as Trump, Parscale, GOP, etc. falsely claim. In fact, Twitter heavily censors replies from libs to Trump officials. See my pinned tweet for real data. Will you cover that?
.@banditelli: Daily Caller twice banned me for showing them wrong. It's possible for them *and* @SamTLevin & @juliacarriew to all be partisan hacks disinterested in the truth. Eg, they rely on Snopes. Snopes lied about no-show jobs in the NOPD after Katrina then covered it up.
.@PKurz01: if those like @JenGRodgers had obsessed over Trump fooling millions with his joke plans or Trump's gross incompetence on PR as much as they obsess over something very unlikely to work out, Trump would've lost or been out of office by now. You & she *help* Trump.
.@mitchellvii @grrrgraphics: now, finally, the true story of how Trump saved #NotreDame can be told! Here's a chronological breakdown:
Later today I'll post the *true* story of how President Trump saved #NotreDame. Now it can finally be told! #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump National Official Trump Order 09234-C (requiring all to defy Twitter thinking tweets aren't in English), 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with Gökçe Kılınçer - Neyleyeyim: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
*If* you're right (and *if* Swalwell isn't just engaging in incrementalism), there's no downside to Cortes: no one with access to him (ie, CNN) will ever press him on it. MT @TheOneDonald [Swalwell] said [gun buybacks] NOT take it [as @CortesSteve perhaps misrepresents]
.@j_fredericks: urge CNN hosts to really press @CortesSteve on the LFPR. They could also really press him on how Trump's various amnesties/guest worker increases would greatly harm working Americans, but don't count on that. At the least they should press him on the LFPR.
.@petezin: did you see the latest from @sarahintampa where she notes the upside of censorship? After all, the KGB, Stasi, Terror Blanco (Taiwan), Terror Blanco (Spain), etc. etc. all had an upside, right? Are you & your family big Franco fans like Sarah would no doubt be?
.@skrishna: see @askhalid 's latest blog. She's *really* keen on censorship. Can you list all the foreign regimes (perhaps ones you/your parents lived under) that cheer more censorship? Our own wannabe-despot loves censorship too: Twitter helps protect his officials from dissent.
Speaking of terror, here's Ronaldo & Juventus falling to Ajax aus Holland: #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
The walking joke that is @ztsamudzi - an "inorganic african feminist" - has blocked me after 1 tweet. I say "LOL" again:
.@yoda: hey Drew, did you see the latest plea for even more Twitter censorship from @KurtWagner8? Here it is in the original language:
Redo this vid w the religious police going after microaggressions instead, dress them in suede-denim & make them diverse. Maybe 40% of college students would fully support it. #MAGA #resist #censorship
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens tweets to ask, "why are you playing pirate folk metal by Storm Seeker?" The cellist: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@zamunda777: censorship - even with a Stasi that @emilydreyfuss would no doubt support if it had a comfy veneer - doesn't work. Debate is the solution, & she'd greatly restrict that. P.S. Twitter heavily censors libs replying to Trump officials. She'd make that even worse.
.@jurijuri: you & @EmilyDreyfuss strongly support censorship, aligning you with dictators around the world & with Trump's inner dictator. Twitter heavily censors dissent to Trump officials, & both of you would ramp that up. Turn in your ACLU cards at the door.
A great choice for a "PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM" would be Alex Trebek. Except, if Trump played #Jeopardy he knows he'd be -$34,650 after the 1st round & he'd have to RT a bogus Fox graphic with the minus sign photoshopped out so he could claim he actually won. #MAGA #resist
.@SaraCarterDC: it's very easy to see that Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users, not just cons. Make a test Twitter account, login as that account, view the individual tweet pages of Ajit Pai & other Trump officials, & see all the libs behind the 'Show more replies' link.
Ex- #Dodgers Puig flies out but advances the runner, & ex-Dodgers Kemp makes it 3-2 #Reds.
Fever swamp site @Politi_Chatter - which is trying to be the new Gab (!) - blocked me despite never tweeting it. It's linked to @WayneDupreeShow in some way (who hasn't, so far, blocked me).
Ideas to save #NotreDame Trump rejected before coming up with his brilliant "flying water tankers" idea: - tilting the Earth to divert the Seine... - throwing a giant blanket over it... - making a deal with Mothra to put out the flames using his wings... #MAGA #resist
.@noa_yadidi: I'd undercut you to your fans over "Bill Weld: Everything you need to know", but you don't have any. Your "key issues" ignores the key domestic issue. It's also what Trump won on, & where he & Weld basically agree (common ignorance aside). Do you know what it is?
Castillo walks in a run, but then strikes out Muncy. #Reds #Dodgers
With a chance to avoid a #Phillies loss to the #Mets, Bryce Harper... strikes out.
.@ElopementBnB: any Trump-Weld debate would be moderated by someone like @jaketapper. The last thing CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc are ever going to do is really press a candidate on where they're wrong. They'd ignore where both Weld & Trump are weakest: how pro-amnesty they are.
.@GovBillWeld: hey Bill, it's good for Trump to get some competition. Trump's repeatedly hinted at legalizing DACA recipients. Do you know of any downsides to doing that, or do you agree with Trump on legalizing DACA recipients?
Cody Bellinger gets a pitch to the side of the knee, and is trying to stay in the game. #Dodgers #Reds
Remember my tweet promising "back-to-back-to-back" Puig grand slams? He hit a 2-run HR in the 1st. He's coming up 1st in the 4th, but he could always hit a solo HR run then. #Dodgers #Reds
Bryce Harper pops out with the bases loaded. #Phillies #Mets #MAGA #resist
Now this, this is a bad joke: #MAGA #resist MT @realDonaldTrump Spoke to Aroldis inform him that because of his incredible Success & Comeback in Sports (hitting the target) and, more importantly, LIFE, I will be presenting him with the PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM!
This is not a joke. #MAGA #resist MT @realDonaldTrump Spoke to inform him that because of his incredible Success & Comeback in Sports (Golf) and, more importantly, LIFE, I will be presenting him with the PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM!
#NotreDame: Trump's un-thought-out plan of using "flying water tankers" is shown wrong by France's FEMA: "water-bombing aircrafts could lead to the collapse of the entire structure of the cathedral." #MAGA #resist
I'll soon start a site where I offer $250-$500 (more with donations) to those who ask national candidates tough questions I'll provide. *And*, I'll give someone who refers one of the questioners a $50 referral fee. I'll show both #MAGA & #resist icons wrong to their base.
In his Waxahachie speech earlier today, Trump declared that all those who end the broadcast day must do it with the new, only partly-formulaic Motanka song Verba. We do as he commands: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@RealTimLetch: @prisonplanet made it easy for Twitter to censor his boss. He & AJ only oppose censorship of cons/libertarians, even tho Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. They marginalized the opposition to Twitter censorship. A marginalized opposition is no opposition.
.@HankSwitzer @Sekusa1: just 12% of Turkey Muslims (Pew 2013) want Sharia law; higher in other countries. Trump assists Sharia in various ways: with his Muslim ban, by cozying up to Erdogan & Saudi Arabia, by opposing oppression of Christians but not of Muslims, etc. #MAGA???
.@Geoffrey2313819: Trump won because #CNN etc refused to ask even basic questions showing how his ideas would fail miserably (as they have). What's ironic is @AnaCabrera asked slightly tougher questions than @DanaBashCNN (relatively speaking; both gently tossed fluffballs).
.@AnaCabrera has to be happy that #YangShills think she's a fellow #YangBot. MT @tuser5555 Ana is YANG GANG
.@tagandremy: 1. I criticized Trump/France/rain at the time. 2. Trump doesn't have to care: his loudest opponents aren't smart enough to have any sway over him. 3. In case he runs again, here's how fake @MichaelKotick is:
.@Yang2020vision @ACmusicOfficial: @AndrewYang is laughably fake. His "undocumented" page is nearly plagiarism: it's what every other Dem pol says w/ slight wording changes. He uses several of these deceptive talking points.
I have no proof (so far) that @RDC37 & the others urging donations to @AndrewYang are part of a network of shills-for-rent, they just smell to high heaven like it. I'll run some tests later in the week, unless he rolls them up first.
#Reds @ #Dodgers on Mon will probably be sold out, so we won't get to see Puig hit back-to-back-to-back grand slams against Kershaw and the other Dodgers "pitchers".
.@ProgVoters @SaraFlatow: when @marwilliamson isn't nominated, what happens to the donations she gets? Is there the possibility - perish the thought! - that she could just be running a scam? #Marianne2020 #WePartyPolitics
Charming Trump Trivia: to avoid yet another breakdown, Trump always brings an Emotional Support Caddy with him on Air Force One. The caddy's job is to constantly remind Trump that they'll soon touch down and get back to what's really important. #MAGA #resist #trivia
.@brucebrother: reparations are anti- & un-American. They're also easy to show wrong by discussing blood quanta, crimes blacks have committed against whites, etc. @marwilliamson got lucky: she was assigned @DanaBashCNN and thus got the puffball treatment.
If she isn't paying you to COINTELPRO the opposition to her anti-American plan, she should. As a libertarian, if the price were enough you'd take it. MT @principaldjr [to marwilliamson] [reparations are bad because...] ...taxation is robbery....
.@JessMendoza: golf is not a relateable activity for most Americans. Most Americans also consider it incredibly boring.
Pursuant to Trump National Executive Order 834-023 (the "Class Up This Country Again" Order), 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this Official Trump Trumpet & Organ video: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
FYI, Twitter heavily censors dissent to Trump officials. They probably do the same to Pakistan officials. Use the open source app at my pinned tweet to expose what they do. MT @UmarCheema1 MT @nayadaurpk: @GFarooqi interviewed fmr finance minister;her programme was taken down
#first5ca isn't just an "oh sh**" reaction from our elites, it's a "HOLY F'N SH**" reaction. Their quest for cheap labor & votes means #California faces a demographic Armageddon. Now, they're desperately trying to have their cake (mass #immigration) & avoid pitchforks & torches.
.@shortestlawyer: do your donors know yet that your loose borders policies help *increase* child poverty? You pretend to want to solve a problem caused by the policies of those like you. It's an easy case to make & I'll make it to your donors.
.@Angellington: @EndChildPovCA is a scam. They pretend to want to #EndChildPoverty but their support for illegal #immigration *increases* it. Who profits from illegal immigration? Big Biz & the corrupt leaders of foreign countries. They even admit their policies are to blame.
.@EES_SD: it's a simple case to make that CA would be better off - and foreign countries would be better off - if those like @AsmKevinMcCarty & Newsom hadn't worked to bring in millions of illegal aliens. Picture me looking up your funders & making that case to them.
Dems only know one way to change the #immigration laws: amnesty and more of it. This isn't the first time Trump's said he wants to help them push amnesty. @acadianbelle #MAGA? MT @luvofUSA MT @realDonaldTrump: Democrats must change the Immigration Laws FAST
.@jwsal @Jonathanjk: FYI, @jimmy_wales put his finger on the #wikipedia scale, using their rules to deliberately lie to their readers. It was for a good cause, but he still used their rules to lie to their readers. What other good causes are there?
As always, the real #wiki delivers. Imagine a world where, instead of promoting the disinfo site #wikipedia, the real wiki was at the top of every #Google search result. #SNL #MAGA #resist
.@Security_Aaron: this is O/T, but I wouldn't ask Orin Kerr questions that require any sense of ethics. Someone was nominated as a judge & Kerr folded on his opposition, refusing to go after him where he was most vulnerable & had expressed little use for our laws.
.@melissavcomedy: for decades, the main #SNL theme besides lame sketches has been whites like yourself acting black, presenting black things as cool & white as not, etc. etc. Is SNL a parody of no-dignity whites? Surely someone there must have realized what they do by now.
.@cyberconservat2: I was given access to someone else's #Google data & I've been raising the alarm about how closely they track people for months. Maybe in a few years @jenvalentino will blog about the data at my top tweet showing what Twitter does to their users.
.@WendyRedFox: hey Wendy, what do you think of someone who'd take Mark Zuckerberg's money to deceive in support of amnesty? Zuck's a big amnesty fan. Kellyanne took his money & pushed a bogus pro-amnesty poll. And, when Zito profiled Kellyanne, she didn't reveal that.
.@taylortwellman: ESPN had an ex-kneeball lineman who'd break down plays of the previous day's games. That's what you should do. To the extent ESPN cares about soccer, they assume everyone knows what's going on. They aren't trying to educate people.
.@EdMorrissey: hey Ed, did you see the Salena Zito profile of Kellyanne? Check it out. Salena listed KAC's lobbying clients but - oddly enough - didn't reveal KAC was paid by Zuck to deceive about amnesty (via a bogus poll). KAC probably also has links to the loose border Kochs.
.@judgehagedorn: Salena Zito credits Trump with your victory. She's also blocked me and dozens of others simply for showing her wrong. She covered for KAC, listing her lobbying clients except for one of the most important: KAC was paid by Zuck to deceive about immigration.
#WalMart has a deal with #MoneyGram to send $ to other WM locations & overseas. That means they're getting a cut of #remittances. #immigration #MAGA #resist
#Walmart - at least the #Burbank adjacent store - has the same line for returns, check cashing, bill paying, MoneyGram, etc, etc. It's like the bar scene from Star Wars, except the alcohol is in paper bags. #MAGA #resist
24Ahead thus close broadcast day with this historical song. It starts slow and builds. It also has no bearing on any sort of movement(s) in the USA right now. #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
24Ahead tells the future: #Dodgers lose.
.@Pacu133: the correct way to oppose BLM is to show how their stats are deceptive. The talking point you use is a bit deceptive (details on request) and obviously doesn't work as reality shows.
#Brewers go up 8-5 on the hapless #Dodgers on a bad throw from left.
Hader strikes out #Dodgers. They had the bases loaded, but Dodgers are just too incompetent to get a run. #MAGA #resist
.@Maggie_McNeill: FYI, @EFF refuses to help expose how heavily Twitter censors all kinds of users around the world. The open source app at my pinned tweet compiles real data on that censorship. EFF doesn't have such data 7 refuses to use my (open source) data.
.@DaniloBlandon79: see the real data at my pinned tweet or "Brad Parscale Is Wrong About Twitter Censorship" on Youtube. Twitter heavily censors lib replies to Trump officials. Despite lots of trying, I can't get reporters to cover it, even though it'd really make Trump look bad.
.@Julia_Kline: @RepMikeQuigley isn't on the right side of immigration. He, the Koch bros, U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, & Trump would all increase immigration to help Big Biz lower wages. The derp things Trump has done have made it more likely you support mass immigration, yes?
Likewise, #MLB forbids players from doing "mountain climbing". One wonders how they define that: a snow climb with ice ax & crampons? Rock climbing? Hiking a 14er in good weather? Hiking up Mt. Baldy? #baseball #MAGA #resist
Why #MLB would forbid players from spelunking doesn't make much sense. Obviously, many caves are dangerous. But, something like a Carlsbad Caverns tour or one of their more challenging guided tours are perfectly safe. #baseball #MAGA #resist
#Dodgers brilliant announcers didn't know what spelunking is. #MAGA #resist
"Sean Hannity seems to have deleted all references to Julian Assange, WikiLeaks on his Twitter" [insert your favorite historical allusion here] #FoxNews #LNYHBT #MAGA #resist
.@ravisays: @CNNPaul & @KFile are just tabloid hacks, & ineffective ones at that. There's one very key issue where Stephen Moore is extremely vulnerable to Trump's base. CNN won't go after him on that because they agree with Moore (& the Koch bros) on that issue.
#Brewers go up 6-5 on yet another 2-run HR, this one from ex #Dodgers player Grandal. #DodgersDelendaEst
Trump spent four years in the Hanoi Hilton in 'Nam. He was tortured so bad he can't raise his arms above his head. While Trump was fighting Charlie, McCain was livin' it up, chasing beer heiresses & playing golf. We #MAGA will never forget!
.@kidairbag: Trump is horrid, and one reason is he makes it easy for the very pro-Big Biz @chrislhayes to get libs to support very pro-Big Biz mass/illegal #immigration. Think what Trump & Hayes would have you support, then look at the bottom line: cui bono?
.@ed_cip: as the other replies to chrislhayes show, Trump is just helping lib leaders enable mass/illegal #immigration. If Trump were smart & sincere, he'd instead make arguments that'd undercut Hayes to his audience. Trump lacks the smarts & patriotism to do such things.
You're suggesting that Trump should decide what we get to see. Are you serious or just illustrating the huge damage lil' Honeckers like @oneunderscore__ would do? MT @myminutia Companies often have conflicts of interest in "self-regulating." That's why governments have to do it.
.@jessamyn: alternatively, some of them might have a tiny speck of liberal in them. They realize the @oneunderscore__ world where we only get info from approved sources is totalitarian. On the totalitarian vs real liberal scale, we know where you stand.
.@talkingnewmedia: Trump's horrid, there are lots of weird vids on Youtube, etc. etc. However, those like @gchaslot are much more dangerous than some weird video. He only wants people to see approved POVs. He's the opposite of a liberal. He's like a suede-denim Alabama sheriff.
#Brewers - my fave team for the next 5 innings - go up 4-3 against the hapless #Dodgers.
At #RedState, @bonchieredstate blogs "Why Are Democrats Upset at Illegal Aliens Being Sent to Their Sanctuary Cities?" If Trump sent them to its city, it'd consider that punishment. Ergo, it admits Trump is intentionally trying to harm U.S. citizens (many of whom oppose Pelosi).
Good Arcia throw gets out Justin Turner, followed by 2-run Bellinger HR. #Dodgers #DodgersDelendaEst
After getting swept by the #Cardinals, #Dodgers are in 2nd place behind the #Padres. Not only that, they're down 2-0 to the #Brewers in the 1st. #DodgersDelendaEst
.@ConwayShow: if @stevengregory were a real reporter, he'd follow the money on #SanctuaryCities (i.e., banks who want illegal aliens as customers, their employers, their donations to pols, etc.) Then, he'd call Newsom/Garcetti/Schwarzenegger/Ammiano/etc on the money trail.
.@ConwayShow: if the goal is to stop reduce # of #SanctuaryCities, then what @stevengregory does will have zero impact: just look at reality. Trump, Breitbart, Coulter, etc have also been fixating on the illegal aliens for years & that's just *helped* those cities' leaders.
And thus, 24Ahead close broadcast day with great video of Col Trump and his Generals enjoying this patriotic song with the original Trump lyrics! #MAGA #MusicThursday #resist #NowPlaying
I wonder if Halse thinks Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, etc should have been deplatformed. MT @andreacremer MT @halseanderson: A5: Adults ban books when they don’t know how to talk about the book’s subject