.@RaySuarezNews replies "What’s a CLM?" "Career-Limiting Move". USA needs more hospital beds, test kits, ventilators, etc. We need you to pin down admin officials on how many & how soon. Specific numbers, not vague promises. Are you going to do that?
.@corfutoyou: @donlemon fluffed Trump several times before the election, he could have easily stopped him from winning if he'd asked real questions. Now, he plays cheap partisan games with #covid19. Did his cheap games make Trump's response better? Demand both Dons do better.
Pursuant to Trump Official Order #20942 ("Our #covid19 response is best! Just because I'm going to Kurdland to live as an isolated shepherd means nothing, I planned that years ago.") 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Penultimately like, here's some cheery news: "In fact, NASA actually uses #Python when they are programming their equipment and space machinery. Pretty neat, right?" We're in the best of hands. #idiocracy #covid19 #MAGA #resist
May God have mercy on your souls. MT @JLindyNYC MT @EricBoehlert [hypes @Will_Bunch blog hoping old people die so they'll finally learn their lesson not to watch Fox News]
Death makes free. MT @ruthbenghiat Don’t give up on Trump supporters, redouble your efforts to reach them. As time goes by and deaths from #COVIDー19 mount they will start to understand that Trump has lied to them.
.@Enrico056: your questions are pre- #covid19. Adjust to the current reality. We need those with access to Trump officials to really press them on the future: getting more beds/tests/etc. @DLeonhardt has access. If he won't press officials on that, help me destroy his career.
DL is just a worthless clickbait grifter. Trump officials need to be *really* pressed on more beds/tests/supplies. Demand DL does that or help end its career MT @rfordham811 [we know already] MT @DLeonhardt [hypes its "Complete List of Trump's Attempts to Play Down Coronavirus"]
.@KatieSowers: I'm confused by your Microsoft (?) ad. You've always wanted to be on a "real football team". So, why are you on a kneeball team? Funny Rugby isn't real football, that's soccer.
.@dhart2001: see "Thousands leave Miami cruise ship without screenings after former passenger got COVID-19" Hopefully @MSCCruisesUSA won't end up killing thousands, but they'll go bankrupt anyway.
.@2YOWcats: @MSCCruisesUSA let 1000s of people off one of their ships after a passenger got #Covid19. They probably thought they'd avoided a PR disaster, now it's only just starting.
.@menard_tamara: 1 follower & praising the less-than-worthless @ChrisCuomo to the skies: seems a bit suspicious. BTAIM, list even 1 case where anything he's said has made Trump better. He's just entertainment for those who already agree with him He can't hold Trump accountable.
.@abbierenn: Kellyanne made #Covid19 worse. She would have been much more cautious if @ChrisCuomo & the rest of the MSM could do what'd be incredibly easy for me: show her wrong to MAGA. Watching Kellyanne w Cuomo is more pathetic than watching an orca playing with a sick seal.
.@Andy_Tobin: hey Andy, @azcommerce cheers #TuSimpleAI, a Chinese company using Chinese workers and traitorous Americans to drive Americans out of work. Are you a traitor too?
If you can't go to the drugstore for ipecac, read Eric Garcetti's speech about writing history together etc etc. He's a self-satire. #LosAngeles #Covid19
Just now: Eric Garcetti has signed an order closing bars, theaters, etc in #LosAngeles...
.@RAYRAY2205: @TuSimpleAI is a Chinese co that hires people in China to drive Americans out of work. Most of those they'd harm can't #LearnToCode & will be forced to get public assistance: govt will transfer money based on their actions. All their employees are traitors.
I visited #Burbank adjacent "Grocery Outlet" Thu ~4pm (in the rain). Never been there before but someone else said it was busy. They seemed to have plenty of veg & meat. #hoarding #Covid19
"We're all Mormons now" + "Target run, literally" + "Hoarding: Buried Alive" = today ~1pm, the produce/dairy/meat/cans aisles at #EagleRock #Target were stripped bare except for some habanero chili, raw Italian sausage meat, & breakfast sausage. #hoarding #Covid19
Pursuant to Trump Official Order #54234 ("I hereby summon Zalktis. Vortex of living energy! Also, I'll be in Latvia for a while. Don't worry, you'll probably be OK") 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@nanhjpd: you're part of the problem. You enable those like @AshleyRParker who've never held Trump accountable on anything (if they had, Trump'd be better) Stop being part of the problem. Demand she really press Trump officials on more beds/tests. When she won't, make it a CLM.
.@TM_Eubanks: those like @John_Hudson have no real knowledge or experience either. They're also completely corrupt: they only care about their careers. Help put his career on the line & he might finally do his job: really pressing Trump officials on more beds/testing/etc.
Even a basic bot could write the great majority of #TheResistance responses to their idols: me-toos, 3rd-grade snark, etc. It's soul-destroyingly stupid.
.@Caretaker_Ghost: enabling those like @DavidNakamura *helps* Trump & hurts current/future #covid19 victims. Instead of clickbait, he needs to really press Trump officials on more beds/tests/etc. Make an example of him: when he won't do that, help me destroy his career.
No wonder you're out of work. For not demanding Trump/MSM do better I'll help make this a CLM. MT @RaySuarezNews Does anyone know if Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has held a press conference wearing an ill-fitting ballcap with "ITALIA" across the front? Asking for an amico.
.@lizziross: look back over the last 4+ years: has *anything* @maggieNYT ever blogged ever made Trump better in any way? Trump's horrible not just due to himself, but because those charged with holding him accountable aren't doing their jobs. Now, lives are on the line.
Trump's #covid19 response has been bad, right? That means those who have means to hold him accountable - like Yasmeen - aren't doing their jobs. Enabling her = more victims. MT @CaseyNikoloric Excellent reporting. I wonder if Surgeon General's seen it MT @yabutaleb7 [clickbait]
.@Stevie_Said: enabling @yabutaleb7 = enabling Trump's incredibly flawed #covid19 response. Is she really pressing Trump officials on more beds/tests/supplies, or just blogging fluff that will - *as it always has* - have no impact on making Trump better? Make that a CLM for her
It's always been easy to make Trump better. Did WaPo's "journalism" make his #Covid19 response better? MSM simply is not willing or able to hold Trump accountable. Demand better. MT @PeonyMoonDust [cheers] MT @yabutaleb7 ...good, in-depth journalism requires enormous resources
"Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Roosevelt! Is it true you wore tweed to the Yalta Conference?" "...what's Stalin like in person, do you like him?" "...what brand of cigars does Churchill smoke?" #IfTodaysMSMHadBeenAroundForWWII #Covid19 #MAGA #resist
.@TYoungRude: as everything Trump does/doesn't do should make very clear, those like @MrDanZak have never forced Trump to be better. They ask about Google, not more beds/tests/supplies. Put their careers on the line: either they do that or you'll help me destroy their careers.
.@saku_zuckerberg: WaPo's real, decades-long bias is to the elites. They suck up to power for access. They go after LHF, ignore real issues. @MrDanZak etc need to really press Trump officials on more beds/tests/supplies/etc. When they won't, help my campaign to destroy careers.
Nothing those like @jdawsey1 have ever done has held Trump accountable in any way. Enabling JD helps Trump & hurts everyone else. Help put Dawsey's career on the line & he might finally help. MT @NeuroFailure ...[I blame Trump for] ineffective response, insufficient testing...
.@CountryOvParty: just like Trump, @jdawsey1 is only in it for #1. Just like Trump, that's a huge vulnerability. Put his career on the line & he'll finally do his job. Trump officials need to be really pressed on more beds/tests/etc. When Dawsey won't, help destroy his career.
.@hirokonishimura: actually, one of the main faults is people like you: you hurt yourself & others. Trump officials need to be really pressed on real questions re more beds/tests/supplies/etc. MSM only obsesses re trivia. Stop enabling MSM. Help make that a CLM for them.
Help everyone by demanding MSM asks Trump admin *tough* questions about more beds/tests/etc. Help undercut those who obsess over trivia like why Azar wasn't at today's confab. This is a survival situation, the old rules don't apply. MT @JPDrews [daughter is Covid19 high risk]
So, you'll be proved right when more are dead, and that will finally undercut Trump where @thedailybeast has always failed? MT @Yachtwhore ..nurse who has to work a double at hospital in Aiken SC [tweeted]...ER Packed with people with flu like...[MAGA/GOP will] believe real soon
Thank you, Sanguelto: #FamilyGuy #MAGA #resist
BREAKING: #CDC warns against large public gatherings like sporting events, theaters, Humira/Xeralto multi-racial/multi-generational picnics, etc. [This tweet was partly inspired by #FamilyGuy] #MAGA #resist
.@postofficetruth: Trump officials need to be pressed on more ventilators/beds/tests etc. Those like @cwarzel have access but obsess over dreck. To get them to listen, put their careers on the line: either they start asking tough questions on real issues, or help destroy careers
Thank you for being sane. MT @postofficetruth What's the Pence CV19 team's plan for getting more ventilators to states? Will we buy them from other countries, ramp up our own manufacturing? It's clear they will be needed ASAP. What's the plan?.. #MoreTests
.@DavidFore: I assume you're in s/w, with clients, etc. Do your clients know (yet) that you enable worthless clickbait rather than demanding real questions about hospital beds/test kits/etc? MT @cwarzel [obsesses over Trump/Google/Covid19 site]
.@BrianMitchelD: we desperately need more hospital beds/test kits/masks/etc, and all @KellyO does is ask a weak question why Azar isn't there that Pence easily dances around. Enabling her *helps* Trump avoid accountability and endangers lives. Grow up quick.
.@xMeshMNx: the "bubbled" part of USA is a lot more than half. USA desperately needs more beds/test kits/masks/etc, and you enable @KellyO who - instead of asking about that - tried to hook Trump on a zinger about Google. Her worthless question won't hold Trump accountable.
.@KellyO asked this at today's Trump/Pence press conference: "So where is the discrepancy about the website, Google’s involvement? And why is the Health and Human Services Secretary not present?" Destroying her career will help encourage the others to ask real questions.
#Football goes on: Univision has a #soccer match in an empty stadium. #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Order #19 ("There will always be a Latvia. In fact, I think I'll move there for a while"), 24Ahead close broadcast day with Folkvakars - Noriet saule vakarā: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@quiltmakerBD: @BethCameron_DC got her 15 min, tomorrow no one will remember or care. Nothing she blogs will force Trump to do better. There are ways to force Trump to do better; given access I could do it with 99% of my brain tied behind my back. She can't. Why enable her?
.@HowardSelcer: Trump claims "hoax" was re Dems & AFAIK it was Feb. BTAIM, your idols (Kaitlin Collins??, @TheLeadCNN??) have *never* held Trump accountable in any way. If you dispute that, show anything they've done changing Trump in any way. So, why you enable incompetents?
.@ebchristen: have you ever been in a survival situation? That's what #covid19 is. @jonathanchait is like someone in a survival situation who just puts on show but never contributes. He has no ability to/interest in helping force Trump to be better. Enabling him *helps* Trump.
That's hilarious. Equally hilarious: those like you will never figure out why it's hilarious. MT @spocktherapy We have to stop calling them "conservatives". They are nativists...
.@KeithELaughlin: Trump never taking responsibility says a lot about him, but more about those like you & those like @jonathanchait. It'd be incredibly easy for those with access to make Trump take responsibility. Chait lacks smarts/patriotism. By enabling him, you *help* Trump
.@dianesvoice: you should realize - after *4+years* - those like @RonaldKlain & @Yamiche aren't up to the job of holding Trump accountable. They only ask weak questions he can easily dance around. See my Steyer post. I'll pay people to ask Trump/his proxies *real* questions.
You ask Jimmy Wichards to build a spaceship. Klain/Yamiche/etc - as reality makes clear - lack the smarts to hold Trump accountable. MT @csd [why no follow-ups?] MT @RonaldKlain I’m glad ⁦@Yamiche⁩ pressed Trump today on disbanding the WH office to prepare us for pandemics
Procol Harum - Conquistador // Denmark - 2006: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@OutiKuivasniemi: US != FI. US has worthless people like @bethcameron_dc who post clickbait, but who lack the smarts/sanity/patriotism to finally hold Trump accountable. Trump will never care what she blogs; it will have no impact on him. You enable someone who's worthless.
You go to war with the army you have. And, this is #TheResistance Army:
.@belsnickel100: if Trump sees #covid19 as a threat to his popularity with MAGA, he'll do *everything* he has to. You enabling @PostOpinions clickbait won't get us there. To make Trump better, stop enabling them. Start demanding those with access to Trump ask tough questions.
Thousands have died from #covid19, and you (hopefully a bot) cheer despicable @ashleyfeinberg clickbait that will never hold Trump accountable in any way. You & her *help* Trump. RT @juchedroid MEMORANDUM FOR: Ashley Feinberg
.@matthewjsinger: as a supposed (hopefully ex) lawyer, can you figure out how to make Trump better? Hint: undercut him to his base by asking him/his proxies Socratic questions about real issues. Instead of demanding that, you enable despicable @ashleyfeinberg clickbait.
.@sonicendeavor: if Trump thought it'd cost him with MAGA we'd be overflowing in test kits. Obviously he doesn't think that. And, that's because of people like *you*. Instead of enabling clickbait like @blakersdozen, find leaders who can engage Trump in debate on real issues.
.@sclarke27: you've been working on the same form for 4+ years & it still doesn't work, the problem is with you. Instead of enabling worthless @ErinBanco clickbait, seek out those who can really press Trump/his proxies on tough policy questions. Stop being a source of bugs.
How about you take some responsibility? Trump needs to be "cross-examined" by smart people about testing. Instead of demanding that, you enable worthless @ErinBanco clickbait. MT @dshnapper [Trump's covid19] press conference was ...[full of] failure to take responsibility
.@littlestbird: USA desperately needs those with access to Trump/his proxies to really press them using lawyerly questions & force them to admit flaws in the response. That will force Trump to do better. @lmatsakis zinger clickbait that'll be forgotten tomorrow *helps* Trump.
Look at what you're doing. You're enabling @caitlin__kelly as she obsesses over trivia. What we need is those who have access to Trump/his proxies to really press them on real issues. She *helps* Trump. MT @warren__terra ...possible carriers/people exposed deserve test too...
.@7StellarJays: in last 4+ years, have you ever noticed that Trump has never been shown wrong to his base or forced to admit he was at fault in anything? That's because those like you enable those like @caitlin__kelly who obsess over things that don't matter. She *helps* Trump.
.@stevestgermain: what do you expect from the likes of @backlon? Their clickbait is all impotent zingers against Trump. We need Trump to be held accountable. That means engaging him/his proxies in real debate about real issues. No one in the media has the smarts or patriotism.
.@29Asveryown: Google's wife = 23AndMe. They'd love to have even more personal info, esp health. It's a horrific idea from that POV.
.@brianhurn: if Trump intentionally claimed Google was doing something they aren't to make them do it, that's pretty slick, isn't it? If so, it's a lot smarter than those who enable @backlon clickbait zingers which have never held Trump accountable in any way.
.@MizLizW: whatever Falwell said, @KFILE is a dumpster diver who's using #covid19 to push censorship. The elites want surveillance & censorship to increase their control. He also isn't smart enough to show his opponents wrong, so tries to silence them.
.@CaputoStephanie: the elites use crises to push their control agenda: after 9/11 surveillance/TSA/etc, after Putin, censorship, etc. Now, @KFILE (who downplayed NFL domestic violence!) uses Falwell/Covid19 to push yet more censorship.
.@ElpopGolf: @SteveSchmidtSES is personally upset after being purged, he's grifting using clickbait, & he's admitting he isn't smart enough to show Fox News wrong. If Fox said it's raining donuts, wouldn't that be easy to show wrong to their audience?
Didn't you pledge to support the Constitution, including the First? Maybe you should review that. MT @naretevduorp Someone needs to spearhead a class action lawsuit [against Fox News]
.@HolmesJayme: you're part of your own problem. Enabling ddale8 & all your other leaders is worse than taking a placebo. Trump needs to be held accountable. Only way to do that is to engage him/his proxies in debate. No one you enable has the smarts/sanity/patriotism to do it.
You've got him now! Are you enough in touch with reality to realize nothing Dale or all your other leaders have ever said has held Trump accountable in any way? MT @larryleclair [to ddale8] ...Wired reports Google doesn't have a clue what he's talking about
#ESPN basically has no sports this weekend, not even on Plus. There might be some rugby, NTTAWWT. There might be some Australian #football (i.e., #soccer), but real early/late.
.@kellyke24601413: even after #covid19 has killed over 1200 in Italy alone, @johnandkenshow treat it like a joke. Even their idol Trump has kinda taken it seriously now. John & Ken are sociopaths.
These #TheResistance blithering idiots think pussy hats are how you respond to Trump. They're a dream opposition for Trump. They've COINTELPRO'ed themselves are every single opportunity. #idiocracy #MAGA
.@jenminicooper: nothing @ddale8 has ever said has done anything other than *help* Trump. Really think about that & try to name even one counterexample. Enabling Dale = helping Trump. If you want to hold Trump accountable, find leaders who can engage Trump & show him wrong.
.@Jeffrey_Rollins: as a lawyer (per your bio, your tweet doesn't give any evidence of it being true), you should realize that incompetent showmen like @brianstelter have only ever *helped* Trump. Socratic questioning of Trump officials would work. You enable those who won't/can't
.@ricklyman: have you seen an interview where @brianstelter or any of your other leaders really presses a Trump official - using lawyerly questioning - on the flaws in Trump's response? Trump has no need to do better because people like you enable incompetents like Brian.
.@Caitlnn: ultimately, people like *you* are part of the problem. CNN went easy on *Saddam* in exchange for access. They suck up to power, they don't question it. When @DrewGriffinCNN won't directly challenge a Trump official on covid19 testing, make it a CLM for him.
.@CarolDeegan12: thousands have died from #Covid19, including over 1200 in Italy alone. @johnandkenshow treat it like a hoax; even their idol has realized how serious it is. John & Ken are just dim sociopaths.
Pursuant to 24Ahead Official Executive Order #434 ("We're sorry, we've reached our limit of dealing with 'trads"), 24Ahead close broadcast day with Traffic - Light Up or Leave Me Alone: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@MontyBoa99: @girlsreallyrule thinks CDC dir being $20 off on the cost of a test is a zinger, & cheers RepKatiePorter undercutting triage. Testing should be available to everyone, but KP invites the healthy to get a test & in a place where they might get sick.
.@HomegrownJoan: while I appreciate @RepKatiePorter 's tough questioning, her actions are going to clog ERs with large #s of people who don't have #covid19, harming those who do need care & exposing healthy people to those who are sick.
Trumpian. MT @RepKatiePorter I want to be clear. Medical pros are advising that unless you have serious symptoms, avoid going to the hospital/doc’s office. Stay home. We don’t currently have the capacity to test healthy people, and going to the hospital puts people at risk
.@RepKatiePorter got CDC dir to commit to spending billions they don't have on non-triaged #Covid19 tests:
So, why reply to @hshaban? Over the last 4+ years, *nothing* he's ever said has changed Trump in any way. Hamza is just a blogger trying to get clicks. He lacks the smarts & patriotism to hold Trump accountable. MT @Yallumbia [claims has covid19 symptoms but can't get tested]
What you think doesn't matter, do you understand that? Trump fans think he's doing great & as long as they do he'll do what he wants. Hamza etc lack the smarts to change that. MT @Aussiemandy [list of bad things Trump supposedly did re covid19] MT @hshaban [worthless quote]
.@FelinaBlanc: whether Trump did/didn't do what @nprfreshair accuses him of, he's getting away with it. That's because people like you enable worthless entertainers like NPR, rather than really pressing them to finally do their jobs & ask leaders tough policy questions.
.@rusteenh: the more fundamental cause is lack of open debate, & those who enable groups that are allergic to debate (Trump, @nprfreshair, MSM, Dem/GOP leaders, etc). If NPR had ever asked a Trump proxy a tough Socratic question about policy, Trump would be a *lot* better.
.@JamesFallows is so afraid of questions he won't allow comments. He could easily ask a Trump proxy tough questions (written by others), but he's afraid of that too. MT @Revivalist_1925 We can push [Covid19 issue] the front if we create a tidal wave of questioning about testing
.@JeffMessineo: @JamesFallows & NPR are just entertainment for those who already dislike Trump. They've only ever *helped* Trump by being a tantruming opposition. It's always been incredibly easy to undercut Trump where it counts - to his base - but they obviously aren't capable.
.@ChrisAmendola: @AC360 to a U Neb guest: "without getting too much into the weeds..." He's just putting on a show. Ex-CIA, ex-kid's show host Cooper is just trying to get ratings off a pandemic.
~~ BREAKING, DRUDGE SIREN ~~ It is reported that @notthefakeSVP & other hosts have begun eating the corpses of ESPN interns to survive the Sports Drought... #Covid19
On Sep 2, 2005 - just a few days after #Katrina - a #HuffPost blogger wrote the following: "It is reported that black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive." No, really. #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Order #4023 ("[something about Vikings, they'll fill this in later]"), 24Ahead close broadcast den with Tyr Ramund hin Unge: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I wouldn't go that far, but Jen & other bloggers aren't doing all they could. Demand she asks Trump officials *tough* questions re testing kits. When she won't, help destroy her career RT @kimmurphy100 [to @JRubinBlogger] Washington doesn’t care who dies as long as it isn’t them