Why go to journalism school when all you have to do is a few simple things: * up your pomposity. Then, up it again. * if you have any scruples, sand them off. * always remember you're part of a "sainted profession dedicated to telling the truth"... (cont'd) #MAGA #resist
.@ChesterRushing: off the wall question, but have you seen any of those old orange crate boxes with the images of blacks eating watermelons etc (you can find them online)? That's the role @mattycardarople plays in the @ATTCares ads. Just reversing the races doesn't make it OK.
.@CallMeMisterD: plus, @mikeallen is using @JGreenDC & other #Axios underlings to hype his Buttedge blog in a coordinated effort to flood the zone. More importantly, Allen daren't question any politician about the huge weaknesses in their policies lest he lose access.
Some of the Chile gals are fairly hot, esp the goalie Endler who, in addition to being hot, plays at a high level. #soccer #football #FIFAWWC #MAGA #resist
As everyone knows by now, we got the score of #USWNT vs Chile wrong: we said it'd be 4-1, it was 3-0. Yes, we got the winner & goal differential right, but *that's not good enough*. We hereby pledge to do better. #FIFAWWC #MAGA #resist
Sunday at 9am (Pacific), Fox will have the U.S. Women's National #Soccer Team taking on our archenemies, Chile. Chile's geopolitical machinations make what Putin does look insignificant. Sunday we finally pay them back. 24Ahead predicts the score at 4-1. #USWNT #MAGA #resist
Temporary victories are *great* for grifters: when they're overturned, they can start the battle anew. More whining, more media appearances, and, most importantly, more money from dimwits who refuse to demand performance rather than happy talk. #MAGA #resist
.@RoyParret: Breitbart has repeatedly pushed amnesty. Now, @hannahbleau_ hypes DeSantis supposedly ending sanctuary cities. Except he hasn't: his successor or the FL courts/legislature will bring them back. Only solid arguments will end SCs. Breitbart is allergic to them.
In this instance - all that matters, speaking logically - is BB deceiving? If so, how? P.S. BB deceives for Trump & Mercers, NYT deceives for Dems, Carlos Slim, Big Biz, etc. Neither are credible. MT @hawkeyecyclone I think the nytimes has way more credibility than Breitbart
DJT Jr says NYT on Tubman bill is bogus, linking Breitbart. Then, @yankeefan69 replies "And Breitbart is such a trusted news source. (In case you can’t tell that’s sarcasm.)" The 100s of other very similar comments were a clue. When you show Breitbart wrong, let DJT Jr know.
.@CthrnAnn: re @KatyTurNBC 's "Why is Mitch McConnell blocking election security bills?", Socratic questions (like lawyers ask) would make McConnell, Blackburn, etc. *admit* they're wrong. Those like Tur don't have a lawyer's mindset + Dunning-Kruger keeps them from taking advice
Based on what I'm seeing, there *is* one team the #USMNT could (probably) beat: Cuba. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
In case you're wondering, the U.S. National Men's #Soccer Team will face off against Guyana on Tuesday. They've already lost to Trinidad 'n' Tobago and Jamaica. I don't know anything about the Guyana team, but there's a good chance the #USMNT will lose. On to Grenada! #MAGA!
.@LokiG19: @USMNT hides #USMNT on channels few get, leading to less mindshare. That leads to worse players & coaches, and that leads to losing to Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, & (perhaps) Guyana.
.@billhandelshow: USA desperately needs *real* debate about policy, not just more horserace. Instead of amoral marketers like @TheThomasGuide, help subject matter experts engage pols in debate to show how they're lying. Putting horserace ahead of policy = Trump gets reelected.
While #ESPN thinks Americans are interested in Canadian kneeball, Univision has Mexico vs Cuba in the #GoldCup. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
Meanwhile back in Dresden: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@SmlWrldAfterall: it doesn't take anything to know @tribelaw will never have any impact on Trump. He's had no impact from 2015 to now & he keeps on doing the same things expecting a different result. Speaking of which, he hypes Bandy X. Lee, the Dem version of a nutso birther.
.@TD_Stewart: Blackburn is vulnerable on a whole host of things, calling her & her constituents names just helps her. What @peterwsinger should be doing is helping efforts to ask those like Blackburn tough policy questions. is that what he's doing?
I've located the only actual Putin bot on Twitter: #MAGA #resist #BotOMania
ICYMI, here's a new Tom Paine pamphlet laying out the core principles of Tea Party and the #GOP: #MAGA #resist
.@dboaeuf: now that you've looked up Blut und Boden, you can move on to opposing it. Who are the rightful owners of the territory currently controlled by the USA?
NB: I don't have (AFAIK) Lyme disease, but I have to worry about it since I frequently sneak through celebrities' gardens to get a closer look. My hilarious joke aside, the fact there isn't a cure or at least a shot is not exactly a point in our favor. #USA! #MAGA #resist
.@jlonga1: let's say you wanted more funding for Lyme disease. Since Trump is an emotional child, you play into that to get him to help the USA. You point out what a hero he'd be, maybe offer to name an NIH building after him. You haven't lied or been dishonorable & you'd help US
None of them have a shred of honor; they're all just careerist hacks. Making a deal with Trump doesn't have to be dishonorable esp given that it'd help the USA. MT @jlonga1 His loudest opponents have personal honor and refuse to stoop to Trump’s level and manipulate him
.@LLinkowsky @darksecretplace: lithium/prozac/etc or ppl going off them are just a symptom. The real issue is the culture. Ppl go off meds in other countries & don't grab a gun. We have a cowboy culture that pushes violence (games/movies/kneeball/etc). Plus "greed is good", etc.
.@LLinkowsky @darksecretplace: what I mean is #MomsDemandAction is like a 14th century doc thinking leprosy is due to eating too much garlic. Guns are their garlic, when the real issue is culture. They & Dem leaders aren't just about gun safety etc: they'd ban guns if they could
The key thing is to keep Trump occupied during the next two years. Idea #1: a cartoon-style trick golfball; when he hits it & tries to pick it up it moves on its own. That'd confuse him for hours. Idea #2: a mobile of Fox News personalities above his crib. #MAGA #resist
I thought I'd got to the end of the list of replies, then I realize it was just that I had this video 2/3 of the way in the list. So, let's play it: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@RadeltWurzburg: apparently that's the only English you know. Here in the USA we engage in debate, we don't try to shut people up. Does @seawatchcrew encourage or discourage people to cross the Med?
.@Kayakgirl27: Mary & Joseph weren't "immigrants". I'm all for caring for the needy. @mirjordan pushes policies that greatly harm - in some cases kill - the needy. She'd braindrain MX (harming everyone who remains) & she in effect encourages people to cross a dangerous desert.
.@bittingmidget: if you thought there were water stations along the way, you'd be more like to hike across a desert than if you knew you wouldn't find water. NoMoreDeaths gives people a false sense of security. Esp those from parts of MX/Cent Am that don't have deserts.
.@thatNukeGuy: my point is you think Pelosi should be able to censor a video. Trump fans think he should be able to censor a video. You & they are wrong.
.@FArkantart: all the "journalists" who cover alt right are fierce opponents. It's like Fox going to OWS & finding only dirty hippies & Maoists, rather than trying to engage their actual point. As for "journalists" & Trump, he & his base drink their tears. @dsharden @abeaujon
.@ktumulty: I left dozens of comments at Swampland so I'm familiar. I want a Trump proxy to be forced to answer what happens to his wall when he's out of office. Goal: make them admit Congress would just neglect/demolish it. I.e., it's vaporware. When will you make that happen?
.@Michael31415492 @marchandsteve: @AndrewYang supports the anti-American DREAM Act and uses the same deceptive talking points as all the others. Compare what he says to these:
.@Michael31415492: @AndrewYang doesn't have any original ideas on #immigration. E.g., his "our immigration system has broken down" is just a rewrite of the hoary Big Biz talking point "the system is broken". He supports the anti-American DREAM Act & a much larger amnesty.
Interested in watching Saturday's big Canada vs New Zealand match in the Women's World Cup but don't get FS2? Here's how: * put on a toque * set your thermostat to -20C * use a VPN to change your IP to a Canada IP * watch it live on the CTV site. #soccer #football #FIFAWWC
.@drdrew: you help Ingraham demagogue illegal aliens & disease. Either you aren't smart enough to realize the Fox News way is fake & counterproductive, or you're insincere. Which is it? P.S. Rupert even joined with Bloomberg to testify to Congress in *support* of amnesty.
.@AroundtheHorn @SedanoESPN: ESPN is currently playing kneeball. You hide Ronaldo on a pay channel few pay for because they don't know who Ronaldo is. ABC thinks women's basketball is a bigger draw than soccer. Etc etc etc. Thank gosh for Murdoch. ABC would never interrupt GMA.
The Argentine keeper is doing a good job, but the bigger issue is that - until just now - England was having trouble finding the goal. Check it out on Fox right now. #FIFAWWC #soccer #football
In a tense replay of the Falklands War, England and Argentina are facing off in the Women's World Cup right now on Fox. It would be 1-0 except the ARG keeper blocked a PK. #FIFAWWC #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
Italy is currently up 3-0 against Jamaica on Fox in the Women's World Cup. Italy is a good-looking team. Even the ones who wouldn't be interested are better looking than their counterparts on other teams. But, the goals haven't been good-looking. #FIFAWWC #soccer #football
And thus, from the #fifawwc office park, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with France Gall - Baby Pop: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Every time I tweet something like that - all dozens upon dozens of times - I wonder if the recipient is capable of understanding that marginalizing the opposition helps the other side. Are cons - the main recipients - mentally capable of understanding such a simple concept?
.@NatasjaYonce: over a year ago I pointed out Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. By continuing to falsely pretend only cons are impacted, you *help* Twitter's pro-censorship campaign by marginalizing the opposition.
.@PeterPeterson95: shortly before TWTR etc banned Alex Jones, @PrisonPlanet started a petition *only* opposing censorship of "alternative voices". He marginalized the opposition to censorship, falsely pretending on cons are censored. PJW is part of the problem.
.@wirefan51: I'm not going to hold Sarah Huckabee responsible for her dad, but her dad is extremely vulnerable on a specific issue. @LeslieMarshall & @AndrewRestuccia daren't mention that issue since it'd make them look bad too.
Puppet of Putin, Puppet of Koch: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@akrrun1 says "[Sarah Sanders] ruled out truth a while ago". Congrats on being the 611,843,251st to say that!
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes, "could you play Helvegen but this time by Wardruna and Aurora?" Of course: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@BigHeadTales: Trump has a cult who've bought his lies; Yang has a mini-cult who've bought his lies. Yang stole his immigration policies from others, barely rewriting them to hide his plagiarism. Did you hear @AdamSextonWMUR call Yang on any of that? #FITN #nhpolitics #WMUR
.@Michael31415492: Yang stole his immigration planks from others, just rewriting them to hide his plagiarism. His "Sr Advisor" @marchandsteve might be behind that. It's going to bite Yang if he goes any further: I'm not the only one who's noticed what they did.
.@phd9: re @ktumulty blogging "Trump sees no national interest beyond his own", everyone's known that for decades. What's needed are smart, realistic action plans that would finally hold him accountable. Is Tumulty offering those (or helping those i.e. me who have them)?
They all basically agree, meaning it comes down to things that shouldn't matter. MT @ktumulty GovernorBullock sethmoulton WayneMessam should qualify for the debate stage
A Mr. Trump of Queens writes to ask, "could you play that video in the castle or something in Czechland or something? The one with the elfen boots. You know the one I mean". So, of course: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Empire0fLights: @AndrewYang stole his immigration policy from real hacks. He took the boilerplate Dem hacks use & then just slightly changed the wording. No one who's sincere & honest does such things. Even Trump hides how fake he is better. #YangGang
.@JimRondinelli: the idea Blackburn is going to resign based on your plea is incredibly hilarious. Smart idea: have *smart, sane, grown-up, experienced* people draft Socratic questions designed to show her wrong. Then, you urge ppl to ask her them on video for Youtube.
"Republican blocks bill requiring campaigns to alert FBI to foreign assistance". @MarshaBlackburn has a perfectly reasonable explanation for putting Putin ahead of USA: #MAGA! #resist
Today in #idiocracy: "Principal accused of plagiarizing Ashton Kutcher speech is suspended". #MAGA #resist
.@Comfey__: is there anything @AndrewYang won't steal? His vid uses the same whiteboard as the Trump Bonus Checks scammers. He took his immigration stance by barely rewriting boilerplate from other candidates. Obviously he has an issue with original thinking.
Apparently the NBA Finals are finished. THANK YOU CANADA! You've finally done something good with your worthless lives by saving us from yet another Ball-in-Hoop game. #Canada #MAGA #resist
.@RealJacobPerry: the Trump admin is great for @TheLloydGrove, Breitbart, NBC, CNN, DailyCaller, TMZ, etc. etc. Trump is a constant source of material & that means more clicks & that means more money. Many things Trump does are bad for the USA, but who cares? Clicks are gold.
Not only are there no #FIFAWWC matches on Fox on Saturday, the #Canada vs #NewZealand match has been relegated to FS2. Not FS1, *FS2*. But, on Sunday at 9am (Pacific) it's #USWNT vs Chile. The score will be 4-1. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
Indeed it is hard to believe, since it's not true. Teaparty was started in *2002* by a Koch group. Either you didn't know that, or you're lying. Which is it? RT @HeritageOTH Hard to believe.....but 10 years ago today @SantelliRants unofficially launched the tea party
TP was started in *2002* by a Koch group. I'll point out to your supporters that you can't do research so can't be trusted. RT @repdottieb4mo Don’t forget @SantelliRants today marks 10 years of your infamous #TeaParty started one of the best movements in history!...
MT @RealDonaldTrump I'm sorry Sarah Sanders has decided to pursue other opportunities. Every Monday morn at 6am she'd give me a strawberry enema to start my week off clean. I'd follow that by drinking a gallon of pineapple juice to really clean myself out. I'll miss her. #MAGA!
Friday at the #FIFAWWC on Fox (both times Pacific): * Italy will trounce Jamaica * England will trounce Argentina Argentina is a hot country. Expect a few hot players & even more hot spectators. Hot. Gonna lose, but hot. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
#China had 53% possession (probably a good bit more near the RSA goal), 17 shots (only 3 on goal) vs 5/1 for RSA, and they barely scraped by 1-0. They've probably got 10 million who could play for their team and some of them would do a better job. #fifawwc #MAGA #resist
Here's your handy "Who In The #FIFAWWC Not To Fap To" list: Also, I think the number is much higher.
Team Walmart *finally* gets a goal. Looks like they won't all be sent to a reeducation camp after all. #China #PRC #FIFAWWC #MAGA #resist
Australia vs Brazil was a good match. Now, Fox has South Africa vs Red China. No really, they're wearing red. #fifawwc #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
Interesting: Australia has just tied it up with Brazil in the #FIFAWWC on Fox. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
24Ahead has almost never endorsed a politician. However, we close the broadcast day by fully and unreservedly endorsing the only candidate who can turn the USA around. #MAGA #resist #Blerta2020
.@FArkantart @dsharden: re the @abeaujon blog "What It's Like for Journalists Who Cover the Alt-Right", aren't all who do that completely opposed? Isn't that like how Fox finds reds under every bed? Also, has any "journalist" ever done anything that didn't just *help* Trump?
Most think #Teaparty started in 2009. It was actually started in 2002 by - no surprise here - a #Koch group: #MAGA #resist
.@PolHistMaven: you say you've "seen through the tea party crowd". When did Teaparty (the modern political movement) start, and who started it?
"Dean Obeidallah was falsely accused of being behind a terrorist attack by The Daily Stormer, whose on-the-run founder just lost big in court". Dean & I tweeted some years ago, then he ran away. Cons - and their even more extreme wing like Anglin - are no help against him.
Many years ago, I bought a package of Kava Kava from a discount store. Nothing ever happened. I tried another package. *I soon learned at least that brand doesn't work.* Years later, #TheResistance isn't even aware they aren't capable of learning.
.@HNHughson lionizes (to put it kindly) Miami Herald & @jkbjournalist (who blog "Feds want to know more about Chinese massage parlor owner's role in Trump fundraising"). After so many similar things not working, have you gotten the clue that such things don't work against Trump?
.@jayrosen_nyu: top search for @svdate & immigration contains an attempt to deceive & him siding with U.S. Chamber (like all good liberals do). Also, what do you think about CJR presenting jaredlholt as an unbiased, journalistic source of facts?
.@ceciliakang: do you think those like you & @RMac18 might be part of the reason why Trump won? Obsessing over beancounting rather than someone selling $1000 sweatpants? Probably 90% would vote for a candidate who promised to send ppl like you to a sovkhoz for a few years.
.@mags_iarba: which is the bigger issue: * a meeting of tech titans doesn't have the correct % of non-males, or * @LynnJurich, BuzzFeed, etc. think $1000 sweatpants are a minor issue to be skipped over? #Blerta2020
.@aayushsoni: @PranavDixit wants Facebook to engage in even more censorship than they do already (his tweet #1138969509409296384). Do you see any issues with countries (or co's with more money than most countries) quashing dissent? Or, are you willing to help them like Pranav?
.@TopherOneil: an obscure point about @DrPepper is their 2018 ad calling #soccer a "gateway drug" to lacrosse. U.S. football is a gateway drug to wrestling & gladiator movies. NTTAWWT.
Wow, isn't that something? My open source project (top tweet) that busts Twitter for lying to millions is sheer dreck by comparison. RT @benjymous My little JavaScript based retro late 80s style virtual computer now has Mac and Linux ports, and can play Zork!
Is this some Fox thing? MT @BeanditoBetes [to @HowardSchultz] We can be glad the soldiers weren't led by weak "leadership" like yourself. Your commitment to targeted retaliation, siding with theft, wishing death & harm upon customers, & pathological lying will not be forgotten.
#Brewers up 5-3 against #Astros in the 14th on Moustakas homer. #MAGA #resist
.@jerrystevens: @HowardSchultz has no discernible constituency. Even if it were just him vs Trump, his support would mostly come from NeverTrump types. If he were smart & patriotic, he'd run as a Red Tory. Like what Trump unknowingly pretends to be, but for real.
"Howard Schultz Announces Campaign Staff Cuts, Summer Hiatus". #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
The Brazil football team starters aren't exactly Sheilla or this ball girl you've seen many, many times. However, odds are they have to have a looker somewhere. #fifawwc #MAGA #resist
Quote: 'Rick Santorum: Trump Was Just Using ‘Filler Words’ When He Said He'd Accept Foreign Help - “He has, sort of - as we all do, filler words that don't mean what they say, like, ‘I think,’” Santorum attempted to explain'. #MAGA #resist
Remember Sheilla of the Brazil Olympics Volleyball team? My browser history does. #MAGA #resist
.@sanbach1314: let's say you were tempted to walk 20 miles across a dangerous desert. Would you be more likely to do it if you thought there'd be people with water for you along the way? NoMoreDeaths kills people by making them think they can survive a dangerous trek.
.@People4Bernie: you're "proud" of NoMoreDeaths. Bernie can figure out they serve Big Biz' cheap labor agenda. Even worse, their actions *increase* the # who die on the border. They give people a false sense of safety, making them think there are water stations. That kills ppl.
Anyhow, Thursday Fox has another #fifawwc double-header (both times Pacific): * 9am: Australia vs Brazil * noon: South Africa vs PRC China #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
Brazil is training for their big match tomorrow: #fifawwc #MAGA #resist
Speaking about #Australia... OK, no one was talking about Australia. However, the "Westfield Matildas" - yes, their national team is named after a mall - have a few that, from their avatars, looked OK. They're all lesbians. Plus, one of their players is 16. #fifawwc
But, the most coveted award the "French" team won is the Joseph Merrick Award, known as the Oliphant and given to the most astonishingly buttugly team that's so f'ing ugly it's painful to look at. Congratulations! #fifawwc #soccer #France #MAGA #resist
~BREAKING~ on Drudge: riots, cars set alight sweep across #Canada as they realize they'll never win another #StanleyCup. Developing...