Truer words were never spoke! Thank you, patriot, and #MAGA! RT @MikeM27076225 We have a GREAT President! Canada DOESN'T.
Huck's so pro-amnesty he gave MX govt free rent to enable illegal immigration. Has Dan used that huge vulnerability? Has Dan engaged Huck in Socratic debate (as he's trained) on his issue? MT @audiomagnate Tell us a good Huckabee joke @DWUhlfelderLaw [childish cartoon]
.@DWUhlfelderLaw: I pity your clients. Instead of acting like a smart atty & engaging Huckabee in Socratic debate on beach access or where Huck's extremely vulnerable (amnesty), you hype childish cartoons, the impotent (Rick Wilson etc) & need the media to fight your battles.
.@ALCOFRE22 @AnyoneBut2020: you can find audio of Hannity coming out for amnesty. Trump's base hates amnesty. Explain why Hannity opponents aren't yelling from the rooftops about his sellout.
.@JimSurveyor: remember this? HANNITY: They’re worried about porcupine, caribous-always some animal they are worried about. EARHARDT: Right. But what about us and our energy? @ainsleyearhardt isn't Hallmark material, she's right at home at #FoxNews.
"You know what this is, Ainsley? It's a Mil-Spec burner iPhone. I give boxes of them to my employees. It can't be traced. Want to test it out? I'll call Trudeau's private cell, you order a Big Mac with Super Size Fries. Go ahead, try it! Put him on speaker." #MAGA #resist
Just like Trump, Kate Bush tried to rob a bank in the 80s and thought she could get away with it. Well, Kate, you didn't! And neither will Trump! 24Ahead & #TheResistance close broadcast day with this earnest warning: #NowPlaying #MusicFriday #MAGA
When has that ever worked? The problems are coming from your house: those like @neal_katyal simply aren't smart enough to undercut Trump, as reality shows. Rudy's extremely un-MAGA, but he can't/won't use it. MT @lobylyn People need to call out Republicans misleading tweets...
Rudy's an incredible mismatch for Trump's appeal: he extolled Rockefeller, he took TTC $, he's an amnesty fan, etc. All huge vulnerabilities for him. Neal simply isn't smart enough to use them. MT @ChristineLeath [no va] MT @neal_katyal [hypes toothless anti-Giuliani blog]
.@KenneyBaden: @matt_naham blogs about "100s" of law profs signing an anti-Trump letter, w/o mentioning how many law profs there are in the U.S. Would you do that? Wouldn't you point out forgotten past pleas for attention like from historians, shrinks, etc.? Is Matt helping?
Here's a tough question: "what happens to the 'wall' when Trump's out of office & Congress neglects/demos it?" Nothing Bendery would ever ask is 0.01% as tough. MT @jbendery [WH press secy doesn't hold press confabs] MT @jshbooks [she just] posts snarky posts on Twitter
Inspired by Judas Priest, Kate Bush tried to rob a bank in the 80s: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@kenblair75: "Pocahontas" is worthless: it won't change anyone's minds. Warren's extremely vulnerable to her base over her pro-Big Biz immigration policy (point out to them she'd help lower wages). @AlxThomp is extremely vulnerable for never once asking anyone a tough question
"That's right, Ainsley. For a while after 'Nam, I led a group of rock'n'roll thieves who robbed banks using our guitars. I've since completely reformed, of course." #NowPlaying #MAGA #MusicFriday #resist #FoxNews
That's ~5% to 10% of law profs. MSM also hyped historians opposing Trump. Remember that? Of course not: it had zero impact too. Zapotosky = clickbait. MT @LunchJournals [cheers] MT @mattzap [blogs "More than 500 law professors say Trump committed ‘impeachable conduct’"]
It's just too bad Matt Zapotosky of #WaPo doesn't play hockey.
.@LessThanLiz: hey Liz, @delbius helps leaders around the world hide from dissent. She heavily censors replies from liberals to Trump officials. She also heavily censors replies from dissidents to Rouhani, Medvedev, etc. (real data at my pinned tweet) Are you a Rouhani fan?
.@blakeir: check out the reproducible data at my pinned tweet showing how incredibly incompetent @kayvz is. Competent engineers could design a better ranking algorithm in their sleep. Not only that, he heavily censors replies from dissidents to Rouhani, Medvedev, etc.
Instead of childish GIFs, point out to Gregg Nog fan(s) the harm he'd do to the USA. Just do it about things his base cares about. That'll sting. MT @RoStryck83 [GIF] MT @gwiss [snark about Hogan Gidley correctly pointing out impeachment "won't put food (on the table)"]
Did either of you ever stop to think Trump won precisely because of dreck like you? MT @TIsthegoat [personal smear of Jonathan Turley] MT @abedelman [dumpster diving of Jonathan Turley]
Indeed. Those like alleged PhD Miranda Yaver are too dim, deranged, & unpatriotic to undercut Trump to his base. Even when he does a Hank Hill impersonation. MT @professor_gumby MT @mirandayaver [to Trump's toilet proposals: "This is such a stupid time to be alive"]
"Trump Orders Toilet Rule Review, Saying People Flush 10 Times". Doing a Hank Hill impersonation is a huge step up for Trump, he usually just imitates Jimmy Wichard. #KOTH #KingOfTheHill #MAGA #resist
Making Trump a victim of Deep State machinations. GOP probably has ads ready. @TheAtlantic lacks the smarts, patriotism, & integrity to go after Trump where he's vulnerable (where he & Jobs agree) MT @Jimwils01571685 [Pelosi] knows [impeachment] won’t get through the senate
.@samvega: remember "Drumpf"? How'd that work out? Everything Dems/ #TheResistance have done against Trump is just as smart as "Drumpf". The smart way to undercut him is to point out to his base how his plans would fail them. Why haven't Dems done that? Why haven't you urged it?
.@KenGoldsholl: as the "Co-founder [transact dot io, postd dot io * notd dot io]", can you think of a smarter way to hold Trump accountable than impeachment? Can any of your engineers? Can anyone you know? If you can't, how could anyone smart invest in your ventures?
.@npbeharry: I'm more interested in the @LPNational take on Purdue Pharma. Aren't they a capitalist success story (giving the people what they want) that was briefly sidetracked by nanny-state regulations? We see what killing thousands gets you under the current system.
I mentioned #Twitter message "This account owner limits who can view their Tweets" yesterday. Here's another: "This Tweet is from a suspended account. %{learnmore}". As before, I'm logged out & "%{learnmore}" would be replaced with a link if $TWTR were competent. #MAGA #resist
$0.50-a-go Kolkata slum hoes are uniformly more principled that Big Biz. If Big Biz doesn't do whatever it can get away with, someone else will do it & they'll take a hit in stock price etc. Free market capitalism has no sense of morals or patriotism. #MAGA #resist
.@bullystyle311: your personal issues re @Allstate are important, but what's more important is that they enable mass illegal activity & massive corruption. There are millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. because Big Biz pays off pols to look the other way, & Allstate enables it.
The #Teaparty braintrust *enabled* "liberal" smears in the usual way: repeating the smears, "look at all our blacks!", etc. Not only would they impoverish non-elite whites, they'd enable their loudest opponents by presenting an absurdly incompetent opposition. #MAGA #resist
The most intellectual "liberal" opposition to #Teaparty was by Garofalo: "they're racist, straight up." All the other "lib" opposition was *even dumber than that*. Fiscal con scammers skate *because of* their loudest opponents. #MAGA #resist
.@ltDan1991: remember Teaparty? They strongly supported "free market capitalism" even though that - by definition - has no morality or patriotism. If they can get away with it, those like @allstate (this time via 'Adelante Mujeres') will enable mass illegal activity & corruption
"I was drafted by the Yankees out of school, Ainsley. But duty called so I went to 'Nam & did dozens of undercover ops for the Company. 'Bone spurs' was a cover story. When I came back I played in the NHL as Jean-Richard Le Duc, setting dozens of records." #FoxNews #MAGA #resist
.@TheDailyRamsay: #ATT ads are like updated watermelon crates from 100 years ago (or like Memin Pinguin of today), just with the races reversed. You'd think @GordonRamsay wouldn't sell out to them, but I guess their money spends like anyone else's.
.@allstatefdn: you sponsor a "Mayhem Moment" in kneeball. Like what Aaron Hernandez did? Or, like what Ray Lewis - now in the pro kneeball Hall of Fame - was involved in? Your customers probably don't like you enabling the felonious kind of mayhem.
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #560923345 ("I did it all for you, not for me"), 24Ahead thus close broadcast day with America's premier songbird Taylor Swift: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@mckinneykelsey: hey Kelsey, it's undeniable that those like @MonicaHesse helped Trump win, isn't it? They're his foil. Now she obsesses over "freeing" Melania, rather than addressing his fans' concerns about their jobs. Or how his wall would fail. She's in effect pro-Trump.
.@PLANETucker: @jonqueally never lets a good crisis go to waste. He hypes a death in BP custody, using it to push a very pro-Big Biz immigration stance. Big Biz wants to increase the labor supply to lower wages. Jon would help them do that. He's not a liberal.
.@jooltman: real leadership would be finally making a valid argument about "climate change". Those like @billmckibben can't. They use flawed data, they push "climate justice", and when that fails they resort to censorship. If I agreed with you I'd be ashamed to have such leaders.
Aren't Harvard grads on your side? They profit from or make noise about "climate change". What causes those like you to never make valid arguments to non-beliebers? MT @paulhorvitz I have filed my HarvardForward petition to place a pro-divestment slate on the Harvard Overseers..
.@BurgosGOP: Trump, Biden, etc. etc. are all incredibly vulnerable to their base on their policies. Those like @MarcACaputo *helped Trump win* & now they're helping Biden by hyping a video that makes Biden look good to millions. Caputo lacks the smarts & patriotism to do his job
New message from #Twitter while logged out: 'This account owner limits who can view their Tweets. %{learnmore}'. The '%{learnmore}' is a placeholder for a link, except $TWTR isn't competent enough to test what their pages look like when you're logged out. #idiocracy
.@Catsorange1: Biden won't just get a pass for his Iowa/Hunter exchange, he'll get lots of votes for standing up to a dumpster diver. Those like @JTHVerhovek *weren't smart enough to stop Trump*. Mull that over for a minute. Trump, a simpleton with childlike plans.
.@jayseedub: plus, compare the @attcares ads to watermelon boxes from a century ago. They're basically the same just with the races reversed. Every non-white in their ads is a hero, every white in their ads is a stooge.
.@IdahoIndependen: way back in 2015 I predicted how Trump's grand plans would fail. My predictions have become facts. At any time, @jaketapper could've easily destroyed Trump to his base by making the same arguments (see my Trump posts). What malfunction kept him from doing it?
They're worried about their jobs being outsourced by Big Biz (which @JakeTapper constantly helps). 2016 reality didn't sink in & 2020 reality won't either. MT @PoCarterr Thanks Jake- hope the Moderate Fly-Over Americans watch this and realize how words matter.
The woman on the left seems to be black, no? How many other blacks are there in the pic? Ever see a Mel Brooks movie? MT @Shout2universe [to JakeTapper's pic of WV correctional officers] [high horse]
Why, do you want to see which of them are black despite the bad photoshop? Because you want to visit them? MT @EJL1984 Unblur their faces MT @jaketapper [WV correc. ofcrs supposedly giving stiffarm salute]
.@goroundncircles: Kellyanne, Parscale, & Trump are all extremely vulnerable to MAGA: - KA got paid by Zuck to deceive about amnesty - BP *helps* Twitter censorship - Trump is a big amnesty fan. What sort of failure leads to @mikedebonis etc not using those huge vulnerabilities?
Saw a student/Youtube film being made with furren period costumes. Shouted out something appropriate for that era & inflammatory in a furren language. Did not get a response. #sad
.@MatHelman: heyoo Mat, Parscale is extremely vulnerable to his base because it's incredibly easy to see that he's either misleading about Twitter censorship, or he can't even do basic research. Calling him on that would really undercut him & Trump. When will you do it?
So, if impeachment != ejection but instead reelection, your career is over (with my help). MT @RachelBitecofer [cheers impeachment] in swing districts in VA a few weeks ago: 55% support of the impeachment inquiry among those likely voters
.@6Munin: see my Trump posts. Starting way back in Aug 2015 I correctly predicted how his grand plans would fail. People didn't vote for him over his tweets, but over his promises. @dgordon52 could've used my arguments to destroy Trump to his base. Explain his malfunction.
.@realjstrandt: speaking about smarts, questions that (for me) are very easy to devise would reveal to Trump fans that his wall will never work & that his ban wasn't needed or hurt the USA. Since doing either would greatly harm Trump to his base, why hasn't @dgordon52 done them?
I signed up for free trials of #Hulu & #BritBox. The first only has #DocMartin up to Season 5, and the second has no Doc Martin. #disappointed
.@metraking192: @ChicagoBears & NFL are a joke compared to real football. Kneeball players are big babies on & off field, they need politburo to direct their every move, they can't play both offense & defense, eons btw *each* play, they need to be pointed in the right direction..
.@ercitall: the BP case is tragic & those who could've helped need to be help accountable. But, that's not what @ericuman cares about. He's paid by Big Biz & Big Biz wants loose borders to lower wages. You're only hearing about the BP case because Big Biz uses it to make $.
.@bright_kolleen: you know how Trump plays his base? @ericuman is playing you. BP case is tragic, but Eric Umansky really doesn't care. He cares about is Big Biz funding, and Big Biz loves loose borders so they can lower wages. The case is tragic, but you're being played.
.@gutie46: "when Trump's ban was blocked, did he ramp up screening enough - from all countries - to keep us safe? Answer 'yes' & you admit his plan wasn't needed. If 'no', you admit he endangered USA. Which will it be?" Have Pelosi etc ever asked that? Why not? #PelosiTownhall
.@denisewu: a terse question (it'll fit in a tweet) would force a Trump defender to admit that Trump's ban either wasn't needed, or made us less safe. Instead of coming up with that & using it to undercut Trump, Pelosi only *helps* him by pushing impeachment.
.@DianaLogue2: in the same #PelosiTownHall, she admits impeachment likely helps Trump. It's always been incredibly easy to undercut Trump to his base over how the "wall" would fail, his ban was either unneeded or made us less safe, etc. Instead, Pelosi etc only *help* Trump.
And, but "standing up", you mean likely helping him as you admit. RT @SpeakerPelosi If we fail to stand up to President Trump, we will be sending a message to all future presidents that they can simply ignore our system of checks and balances. #PelosiTownHall
Glad she admitted she's likely helping Trump. MT @CNN Pelosi says she’d have no regrets if exit polls showed in 2020 that pursuing impeachment helped reelect Trump: “This isn’t about politics at all. This is about patriotism... honoring our oath of office.” #PelosiTownHall
Chances of GOP voting to eject Trump are extremely slim. Anything sort of ejection only helps Trump with his Deep State narrative. IOW, Grant *helps* Trump MT @RaeAnnEmerySAG [thinks a cheap, pre-planned Pelosi quip is meaningful] MT @grantstern [GOP has taken an oath to Trump]
"I come from the land of the ice & the snow, Ainsley", Trump told me. "I don't like synths, but I want Fox to close broadcast day with this video in Icelandic". As a Fox affiliate we hereby do as suggested: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@jstorelli: WaPo, @maddow, etc are corporate media. They push the Big Biz line to help billionaires make even more money. They harp on Trump hiring illegal aliens to enable *more* illegal immigration to lower wages. Trump's horrific, but be a real liberal & support workers.
.@arapahoemissy: Trump is obviously much, much smarter than @ktumulty & #TheResistance. Reality proves that: he beat you & he'll likely do it again. There are smart & extremely simple things that'd undercut Trump to his base. None of you have been able to figure those out.
You simply aren't smart & sane enough to realize that would've backfired like all the rest. MT @bamadavis14 I communicated to a senior Hillary staffer that I had a line she could deliver in the debate that would be awesome [personal smear of Trump] [she almost did it]
#TheResistance on Trump = Frank "Grimy" Grimes on Homer. All we're waiting for is the electrocution part. #MAGA
.@awardless: the 20 ton elephant in the room is that Justin Amash is a big amnesty fan. @AndyKroll - wittingly or, most likely, unwittingly - is advancing someone few in the GOP would support.
.@Blackbirdsing2: even Andy Yang realizes impeachment is a big loser. You only win if Trump's ejected & the chances of that are exceedingly slim. @AndyKroll is pandering to you to get clicks, just like Breitbart does. He lacks the smarts & patriotism to undercut Trump.
Sean blogs Trump's forgotten Prince Andrew. Every time he's forgotten someone, no one cares except the MSM. It's barely an outrage ripple. IOW, Sean is worthless at what he does. MT @marsella____ [to @Neumannthehuman, who covers politics for People (!)] [great]
.@CakeSuperhero: decorated cakes won't stop Trump. A smart thing @AndrewYang could do right now is engage Trump proxies in debate about how the "wall" won't last & other things that would greatly undercut Trump to his base. Why hasn't Yang been doing that all along? #YangGang
.@_AlaynaMachel_: hey Alayna, @AndrewYang is smart enough to realize impeachment is a "loser". So, why isn't he smart enough to engage Trump proxies in debate on Trump's plans in a way that'd undercut Trump to his base? That's all that was needed to stop Trump. #YangGang
Years ago I played a music video made by a 70s or 80s cult-like organization. Think Brady Bunch. Because Youtube search thinks I want to see rap dreck when I search '70s cult music video' & I'm not looking through 100s of pages I'm giving up on the dream of playing it again.
.@pupper_mum: to 10s of millions of voters, impeachment *is* the Deep State against someone who promised to help them. Only way Trump loses is if he's ejected; chances of that are exceedingly slim. Either @eliehonig is smart enough to realize that (& he's just a grifter) or not.
.@CopticDisco: the chances of Trump being ejected are exceedingly small. If impeachment "wins", Trump will use it to win: the Deep State vs regular people. If it loses, that's an even bigger win for Trump. IOW, 99 cases out of 100, @eliehonig is only *helping* Trump.
"Andrew Yang on Wednesday said attacks on President Donald Trump have been ineffective and may ultimately increase his reelection chances. — “It seems like all we can do is throw ineffective rocks at Donald Trump". How many *years* has it taken him to realize that? #YangGang
.@nsrb789: what's truly "shameful" at #TheResistance tactics: balloons, hats, smears, lies, etc. etc. All of it only ever helping Trump. Your leaders are only in it for the clicks. If they weren't, they'd challenge Trump proxies on the huge flaws in his plans.
So, you're wishing harm on your fellow citizens & thus only helping Trump? MT @DrexlSpivey10 It would be a shame if anybody affected by these new [food stamp] rules were supporters of the Dumpsters.
.@NickB09121299: #TheResistance leaders are obsessed 24/7 with impeachment (even tho it'll only help Trump). It's always been extremely easy to undercut him to his base over the "wall", but those leaders can't/won't do it. They're as much your enemy as Trump.
"Trump calls Trudeau ‘two-faced’, cancels press conference and leaves Nato summit early after video of world leaders making fun of him" #SNOFUS #Snowflake #MAGA #resist
.@chant_ian: @JxhnBinder, Breitbart, & other r/w sources get or want $ from those who profit from oil & gas. Thus, he engages in ad homs against Bloomberg while not even bothering to address his arguments. It's the same thing the NYT etc do with immigration.
.@resparkable: "do as I say, not as I do"/hypocrisy is an ad hom & usually logical fallacy. Bloomberg's CO2 footprint is minuscule compared to industry etc. You should want those like @JxhnBinder to try to make valid arguments about Bloomberg's ideas, not just engage in ad homs.
.@Calamity7891: imagine a baseball team whose outfielders can barely run. Despite that, their opponents keep bunting, etc. @TomSteyer & the rest of #TheResistance are like that but worse. They refuse to go after Trump where he's *extremely* vulnerable to his base.
That's 1000 trees top, probably planted by NGOs (perhaps in 3rd World) and tax deductible. RT @TomSteyer Scientists have said reforestation is one of the best ways to address the climate crisis. That’s why my campaign is planting a tree in the name of every active volunteer
.@DWolfsonKSTP: geese only fly south in the winter, humans fly anywhere at any time. @ESPNPR is on the same intellectual level as geese. They think as soon as the leaves turn, baseball/real football fans suddenly turn into basket/kneeball fans. That's just dim.
You hype something maybe 0.01% of the USA will ever care about. Meanwhile, you hide the world's most famous athlete on Plus. You should show NCAAWB, but hiding Ronaldo is gloopy. MT @ESPNPR The 2019 women's college basketball Big Ten/ACC Challenge is here!
.@Joshua_Newman: how to Utah Ball-In-Hoop ratings compare to RSL ratings? What sort of malfunction causes ESPN to think that they can't show real football or baseball during Fall/Winter but it has to be kneeball and Ball-In-Hoop 24/7?
.@Jeopardy: your #RagingGrannies clue makes them sound like they're just a bunch of little old ladies fighting for the American Way. In fact, they oppose one of our fundamental principles: the First. They're totalitarians who seek to quash dissent. Find even one counterexample.
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #405923 ("Mellow out and defy the Twitter Language Policija by playing Mari Jürjens aka Mari Pokinen aka Mellow Mary with Sinu sülle"), we do as suggested: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@carol_morehead: while @TomSteyer is leading people like you on about impeachment (anything short of ejection - which won't happen - only helps Trump), Trump's cutting foodstamps on 750k. Steyer is in effect distracting people while Trump does great damage to the USA.
.@OrignalGinger: @TomSteyer could easily fix issues regarding clean water in the USA if he put his mind to it. Scratch that: someone else's mind. He's repeatedly shown that he got rich on a fluke and that he isn't smart enough. He can't even show a simpleton like Trump wrong.
Every email from @TPPatriots is a delight, like the one about their "mini-documentary titled, Socialism Stories" about escapees "under socialism and communism in countries like Cuba, the Soviet Union, and China". And Norway, Sweden, France...... #MAGA #resist
Received via spam: the Hartford Courant wants everyone to "get harder and longer lasting erections": #Hartford #HartfordCourant #MAGA #resist
.@YpsiGal: there's very little chance of Trump being ejected. Let's say it doesn't happen & he's reelected. Are you going to continue enabling those like @lachlan knowing they led you on rather than doing smart, simple things they could do right now to undercut Trump?
.@godinhj: GWB & Obama both got "tough" on immigration, albeit more subtly than Trump. All three had the same goal: very pro-Big Biz loose immigration policies. @aarti411, Trump, Obama, & GWB all try to help Big Biz profit from lowering wages. Really think things through.
.@rosemarierung: I'm going to help out NH voters by recruiting people to ask you tough immigration questions at your townhalls. On video for Youtube. Trump's horrific, but my questions will expose how very pro-Big Biz you are on immigration. You'll be exposed as a Big Biz stooge.
MT @rosemarierung I wish you held the interview and challenged him on McKinsey [Consulting]'s role with ICE. MT @aarti411 [emotional breakdown over deportations]
.@jkrudler: both De Blasio & Bloomberg are very pro-Big Biz on immigration. Bloomberg even joined with Murdoch & other billionaires to deceive about immigration ("PNAE"). Even if you're also very pro-Big Biz, why hasn't @gdebenedetti called either on that, like a real reporter?