Col Trump - Man of People, Statesman, Scholar, Sportsman, i Poet - announce new ads to promulgate voting - Democratic voting, unlike other counties - among people! Watch video, is required. #MAGA #resist
.@ClioDunn: @GregJaffe quotes William Taylor as not getting what makes Trump click. That's a smarts test. Trump is motivated by basic emotions, he's not at all deep. Putin etc know how to play him. Jaffe, Taylor, & all you other leaders can't even grok a simpleton.
.@RobinKirk: @jdelreal has constantly deceived about immigration. Here's a challenge: link any of his blogs, & I'll point out to you at least one attempt of his to deceive people like you. Go ahead, call me on it.
.@kaleekreider: as bad as Google "cloaking" (look it up) their owns maps, Twitter ghosts (i.e., lies to) millions of their users. They heavily censor replies to Rouhani, Medvedev, etc. Maybe you can next cover the reproducible data at my pinned tweet.
.@TaxRehab: you know how pols constantly deceive? Like they use euphemisms, posturing, & language tricks to cover up that they strongly support amnesty & loose borders? Those like @TheThomasGuide are paid to help pols deceive people. Those like him are part of the problem.
.@GrimmHorror: @thethomasguide is a swamp thing. He helps market lying pols in the same way shady ad agencies help corrupt companies market lying products.
.@ETTC19: De Blasio is very pro-Big Biz on immigration, he helps them harm workers. More labor = lower wages.
.@ThomasIsOnline: what's ironic (in the Model T or even better USSR sense) is how similar @danielmarans, De Blasio, Bernie, & Trump are on immigration. Their posturing aside, they all support loose borders to help Big Biz lower wages.
.@Dander_Bogaerts: those like @Messina2012, the MSM, etc are the problem. What the USA desperately needs is for *all* candidates to finally be asked tough questions on their policies. The political class - Messina, MSM, candidates - *strongly* opposes that.
.@FT1965: alternatively, urge @davidfrum not to fall into Trump Trap #87567646434587579 (Daytona) but instead point out to MAGA how fake Trump is on immigration. Wouldn't that be smarter than constantly falling into Trump's traps?
.@willmenaker: both you & @jonathanchait have access to Cortes/Jennings/etc. Here's how you or Chait could easily undercut Trump to his base. Will you be first? If you won't do this plan, then list what you've done that has been more effective.
.@sunraysunray: Trump is extremely vulnerable to his base. A few smart campaigns & he'd be as popular as Steyer. @jonathanchait has the means to at least help with those. Either he lacks the will or the smarts, which do you think it is?
.@rags0038: @ATTexplore ads are very racist. All their ads have blacks mocking whites. Their ads are like old Steppin Fetchit movies, just with the races reversed. Please don't enable their racism.
#Koch has spent countless millions pushing loose borders (Reason Mag, etc etc). Yet - oddly enough! - they stood down on Trump even tho - theoretically - he's against everyone they support. List all the possible explanations for Koch to go easy on Trump: #MAGA #resist
.@AndrewBuncombe: Trump is like a aCOINTELPRO op on immigration. That shouldn't be surprising to you: you know about the Trump/Koch deal, all the pro-amnesty stooges he hired, etc. @sbg1 takes Trump at face value, as dim as taking Soviets at face value. Or, she deceives on CNN.
.@effie_persists: Trump's in the WWE Hall of Fame. Both he & his "opponents" (like @JohnWoodrowCox) are very WWE. Both are putting on a show to dupe people like you into supporting anti-American loose borders policies. Look beyond their rhetoric to the bottom line.
In alternative universe local news, local man Don Trump - clerk at Smith's Dry Goods & bassist in local band Satan's Maidens - was slightly injured when he fell off the Dancing Dumbo ride at the Kankakee Fairgrounds. He is reported to be resting comfortably at his boarding house.
.@RealDonaldTrump: #HappyValentinesDay2020 from all true patriots! We love you!
24Ahead's Closing Argument: You know I've read a lot of blogs, watched a lot of TV food fights, but I say gosh darn, gosh darn the conservatives. The cons are monsters. And no, I'm not kidding. #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Those who falsely pretend #Twitter only censors cons are restricting the audience of those concerned to 0.33% to at most 1% of their users. There are probablt more censored Bieber fans than that. As with everything else, cons glom onto & neuter issues. #MAGA #resist
#Twitter has 300 million users (many of them bots). If you buy an ad targeting U.S. cons you'll see only about 0.33% of their users are U.S. cons. There are no doubt more, but it's *real* easy to spot cons. #MAGA #resist
.@JLWill8199: @LouDobbs and Trump *help* Twitter censorship by falsely pretending only cons are censored. Buy a Twitter ad, you'll see cons are a sliver of users. Dobbs/Trump falsely pretend only that sliver are censored when it's much more. They marginalize the opposition.
.@DavidPDuffy25 (apparently David P. Duffy) blocked me for correctly pointing out the "wall" is vaporware:
.@bayareahausfrau: @pnjaban thinks Twitter only censors cons. Explain all the censored libs to Parscale. Not to mention they censor ~1/2 the replies to Rouhani, ~40% to Medvedev... She either lies or can't even do 3 minutes' research.
.@bobmcw53: since everything #TheResistance has done against @kayleighmcenany & Trump has failed miserably, isn't it kinda time to do smart things? Find someone to ask him/her this question:
.@vodaeau: Dobbs & @pnjaban are lying or showing they can't even do 3 minutes of research. As the reproducible data at my pinned tweet shows, Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users, not just cons. Point that out to anyone who takes Dillon seriously.
I'm cynical as f but I have to admit I expected a lot better from Altuve, Cora, etc etc. What they did isn't just bad for baseball, it's bad for the culture. #MAGA #resist #Astros #RedSox
.@spiritof1972: @NRO blog "Dem for Anti-Trump Cons" ignores top domestic issue & also where cands are extremely vulnerable to their base. If #NRO were smart, patriotic, & high-T they'd help call the cands on how their immigration stance would harm workers. NRO lacks all three.
.@HJWallEcon: Dem cands are very vulerable to their base on immigration. Smart arguments used in smart ways would force them to be better (a la Gillibrand being made worse in a week). @RAVerBruggen didn't propose doing that because he unpatriotically agrees w/ them or is dim.
.@RAVerBruggen blogs "Is There a Democrat for Anti-Trump Conservatives?", showing yet again how less-than-worthless cons are. He doesn't mention the top domestic issue (also where all mentioned are extremely vulnerable). He offers no plan to make any pol better.
.@MaxKennerly: as you know, journalists abide by the 'right of reply'. @daveweigel wote about me on his blog, then refused to approve the comment I left where I showed how he lied. Consider not enabling a liar who has no integrity.
In local alternative universe news, Don Trump has received the Martin Frobisher Employee of the Month award from the Kankakee branch of Farm Insurance. This is his first award in 17 years with the company, but better late than never we say! #MAGA #resist
.@PBunches: 1. In another tweet I made clear @govbillweld was quoting WaPo: 2. Twitter censored your reply, see "LowQuality" at my pinned tweet. Ask reporters to cover that 3. What Weld'd say if he were fit to lead:
.@round10account: you reply "Sounds salty". Explain.
.@maryjanebern: Bernie - just for political reasons - would legalize millions of illegal aliens. That'd kick off even more illegal immigration (as the newly-legalized don't want to do stoop work anymore). All of that would greatly reduce low-skilled wages, enriching billionaires.
.@jlonga1: I don't see that excerpt from "Temp/The Real Story of What Happened to Your Salary, Benefits, & Job Security" but *both* Dem & GOP leaders support the NeoLiberal policies the book is apparently about. @ChrisCuomo will never call leaders on helping Big Biz lower wages.
Earlier today it was Ronaldo vs Zlatan, here are highlights: #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Order #897453 ("I call him 'Crazy Man Michael'"), 24Ahead close broadcast den with Crazy Man Michael - Fairport Convention: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Baligubadle1: Trump won & will probably win again *because of* people like you. You enable leaders like @ddale8 who've never done anything other than help Trump. Name all #TheResistance leaders who've undercut Trump to his base:
"Trump to visit Palm Springs area next week for fundraising event at Oracle chairman Larry Ellison's estate" I & #MAGA suspect Trump is really going to call him on his terrifying plot: #resist
.@EcoDevGuru: 1. You got censored (see "LowQuality" at my pinned tweet). 2. @BrianSlodysko serves Bloomberg's interest in getting the dumpster diving out now. Mike's incredibly vulnerable on immigration. Brian lacks the patriotism/journalism/integrity to call him on that
.@KarynQuack: @BrianSlodysko (top achievement: "wine cave") is just trying to get Bloomberg dumpster diving out now rather than later; he serves Mike's interests. Thank him for being too corrupt, unpatriotic, & un-journalistic to go after Mike where he's vulnerable: immigration.
.@chatteekathy: @GovBillWeld is bad as Trump: both think being taller than others is an argument. Weld gets into the mud with a champion pig. Weld is clearly incapable of making even one of the many arguments that'd undercut Trump to his base. Like Trump, Weld isn't fit to lead.
Are you trying to trick #BillWeld into being even more idiocracy than he is now, or have you just had too many electrolytes? MT @Flarvik [Trump]’s 6’3” as much as he’s 239. [GovBillWeld], I dare you to Jack Palance him...drop and challenge him to even ONE push-up. Lolol
~~BREAKING NEWS, DRUDGE SIREN~~ Lindsay Casinelli is wearing a leopard skin top. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@PBunches: @GovBillWeld obsesses over him supposedly being taller than Trump, in exact same way Trump allegedly obsesses over him supposedly being taller than Bloomberg. If Weld were smart he'd try to show Trump wrong to his base. That's obviously beyond him.
.@GovBillWeld [quotes "[Trump] is unlikely to debate Weld because his true height would be revealed if he stood next to the former Massachusetts governor" from WaPo blog "Trump is obsessed with height. Now he’s trying to weaponize it in the election" by a Jay Mathews.
.@beccalew: you're "anti-fascist". Fascists/totalitarians throughout history have tried to quash dissent; the only diff btw Sleeping Giants & Honecker is power & degree. Like them, @kevinroose is strongly pro-censorship. Are you, or are you a real liberal?
.@ranjanxroy: @kevinroose says #SCrowder is "bargain-bin conservative comedian". He thinks MMGA & Vox aren't, not because their Big Biz funding but they're in his circle. He treats a totalitarian who has the elites & Big Biz on his side (eg NYT) as struggling against all odds.
.@PhilosophyTube: FYI, @gaywonk blocked me after just one tweet showing it wrong. He's a totalitarian who can't debate, what about you?
R/w dolt-grifter @SCrowder repeatedly used pre-K gay smears against ex-MMFA/Vox SJW totalitarian @gaywonk (who'd blocked after 1 tweet). Instead of using that correctly, Maza went full-on Honecker. Both are toxic to USA but should keep self-discrediting
"What happened in yesterday's key Brentford 1 Leeds United 1 match?" I'm asked. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@garyyager: what's needed is for smart people to engage pols in debate on policy. In the decade+ I've been pushing that I've got almost zero help. Dolts & the corrupt always know better.
"I'm worried about talking to myself, Sean." "You aren't right now, I'm here sir." "Are you?" "Yes, we're on Fox." "That could be simulated, Sean." "I'm as real as my Stutz Bearcat, sir." "They don't make those anymore, Sean." "They did, because I'm on Fox." #MAGA #Resist
Pursuant to Trump Order #897683 ("Working closely with key stakeholder, I shall help liberate Baltics from their oppressive governments"), 24Ahead close broadcast den with Veronika Povilionienė - Leliumoj: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@joe__ureneck: FYI, @getongab blocked me for pointing out #dissenter would fail & that they *help* Twitter censorship by shrinking the tent (falsely pretending only cons are censored even as Twitter heavily censors dissidents in IR, RU, etc). Now the join an SJW pile-on.
Ryan would strongly oppose MSM doing what I want: calling *all* pols on the huge flaws in their plans. Like how Trump's ban wasn't needed or endangered USA. MT @1ChicagoDave [itd] MT @celinedryan [MSM "tried to take down Trump by saying he looked directly at the sun"]
#MAGA #resist RT @mooncult Pete Buttigieg was Facebook's 300th user when he was at Harvard with Zuckerberg.
.@RaymondVAugust: the reports at my pinned tweet show how heavily Twitter censors dissent to Rouhani, Medvedev, etc. Run the app on CN govt accounts, post the results, & urge @KenRoth to help expose how much Twitter helps the Chinese govt hide from dissent.
Supposedly, "a group of elite [#Wilipedia] editors removed all of Rodney Reeds criminal history from the website". Reed is on #Texas death row for murdering Stacey Stites in 1996. Cons are on it (ie, using it for clicks) so no one else will ever care. #MAGA #resist
.@SamsThoughts3: I've been working to discredit Wales for years (re Rohde). I even had a site to discredit #Wikipedia. I got zero help with that from cons. @JackPosobiec is just using Rodney Reed case for clicks. A smart/sane/big tent opposition is needed, not just con grifters.
What's funny is those like you enable Chalian even as he *never* does real journalism by calling pols on the huge flaws in their policies. IOW, Chalian *helps* Trump. MT @UWMoose [Trump confuses ND/DN] MT @DavidChalian [sickeningly cutesy Klobuchar/Denmark ref]
I don't know if that's sarcasm or celebrating a scammer. If the first, shame @JohnKingCNN into finally doing journalism by calling pols on the flaws in their plans. MT @MCarter584 ...@PeteButtigieg was right about proposing things without stating how they’ll be paid for.
.@RobertPolk2: Trump's real nightmare is that his opponents will stop the kid's stuff that just helps him, and start pointing out to his base the huge flaws in his plans. @smerconish has access to Trump proxies but just fluffs them rather than pressing them on those flaws.
.@liberalviewer: I emailed you @ your AOL email a plan to stop Trump's travel ban. Please reply there (or here if you don't use that email).
.@PhillyMommy: you might recall how Dilbert made Trump acceptable (if not, see Instapundit's contemporaneous posts). Dilbert's behind "12d chess" (see r/The_Donald). Showing that wrong is key, but @smerconish just treated Dilbert like an old pal. Trump2020 might as well pay him.
.@InactionNever: look up Eason Jordan. CNN went easy on *Saddam* in exchange for access. They go easy on U.S. pols by only covering horserace rather than calling politicians on the huge flaws in their plans. Point that out to those who think @JohnKingCNN is a journalist.
I wasn't listening closely but it sounded OK to me. They should have her back. MT @Kathy_Olson @Jeopardy According to this site, she pronounced Lech Walesa just fine. Justice for Kristyna!
"Washington's old and tired. We'll sell the monument to France. In its place, a 500', 24k gold-plated statue of me. I'll be facing away from Capitol Hill, so all Pelosi will see every day is my 100' high ass." "Owning the libs, sir!" "Yes, Sean, owning the libs!" #MAGA #resist
.@AaronKatersky: you & Gary of @garyandshannon chat re Bloomberg & golf, horserace, & other fluff. Meanwhile, Mike wants to legalize millions of illegal aliens, an unprecedented plan that'd greatly harm the USA. When will you attempt real journalism & call him on the details?
Pursuant to Trump Order #9086823 ("Close broadcast day with Taylor Swift duet with Ivanka to sing praise of me!"), 24Ahead close broadcast den with Пелагея и Вероника Сыромля - Цвiте терен: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Bloomberg is very anti-worker on immigration & a real journalist would call him on it. Point out to the few who think Teddy's a real journalist that he isn't. RT @MichiganWave MT @sailinggirl73: This doesn't sound terrifying and dystopian [@teddyschleifer blog]
.@Claire: see the reports at my pinned tweet. What happens to $TWTR when most users realize they could be ghosted, & millions find out how heavily Twitter shields Rouhani & Medvedev from dissidents?
.@maryjanebern: @SenSanders supports the same NeoLiberal (loose borders/free trade/globalism) that billionaires like Bezos use to get rich. He just wants to spend more on transfer payments.
.@loufor45: now, @benfeuerherd blogs "DOJ to probe if sanctuary cities are breaking the law by shielding immigrants." They're illegal aliens; "immigrant" is a lie. Ben's owned by Murdoch - a big amnesty fan - so he supports Trump's ineffective moves on immigration.
.@bethyw: FYI, @GovMikeHuckabee *strongly* supports amnesty (he even gave the Mexican got free rent so they could enable illegal immigration). Now he *strongly* supports the "wall". What does that tell you?
.@JDRucker: hey JD, @GovMikeHuckabee *strongly* supports amnesty (he even gave the MX got free rent so they could enable illegal immigration). What the Huckster wants would balloon govt in many ways. Is that what you want?
"Native burial sites blown up for US border wall". I'm sure they blowed up real good. #MAGA #resist
Has anything @PaulRieckhoff ever said had any impact on Trump? So, why enable him rather than demanding he finally uses Trump's huge vulnerabilities *to his base* to undercut him to his base? MT @foodguyrob [Trump era is scary]
Look up Great Vowel Shift. In most IE languages it's what in current EN is ee-dee-nah (or ee-deen-ah). I'd say the z as ts, which is what it was (as "tz", i.e. "ts"). MT @janewells "Idina Menzel, which is pronounced exactly as it’s spelled." @joshgad just made me laugh out loud
.@Cristia64073817: @ChrisCuomo cheers Warren's cheap Pence-is-a-dog smear. That smear just *helps* Trump. Pence is extremely vulnerable to MAGA on being pro-amnesty. Cuomo & Warren refuse to go after Pence on that. They're fake.
.@jlonga1: Trump's horrific, but those like @CuomoPrimeTime who "concern troll" the GOP as not what it was fully support the truly noxious fiscal con aspects (see Kansas). They oppose the (insincere) good parts, like pretending to oppose illegal immigration (which lowers wages).
.@backwards_river: Sierra Leone (2014 Ebola outbreak) had just 2 doctors per 100,000 people in 2014. Even if just one of their doctors moves here it'd be devastating. Mayor Mike, @TimOBrien, & @FatimaShamaNYC would gleefully urge every doc in W Africa to move here.
We use "neo-colonialist" to mean those who take foreign countries' *human* resources via loose borders, just as past colonialists took mineral resources. #immigration
.@Rob_Melrose: Trump's horrific, but Mike's immigration stance is very pro-billionaire. More labor = lower wages. Who wants lower wages? Another cost is braindraining foreign countries. Doesn't MX desperately need people like @LuisAcosta22? @TimOBrien is a neo-colonialist.
.@kenm77: one reason Bloomberg wants mass immigration is for a ready supply of greenskeepers. Call in to @SXMPOTUS & ask them why they haven't called him on it (pretend to be a fan so you get through). Undercut them to their audience.
.@MrFentonMeeks: instead of just calling Cuomo names like a child, grow up quicj & point out to his fans he'll never call Bloomberg on greenskeepers.
.@nagent25: you complain about Cuomo's Warren softballs. I want him to play hardball with both her *and* Pence (such as calling both on the huge flaws in their amnesty plans). Do want that too?
.@ChristesonDerek: if a team plays into opponents' strengths & ignores their weaknesses, you'd wonder if they're dim or corrupt, right? @CuomoPrimeTime & Warren's Pence/dog smear *helps* Trump. They refuse to go after Pence where he's vulnerable. Are they dim, or corrupt?
Yang plagiarized his immigration planks, taking the things all the others say & slightly changing the wording. You & #YangGang compare what Yang says to the link. MT @miss4pointomg ...Andrew Yang is the only one with policies that can’t be refuted
.@kamsanshao8: Trump's horrific, but - like GWB & Obama - some of the things he that you don't like are designed to make amnesty easier ("bad cop" style). Amnesty is very, very pro-Big Biz, & @RepJayapal strongly supports it. She'd help Big Biz lower wages.
.@morgan5133: if you were patriotic - if you put the interests of the USA ahead of the interests of Yang - you'd demand @ChrisCuomo finally acts like a patriot & a journalist & really presses Yang & all the rest on the huge flaws in their plans. Be patriotic, unlike Cuomo.
These people haven't heard of the Marquess of Queensberry rules. Who are the #Jeopardy contestants, including the hot Gauravi? #MAGA #resist
Excellent idea! #MAGA #resist MT @RealDonaldTrump to prevent the spread of #coronavirus, all govt employees must immediately replace handshakes with curtsies, the depth depending on relative station. Asians may instead bow, as is their custom. The same depth rules apply.
Pursuant to Trump Order #9786834 ("Some increasingly-obscure reference to Zima. I don't know or care, my speechwriters will replace this with a plan"), 24Ahead close broadcast day with Arkona - Zimushka: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@luca_vhc: immigration stance of @PeteForAmerica is very pro-Big Biz. He'd help U.S. Chamber, Walmart, McDonald's, etc etc flood the USA with cheap labor.
.@Voicesfrommykat: @Mike2020 concentrates on childish memes, he simply is not smart enough to show Trump wrong to his base. See my Trump posts where I accurately predicted back in 2015 how Trump's plans (the reason he gets votes) would fail. Did Mike point anything similar?
.@purplestates: it's easy to show MAGA that Trump's signature plans are vaporware. Without those plans, there isn't much reason for many to vote for Trump. I can figure that out, see my Trump posts. Obviously, @Mike2020 simply isn't smart enough to figure that out.
Pleasant Trump admin surprise: he (at least so far) hasn't targeted Gypsies (travelers & Roma). Then again, #Trump2020 is still young. #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
These replies are a microcosm of why Trump won & will probably win again: #ILikeMike = #idiocracy