.@bradleyrsimpson: on his vlog, @wkamaubell agitates against braindrain of... Milwaukee. He & CNN constantly agitate for mass immigration from developing nations, greatly harming them (braindrain). (NB: even the NYT has mentioned the negative impacts of braindraining 3rd world)
.@evenbev: you know how r/w has grifters? @AriMelber is a l/w grifter. He hypes impeachment for ratings, knowing Trump will never be ejected (it'd take 20 GOP Senators). Ari won't do that incredibly easy things he could do that'd undercut Trump to his base. Ari *helps* Trump.
.@fusaroESPN: ESPN got rights to Serie A, then hid matches with the most famous athlete in the world on an obscure pay service only those very few Americans who've heard of Ronaldo would pay for rather than showing it on network. Having trashed Italy, they now move on to Germany
#RSL goes up 2-1 on a goalasso. #Timbers
Bicycle kick manquee. #RSL #Timbers
#RSL came close to going ahead. #Portland #Timbers #football = #soccer
This #MLS game is basically being played in a blizzard. #Timbers #RSL #football = #soccer
Some strange bearded guy has just warmed up his chainsaw... And, that's because the #Portland #Timbers have now tied it up against #RSL.
.@caitlucibello: @MLB is like an abusive farmer who's trying to milk a cow dry without feeding it that much. They cut horrible TV deals that result in 10s of millions never having a chance to an entire half of their playoffs. That harms everyone in baseball & all fans.
.@adrianhealey: just like MLB, #MLS greatly harms the sport they're a caretaker of by cutting bad TV deals that hide their sport from 10s of millions. That impacts you: fewer games to call. It impacts players: lower salaries. It harms fans. Subtly get others to speak out.
.@lennyismyname: 10s of millions can't see the ALCS because @MLB sells out to Murdoch who then hides it on a specialty channel. The L.A. Fox channel showed **TMZ** rather than the ALCS. #MLB greatly harms baseball by marginalizing it, helping turn it into a specialty sport.
.@alemorenoespn: #MLS greatly hurts soccer by selling out to Murdoch knowing that he'll hide the playoffs on his specialty channel (just like he's doing with the ALCS). In order to succeed in the U.S., soccer has to get on network. Subtly urge others to make that point to MLS.
In the interests of full disclosure, the product I returned to the #Burbank-adjacent #WalMart was a USB WiFi adapter. Not much of a choice of provenance for such things. It didn't work out for complicated me-only reasons.
That's nuts, but as I predicted Real Salt Lake is beating Portland #Timbers.
.@AlexNowrasteh: Hispanic returns lady at Burbank-adjacent #WalMart laments as I return something only made in China: "Everything's made in China now." You need to explain to her how much better it is now that Chinese preschoolers & dissenters do our manufacturing.
Are you ready for some real football?!?! Real Salt Lake is about to face off against the Portland Timbers in the #MLS playoffs on ESPN News. I tend to never give the Timbers much of a chance & that hasn't changed. #football = #soccer #MICHvsPSU #TENNvsBAMA
24Ahead thus close broadcast day with a note allegedly from Charles J. Harder, Alleged (emphasis added) Council to D.J. Trump: "I do not, nor have I ever allegedly (emphasis added) had a 'Girl Named Francine'": #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@lack_of_energy: Trump's signature issue is vaporware: when he's out of office, Congress will just neglect/demolish it. Rather than using that to undercut Trump's raison d'etre to his base, @ThePlumLineGS has spent 4+ years grasping at straws & failing miserably.
.@EricOrts: I'm paying people $200 to ask candidates *tough* *policy* questions to prevent another Trump. @TomSteyer could offer much, much, much more and do a tremendous public service. Instead, he's just helped Trump by making him a witchhunt victim. Steyer has no patriotism.
.@44seminole: security pros like you are why sites get hacked. Trump has been able to get away with so much for 4+ years precisely because those like @ninaburleigh keep falling for Trump's trolling & never go after him where he's extremely vulnerable to his base.
Did you know? ZZ Top filmed Legs right here in Panorama City: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #SFV
Trump is extremely vulnerable to his base on many issues. Ruth isn't smart enough to realize that or use it. MT @Murphysically MT @ruthbenghiat Oh look Qorvis the PR firm that continues to represent the Kingdom of Bone Saw after it murdered Kashoggi is pitching for Trump
"Michael Moore joining AOC at Bernie Sanders rally in NYC to announce endorsement". I and tens of millions others will be sure to support him now! #Bernie2020 #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
.@jenhauseman: so, you & @TheRealJenBlue spend donor money talking about sweaters & art historians analyzing pics of Trump & Pelosi. On the plus side, Trump's reelection will keep you grifting for another four years. #NARAL #ICRC
Per the latest heart-warming #Fox interview, Trump likes to relax after #FoxAndFriends by having a tangerine before his nap. #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@JeffKassouf: you & @katemarkgraf are worried about equality but you aren't working on the fundamentals: getting soccer on regular TV. Oppose MLS selling out to Murdoch & CA pay channels rather than taking less to get on ESPN.
.@laura_nelson: hey Laura, @StuartEmmrich hypes art historians critiquing a Trump/Pelosi pic. Is that journalism to you? Trump has to have been shocked at how easy the MSM has made it for him: their tantrums & fluff just help him. They ignore where he's incredibly vulnerable.
If by "LA" you mean "El Segundo". #ElSegundoTimes #LAT MT @StuartEmmrich A Friday afternoon in LA [beach scene]
.@bry2949: your tweet to StuartEmmrich was censored by Twitter; cons aren't doing you or me any favors by falsely pretending only cons are censored.
.@charlesjharder: based on a letter I allegedly saw allegedly from you, I allegedly intend to sue you for $1 million dollars for violating the Magna Carta! (Emphasis added). #LanhamAct #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
The letter Trump's ambulance chaser sent #CNN is a work of art. He knows nothing's ever going to happen, it's just a PR stunt. #MAGA #resist
.@tonyjenson: your bio speaks of patriotism. The deplatforming @aterkel, HRC, etc. try against Kirstjen Nielsen (at a Fortune confab) is the opposite of patriotism. Deplatforming = censorship. Debate = patriotic. Terkel, HRC, admit they aren't smart enough to debate Nielsen.
.@CopticDisco: Mulvaney's always been extremely vulnerable to MAGA because he's very pro-amnesty. Making a big deal out of that would hurt Trump & result in Mulvaney leaving. @elainaplott can't make a big deal out of it because she & Mulvaney are on the same side of the issue.
MT @David_Gergen Looking forward to discussing more with elainaplott, GregoryABrower, and JohnWDean. Please join us now on #OutFrontCNN. Thanks, I'll be there with my 50 friends. Don't worry, we're all in the market for rolls and rolls of Flex Tape.
.@classicalkusc: many of the songs you play are so incredibly wimpy they'd make Little River Band blush. Plus there's the junky movie music you play. On the rare occasions when you play something folklike/early music it's rarely got any bite.
Plus, the two Canuck-only services have to be paid & you can't fake the zip of a credit card unless you pay $5 more to get a prepaid card. (I'm assuming the services check zip like CC co's do). Who in their right mind would do all that for the #MLS? #soccer
#MLS playoff matches are also on 2 Canuck-only services. I can use a VPN to get a CA IP, but they also cost $20/month. Even if it was Zlatan vs Rooney in the final I doubt I'd pay that. It's the MLS after all. Who's so keen on the MLS they would? #soccer
.@audiukpress: explain why #Audi is sponsoring the #MLS playoffs, knowing they'll cut bad TV deals that hide the matches from millions, thus minimizing the number who'll see Audi ads? @TaylorTwellman
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes in to ask, "Could you please shut up? And by that I mean, close broadcast day with 'Beauty playing didgeridoo in Carcassonne France'. Thank you." But of course: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
There are only two #MLS playoff games on Sunday, Oct 20. At noon Pacific, it's Philadelphia vs New York Red Bulls. That's on TSN4. At 5:30pm, it's the big one: #LAGalaxy vs Minnesota. That's thankfully on ESPN. The winner will face LAFC on Oct 24. #football = #soccer
The Canadian channels with the #MLS playoffs are TSN/TSN4/TSN5. If you have a VPN & can adopt Canadian mannerisms (jumpiness, accepting funny-looking money, public drunkenness, a weird accent, etc.) you might be able to watch it. I'll check on that.
So, anyway, as you might have guessed already, the #MLS playoffs start this weekend. All times Pacific. Sat 10am : Atlanta v New England (Univision+CA channel) 12:30pm: Seattle v Dallas (CA channel) 3pm: DCUnited v Toronto (Univision?+ CA channel) 7pm: SLC v Portland (ESPNNews)
At what point does #TheResistance realize Trump could get away with nearly everything precisely *because of* out-of-touch, cossetted, inexperienced, low-watt puffballs like Applebaum? MT @pieist MT @anneapplebaum [blogs about Trump self-dealing]
.@StaceyinDetroit: Rick Perry has always been extremely vulnerable to Trump & MAGA: he's a big amnesty fan & he's spoken out against a wall along the border. Has @maggieNYT ever challenged Trump on that? Hasn't she gone very easy on Trump over things that'd undercut him to MAGA?
Grifting-for-clicks can only explain part of why neither #TheResistance nor #MAGA can figure out what the other wants & show them their leaders won't deliver. The bigger contributing factor is they just aren't that smart. They can't even figure out they're ineffectual.
.@5anf0rdre515t: Mick Mulvaney has always been extremely vulnerable to MAGA because he's very pro-amnesty. MAGA likes him more because those like @JFKucinich obsess over the things they do. IOW, she's only helping Trump (unpaid!) by ignoring where he & Mulvaney are vulnerable.
.@kev_egan: MLB greatly harms baseball by selling out to Murdoch. He'd rather show NFL than a key ALCS game. Likewise, @ATLUTD & #MLS greatly harm #soccer by selling out to Murdoch so he can marginalize the sport on an obscure cable channel 10s of millions don't get.
Personal trivia: you can find USENET posts from 20 years ago where I recommend expelling Murdoch. My opposition goes way back. #Fox #FS1 #FoxNews
.@MariaBaumstark: first @ATLUTD playoff match is on Univision & a Canadian channel. The 2nd (if any) is on ESPN2. But: the 3rd (if any) is hidden on an obscure Murdoch channel 10s of millions don't get. Like MLB, MLS sells out to Murdoch knowing he'll marginalize them.
.@FredReitman: most Americans have no idea what you & @ChronBrianSmith are talking about. MLB sold out to Murdoch, who hides the ALCS on an obscure cable channel in order to show kneeball and Judge Judy.
Review: the Haunted Hayride is scary good fun at the start, but the scariest part is at the end... ~SPOILER ALERT~ The scariest part of the #HauntedHayride is when, at the very end, they reveal.. it's full of yuppies, hipsters, & other parasites. #GriffithPark
.@Christian_NYYST: what do you think about @MLB selling out to Murdoch knowing he'll marginalize the Yankees by hiding them on an obscure cable channel 10s of millions don't get in order to show yet another pointless NFL game?
As usual, #MLS - like #MLB - also sells out to Murdoch, knowing he'll marginalize soccer. At least the #LAGalaxy path to the final - if any - is all ESPN + network. Yes, network: the MLS Final will be on ABC. #football = #soccer #KCvsDEN
.@andrewpaul98: tens of millions can't see the #ALCS because @MLB sells out to Murdoch, knowing that he'll marginalize baseball by hiding it on a specialty channel 10s of millions don't get. Ask them why they sell out to someone who thinks a pointless NFL game beats the ALCS.
.@GoYanks2019: what should outrage you much more is MLB selling out to Murdoch, knowing he'll marginalize the #Yankees and every other team by hiding their games on an obscure network 10s of millions don't get. All to show some f-ing NFL disaster.
.@E_Massey_AZ: Funny Rugby - like regular rugby & gladiator movies with the additions of tight ends, wide receivers, and a guy sliding his hands between the thighs of another player (NTTAWWT) - is culturally toxic. Rather than showing a healthy sport, @NFLonFOX shows this BS.
.@Sailor_Chris: the long-term pic for every baseball team looks bleak. MLB sells out to Murdoch knowing he'll marginalize the Yankees by putting them on an obscure channel 10s of millions don't get in order to show a lousy Funny Rugby game on network. Demand @eboland11 speak out.
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #34092 ("Close broadcast day & defy Twitter Language Polizei by playing vocame with "Petron ke Pavlon" Live at Theatinerkirche Munich") 24Ahead does so: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@BeckSE72: @ChristineRomans is on the wrong side. She hypes the "Ron Vara" tale which is designed to push globalism by dimming it way, way down. Trump's horrible, but Navarro's ideas would cost the wealthy money. So, lackeys like Romans swing into action.
.@suilee: @Ben_Westcott hypes the "Ron Vara" campaign. Imagine your few fans & his non-existent fans realized that the goal of that campaign is to enable globalism so the wealthy in China & U.S. can profit even as they harm U.S. workers. No, really: take a moment & imagine that.
Everything you two say about Trump redounds on you. Nothing those like you have ever said has undercut Trump ever. You're part of the problem. MT @ScottShugart Thank [gosh] we gave Stable Genius nuke codes [@EamonJavers is aghast - aghast! - at the letter Trump sent Erdogan]
.@Llyfrgell_Babel: Trump's horrific, but @BeijingPalmer hypes the "Ron Vara" campaign designed to undercut Navarro in order to enable globalism that harms U.S. workers. Except, he doesn't reveal the real reason why every NeoLiberal lackey is hyping the non story.
Hilarious! Thank you for your comedy. RT @BeijingPalmer Don’t know much about baseball but excited about DC hosting the World Series and looking forward to seeing all the international teams play.
Hot careerist on careerist action: MT @lisang I cannot stress this enough: if you keep publishing analysis by a narrow group of people whose knowledge and 'expertise' is derived from access and a career that peaked 25 years ago, you *do not know* what is going on.
Your journalist pals would bring similar censorship to the U.S. in order to achieve "healthy conversations". MT @DariusLongarino [some campaign in China] maybe strategy for avoiding getting scrubbed by censors quickly
.@DanielleEBowers: as you can see, I've written 1000s of posts against mass/illegal immigration. I've opposed Trump for 4+ years in large part because I've always known Trump is fake & he supports mass immigration. Kamala either can't figure that out or she's lying to you.
.@TheWasBunny: @KamalaHarris is, not unsurprisingly, lying to you. If you review Trump's actual immigration stance you'll see he's pro-mass immigration. I've written 1000s of posts against mass immigration and I've opposed Trump over being pro-mass immigration for 4+ years.
If Kamala were the wrong race, would Essence hype her so much? Shouldn't citizens challenge politicians on their policies rather than acting like fanboys? MT @SchrodSnoFlake [@Essence hypes an extremely pro-Kamala vlog similar to what Hannity would do for Trump, but worse]
.@pgglassman: what calls? Only one #ALCS game was on network. Most Americans probably have no idea it's even on TV. @MLB_PR sold out to Murdoch, who then puts it on an obscure channel rather than preempting Judge Judy or something.
.@RyanLosAngeles: the much, much more serious issue is that @KamalaHarris is a bookburner. Remember when libs used to oppose bookburning (or at least pretend to oppose it)? She'd shut down Trump's Twitter one day, then move on to other dissenters the next. Be a real liberal.
.@mitch_billeaud: as a "Father or 2 great dudes. Worker in software" [your bio, sic], you say Trump is a 2-year-old. That means you & the rest of #TheResistance have been outsmarted by a 2-year-old for 4+ years.
.@arnielayne: Trump's horrible, but @arappeport tells you that because Navarro is a threat to globalism. Alan's owner (Carlos Slim) profits from globalism. As a result, the NYT is a globalism cheerleader. Be a real liberal & oppose billionaires' plans that'd harm workers.
.@jayaf1980: Trump's horrific, but @arappeport is owned by Slim (net worth: $58.9 billion; search him). Slim profits from globalism, Navarro's ideas are a threat to globalism. Instead of trying to make valid arguments against Navarro Alan dims it way down Don't be a Slim stooge.
.@teejk2: @RepBrianBabin says Trump is "the most patriotic President I’ve seen in many years". Wouldn't it be patriotic to make anti-amnesty arguments that'd resonate with libs in order to undercut Warren/Bernie/etc to their base? Has Trump done that, yes or no?
.@pianosteve: @RepBrianBabin says Trump is "the most patriotic President I’ve seen in many years". That makes him extremely vulnerable to arguments that would show MAGA that Trump isn't patriotic. Your impeachment arguments just *help* him and Trump.
RT @realDonaldTrump “This President is the most patriotic President I’ve seen in many years. He is going to do what is good for Americans.” Congressman Brian Babin [@RepBrianBabin], Texas. Thank you Brian!
.@russ99a: even worse, thanks to @BryanHoch 's employer, baseball is now a specialty sport akin to lacrosse. MLB sells out to Murdoch, who hides the ALCS on a channel 10s of millions don't get. MLB won't cut their prices to get on network where millions more can see the ALCS.
24Ahead thus close broadcast day on glorious note, as Trump give magnificent speech in Alabama then close... by singing national anthem! All patriots, enjoy vel... great singing of great leader Trump: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@CarynLonz: Twitter admits to censoring 3 million people around the world. Even a few minutes would show that they heavily censor libs replying to Trump officials (not just cons). No lib reporter dares mention that (I've asked) because they support it to avoid dissent.
MT @Yamiche I just asked Sen Harris about her exchange with Senator Warren over shutting down Pres Trump’s Twitter account. Warren said she wouldn’t back the idea and Harris told me it is critical to shut down Trump’s account and she urges “all” candidates to get behind that idea
"Trump administration proposes expanding logging in Alaska's Tongass National Forest". Here's a similar Bush idea from 2005. Don't worry: pussy hats & "Drumpf" will stop Trump's plans. #MAGA #resist
.@AngularEd: Trump's horrific, but @sarahburris hypes "Ed Vara". Its goal is to push very pro-Big Biz trade policies that libs used to oppose. Not only is Burris retailing the Big Biz line, she got a link from Nick Gillespie of the Koch-funded Reason. Be a real liberal.
Indeed. But, it does show yet again how easy it is for those owned by Koch (Gillespie) to rile up libs to support anti-American NeoLiberal trade policies. MT @joelaberger ["Ron Vara"] will have no affect on Trump or Navarro at all MT @nickgillespie [Koch BS]
.@Mamaofthreebear: your "Ron Vara" joke aside, how does it feel to be a Koch stooge? @nickgillespie is owned lock, stock, and barrel by Koch. He harps on Vara to enable anti-American NeoLiberal policies (free trade/globalism/loose borders) that help Big Biz harm workers.
That's the second example of me being a leper. Merely by replying to @WoodLloydWood, I've put his reply to someone else lower down on the reply thread. Libs let Trump get away with so much, including his false claim that only cons are censored.
.@WoodLloydWood: Trump's horrific, but @mattshuham wouldn't work in politics ever again if he ever acted like a real lib & opposed very pro-Big Biz NeoLiberal policies (free trade/globalism/loose borders). That's what "Ron Vara" is all about: helping Big Biz screw workers.
.@sTeamTraen: search @tebartl & "Tom Vara". I'm sure you're smart enough to realize why he blogged it. Trump's horrific, but Navarro is a threat to Big Biz/free trade/globalism. They paid Tom Bartlett to dim that down to the "Drumpf" level but the goal is familiar: help Big Biz.
.@FreeGirlNowNYC: yes, other people on the same Twitter thread said the same thing ("Ron Vara"="John Barron"). Lib mythology says you think for yourselves, not just act like trained sheep. "Vara" is because Navarro's policies would hurt Big Biz while helping workers.
Trump's horrific, but it's hilarious to see libs take the bait from those like @mmcassella who are paid to push a very pro-Big Biz line. MT @ohkirsten Reminder that Jared Kushner picked this guy [Navarro] based on where he was on Amazon’s algorithm for book sales
Is Peter Navarro right or wrong about trade? Trump's horrific, but you're hearing about PN because the establishment wants free trade/globalism despite the huge problems it creates for workers. MT @BrianRFriedman [cheap joke attempt] MT @gregolear [cheap joke attempt]
I expect better from you, Mal. Trump's horrific, but Megan Cassella is smearing Navarro to help billionaires profit from free trade & globalism. If she ever even questioned those she'd be out of a job. MT @MalDrogo MT @mmcassella [Peter Navarro "has an imaginary friend"]
Can't wait! MT @RPublicService Check your schedules 📅 - the #Sammies2019 are TOMORROW! Tune into our livestream day of to see "the Oscars" of the federal government come to life.
.@sstarkm: @ChrisCuomo, @SamSeder, Trump, U.S. Chamber, Liz Warren, etc. etc. all push anti-American NeoLiberal policies (free trade/loose borders/globalism) that help Big Biz profit despite harming workers. Don't look at their posturing, look at what they truly support.
.@JonAndJoeInIndy: massive job losses, offshoring, etc. etc. are due to NeoLiberal policies: loose borders, free trade, & globalism. All are designed to help the wealthy, and all political leaders & "reporters" like @ChrisCuomo push them.
.@JackiSchechner: what's your smartest plan to undercut Trump to his base? Pussy hats? "Drumpf"? Trying to silence his fans? Finding a tape? Imbue us with your wisdom.
Trump won despite & because of your screaming. Your Dunning Kruger prevents you from listening to smarter people still today. MT @MikeGully1 We in opposition screamed this during the election...
.@hernandezkimbe9: @NikkiSchwab turned her tweets into a blog post calling Tom Steyer on ye ol' Fox News staple, "hypocrisy!" She's too corrupt to call him & all the rest on basically agreeing with U.S. Chamber & Trump on immigration. All - despite bluster - want more immigration
.@TyrenePamstein: plus, @MeghanMcCain is #YangGang. Get everyone to cheer her joining the team!
"You didn't build that" is right. Fox/NYPost derp it way down to appeal to poor ppl to help billionaires. To further help billionaires, they won't go after EW on amnesty. MT @NikkiSchwab [Warren says billionaires] "built it in part using workers all of us helped pay to educate"
Michael Bloomberg had a lackey write "Voters must demand that 2020 candidates answer this question". AFAICT, the question is how the candidates intend to implement their happy talk. That's certainly a better avenue than pee tapes, but it's incredibly vague. #MAGA #resist