Much like USA's robot censors - Facebook, Twitter, the MSM, etc. - are cranking up as the day when Trump will be reelected nears. MT @MilenaRodban MT @ReutersWorld: China's robot censors crank up as Tiananmen anniversary nears
Not only will #CNN have a 1-hour special with unfunny Carlin knockoff @iamcolinquinn, one of their "hard news" "reporters" - @cillizzacnn - did an exclusive email interview with him. In case they ever wonder why Trump won, just look in the mirror.
.@sportsiren just flashed the USA, or at least the segment watching softball. Much more fun than Twizzlers.
In a rambling Rose Garden speech shortly after awarding the U.S. National Cornhole Team with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, President Trump warned yet again about wrath-minded taters: #MAGA #USNCT #resist
First Lithuanian baseball player in #MLB - Dovydas Neverauskas - does not exactly have a stellar ERA. But, #Pirates refuse to trade him out of fear of backlash from the Lithuanian Community, not to mention the Lithuanian Mob.
.@jacobsfam: Trump is pres *because of* those like @DanEggenWPost, @jabinbotsford, and those who enable them like you. Trump might have even set them up as he keeps doing & they aren't smart enough to resist. Cons helped Obama win twice. Libs are now helping Trump win twice.
.@laughingcavs laughs "Imagine the jobs you wouldn’t get if your cover letter said achomlishments". You certainly wouldn't be a WaPo reporter like @DanEggenWPost & all the others who aren't smart enough to have stopped Trump.
.@meesposito: as soon as Trump's out of office, Congress will neglect/demolish whatever of Trump "Wall" was built. IOW, the "wall" is just a scam. Have those with access - like @rachaelmbade - ever called Trump officials on that? (Hint: no). Why do you think they haven't?
In more girls softball news, good play by Sis Bates, #Washington shortstop. #WCWS
In addition to hyping a video designed to deceive, @JosephWulfsohn blogs "CNN now the ‘hate Trump’ network, ex-contributors say: Network 'openly despises conservatives'". Most Americans despise conservatives, due in good part to people like you, Fox, Trump, the GOP, etc. etc....
MT @JosephWulfsohn What's so striking, besides [AC] sounds likes a spokesman for Pelosi, is that he kept referring to it as a "fake video." Was the video altered? Yes, but the content was real. It was still Pelosi and it was her saying things she actually said. #KeepingThemHonest
While Trump has surrounded himself with sycophants, you have to think some leader somewhere has mentioned to him that Congress will just tear down his "wall" when he's out of office. If so, did he defensively reject it or does he know what will happen? #MAGA #resist
If Trump "Wall" were a casino, would Trump try to build it? His biz advisors who are probably fairly smart would urge against it due to all the legal hurdles & how regulators (i.e., Congress) would be constantly working to undermine it or just tear it down. #MAGA
.@veesharma07: you blog that the judge who blocked Trump's "wall" donated to Obama. I hear he's also part Mexican, you should look into that. Would Trump build a building knowing it'd face endless legal hurdles & those in charge of funding it would refuse to do so?
In girls' softball news, it looks like a player hit a double, then on the same play scored as the throw to 2nd missed & she accidentally kicked the throw to 3rd into the dugout. #WCWS #MAGA #resist
Meanwhile, the "Mostly Entertaining South" (#Texas) has been kept out of the #WCWS by the "Holy S*** Get The F*** Out Of There While You Still Can Danger Danger Will Robinson South" (#Alabama). #MAGA #resist
.@espnSteveLevy: #ESPN execs have SSAD (Sports Seasonal Affective Disorder) + OCD. When autumn rolls around, it's kneeball 24/7. Even as millions have stopped caring about kneeball, ESPN keeps pushing it. Please urge the suits to provide alternatives: baseball, soccer, etc.
.@frntofficesport: a @CrossFit group got temp banned from Facebook so they put a temp ban on using FB. Now, look at Meme: 4/5 links are from conservative sites. It's doubtful they want to be known as a con company. That will also marginalize any efforts to hold FB accountable.
.@DrMel_T: don't count on it. @jimwaterson cheers Burma releasing journos then tries to get Facebook censor a cheesy Nancy Pelosi video. He's a good example of a bad profession.
.@RebeccaMorin_: you blog "‘It is sexist trash’: Hillary Clinton slams Trump after he tweets edited Pelosi video". Even most 10-year-olds realize Trump would do the same thing to any other opponent. Yet, you try to pretend otherwise, despite no one else buying it.
.@yes_808: a good way to fight pro-censorship journalists is to urge others to add to and promote this list:
.@mandyinSeaLA: there are lots & lots of things Trump calls fake that he'd censor just like @drewharwell wants to. If Harwell & Trump had their way, we'd have book burnings (real or virtual). Fox or WaPo would be reduced to just the pictures. Be a real liberal.
This minute's girls softball update: KY 0, WA 3, last KY chance AL 5, TX 7 in the fifth #MAGA #resist
And thus 24Ahead close broadcast day with A Strange Kind Of President: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@aimnkevb: what's hilarious is how those like you, @CorbinCarson, & esp John & Ken hurt yourselves. Due to Dunning Kruger, people like you can't figure out you're just helping those like Garcetti.
.@eb454: hey Beth, MAGA doesn't seem to have caught on - no matter how many times Trump has pushed it - that Trump's a big amnesty fan. His repeated pro-amnesty quotes haven't gone unnoticed in MX/Cent Am, even if his U.S. fans don't catch on.
.@AmericanHomocon cheers Twitter banning Krassensteins & @inappros replies "[now we're all them]". Both #MAGA & the far-left are so similar: marching, waving dim signs, lying, smearing, pushing censorship, forming personality cults, etc. etc.
.@CJayMahoney: @jenvanlaar says Twitter banning Krassensteins was "justified" & implies only the "the TDS-infected segment of society" would be concerned. I reject censorship across the board, what about you? Do you agree with Twitter & Jen that censorship is OK? #RedState
.@jibannjibartik: the conservative way: running away. Do you or @justjanedoee have any ideas on a way to reduce homelessness that doesn't sound like something a 10-year-old sociopath would come up with?
.@dburbach: you teach at Naval War College & you enable @joshtpm obsessing over the latest Big News about Trump that'll go nowhere? And, obviously, you aren't smart enough to develop smart tactics that would in fact undercut Trump? What use are you to the USA?
.@familyunequal: on a wider note, can you direct me to @HeerJeet etc ever - even just once, even in a minor way - having a negative impact on Trump? Either Jeet & pals are just entertainers, or they're incredibly incompetent. In any case, they've always just helped Trump.
Interesting & might help if you ever appear on #Jeopardy: Tom Paine - who #Teaparty were famous for dressing up as - pushed "Agrarian Justice". The landed being forced to recompense the landless. Today's Dems would put a racist spin on it. #MAGA #resist
.@michaelreale7 of @cadabraCRM tweets a celebratory vid & says "Just learned the Krassensteins were banned". I'll remember to recommend against #CadabraCRM.
Partisan hacks tend to be lil' Honeckers: do what we say or else. Despite pretending otherwise, few truly oppose censorship. Thanks for illustrating that for us. MT @sheldico [image showing libs & cons agreeing on banning the Krassensteins]
.@JeffinAnaheim: Giuliani (I won't use your Trumpian version of his name) has always been extremely vulnerable to #MAGA types on his policies & on how he makes his money. Can you direct me to any #TheResistance leaders going after him in non-childish, honorable ways?
Per #Twitter, "douchebag" is a Haitian Creole word: #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
Fake videos are horrible. But, you know what's worse? Lil' Honeckers like you trying to take advantage of the odd fake video to push massive censorship. MT @jason_kint [of @DCNorg] [fake videos are] Happening in U.K. also as I pointed out last week.
.@rosebudflorida: remember how those like John Poindexter took advantage of 9/11 to push us closer to a surveillance state? @drewharwell is taking advantage of *a fake Pelosi vid* to push censorship & to box out the MSM's competition. He's also serving Putin's interests.
.@KatyPerry: sorry, I didn't mean it that way. Could you please - unlike you have in the past - remember to pick up Fluffy at the pet hospital on your way home? I had a hard day at work. Not that you'd know anything about work. Love ya!
.@KatyPerry: think you can remember to pick up Fluffy at the pet hospital on your way home?
.@JamesKosur: hey James, Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users incl heavily censoring libs replying to Trump officials. See the real, easily verifiable data at my top tweet. Year+ on, I can't find a reporter to cover what Twitter actually does. Will you cover it?
Meanwhile on full-on #ESPN, Jess Mendoza is in the booth for #Texas v #Alabama. It's the somewhat OK/entertaining South vs the Danger Danger Will Robinson South. #WCWS #MAGA #resist
.@danawhite: I thought someone had hijacked the ESPN 2 signal to show gay pr00n, then I realized it was #UFC. #NTTAWWT
The goal of smashing an egg on someone, jamming a pie in their face, or pouring a milkshake on them is to shut them up. In many other countries, bullets are used instead of milkshakes. But, the fundamental goal remains the same. #Brexit #MAGA #resist
Apparently someone poured a milkshake on Nigel Farage. Then, he was stuck on his "Brexit bus" when he feared some in the crowd had more milkshakes. That's hilarious, unless - unlike many progressives - you oppose fascistic attempts to quell debate. #MAGA #resist
"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has claimed that growing cauliflower in community gardens is 'taking a colonial approach to environmentalism.'" No, really, that's what she said. As absurd as that is, bear in mind that her loudest opponents are cons. So, she'll win the battle. #resist
.@ARmastrangelo: yet another thing Breitbart misleads about is Twitter censorship. Twitter heavily censors libs replying to Trump officials. It really doesn't take much to prove that, yet no con leaders are capable of doing even the most basic of research.
.@ARmastrangelo: #Breitbart banned me after dozens of comments over several years, for absolutely no reason other than that they couldn't take me constantly showing Trump wrong (and for pointing out that Breitbart is pro-amnesty like Trump). That's a big admission of weakness.
.@ELLEmagazine: your "Black Moms Are Dying at Staggering Rates In America. Kamala Harris Says It's Time to Address the Crisis" comes up in a search for the racist @KamalaHarris tweet where she called all doctors, nurses, and staff at clinics & hospitals racist. Please explain.
Yesterday, @kamalaharris tweeted then deleted this: "When Black women walk into a clinic or doctor’s office or a hospital, they are not taken as seriously as other women simply because they are Black. This due to racial bias and my Maternal CARE Act will address this problem."
.@Dngrmse2001S: Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users, not just cons. By not telling the truth & marginalizing the opposition to Twitter censorship as just a con thing, cons hurt themselves & everyone else (which helping Twitter).
"DeVos family ends longtime Amish support". Oops, make that "*Amash*". #AmishMafia #ReturnToAmish #BreakingAmish
"Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill? Not During The Trump Administration". Whoohoo! #MAGA wins again!!!
"After lunch I usually lie down for an hour or two, then I get up and sign some bills, look in on how my businesses are doing, that kind of thing. Later in the afternoon I'll usually catch up on Judge Jeanine shows I missed, or just relax with a Pepsi." #MAGA #resist
"It's great to just sit on my favorite bench and relax. I feed the pigeons. They have a small pond there and some ducks. I like the ducks too. Then, it's usually time for lunch. Sometimes I have them bring lunch out to me so I can eat it in the park." #MAGA #resist
"After Fox and Friends I get fired up. To relax I watch a Monk episode or 2 (or 3!) He's crazy, but he keeps solving crimes. The blonde is hot. I don't like the other one. Then I usually get some fresh air. I wonder over to the park and sit on my favorite bench." #MAGA #resist
#ESPN News has a #USL #soccer match. #MAGA #resist
24Ahead thus close broadcast day with 1979 video with a time traveler revealing her reaction to learning that Trump had been elected in 2016: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@cynthiajeub: it's also important to note the LFPR, which @pgogoi doesn't mention while cheering low unemployment. She also cheers an NPR blog that seeks to help crooked businesses hire illegal labor to lower wages. She's just not a credible journalist.
.@joel_fields: did you see the JimZarroli blog about Iowa? As a liberal, what do you think about helping crooked businesses hire illegal labor in order to lower wages? That's exactly what Jim is trying to do. And, a little research will show many other highly similar posts.
.@RickDomann: if you do a search, you'll find dozens of nearly identical tales to the @JimZarroli blog. They're all designed to help crooked businesses hire illegal aliens to lower wages. You can find some past examples here:
.@JimZarroli of #NPR blogs "With Workers Hard To Find, Immigration Crackdown Leaves Iowa Town In A Bind". Yet another cookie cutter propaganda piece to help crooked employers lower wages. He probably didn't even write it. It's not plagiarism if you act like you're paid.
.@RaychelTania: "system is broken" is a Big Biz talking point to get amnesty to lower wages. What's broken is that the people don't hold pols accountable but act like fanboys. As a result, our pols are incredibly corrupt (e.g., getting paid to enable illegal immigration).
Trump is all about helping the salt of the earth: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@LetsReadCreepy: Trump is, as usual, lying. Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users; see the real data at my top tweet. @prisonplanet has consistently *helped* Twitter by falsely pretending they only censor cons, instead of making common cause with 10s of millions.
Another interesting dirt road in #California is the one that goes to the trail/road to White Mountain Peak (a 14er). You can drive to the gate at ~12,000'. Rough, dangerous road. Has sheep farms.
An interesting dirt road in #California is the one that goes to the highpoint of San Benito County. It starts after a ~20 mile one way paved road to New Idria, an abandoned mercury mine. The area has natural asbestos deposits so it's recommended to only visit after rains.
There are lots of dirt roads in all states. No surprise a worthless MSM hack hasn't seen any of them. RT @marcusdipaola ericbradner I've done a TON of driving in Iowa and have never ever ever encountered a dirt road.
#Giants win with a walk-off in 9th. Too bad it wasn't the #Dodgers.
.@betsy_klein: both @ericbradner & Beto fans (some no doubt paid) cheer Beto's townhall! Is giving politicians an uncontested platform without having experts call them on all the ways their plans would fail "journalism"? How's that different from a Fox/Trump townhall?
#Giants are now down by 1 with 2 outs in the 9th. #Dodgers #DodgersDelendaEst #PretendBravesAreDodgers
.@david_turnbull: you & Beto would be toast if someone smart & aggressive who's knowledgeable on your topic engaged you in debate. #CNN asks mailroom applicants tougher questions than they ask pres candidates. As Trump winning shows, that has real world consequences.
Was that what caused you to hype a Trump chicken in 2017? OTOH, there are lots of people who are much worse for the USA than you. Gross polluters for instance. So there's that. MT @jmestepa I have consumed three glasses of sangria in a very short of amount of time
[Trump / Trump in 'Nam / etc attempt at humor] Vanilla Fudge - Bang Bang (Beat Club, 1968): #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@bck27 @WordswithSteph: Trump is very pro-amnesty & Cuccinelli is a GOP hack who'll do what Trump wants. You're being conned by your leaders into in effect supporting similar pro-Big Biz immigration policies to Trump's (his bluster aside).
Blue Öyster Cult - Astronomy. Or, as it is now written in Trump Script: B̈l̈üë Öÿs̈ẗër̈ C̈ül̈ẗ -̈ Äs̈ẗr̈ön̈öm̈ÿ: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I showed Olga wrong in comments once & she replied with an unexpected/undesired meltdown. How's The Atlantic doing traffic-wise after they wimped out & removed comments in order to keep everyone from showing them wrong on every post? MT @aaronecarroll Always read @olgakhazan
.@rahmemanuel blogs "It's Time to Hold American Elites Accountable for Their Abuses". Based on the blurb, he seems to think Lori Loughlin is an "elite". Is he so dim he thinks the laughable is true, or is he being deceptive in order to help the real elites?
#ESPN: "and, welcome to all 5 of you who were watching the #Beto2016 debate. We've got a good game here, tied at 1 in the 5th." #CNN #MAGA #resist
.@KimKokocal: despite Trump's incredible flaws, those like @paulwaldman1 have only ever *helped* Trump by acting as his foils & drawing people to his side. Demand those like Waldman finally do smart things. As it is, they're just helping Trump to a second term.
We know some of what Putin has done to both help & undercut Trump (& throughout it all, to undercut the USA). But, what has China done? Do they have any Trump admin embeds? They've got a lot more money than Putin so you know Trump'd be eager to help. #MAGA #resist
Trump just concluded his Pigeon Fork, Alabama tent meeting: "We've already built 3000 miles of wall! Now we're going to kick the Space Force into Interstellar Overdrive! Thank you & good night!!" #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Trump's plans would help Big Biz lower wages. He's just slightly shifting those who'd be harmed. MT @a1ngot8r MT @CathleenVets: Thank You Mr. President Trump For updating our poorly functioning #immigration system #MAGA???
Here's the original Deep Purple lineup covering Help. Like the France Gall & That Man From Rio vids, it's from the 60s & features an empty office park. It must have been a thing. #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@CoreysDigs @ScottAnthonyUSA: social media censorship would be a lot easier to reduce if everyone worked together rather than not opposing censorship (by only opposing it of those they agree with). Step 1: undercut con leaders who falsely pretend only cons are censored.
The Intellectual Dark Web works in mysterious ways, behind the scenes. Rest assured, the issue is on our radar and we are taking action. MT @theserfstv Why aren't Rubin and @jordanbpeterson up in arms about the attack on free speech!
Compare the empty office park from Baby Pop to the scenes from an empty Brasilia (starting at 3:30). One more example of this in a bit. #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@whatrwedoin: Trump's part of the problem; just recently he worried #eVerify might be too hard on growers. He's also pushed amnesty. @KrisKobach1787 is also part of the problem. Eg, #SB1070 & his other attempts only helped ACLU fundraising. Kobach refuses to use smart plans.
.@LeeH3283: if the goal is to undercut Trump & Kobach, his supposed private jet demands won't work: as with Trump's 80s taxes (remember that big scoop?) #MAGA doesn't care. At what point in time do people like you realize the talking points you're given do not work?
.@holachola: that's cute, but if you wanted to be useful you'd point out *to their audience* that @JxhnBinder & #Breitbart have repeatedly pushed amnesty and that Kobach has never won at anything (e.g., SB1070). Kobach puts on a good show but he's completely incompetent.
.@13commits50: @PrisonPlanet has consistently *helped* censorship. The only way to really oppose it is across the board with as many opponents as possible. PJW marginalizes the opposition by falsely pretending only cons & "alternative voices" are impacted.
On his 2nd 'Nam tour - flamethrowering villages by day, working ops for the Company by night - Trump relaxed by listening to Ye Ye music: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@PaulMiller1313: Putin wants to show that the U.S. Constitution doesn't work. He wants to make us less free, show that the people need to be controlled. Those like @RichardEngel might as well take Putin's money: by pushing censorship they help Putin's goals.
.@AmberRajen: Putin is doing quite well: he hyped Trump, his hyping undercut Trump, he's sowed discord & mistrust, & those like @OARichardEngel are doing his bidding. Putin wants to show that the U.S. system doesn't work. Pushing censorship as those like Engel do helps his goal.
There's rarely a sweet spot in Ball-in-Hoop: it's either endless pointless baskets, or endless pointless fouls. There aren't too many last-second nailbiters that don't involve 30 minutes of foul-after-foul. #MAGA #resist
.@TerriAWilliams1: plus, Trump wants to work with the Dems on amnesty. And, when he's out of office, Congress will just tear down his "wall". How about proving me wrong, unlike all other cons?
"My theory is right, that's a fact." He really isn't too bright. MT @TomSteyer If we're going to face climate change head on, we're going to need accurate data. This is not a moment to politicize facts. Global warming is happening—it's science. The debate should reflect that.
.@LauraDes81: hi Laura, are you a big fan of Marco Rubio & amnesty? When I called out @ChrisLoesch years ago for pushing Mr. Amnesty, he brigaded me and then blocked me. All to help Mr. Amnesty.
.@mountain__mama: @TomSteyer in effect *helps* Trump & he's been doing it for years. He'll still be doing it years after Trump's been reelected. Steyer refuses to do smart things *right now* that would undercut Trump to his base. Ask Steyer why he refuses to do that.
#ESPN has the same Ball-in-Hoop game on two channels, and on one they're doing a MST3000 thing. And, all for a sport that peaked at ~20% ratings two decades ago. #MAGA #resist