RT @polishprincessh States that don’t adhere to federal law should receive NO federal funding. We The People should NOT be forced to fund their policies & support of illegal immigration with US tax dollars. Any mayor or governor that refuses to enforce laws should be jailed.
You know what really pisses me off? Trump spent years being tortured in the Hanoi Hilton in 'Nam, while McCain was playing golf in Arizona and chasing after beer heiresses. It's sickening. Trump should try him for treason posthumously! #MAGA!
In 'Nam, the Cong called Trump "Berserker" due to his fearsome reputation: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Nos_Nexus: Trump is just demagoguing. He & the con base don't really oppose censorship, they just want to be the ones doing the censoring. Speaking about #Reason, when @robbysoave was in 1st grade this happened:
Of course not, it's just boob bait for Bubba that'll be forgotten tomorrow. Plus, cons try to silence libs given the chance (e.g., "get him outta here!", encouraging attacks..) MT @TsarKastik Will [Trump & his "free speech" proclamation] protect speech rights of #BDS students?
Sports trivia: college wrestling was popularized in the U.S. thanks to Roderick Cul-sur-Visage, an English baron. He tried unsuccessfully to get Americans to adopt other man-on-man grappling sports like rugby, but he succeeded greatly with American football. #MAGA #resist
Zardes gets a freak goal on a deflection over the Ecuador keeper. USA USA USA! #USMNT #USAvECU #MAGA #resist
"JPod" tweeted about bombing j-schools. He deleted the tweet then his account. Real leaders stand by their words, don't play to the intensely dim con base's worst instincts, and - unlike con leaders - can show the MSM wrong. MT @rkylesmith RT @EliLake: I miss @jpodhoretz
"Marine Corps commandant says deploying troops to the border poses ‘unacceptable risk’" (due to spreading funding too thin, costing training exercises, etc.): #MAGA! #resist
#USMNT in #USAvECU is on #ESPN 2. Guess what's on ESPN 1? If you guessed basketball you'd be right 99.95% of the time, just not this time. Is it lumberjack? Spikeball? Dodgeball? Poker? Close, but ESPN thinks NCAA wrestling is a bigger draw than the Mens National #soccer team.
.@RealDonaldTrump: as a former soccer player, are you watching #USMNT in #USAvECU?
The U.S. Mens National soccer team is facing off against Ecuador on #ESPN 2. #soccer #MAGA #resist
The Belgium Menace is now up 2-1 against Team Putin-Trump on #ESPN. It'd be 2-0 without Courtois doing a Trump. It's now at the half. #soccer #MAGA #resist
24Ahead thus closes broadcast day with Almara - Que Pude Ser: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Coene_Arts: @Schwarzenegger is just a less overt Trump. He's never about what's right, he's only about Arnold. He ran as a reformer & then completely wimped out. He caved to a small # of fringe figures like Nunez & DeMoro. He's a girlyman. #LikeArnold
Arnie's never given up his #Austria citizenship. He'd help the USA greatly if he went back & tried to be "the president" there. MT @SusanRse1 [to @Schwarzenegger] very nice! You have to be the president!
.@Tragic_Bronson_ @Hugh_Go_: hypocrisy is a logical fallacy. Just because Joe has a gas guzzler doesn't make gas guzzlers OK. What matters are broad policies.
.@Glitchfaction1 opines "man made climate change is a myth and we shouldn’t buy into it, destroy our economy, just to please teenagers"
Searching for something Arnie related, I watched a @girlyman video. Now Youtube will recommend sickening yuppie cutesy "folk"-pop for the next month. Solution: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@tiktok_us: as gov, @Schwarzenegger mistakenly said we need to "close the border" (he meant "secure"). When he got pushback, wimpy Arnie completely caved. If he wasn't a girlyman he'd have pointed out @CalNurses sides w/ Big Biz on #immigration. Don't be #LikeArnold.
On 27 Nov 2018 @Schwarzenegger hyped weareladder, "a project we've been working on for more than two years". It now has just 3233 followers. The domain is ldder dot co. He's got Cindy Crawford, Lebron James, & Lindsay Vonn. B schools probably use it as a cautionary tale.
Trump is justified in his McCain hatred. While McCain was lazing around in the Hanoi Hilton sipping Mai Tais with LBFMPBRs, Trump was serving the USA protecting models from the Cong in NYC. This is his story: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@andyroyz: @Schwarzenegger ran as a reformer. He then started pushing loose borders when Rove promised him a future. He cozied up to the shady racial demagogue @fbiannunez, even reducing the sentence on Nunez' murderous son. Did @PeterAtlantic call Arnold on anything like that?
Some Greek. Are there smart arguments against Schwarzenegger's public actions you can think up? MT @mr_greek_01 [personal smears of Schwarzenegger]
ICYMI, #TheAtlantic is now run by Lauren Powell Jobs of #Apple. She's worth billions thanks to Jobs turning his back on American workers in order to increase his profits by a relatively small amount. Yet, "liberals" keep buying their junk made by Chinese slave labor & kids.
.@Chantarelle2009: a related issue is jobs for "reporters" like @PeterAtlantic. He knows that if he dared question NeoLiberal (loose borders, free trade, globalism) orthodoxy he'd be out of a job. His sugarmommy is one of the top globalists. In order to eat he has to deceive.
.@svdate: Trump should call out specific reporters who've deceived about #immigration. E.g., @annaalmendrala. He'd do a huge public service washing those like you & her out of the stables. You're in luck: he mostly agrees with you two on the issue.
.@PaulaDale37: #Australia is a backward country, even more backward than the U.S. Just look at the reception #EggBoy got. They think a sneak attack with an egg is better than trying to engage political opponents in debate.
.@fatbloke19: per @okduet, we should respond to disputes with violent sneak attacks. You hear about Americans shooting or fighting fast food workers when they run out of McNuggets? #EggBoy comes from the same, brawndo place. #Australia = #idiocracy
I gather NT is like our #Texas, where drunken boating isn't just encouraged, it's required. MT @Merle12311771 A great day boating in the Northern Territory. No licence, no registration and no breath test. It’s not the same in other states! #Australia #eightcountriesofaustralia
.@siddiquimajid2: while those preeners are right to oppose violence against Muslims, are they demanding anything of Muslims? Like, no honor killings, etc.? Or do your extremists get a pass? MT @annafifield [yet another case of preening people holding up signs]
Do a search for this: attack on northern california power plant. Thousands would die just by knocking out enough of the grid for long enough. Or, search for: sarin attack subway. We're just lucky ISIS draws from dim criminals & #AltRight draws from deranged dimwits #MAGA #resist
.@gogoyogini: "white supremacist" & ISIS attackers are at the far left of the bell curve. If one of them were smart they could kill 1000s without using superscary "assault rifles". @annafifield isn't just selling security theater, disarming the populace is a long-term elite goal.
ICYMI, at 12:30pm #ESPN has Belgium vs. Russia then #USMNT vs. Ecuador at 5pm (both times Pacific). Fellow #soccer player Don Trump & I will simultweet both. I'll be doing the PBP tweets, Trump is my color man. I'll cut his mic if he starts whining about McCain. #MAGA #resist
Seen: 2 Des Plaines IL cop cars and an FBI Hostage Negotiation truck. That was in #GriffithPark. If you know what movie or TV show it was for, feel free to imagine the no double formulaic plot yourself while waiting for it to be shoveled at you. #MAGA #resist
On the road to Lima, Trump met a man crying. "Why do you cry, my son?" Trump asked. "I am sad because I thought John McCain was a war hero who sustained years of torture and never abandoned his men, but you've convinced me he was a traitor." #MAGA #resist
.@MsKateLyons: you blog "New Zealand shooting: @jacindaardern bans all semi-automatic guns & assault rifles". White supremacists are down with ISIS attackers in the IQ dept, so far. What if that changes? How will your long-planned knee-jerk response save lives?
Trump was last seen wearing a t-shirt & shorts, abdicating by driving to OKC in his Dodge Challenger to compete in #StreetOutlaws. That's the last we saw of him & no one's interested in looking for him. #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@JoanaAMorais: you oppose censorship. Do you want to censor prisonplanet? Ironically, he's done an excellent job censoring himself: he refuses to stand with all those censored. If you really oppose censorship, you should oppose him marginalizing the opposition. @FactCheckDE
.@laurahollis61: MSM loves Lori Laughlin scandal, but they won't discuss much, much bigger issue: aliens displacing Americans in universities. Legal aliens are cash cows. Illegal aliens get in via DACA/state DREAM Acts. Name a con leader calling out the MSM on ignoring that.
The cultural far-left presents fringe Gramscian ideas as mainstream and succeeds remarkably well at it. Cons take mainstream ideas and marginalize them: opposition to censorship, opposition to SJWs, opposition to illegal #immigration... #MAGA #resist
.@ckkirsch1: @PrisonPlanet claims Beto supports 9th month abortions, you say most will oppose it. Cons will actually help him with it. They'll bring Soros into it, etc etc. They'll COINTELPRO the opposition all by themselves. They'll marginalize what would be popular opposition.
Opposing censorship isn't meant for those who agree with you: if you only oppose censorship of them, you don't oppose censorship. When you oppose censorship of those your lesser nature would silence - in my case, @DalaiLama - only then do you really oppose censorship. #MAGA!
.@troyv66 @Jaoheah: I got blocked by GetOnGab for pointing out Dissenter would fail like all the similar past efforts & for pointing out they don't really oppose censorship. They only oppose those they agree with being censored, and that's not what opposing censorship is about.
That's way too complex for cons to understand. But, if you place a FB or Twitter ad you can target specific groups & they tell you how many are in the groups. #Twitter has ~300 million users, let's say ~100 million are real. Only a tiny fraction are libs or cons. #MAGA #resist
.@Amberwinborn @scooter765: there are actually few conservatives on Twitter (place an ad targeting cons & you'll see). Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. When GetOnGab falsely pretends only cons are censored they *help* Twitter be marginalizing the opposition.
In yet another in the long line of "thinks #Twitter is too dim to think through", if someone replies to you & then blocks you, you don't see their replies & can't reply to them. Others can see them. However, you can reply to yourself & it's at the top.
.@FreeSpeechAppar: thanks. FYI, here's one of the questions Cernovich blocked me over: "When his Muslim/travel bans were blocked (as I predicted), did Trump ramp up screening enough to keep us safe?" He can only say yes & he thereby admits screening was better than their ban.
.@24AheadDotCom_ @GardenGirl9 - something I've never tweeted - chimed in to lie about me and then @paula_mceneaney followed along without doing any research. Because that's what snowflakes of all kinds do.
.@alexprezzy: on ~3/3, #ESPN had 2 #MLS games. Next week, 1. Then 0. Then 0 again this week. If MLS were interested in growing the sport, they'd work to get on ESPN as much as possible. Even if they had to lower their prices.
Then, on Sat, #ESPN has Spain vs. Norway at 12:30pm & on Sun Hungary vs. Croatia at 10am. And, of course, no #MLS for the second weekend in a row. #soccer
Then, on Friday #ESPN has England vs. Czech Republic at 12:30pm Pacific. #MAGA #resist
The next #soccer on #ESPN is Thursday. At 12:30pm it's Belgium vs. Russia then #USMNT vs. Ecuador at 5pm (all times Pacific). 24Ahead will simultweet the first half of the USMNT match and then ex-soccer player Trump will simultweet the second half. #MAGA #resist
.@FreeSpeechAppar: speaking about free speech, Cernovich blocked me for repeatedly pointing out how he was/is wrong. He wants to keep his audience from seeing criticism he can't show wrong. He also *helps* Twitter censorship (blocks are a signal they use to censor).
Ex-MAGA but perennial snowflake @Cernovich has blocked me:
.@thrudasmog: re your reply to EPA, it's hard to hold them & Trump officials accountable because Twitter heavily censors replies from Trump opponents. Start by urging reporters to cover the real data at my pinned tweet.
.@ARPdid911: who asked you? Trump was at Woodstock while punks like you were in 'Nam.
"Sire," the merchant asked Trump as he was leaving, "will you help me build my gambling house?" Trump replied, "My son, you must pray. Pray and I will give you an answer." And he did stalwartly until he reached the ripe age of two hundred score and thirty-two. #MAGA #resist
A merchant who desired to build a gambling house sayeth to Trump: "Sire, I would that you know my daughter." And Trump knowed her. "If she be with child, call for me without delay, I know someone who can take care of it," Trump said on leaving. #MAGA #resist
.@Arianedevogue: your blog post "Supreme Court says govt can detain immigrants w/ past criminal records even years after their release" is confusing. Please rewrite it, forgetting for the moment you're paid to lie about status. Which groups are illegal aliens, LPRs, etc.?
On a lighter note, let's all joke about how #Boeing cut a deal with #Microsoft years ago that mandates they write all their avionics software in #VisualBasic. #FAA
Have #Boeing & #FAA killed more people this year than terrorist attacks on airplanes have killed this decade?
A Mr. Seb G. of Dushanbe writes in: "Either you close the broadcast day with Dvořák - Scherzo capriccioso or I'll get Trump to call you childish names you won't like!" We hereby comply: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Besides chasing own tales & other cycles, cons are constantly stuck in this cycle: "I can't believe [Issue X] keeps continuing. Someone needs to do something!" "[Grifter Y] is doing a great job at opposing [Issue X]! If you disagree, you must support [Issue X!" #MAGA #resist
Far-left is very competent at getting MSM to do their bidding. If the loudest supposed MSM opponents were as competent, would the MSM ignore that? MT @heyitsCarolyn MT @Sy_Crux: 4000+ Christians killed by Islamic extremists & literally all the MSM cares abt is [the NZ extremist]
~BREAKING~ Here's shock surveillance video of Trump making a run for it with Nancy Pelosi. As it turns out, they've been in on it together for years. This is breaking news: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Very few Twitter users are cons. Gab falsely pretends only cons are censored. That means they're deliberately reducing their possible audience. MT @EntheosShines RT @EntheosShines: MEDIA BLACKOUT: Owner Of Twitter Competitor Site getongab Being Terrorized By Dark-Left
.@ScottMGreer: getongab blocked me for pointing out they don't really oppose censorship. They only oppose censorship of cons & you don't really oppose censorship unless you oppose those you'd sooner silence being censored. Likewise, they help marginalize the opposition.
On road to Brentwood, Trump met a man crying beside the road. "Why do you cry, son?" Trump asked "I cry because I spend so much on my megayacht it incredibly slightly impacts my ability to pay my megamansion tax!" "I will reduce taxes on real citizens like you", Trump replied.
On the road to Dothan, Trump met a man crying beside the road. "Why do you cry, my son?" Trump asked. "I cry because I don't have a good-paying job, sire" the man answered. "I will give you 10% off University education. Go find a better job", Trump answered. #MAGA #resist
.@paula_mceneaney: @GrantWoods is very supportive of mass immigration, amnesty, and illegal immigration. All of th…
Cor blimey, gov! It's the Battle of London as Ѕwаnѕеа faces off against Mаn Сіtу in real football: #MAGA #resist
.@dianeyentel: in the real world, most don't buy Liz Warren's shtick. It plays with people like you, but Fox will eat her alive because she's never been tested by real debate. Lib hatred of Socratic debate will end up hurting one of their idols.
Do you understand the fact that what plays to you doesn't play to others? Most learn that in Kindergarten but many adults need a refresher. MT @dianeyentel [Liz Warren's happy talk about affordable housing at] #WarrenTownHall is w/o doubt most on pres campaign trail
Warren's pie-in-the-sky claims (a Constitutional amendment??) are just like Trump's pie-in-the-sky claims. Do your job as a citizen & ask leaders tough questions. Trump or Warren. MT @tobeiconoclast The 2020 election cycle [has] real policy issues,not political platitudes.
.@renato_mariotti @ShimonPro @vermontgmg: Don Lemon presents Judge Janine opposing Sharia Law as her opposing Muslims. I'm sincerely wondering if you see a problem with his claim. I can help you think it through if you're confused, just let me know.
.@johnbro08670931: Warren's voting ideas are as fake as Trump's #immigration ideas. The supposed job of supposed reporters like @mj_lee is to call pols on obviously fake ideas. We're stuck with Trump because supposed reporters like her didn't do their jobs & ask questions. #CNN
.@TwinklingTania: on the plus side, Liz Warren's fake demagoguery about requiring everyone to vote via a Constitutional amendment - as fake as the worst of Trump's fakery - wouldn't require everyone to vote the same. We'd still have a choice! #WarrenTownHall
.@nickmon1112: FYI, #Gab blocked me for pointing out how fake they are. Their supposed opposition to censorship doesn't count because they only oppose censoring those they agree with. That's a fake opposition to censorship and it *helps* Twitter by marginalizing their opposition.
.@WajahatAli: hey Wajahat, do you support Sharia Law? Because your pal @DonLemon does. He's presenting Judge Janine opposing Sharia as her opposing Muslims. So, do you too wish for Sharia Law to be imposed on the USA as Don Lemon does?
.@agitpopworld: good job, keep at it! If we tie up #TheResistance on dim, childish things sane people know to be false, Trump's a lock on 2020!
.@_EthanGrey: Warren's very pro-Big Biz immigration policies would harm workers of all colors. @AsteadWesley demagogues racial issues because he can't discuss how very pro-Big Biz Warren is: he owes his job to a pro-mass immigration billionaire from Mexico. #WarrenTownHall
.@shannonrwatts: this page says you're bogus. How are they wrong? #WarrenTownHall
Plus, mass immigration is great at lowering wages! Liz Warren is going to help Zuck clean up, then tax his profits! MT @jules_amin Listening to @ewarren talk about supporting asylum seekers as a moral imperative makes me so proud to be on this team... #Warren2020 #WarrenTownHall
.@sophiemcneill: Australian cultural achievements, 1901-present: - Waltzing Matilda - Crocodile Dundee - M-o-z-a-r-t - Yahoo Serious - sneaking up behind someone & assaulting them because you want to silence them and lack smarts to engage them in debate #Australia = #idiocracy
.@garyandshannon: you disagree with @billhandelshow on monetary policy. Do you: a) Engage him in debate & attempt to show him wrong, or b) Sneak up behind him & smash an egg on his head? If #EggBoy is popular in AU, it's because their society is even sicker than US. @tourismaus
And thus, 24Ahead close broadcast day with great video of Trump Pioneer Tanya singing praises of great leader Trump! For USA! For Trump! #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
On Sat I might have spent $5 hyping my pinned tweet, I haven't checked if #Twitter approved it or not. However, I targeted libs & cons in the U.S. The numbers were under 1 million. Obviously, some lib/con symps are under their radar, but that's a clue how impotent hacks are.
Deranged MAGA snowflake @vicpenley has blocked me despite never tweeting it.
.@Crowsepth_Chris: in a rare good move, Twitter censored your reply. Also good: you lack the smarts & sanity to help yourself. A store clerk overcharges you. Do you use reason & logic to point out their error, or do you smash an egg on their head?
.@Bo0t3y: 1. Twitter censored your reply. Are you smart and sane enough to help with my pinned tweet when it would greatly help you and millions more? 2. What makes you think I'm a Trump fan?
.@geofflangdale: I've been shadowbanned by Twitter for years, resulting in the low follower count. I make up for it by SEOing those who support censorship. Do a search for "Geoff Langdale ‏ intel" in a few months, and good luck.
.@hpstorian doesn't know what Socratic debate is but, as could be expected, replies childishly "Is that where you say things state no like then they make you drink hemlock?" No, it's where I ask you: would you crack an egg over the head of someone who disputes you in person?
.@darksecretplace: I haven't been following Randy Quaid's peregrinations, but Google is a spyware company. #Android collects 100s of GPS reading per day recording not just where their users are but what they think they're doing (walking, jogging, etc. etc.) That's spyware.
.@RandyRRQuaid: you might be interested in my pinned tweet showing how heavily Twitter censors *all* kinds of users.
.@neo_1156: the punk assaulted someone and from behind like a coward, he's lucky he didn't suffer permanent damage. Do you & @NicholasDole @Henry_Belot carry eggs with you in case you have disputes with store clerks, bank managers, and so on?
24Ahead's Closing Argument will be: - a video you've already seen - featuring a nice young lady in a white shirt & red kerchief - extolling the virtues of Trump. Can you guess what it is? #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Anning didn't know it was an egg. Punk's lucky he didn't get really hurt. Your bank mgr is amateur MMA. You crack egg on his head. What happens? @borzou @bahman4971 MT @DesCoutinho It wasn't a tactical nuke either. Should adult respond w punches when an egg cracked over head?
Skating is a gateway to hockey and leads to some Americans becoming Canadians. Just say no. RT @OksanaBaiul I want kids to enjoy skating and I think it’s a great workout ⛸👍 I said this quote in 2003 😜
The VC/NeoLiberal/Koch/globalism/"greed is good" team devastated Middle America. Now, those like @RiseOfRest & SteveCase are trying to profit from tragedy. MT @Khwaja_Shaik Every VC has a responsibility to uplift middle America as this is a team sport. #startup .@jeancase