Non-verified account. Legit or Q? #MAGA #resist MT @GeorgePapa19 Turkish military harasses US energy companies in E. Med/Cyprus/Israel. When I would advise the companies, the number one threat to their operations was, and remains, Turkey. This is no US ally. Saudi is.
.@natespuewell: Finland prez might have explained to Trump the Fixteri machine (look it up) in a way he can understand. If Fox/Breitbart/etc hilite that machine they'll make #TheResistance look like ignorant snarking kids yet again. Study my feed for how to prevent that.
.@SarahThyre: @Guinz only replies "F--- off" to me, and you know that's not a valid argument. You also know she'd never call a group the "[BLACKEST/BROWNIST/YELLOWIST/REDDIST] HUMANS ON EARTH". You know she's racist, just the "liberal" kind. You know her mindset helps Trump.
.@spa_eng @ksamofaen: thanks for posting that audio with the correct pronunciation of "Jamal Khashoggi". However, could you please clean it up a bit? It's a little hard to understand given the sound of the chainsaw in the background. Merhaba! #MAGA #resist
.@saudiembassyusa @cicsaudi: it would help Americans undercut the Kingdom better if you'd post audio of how to correctly pronounce words in the news. For instance, many newscasters wonder exactly how to pronounce Jamal Khashoggi. Could you please post audio?
I'm not buying the top (Youtube) search for how to pronounce Jamal Khashoggi: it's way light on the kh and the Turkish ends with the second g as "ch" as in church. Arabic is probably similar even if voiced. #MAGA #resist
Fun with languages! Without doing a search, can you figure out who "Cemal Kaşıkçı" is? #MAGA #resist
Such casual, illiberal racism against whites (which you'd commit seppuku before using against non-whites) is a main reason Trump won. MT @Guinz [Trump allegedly wanted] more Norway immigrants [vs sh**hole] [& now rake forests like Finns] Be more like the WHITEST HUMANS ON EARTH
In real football news, here are highlights of the U.S. Womens national team against Scotland in #soccer. Did we win and can we keep speaking English, or will we have to learn Scottish? Let's find out: #MAGA #UCF #Cincinnati #resist
I joke too! However, as a way to undercut Trump that fails. I found what he might be referring to, now I want to see if it's practicable. You aren't. You also minimize legit concerns about illegal immig. MT @sylamore1 [we could let the caravan in to rake the national forests]
.@unnaH: Trump might be referring to a Fixteri machine (and it was explained to him in a way he can understand). To show Trump wrong for real, ask them if their machine would work in USA since our forests/mountains/laws/settlements are different.
.@FieldYates: I still can't believe the founders of football got persecuted and convicted a century ago. Nowadays gently sliding your hands between the thighs of a bent-over lineman is considered all-American!
Trump's "raking" of forest is probably how Finland pres explained machines that collect small trees & underbrush to him. To an uncontacted Amazon tribe you might describe a rocket ship as a "big bird" and so on. It's probably like that. #MAGA #resist
#MLS is off this weekend. The next real football on regular TV appears to be Czech Republic vs Slovakia on ESPN News on Monday at 11:30am Pacific. On Tues, it's Sweden vs Russia (same time/channel). #BoycottNFL #MAGA #resist
.@thebossftw: search for "Fixteri". They make a machine that might do something similar to what Trump was talking about. To avoid *helping* Trump you have to show how that's impracticable here. Otherwise you'll continue the long #TheResistance tradition of helping Trump.
.@akihheikkinen: the problem is 10s of millions think Trump is brilliant. Snark *helps* Trump. You have to *show* him wrong *to his fans*. To do that, ask @FixteriGroup how their system would translate to USA given our much more difficult terrain.
Show notes: - after watching a bunch of #soccer, you see how intensely slow and stupid kneeball is. One set piece after another, at a lower rate than #baseball pitches (up to 10 minutes between plays!) - thanks to Trump I have my closing song. #MAGA #resist
.@matthewhurteau: Trump said today we should be "raking and cleaning" our forests to prevent wildfires like they supposedly do in Finland (perhaps a reference to Fixteri). Without mentioning climate change: is that a viable idea? If not, will you challenge his proxies on it?
.@FixteriGroup: you make a small tree bundler machine that might be what Trump was referring to when he suggested "raking and cleaning" our forests. Given USA has 3-4x as much forest as Finland & much more forbidding topology, how would that work? Do you have any US case studies?
#BuildTheWall!! #RakeTheForests!! #MAGA!! #resist
At the #CampFire, Trump thinks we can rake and clean the forests. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
LAT: "Going, going ... with midterm wipeout, #CAGOP drifts closer to irrelevance". It's simple: they keep running fiscal and social cons in a state that's neither. What they need is Arnold Part 2, except not corrupt. #California #MAGA #resist
In the other big news story of the day, Ana Cabrera's hair is getting bigger however she's wearing a purple mesh top. #CNN #MAGA #resist
.@ScottGreenfield: the best way to make the #ACLU better is over their very agenda-driven pro-illegal immigration stance. Most oppose illegal immigration. Go after them in a smart, sane, patriotic, big tent way (not the Trump/Breitbart way):
.@ScottGreenfield: #Twitter censors high % of replies to Trump officials (see my top tweet). @ACLU, @ACLUMT, EFF, etc. etc. refuse to speak out. That's one way to undercut the ACLU: point out to all those who could be censored (mostly libs) the ACLU doesn't have their back.
This is has the scales falling from the eyes of civil libertarians: MT @ACLU It promotes an unfair process, inappropriately favoring the accused and letting schools ignore their responsibility under Title IX to respond promptly and fairly to complaints of sexual violence.
Civil libertarians have finally realized the @ACLU has a pro-donations SJW agenda. They haven't yet figured out how that agenda is pro-Big Biz & how that makes them extremely vulnerable. Even if they could figure that out, they couldn't figure out how to use to better the ACLU.
.@dgambacorta: re @DanGeringer:
.@getjohnnyahome - the Philly / homeless / GoFundMe scam - is still valid. A year ago I pointed out it was a bad idea:
.@miguel_says: in the meantime, @MnarMuh can just help expose how heavily Twitter censors all kinds of users. That makes them extremely vulnerable. See the real data at my top tweet.
.@JMesarch: @JxhnBinder keeps pushing amnesty as "pro-American". Read Trump's Daily Caller interview where he wants to work with Dems on "comprehensive immigration reform" (i.e., amnesty). Have Binder or Breitbart called Trump on that?
No surprise: pro-amnesty @RealKyleMorris of #Breitbart has blocked me:
- Terms of Endearment - Debra Winger - fap - "I've never made it to the end, how's it work out?" #JokeConstructionKit #MAGA #TermsOfEndearment #resist
What's the over/under on a Trump tweet storm about "the strawberries, yes, the strawberries, that's where I had them. Ainsley Earhardt and Steve Doocy proved it with geometric logic"? I'll generously say 6 months. #MAGA #resist
.@SpeakingBee: I've never once believed Trump on #immigration & I've known he supports amnesty for 3+ years. Binder, @joelpollak, etc. all support amnesty because their meal ticket does. Discredit them over amnesty & Trump will back off.
Here's a simple task that's darn near impossible: get #CNN hosts to really pin down Trump proxies: "if a future Dem pres does a similar thing against a con reporter that Trump did against Acosta, will you support it? Yes or no?" That needs additional questions to box them in.
.@NedLand5: @JxhnBinder 's "Trump’s Nationalist Immigration Agenda" has always included amnesty. Trump has pushed amnesty for 3+ years. He pushed it in his Daily Caller interview. Binder pushed the Goodlatte amnesty Trump supports. You support amnesty unless you oppose them.
In other "I'm better than anyone else, mostly" news, a year ago I railed against GoFundMe for the Philly homeless guy. I assumed it was a real story & not a scam (wrong). My issue is as always good policy rather than isolated instances of feel-good. I'll post those tweets later.
"George Conway: Republican Party has become a ‘personality cult’ under Trump". Well, duh. Unlike almost everyone else who tweets/writes about politics, I've fought against our three most recent personality cults: GWB, Obama, now Trump. #MAGA & #resist can't say the same.
.@garyandshannon: here are two songs about traveling:
.@garyandshannon: Babe Ruth & Elvis awards are a distraction from the key recipient: wife of casino magnate & GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson. It's a payoff from GOP for all those donations, and from Trump for donations or for not going after him. (Like hiring Koch's Marc Short).
.@peggyjags: Trump's ramblings are Queeg-like. In any case, @esaagar didn't call Trump on supporting amnesty. That makes him and Trump extremely vulnerable to their base. Point out to Trump fans he supports amnesty. Point out to Saagar fans he didn't call Trump on it.
.@ronbryn: the #DailyCaller audience doesn't care, & that's who you need to convince to undercut @paconner & @bennyjohnson. In the interview Trump said he wants to work with Dems on amnesty & DC didn't call him on it. *That's* where DC is extremely vulnerable to their base.
.@BillSchulz @realPatMcDonald: I want Coulter to urge Trump to use smart arguments that'd undercut Dem leaders to their base & make enabling illegal #immigration & amnesty toxic. Are there arguments more effective than these?
.@BillSchulz @realPatMcDonald: in his Daily Caller interview, Trump says he wants to work with the Dems to get amnesty. Coulter hasn't mentioned that & wouldn't be able to do anything about it any way. She's consistently refused to help with smart plans to stop amnesty.
.@Gentry38: the "let them live in your shed" argument is as illogical as when far-left makes similar arguments. There are smart arguments that'd make enabling mass immigration politically toxic to Dem leaders. @RefugeeWatcher refuses to help with that, she just does shtick.
.@mamendoza480: did you see Trump's Daily Caller interview where he said he's eager to work with the Dems on "comprehensive immigration reform", aka amnesty? Go read it then decide to put USA before Trump: urge Trump (through his proxies) to fully oppose all kinds of amnesty.
In his Daily Caller interview, Trump said he's eager to work with the Dems on "comprehensive immigration reform", aka amnesty. See my latest post for what you can do about it. MT @C_R_Chamberlain MT @ShannonJoyRadio: Betrayal... Amnesty [by Trump] is next
.@DanOHerrin: for years, @kausmickey, to the extent he has any ability to do so, has enabled Trump. He could have urged Coulter & others to urge Trump to use smart anti-amnesty arguments instead of those that only play to 30% of the USA. Did he do that?
"White House weighs booting Erdogan foe from U.S. to appease Turkey". Like anyone would expect anything better. #MAGA #resist
.@punkinsoul says to @RepPerlmutter: "As your constituent, I wonder at the logic of your & the #FiveWhiteGuys logic". Would the Rep care to disavow such casual liberal racism?
Relive the glory, excitement, and sheer true grit of the USA national #soccer team realizing that we aren't in the same league as the #4 team in the world: #pride #USA #MAGA #resist #USA #USA #USA #USMNT
RT @Mariebonilla4 Will donate a sign in your name. Make sure and get @johnandkenshow to read it on air so I can sue them back to Piscataway. Let's say their cheap stunt forces @MayorOfLA hand. What sort of dent will that make in the issue of homelessness?
.@troyaikman: Joe Buck says first responders are protecting the "general L.A. area". In fact, the vast majority of L.A. area residents aren't impacted. First responders, thankful tho their work may be, are mostly protecting the wealthy in Malibu & upper middle class in Agoura etc
Why do people watch movies "based on a real story" when they could just read about or watch the real story instead? #TryTheVeal #WaitTheresVeal #NoOneToldMeThereWasVealAvailable #humor #hilarious #MAGA #resist
.@tide: Trump's a blight on the populace, but have you considered not enabling the fave sport of O.J., Ray Lewis, & Al Davis? #Soccer is a healthy, all-American sport that doesn't involve doing irreparable damage to opponents. How about supporting that instead? #TNF #GBvsSEA
.@1crapshoot: the disreputable @johnandkenshow stunt won't do anything about homelessness. It's like their cheap Villaraigosa "we clean your toilets" stunt. He & almost all other pols didn't suddenly oppose amnesty, the cheap stunt didn't hamper pro-amnesty pols in any way. #KFI
Sociopathic stunts solve nothing except J&K ratings. Be a Christian & donate to a group that gets homeless off the streets. MT @Mariebonilla4 @johnandkenshow I will purchase "No transpassing signs" [on J&K's urging as yet another stunt] and have them shipped to @MayorOfLA
Toxic white liberal racism + wrong. MT @JojoGotDymes when youth soccer becomes cheaper and more available for minorities in low income areas we’d be ballin internationally...all the good athletes turn to football and basketball for a reason #USMNT
There appears to be little hope for #USMNT, and I don't mean just in this game. #soccer #MAGA #resist
Are you sure you got all the questions? After Trump said he wants to work with the Dems on "comprehensive immigration reform" (i.e., amnesty), I was expecting DC to call him on it. Did I miss that? MT @amber_athey I transcribed the audio for [the Trump Daily Caller] interview
.@the_triumphs: in the interview, Trump came out for "comprehensive immigration reform" (aka amnesty). Most #MAGA hate amnesty, yet Trump is eager to work with the Dems on it. Not only that, #DailyCaller didn't call Trump on it. Use that to undercut @paconner & Trump.
.@DoreeGraham: in the interview, Trump came out for "comprehensive immigration reform" aka amnesty. That's like if Bernie came out for bump stocks. Point out to @bennyjohnson fans he didn't call Trump on amnesty. Point out to #MAGA Trump is pro-amnesty. Help make lemonade.
.@nedprice: the news you missed is Trump came out for "comprehensive immigration reform", aka amnesty. I've known he's pro-amnesty for 3+ years, but you & his fans still can't figure it out. P.S. You can undercut @esaagar by pointing out to his fans he didn't call Trump on it.
Trump wants to work with Dems on "comprehensive #immigration reform" (i.e., amnesty). How to use it to undercut Trump and #DailyCaller: #MAGA #resist
Wayne Rooney has entered the building. #USMNT #USAvENG #ENGvUSA #MAGA #resist
.@realDonaldTrump: some gave all, you couldn't even stand in the rain.
Before the ink on that last tweet was dry, England went up 2-0. #USAvENG #ENGvUSA #MAGA #resist
#England goes up 1-0 against #USA. If this score holds, we'll all be required by the Rules of War to speak English. #USAvENG #ENGvUSA #MAGA #resist
??? Trump just tweeted this "closing argument", he wants everyone in the U.S. to play this while they sleep. I don't get it. #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@21WIRE @Mighty_Humanzee @sahouraxo: Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. Those who falsely pretend only one group is impacted greatly help Twitter by dividing and shrinking the opposition. Use the real data at my top tweet to undercut Twitter to 10s of millions.
Speaking of which, it'll be Revolutionary War 2 as the U.S. National Team faces off against England on Thursday around noon Pacific. Will the USA win this time? It features Wayne Rooney in his last game for England. More importantly, 24Ahead will tweet it. #USMNT #MAGA #resist
.@CockyTomBrady: your 3 RT LOL about Marco Rubio's "3 pt kick" is enough to make it into a blog by parasite @DesBieler. Maybe @MarcoRubio is just a fan of real football, not kneeball. Maybe #WaPo should point out the downsides of the amnesty he supports. Raise the crossbar.
~BREAKING~ Lindsay Casinelli has just given birth... bairn immediately began tweeting, railing against all kinds of hacks (especially conservatives), urging smart/sane/big tent/patriotic solutions to our common problems... 24Ahead could not be reached for comment. #MAGA #resist
.@kathyhoffman_az: @ktumulty fluffs you in WaPo, using DeVos' grizzly bear comments. Her yahooism is outweighed by yours & Tumulty's. How many large animal attacks have there been in USA so far this year? Do bears try to break into houses & cars, yes or no?
.@RyanTroutSays: I'm a @clear customers and they're great! I just wish they'd switch from fingerprints (which can be faked) to iris scans (which can't).
Trump (sic TPM): "[Antifa] better hope that the other side doesn’t mobilize. Because if you look, the other side, it’s the military. It’s the police. It’s a lot of very strong, a lot of very tough people. Tougher than them. And smarter for them." Mussolini 2. #MAGA #resist
According to Michael Avenatti, he's completely innocent. According to Gateway Pundit, he's completely guilty. I don't know which story arc to believe. #MAGA #resist #ChooseYourOwnAdventure
Says the Putin stooge. MT @realDonaldTrump Macron suggests building its own army to protect Europe against [US/CN/RU]. But it was DE in [WWI/WWII] - How did that work out for France? They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along. Pay for NATO or not!
This is where we need real reporting from those on the scene. MT @realDonaldTrump ...when the helicopter couldn’t fly to the first cemetery in France because of almost zero visibility, I suggested driving. Secret Service said NO, too far from airport & big Paris shutdown...
.@MShiningElk: Twitter showed me your meaningless, off-topic tweet #1 on Trump's cemetery claim. I'd feel intense shame if that happened to me. I'd up my game with on-topic tweets, like research about if it was "near zero visibility" as Trump claims. Put USA first.
.@JennaJanaki: Trump's a RE guy, he could figure out a way to replace #CampFire homes. Plop double wides down in WalMart's field in a homesteading arrangement or subsidized payments, etc. That's a solution, but @FEMA_Brock are just grossly incompetent grifters.
"Gramsci things up" = always playing the race card, etc. etc. Trump failed #PuertoRico because a) he's grossly incompetent, and b) they don't vote for him. Like InfoWars having to find a conspiracy in everything, MSM/Dems have to revert everything to race. #MAGA #resist
.@dizneluver: @FEMA_Brock only placed a rush order for sat phones *after* Maria. Part of that is intense incompetence of GOP lifers. Part is GOP desire to scuttle FEMA, etc. They skate because MSM can't develop plans either & also has to always Gramsci everything up.
.@JodyJobickers says to @FEMA_Brock @SecretaryZinke: "[there's lots of space for rvs etc, get people in them & out of parking lots]" Trump admin is a show, completely unrelated to good governance or competence. You need bad optics pinned on Trump to force Trump to do something.
.@billhandelshow @HOMEwithDean: can you cut back on the reporting of the #CampFire? It's way up past Chico. No one who's famous lives in or around Chico. Please concentrate on important things, like how The Edge's favorite Ferrari suffered only minor ash damage. #KFI
Because there's no greater Great Thinker we'd want trying to solve such an issue. #MAGA #resist MT @realDonaldTrump I am grateful to be here today w/ Members of the House & Senate who have poured their time, heart and energy into the crucial issue of Prison Reform...
.@sadmonsters @mehdirhasan: this 3+ year old site has tough policy questions for Trump and/or his proxies. Suggest you ask Steve Rogers, Mike Shields, Kingston, Bauer, Cortes, etc. some of them. More on request.
24Ahead close broadcast day with glorious video of when this country was great. Great Leader Trump is working to make country great again, despite counterrevolutionaries! #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
2.5 years ago, Trump had a golden opportunity to undercut BLM. I even wrote out what he should say. It took Trump 15 hours to do a lukewarm, completely selfish & self-centered version of what I'd suggested the day before. #MAGA #resist #TakeAKnee
.@TheKatzMeow2016: Trump can't function without proxies: undercut them & you undercut Trump. You can undercut @JackKingston by getting someone to really press him on how Trump "wall" would be neglected or torn down by Congress when Trump's out of office. Urge CNN to do that.
The role cons have taken upon themselves is Great Defender. They're supposed to reduce mass or at least illegal #immigration, constrain SJWs, etc. Name even one case of them actually doing any of that. Even one case. #MAGA #resist
.@ramblingsynapse: @realMatMolina wants to keep @JackKingston off CNN. The first inclination of the far-left is to censor, mine is to debate. Kingston's spiel won't go away if he's censored, only if he's debated & shown wrong.
Who knew? I've gone on hikes with terrarists! SC is extremely vulnerable to their base on immigration. Cons are too un-American to use it against them. MT @IamScottyMonroe MT @CruzSCOTUS: I pray the people of CALIFORNIA realize the INSANITY of the eco terror group SIERRA CLUB
German girls used to come to L.A. to meet David Hasselhoff & get stranded. I knew someone who'd have to go pick them up. They probably haven't heard about The South either. @AndreBauerSC [Myrtle Beach is] the No. 1 City in the U.S. & the No. 10 City in the World
.@porterguy1969: Trump proxy @mshields007 is part of the Jeb/GWB GOP wing that strongly supports amnesty. If you repeatedly point out he's a strong amnesty fan, you can weaken his ability to fluff Trump & thus weaken Trump (who needs all the proxies he can get).
No surprise here: MAGA snowflake @KarmaCafe2017 has blocked me after I called it out for helping Politico hack @michaelkruse:
It was up so long because the Party wanted it. Congress - D & R - now oppose & will always oppose Trump's "wall". When he's out of office they'll neglect or tear it down. When will you call Trump on it? MT @BBCDanielS The Berlin wall has now been down for longer than it was up
Sinema's #immigration stance is very pro-corporate. List all the instances when McSally, Trump, Breitbart, etc. tried to use that to undercut her to her anti-corporate base. Here's some space: #MAGA MT @RussHansen51 I can't believe Arizona voted for the code pink Lunatic sinema
#CNN: Trump has swung independents *24 points*. 2 years ago, they went for #GOP by 12%. This election, they went for Dems by 12%. The question isn't whether Trump is a Dem mole, the question is whether he's in on it or just a stooge. #MAGA #resist