.@ItGoestooEleven: undercutting @kausmickey will send a message to Coulter & that'll send a message to Trump. Point out to his fan(s) that he enabled the always pro-amnesty Trump, including Trump "wall" that Congress will neglect or tear down when Trump's out of office.
.@KStreetHipster: has anything @HeerJeet has ever blogged had an impact on Trump? There are things he could do that'd have a devastatingly effective impact on Trump, why hasn't he done them? Isn't he just another grifter, like a Coulter with even less influence?
.@TeddyMunene: what'd stop Twitter censorship is smart, sane, *big tent* opposition. Those like U.S. cons help Twitter divide & conquer, pretending it's all about them when in fact Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users all around the world. See the real data at my top tweet.
Sharing what is no doubt an original thought, this song is about Trump's tweets: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Asamoh_: Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users; they admit to censoring millions. If you find a reporter to cover the real data at my top tweet you'll help stop their censorship.
.@RevKeithBritt: hey Keith, cons bear false witness about Twitter censorship. They actually censor all kinds of users: see the real data at my top tweet. Not only do cons who claim otherwise lie, they *help* Twitter by shrinking the possible opposition to their censorship.
At least Trump admits he got deferments. Also, please direct me to the smart, sane, patriotic, big tent effort to discredit those MSM reporters who said Philips was a 'Nam vet. MT @RevKeithBritt ...Covington Antagonist Nathan Phillips Is A Liar Who Never Served In Vietnam...
A Rush and a Push and an unsuccessful shutdown and Fox News Talking Points that Don't Work and Lots of Tweets and This Land Is Ours! #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
The amnesty RGC & Trump support has never been popular. It'd be even less popular if Trump made valid arguments for once. MT @notsofastlane56 MT @RagingGayCons: Immigration reform must be passed within the next 3 weeks. Just a reminder that Trump's immigration views are POPULAR
Just admit that's a win for you. It makes reducing refugees less likely, leading to more immigration, leading to lower wages. The victims need to think of the wealthy. MT @ItsBouquet MT @sarahinthesen8: Horrible to hear immigration detention has claimed another innocent life
In a strange timezone far from home, the #ProBowl was held today & featured #MUFC against Your Arsenal: #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter #soccer
.@EckleyToni: @StefanMolyneux has enabled Trump since Day One. I realized Trump was 100% fake on #immigration since Day One. There are things Stef could have done to make Trump much better, but he enabled Trump instead. Given that, is enabling Stef a wise move for the USA?
.@stephanieprager: hey Stephanie, how will your friends react when they learn that you, @danielbrennan, & other $TWTR employees lie to millions of your users via ghosting? What other (legit) company lies on such a scale? Will your friends trust you when they find out?
.@Navy_Lady_45 @gbroh10: @LibertarianBlue has consistently *helped* social media censors by shrinking their opposition. Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users, see my pinned tweet for real data. Allum knows about it but plays games instead. He makes things easier for TWTR.
r/The_Donald post with 5279 upvotes: "Man your upvote cannons!! We're being brigaded!!" I don't want to be in the position of hoping for a massive EMP pulse or a Yellowstone eruption, but those would be two ways to solve the problem. #MAGA #resist
.@jimdicker: @Cernovich fans really don't like amnesty & that's where he & Trump are weakest (even if you support amnesty). I opposed Trump over his amnesty support since Day One. Point out to Cernovich fans that he enabled Turmp - & thus Trump's amnesty - for years.
.@droctopu5: ironically, nothing @oneunderscore__, @nickpwing, or all the rest have ever said has had any impact on Trump whatsoever. They might as well not exist, they're completely worthless parasites. They can't figure out how to undercut Trump. He should give them a medal.
.@nickpwing @sanjanakaranth: ironically, you could stop those memes if you weren't such pathetic parasites completely worthless to society. You get those memes because they think you're a threat to their idol, when you aren't. You can't figure out how to undercut Trump or do it.
Nice try, Mueller & Trump, but no sell. The Roger Stone perp walk & #TrumpCaved won't eclipse the real news of the day: a new Yasemin Mori video: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@ladyfuddyduddy @Oscarca0731: if you want to end @AnnCoulter 's grift, point out to those duped by her that Congress will neglect or just tear down Trump's Slats as soon as he's out of office. If it's this hard to get the Slats built, how hard will it be to maintain them?
.@MrTimeAttack: the bigger issue is @ussoccer_ynt sell out to Murdoch or worse, marginalizing the sport. They & MLS need to demand ESPN or network, even if they have to take a hit. And they need to urge ESPN to show foreign soccer.
.@Musetrigger: the key issue about Trump's Slats is that Congress would tear them down or neglect upkeep as soon as he's out of office. Jackie Speier has already admitted that. Trump can get away with his "wall" shtick because no one in the MSM calls him or his proxies on that.
.@Zephyr75080: if you want to undercut @CrisAlexJimenez, point out to her fans how closely she's aligned with Trump, Koch, U.S. Chamber, WalMart, etc. All of them would increase the labor supply & thereby decrease wages for U.S. workers. Yes, that includes Trump.
.@SaimaAnj @GloriaSteinem: Women's Unity Rally, Women's March, aren't even good therapy. They make the underlying conditions worse by holding out false hope. You're enabling conditions, rather than solving the underlying problem like (much belatedly) learning Socratic debate.
.@CSRose1963 @CarolynScanniel: future Congresses & presidents will tear down or neglect whatever of Trump's Slats ever gets built. Trump could reduce illegal immigration *right now* simply by making anti-amnesty arguments that undercut Pelosi to her base. Why won't he?
.@Picklelina3: when you get past their shtick, @womensmarch & Trump are very close on immigration. Both would let cheap foreign labor continue to flow into USA, helping Big Biz lower wages. Here's a simple test: ask WM if they'd increase the labor supply if they had their way.
.@WomensMarchWI: thanks for your "Trigger/Content Warning", but Tipper Gore already put warning stickers on it. Do you think enabling #infantilism & enabling those who desperately need therapy but won't seek it makes you less able to take on a scrapper like Trump? Just an idee.
Why are things so difficult? Because everyone else has their own solutions to the Trump Problem and - despite those solutions never working - don't realize they aren't working or don't care. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@SexyBlueWave: @scottadamssays & Trump are both big amnesty fans. If you constantly point out to Dilbert's fans that he supports amnesty, you'll have a real impact on his popularity.
.@wntbronze: the bigger issue is very few know who she is because @ussoccer_wnt sells out to Murdoch and others who help marginalize soccer. @USSoccer & #MLS need to have a "network or ESPN or bust" policy to help popularize the sport even if they take a hit.
.@landondonovan: from mid-Dec to end Jan, #ESPN will have shown about three (3) soccer matches during the day/evening. They do show lots & lots of basketball, tennis, & cornhole, but not soccer. For the sake of everyone, MLS has to get ESPN to stop marginalizing soccer.
.@StuhrTodd: @ChrisCuomo has to be #MAGA. He's had Kellyanne on several times & she rolls right over him. He's never called her on how she got paid by Zuck to push amnesty, or how a future Congress would just tear down Trump's Slats. Trump might as well pay him. #LetsGetAfterIt
.@CPaine10: while your allegation about @CuomoPrimeTime fits his behavior - he always gets bowled over by Kellyanne & he refuses to press her on what would really undercut her & Trump to Trump's base - do you have any proof of it? #LetsGetAfterIt
I saw 1 second of ESPN Classic flipping around. It was a kneeball player tumbling after a tackle or a catch, heels over head. An opposing player was sticking his hand right through the other player's crotch area. #NTTAWWT #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist #ProBowl
Instead of making arguments that'd work, Trump keeps repeating the same #FoxNews / #Breitbart arguments THAT OBVIOUSLY DO NOT WORK. He could keep saying the same thing over and over and it won't move the needle. He & his fans can't figure that out. #MAGA #resist #immigration
Unfortunately, we can't put Dem & GOP leaders in anti-amnesty shock collars. But, making enabling illegal #immigration a political liability for them would do the same. Many pols would support child labor if paid to do so but they don't: they know it'd be a CLM. #MAGA #resist
Picture Dem & GOP leaders in shock collars. Imagine that every time they sought to enable illegal #immigration they got a shock. The vast majority would back off. Many illegal aliens would have to move home & many fewer would try to come here illegally. #MAGA #resist
Trump could easily help dissuade people from trying to come here illegally simply by making it difficult for GOP/Dems to enable illegal immigration (e.g., college discounts for illegal aliens, going easy on crooked employers, ...) #immigration #MAGA #resist
Despite Trump's BS, you can have border security without a "wall". If potential illegal aliens didn't think they could get here & do OK, very few would come here. So, how could Trump help dissuade people from trying to come here? Answer next. #immigration #MAGA #resist
Trump is just mindlessly rambling about things he's seen on #FoxNews. #MAGA?? #resist #immigration
Here comes the amnesty deal, thanks to #MAGA. If Hillary had been elected she's push amnesty just like Trump, but the GOP would oppose that instead of many supporting it. #immigration
Trump: all those people I admit I caused great harm to are wonderful, great people and we couldn't have done it without them. They didn't complain about the great harm I did to them. They all support my agenda. #MAGA! #resist
Trump didn't blink, it's just a strategic retreat, like all the times he did it in 'Nam when his bone spurs were acting up. #TrumpBlinks #MAGA #resist
#Breitbart comment with 1166 upvotes, Part 2: "Crooked Hillary Destroys Her Devices, Takes Bribes From Russia..WTF Lock Her Up Along with Obama who Started this Framing of Trump!" #MAGA #resist
#Breitbart comment with 1166 upvotes, Part 1: "And, The Witch Hunt Continues! BS indictment lied to investigators & Obstruction! Gestapo Mueller Desperate to Validate probe & Keep it Going Until 2020 to Hurt Trump!" #MAGA #resist
After Trump's 4th 'Nam tour, he came back to Lodi w/ broken bone spurs & a hole in his arm where the casino money went. 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with his story: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@equalandallied1: @ceodonovan is even more of a threat than #MAGA. Both would restrict what people can see if they could. MAGA would turn Youtube into BreitbartTV, she'd turn it into MSMTV. She's much worse because those like her are better able to get their way. #MAGA #resist
My Youtube recs are WYSIWYG: Commie anthems, Russian/Turkish/etc music, lots of football, Monty Python, Tracey Ullman, France Gall, New Wave, etc. etc. #MAGA #resist
Would reducing the labor supply cause wages to rise & make such abuses much less likely? MT @kierafeldman Years of working off the books at $80/night, workers say...
.@JurijHomziak: @AricToler - East Euro "reporter" - would control what people see. No more dissent, just approved MSM sources. He's just a throwback.
.@jbouie: have you or @EricLevitz ever blogged that a) the #Koch bros want loose borders to lower wages, & b) @AOC 's immigration plan would give them what they want? She's extremely pro-Big Biz on immigration. The extremely pro-Big Biz GOP won't mention that & neither will you.
.@getfiscal: hey Don, when Trump's Muslim/travel ban was blocked, either he was ramping up screening enough (& thus his ban was unnecessary) or he wasn't (& thus he endangered the USA). Instead of cutesy quips, how about putting USA first & calling a Trump proxy on that?
Billionaires get away with it precisely because of incredibly weak arguments like this. MT @DavidOAtkins Taxing billionaires to fund healthcare and public works doesn't "wipe out wealth." It puts wealth to good use by putting it in the hands of the people who actually created it
.@EricLevitz: your 1 reply & 6 faves all agree Conor Oberst is great. After my exposure to the SWPL Gipfel, I need an antidote: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@richardfromla: indeed. Trump's in effect a #Koch stooge. WH had a Koch mole (Marc Short) & Trump's pushing amnesty (albeit not as much as the Kochs want). @myhlee - of course - didn't point that out. She didn't point out the key is their lack of opposition not lack of support.
.@PaulaEquine: Trump is most vulnerable for supporting amnesty. Smart arguments that put him & his proxies on the spot over that could greatly reduce Trump's popularity to his base. @gtconway3d can't do that: Kellyanne got paid by Zuckerberg to lie about amnesty.
.@gailbriggs8: Trump is a low point in popularity, but he'll probably recover as he always does. Trump's biggest blunders are on immigration: he supports amnesty & he's made USA less safe. @washingtonpost & other #TheResistance leaders refuse to go after him where he's weakest.
.@denisewu: #Koch bros want loose borders to lower wages. Enabling them harms workers. @jdawsey1 didn't reveal that, or that they had a rep in the WH (Marc Short), or that not opposing Trump is key: they don't want to be seen to support him, but they know he'll toe their line.
.@wgboulet: Trump supposedly being flummoxed by Pelosi, and @SherylNYT hyping that supposed fact, says so much about our #idiocracy. Trump is extremely vulnerable to his base on immigration & always has been. Sheryl, Pelosi, & their entire circle has never figured that out.
#Conservatism FAQ #1.4.1: Q. Are there any conservatives who aren't deranged, idiotic, lying, lil' fascists? A. SHUT UP YOU COMMIE! TRUMP HAS A 90% APPROVAL RATING!!! HE'S ONLY PUSHING AMNESTY TO ENTRAP THE DEMS. TRUMP IS A REAL AMERICAN PATRIOT!!!!!! #MAGA #resist
Yesterday I posted at #Breitbart pointing Trump was at 34% approval. Can you guess one of the lies that was spun about that fact in the replies? The answer in a moment. Pretend, like cons, you have zero integrity and see if you guess it. #MAGA #resist
Fact: it takes ~500 gallons of water to produce a pound of pork, ~2000 gallons to produce a point of beef, & ~20,000 gallons of water to produce a pound of human. And, that's why we mostly eat pork. #MAGA #resist
.@oslive2575 @XGames @sagekotsenburg: #ESPN seems to show every basketball game ever played, up to 3 at the same time on different channels. Maybe if you made a big deal about that, they'd cut back and have more time to show #XGames and also soccer.
What a strange tweet. MT @RealDonaldTrump: my pal 24Ahead assuredly invites all to close broadcast day by "donning" your track suits & taking a stroll through Londontown: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@DonaldTrumpWall: nothing Breitbart, @kausmickey, Coulter, Krikorian, NumbersUSA, FAIR, etc have done has led to Trump opposing amnesty. Trump's amnesty has their names on it. In order to stop amnesty you need to first destroy those grifters' careers to those they've duped.
.@noprezzie2012: years ago I begged @MarkSKrikorian to help stop amnesty & he refused. Want to stop amnesty? Shame him, Coulter, Kaus, Cernovich, etc into giving Trump anti-amnesty arguments Trump is capable of understanding.
I knew Trump was pro-amnesty from Day One. Coulter enabled him until he cost her book sales. Did Coulter give Trump smart anti-amnesty arguments? MT @Peter_Dickerson MT @AnnCoulter: Jared's back-up plan: We agree to make Mexico, Honduras & El Salvador the 51st, 52d & 53d states
.@ImaanZHazir @iopyne: check out the open source app at my pinned tweet. It shows how heavily Twitter censors replies to Trump officials. Use it to show how heavily Twitter censors replies to Pakistan officials.
Trivia: did you know President Chelsea Clinton was in a folk-rock band? We found this previously-unseen video: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@OmnipotensGamer: Milo only cared about Twitter censoring cons, got censored. Alex Jones only cared about Twitter censoring cons, got censored. @bigleaguepol only cared about Twitter censoring cons, got censored. If cons truly opposed censorship, Twitter wouldn't do it.
.@AlleyCa25265770: cons like @JackPosobiec have made things very easy for Twitter. They only oppose censorship of cons, marginalizing the opposition to their censorship. If Jack & BLP opposed censorship *across the board* - esp of those they hate - Twitter would be in bad shape.
~BREAKING~ In his #SOTU delivered at the Owings Mills Target, Trump has pledged all govt resources (except the Coast Guard, who are Enemies of the People) to hunt down John Barleycorn: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@FBeauchard: only 20% of Twitter users are USA, & only 1/3 of USA supports Trump. Plus, most Americans on Twitter aren't political. For what business reason would Twitter cave to @Ali? He has no pull, specifically because he makes everything about a tiny slice of Twitter's users
If you opposed censorship of non-conservatives who you dislike, you could help him. You aren't smart enough to figure that out. MT @usminority Twitter has banned conservative journalist @pdabrosca for no specified reason. Pete works for @bigleaguepol and he’s a really good guy.
Trump instructed his secretary - Jane Rutman - to print out these Traffic lyrics & tape them to his door at the White House. Now all must abide by the rule and the law. #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@epd44: if you really want to undercut @LibertarianBlue, point out to his fans that he's constantly lied about Twitter censorship. The data at my pinned tweet shows Twitter heavily censors *liberals* too. Allum has *helped* Twitter by falsely pretending only cons are affected.
.@1234flyingninja: nothiner @LibertarianBlue has ever written has had any impact on Twitter censorship. Twitter keeps censoring despite all the 1000s of words he & other cons have written. Allum *helps* Twitter by lying about what they do & marginalizing their opposition.
99% are from comfortable upper middle class backgrounds, they went to good (or at least OK) colleges, when they got out they got sinecures in good jobs with good colleagues & maintained an UMC lifestyle. They've had zero experience with those like Trump, with predictable results
.@Mayflowercats: @Cliff_Sims 's book is worthless. Trump might be a little peeved until he moves on to the next issue, that's it. Cliff & the rest simply lack the smarts & life experience to figure out where Trump is weakest (he's very weak on immigration) & use it against him.
Did ya know? Melania gave a #TEDx talk: #MAGA #resist #TED
.@Edohiguma: after Katrina, #Snopes lied about "phantom cops", i.e., no-show jobs. I called them on it at the time & they tried to cover up their lie. That would really undercut them to their dupes. Can you direct me to @TheBabylonBee or any cons helping me undercut Snopes?
.@RDSampson_25: maybe you can ask her & @AustralianOpen why ESPN shows so much tennis but hardly shows soccer anymore. Don't get me wrong: I support them showing lots of tennis. But, I also want them to show soccer & winter baseball. #AusOpen
James O'Keefe captured this hidden video of the MSM opposing Trump: #MAGA #resist
.@drawingnikki: try to explain curating poncy art shows to someone who works at CVS & has managed to live in #EagleRock for decades but can't afford it anymore.
What's great about garbage tweets like that is they aren't in my database since I did it through the Twitter UI.
.@WeAreTennis: it's great ESPN shows so much basketball, tennis, poker, whist, solitaire, spikeball, lumberjack, cornhole, etc. etc. But, in the past month they've showed almost no soccer. They've relegated the world's most popular sport to an afterthought. Speak out! #AusOpen
.@AnaCabrera: think of Trump like America's dry socket. @RyanLizza constantly whines about the pain, but he's never actually done anything to stop the pain. Likewise with everyone else in the public eye. It's incredibly easy to undercut Trump but they can't figure it out.
Is the system broken & are crops rotting in the fields? When will you call out those oft-repeated lies? MT @RyanLizza [I'm shocked I tells ya!] MT @adamgoldmanNYT [I'm shocked I tells ya!] [Trump tries to get hacks to blog his thoughts as those of "someone close to the pres"]
.@disorderly1: since you're MAGA you'll likely get confused. I oppose what MSM did with Cov Cath. I'm pointing out that @Doc_0 & the rest are in effect helping the Alysa Milano types. Breitbart etc marginalize the opposition to what the MSM did. Claro?
.@disorderly1: if you heard about "Satanists For Clean Water", you'd have trouble siding with them & you'd wonder if there's something wrong with clean water. @Doc_0 & #Breitbart on CovCath is like that. They're toxic to most Americans & they only play cheap partisan games.
You know what's great about #Google? They're always there for you! Fill out a form? You get a #ReCaptcha that checks with Google if you're a bot or not. Android tracks your every move. So do Google Ads, Google Tags, etc. etc. You're always under their watchful regard!
I made it through 30 seconds of this absolute dreck. So, why close with it? To remind you yet again that there are few things worse than Trump. Horrid as this it, it's better than Trump. #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@CyndeVita: Trump wouldn't turn on evangelicals because he knows he needs their support. Think about @JxhnBinder, Breitbart, etc in that light. If Trump thought he needed their support, would he push amnesty? Binder etc are capons.
.@RoKeT_gal: all @JxhnBinder, @kausmickey, & Trump have ever had to do was make arguments that undercut the Dem base to their leaders. That's what would finally stop amnesty. Have Binder, Kaus, Trump, Coulter, etc done that or have they just used immigration for personal gain?
.@realjayberger: hey @Jay, when has the Hannity-style "hypocrisy!" that @FAIRImmigration & @JxhnBinder engage in ever worked, either when @MAGA does it or #TheResistance does it? Please list specific examples of it working. If you can't you admit they're just worthless. Which?
Want to feel old? Megan Lee Heart - who, despite her Southern accent & certain other things I always kinda liked - probably last tweeted & Facebooked (now gone) before the Trump Imperium. #Youtube #MAGA #resist
FAIR's argument is non-sequitur, plus it's never worked. Show me wrong! Give me example of "hypocrisy!" stopping an immigration plan. My plans are designed to actually work. MT @TheeJimmyWood MT @FAIRImmigration: Jeff Landry: Pelosi Opposes Wall Yet She Has One Around Her Yard
.@mikeyj4460: FYI, @RoyBeck_NUSA is just a scammer. Read this with an open mind, then ask them about it & allow me to answer (if they reply). It's great they speak out against Trump's amnesty. They just refuse to help stop it.
What happens to the illegal aliens at the end of their 3-year amnesty Trump is eager to give them? Do they get on flights and go home? MT @Michell01462830 [to Roy Beck] There is no amnesty in [Trump's amnesty] proposal
I don't like movies, but this looks like a good new movie: #MAGA #resist