.@karenknitssocks: did you see "Chinese Money in the U.S. Dries Up as Trade War Drags On" by @arappeport. Trump's horrific, but the NYT (owned by the #5 richest man in the world, a top globalism profiteer) is trying to bribe you: accept free trade in exchange for Chinese silver.
Hey Kyle, Trump is horrific, but compare Osita to the Koch bros on these: - free trade: Koch or not? - mass immigration: Koch or not? - globalism: Koch or not? MT @KyleBlakeWilson [I concur] [to @OsitaNwanevu blogging "Conservative Nationalism Is Trumpism for Intellectuals"]
.@ricardorossello has in effect resigned. However, it's not due specifically to his gross incompetence after Hurricane Maria:
Compare the sound of this to No Quarter by Led Zeppelin. It's not like it would've cost them that much to record some wolves. They could've even carried wolves with them on their chartered jets. #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@DylanHayre: do you like onion rings? I do, but I avoid them so I can get back to 1/8th of a ton. @jelani9 blogging "[Trump] attack[ed] 4 congresswomen of color; he was reanimating ideas [that] wreaked havoc in the nation's past" is your onion rings but you don't realize it.
There are a lot of contenders for Dumbest Led Zeppelin song, but No Quarter is near the top. They obviously knew about folk songs & traditions but couldn't do better than a Spinal Tap song. #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
On a charming note, Trump has started to make sure his servants are loyal by making them swear allegiance to Ba'al The Unmerciful - Trump's patron god - on a backwards Bible. If they break their oath, Ba'al will not have mercy! #MAGA! #resist
Kathy & all other r/w grifters *help* SJWs by being a dim, loud, fake opposition. MT @BluEagle03 [to PoliticalKathy] You spoke truth. How dare they try to push islam upon you. Trying to make you put on a hijab is pathetic. Think of the kids in classrooms they're doing this to...
.@mc93823939, @PCantelon, & @906_Marie respond to the pageant director (!) involved in the PoliticalKathy issue in an SJW-friendly way (playing race card, etc.) When it comes right down to it, there isn't that much difference between con activists & SJW activists.
.@XDaneelOlivaw: @PoliticalKathy is a grifter/entertainer, but isn't it true that blacks mostly murder other blacks? And, wouldn't real liberals oppose attempts to make women wear a hijab (which is the goal of the exhibit she shunned)? You can oppose bother her & fact-free SJWs.
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes to ask, "Could you play a song with an old Citroen, and also nips?" So, of course, we do: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
The r/w grifter du jour is @PoliticalKathy, who resigned as Miss Michigan (part of Miss World) after @lauriedejack asked her about a past tweet. Neither look good after it & neither are helping the USA.
.@Buccigross: why does USAF want their pilots to report UFOs? That doesn't mean they're extraterrestrial or have Little Green Men inside. But, there have been too many incidents over centuries to claim there's no there there.
A Wayne Rooney-less #DCUnited fell 0-2 to Atlanta after Pity Martinez upped his game. Includes Josef Martinez - otherwise a great player - showboating & muffing a PK. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #Rooneyless
.@JoAnnFoxEDU: alternatively, consider just switching away from #ATT based on their racism. All their commercials I've seen involve white males acting the fool for cool non-whites. Steppin Fetchit wasn't good when he was black, it's not good when he's white.
Do you support or oppose "reconquista"? Please answer yes, no, or huh? RT @asktoconsider [Trump] wants people of minority groups to leave the country. For some reason he thinks only people of certain skin color are native to America and everyone else has to leave it for good
.@HoarseWisperer: when were any loud Trump opponents "right" about him in ways that didn't just help Trump? P.S. Barbaro might agree with a shocking statement Geraldo made back in 2007.
A year+ ago, Trump proxies seem to have shifted their hackery. Instead of supporting Trump outright, they now say things like "that's not what I'd tweet, but..." and similar. To hedge their bets if Trump loses, to avoid complete banishment, etc. #MAGA #resist
Mark Stern isn't smart enough to know how Geraldo would respond to such a worthless question. MT @mfstern Time to ask GeraldoRivera what he thinks of FoxNews who promote Trump's words and actions.
Some years ago, Geraldo said something much more shocking & possible than the most fevered dreams of white nationalists. Did Michael Barbaro ever call Geraldo on it? MT @MsButterflyyy MT @mikiebarb [Geraldo doesn't like 'Send her back']
.@NateBlanchett: that'd be slightly humorous to some if CNN & those like @_JulieGallagher weren't greatly harming the U.S. *All* candidates need to be called on their policies (doing so would've stopped Trump). CNN is just an entertainment channel all about horserace & intrigue.
Your tweeter chanced upon some threads at #godlikeproductions involving Trump. His fans there are even more vile than his fans at Breitbart, on Twitter, etc. Any dissent and they attack with vile, argument-free smears. I'll collect several and post them. #MAGA #resist
.@RedstateMan1: can we have some socialism without the ISIS, or do those two go together as @KTHopkins claims? Also, when will Trump make smart anti-amnesty arguments that turn part of the Dem base against their leaders, instead of making things easier for those leaders?
Trump RTed @KTHopkins (apparently the UK Coulter), prompting snowflake @michaelcrowley to blog "In ‘Send Her Back’ Fallout, Trump Amplifies Praise From Right-Wing British Commentator". It's basically just a DU rant, done in the normal NYT passive-aggressive style.
Meanwhile back in Houston, in a tense replay of WWII Munich-Bavaria is beating Real Madrid 3-0. If the score holds, George W. Bush will recommend we all learn German. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with 10,000 Maniacs Live: Griffis Sculpture Park NY 7/7/91. We **strongly** encourage you to compare the 6 min to 10 min segment to our present idiocratic hell: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@JohnFromCranber: @PrisonPlanet & Alex Jones have only ever done shtick with censorship. They unbelievably think being censored helps their grift. They have no real opposition to censorship, if they did they'd oppose it across the board rather than *helping* the censors.
.@Hmcruzr @BatgirlWins: those like @prisonplanet make censorship easier for tech companies: they do partisan shtick with the issue rather than opposing censorship of *everyone*. They help marginalize the opposition to censorship & that helps Twitter, Zuck, etc.
I'm often asked, "Could you play Yasemin Mori - Tuzlu Su but surround it with lots of obviously English text so Twitter won't put it into some sort of strange search index?" OK: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Verb8im2: Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users, see my pinned tweet for real data. Those like @JxhnBinder who lie about them only censoring cons *help* Twitter by shrinking the possible opposition to their censorship.
.@Egor00654793: instead of begging politicians like children, @USTechWorkers should act like grown-ups and engage those politicians in debate on video designed to show them wrong. Which is stronger: acting like grown-ups or acting like children?
.@dolly_meeker: you know how #TheResistance does it wrong? They only oppose him in ways that make you like Trump more, right? Likewise, @FAIRImmigration only opposes illegal immigration in ways that make it easier for Dem leaders to enable illegal immigration.
Of the languages Buttigieg supposedly knows, Maltese is probably the toughest even if 1/2 Italian because so few know it. Arabic is non-IE so difficult. Dari is IE so he might have Greek/Latin/English deja vu but it's still tough. The rest aren't that hard. #MAGA #resist
Supposedly, Buttigieg knows some of these: Norwegian & English (Germanic) Spanish, Italian, French (Romance, somewhat mutually intelligible) Maltese, Arabic (Semitic, non-IE, but Maltese apparently is 1/2 Italian) Dari Persian (IE but not like 1st two) #MAGA #resist
Twitter heavily censors libs replying to Trump officials. See my pinned tweet. Here's a test: get Buttigieg to oppose that. MT @DarbyPhillipps MT @ForLibrarians: I personally/professionally oppose censorship & I interviewed #PeteButtigieg
#TwitterApparentlyNowHasALimitOnTheLengthOfHashtags #OrMaybeTheyveAlwaysHadItAndINeverEnteredALongHashtag #Twitter
.@WolfBarney1: I want @RoyBeck_NUSA to help challenge politicians to their face using tough anti-illegal immigration questions designed to undercut them to their base. He's repeatedly refused. What exactly has Beck done that's smarter than challenging Pelosi etc to their face?
.@Dimitri2020LLC: I've repeatedly tried to get Krikorian to help with *smart* plans to reduce illegal immigration & he's repeatedly refused. Read this with an open mind, then let me know his smartest alternative plan.
Shock video of Trump trying to live up to his image: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@JoeRepya @billglahn: @kausmickey has always treated Trump "wall" like a realistic plan; the Venice dumpster diver isn't smart enough to figure out that Congress would just neglect/demolish it as soon as Trump's out of office. That's what they'd do, right?
.@NBSaphierMD: @cabot_phillips is just another grifter. If he were sincere about opposing illegal immigration, he'd urge Trump to undercut Dem leaders to their base over their very pro-Big Biz immigration stance. Is he doing that? P.S. Murdoch testified to Congress for amnesty.
GWB & Obama said such things to help amnesty. Trump's also pro-amnesty. MT @dorn_bruce [Trump hypes a @cabot_phillips vid tricking students into thinking an Obama quote targeting illegal aliens is from Trump, but Cabot's peeved because Trump didn't mention him to help his grift]
One of Trump's keystone issues is a Peace Train... to Mars! #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
In #GriffithPark there's a tiny 50' dirt ramp leading up to a frigging fire road with an entrance 100' away. A lazy ranger (BIRM) couldn't/wouldn't need to drive on it: just take the other entrance. It had a rut after the rains. They filled the rut in. Add some bubble wrap too.
Because what the Park needs is more built-up areas. Here's an idea: spend less time paving (both concrete & making trails so flat you can drive a stroller on them) & more time on graffiti. MT @davideryu Tomorrow we cut the ribbon on a brand-new playground in #GriffithPark!...
.@davideryu: you RT Michelle Obama celebrating diversity. Was that diversity obtained through honest means - open debate and a vote - or was it obtained through force (e.g., do what we want or we'll harm your career) and lying (e.g., Kennedy's false claims in 1965)?
"Michelle Obama seemingly swipes at Trump amid ‘send her back’ controversy". It's from Fox. One thing Trump has done - temporarily as usual - is show how incredibly dumb #TheResistance is. They aren't insane, but only because they don't expect a result. They just throw tantrums
.@MelodyRowell: in the past day, just one (1) person with over 1000 followers other than you has mentioned @JeremyStahl. His latest blog hilites yet another Trump lie, something his fans don't care about. What use is Stahl to holding Trump accountable?
Watch Twitter put this tweet with "Yasemin Mori - Muşta" into the foreign search index despite the presence of all these English words that clearly make this a tweet in the English language: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@shellymaxwell: for how many years has @ddale8 been hyping Trump's lies? Trump lies a lot (and Dale isn't that credible either), but Trump fans do not care. Nothing Dale says has ever had or will ever have an impact on Trump. And, isn't undercutting Trump what you want to do?
Now, here's video of Trump recruiting new voters: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
#LAvLAFC was actually 3-0, minus an un-called offsides and a bogus penalty.
.@taylortwellman: as usual, I was 100% correct:
Vela was offsides but if it holds I'll have been completely correct as usual. #LAvLAFC
Just 2 minutes left, #LAFC can assuredly get 3 goals! #LOL #LAvLAFC
Zlatan hat trick! #LAvLAFC
Zlatan! #LAvLAFC
It's yet another Yangbot, but based on it's programming we can probably guess Emily Witt is an *even worse* hack than Andy. MT @JayPotato1 [thanks but @embot’s article was a much more cogent and unbiased retelling of AndrewYang’s journey and platform [than @AndyKroll 's blog]
I'm too humble to point out that I correctly called a Zlatan goal within the first 15 minutes and I was, of course, correct. #LAvLAFC
Plus, he programmed Michael31415492. #YangGang #MAGA #resist MT @Michael31415492 The #Yanggang fervor makes sense [generic rationale...]
.@dominique6138: Yang stole at least 1 of his planks. That is, he took the same boilerplate other candidates are given, then slightly rewrote it to look original to his fans. Did @AndyKroll call him on that or on the huge flaws in Yang's ideas as a real journalist would?
OK, now Zlatan better score within the first 15. #LAGalaxy #LAFC #soccer
Are you ready for some #football?!?! I mean real football, not the gr****s kind. The Battle of Los Angeles is just starting on ESPN. I predict a Zlatan goal within 15 minutes & an #LAGalaxy 3-2 win over #LAFC. #soccer #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
Speaking about the Trump admin, 24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with Traffic - Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@AndrewGripp: we've never had "democracy", by design. @rkuttnerwrites is like someone who talks about all the tanks the Navy has. He also cheers Liz Warren, whose #immigration stance is very pro-Big Biz: she'd give crooked corporations all the cheap labor they want.
It would've been smart of Swan and people like you to point out *to MAGA* how pro-amnesty Mulvaney etc are. Did you do the smart thing or something else? RT @LiberalPaul There was vetting? MT @jonathanvswan We obtained the internal political vetting forms [for Trump officials]
Why did they lock them up? On another note, wouldn't your fellow journos cheer if USA had Chinese-style censorship of dissent? MT @DavidLawler10 China has locked up 1+ million Muslims. After 22 countries criticized Beijing, 37 defended them...
.@RNCastaldo: @RyanAFournier supports "Legal Immigration". Dem leaders would love that: legalize millions & bring in more. He falsely & dimly pretends all "Liberals" agree w/ their leaders instead of getting them to turn on their leaders on key issues. What use are you two?
.@Plaid_Cymru: now that Piers Morgan's on the dole again, it's time to finally take my advice & hire him as your spokesman.
Cf what I've been saying for 4+ years. MT @Peter_Fitz ["Flirting with fascism: This was most sickening moment of your presidency, Mr Trump – stop your dangerous racist rhetoric now, before it’s too late" is a] Very strong piece by @PiersMorgan
What's he done for us? Did he urge Trump to hire competent people for things like Maria? Has he urged Trump to make smart arguments that'd undercut Dem leaders to their base over immigration? MT @robcrilly @piersmorgan is one of the 45 Twitter accounts followed by Trump
Tomorrow, Friday, at 7pm Pacific is the top match of the week as #LAGalaxy takes on #LAFC. Zlatan will apparently be playing. Who will win the Battle Of Los Angeles? Answer: L.A. Galaxy 3-2. #soccer #football #LADerby #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
How about helping out the millions of censored Twitter users who don't have your pull? See the real data at my pinned tweet & use it to make Twitter change across the board. MT @MarkSleboda1 MT @caitoz Twitter Restores Assange Activism Account Unity4J In Response To Backlash
.@JanJekielek: hey Jan, even a minute's research will show those like @DrPaulGosar are wrong about Twitter censorship: Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users, not just cons. (See my top tweet for real, reproducible data). Will you urge Gosar to tell the truth?
Due to the law of averages, #Portland finally scores a goal and on a good sequence. #Orlando #soccer #football
Despite what I said before, I can see this ending 1-0. #Portland #Orlando
.@sheila_orz: she called him a Muslim. That aside, it's hilarious to see @jimgeraghty take the high road on Trump when he took the low road before: #NRO #conservatism
.@stan_bowker: De Blasio was incredibly easy to stop because his immigration policy is very pro-Big Biz and Big Bank. His base isn't. Can you direct me to even one (1) conservative leader pointing out *to his base* how pro-Big Biz/Big Bank he is?
.@jimgeraghty: hey Jim, Kamala & Newsom have blood on their hands (the Bologna murders). Can you direct me to conservatives ever holding them accountable *to their base* (not just to NRO's subscriber) and in smart ways?
#MAGA can be as fervent as they want, but if Koch, Adelson, & other #GOP sugardads start running ads against him, turning the r/w "media" against him, etc. he's toast.
The #GOP cardinal sin of all cardinal sins is to cost their sugardads money. Interfere with that & they'll move against the sinner. "Send her back" is really close to making them ostracize Trump. And, without them, the GOP is nothing. #MAGA??? #resist
The Orlando fans at this Portland match are seated in a special "Florida" section roped off from the rest of the fans. Police are on hand in case they [insert hilarious examples of Floriduh here]. #Florida #MAGA #resist
The 24Ahead Sports Desk, in collaboration with the 24Ahead Couch Desk, predicted #DCUnited would beat Cincinnati 4-0. They weren't counting on a bogus penalty. Close only counts in horseshoes. They're on thin ice. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
.@statisticsphd: it's things like this that make @AnnCoulter hate #soccer:
My MLS source says it'll be Portland 2, Orlando 1.
OK, I wasn't completely accurate. We don't have to learn German. But, because Bavaria scored, pursuant to a bet Trump made with Theresa May, we have to close the broadcast day with yodeling. #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
As it turns out, unlike after WWII, we won't have to learn German. Also, ESPN has an MLS double-header on Thursday. At 5pm Pacific it's FC Cincinnati vs. D.C. United then at 7pm it's Portland vs Orlando. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
.@opticsneeze: Trump's horrific, but compare @zackbeauchamp to the Koch bros. They support loose borders, so does Zack. They support free trade, so does Zack. They support globalism, so does Zack. Zack would help the wealthy profit from harming workers & the USA as a whole.
.@LarryTenney: mattwilstein blogs that Jon Stewart "Eviscerate[d]" Rand Paul over 9/11 funding. Stewart testified over a month ago, did that move the needle on the issue? Isn't Wilstein just a Breitbart-style grifter trying to profit from clicks?
Let the healing begin by naming your common enemy. MT @PanhandlerFL [victimization tale] MT @Scaramucci Your family has an immigrant story and has likely been on receiving end of discrimination
Other groups have been Oppressed too. Who's our common enemy? MT @Scaramucci [agrees with supposed lawyer @markyzaguirre about Hispanic/Italian-American victimization being similar]
You know how a parent says "cut your hair" & a kid responds by letting it grow? MAGA is sick of those like Jeb & does the opposite of what they say. If Jeb were smart he'd embrace Trump. MT @dvdsly6 [cheers @JebBush]
Ruh-roh: we have just 20 minutes for Arsenal to score an actual goal of their own, otherwise we have to speak German. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
Prompted by the "go back" tweet. Jeb's virtue signalling but probably isn't smart enough to realize Trump is helping his cause & so is Jeb. RT @JebBush The President cant help but hurt his cause with his tweets. The ugliness should stop.
ICYMI, ESPN has a tense replay of WWII as Bavaria has invaded the USA & the English have sent in their Arsenal to defend us. Will Germany win again, or will we end up speaking Cockney Rhyming Slang? #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
It's a Trump! I.e., Bavaria scored an own goal. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
.@AllanSchlosser: MO Dems' billboard: "MO GOP has a plan, just not for you" w a pic of a black guy. Nearly every last thing the Dems do is racially divisive. It's never "Policy X hurts Americans", it's always "Policy X hurts People Of Color". Did @EdwardGLuce call them on it?
.@JeffJankovich [kneeball agent]: it's possible to show that "Person of Color" is at least racially divisive & perhaps racist. Is that what Mike Kelly did or did he just do his usual worthless junk that's of no use to most Americans? #PA16 #MAGA #resist
.@tinyfingresist: hey Saul, is "Person of Color" racially divisive?
Mike Kelly, 2012: "Take the heavy boot off the throat of America's jobs creators and let them breath." #MAGA #resist #PA16