.@darksecretplace: you could use the wine cave tale to help undercut Dem leaders to their base on how they'd lower wages; see my latest post. Also, Twitter censors ~50% the replies to Rouhani, see the data linked from my top tweet. If more knew that it'd really hurt them.
.@willthewordguy: the wine cave billionaire told the NYT he supports Mayor Pete's immigration stance. You should be able to figure out why his wineries would really appreciate Pete lowering wages. Did @BrianSlodysko ask the billionaire about that, or did he just fluff him?
"First of all, President Trump, I want to make it clear we oppose corruption! [taps nose] I am not here to offer you a bribe! [repeatedly taps nose]" "Thank you Your Most Exalted Royal Highness Sheikh Salman! But, I wonder if you could do me a favor?" #MAGA #resist
.@GaryandShannon: this was a weekus horribilis. I didn't know the Liverpool/WHU match had been postponed. The other 3 picks (real scores in parens): Arsenal 3, Everton 0 (0-0) Man City 2, Leicester 1 (3-1) Norwich 2, Wolves 1 (1-2) #GaSFantasy4Play
.@mjd1735: also, whoever you're flacking for has the same pro-billionaire wine cave-owner immigration policies as Buttigieg. Warren, Bernie, etc etc all agree with Buttigieg & his wine cave-owning billionaire on increasing the labor supply via mass immigration to lower wages.
The "wine cave" billionaire likes Pete's immigration policies. Why? (Hint: see the tweet on this thread that Twitter censored). Why didn't you call the NYT reporter on that? MT @mjd1735 Billionaires ...are unfairly 40 billionaires have given to Mayor Pete
If @cpogash & @NickAtNews were real reporters, they would have asked billionaire wineries owner Craig Hall why he favors Pete Buttigieg on #immigration instead of trivia about a "wine cave":
Pursuant to Trump Executive Order #109231 ("My enemies are your enemies, & I pledge to smite all Enemies Of Freedom & reduce their status to that of janitors!") 24Ahead close broadcast day with Suburban Lawns: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@arrbeejay: hey Bob, have you seen the $25 million libel lawsuit Lara Logan filed over a @joehagansays blog? She's a public figure so it'll probably settle for a couple. Joe'll be the $2 million mistake.
.@GaryandShannon: in real football, without doing any research, I'll pick: Arsenal 3, Everton 0 Liverpool 4, WHU 0 Man City 2, Leicester 1 Norwich 2, Wolves 1 #GaSFantasy4Play
.@_sarahmin blogs "Transgender worker suing Nike for $1.1 million cites pronoun abuses". They sound like they're a piece of work. So does Sarah, referring to them as "they" unironically. #CBSNews #MAGA #resist
.@KatyPerry: I'm boxing up your Christmas present right now. I had to split it between my favorite stars, which do you prefer: Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, or Rose? Also, I'm assuming you aren't allergic to chia.
.@icfdavehere: not only is @TwitterSafety in effect paid by #alwaleedbintalal, Twitter heavily censors dissenters replying to dictators like Rouhani. See my pinned tweet for real, reproducible data showing how heavily Twitter helps stifle dissent around the world.
There are smart ways Christianity Today's new fans could use his smears to undercut Trump. There are smart ways to undercut Trump to evangelicals. How would you characterize the @jdawsey1 & #resist ways? MT @RevEricAtcheson ["as an ordained pastor"] [the usual]
.@audubon3514: there's plenty of outrage agin Stephen Miller from those like @NickMiroff. Perhaps you should look beyond what you're being told & figure out why you're being told it. Trump's horrific, but Miroff is paid by Bezos to push pro-billionaire policies. This is about $.
It hasn't worked for 4 years, but eventually it will. Like the "wall", it just needs more time. MT @PierAsselin This [@LarryBoorstein] tweet [a probably easily disproved smear of Stephen Miller] should pop up with every Stephen Miller news from now until he is evicted.
.@judsontaylor: there are easy things that Trump opponents could do to turn his Christianity Today attacks around on him. Those like @elizabethjdias, Haberman, CNN, etc are too cossetted and too lacking in smarts & life experience to even realize that. What use are they?
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@sosayu3: @maggieNYT has little life experience outside Acela. If she did, she'd know how to respond to Trump's ad homs against Christianity Today in a way that'd really hold Trump accountable to his base. Has she or any of the other blue check marks proposed such a thing?
'The "Moral Majority" is neither' is a bumper sticker I saw many years ago. I think it was NB 5 through Silverlake, *but* the vehicle was a rickety old van or pickup or something.
The "Moral Majority" is neither! #TheResistance RT @LavenderONeal1 So many polls about WHAT EVANGELICALS THINK. What you should do is a poll to see what America thinks of Evangelicals. I guarantee it would be eye opening.
.@dipiteee: Trump's horrific, but Putin knows how to do things in secret ways. He was so obvious about "bots" because he knew those like you would get riled up by those like @juliaioffe. She's serving Putin's interests (probably unwittingly like everything else).
.@ladyvictoria8: @fpleitgencnn vlogs what Putin says, without any sort of analysis. Putin's a very smart intelligence officer. Unlike Trump, he's actually playing 3d chess. Pleitgen daren't discuss why Putin does the things he does lest he spoil CNN's impeachment OCD.
.@Illogicalloop: if you want to "fix this", first realize those like @sam_vinograd are doing exactly what Putin wanted them to do. Unlike Trump, Putin is actually playing 3d chess, and those like Vinograd are giving him everything he asked for.
List all the bad things that've happened on Krikorian's watch. If he were doing his job wouldn't he have been able to block that? Read the link with an open mind MT @dkahanerules RT @MarkSKrikorian New Jersey okays driver's licenses for illegal aliens
.@fly1nwa11: if you think @JessicaV_CIS is sincere, see this. Email her about it. Ask her why she only gave Trump plans that have obviously failed. She's part of the problem.
.@tscottme: see my Krikorian page. @CIS_org, NumbersUSA, etc have refused to help with the smart plan in my bio that'd stop amnesty right now. They don't want to solve the problem because that'd be the end of their grift. Email them & ask why they refuse to help with my plan.
.@MrTamhas: if you gave @keithboykin a map, a mirror, and a spotter, he still couldn't find his zhopa with both hands. Trump's base - the people Boykin needs to convince - hate Jeff Flake for being a pro-amnesty Koch stooge. If KB were smart, he'd use where Flake & Trump agree.
The reason why Trump gets away with so much is because #TheResistance is so incredibly stupid & deranged. Likewise, SJWs/anti-speech/pro-amnesty types get away with so much because #MAGA & cons in general are intensely stupid & deranged POSes.
.@SalMoanella1: there are much, much tougher anti-amnesty questions that'd really put politicians on the spot (see my bio). @NumbersUSA has repeatedly refused to help get them asked. Challenge them right now on why they only push very weak questions that'd just help politicians.
All politicians would love that question. They'd pivot into misty memories of past immigration & probably end with a standing ovation. MT @SalMoanella1 MT @NumbersUSA [ask this at debates:] How will your plan to massively increase immigration benefit working Americans?
From afar, I have trouble imagining her being annoying. Maybe I'm wrong, more likely there's *yet another thing* Kaus is wrong about. #MAGA #resist RT kausmickey Klobuchar is going to be really annoying when she stops being an up-and-comer in this race ...
.@Purefustian: my anti-amnesty plan is for citizens to engage pols in Socratic debate as peers & show them wrong to their base; see my bio. @kausmickey plan is for citizens to act like subjects & beg pols like kids beg parents. Which of those plans is smart & patriotic?
.@hook910: hey Vinny, did you ever ask Kaus why he refuses to help with the smart anti-amnesty plan in my bio but instead just promotes brain-free plans? My plan elevates citizens to peers with politicians, Kaus' plan puts citizens in the position of subjects. Which are you?
.@RyanRuocco: if there were no basket on ESPN for a month, wouldn't you be shocked? Yet, that's exactly what they're doing with real football (aka soccer). The world's most popular sport, absent from ESPN for a month. Also, they could easily show Caribbean baseball right now.
.@CC_Sabathia: FYI, CNN is using a clip of @AaronBoone talking to Rudy Giuliani as part of their 24/7 impeachment coverage. He should ask them why they're dragging him into their OCD fever dream.
"That's right, Sean, this special offer isn't available on the West Coast. It's for Patriots only, not #TheResistance! For just $5000, you get 5 sessions with a full, professional eMeter. Most Real American #MAGA Patriots get clear of body thetans in just a 200 sessions!"
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #670934521 ("That's it, I'm going solo! I've fired the entire government & I'll take it from here."), 24Ahead close broadcast day with Sandy Denny: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Explain to someone from Denmark that a U.S. group "fact-checks" such claims. Trump won *because of* the clueless like #Politifact. They're now helping him get reelected. MT @The_JJAllen MT @PolitiFact ["fact-checks" a pro-Trump Pontius Pilate claim]
.@BurgerDogBoy: you'll never get anywhere complaining about junkets. The smart way to make Ajit Pai better is for smart people to engage him in real debate at his appearances using Socratic questions. If you really care, help find smart people to do that.
There's a campaign against robo calls & it appears to be working. You need to press your leaders on whatever campaigns they have. MT @bustedbonestees [complains about @SenJohnThune working on robo calls when] "health insurance nearly unaffordable to many working class Americans"
Hey Rob, picture an experienced lawyer going to an Ajit meeting & engaging him in Socratic debate on video for Youtube about the flaws in your plans. A policy "cross-examination". How'd you two make out? MT @FCCTech [straight to my thighs!] MT @AjitPaiFCC [hypes a 'Nam dessert]
.@torreyh [Google lackey objects to Slim lackey @stuartathompson on cell phone tracking]: what % of users know that GOOG tracks their exact (& interpolated) GPS location, including whether they're walking, driving, etc. over 100s of readings per day?
.@misscrf: FYI, a guy in Iowa got *16 years in prison* for stealing & burning a flag. That's one of those stories like someone getting life for stealing hamburger. You'd think @ACLU would be all over it, right? So, are they?
New to me: #ESPN has a late night "comedy" show with professional laughers in the audience. Katie Nolan is very hot but it's otherwise unwatchable. Also, ESPN has no real football for a month. @TaylorTwellman #football = #soccer
.@HaertScar @KCtheKPopLegend: you claim ACLU is lying re #YangGang (image). If so, why can't he fight his own battles & engage them intellectually & show them wrong? P.S. Both your replies were censored. When will Yang speak out re my pinned tweet?
They'd be forced to if their loudest opponents were smart & patriotic for once. If Trump ever made an anti-ACLU argument, what % of Americans would it only be designed for? MT @Chris_F_Johnson It'd be nice if ACLU cared as much for US citizens as it does the illegal aliens
.@OHenry10496313: AFAIK, facial recognition software was written by whites so it does a good job of differentiating between whites. Any issues with it only impact People Of Color, not Persons Of Pallor. So, who cares? At least, that's all I've heard from liberals.
Look up their fans and point out to them that the old ACLU would've gone to the wall against that. Do that **in a way that resonates with their supporters** not just MAGA. RT @flyguy359 elsewhere in Iowa you get jailed for burning a rainbow flag and where is the ACLU?
No ICE & thus loose borders = Koch, Murdoch, WalMart, U.S. Chamber, McDonald's, Western Growers, Tyson Foods....... #AbolishICE is extremely pro-Big Biz. Do some research. MT @DclemDeborah ICE=Gestapo
.@FaithTheFlame: @ACLU colluded w the corrupt MX govt to undercut U.S. law enforcement. They hilite edge cases like this to push their loose borders agenda despite how it would keep devastating workers. If you dispute anything here, ask them about it:
"Iowa man sentenced to 16 years for setting LGBTQ flag on fire". He stole a "pride flag" from a church & set it afire outside a club. This is the type of thing the #ACLU used to go to the wall over (despite their otherwise extremist agenda). Now I wonder. #MAGA #resist
Trump won because he pushed absurd plans & never got called on it. Now, Marisa blogs "An issue-by-issue recap of the Dem debate". It's full of beyond absurd plans those like Marisa will never challenge them on. You OK w that? MT @garyruskin [hypes unrelated @mmfernandez_ blog]
Lindsay Casinelli is wearing a white top and some kind of weird checkered slacks with a bow in front. Also, #football = #soccer. #MAGA #resist
Yang @ #debate: "[I'm only POC now] I miss Kamala, I miss Cory [pourquoi?] Fewer than 5% donate to campaigns. [others lack] Disposable income. The way we fix it, the way we fix this is we take MLK's message of a guaranteed minimum income" #YangGang = #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@jgirando: to beat Trump, the Dem candidate has to be willing & able to show Trump wrong to his base. Bear in mind *his base*, not just you. I can do it, but nothing @PeteButtigieg has ever said has shown me he can. It isn't even on his radar. Convince me I'm wrong.
.@labdogs42: @PeteButtigieg supports reparations, a toxic idea that charges *you* not for anything you did but simply for the color of your skin. It'd greatly increase social tensions and make things even worse. He's also aligned with Koch & Murdoch on immigration.
.@Rocky_Doke: not a Bernie/Lizzie/Petey/Donny Bro, but your attempt to pre-smear opposition to @PeteButtigieg - just as MAGA does - is noted. Petey supports reparations. It blames all whites for the actions of a few centuries ago. It's blood libel against whites.
Thanks to *Trump*, Putin has mesmerized 99,227,276 million people into watching this video about Trump being vindicated in November. WELL, I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT!! #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@cschultz: you & @AndrewYang are businessmen of some kind, you have to develop & implement plans, etc. Trump's Puerto Rico response was grossly incompetent. Despite that, Yang has never called Trump proxies on that with the goal of undercutting Trump to his base. Explain.
.@nataliewalkeris: hey Natalie, if @AndrewYang wants to beat Trump in the general, he'd have to show Trump wrong to his base. Has Yang - or even anyone in #YangGang - ever made a valid anti-Trump argument that'd undercut Trump to MAGA? Say, over his Puerto Rico incompetence?
As politicians go, Amy Klobuchar seems sympatico. She also looks like she'd be *lots* of fun with a few drinks in her. Not going to vote for her, but if we were ever in a softball game I wouldn't complain if she did a Cristina Garcia. #debate #MeToo #MAGA #resist
.@marudehar: it's incredibly easy for me to show Trump wrong to his base, but I don't have a platform. @TomSteyer does, but he has zero interest in or ability to show Trump wrong to his base. Steyer is intellectually bankrupt compared to even simpletons like Trump.
"Wow! Just 250 calories in this donut, President Trump!?! How can we get that down even more?" "It's simple, Sean. All everyone has to do is vote for #Trump2020 and I can take on the liberals and finally create a 50 calorie donut like I promised!" #MAGA #resist
"What do you think, Sean?" "It's great!" "I made a promise, & I kept it! I've had thousands of scientists working 24/7, spending billions out of the black budget, to fulfill my promise of creating a 50 calorie donut! We've got it down to 250 so far!" #MAGA #resist
To gain racial power, Steyer would ramp up immigration esp of lower-skilled workers. That's enrich billionaires, impoverish lower-skilled workers, *and* swamp any form of UHC. He's corrupt & dim. MT @persisting2017 MT @TomSteyer Health care must become a right, not a privilege
In an ad, Steyer admits he'd try to rule via fiat, just as Trump & Obama tried & lost at. Steyer's plans are even more fantastical & likely to be blocked than Trump's. Did you call him on that, yes or no? MT @JasonSolowski [hypes his 3rd grade-level interview with @TomSteyer]
In 2015 I accurately detailed how Trump's signature issues would fail. Steyer lacks the IQ and the patriotism to use those points to stop Trump. MT @leahstokes [at a debate @TomSteyer says] "The question is how are we together going to beat this corrupt and criminal President"
Tucker & Trump are horrific, but Jonathan Katz basically agrees with Koch & Murdoch on immigration. He wants much more of it, greatly helping billionaires & greatly harming workers. He's no liberal. MT @BriannaChesser MT @KatzOnEarth [weak smears of Tucker; he's EN ES DE PE itd]
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #535794334523 ("Close broadcast day with jaunty Morris Dancing that peasants should forget about my travails at hands of my enemies"), 24Ahead does as suggested: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I accurately described in 2015 how Trump's plans would fail. He's duped 10s of millions because those like @ChrisCuomo never made the same points. CC & all other #TheResistance icons are useless at your goal. MT @nick_nasti We need MORE accountability in politicians, not less.
You'd have better luck pro per than with Tribe as your lawyer. There are incredibly easy ways someone with a megaphone could undercut Trump to his base, but Tribe can't even conceive of that. MT @MzB47826041 [cites Larry Tribe as a source]
If Trump is reelected, it's going to be hilarious to watch the MSM / #TheResistance over 4 more years. They'll keep repeating the same failed things that have only helped Trump. They won't expect a different result because actually expecting a result is beyond them.
.@starree: FYI, @AshaRangappa_ used someone who was pretending to be an anti-Trump spy as a source. He was actually a pro-Trump non-spy either playing a game or trying to ensnare the unwary. Let's say she'd done that *in the field as an FBI agent*. What would the FBI do?
Calling people "trolls" to silence them is totalitarian, not "lib dem". Learn to debate, prof. MT @AIsakovic1 [it feels like we approach] end of liberal democracy MT @jasonintrator [apparently being anti-Modi led to] Hindu nationalist online troll army [saying bad things to him]
Totalitarian regimes have found out the similar throughout history. You can only so many before the Wall falls. (No offense to Honecker by comparing him to you). MT @samhaselby The thing about the Hindutva troll army is that even after you block them they come back to life
.@SaukFish: FYI, I posted ~75 blog posts to #RedState & got banned for opposing GWB. Then, @EWErickson stole my (c) content. More recently, he could have easily made Trump better, helping GOP & (importantly) the USA. Remember this Erickson idea?
Indeed, esp after "Surveillance footage outside of Jeffrey Epstein's cell during first suicide attempt is missing". As the facts come out, use them to undercut Ali to her fan(s). MT @jmatthew [to @AliWatkins in Aug 2019] At this point I think suicide is the conspiracy theory
On 16 Aug 2019, @AliWatkins tweeted "Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself, the city’s medical examiner says, refuting the conspiracy theories that have filled the information vacuum surrounding his death."
.@KrisMul: great, light-hearted joke about @thebenbergman being reimbursed for buying $1k of illegal pot for his documentary! On a serious note, has the mass illegal immigration #KPCC, #KCET, & #PBS strongly supports contributed to the problem (workers, distribution...)? Yes/no
Isn't the fact people like you don't know the answer, ask the question, & can't figure out an alternative part of your problem? #TheResistance = #DunningKruger MT @airforcevet43 [re Trump's Dingell troll] What Evangelicals...supports this lack of Humanity?
.@Davidg1823: you claim to have "business acumen". Let's pretend Steyer gave you $10 mil & you had to undercut Trump to his base, with real metrics. @darehgregorian falls for Trump's trolls & won't go after Trump where he's incredibly vulnerable to MAGA Would he be a good hire?
.@JmuDukes4Life @JMUGRAD2012: you know how Saudi Arabia religious police harass dissenters? Here's James Madison University students (some now @JMUAlumni) acting just like them: #JMU #JamesMadison #JamesMadisonU
"...49, 50!" "Wow!" "Hold on, I'll switch hands... 1, 2, ..., 49, 50!" "Wow President Trump, that's something else!" "It's nothing Ainsley! I'm what America needs: a vibrant, virile, strong man! Ask Biden how many he can do!" #MAGA #resist #FoxNews
.@Broadway141: if you look back, you'll see that Dilbert helped make Trump acceptable to r/w leaders. @smerconish had Dilbert on 2x+ but never called him on the huge flaws that we've since discovered in Trump's plans. USA would be better if he had, but he's just not patriotic.
.@AmyJohnsonNews: @rickhirschhaut referred to someone putting a sign on a lamppost as "trespassing". Which other groups would think the same thing? Why didn't you call him on what he said?
E.g.: Me: "Koch is pro-amnesty" #Teaparty: "KOCH IS REAL PATRIOT!!! YOU IS COMMIE!!!!! YOU IS SOROS-LOVER!!!!!!!!!" #MAGA #resist
Bitter clingers are a threat - electorally, not at all intellectually - to the elites. So, the elites work to undercut their standard bearer du jour: Coulter, Beck, Teaparty, Trump... The clingers respond in idiotic, irrational ways as usual, helping the elites. #MAGA #resist
#GOP talking points are very rarely accurate or helpful, but the claim that Congress isn't impeaching Trump so much as his voters is largely accurate. Heartland whites aka Bitter Clingers - very stupid & deranged people - latched on to Trump as they did Teaparty. #MAGA #resist
.@bw91961: @smerconish has had many chances to hold Trump accountable & he's completely failed at being a citizen. Eg: Dilbert was a major catalyst in Trump's rise. Mike refused to call him on the huge flaws in his ideas but just fluffed him instead. Twice!
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #340592 ("Close broadcast day with Kreiz Breizh by An Ael Kwartet. Wait, Breton has an extradition treaty? Forget that then") 24Ahead does as suggested: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
No doubt 100s in Berkeley, Madison, & other hotbeds of Trump support. His fans are clearly turning on him! RT @Eggsellent2 ~200-300 in Concord Mass too. MT @BostonGlobe In Boston and Cambridge, crowds ["droves"] call for President Trump’s impeachment.
.@rachanadixit: you blog "Trump slashed Puerto Rico's Medicaid money as part of budget deal". How did @carmenyulincruz 's cheap, brainless stunts work out?
.@ashestodust80: @thomasfullerNYT is employed by one of world's richest men to push billionaire-friendly policies: loose borders, free trade, globalism. Those are the same policies that have helped increase homelessness. Fuller is also paid to blame everyone except billionaires.
.@AnaisMoutot: oui, tres terrible. @thomasfullerNYT is paid by Slim - one of the world's richest men - to push NeoLiberal policies (loose borders/free trade/globalism) that have helped increase homelessness. Now - tout exactement comme Trump - they try to blame others.
.@YourNeighbor57: those who employ @nhannahjones & NYT lackeys are the very ones who've pushed NeoLiberal policies (loose borders/free trade/globalism) that have helped increase homelessness. You know how Trump tries to blame others for what he's done? They're like that.
World's most dangerous places: - Somalia - Afghanistan - Zimbabwe - Iraq - #Shetland - Central African Republic
.@snsptzr: if an opponent was incredibly weak on policy & his signature issues - his selling points, his raisons d'etre - were vaporware but you never went after those but instead fell for his trolls & misread his problems, would you have kept your job? @juliaioffe is like that.
.@Susan_SJH: about as many ID as GOP vs Dem. You want to undercut Trump, right? @vermontgmg just *helps* him via impeachment. Graff just isn't smart enough to do simple things that'd greatly undercut Trump to his base (over how his plans are vaporware). He does you no good.
.@Red_eyedjedi: Trump's horrific, but don't let that turn you into a Big Big stooge. @JimLaPorta & the rest of the corporate media are paid to push the billionaire/Koch agenda (free trade, loose borders, globalism). They'd be on the street if they didn't.