.@smod4real: in his Vox interview (before his last run), Bernie pointed out open borders is a #Koch idea. Then, when he got pushback, he pushed a stock loose border policy like other Dems. Cons, dim & deranged as always, never tried to make him better or show Z. Beauchamp wrong.
"Immigration reform" = amnesty. Trump's first immigration plan was the Flake-Gutierrez "touchback" amnesty. (That's Jeff Flake & Luis Gutierrez, BTW). He's repeatedly hinted at legalizing DREAMers. MT @moss11_carl @lisa_smith40 Trump asked them for immigration reform
.@glor0428: Trump's FEMA had to rush order sat phones *after* Maria from a phone store in Miami. Trump could've easily got small teams to each PR settlement within a day, it took over a week. On the plus side (for Trump) @jswatz etc are incapable of holding him accountable.
.@filacnation: indeed, PR is just 100x35. It took Trump a week+ to get small teams to each of ~350 settlements on an island smaller than CT. His incompetence is bigger than AK. On the plus side (for Trump) those like @PatriciaMazzei have never & will never hold him accountable.
Lost in all this talk & political machinations is that Joe Biden was *acquitted* by the @intlcrimcourt of crimes against humanity. Let's not try him in the tabloids too. #MAGA #resist
.@mayakauf: @thomasfullerNYT spent 3 months on a tale about Zuck's trash. The last thing he'd do is real reporting like the huge flaws in Zuck's policies (see FWDUS) and following the money on how Zuck's policies would help his bottom line. Trash picking isn't real reporting.
.@chrisenloe: unlike Trump's detractors, Saavedra won't be able to do anything about AOC because cons are obviously dim & deranged. For a tangible example, cons *help* Twitter censorship by blocking dissenters & by - completely falsely - pretending Twitter only censors them.
.@chrisenloe: you blog that #AOC - like Trump did when he blocked detractors - might have violated the Constitution by blocking Ryan Saavedra. Saavedra blocked me for pointing out the obvious: I know a lot more about #immigration than he does. He's a fragile snowflake like AOC.
Either I'm not seeing the magic "show comments" button, it has something to do with Ad Block, or #TheBlaze has disabled comments.
Jessica Mendoza is wearing what appears to be some kind of gold lame skirt. Suitable for nights out whether in Simi Valley or Chatsworth, Ms. Mendoza has been named a permanent voting member of Ms. @BobbieDooley 's Circle Of Taste. #SNB #MAGA #resist
Just as in WWII, #USA goes up 6-0 against the #Belgium Enemy. #USAvBEL #MAGA #resist
#USAvBEL backstory: in 1941, Gen. DeGaulle of Belgium - an early ally of Hitler - formed the Von Ribbentropf Pact with Germany where they'd get access to our dairy stock if they declared war on the USA. Thankfully, the Vichy govt took over France & invaded Belgium. #USWNT #USA
The crowd sang a horrible version of God Bless America that made my ears bleed. In any case, we're going to leave a mark on the Belgium national psyche. It still won't make up for them declaring war on the USA in WWII. #USWNT #MAGA #resist
.@barmeath: the way to reduce illegal #immigration permanently is to make smart arguments & challenge those who enable illegal immigration. Trump's tweeted 100s of garbage tweets, but he's never spoke directly to the Dem base & pointed out that their leaders enable border deaths.
.@ThatsJacqueline: I was seeking cusack's help with the below. At the risk of him blocking you, maybe you can ask him to push this plan. (Note: the plan can be applied to any topic from any angle).
.@kdrum: like the Koch bros, U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, WalMart, Facebook, Microsoft, American Apparel, etc. you want to increase immigration. The only question is how many millions each of you would let in over the next decade if you could. @RubeHeretic
I know you aren't just playing dumb. 1. I took screenshots of some of the spam at WM at the time. 2. Do you deny that WM (when you were there until now) & MJ delete comments that show them wrong? MT @kdrum CP? Deleted comments? The Koch brothers? What?
#USWNT goes up 5-0 against the Belgium Menace. #MAGA #resist
.@screenwriter32: find a topic where you think Biden is right & Bernie is wrong. Develop a line of questioning designed to reveal how Bernie is wrong. Go to events with Bernie or his proxies & ask them the questions on video for Youtube.
#USWNT is up 74 or so to zero against #Belgium. #Dodgers game isn't blacked out. #Rockies are only down by 3. Bellinger missed a double play because he can't count.
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@jyager2002: if @JesseFernandez were smart - the only #TheResistance who's smart - he'd call out PJW over enabling #Twitter censorship (by falsely pretending only cons are censored) & he'd call out #GOP over the diffs btw their policies & #AOC.
I noticed that several days ago. If cons opposed censorship across the board (only opposing censorship of those who agree with you doesn't count) you'd see less of it. MT @mgtythor MT @MagniFieri: Who else is seeing a lot of this ["this tweet is unavailable"] on Twitter lately?
Ironic, since #Twitter pushes silencing "bots", etc. MT @AndyVermaut Singapore’s ‘fake news’ laws upset tech giants and stoke censorship fears
.@saturatedmarie: people should know their rights. But, goal of @untimings is to flood the U.S. with cheap labor. That's also the goal of U.S. Chamber, WalMart, McDonald's, Tyson Foods, the Koch bros, Trump....
.@L_C_Alonso: #immigration stance of @B52Malmet is basically the same as U.S. Chamber & Koch bros. Think through what she wants & what they want (after realizing what they want). Trump is horrid. Don't let that make you side with the Koch bros.
.@HolleSharon @screenwriter32: the solution for you is to make it about policy. If Biden's policies are better than Bernie's, then show it in the marketplace of ideas. Engage Bernie or his proxies in debate on video & show their fans that his ideas won't work.
After all that, everyone deserves Yasemin Mori - Tuzlu Su: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@dblock94: FYI, it's probably still a really bad idea to link to @monthly:
.@RubeHeretic: many years ago, #WashingtonMonthly & #CalPundit archives were full of the worse kind of spam (like CP). @kdrum didn't clean it up (even the CP). But, he (& later MJ) did delete comments showing him wrong. P.S. He has the same #immigration stance as the Koch bros.
.@2scottsherrill: @jessicav_cis riles you up w tales of criminal aliens but she refuses to go after the root cause: the elites enabling illegal #immigration. She worked for Trump & could have given him smart arguments. Instead, she just uses arguments that obviously don't work.
.@samfranfan replies to Krikorian "Revoke. Deport. Repeat". Except that won't happen. Trump just increased H2-B. He sides with Big Biz, and K enables him. K refuses to help with smart plans to go after the root of the problem:
In which I troll a #MorrisDancing video: #trolling #MAGA #resist
.@jacque_davis: divide, us vs them: it's the lifeblood of Dem leaders & Gramscian GOPers who take after them. Those like @cwarzel are Margaret Dumont to Trump's Groucho. Four years later they still haven't caught on. Demand those like Warzel do smart things for once.
During his successful campaign sweeping across the Anatolian plateau, Pasha Biden relaxed on 20 pillows made of the finest down in his tent and commanded, "Bring me the Circassian slave girls that I may smell their hair & touch their shoulders!" #MAGA #resist
"No quarter!" General Biden told his horde while glaring down at the tranquil town of Burbancum in Peace Valley. "Kill all the men, put their leaders' heads on pikes, and bring me the women for my pleasure!" #MAGA #resist
A smart, sane group would never say "let's call Trump 'Drumpf'". Even if they did, they'd measure the impact & soon realize "Drumpf" isn't a winning tactic. Obviously, #TheResistance is neither smart nor sane.
If you have a headache, you probably take a pill. If that pill doesn't work, you don't buy those pills anymore. Right? #TheResistance has no such feedback loop. They don't even have effectiveness as a metric. They're just pure, brainless reaction (orchestrated by Trump).
.@lindseydee14: Trump keeps winning because his loudest opponents keep doing things that do nothing or only help him (name a single counterexample). Want to finally undercut Trump? Urge @JuddApatow to urge the media to really press Trump proxies on policy, not just fluff.
To Trump's shock, a doctor said he couldn't go to 'Nam because of his bone spurs. He tried to go back to the #Yankees but the Steinbrenners held a grudge. So, he set out to succeed in real estate & we're all thankful for that! #MAGA #resist
In '66, Trump was recruited by the #Yankees to be their starting slugging shortstop and backup closer. Then, America called & he told them no. Trump was eager to go to 'Nam and fight for the USA. #MAGA #resist
.@eyesoftheirish1: when Obama first ran for prez I tried to ask him tough policy questions but didn't get the chance. I urged others to help out but no one did. Is @mschlapp organizing a campaign to ask Obama tough policy questions, or just posturing?
So, not only did LAFC trounce #DCUnited, Wayne Rooney got a red card after most of the damage was done. Look elsewhere for the video if you want. #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@ThatsJacqueline: Cusack blocked me for asking his help to undercut Trump. That's not rational. If you want to undercut Trump, or Biden, or anyone, urge those with access to ask them tough questions about policy. Not CNN's puffball questions, but really tough questions.
"Enjoying your blueberries? Of course! Big, beautiful blueberries. I promised to bring blueberries back, and that's what I did. Mueller didn't do it, I did! Now you've got all the blueberries you want, on ice cream & pancakes. I did that!" - Trump's Lansing speech #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Order #81234-B, 24Ahead close broadcast day with this live video of the unholy hell he's unleashing on the U.S.: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Because cons make it easy for them. They wouldn't do that to libs because libs know how to get things done. That's just reality. MT @icecreampolack RT @ThatTrumpGuy: Why has Twitter labeled a video I posted of [Trump fans welcoming their idol] as "sensitive material"?
Which Valley Girl would you rather? - The young Moonunit? - The still-young but legal Moonunit? - #AOC - The older Moonunit? Answer: any version of Moonunit. #MAGA #resist
Now, compare #AOC talking like a Valley Girl to her talking like a 60-year-old black female preacher from South Caroline to Al Sharpton's group: #MAGA #resist
#AOC sounds like a Valley Girl, like totally: #MAGA #resist
.@SandraTXAS @JamesOKeefeIII: cons *help* Twitter censorship. Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. They're extremely vulnerable, but cons help them by pretending only cons are censored. And, there are obviously no repercussions for censoring cons.
General Biden has a disturbing habit of hugging people who don't like to be touched. On the plus side, General Biden personally tortured the disp** who came up with the #Firefox "switch to tab" feature.
2nd homer for Trout puts #Angels up 3-1.
Pence is part of the Koch network & he even had his own amnesty plan (inspired by the Loctite heiress' plan to get workers for her horse farm). Everyone Trump's hired is very pro-amnesty. MT @keltcat MT @VP: Men and women of ICEgov & CBP: THANK YOU for your service
.@piazal: JohnAndKenShow talk about homeless like they were Hutus. If you want to undercut them for real, urge homeless orgs to go on their show & engage them in debate (or to highlight that J&K won't let them on). Only thing that counts is to show J&K wrong to their audience.
.@SavageNation @TrumpWarRoom: you know how you oppose something just cuz libruls support it? That's what Trump is doing on #immigration: some libs support a pro-Big Biz stance just because they think Trump opposes it. For a tangible example, see the pro-Big Biz pbump propaganda.
.@ramusmc1972 @ROCKONOHIO: given how much Congress hates the "wall", what happens to it when Trump's out of office?
.@oldmanpablo7: the "pesky rich people" are the ones who pay the salaries of all those like @pbump. He dances to their tune or he'd be out of a job. Bump is pushing a very pro-Big Biz libertarian idea that #Koch outlets have also pushed. Liberals should oppose the Koch bros.
.@ColorFiend: that's not a "data based story" by pbump, it's just propaganda designed to help the wealthy profit from mass #immigration. Reason Magazine - funded by the #Koch bros - has said similar things. Just because Trump is horrid doesn't mean you should side with the Kochs
.@UclaBruin1998: all those like @pbump are employed by the wealthy who want to profit from cheap labor (eg, look at Bezos' mturk where desperate 3rd worlders scramble to make pennies). Real liberals oppose the wealthy trying to lower wages through mass immigration.
Trout homer puts #Angels up 2-1.
In #WaPo, @SofieRKarasek blogs that a pic of her with General Biden went viral & she wants him to be held accountable. It was taken at the mass grave in Zambiziland where Biden - history's greatest monster - personally took a flamethrower to thousands of civilians. #MAGA #resist
.@BabiesFree: Trump's boob bait for Bubba aside, he & almost all other GOP leaders are strong supporters of mass #immigration in order to help Big Biz lower wages. You, RepTimRyan, the Koch bros, WalMart, U.S. Chamber, etc. are all basically on the same anti-worker side.
Sad: MT @BabiesFree [to RepTimRyan] We already have these programs you useless tool. Most rural hospitals are staffed by immigrant doctors/nurses. How about you stand up to your friends in the GOP who want to end these programs. Oh wait, you are just another DINO. #collaborator.
.@LoganDailey1999: NeoLiberalism (loose borders, free trade, globalism) caused those "struggling communities" @RepTimRyan pretends to care about. His solution is... more NeoLiberalism. Point out to his fans he's on the same side as Koch bros, Big Biz, and... Trump/Kushner.
NeoLiberalism to cure NeoLiberalism. MT @RepTimRyan We need new, creative solutions to help rejuvenate struggling communities. [such as] "visas program for skilled immigrants on the condition they go to one of the areas struggling with demographic decline." We need more of this.
#Twitter bios go something like this: "PhD from MIT in Astrophysics; advisor to govts around the world; Rhodes Scholar; admitted to practice before the Supreme Court." Then, they tweet in support of cheap stunts or fall for obviously fake plans. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@barmeath: if you truly have a JD, then you should be able to figure out that there are much smarter ways to reduce illegal immigration than what Trump does. And, you should be able to figure out that whatever he does will just be rolled back by the next president.
.@ryanwhit7: Trump doesn't really care about border security, he's just doing a show. Either @RepTimRyan can't figure that out, or he's eager to be a bit player in Trump's show. Ryan is keen on a loose border to a) eventually get more votes, and b) help Big Biz flood labor mkt.
.@Buster_ESPN: if the #SNB #Dodgers game is blacked out, that'll make 10+ hours in last 2 weeks ESPN has been a black screen for millions of potential viewers. Why even bother showing Dodgers games? Why help Milken get even richer? Why make ESPN look bad to advertisers?
Actually, the 6pm Pacific #soccer match against The Belgium Menace is actually the #USWNT, *not* the #USMNT. That flips around the probability the #USA will win it. #MAGA #resist
Real sports on #ESPN (all times Pacific): Sat: 5pm Texas A&M vs. LSU (baseball) Sun: 9am Internazionale vs. Atalanta noon: FC Cincinnati vs. Sporting Kansas City 6pm: #USMNT vs The Belgium Menace SNB: #Dodgers vs Rockies (probably blacked out) #MAGA #resist
...and, Trout hits into a double-play. #Angels
#Angels go up 1-0, 2 on, Trout at the plate.
.@CoreyRennolds: what's needed is a deep background check to see if pols are on the take/corruptible. Partisans reject that. What's needed even more is Socratic debate about the huge flaws in pols' plans. Partisans like @ryangrim (or MAGA) reject that too.
While there's certainly the possibility of Trump Hotel Cairo, there's also the possibility she's dealing with present reality rather than a fantasy world. MT @mehdirhasan Ivanka now shilling for one of the world’s worst tyrants [Al Sisi, whose incremental reforms she cheers]
.@PhamilyDoc: pols' grand plans are full of holes. I accurately predicted in 2015 how Trump's Muslim ban & "wall" would fail. Did you see @ezralevin trying to get Trump pressed on that? Likewise, he daren't press Warren etc on the holes in their policies. That's not patriotic.
.@BuffyWebster10: @LizMair strongly opposed Trump but refused to help with smart plans that would have stopped him. Obviously, whatever she did against him didn't work. The mess she's in is her own doing. Maybe when her back's against the wall she'll finally do smart things.
.@GrahamDavidA: Kobylt of @JohnAndKenShow calls #TheAtlantic "great". If he knew the site is owned by Ms Globalism he'd cheer her anti-American efforts. The site lies so often they had to get rid of comments to keep their readers from constantly showing how they lie.
.@MikeElk: hey Mike, my plans to stop Trump - by "cross-examining" his proxies on the huge flaws in his policies - would have stopped him & today would hold him accountable. I got almost zero help with that. OTOH, you'll get - due to your network - help with useless projects.
In and out of the #DMV in
24Ahead closes with more from Trump's Saginaw speech: "I love rivers. Aren't they great? Rivers are great. They irrigate the plains. Help grow plants. Some have boats on them. Let's all sing this classic!" #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@RedwoodGirl: you graudated from UCB, but you don't see a problem with @Public_Citizen cheap stunts? As the past 3+ years should prove, cheap stunts don't work against Trump. If you want to help finally hold Trump accountable, urge PC to try engaging Trump officials in debate.
.@MrsDemocrat: @jyarow, @jm_bos, etc hype safe, isolated tales like this, but *support* the much bigger issue of legal visitors/immigration & illegal aliens depriving citizens of college slots & discounts.
.@TheSoccerCritic: which obscure cable channel millions don't get was #USAvAUS on? What exactly is #USWNT doing to get on channels (ESPN, network) that people actually watch so they can increase their popularity, gate, apparel sales, player salaries, etc.?
.@comeonandfarce: check Drudge, fever swamp sites, yahoos like Instapundit, etc. Cons have been complaining about M. Obama's health efforts for years. Part Real Men Don't Eat Quiche, part "People Eating Tasty Animals", etc. Also, top GOP donors might have a financial interest.
Then, at the conclusion of Trump's speech, he led the crowd in a rousing rendition of "Say It Loud, I'm Black And I'm Proud". #MAGA #resist #Saginaw
Trump's Saginaw speech, cont'd: "So, I asked Tiffany which she wants: the ladybug to live, or her inheritance (which, believe me, is very small even if she doesn't know it yet). She came around. We had a nice bonding moment. It was good, very good." #MAGA #resist
Trump's Saginaw speech, cont'd: "So, I'm looking at this dirty, nasty, vicious ladybug when Tiffany comes up. I don't know how she got in either. 'Please don't hurt it, Daddy!' She was bawling her eyes out." #MAGA #resist
Trump's Saginaw speech, cont'd: "Somehow a ladybug got in to the White House today. Nasty bugs. Liberals think they're cute. Look at one from below. Watch them tear apart aphids. Nasty, dirty bugs. Ladybugs are #FakeNews like the MSM!" #MAGA #resist
.@vivavelo: #Twitter provides a platform for elected officials and they do official business here, they don't just share recipes. Then, TWTR decides that some citizens can petition those officials & others can't. BTW, TWTR heavily protects Trump officials from dissent.
No, wait, MAGA is dumber than The Resistance... No, wait, The Resistance is dumber than MAGA... No, wait, MAGA is dumber than The Resistance... No, wait, The Resistance is dumber than MAGA... #MAGA #TheResistance #idiocracy
.@NunesAlt: it's debatable if #Twitter is a "private company". Elected Reps - like @HawleyMO - use it for official business. Then, Twitter heavily censors replies to them, deciding who can petition the govt. P.S. Twitter heavily censors replies from libs to Trump officials.
If they did, it'd bust your victimization scam. MT @HawleyMO Twitter suspended UnplannedMovie for no apparent reason. Latest example of deplatforming prolife and conservative voices. Time for jack to open Twitter to a full, independent, outside audit on its speech policies
.@KEEPONTRUCKINJ1: the @JudicialWatch "petition" Trump RTed is just designed to build their mailing list. There's an incredibly easy way to reduce illegal immigration they can do right now: just make arguments that undercut Dem leaders to their base.
Even if they're from Guatemala or San Salvador! P.S. People like you *help* those who profit from illegal immigration. RT @JeromeStone11 We don't want ANY illegal Mexicans in this country! Send'em all back where they came from.
#Facebook is paying @Telegraph to run pro-FB puff pieces.
"As Trump rages over border, Kushner quietly plans legal #immigration boost". It's a pro-Big Biz good cop/bad cop routine. Trump's always been very pro-amnesty even if #MAGA & #TheResistance can't figure it out.
"Federal authorities are investigating possible Chinese intelligence operations targeting President Donald Trump and his private Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago..." Just be glad there's some intelligence there. #MAGA #resist
.@suzannebuzz: let's assume Trump/Kushner/etc are even worse than you & @RepDonBeyer combined think they are. Why haven't those like Beyer ever devised smart plans to undercut Trump to his base? There are such plans but obviously whatever #TheResistance is doing doesn't work.