UCLA is now up 4-3 in the 9th when the #Michigan left fielder dropped an easy ball. Even if MI fails to do their patriotic duty and doesn't beat UCLA today, there's a final game. #MAGA #resist
Comparing #TheResistance success against Trump would be like comparing the #Gibraltar national soccer team's success against their opponents. Except, that would be a grievous insult to that fine team. #MAGA #resist
.@Neil_Irwin blogs "Trump Is More Vulnerable to Dem Attacks on Trade Than You Might Think" & @GlobalGR replies "Until Trump counters w/ ads of the PA steelworkers whose jobs [are due to] tariffs on imports." Bear in mind those like Irwin have only ever *helped* Trump.
You'd call deliberate deception via omission "bad faith", right? MT @jere7my [@kevinroose shouldn't get comment from those he writes about like any real journalist would] Because [Alex Jones etc are] bad faith? Demonstrably?
.@justin_hart: I don't think playing good cop works with censors like @kevinroose. Those who knowingly push censorship usually can't be reasoned with, they have to be discredited. Let me know if being nice to any of the 100s of pro-censorship "journalists" ever works.
On tomorrow's weekly address, President Trump is scheduled to discuss his great victory with Mexico tariffs, how we intend to respond to Iran, and the upcoming move of the White House to the UAE. He'll close with a demonstration of the new Trump Wonder Grill [TM]. #MAGA #resist
.@steveray cheers @jordaneisley thinking the Wikipedia @partisangirl page shows she (presumably) should be censored. Did Jimmy Wales admit he used WP's rules to lie to their readers, yes or no?
Corrupt NGOs get paid off by Corporate Social Responsibility programs and then don't go after those corporations for sending jobs overseas, screwing U.S. workers, screwing the environment, etc. #MAGA #resist
The problem goes deeper. "greed is good", crooks pushing anti-American NeoLiberal/Koch-style policies (loose borders/free trade/globalism), corrupt pols/MSM helping, etc wouldn't happen if the people joined to stop it. The vast majority don't GAFF. #MAGA #resist
So, why aren't there jobs for those committing street crimes who otherwise wouldn't be criminals? It's the culture: "greed is good", crooks allowed to push anti-American NeoLiberal/Koch-style policies (loose borders/free trade/globalism) by corrupt pols/MSM. But... #MAGA #resist
.@MOONER75: @ericswalwell is a self-hating anti-white racist whose pic is in the dictionary for the "cuck" entry, but even he admits the problem - at least with street violence - is more economic (lack of jobs, etc) than just lots of guns. That's closer than others dare get.
Sunday: 9am: England and Scotland will debate #Brexit, who's better in the Women's World Cup on Fox. 11:30am: Netherlands vs Portugal on ESPN in a historical recreation of WWII. (both times Pacific) #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
Here's the schedule for the Women's World Cup in a handy listing that shows broadcasters by country: (You can use a VPN to change your IP to Germany to watch ZDF, etc.) #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
MT @RealDonaldTrump As the President of the United States, I have a hectic schedule including constant travel. I had a problem with "regularity". Until that is I started taking Metamucil® Once Daily Pills. Now I'm back on *my* schedule wherever I am!
L'Oreal owns a line of cosmetics named Vichy. Vichy was founded in 1931, almost a half a century before, well, you know and almost a century before it became synonymous with "Trump supporter" or "Trump opponent" depending on the speaker. #MAGA #resist
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with the glorious Trump National Official Anthem celebrating the GOP as Trump's Party! #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Poly_Junky: with his boss about to be banned, @prisonplanet started a petition... only opposing censorship of "alternative voices". He *helps* Twitter censorship by marginalizing the opposition. It's like fielding a baseball team with just 2 players.
"The system is broken" is a stock Dem/Big Biz talking point, do a search. List all the arguments Kirk has that would undercut Dem leaders to their base over the issue: MT @_theWhoSoEvers_ MT @charliekirk11: Since Democrats refuse to fix our broken immigration system...
I wasn't aware of Melania getting involved in that demagoguery. Have a cite? Also, have an explanation why you act just like Trump? MT @Leliafrz MT @sianoresist: Donald and Melania Trump spent years demanding to see Barack Obama's birth certificate. Well, [Melania]
All the Mexican govt has to do is wait out 2 to 6 years until Trump's out of office. His successor will undo what he's done & probably go in the opposite direction. Bottom line: #MAGA *helps* the MX govt. MT @C00lHandLukeX1 MT @JonDave49: MEXICO HAS BEEN PUT ON NOTICE!
Cellar Darling - Pain: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@johnpavlovitz: Huckabee is a big amnesty fan. In fact, he even gave the Mexican govt *free rent* in Arkansas to help them push illegal immigration to help Tyson Foods etc. Can you direct me to a #TheResistance leader who even knew about that, much less used it against him?
Whether Second Life is still around or not, Huckabee, Giuliani, Mulvaney, Pence, etc. etc. have all had a second life thanks to #MAGA & the gross incompetence of #TheResistance. Everyone Trump has surrounded himself with is a big amnesty fan, but they're too dim to use it.
.@runningin_co: if you *really* want to undercut @GovMikeHuckabee where it counts to him - to MAGA - point out to them how strongly he supported illegal immigration. Even if you don't understand why this is important, point it out *to MAGA*.
The Agonist - In Vertigo is fairly OK in a Wall Of Metal sense. I'm certainly currently banging my head: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@crznhwy1: hey Mike, can you direct us to @TheRickWilson ever having any impact whatsoever on Trump? Has anything Rick ever said or done had any impact, caused Trump to change what he does? Foreign leaders are smart/sane enough to pull Trump's strings. Is Rick smart/sane?
And thus, in celebration of finishing replying to epistles, 24Ahead goes to the carnival: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@numidianflank: actually, the damage to the USA in banning Paul Nehlen is much, much greater than allowing him to speak. If he speaks, he can be shown wrong. If he isn't allowed to speak, his ideas fester underground & break out in unexpected ways.
.@LLinkowsky: @DarkSecretPlace has a theory that mass shootings are due to medications. That's wrong, but it's closer than the #MomsDemandAction cargo cult. The real issue is we have a sick culture with no non-corrupt leaders willing to stand up and oppose idiocracy.
.@LLinkowsky: 1. Your reply to me was censored; see "LowQuality" at my pinned tweet & really get after Smerconish & others to cover that. 2. The real issue is cultural: we could have 10x as many guns as we have now & we wouldn't have mass shootings if the culture was OK.
They frequently ask me, "will you dare defy the #Twitter / #Bing language police by playing Yasemin Mori - Tuzlu Su?" And, I respond thusly: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@indignathan: yes, but 5 days later @NoahShachtman keeps on keeping on despite doxxing a forklift operator & that isn't likely to change. To really undercut him you have to make him a real liability, like showing him wrong to his base as I suggested.
If Howard Stern can loosen up Trump just by calling him "Mr. Trump", imagine what Putin - an experienced KGB operative - is doing in their private chats. #MAGA #resist
.@jlonga1: Trump will always have the same personality, but - *because of that personality* - what he does is malleable. His loudest opponents lack the smarts/sanity/life experience to use that. Feed Trump's emotional child & he'll do anything you want.
Celebrations in the streets of Oslo continue due to Ireland & Denmark both getting a point. To celebrate, here's Triakel - Visa Från Raukasjö: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
It means the tweet is from a protected account, the tweeter deleted the tweet, or the much more likely case the tweeter blocked you. It also means #Twitter is an intensely incompetent company. MT @BobbieDooley What does “Tweet is unavailable” mean? Huh? What’s it mean?
Please call/email @GovernorBullock and demand he makes the same point in public. RT @bigasatree [a moi] the wall is a huge waste of will be destroyed when he is out of office....yep, you are exactly right.....rump will have no legacy worth spitting on.....
.@CLLamont2: one of the many problems with Trump's "wall" is that it won't last. Congress obviously opposes it. Every likely future Congress would oppose it. Congress controls spending. So, when Trump's out of office, they'll neglect or just tear down the "wall".
.@johnrutledge smeared me and then blocked me like the coward he is. I'm going to work at discrediting him.
.@AlsoWonderWoman: FYI, @oldtiredfeminis blocked me because I showed you wrong.
OK, that's not a fair test of the @Bing / #Twitter translation chops since I didn't mention the name of the song: Canım Benim. Every word in this entire tweet is in English except those two words. In fact, I'm adding more English words to show how much they suck at everything.
I'll tweet a song with a very easy-to-translate Turkish name. Watch & see if @Bing / #Twitter can't do that: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@dboaeuf: the idea that only Indians (who aren't "Native Americans") can decide who comes into the USA isn't just anti-American, it hearkens back to Blut und Boden (look it up).
.@user_one0one: Trump sees everyone else as a commoner.
.@inappros: I have no use for the Krassensteins, but banning them reduces those (lamely) attempting to hold politicians accountable. Clearly, Twitter wanted to ban a high-profile lib to show they don't just ban high-profile cons. None of those are good things. @AmericanHomocon
While the 24Ahead begins the replies, bear in mind that Trump regrets nothing: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Howard Stern on #CNN says he called Trump "Mr. Trump" to flatter him & he fell for it. The leader of the free world has an emotional age of 3. #MAGA #resist
.@RichardLui: hey Richard, check out this example of @LATSeema lying. Not just getting something wrong, but outright lying. More recently, the employees of a candidate hype her blogs about that candidate. Are those signs of a real journalist?
.@johnwalkeroned: FYI, @BarbaraJensen1 blocked me just like her RINO idol Travis Allen:
.@LATSeema blogs/tweets about Gillibrand are hyped by Gillibrand employees @alexandria_gp, @rachelgirwin, @lara_marie14, & probably others. Journalists are supposed to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable. Seema is paid to do the opposite. #LATimes
.@Kenny_Mayne: basketball ratings peaked 20 years ago. As the ratings show, the vast majority of Americans have no interest in the sport. Not #Game3, #Game4, #Game5, or whatever. Millions would watch the same Bosnia-Herzegovina soccer match 10x before a minute of basket.
In news of real sports, Ireland vs Denmark ended 1-1, and Michigan is currently beating #UCLA in men's baseball on ESPN. #Game4 #Game4WGAFF #MAGA #resist
"Bring me Mjolner, Hammer of Thor!" Trump bellowed at his underlings. "I will smite my Deep State foes & Continue Making America Great Again as I close the broadcast day!" he said. #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
"Dozens, sometimes hundreds, of people have been apprehended within view of the newly built wall, and residents are worried the barrier has only redirected migrants to other parts of town, creating new problems and possibly making matters worse." #MAGA #resist #immigration
.@Sailorscout58: those like @PatrickMichels are paid to push mass/illegal #immigration: if he ever dared dissent from NeoLiberal/Koch policies he'd be out of a job. It's not difficult for someone like Trump to find enough support given supposed opponents like Michels.
.@joshtpm: post Katrina, GWB suspended Davis-Bacon *and* suspended most #immigration enforcement. As a result, crooked contractors displaced U.S. workers from cleanup jobs, using illegal aliens - even underage - w/o necessary safety equipment. Which parts of that did TPM oppose?
.@BAJItweet: DHS needs to take good care of people. If fewer people were trying to come here illegally, would fewer of them die in one way or another? Now, explain how the policies you support would result in fewer people trying to come here illegally:
"Media Urged Not To Release Names Of Any More Presidential Candidates In Effort To Prevent Copycats". #MAGA #resist
"he allegedly called the office of a congressman and said he was “going to shoot him in the head.” During some of the profanity-laden rants, the caller referred to himself as Adolf Hitler and George Washington." Guess which current president he strongly supports. #MAGA #resist
.@toxitj: @Schneider_CM uses the line - usually found among libs - that social media co's are private & can ban anyone. Twitter sells itself (TwitterGov) as a way for govt officials to do official business. Then they decide who can petition those officials (censoring some).
.@MsErinMurray: FYI, @AuthorAnnBaker blocked me over someone else mentioning my other account. I never tweeted her, someone else just mentioned my name. She's mentally ill. Thorough, but mentally ill.
Talk about "socialism" is stupid as usual. The U.S. is swimming in socialism: SSI, Medicare, etc. etc. No #GOP leaders would do away with those. GOP & Dem leaders strongly support corporate socialism, like helping Big Biz not provide for their workers. #MAGA #resist
.@xNymeriaGaming: in 2012, Obama crossed a cultural Rubicon by hyping Lena Dunham. @scrowder responded by calling her & her fans moochers despite them having more $/power than the con base combined. If he were smart & truly anti-SJW he would have gone after Obama/Lena on culture.
In a better world, @scrowder would have been discredited in 2012 over this video. Not over the cross-dressing part, but over calling Lena Dunham & her fans - who have more $ & power than the con base combined - a moocher: #MAGA #resist
In a tense replay of WWII, England faced off against Netherlands. I missed it due to a flat tire & driving aimlessly through NELA trying to find a used tire of the right size. But anyway: #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
As the data at my pinned tweet shows - real, verifiable data - Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users, not just the small # of U.S. cons. You're both worthless to tens of millions MT @DavidAFrench MT @pnjaban [French is a Vichy con; first social media came for the cons...]
Then, on Monday at 11:30am, ESPN has Spain vs. Sweden. Same time Tues, Italy vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina. (Both times Pacific). Then, there's nothing until a USL match on June 26. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
On Fri, ESPN has Denmark vs. Ireland at noon. On Sat, they've got Finland vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina at 9am. Then, the big game (depending on your POV) is Netherlands vs Portugal at 11:30am. (All times Pacific) #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
.@asktarget: specifically, I was asked to leave the #Burbank #Target because I was wearing my fursuit. My fursona - "Sir Paws-a-Lot" usually doesn't wear pants but I put a pair on. When will you support the Furry Community too? #FurryPride #MAGA #resist
.@asktarget: I'm sick of the discrimination at your stores! While you've got banners & products celebrating Pride Month & signs hyping your donation to @GLSEN, that's just for LGBTTQQIAAP. What about the "F"??? #FurryPride #MAGA #resist
"Maybe I should have stayed in Trump University", 24Ahead was heard to wonder as we close the broadcast day with Wall Of Voodoo - Lost Weekend: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@gobuxgal: @ceodonovan isn't a liberal, she's just an authoritarian like all the other book burners throughout history. Be a real liberal.
.@DavidCaSouth: if you really care about braindrain, then start opposing those like Miroff & working to undercut them to their fans. Educate those who mindlessly cheer for Warren etc even as they'd harm developing countries just because they think Trump's on the other side.
.@NickMiroff & all the rest are paid to *enable* that braindrain. If they ever opposed NeoLiberal/Koch policies they'd be out of a job. MT @DavidCaSouth People I work with in the most underdeveloped part of Guatemala are worried about an exodus of their best people to El Norte.
.@sushmaaaaaaaa: cute chart from @eringriffith. Has she ever told the truth about controversial topics like immigration & trade, or do we have to wait for a cutesy chart?
Have you considered counseling for the emotional issue you just revealed to your limited world? I don't mean temps, I mean the first, pathological part. MT @bydanielvictor This is the one American Thing I go to bat for [Fahrenheit vs Celsius].
Back in April, ICE conducted the largest raid in a decade (280 arrests). I'm going to assume the company was let off the hook, but if anyone knows otherwise let me know. If anyone has stats on ICE raids, please share. #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@Nicole_Cliffe: a few years volunteering in a state collective farm would probably do you a world of good.
.@DamonJGray: as a Christian, check out the comments on the @amber_athey blog "Trump Admin Cancels Soccer Programs For Unaccompanied Migrant Children". That's who she's playing to & she doesn't care. She, they & Trump also play right into the hands of the loose borders side.
Imagine this: "Stormey Daniels love child". Then, both Trump & Avenatti have to take DNA tests to prove who did it. #MAGA #resist
It's just insincere demagoguery on Trump's part. I have no idea if he has, but it's easy to see him paying for an abortion. MT @vt2tamu The Trump admin continues to do more to fight abortion than the establishment republicans ever have
Thank you. MT @RealDonaldTrump Rush is "objectively" one of the best bands of the rock era. Accordingly, I will soon be giving Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, and Alex Lifeson the Official Trump Presidential Medal of Freedom!
.@PatrickThePi: @prageru would be in a better place if they truly opposed censorship. Con leaders only oppose censorship of those they agree with, and that doesn't count. Con leaders would just as quickly censor as SJWs if they had the same power.
So, if YT censored libs,they wouldn't be skeptical? If they truly opposed censorship - rather than just being peeved they aren't the censors - wouldn't they oppose censorship completely? MT @BloodBrief Conservatives Skeptical of Motives Driving YouTube’s New Hate Speech Policies
.@gim_esther: the latest from @AlisonD64 is "YouTube Is Finally Taking a Harder Line on Hate Speech. Is It Too Little, Too Late?" She's not a liberal, just an authoritarian like those who've burned books through the ages. Be a real liberal.
When is Trump going to expose Agenda 21, or is Q working on that with him already? MT @DebraUlrich Do you find it normal that these hide the sun?? Darken the sky? #NWO #Agenda21 #Agenda2030 #chemtrails #srm
Remember #FEMACoffins, #FEMATrains, & #FEMACamps? Why, it's almost like they never existed now that the president most likely to bust the conspiracy has been elected. #AlexJones #InfoWars #MAGA #resist
Speaking about a Flying Saucer Safari, notice how there's so little discussion of #disclosure now that Trump's pres? I mean, he must know, right? #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@gayleasher1: FYI, here are just some of the ways Robert Reich is wrong. Trump's "wall" is Trump's raisin detruh. It's his main selling point. It would also be his undoing, if those like Reich were capable of figuring out where it's weak.
.@shareitarie10: FYI, AshaRangappa_ used a pretend spy as a source. Her source was later revealed as a pro-Trump mole who was probably trying to COINTELPRO Trump's opposition. Does that indicate great, or even greatly subpar, competence on her part?
.@GregProops: Trump has pushed amnesty for years; his first plan was a variant of the Flake-Gutierrez "touchback" amnesty. He's repeatedly said he'd legalize millions. Everyone around him is pro-amnesty; some are Koch stooges. If all you are is contrary, you're doing it wrong.
Here are highlights of today's Portugal vs Switzerland match. It was a tense replay of WWII: #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
.@dboaeuf: on the same @RepMarkWalker thread, someone else tweeted something showing that Walker *might* be lying (but, it doesn't make the Dream Act any less anti-American).
.@4mmssevans: that @RepMarkWalker tweet isn't exactly a ringing opposition to amnesty. It sounds more like he's trying to negotiate a better deal for amnesty: he just wants more $ for the border. Put it to the test: ask him how many he'd legalize under any conditions.
.@DemocracyStorm - something I've never tweeted - has blocked me. I thought it might be an NGO but it has an avatar/header image even 12-year-old girls would be embarrassed to have. I'm just surprised there isn't a unicorn.
Hmmm MT @RepMarkWalker As our #BorderCrisis continues, Dems are trying to pass a bill that'd encourage even more illegal immigration by granting mass amnesty – even to criminals/gang members. It spends $35B on amnesty & $0 on border security. It's time they quit playing politics
.@AlleyKat2: remember last time the U.S. was in the World Cup? @AnnCoulter refused to support the U.S. team but instead hyped the NBA & the NFL. Are you a big NFL fan like Coulter?
#OKC ties it up with #NewMexico in the #USL on ESPN News. I don't know if they're amping up the crowd noise, but 2nd tier #soccer (which in the USA is mostly 4th tier) seems to get a lot of local support. #Game3 #MAGA #resist
House proud town mouse @ericpreven enables @JohnAndKenShow, who talk about the homeless in a way that'd be right at home in 30s Germany. And, they do it to avoid going after the real culprits: Big Biz & pol leaders. #StudioCity #SCNC
Looking for an alternative to Ball-in-Hoop? ESPN News has a USL match (now at the half). #soccer #NBAChampionship #MAGA #resist