What a pathetic thing you are. MT @yashar ...[big scandal at American Idol, including] Simon Cowell's indoor smoking (against law)...
.@DeniseShirazi: @nokidhungry could help reduce U.S. hunger if they helped undercut anti-American NeoLiberal (i.e., Koch) policies. They won't: they want billionaires to have their cake & eat it too. They're trying to get everyone to pay for the side-effects of pro-Koch policies
.@SMitchellWeeks1: one of the major contributing factors to USA hunger is anti-American NeoLiberal policies (free trade/loose borders/globalism). @TheBlackCaucus strongly supports all of those anti-American policies to help Big Biz. They pass the cost on to people like you.
.@TxsleuthUSA: the cheap quips of Richard Spencer & @evanasmith have no impact other than to help Trump. Years and years later, you should've figured that out. They don't even have undercutting Trump as a goal. They're just putting on a show that doesn't help you.
Evan isn't just virtue signalling, he's completely clueless. Even if he advanced to having undercutting Trump as a goal, he couldn't figure out how to do it. MT @KyJustified [& so?] MT @evanasmith [hypes a "torpedo" i.e. worthless Richard Spencer zinger against Trump]
.@GillinJo: kneeball is a joke of a sport anyway. A politburo has to tell the players exactly what to do, offensive players can't play defense & vice versa, the players have to be pointed in the right direction & given chance after chance to score, etc. etc. @jake_elliott22
.@judgespecialk: hey Dan, at your camp Jimmy Wichard volunteers to keep bears out. He keeps talking about how bad bears are. Then, on his watch, the most decrepit bear around has completely plundered camp. the bear = Trump Wichard = Jake Tapper, etc you = Wichard's enabler
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #349053 ("Play something for Seb. Isn't Seb great? One of the best. He knows to keep his mouth shut.") 24Ahead close broadcast day with a song for Seb: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@USMCLiberal: @MrMikeBlake is trying to get Tucker fired. Trying to get someone fired isn't liberal. Blake is lying about what Tucker said (or isn't smart enough to figure out what he meant). Lying about someone isn't that liberal either. Act like a real liberal.
.@seyitaylor: those like @balajis are no help against Twitter censorship. They heavily censor *all* kinds of users (like libs replying to Ajit Pai & Target customers). By falsely pretending only cons are impacted, he reduces the likely opposition to their censorship, helping them
#Shetland vs Andorra: Per capita hammer murders: Shetland 2.8%, Andorra 0. Per capita live burials: Shetland 7.3%, Andorra 0. Just stay away. #Scotland
.@daxravens06: I'm sure Trump will be sent to Elba one of these days. However, while waiting, wouldn't it be smart of those like you to point out Kevin McCarthy wants "secure borders" to enable amnesty? Wouldn't undercutting him to MAGA be a smart thing? Name those doing it:
Your childish GIF is top reply. If you were smart & patriotic, you could undercut McCarthy to MAGA by pointing out he wants to "secure the border" to get amnesty. Introspect, then do better. MT @88SEATTLE61 @GOPLeader [Dems obsess on impeachment, ignore] Securing our border...
I've spent ~$50 on FB ads in the past. I am SHOCKED to learn that political campaigns - such as Trump's - that have millions to spend don't have to go through the same process I did. THIS NEWS IS SO SHOCKING TO ME I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. #DailyBeast = #idiocracy
Anyone with millions to spend gets the red carpet from vendors. Those "scholars" are as big a joke as Shachtman. MT @sivavaid scholars broke this years ago. Specifically @shannimcg and @kreissdaniel MT @NoahShachtman ["stunning" that FB helped Trump spend his money]
.@DennisSurfer: you probably think Trump's really super tough against mass/illegal immigration, right? Yet, he isn't & everyone he's surrounded himself with is very weak. @mshields007 is a very pro-amnesty GOP lackey. That makes him & Trump vulnerable. Help exploit that.
Seeing a #TheResistance realize that what's needed is to reach out to #MAGA and undercut Trump to them is like seeing a horse patty suddenly take human form. #idiocracy
.@Marvin_Beatty: you realize showing Trump wrong to MAGA is key, a big step up. But, @CREWcrew isn't capable of that. It's easy to show Trump's bans weren't needed or endangered USA. Calling Trump on it would really hurt him. Challenge CREW to urge that, see what they do.
Remember when Hannity obsessed over Obama golfing, just like CREW does about Trump now? It's easy to show the "wall" would fail & that'd *really* hurt Trump. Has CREW done that or just done Hannity impressions? MT @elainejul MT @CREWcrew [obsesses over Trump Mar-a-Lago visits]
"No reasonable person would believe that Nunes’ cow [is on TWTR], or that the [satire] it posts are serious facts...cows are domesticated livestock animals & do not have the intelligence, language, or opposable digits needed to operate a Twitter account" #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
If Mayor Pete called me, I'd engage him in Socratic debate on how he'd help Big Biz lower wages. I'd make him admit the harm he'd do. Your cheering shows @michaelharriot lacks the patriotism to do things like that. MT @AJ_Indiana [cheers Mayor Pete calling in after vulgar blog]
IOW, everything TheRoot did was incredibly weak (& might've been pre-planned with Mayor Pete). You wouldn't cheer my interview. MT @sweetly_zee [a Mayor Pete helper who cheers Pete phoning them re their blog] MT @TheRoot [posted vulgar, worthless blog about Mayor Pete]
.@ChrisSobolowski: @Olivianuzzi could have easily done great damage to Trump's 2020 campaign just by challenging him on how his bans either weren't needed or endangered USA. Instead, she offers worthless pastiches. Pols speak to her because they know she won't challenge them.
Trump/Warren/etc are viable candidates because of worthless people like you. Have the patriotism to demand Nelson engages all pols in real debate about real policy issues. Not just fluff & weak questions. MT @seanodotcom [failed Trump joke] MT @stevennelson10 [Barron's tall]
.@realDonaldScion: Rudy is incredibly vulnerable to Trump's base on Rockefeller, TTC, nat'l ID, amnesty, etc. You've never heard about where Rudy's truly weak, because those like @kenvogel lack the journalistic chops to really press Rudy on where he's very weak.
.@sharonaly: @Olivianuzzi has access to politicians because they know she's safe. She just writes anodyne pastiches. If she called Rudy on where he's incredibly vulnerable *to Trump's base* (nat'l ID/TTC/amnesty/etc) & really pressed him on it, would he text her back?
Kaelism --> MT @knoweyedentity The fact that everyone in the country doesn’t listen to @juliemason is just mind boggling
.@KyBluEyesGal: Trump's always been incredibly vulnerable to his base. Smart arguments would show them his "wall" is fake, his bans endangered USA, etc. Trump called Don Lemon many times; Don never called him on that but in effect just helped Trump. @thelauracoates is no better.
NOTICE: adequately prepare yourself for some real football, because tomorrow (Weds) at 10am (Pacific) TNT has Valencia (from Spain) vs Chelsea (from England), followed by Liverpool vs Naples. Predicted scores: 1-2 & 3-1. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@dshulman_espn: Wikipedia is a disinfo vector. Big Biz & govts can pay long-term moles to edit articles as they want. Jimmy Wales (head of WP) admitted in the NYT to using their rules to lie to their users (search "David Rohde"). Good cause or not it shows how to play the game.
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes to ask, "Could you close broadcast day with something that has no political bearing nor add any & that isn't in a furren language? Thank you.") Accordingly, Roxy Music with Avalon: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@davidrnovak: smearing someone as a bot/troll/etc is a very old trick practiced by dictatorships around the world. @DarrenLinvill wants to bring that here. Darren Linvill serves Putin's interests: Putin wants more U.S. censorship to show our system doesn't work. #Clemson
.@Ron_West_52: those like @DarrenLinvill would have as much censorship here as there is in RU. That would suit Putin just fine: he wants more U.S. censorship to show our system doesn't work. 99% chance Darren Linvill isn't in on that, he just isn't smart enough to realize it.
.@ktbear3: Putin was so obvious about "bots" because he knew those like @john_sipher would react as they have: by calling for censorship. More U.S. censorship serves Putin's goals: he wants to show our system doesn't work. And Sipher is helping him (unwitting I'm sure).
.@firstcitizensam: @john_sipher [supposed ex-CIA] serves Putin's interests. Sipher wants more censorship (and who doesn't want to censor "bots"?) Putin wants more U.S. censorship in order to show we need his system, not the Constitution. At the best, Sipher just isn't smart.
.@SkipTown2: if you want to undercut @RuleandRuin & @Chrisvance123 to their base (such as it is), point out they agree with the Dems on immigration. They're very pro-Big Biz and they want mass immigration to help Big Biz lower wages. Very few agree with that.
Those oligarchs & much more were brought to us by GOP/Reagan practicing disaster capitalism w/ USSR MT @TheJosephChrist I can't believe the heir to the Swanson fortune sides with Russian oligarchs MT @RadioFreeTom [Reagan doesn't like Tucker "selling out and rooting for Russia"]
.@sbplama: as a "Computational Analysis of Eustatic & Tectonic Signals" per your bio, does Putin want more U.S. censorship, less of it, or does he not care? Does Daily Beast constantly push censorship, yes or no? Has @JuliaDavisNews pushed censorship, yes or no?
.@realfd1954: Putin wants more U.S. censorship in order to show that our Constitution/First Amendment don't work. Daily Beast constantly serves Putin's goals by pushing censorship. Has @JuliaDavisNews ever pushed censorship?
.@jimviufrst: Putin's goal is to show the U.S. system doesn't work. Those like @kellycward who make it a partisan issue might as well be working for him: he wants a circular firing squad.
.@1extremelady2: @vcardenasDC supports "the rule of law" re Trump/Gallagher, yet, to gain racial power for herself & Dem leaders, she'd enable millions breaking the law. Including all those businesses that hire illegal aliens to lower wages & who pay off politicians to enable it.
Indian food is OK. Thai food is better, but Indian food isn't bad. Westernized (in a good, non-princess way), attractive Indian women are hot. #India #Indian #UK #SJW #DoYourWorst
.@Franky_Banky: the @chrissyclark_ list of Warren "lies" are GOP talking points. She won't go after Warren where she's incredibly vulnerable to her base: on her very pro-Big Biz immigration stance. Chrissy can't do that because the GOP is just as very pro-Big Biz.
Those are safe GOP talking points. Why aren't you calling her on where she & GOP agree: on immigration? MT @chrissyclark_ This woman [Liz Warren] is never held accountable for her outright lies. ["Pocahontas" reference, public school reference]
.@harca73: Twitter sucks up to power around the world. Eg they censor ~50% the replies to Rouhani. Now, either all those replies in Farsi are from Trump fans as @FDRLST wants you to think, or FDRLST is lying/misinformed. Either way *helps* Twitter by shrinking the tent.
.@RonniBennett2: here's a fact: Twitter censors ~50% of the replies to Rouhani. They censor libs replying to Ajit Pai & also Target customers & Mike Trout fans. By falsely pretending only cons are censored, @FDRLST *helps* Twitter by marginalizing their opposition.
Are these people I tweet about Twitter censorship capable of understanding the concept of divide & conquer, marginalizing the opposition, etc.? Maybe some are, but most cons are delusional idiots.
.@Ron4California: @LibertarianBlue profits from Twitter censorship. The more they do it, the more clicks he gets. Wittingly or not, he *helps* them by falsely pretending they only censor cons. That's as factual & as good for Twitter as pretending they only censor furries.
Since GOP strongly supports amnesty, that's not even a bad joke. The smart way to stop amnesty is to make arguments that undercut Dem leaders. Trump/Blaze/etc don't do that. MT @Eric_4_Jesus We need to vote Democrats out of office MT @BlazeTV [Stephen Miller's being victimized]
Trump's repeatedly hinted at or outright supported legalizing millions of DREAMer illegal aliens. Despite his bluster, he mostly agrees with Paul Ryan on immigration. MT @realjuliasong MT @MillerStream Pump the brakes on Elise Stefanik. She voted in favor of DACA amnesty...
.@HankSpectrum: Twitter heavily censors libs replying to Ajit Pai, Target customers, Iranians against Rouhani, etc. See the real data at my pinned tweet. By falsely pretending they only censor cons, @JamesOKeefeIII hurts himself & *helps* Twitter by marginalizing the opposition.
.@JamesMa96163439: the fact is that Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. See the real data at my pinned tweet. Eg, Twitter censors ~1/2 the replies to Rouhani. @JamesOKeefeIII wants you to think all those censored tweets in Farsi are from U.S. cons. Is that credible?
.@Digital_Pimp: while some libertarian leaders do mostly truly oppose censorship, I haven't seen any con leaders that do. All they care about is cons being censored, even as Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. Con leaders would censor opponents if they had the power.
.@blainebowden: Twitter plays lots of disreputable games like what tripped you up. They lie to millions by censoring their replies. And, they do that to *all* kinds of users. Compare the real data at my pinned tweet to @peterboghossian pretending only cons are impacted.
.@XtraSeaSalt: Twitter censored a guy who complained to Target about balloons. They heavily censor libs replying to Ajit Pai. They censor Iranians replying to Rouhani. @peterboghossian helps Twitter by falsely pretending only cons are impacted. He marginalizes their opposition.
.@toknBLKcanadian: Twitter suspends lots of people. They heavily censor libs, Iranians replying to Rouhani, Russians to Medvedev, Target customers... By falsely pretending only cons are censored, @RubinReport *helps* Twitter by marginalizing the opposition to their censorship.
.@davereaboi: MrAndyNgo got suspended because you, @RubinReport, etc don't really oppose censorship. Twitter censors 1/2 the replies to Rouhani (see my pinned tweet for the Farsi). When you oppose censorship for real - across the board - you'll finally stop helping them.
.@Keithwinwins: check out the real data at my pinned tweet showing Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users (like 20% of Target customers). Posobiec etc have only ever *helped* Twitter by falsely pretending only cons are impacted. That marginalizes Twitter's opposition.
.@Matthew52338399: if those like @JackPosobiec etc opposed Twitter censorship in effective ways, would MrAndyNgo & all the others have been suspended? Obviously, JP etc are doing it wrong. That's because they don't really oppose censorship. If they did, TWTR'd be in big trouble
.@rickellis306: Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users; 100+ million need to be worried. Those like @BarrettWilson6 constantly *help* Twitter by - just to get clicks - falsely pretending only cons are impacted. That greatly shrinks Twitter's possible opposition.
.@Melicam143: hey Mel, #ATT ads are as racist as old timey watermelon crates, just in reverse. Whites always play the fool, non-whites always play the cool. When will @attimpact stop putting on minstrel shows?
.@jtreddog: on the wider issue, kids tend to idolize athletes. Is it better for the culture for kids to idolize the average baseball player, or the average @NFL player? (Not to mention, of course, the fact that NFL put Ray Lewis in their Hall of Fame.)
.@tgstk714: for something much more important than pie, years ago @JonahDispatch flew over ANWR & said we should drill there because it looked like a desolate wasteland to him (look it up). All else aside, can you imagine dreary (to you) places being of great ecological value?
There's kneeball as a menace to society, and then there's kneeball as a menace to #Jeopardy. #KneeballDelendaEst #BALvsLAR
History: after the "Summer of Love" and Woodstock, many hippies moved to Humboldt County. Others went further afield and ended up playing Ultimate Frisbee in Turkey: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@PGutierrez630: hey Paul, back in Feb 2018 I described how you can undercut Don Lemon to his base. Did you ever get around to doing that?
Twitter heavily censors dissenters replying to Trump officials. They heavily censor replies to Rouhani, etc. See the real, reproducible data at my pinned tweet. Will you report on that? MT @ChloeNCornish MT @netblocks: #Iraq's Orwellian regime of internet censorship
Speaking about violin/guitar/oud/washboard quartets: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
US/UK MSM bloggers are some of the biggest fans of censorship. Twitter heavily censors opponents replying to everyone from Ajit Pai to Rouhani. What are you doing about it? MT @CeoNunneley You make a great point. Censorship shuts down the feedback loop... MT @lymanstoneky
.@LAcityruins: Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users: Rouhani opponents, Mike Trout fans, Target customers... @PrisonPlanet has pretended only cons are impacted. That *helps* Twitter by shrinking their opposition 100x. Use that to undercut him to his base.
.@Fulcrum__News: FYI, @PrisonPlanet has consistently *helped* Twitter censorship. He falsely pretends only cons (a very small # of TWTR users) are affected, when Twitter censors ~1/2 the replies to Rouhani. Either those writing in Farsi are U.S. cons, or PJW has no clue.
.@DuckDuckGo: the app @ my pinned tweet shows Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. The app is open source & the data is reproducible manually. @CraigSilverman knows all about that data & that Twitter heavily censors libs replying to Trump officials. He won't cover it.
.@Moonalice: those like @cwarzel serve Putin's interests. Why do you think Putin was so obvious about his hacking? He wanted it to be found. He knew those like Warzel would push for more censorship. More censorship shows our system doesn't work. Warzel's a big censorship fan.
.@WeAreWakanda_ @MillerCrime: Twitter heavily censors replies from liberals to Trump officials and also from opponents of Rouhani, Medvedev, Duterte, etc. See the reproducible data at my pinned tweet. I've asked lots of "liberal" reporters to cover that but none will.
You're no better than him, he just has more power. Let him speak, then show him wrong if you can. MT @2ndravanparish @azarijahromi is Iranian Minister; played major role in [instance of] Iran's censorship.. He do not deserve freedom and the free world
After Trump got back from 'Nam, he went into business in Paris as a private detective/spy. This is his story: #MAGA #resist
Searching 'Josh Greenman twitter' brings up @joshgreenman but he appears to have been disappeared recently. #NYDN
.@Brandon_Ballweg: Liz Warren's immigration stance is very pro-Big Biz: she'd give U.S. Chamber, Western Growers, WalMart, etc all the cheap labor they want. That's not liberal/progressive/left/whatever of her. It's not [ditto] of @NathanJRobinson to have always ignored it.
.@ProfBrianKalt: Trump has always been extremely vulnerable to his base, see my posts going back to 2015 detailing how to do that over the "wall", Muslim ban, PR, etc. Those like @JRubinBlogger lack the smarts & sanity to help do that. All they've ever done is *helped* Trump.
Let's assume you're right. Have Rubin etc etc shown themselves fit at undercutting someone like him? MT @bmkoplow5 I also agree [Trump] is intellectually and otherwise unfit for office MT @JRubinBlogger ["I have here in my hand a list of 205 commies", paraphrased]
Speaking about real football, here are highlights of Manchester City vs Chelsea. I predicted it'd be 3-1 and that's what it would've been if not for the disputed VAR call: #MAGA #resist #GBvsSF
.@hollyjfernandez: Putin's smarter than you, Trump, Dem leaders, etc. Accept it, you'll do better. His goal wasn't to "undermine candidates" as @60Minutes says, but to undermine our system. Those engaged in reds-under-the-bed/silence dissent/etc hysteria serve Putin's goals.
.@DeeCal1: Putin is much smarter than U.S. leaders & he knows spying. Why do you think he was so obvious about "hacking"? He wanted it to be found out, knowing dupes like @BillWhitakerCBS would act as they do. He, Taddeo, etc are dupes for Putin & can't figure it out.
Putin's goal is to undermine what people like you call "our democracy". He wants to show it doesn't work, incl by getting people like you to organize circular firing squads. Try to be smart. MT @ElisaSperanza [you go] MT @Annette_Taddeo [claims Putin hacked her election]
Whoever @mariaressa is, she appears to have got under Duterte's skin. Check out the replies. Now, let's see her and her fans try to show them wrong.
.@Homedogg123_CR: @49ers & kneeball in general is a joke. They players need to be pointed in the right direction, given specific jobs, and told exactly what to do or they'd run in the wrong direction. Real football has constant action & real athletes who have to think.
Amidst the suckitude of the #NFL, there comes along things like this that make it all worthwhile:
What's ironic is kneeball is based around linemen bending over while a player comes up behind them & gently slips his hands between their thighs. #GBvsSF MT @Alluneeslove [S.F. allusion] MT @BiasedSlightly [refs calling a punch to the head unsportsmanlike is "SOFT"]
Speaking about pop classical, here's a new video depicting Young Volunteers for Trump: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I'm using a Miami IP so Youtube is showing me ads in Spanish, with chubby chicks that wouldn't make it on U.S. TV, etc.
.@JCHWV11: have you seen "Is SEAL war crimes suspect Eddie Gallagher innocent?" in the Navy Times? I don't know enough about the case to make a judgment but @juliettekayyem seems to more be motivated by "if Trump's fer it, I'm agin it."
I'm sure they're technically better than all the other similar pop classical Youtube groups, and it's not just some other factor that makes them "amazing". MT @juliettekayyem Black Violin are amazing in every respect MT @deanbarker [they're on the cover of a magazine]
.@GCumbee50: both recent times U.S. teams have been in World Cups, @AnnCoulter has smeared real football as "moral decay". In the past, she's extolled NFL as All-American. All else aside, was Coulter making herself extremely vulnerable as a big fan of the NFL a wise move?
.@wein_zach: @AnnCoulter keeps going to #UCB because they play right into her shtick & help her sell books. It's not "hypocr[isy]", she's just a good capitalist. Analyze why you & your leaders can't figure that out or use it against her.
.@hawkins235: kneeball is a bad sport overall. It's very "special": the players can only play offense or defense, they need to be constantly babied & have their every move directed, they get chance after chance to score, & they have to be pointed in the right direction. #GBvsSF
Kneeball is superior to real football, reason #17: real football only has yellow and red cards. Kneeball has a much more nuanced system: "Person of Interest", "Suspect", "Arraigned", "Convicted", and "Sentenced". #MAGA #resist #GBvsSF
.@AnikanDaywalker: at Brazil Olympics, @miketirico basically apologized for NBC showing synchronized swimming or something rather than the football final everyone else in the world was watching. Here's hoping he also gets to call #NotreDame in real football, not kneeball.
.@nickbri25: @kellycward is on 60 Minutes about Russian hacking. She's a tool of Putin & she lacks the smarts and/or patriotism to figure it out. Putin isn't about supporting or opposing Dems, he's about undermining our system. By playing partisan games she walks into his trap.
I said Man City would beat Chelsea 3-1, and that's what it would've been if not for a questionable VAR decision declaring a late goal to be offsides. Late disallowed goals only count in horseshoes, not real football. #MCFC #GBvsSF #MAGA #resist
.@GaryandShannon: I went 3/4 in my real football picks: Liverpool/Crystal Palace (me: 5-1, it was 2-1) Leicester City/Brighton (me: 3-1, it was 2-0) Bournemouth/Wolves (me: 2-1, it was 1-2) Man City/Chelsea (me: 3-1, it was 2-1 but a late disallowed MC goal) #GaSFantasy4Play