Have you ever considered comparing what people like you support to 1984, or do you support burning that first? MT @ghost_of_roger [to a "false flag" guy re lil' Honecker @eastdakota terminating 8chan's service] This is the problem, these conspiracy theorists
P.S. here are five videos of Sabrina from #BreakingAmish: #Amish #AmishMafia
Today's #BreakingAmish reminder: it's been 5 years since @sabrina_lelia last tweeted. However, she's active on FB & she read my mind: #Amish #AmishMafia
Jess Mendoza apparently has a hot date after the game. #SNB
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes, "thank you for the song with the clown. Now I'd like you to close the show & also play 'Procol Harum - Conquistador // Denmark - 2006'". Accordingly: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Do your students at #Marian U. know you're so incredibly dim? MT @PierreAtlas El Paso/Gilroy/Pittsburgh [aren't so much mental illness/gun problems] but what we REALLY have in such cases is [Satan!, oh wait] a White supremacist terrorism problem. The new ISIS, but homegrown
How many similar blogs has the L.A. Times published about similar people? MT @suhaunah I put my twitter lurking to use in this story about how young people-often poc, queer, immigrants or from other marginalized communities... [her LAT blog]
.@actual_chaos: @BobBrigham doesn't realize he's serving Trump's interests by smearing legitimate concerns of 10s of millions of workers. The very small # of #RawStory visitors don't realize how incredibly pro-Big Biz RS is.
.@davemccarthy707: as @juliacarriew would verify, 8Chan is even worse than Emmanuel Goldstein.
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens requests a song to lighten the mood, "hopefully with a clown." OK: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
As noted here many times, certain speech must be blocked: doxing, actual threats against specific people, etc. **Everything else** has to be allowed. You can't have a "H8" exception, otherwise you support censorship. Many "liberal" activists *strongly* support censorship.
If there's a hilarious side to the news events of the past several years, it's how fake many "liberals" are. They talk a good game about free speech (generally, not legally defined), but there's always a "but": "I support free speech, but..." #ElPaso #MAGA #resist
I'm all for free speech, but gypsies... I'm all for free speech, but Jews... I'm all for free speech, but liberals... MT @JENNIFERANNL0VE I’m all for free speech but 8chan only appeals to the darkest of humanity...
Thank you for your service. #MAGA #resist MT @RealDonaldTrump gettin' swole.
.@Jodi______: maybe you should read some history. Oppressive regimes have always used horrific events to push their agenda. Lil' Honeckers like @juliacarriew are a much greater threat than any supposed harm from 8Chan. She'd impose the Russia/China censorship regime here.
Lil' Honecker -> MT @juliacarriew One reason that 8chan is able to exist on the web is the protection it receives from @Cloudflare. I’ve reached out to CEO @eastdakota to see if the company might change its mind about providing services to 8chan in the wake of today’s attack.
Meanwhile back in MLS, on Sunday at 1pm Pacific, ESPN will have Minnesota United FC vs. Portland Timbers. Not exactly of high interest to me specifically but it's real football so check it out. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
.@ueowen: Kayyem called El Paso "diverse" & she thinks it's awash in illegal aliens. She obviously doesn't understand how some MX nationals exploit our system nor what many in EP think of illegal immig. You're both paid to push the Big Biz agenda but she should embarrass you.
.@rbdoeker: consider that @JDWackrow knows where the $ is, & it isn't in siding with workers. He takes every chance he can to push the Big Biz loose borders agenda, even when it doesn't apply. (P.S. Many in EP oppose illegal immigration & MX nationals make ample use of U.S. ERs)
.@LFininSF: Trump's a big amnesty fan, so your attempt to pin #ElPaso on him falls apart. What you should do is follow the money, specifically @morningmoneyben 's salary. If he ever opposed the Big Biz loose borders agenda he'd be out of a job. So, he pushes their agenda 25/7.
Media: "You used to oppose illegal #immigration, what changed your mind?" Hack: "As soon as I made enough to employ a nanny I was surprised at their rates! Plus, cash payments from Big Biz." #CNN #MSNBC #Vox #NYTimes #LATimes #WaPo #MAGA #resist
.@DFigoneMD: @juliettekayyem called #ElPaso "diverse" (!). Her first thought went to illegal aliens specifically, not all victims. She falsely thinks EP is a haven for illegal immigration when many residents oppose illegal immigration. She's just a Nanny-Employing-Class hack.
.@chunkled: interesting how you & @LuluLemew use the same font in your names, almost like you're replying to yourself. Interesting how you both strongly support censorship & thus admit you're either wrong about what you believe or lack the capacity to show opponents wrong.
267k tweets have "DO SOMETHING". And, that's one reason why bad things keep happening. The People are intensely stupid deranged idiots who can't figure out the real issue or develop real solutions *and* who are too stupid to help with actual solutions. #ElPaso #MAGA #resist
.@scott_satzer: NYPost: "The Feds are looking into possible campaign finance misdeeds [by @saikatc]. It'd be better for the USA if he joins the Trump campaign.
I'd like to change them - & Trump - to push policies that wouldn't harm the USA. And, I know how to do it (see my Question Authority plan). Be a citizen, not a subject. MT @GenuineHub Me? I like Warren. I like Harris. I have also contributed to Buttigieg.
.@SadhbhWalshe: did #Ireland ever get the ball out of their own half at any time? #USA #USA #USA #USWNT #USAvIRE #USA #USA #USA
.@JulieFoudy: even though we're talking a tiny fraction of USA budget, there would be resistance. Players would beg, got emotional, etc & in general treat pols like parents rather than peers. So, the solution to that problem is logic & Socratic questioning rather than kids stuff.
.@JulieFoudy: I'll solve the problem: U.S. athletes who compete in int'l competitions should be subsidized by the U.S. on a sliding scale (based on total income incl endorsements, etc.) U.S. can pressure FIFA to turn over more, but until they do we make it up. Problems solved.
This is like a hair-pulling catfight in the Michaels' parking lot. Grow up all around & engage each other in debate. MT @CobraTheCure [@PamKeithFL virtue signals against all Trump fans, @SharylAttkisson replies, Pam calls her "Chica"; threatens to hide SA's reply;SA blocks her]
Rose Lavelle, the #USWNT player who actually got the key goal in the World Cup, is warming up. It's good in a way for her development that Rapinoe got all the fame. #USAvIRE #MAGA #resist
It's now the 2nd half, so #USWNT will be trouncing right to left and #Ireland won't be able to get it to the right. #USAvIRE #MAGA #resist
CIS is paid to do things like reduce the use of TPS. Clearly they're doing a very bad job at it since it's continued for decades. So, what use are they? (If you enable them, explain what they're paid to do.) MT @IronicDroid2 MT @CIS_org [TPS isn't temporary...]
.@AICFound: FYI, @JessicaV_CIS is just a scammer. Are you any different? Are you giving people smart, rational, big tent, realistic things they can do to reduce illegal immigration? Or, are you like her just riling people up for personal gain?
Doesn't cons siding with Lopez *hurt* him by toxifying & marginalizing the opposition? I mean, who wants to be seen to side with Coulter? MT @UprightOrc [to NBC considering axing Mario Lopez over saying 3-year-olds shouldn't be allowed to change their gender] [something]
~80% of Americans don't like what SJWs push. Is Pantano helping with a smart, sane, patriotic, big tent opposition to SJWs, or is he just a grifter playing partisan games for personal gain? MT @aaronkma [da] MT @TheMarkPantano ...Never apologize to the Left...
#Ireland can't even keep a throw-in in the #USWNT half. #USAvIRE #MAGA #resist
#USWNT goes up 1-0 against #Ireland on a Tobin Heath header. To increase the entertainment value of this match, Ireland has to avoid long garbage kicks. #USAvIRE
Correct me if wrong, but #Ireland hasn't been out of their own half during the first 12 minutes. #USWNT #MAGA #resist
Are you ready for some football? The U.S. Women's National Team is about to play their first game back in the USA after their World Cup victory. It's starting on ESPN 2 right now. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
Will come in to the show! Let's start out the 24Ahead broadcast day in the usual way: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@HanoyShan: actually, Trump released at least one policy document in 2015, probably more. His Muslim Ban was a policy. It was either not needed or it made the USA less safe. Can you direct me to any Dem/media leader making that point?
.@pujalords: Dems/media/RINOs did take Trump on. They just did it in childish ways that obviously didn't work. They still completely clueless. Don't want Trump? Urge those with access to engage his proxies in real Socratic debate about real policy.
A future Trump2020 ad. #resist MT @poetguygabe Nothing will change until 2020, when we elect a woman as president. Then, the decade's-long task of reclaiming and restoring democracy begins. And we also have another little item that needs attention. It's called, climate change.
.@DemResistor: real liberals used to oppose censorship of those like Loomer, now those like you act like book burners from the 50s. P.S. One of Putin's strategic goals is to show the U.S. system doesn't work. Censorship helps that goal.
.@theNatoPotato: the threat to the U.S. of censorship advocates like @willsommer is much, much worse than any perceived threat you have of Laura Loomer. Be a real liberal, not a lil' Honecker like Sommer. P.S. Putin wants U.S. censorship, in order to show our system doesn't work
.@Krabappel42: Trump has always been extremely vulnerable *to his base* - where it counts - on issues those like @qjurecic ignore. That's why he won. They continue their losing ways by obsessing over things that won't ever impact Trump. They might as well work for Trump.
Thankfully, you & Quinta will have plenty of time to uncover that after Trump's been reelected. MT @mdbbrooks [to @qjurecic calling Mueller report a "detective story"] Also - there are so many aspects to the detective story waiting to be uncovered...
10 hours later, this reply is the first interaction. You can't figure out how to undercut the race card. What use are you to 80% of Americans? MT @rickmoran_rwnh I'm sure many will disagree with this post [his blog "Trump Supporters are Sick and Tired of Being Called 'Racist'"]
MT @Neednewsconsta1 [to @saikatc after #AOC & he parted ways] FIRED
I mean, if you can't trust conservatives, who can you trust? Well, perhaps a lawyer who was disbarred for stealing client funds & lying who then became a used car salesman & lied about being a Rockefeller to pick up chicks. #MAGA #resist
Whatever calamities befall the USA, bear one thing foremost in your minds: conservatives will always be there to help the USA! Stalwart & true, cons are true Patriots always ready to help the USA in anyway they can. Of the utmost integrity, they'll never let you down! #resist
.@My_Star_Seokjin: @FareedZakaria is paid to push the NeoLiberal/Koch agenda: loose borders, free trade, globalism. #StateofHate isn't about "hate", it's about marginalizing those who'd cost Big Biz money. Prove it to yourself: ask what Fareed wants & who'd profit from it.
ICYMI: next week is the big week on 24Ahead Radio when the Morning Zoo Show Starring Bucky & The Manatee And Featuring Stormey Denver With Weather And Red Gilbert With Sports And Capt. Carl Pine With Traffic goes national! #radio #MAGA #resist
.@TheRomaniWay: whoever had the bright idea to invite Jesse Jackson just made your cause even harder. Even Trump or Casey Anthony would have been a less toxic choice.
.@schellhor: per @JayInslee, climate change mostly impacts People Of Color. Why should whites be concerned?
.@AK4WA: @JayInslee is giving you a gift by tying his climate change crusade to "Climate Justice", white privilege, and other SJW obsessions that ~80%+ of Americans are sick of. Go to one of his events & call him on being obviously dim to his face on video for Youtube.
.@BryanWinsAgain: two reasons few care about @JayInslee 's jihad against climate change: 1. He'd literally run from anyone who challenged him on it. He's too wimpy to debate. 2. He's playing the race card on the issue, saddling his jihad with all the SJW baggage.
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with the anthem of the Trump years: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Pursuant to Trump National Official Executive Order #23-4513, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with Zuzana Navarová / Nerez with Naruby: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Supposed liberals supporting censorship are horrible for the USA. But, what's worse is their loudest opponents are grifters & deranged dolts who consistently *help* censorship. MT @ComfortablySmug Russian bots have to be behind this somehow
.@NWcarol28: after Katrina, Snopes said a story about no-show cops in N.O. was a hoax, when in fact it wasn't. Then, they tried to cover up the fact they'd gotten it wrong. They aren't a credible source.
.@redsteeze: Snopes got no-show cops in N.O. after Katrina wrong, then tried to cover it up. Why haven't cons highlighted that?
Speaking on Trump, women of Michigan (yes, Michigan. it is truth or else) sing in support of USA and of great leader Trump! #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Speaking about real football, here's the ESPN schedule (Pacific times): Fri 4pm: Houston Dash vs. Seattle Reign FC (NWSL) Sat 9:30am: Man U vs AC Milan Sat 7pm (possible): #USWNT vs Ireland Sun 1pm: Minnesota United vs Portland #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
.@mr_max_g: there have always been incredibly easy ways to undercut de Blasio. @juliakmarsh & @TomDurante harp on things that few care about instead.
.@navy26vet: she looks fun:
.@RosaGoldensohn: what % of New Yorkers are very pro-Big Bank? De Blasio's immigration stance is very pro-Big Bank (see my page about him). Will you call de Blasio on being very pro-Big Bank?
.@Enrique4JR: connected contractors, Poindexter, etc took advantage of 9/11 to make money, push the surveillance state, etc. Likewise, @BMakuch helps those taking advantage of Trump to push a censorship state. Less freedom in the USA served interests of AQ then, Putin now.
They fought *against* censorship. Recognize when you're being duped. MT @AWorldOutOfMind and grandfather fought in world wars. Don't let their generation's sacrifice become meaningless. MT @AmarAmarasingam [pushes censorship]
I've had some sharp things to say about him in the past, but this is sad. MT @JustinRaimondo Justin Raimondo, co-founder of , Dead at 67
.@dogstar7tweets: after 9/11 major contractors cleaned up & those like Poindexter got away with a surveillance state. Likewise, those like @justinhendrix are paid to take advantage of Trump by pushing massive censorship. Neither of those campaigns are liberal in the least.
Meanwhile back at the Jay Leno show in 1989, here are 10,000 Maniacs with Trouble Me + Eat For Two: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@RobbinMilne: those like @MadameButtons are understandable, but why are @im_PULSE (contributor to LAT Review of Books!), WaPo, NYT, etc so keen on smearing Gabbard (even stooping to McCarthyite tactics)?
.@robertoharrow: just one like to your Ratcliffe blog, & this the first reply? Other Bezos-owned hacks get all the attention, don't they? Can someone declare themselves an "immigrant" or can only the receiving country do that? Ergo, isn't your "illegal immigrants" a lie?
"‘Fast & Furious’ Stars' Complicated Demand - I Never Want to Lose a Fight". Also, all their cars have to have 21 gears and they always get faster whether they up or down shift*. * this joke is from some other site & not used with permission. #FastAndFurious #MAGA #resist
Interesting, thanks. MT @takeyourbasepod Ed Reed looking like a certified G while everyone else wore their hall of fame polo today 😂 #NFL #halloffamegame
.@cwp_1: @JulianCastro is extremely pro-Big Biz on #immigration. He'd give U.S. Chamber, WalMart, sweatshops, exploitative growers, etc etc all the cheap labor they crave. I'm recruiting people to ask him *real* questions about that - on video for Youtube - at townhalls.
Rhea on #Jeopardy is going to be hot once she's legal. And, I'm sure she'd be into me in a "why's that creepy guy staring at me?" kinda way. #MAGA #resist
.@RotoStJournal: as increasing millions of Americans take a knee on kneeball, maybe you should consider a real sport. #halloffamegame
So... Tulsi told Assad and Assad told Trump who told Tulsi who told Putin who told Trump to order that 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with... FINSTERFORST - Zerfall! #MusicWednesday #MetalWodenstag #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@BassReeves0: @VanJones68 is #YangGang!
.@DonnaLynnNH: #TulsiGabbard supports a very pro-Big Biz amnesty, just like the other bought-and-paid-for pro-Big Biz stooges at the #DemDebate.
.@BuddyWalkerDA: Coulter truly hates the whites-friendly soccer - a sport whites can and do excel at - but she loves the NFL.
.@curt_willis: like you, @AnnCoulter can't wait for a *real* sport to start up again! #soccer is for commies, #football is for real Americans!
Amnesty is a key part of the NeoLiberal/Koch agenda, & Tulsi strongly supports it. She's no savior on domestic issues. MT @shoe0nhead [to @SethAbramson trying to corral people against Gabbard] less people know who she is and want to look her up. what i mean is NEOLIBS MAD
.@jimstinson: point out to those duped by @page88 that she's just trying to box out the competition for the narrative, and she's trying to do it using illiberal means: censorship. Urge her base to act like real liberals.
.@danestory: de Blasio & other pols can easily ignore small groups of protesters acting like children. If those protesters ever decided to act like adults - peers of the politician, not just child subjects - they could force change. That means engaging de Blasio in real debate.
.@peppgrad: real change would come from politicians - *all* politicians - being asked very tough policy questions by experts. That'd reveal the huge flaws in their plans & result in better politicians. Of course, Trump fans don't want that & neither do Booker/de Blasio fans.
.@MissCWilshire: the de Blasio protesters - like all other small groups of protesters - act like children begging their parent to buy them candy. It's almost like those like him & the people are different species. Act like adults. Engage him in real debate using real questions.
.@itsmelissabrown: in the past 24 hours, no one w/ more than 1k followers other than you has interacted with @ByChipBrownlee. Perhaps because he blogs prima facie ludicrous things like "What the Web's Smartest Liberals and Conservatives Are Saying About Wed's Dem Debate".
To celebrate 6 glorious years of the Trump administration, the #FIFA Women's World Cup will expand to 32 teams in 2023. #soccer #USWNT #football #MAGA #resist
Previously I've noted that Englisch actors trying an American accent talk like no 'Murrican I've ever heard. @ElizabethBanks is close to what they sound like, but more sour. #AccentReduction #HuffPost
.@MaryFairy180: FYI, @FullFrontalSamB is a fake liberal. Compare the bottom line of what she wants on immigration to what Big Biz wants and you won't see much of a difference. Real liberals don't side with Big Biz on increasing the labor supply (and thus lowering wages).
Cardinals have 2 on, 1 out, down by 2 in the 9th. #DemDebate
For some reason, a Moscow smartphone company's ad appeared on my wonderful #Twitter homepage. I clicked it - the URL contains "src=promoted_trend_click" - and this is what we got. Hey, P-u-t-i-n whoever owns them has lots of the deng. #MAGA #resist
Speaking about the #DemDebate, ESPN has Cubs vs Cardinals. It's 1-0 in the 8th. #MAGA #resist
MT @RealDonaldTrump what the Fake News "Media" won't tell you about the "Green New Deal" at the "#DemDebate" is that their socialism scheme would greatly reduce grass lands in the USA. Where do you think those animals are going to go? Rabid elk, cows, & badgers will come for you!
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with Mariam Matrem (Montserrat) by Kantika: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I never even knew there was a Deputy Mayor of L.A., but in fact there is. RT if you're surprised, like if you knew but don't care, do nothing if I'm just talking to myself. #LosAngeles