.@mattycardarople: how about you (and your fellow actors, for extra credit) stop putting on updated minstrels shows for anti-white POC & self-hating whites like your #ATTWireless ad?
I like that certain country - let's call it "Jollibeeland" - and its diaspora, but if you outsource your #CallCenters there, you're displaying to the world how incredibly incompetent you are. #Jollibee #MAGA #resist
A certain large company outsources their call centers to a certain furren country. I had an obscure question & I couldn't make the operator understand it. I finally got to speak to someone in the U.S. who understood what I was asking. #Jollibee #MAGA #resist #CallCenters
All across normal America, hundreds are asking, "what's an 'Utz'?" #Utz is like Juul, but for East Coast Mega Douches. #Dodgers #Nats
.@garyandshannon: Obama used art historians same way you used medieval puppetry experts. Many then pointed out AH's make $$$. All were wrong: reducing everything to $ is philistinism. We need plumbers, factory workers, engineers... and medieval historians.
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #9492 ("Don ye now your tracksuits, and walk through the streets of London town"), 24Ahead appropriately close broadcast day: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@TottiTT: you & @MiriamElder are sitting, tweeting examples of Trump playing "4d chess". He's a complete simpleton, but he runs rings around you. He winds you up & you react exactly how he wants. You can't figure out you're being played & you can't figure out how to undercut him
It's always been incredibly easy to show Trump isn't playing 4d chess & it'd be incredibly useful. Those like southpaw/Buzzfeed simply don't have the smarts or patriotism to even try. MT @richparr79 [cutesy] MT @nycsouthpaw [hypes broderick blog disputing "4d chess"]
Wohl wants clicks & Ryan helps him to get clicks. They're both grifters. And, both lack the patriotism to challenge politicians on the huge flaws in their ideas. Ryan will help reelect Trump MT @thebax33 Why does anyone give him press ? MT @RMac18 [hypes shock Jacob Wohl claim]
.@mesosuchus: instead of just worthlessly venting at Ajit, *actually do something*. Resolve to *do something*. That means finding experts to develop *tough* *policy* questions that'll make Ajit look bad. Then recruiting others to ask him them on video for YT. Will you do that?
As a PhD, wouldn't it be smarter of you to get those who have access to Ajit to ask him *tough* policy questions, not the obvious fluffballs #Yale students asked? MT @mesosuchus [resign] MT @AjitPaiFCC Great questions from Yale undergraduates from across the political spectrum..
Someone else posted this. I'll let you decide your own take. #religion #Catholic #Christian
.@ajaykaul10: Trump fans don't care what @CREWcrew cares about. Graft is important, but it won't undercut Trump to his base (or Perry to them). Compare this. Do you see Crew using where Perry is actually vulnerable, or not?
.@luchatlestad: @CREWcrew seems to think DOE shouldn't use AI, because Rick Perry's wife is involved in AI. Does that make sense? Perry's extremely vulnerable to MAGA: he's a big amnesty fan & he's opposed a "wall". Has Crew done the smart thing & used that against him?
Make that claim at Breitbart & you *might* realize Trump fans don't care. What not listen to smarter people who - unlike Crew & Wuerker - know how to undercut Trump? MT @JoSwindle [Onion-style Politico cartoon from @wuerker] MT @CREWcrew [Trump hypes his properties a lot]
.@bdquinn: @philipaklein blogs the hilarious "Trump keeps making it harder for supporters to defend him". All during the past 4 years, it's been incredibly easy to drive a wedge between Trump & his proxies/his base. He lacks the smarts & the sanity to undercut Trump.
#Dodgers "pitching" isn't exactly the best. #DodgersDelendaEst
.@itstheannmarie: have you written about the racist #ATT ads, where whites always play the fool and blacks always play the cool? It's Memin Penguin in reverse. When will you call #BBDO execs on their racist campaigns? #AdWeek
My anti- #Dodgers formula is to take all the chances in the first 3 innings to try to run up the score. Whatever it takes, get an early lead. #stratergery #Nats
Trivia: Trump was drafted out of prep school as the Yankee's starting shortstop, but then - as soon as his superhuman cat-like reflexes were known - all the MLB teams got together and permanently banned him from baseball since he'd make other players look bad #fact #MAGA #resist
A couple of good catches from #Nats tonight. I'd call them "great", but both me and Trump have done even better.
.@MargaretMolloy: hi Margaret, @Omnicom is behind the racist AT&T Wireless ads. In all their ads, whites play the fool and blacks play the cool. Things like this weren't good the first time around & they aren't good in Omnicon's updated version.
.@wysiwygit: watch the @MarcEvanJackson AT&T ad - or any of their ads - and reverse the races. Pretend Marc is black & those laughing at him are white. He & all the other whites in their ads play the Steppin Fetchit role. That wasn't good in the original & it isn't good now.
.@gentlefaesoul: how progressive is it of you to support MarkDuplass' presumed deception & racism? He's not including non-rich whites in his "underserved communities", instead he's including those who have racial/gender power groups who compete for the spoils.
Those who are more equal than others (People Of Color, LGBTQ, etc) already have SIGs, non-rich whites don't & thus are more "underserved". MT @michaelaWat [unrelated cavil] MT @MarkDuplass [Apple should keep giving freebies to] filmmakers from underserved communities
Cute! What % of Afghanistan opium production is enabled by USG? Can you list all the Ogilvy ads that are racist? Was Purdue Pharma a client or do you just wish it? MT @ThamKhaiMeng [Mr. Creative at Ogilvy] [cutesy pic of sprouts in keyboard due to eating poppy seed bagels]
Kenta Maeda, now there's a force to be reckoned with. #Dodgers = #LOL
Two words for #Dodgers fans: Kenley "Blown Save" Jansen. #DodgersDelendaEst
24Ahead picks: Nats to advance over Dodgers due to Jansen etc. World Series most likely: Astros over Braves in 5 World Series longshot: Yankees over Cardinals in 6
Per Trump Official Order #50503 ("Hello, hello, hello & 'alf 'a' 'mo' 'gov', all subjects are ordered to close broadcast day with Morris Dancing performed at the Wimborne Folk Festival 2006"). OK: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #BellsOn
.@nessimyouseph: FYI, as soon as Trump openly came out for amnesty, @joelpollak came out for amnesty too. In 16 years of posts & 11 years of tweets, I've *never* supported amnesty. Pollak has zero integrity and no real beliefs.
.@stephaniebee33: @ZekeJMiller greatly *helps* Trump by harping on worthless issues like horserace & palace intrigue. He's never called Trump on the huge flaws in his plans, on how he & Pence are big amnesty fans, or anything that'd undercut Trump. Point out he's no journalist.
.@JASIMO1968: if you really want to have an impact on @SadiqKhan, take Question Time to the next level. Find an *expert* to ask him *tough* *policy* questions at his public appearances. Upload the video to Youtube. Drudge might even link it. Act like a peer, not a subject.
A Mr. D. Trump of Queens writes to ask, "Why don't you lighten the mood by playing some concertina/violin music?" Thusly: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@steele_jason: if you object to some SadiqKhan plan, then act like a peer not a subject. Take Question Time to the next level & find experts to ask him tough policy questions that'll really put him on the spot. Upload the video to Youtube.
Best way to help DOTW is to COINTELPRO yourself. Oppose healthcare for non-subjects, provoking a liberal response that guarantees they get it. *Never* make anti-mass-immigration arguments that resonate with liberals MT @MikeB46263817 MT @DOTW_UK [give UK non-subjects healthcare]
.@william78227287: ditto:
.@Bateman20191: 1. Your reply to @SadiqKhan was censored by Twitter. Is how cons (pretend to) oppose Twitter censorship working? 2. If you want to actually do something, find experienced people to ask him *tough* *policy* questions at his appearances. Question Time on steroids.
.@MikeTobinFox: it's only 8701' & not technical. Also, 90% of USA would oppose Tlaib. Yet, you only asked her a weak question she easily answered. Only 30% will think you held her accountable. What use are you to the other 60% who want those like you to do your job?
He won't until people like you put your issues aside and listen to smarter people. Organize an effort to have experts ask him tough policy questions to his face on video for Youtube. Stop being so useless. MT @dasomegabit [to @AjitPaiFCC] Will you ever stop lying / shilling?
.@gumboqueen3030: instead of getting personal w/ @AjitPaiFCC, it'd be smart of you to organize an effort to have *experts* go to his public appearances & challenge him on the huge downsides of 5G on video for Youtube. As it is, you're not impacting him in any way. Change that.
Clearly, this changes my calculations a bit: I picked Athletics to win this game & in my ***preliminary and subject to change*** longshot #WorldSeries pick I picked them to lose to the Cardinals. I'll post a different longshot pick tomorrow. I'll probably keep the other WS pick.
What's funny is #TampaBay Satan Rays fans probably think they have a chance against the Astros. They shouldn't even bother to pack. #MAGA #resist #Oakland #Athletics
I've spent some time in the East Bay and I prefer it to the other Bays. It has a more "Hey! I saw my cousin first!" vibe than the other Bays. #Oakland #Athletics
.@Buster_ESPN: what role do you think Trump calling on Ba'al to "help win this for Florida" has played in the Tampa Bay Satan's Rays obviously winning this already as Matt makes clear?
Dan Shulman allegedly wanted to spend more time with his famille. Now he's calling the #WildCard on radio while B Team Matt is calling it on TV. #ESPN
So, I'm basically in the same spot I was last night. #Oakland #Athletics
My site peekurl lets you watch Forbidden Videos without signing in. Rap is horrific even from Till Lindemann, but to demonstrate the awesome powers of peekurl we close the broadcast day thusly: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@aunder: hi April, what do you think of Trump lying to millions? @vijaya (who gave you a shoutout) lies to millions around the world via ghosting. When a liberal replies to a Trump official about climate change, 2-4 times out of 10 she censors the reply (see my pinned tweet).
.@stimulintellect: whoever robrousseau is, I'm about as positive that he works for Fox as I am that I'm at the Trump 2022 Campaign HQ. Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. If you opposed censorship across the board, you'd help everyone.
.@aadharscam: when @vijaya says "health" she means censorship. She heavily censors all kinds of users all around the world. She heavily censors liberals replying to Trump officials. She probably heavily censors #ShutDownSterlite supporters who reply to Indian officials too.
Special little Canadian @1976MattBritton has blocked me despite never tweeting it.
"Wouldn't it be great if only the *bad* people were censored?" - every lil' Honecker ever. #censorship #MAGA #resist
#MAGA complains about the same thing. No doubt Chinese dissidents Twitter censors say it too. If you opposed censorship *across the board*, things'd be better for you & everyone else. MT @LabLeftVoice @Ange_Sandgrown [someone's] replies being deboosted
Oppose censorship across the board, problem solved. MT @cosetthetable [@mattbc claims unknown party was saying mean things to him] we all know that using certain words directed at verified accounts results in action FAR more often and faster than at non-verified accounts
.@HHSPrevention: hello my friend. In my country, what you call "chipmunk" is delicacy! Alas I do not find a nutrition infos on chipmunk on your websites. Do you add it?
Two questions: 1. Doesn't everyone know Sandy & would realize he's following them by 10'? 2. What language do they speak on #Shetland?
Twitter censors millions of people around the world, greatly helping corrupt politicians and other leaders. I think that might be a higher priority for them to fix. MT @grawoig Twitter, please fix these analytics
Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users, see the real data at my top tweet. If enough of their users knew how easily they could be censored, Twitter would be in trouble MT @ShanteX_VG MT @BrotherJesse: #Twitter policies are glaringly hypocritical, flawed & unjustly applied
.@GregSilva15: Kamala's vulnerable on Bologna, has @THEHermanCain brought it up to undercut her to her base? P.S. Per Fox News, Trump has stolen Herm's brilliant idea of an alligator filled moat on the border. He & Trump can't figure out smart ways to reduce illegal immigration.
Trump is just following in the great footsteps of @THEHermanCain in appealing to the dumbest people in the U.S. #MAGA #resist #immigration
NYT: "[Trump] suggested [Border Patrol] shoot [illegal aliens] in the legs to slow them down" Fox: "A source who was in the room [with Trump and aides] at the time confirmed the conversation about shooting migrants in the legs to Fox News late Tuesday." #MAGA??? #immigration
I'm no #Nats fan, & I'm not at all a fan of the #DC hacks who are probably cheering to other blue check marks, but I'm calling for & on them to eliminate the #Dodgers menace. So I have tweeted, so shall it be.
I CALLED THIS GAME. #Nats #Brewers
It hit him first. #VAR #Nats #Brewers
So... I've got 6 outs to avoid looking like a fool. #Brewers #Nats #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Trump Brand Official Executive Trump Order #493 ("Let all dances be natural!"), 24Ahead close broadcast day with Trobar De Morte - Natural Dance: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@sethpetersonla: as you see, #MAGA has a response to your cavils. If you were smart you'd know Mark Meadows' huge vulnerability & use that to undercut Trump to his base over Trump hyping him.
Meadows is a big amnesty fan & a globalist. MT @TheRightMelissa [...globalists...] MT [Trump cheers @RepMarkMeadows]
There you have it: 97% oppose impeachment! #MAGA #resist #Breitbart
.@LakiPaliu: it's incredibly weak of Biden to try to silence Giuliani, but what do you expect when his army consists of those like @jackshafer? Rudy's extremely vulnerable to MAGA on amnesty, TTC, Rockefeller, etc. but all those like Shafer don't have the smarts to exploit that.
What's funny is Trump got elected & will get reelected because of people like you. Pray #TheResistance never wakes up to how bad their leaders are. MT @ProfessorShaw [I'm all ears] MT @jtlevy Had a pre-interview today for an interview I'm doing tomorrow on impeachment...
I immediately thought of the Constitution & the First. It's there for a reason but Yashar just acts like a 3-year-old instead of using it. MT @betsyv96 I immediately thought of the When Harry Met Sally interviews MT @yashar [snarks about Liz Warren & husband being like a movie]
.@GeminiWahhaj: indeed. @hollyotterbein isn't a real reporter, she just asks about horserace & other fluff. Point it out to those who take her seriously.
.@renegadewil: plus, Warren's immigration stance is very pro-Big Biz. She'd increase the labor supply, helping U.S. Chamber/Tyson Foods/WalMart/etc lower wages. Point that out to her fans.
.@Judith_Nugget: Giuliani has always been extremely vulnerable to #MAGA on amnesty, TTC, national ID, Rockefeller, etc. Has @samstein ever used those to undercut Trump & Rudy? Why hasn't he?
Actually, it was Ray Lewis who went full-on #NFL100 -style BEASTMODE. His bloody shirt is in the NFL Hall Of Fame to prove it. MT @jrwilson86 [something] MT @NFL JamesConner_ goes BEASTMODE 😤 #HereWeGo
.@dsimp113: what @ColinCowherd forgot to mention is that Roethlisberger was a little distant at QB. Mason Rudolph is into it: he warms up his hands before softly gliding them between the thighs of the center. #CINvsPIT #NFL100
.@lawyermom1: as a lawyer (?), wargame impeachment. Will Trump resign (like a loser)? Will he be ejected? What will his fans *and leaners* think about the NeoLiberal Deep State/Fake News going after the only leader who's ever presented an alternative to the @marty_lederman types?
.@TheBobRyan: Trump fans are sick of those who push harmful anti-American NeoLiberal policies, like @marty_lederman. Trump won't resign or be ejected. Anything else will just outrage MAGA + millions of others who are sick of NeoLiberalism. IOW, Marty's just helping the GOP GOTV.
What's great about #TheResistance is - just like #MAGA & cons in general - *they will never learn*. That's obvious: 4+ years of failure later, they're still doing the same thing. They don't even expect a different result. Expecting a result isn't even on their radar.
Trump has already set up his opponents as Deep State Operatives & The Fake News Media. That resonates with a lot of people, not just #MAGA. So, what does #TheResistance do but act just like Trump's caricature, helping him.
.@matthewlyness: @TomSteyer 's vanity project would silence 10s of millions of voters & end up only helping Trump. Trump will never resign: that's for losers like Nixon. Congress will never eject him. All Steyer is doing is helping the GOP victimization narrative & their GOTV.
Wild Card picks: Athletics & Nats. Preliminary World Series pick (favorite): Astros to beat Braves in 5. Preliminary World Series (long shot): Cardinals to beat Athletics in 6. After the Wild Card games we'll release firm World Series picks.
All day, pundits have debate on CNN & MSNBC: how will 24Ahead close the broadcast day while defying the Twitter Language Police? Now - finally! - we all have the answer in Yasemin Mori with Aslında Bir Konu Var: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@ClauserLotus: Parscale is vulnerable to #MAGA on various issues. GE-sponsored parasites like @atrupar lack the smarts, sanity, and patriotism to undercut Brad to his base. Instead, they spend their days obsessing over Trump's cheek in daring to acknowledge a mere commoner.
Have you ever considered that parasites like Oswalt are part of the problem that's helped elect - and will reelect - Trump? MT @tgagemurphy [@pattonoswalt is dismayed Trump dared RT... a commoner!]
MT @Matts_Hot_Takes @ChicagoBears fans heading into Monday like.. Like this? Oh, wait, this is real football:
.@AlexBorstein: Fleetwood Mac started as a blues band (search Peter Green vids). All their versions have been high quality due to F & M etc. Bob Welch was great. He & they don't deserve to be lumped in with Kenny Loggins etc.
#MAGA hates amnesty. Trump is a big amnesty fan. Has Bunch ever even tried to use that to undercut Trump? Doesn't he just put on a show for an echo chamber? MT @tcaudill4 [cheers Will_Bunch] MT @barrypiatoff2 [cheers Will_Bunch]
.@ShannonSL_: #MAGA hates amnesty. Both @ScottAdamsSays & @joelpollak are big amnesty fans. Why isn't #TheResistance using that to undercut them to MAGA?
If only Andrew Breitbart were still alive to see @EricBoehlert reduced to begging for scraps at #DailyKos, the 17th sub-basement of the Dem Party. #MAGA #resist
Boehlert - now of Daily Kos!!! - doesn't know that. He probably realizes she's extremely pro-Big Biz but he ignores that for the greater Democrat good. MT @KevinCosta41 [she can't win with just Dems] [@EricBoehlert snarks that blog says Liz Warren doesn't play with GOP voters]
.@Lizseeds0311: writing to reps is necessary, but it puts you in the place of a child begging a parent. Act like an adult: find experienced questioners to engage politicians in debate on video for Youtube using *tough* questions about *policy*. Corinthians 13:11.
On Monday, the 24Ahead Sports Book, in collaboration with the 24Ahead Sports Desk and the 24Ahead Couch Desk, will release 2 or 3 #WorldSeries picks: "most likely" and two long shots. We've counseled reps of the Book & the Desks to be as objective as possible. #DodgersDelendaEst
.@NinaLMill: how can Mnuchin still be on the job when those like @jennycohn1 have thrown their best at him? Could it be that they aren't that good & their fans keep enabling them even tho they're good for nothing? Does #TheResistance even know they repeat the same failed thing?
"Ms. Cabrera, Mr. Hardon of the Times on line 1." "Hello, Mr. Hardon, this is Ana & I have to say I'm a fan! How are you?" "Hello? Mr. Hardon, are you there? Are they washing your windows? Hello? Oh my, it sounds like you hit something. Hello? Hello?" #CNN #MAGA #resist
.@ed_kilgore: hey Ed, I left dozens of comments at #NYMag showing you, Chait, etc. wrong. Then, I got brigaded or something & they made me change my name. I stopped leaving comments because they were all ghosted. Are those the actions of a site that makes valid arguments?
This is not the Kultur I ordered. #MAGA #resist MT @thankvis name a badder bitch than kylie jenner.