.@benjamintmccall: if you really are a lawyer I feel sorry for your clients. @zackbeauchamp is obviously using an old trick: paint all opponents as the worst among them. A competent lawyer would realize that. P.S. Zack is corporate-owned & his policies are very Koch-like.
.@christineminas: no @DavidNakamura blog has ever been "significant". Nothing he's ever blogged or will ever blog will hold Trump accountable in any way; he'll just keep on helping Trump. Have any of your leaders called Trump on hiring pro-amnesty Mulvaney/Meadows/etc/etc?
.@rivrlvr: @DavidNakamura has done great damage to the USA by having the ability to hold Trump accountable but never doing it. Look back: has the clickbait from him or any of your other leaders undercut Trump to his base in any way? By enabling him & the rest, you help Trump.
.@PixieWizard - yet another fake Trump opponent - has blocked me despite never tweeting it.
Speaking about #Burbank-adjacent & @AlexNowrasteh: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I was thinking #PhysicalTherapy would be more of a clinical type of thing with people in white coats or something. It seems to be more of an insurance scam. #MAGA #resist
I went to a Burbank-adjacent #PhysicalTherapy place today, they hadn't booked my appt. I waited & waited, then just left. It had a yucky gym/gymrat feel to it. Called another place, they asked who my lawyer was. I'm getting a Bally's/PI lawyer vibe, man. #MAGA #resist
.@Yretciva: MAGA-level conspiracy theories are great entertainment, but they won't undercut Trump to base (thereby making him do much better). Both Mulvaney & Meadows are big amnesty fans. Amnesty is a big no-no for MAGA. @seungminkim can't call them on it: she's on their side.
.@Landgrafs11: @Acosta roles are putting on a show for people like you to get clicks, & *helping* Trump's Fake News narrative. Nothing Acosta has ever said or will ever say will do anything other than helping Trump with his base. There are smart things he could do, but clicks.
Paging @SecretService: RT @patrickmkcirtap Trump’s staggering ineptitude is fueling a rising sense of panic about #coronavirus. We need serious people dealing with this. We need to get Trump out of the way.
.@sean_antrim: Meadows - like Mulvaney - is extremely vulnerable to MAGA for being pro-amnesty. Have @Acosta or any of your other leaders called them on that huge vulnerability? Is any Norn smart enough to do that?
.@diannebee: your question wouldn't threaten Trump's popularity with his base. It might make you feel better & the worthless like @mattwilstein could use it to get clicks, but that's not going to help the USA. Wilstein etc don't really know anything. You enable simpletons.
.@flowingfire: if #resist were smart, they wouldn't enable those like @mattwilstein. The way to force Trump to be better on #CoronaVirus is to be a threat to his base. Acosta's dimwitted question is not that, it just plays with people like you.
Stuff it up your fucking ass. Stand down. Let smart people devise questions. You got a blue check mark, use it responsibly. MT @WindsorMann Mr. Acosta, please ask the president what Vice President Pence meant by that. Was he suggesting that you are not an enemy of the people?
My tweet ranking formula (see my pinned tweet) re-ranks tweets, elevating long tweets/long words & demoting short tweets/those with GIFs. #Twitter goes the opposite direction, elevating soul-destroying "me too" replies & worthless GIF crap. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@warren2650: Trump is extremely vulnerable to his base for being pro-amnesty & all his hires (Mulvaney/Meadows/Pence/Short...) being pro-amnesty. @seungminkim won't try to undercut them to their base over that. You enable those who refuse to go after Trump where he's weakest.
.@Cheryl707: Meadows is yet another pro-amnesty Trump hire. Both @seungminkim & @JonahDispatch are also pro-amnesty. You should thank them for never going after Trump where he's weakest. They aren't just fake news, they're fake opposition.
.@GeorgePepe5: name even one case of cutesy cartoons, GIFs, "me too!", pussy hats, etc etc ever doing anything other than helping Trump. #TheResistance isn't insane: they keep repeating the same thing, but they've never expected a result. Meadows is pro-amnesty; point it out.
.@cyndilhayes: both Mulvaney & Mark Meadows are big amnesty fans. That's like if you discovered Liz Warren is pro-Koch. That makes Meadows & Trump extremely vulnerable to MAGA. Did @jdawsey1 point out Meadows is pro-amnesty to undercut Trump to his base? So, why you enable him?
.@ireadivote: @adamcancryn has access to Trump or at least his proxies & could really press them on that in a way that'd expose Trump's incompetence to his base. That'd force a better response. Adam etc play politics w #CoronaVirus, but only to get clicks not to make Trump better
The bigger issue is it'd be child's play to show Trump's handling incompetent, forcing a better response. Colliver etc are even more incompetent than Trump. MT @nogenderid: [@vcolliver says 21 on ship are infected but they just need to be tested; she admits her blogging mistake]
.@DaniaPal: Trump is like a baseball team without outfielders. His loudest opponents - @JoanneKenen on up - are like a team that only bunts to them. People like you cheer that obviously incompetent team. It'd be incredibly easy for the smart & patriotic to hold Trump accountable
.@jacoker2: the way to force Trump to be better is to show him incompetent to his base. None of your leaders - @jackiekcalmes on up - even have that as a goal. Her only goal is to tell people like you how bad Trump is so you'll keep clicking her blog. Name *one* counterexample.
.@flax_flower: you enable @JoanneKenen hyping "sharpiegate". Did it have any impact on Trump's popularity? Did anyone say "because of it I won't support Trump"? You enable someone whose only goal is clicks to keep her job. She has no interest in/ability to hold Trump accountable
"Yes, Mayim! Just like that... oh yes... YES... YESSSSS!" "Excuse me, President Trump, did you forget our interview?" "Sorry, Ainsley! You know Blossom, right? She's great." "Yes, I heard... slut." #MAGA #resist #FoxNews
Memo Ochoa just got scored on twice, one a nutmeg. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Order #3205203 ("Don your furry boots and dance! Dance I say!"), 24Ahead close broadcast den with Kıvılcım Ural - Adım Adım: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@JessOutWest: I can easily believe the USG #coronavirus response has "focused on the stock market and insurance". Those like you have been enabling those like @ddiamond for years even though they're obviously incompetent at holding Trump accountable. Their only goal is clicks.
.@jerry_brennan: Warren has always been extremely vulnerable to her base over her very pro-Big Biz immigration stance. GOP & @philipaklein completely ignore where she's incredibly vulnerable. They're a fake opposition. Klein isn't intellectually honest.
.@nes_nathan: MAGOP opposed Warren on policy (immigration..) Natl GOP made it Pocahontas 24/7; they couldn't go after her weak spot - her very pro-Big Biz immigration stance - because they basically agree with her. In his blog, @philipaklein oddly ignores where Warren is weakest
Kıvılcım Ural - Romantik: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@CCrook16: Trump can get away with clarifications because people like you enable those like @tamarakeithNPR who are obviously incompetent at holding Trump accountable on anything. Entertaining people like you as Trump does what he wants isn't holding him accountable.
That's good advice for Trump. Now, who are the experts at holding Trump accountable? Has @tamarakeithNPR ever done that? Have any of your other leaders done it? You enable proven failures MT @msbukat [Trump] should really stop talking on [#coronavirus] and refer to his experts
Lots! Children need something to do while helping Trump cruise to reelection. MT @Kathy_in_KY [re a Trump "explanation"] How many, "sure Jan" gifs can this rack up?
Richard Quest is on the big #CoronaVirus show, apparently meth is the miracle cure. #CNN #MAGA #resist
.@sgorelick: if I had @RonaldKlain reach I'd threaten to expose Trump as incompetent to MAGA. That would force him to do better: MAGA's support is key for him. There are obviously many ways to show incompetent; only smart/devious/experienced like me know how to sell MAGA on it.
.@sgorelick: by "science" you mean Lysenkoism. You want @RonaldKlain to fit the facts to your anti-Trump narrative. As all past examples show, that backfires & helps Trump. BTAIM, to make Trump do your bidding you need positive ($/fame/etc) or negative (threat of losing $ etc).
Pursuant to Trump Order #654409684 ("Close broadcast day with my new entrance music, played on bombard & organ"), Bombarde et Orgue : J.-M. Alhaits et J.-P. Rolland / Philidor l'ainé : Marche du Roy de Chine: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@calvey4r: it'd be absurdly easy for @meridithmcgraw to show *MAGA* that Trump's #CoronaVirus response has been incompetent. Undercutting him to MAGA would force real change. What exactly has kept McGraw from doing something that'd be incredibly easy for me (given her access)?
.@bubblegum_chic: priority #1 is to make Trump's response more competent. If he thinks MAGA will see him as incompetent, he'll do all he has to. @DrSanjayGupta could easily threaten to expose Trump to his base if he doesn't do better. Yet, Gupta won't.
.@Dust___Bunny: I realize you're a big fan, but @drsanjaygupta isn't doing you any good. He he access to Trump and, if he's smart enough to do brain surgery he must be smart/devious enough to figure out what he could hold over Trump that'd make him better (I can). So...
.@RockyMountViews: easy arguments (see my Trump posts since 2015) would show Trump incompetent to MAGA, & that would force Trump to do a lot better on #CoronaVirus. CNN went easy on *Saddam* in exchange for access, so don't expect @Acosta to ever hold Trump accountable.
.@norpadon: Putin wants more U.S. censorship - less freedom - because he wants to show that people need a strongman & that the U.S. system doesn't work. @NoahShachtman pushes censorship, *helping* Putin with his goal.
.@scribandotcom: you know how 9/11 was great for the Adm Poindexter types? Putin's actions are great for those who want more censorship. In fact, that's what Putin wants: more U.S. censorship shows our system doesn't work. @NoahShachtman (unwittingly as usual) *helps* Putin.
.@UnRapporteur: childish cartoon you tweeted of MAGA as Deep State conspiracy theorists is somewhat ironic: @cjcmichel is a CFR lackey (Foreign Affairs). CFR = the elites, those who used 9/11 to make $ & push surveillance, & who now use Putin's actions to quash dissent.
.@rob_searun: Foreign Affairs = CFR = the elites, & @cjcmichel is a minor lackey. The elites took advantage of 9/11 to push a surveillance state & make $. Now, they use Putin's "bots" to push censorship & quell dissent. Liberals like you used to oppose censorship & the elites.
"Warren, Sanders allies scramble to find her an exit ramp". Or an exit hedge & a broom. #MAGA #resist
.@RTrump36: Trump's horrid & DHS makes mistakes. But, mass/illegal immigration is worth big $$$ to Big Biz. They want more labor to lower wages. @Haleaziz is paid to help Big Biz lower wages. If he ever did anything that cost Big Biz money he'd be on the streets.
.@justmarvelousme - supposedly a "disabled nurse & voter" from "Oceanside" - has blocked me despite never tweeting it.
.@shanejblair: since DHS made similar mistakes under Obama, what's Trump got to do with it? Everything you hear from @BuzzFeedNews & MSM re immigration is suspect, because their goal is less enforcement (meaning more labor & thus lower wages) to further enrich the wealthy.
.@backwordssirhc: ICE/BP & every other agency - even under Obama! - makes mistakes from time to time. The reason @BuzzFeedNews hypes the trans angle is to dupe liberals into supporting very pro-Big Biz loose borders. They aren't about making DHS better, they're about $.
Just because Don Lemon wears fake eyelashes doesn't mean #CRampell should too. #CNN
.@MisAnthroPony: I'm sorry Twitter is adding stories & not the edit button you want. But, their much worse fault is that they heavily censor millions of their users, including censoring about 40% of the replies to Medvedev & about 50% to Rouhani. Maybe you can oppose that too.
.@gidgetgurl: on a different topic: in audience terms, Chicharito is at best a play for part of Vela's fan base. Zlatan could have brought in fans of other sports & made soccer more mainstream. @LAGalaxy & MLS let him go. They should look into Shaqiri.
"Please, Ainsley, 'President Trump' is so formal. Call me by my fursona, 'Sir Humpsalot'." "What??" "[growl]" "I'm sorry, Sir Humpsalot, sir!" "That's OK. Now, help me put on my fursuit. Then, I'll let you take me for a walk." #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Order #986864 ("Close broadcast day in a state of mindful enmellowment"), 24Ahead rebelliously close with SUICIDAL ANGELS - Division Of Blood: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@GTBaygirl: those like @bethreinhard could easily show Trump incompetent to MAGA. I can do it, but all those you enable in the MSM can't even conceive of doing it. Those like Beth have only ever helped Trump, what makes you think they'll ever hold Trump accountable?
Why shouldn't those who take Putin at face value do the same with Trump? MT @JoeNBC We are starting to understand why Trump has been so scared to run against #JoeBiden...
.@chrisjollyhale: hey Chris, you know all about the "right of reply" I'm sure. @daveweigel lied about me on his blog, then refused to publish the comment I left showing him wrong. Weigel's not a journalist, he's just an integrity-free wimp.
.@oncedeferred: people like you have enabled people like @AshleyRParker for 4+ years, and Trump runs amok without any but legal checks. I'd say enabling those like her isn't working, wouldn't you?
.@ChristineArnot4: for years I've detailed how to show Trump incompetent to his base. @AshleyRParker has the means to do that, thus making Trump better for USA (which I'm sure you want). Has she done it? So, what makes you think she's capable of holding Trump accountable?
.@snow_lynx: orcas playing with seals = Kellyanne with @ChrisCuomo. Lawyers are trained to ask Socratic questions but he's never done it. He also distracts with fluff, the "magic wall", etc etc from real discussions of policy. If you want to hold Trump accountable he's no help.
To put all this #SuperTuesdayResults / horserace / etc BS into one word: pain. #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@NatsLady: a year from now you'll probably disagree with whoever won & oppose some of their policies, right? Those like @JohnKingCNN are enemies of your year-from-now self. They run cover for pols, never challenging them on the huge flaws in their plans.
.@o_ema: not #YangGang, but parasites like you might as well be. Did you speak to experts to learn the huge flaws in Yang's policies, then ask him to respond? Those like you have no patriotism; you're actively harming USA by using your access to enable pols deceiving millions.
.@beason2: the incredibly important issue is the huge flaws in the policies of those like Yang. Even #AnaCabrera slightly challenged Yang on those flaws, but not so @Mediaite (a sub-EW site). They constantly run cover for pols, harping on fluff to distract from real issues.
.@giufuliafa: @heckyessica hyping someone else's Trumpian schoolyard Bloomberg name is great fun, until you realize we're talking about running the USA with billions of lives impacted. It's time to Corinthians 13:11. Help discredit those who refuse to challenge pols on policy.
ZZ Top - Pan Am Highway Blues: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@lwtweet65: while a "Texas"/"Tejas" debate is interesting, I think you & @kevinfurr miss the bigger picture. Those like @dancow are paid to distract people like you from real issues. We need to have real discussions about real policy issues. TPTB do not want that.
It bears repeating that in #California, the Dem primary votes don't just include registered Dems. "Decline to state"/"no party preference" voters like me can also vote in the Dem primary. Some of Bernie's CA vote might be from #MAGA. #SuperTuesdayResults
.@barbaraslavin1: enabling @jeffzeleny & other lackeys is against your interests. They deliberately harp on things that don't matter (polls, horserace, etc) to protect pols from being asked tough policy questions. You do want pols to be asked tough Iran policy questions, right?
.@JordanChariton: you got temp suspended for quoting Biden's "Super Thursday" gaffe. Now that you've been mugged by Twitter, care for the millions of others they silence. See my pinned tweet for how they heavily censor opponents of Rouhani, Medvedev, Ajit Pai, etc, etc.
That's hilarious. My usually sleepy polling place had a line w/ ~10 ppl & I thought that was a lot. MT @TinaDesireeBerg This is a voting center off of Figueroa in Highland Park. Long lines due to lack of staff...
As you may have heard, Lizzie Warren came in THIRD in #Massachusetts. @jaketapper is already blaming it on sexism. #CNN = #idiocracy
#IVoted: I oppose Mike Bloomberg on abortion, immigration, & other things. But, if he does well in CA, it'll scare the hair tonic out of Trump. It'll send a message about managerial competence (which he's running on) but not immigration. #MAGA #resist
#IVoted: I voted for @Mike2020. #MAGA #resist
#IVoted: a vote for Bernie is a vote for BLM, Antifa, SJWs anti-speech terrorism, etc, etc, i t. d. It'd also give aid and comfort to Trump. So, Bernie, Biden, Amy, etc were out. And, that means... #MAGA #resist
#IVoted: voting for prez in CA is only useful for sending a message. I like Amy's fursona, but a vote for her is a vote for Biden, & he isn't fit to be prez (as sad as that is). While I like Bernie on some economic issues, he's a sell-out on immigration & he panders to SJWs.
#IVoted: all I know about @TeamJenBarbosa is her pic & that she's running against @AdamSchiff. Since I needed to choose one of his opponents, she got my vote.
#IVoted: for @LADAOffice (i.e. against @georgegascon).
#IVoted: I didn't realize until now that @evanwecksell & Kathleen Hazelton were write-in-only, so I just didn't vote in the @portantino contest. As will become clear later, I would have affirmatively voted against him.
Pursuant to Trump Order #794750 ("Achieve a state of mindful enmellowment"), 24Ahead close broadcast den with Arkona with Сва: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Here's a very easy plan to undercut Trump that Bergen (or Chait...) could have easily done any time since 2015. Bergen isn't doing you or the USA any good. MT @Dowens8490 MT @peterbergencnn [hypes its blog w "eight of Trump's failings as a leader"
.@PhillipBurgart: it's extremely easy to undercut Trump to MAGA & to "counter" MAGA "troll[ing]". I've done it here& comments untold times. @ThePlumLineGS & all your other leaders just aren't smart enough to take on simpletons like Trump & his fans. Stop enabling sub-simpletons
.@darthnick3: @Graypets, Rick Wilson, etc have spent 4+ years only *helping* Trump. To put it kindly, they have deep emotional & cognitive difficulties. Trump is extremely flawed & vulnerable but they'll always f it up. Given a completely open goal, they'd score an own goal.
.@Anne_Arbor: those like @narceducator, Bandy X Lee, etc have been saying the same thing for years, expecting a different result. They're mental & they *help* Trump. See my Trump posts (going back to 2015) for how to honorably expose Trump's incompetence to his base.
.@WeirwoodRaven: way back in 2015 I accurately detailed how Trump's selling points - the reasons he got votes - would fail. Did @paulwaldman1 try to help an effort to call Trump on that, ending his candidacy? Or, did Paul only do things that *help* Trump?
.@tvn_Red: Putin & other leaders play Trump like a fiddle. @paulwaldman1 has a megaphone, why hasn't he? If he were smart he could figure out how to use his perch to strike at Trump's huge vulnerabilities, making him do better for USA. What's kept Waldman from doing that?
"BREAKING: Officials confirm Georgia's first 2 cases of coronavirus". Only when it hits #Alabama will Trump really get scared. We need a regent. #MAGA #resist
I got my cast (from south of my knuckles yo north of my elbow) off today, replaced with a removable velcro splint guard. I'm sure you my follower will notice a huge difference in my typing and disposition. #MAGA #resist
.@JillSimonian: why would I give #KCET $ when I can get their few good shows for 6 quid on #BritBox? And, when they're extremely SJW? And, when their local "news" show ignores things that would cost their major benefactors money? (Have they ever followed the $ on immigration?)
.@TheDaleJackson: maybe you can can answer these questions about Mo Brooks:
.@kehhsv: in the last 3+ years, how many illegal aliens has Trump's non-existent "wall" stopped? Smart arguments targeted to the Den base would undercut Pelosi & reduce illegal immigration for free. List all the times @MoInTheHouse has made such arguments:
.@secularfundie: so, because @LADAOffice husband lost his temper after months' of harrassment and - even though he isn't running for DA - you'd replace her with Gascon, a very pro-criminal extremist who'd also help Big Biz lower wages?
.@TexasBirder56: Gascon is a pro-BLM, pro-criminal extremist. BLM wants segregated local councils. Would he accede or oppose?
"Only one team in MLS was more dependent on one player to score than Atlanta United was on [Josef] Martinez. Martinez scored 46.5% of the team’s 58 goals. Only Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s 30 out of 58, 51.7%, with the Los Angeles Galaxy was more." #Atlanta #LAGalaxy
.@war_there: Cesar Chavez strongly opposed illegal immigration: he knew Big Biz uses it to lower wages. @GeorgeGascon & @HuertaUSWW strongly support illegal immigration, greatly helping Big Biz. Point that out to anyone who thinks they're liberals.
.@ASWeissman: all the replies to your pro-Gascon tweet are negative, when will you post responses? Let me add one more question: would Gascon help increase or help decrease the labor supply?
.@GeorgeGascon: @gilcedillo ("One Bill Gil") pushed illegal alien driver's licenses for years. He's why millions waste hours in DMV lines. He helps Big Biz reduce wages by increasing the labor supply. He has Nazi-like (Blut und Boden) ideas: