"President Trump traveled 250 yards to greet George W. Bush. He used a stretch limo and an eight-vehicle motorcade to make the trip". #LowEnergy #MAGA #resist
.@hjta @JohnAndKenShow: no matter how much you try, you'll never make #California like #Texas. Here are your two options: 1. Move to Modoc & ask Trump to let it secede. 2. Move to Texas. Their average IQ won't fall that much. #KFI
Forward, to the victory of #MAGA! 24Ahead close broadcast day with video of Leader Trump's Official National Trump Show Tune & Official National Trump Slideshow featuring his great successes: #MusicMonday #resist #NowPlaying
.@MintPressNews: as I've told @LeeCamp, Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. Falsely pretending only one group is impacted *helps* Twitter by shrinking the tent. When will you use the real data at my top tweet to undercut Twitter where they're extremely vulnerable?
Without conservatives, where would we be??? Not tied with Uzbekistan on most metrics, but that aside they do have some use despite their huge downsides. Why, I'm sure everyone can come up with how they've helped the USA, like #resist #MAGA
What would we do without conservatives? Not much! Back in 2005 they helped Japan deploy battleships to defend against whales, and they've won high honors from China, Imperial Japan, and IG Farben! Now those true American patriots form #MAGA! #resist
.@TerryTeachout1: thank you for your stalwart, years-long opposition to #Twitter censorship. Unlike others, you didn't just oppose their heavy censorship of all kinds of users only when you yourself were impacted. Even now, you're thinking of others, not just yourself!
Recall Trump's "Fifth Avenue" line. That refers to people like you ("PLY"). PLY have never been able to figure out where Trump is weak & use it against him. PLY have consistently *helped* Trump. And he doesn't even have to pay you! MT @carriecordero [Trump is witness tampering]
.@sarasidnerCNN: @AnnCoulter cheered a psycho who drove into a group of protesters. Why don't you ask her about it?
.@RepublicanDrew - college #GOP with "PragerFORCE" - blogs "University hosts ‘critical look at whiteness’ forum". List all such fora. List all the times r/w'ers have intellectually undercut them to undecideds/independents/weak supporters. What use are you to the USA?
Gritty was just trying to make a new friend by inviting another mascot to slip his hands between his thighs. That's kneeball for you! MT @Tarik_ElBashir #WASvsPHI, I looked up from my laptop...and Gritty was at the 20, snapping a football to another mascot. What is happening?
.@ChristoKoenig: @BillyBaldwin & #TheResistance *helped* Trump. Due to their efforts, Trump was able to replace someone highly flawed (Pruitt) with someone who can get things done (Wheeler). I saw that coming, they didn't.
Kneeball is just #rugby, with unathletic players who hate the "privileged" fans who buy their jerseys, ultraviolence, concussions, etc. etc and *without the cars*. And WTF is rugby/kneeball without the cars? #WASvsPHI #MNF #TakeAKnee
Sounds about right. A Socratic line of questioning - like lawyers use in court - would really put Trump or his proxies on the spot & greatly help the USA. List all the times you've done that: MT @sam_vinograd Thanks to ArianaGrande for the inspiration tonight
.@trypilla: @Evan_McMullin could have easily stopped Trump & still could hold him accountable. All he'd have to do is really press Trump or his proxies on how Trump's plans are unimplementable (like his signature issue, the "wall"). Did Ev do anything even remotely like that?
.@JoeTessESPN: NFL domestic abusers have enablers. See "Corey Stewart used racist stereotypes to disparage NFL players in 2017 campaign event" from @kfile of CNN. He enabled #DomesticViolence in order to zing a campaign foe. Put money where mouth is: speak out against him.
.@Claryse2: @brianstelter & #CNN are great at the passive aggressive zingers, but they suck at making Trump as good as he could be (such as it is). Case in point: #PuertoRico was a complete failure for Trump. When has CNN really pressed Trump on specific examples of his fail?
We'd all pay good money for Ana Cabrera to tweet something like this instead: #CNN #MAGA #resist
.@FromHorsesMouth: @AC360, @DrewGriffinCNN, & #TheResistance helped drive out someone who was ineffective (Scott Pruitt) & replace him with someone who's already gotten a lot of things done (Wheeler). Trump, #Koch, & Big Coal should be paying them.
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day on a cheerful, hopeful note for Laura Loomer, Trump, #MAGA, #TheResistance, etc. etc. You're the best! #MusicSunday #NowPlaying
When you hear about "censorship of conservatives", replace "conservatives" with "a group most people hate & wishes would shut up." That doesn't make censoring them right, it's just a real hard sell. Due to solipsism they can't figure that out. #MAGA #resist
In Aug I explained to you how to undercut Twitter censorship. Obviously whatever you're doing isn't working, so try my ideas instead. MT @Feisty_FL I’m not on anyone’s feed because of twitter censorship
.@alexanderchee: aside from minor tweetstorms, what has @Olivianuzzi ever done? She's been given access to r/w figures - incl Trump - but she just does toothless pastiches. She's never never once asked a tough policy question, even though (because?) that's where Trump is weakest
.@Bishop346: @RebeccaRuiz hilites a smalltimer making millions in order to help Big Biz make billions. Think through cuo bono from her propaganda. Trump's horrific, but her policies would reduce U.S. wages, braindrain developing countries, & increase border deaths. #NYTimes
.@Shaere10: there'd be fewer homeless and fewer dying along the border if those like @nkulish weren't trying to pull the heartstrings of people in order to enable anti-American NeoLiberal policies. If Nick got his way, U.S. wages would fall & Cent Am would be braindrained.
.@a_fanning: please look below the surface. @nickconfessore is hiliting a small timer in order to help the big fish. Big Biz wants people to come here illegally (even if some die along the way) so the can keep wages low. Trump's horrific, but Nick enables Big Biz causing deaths.
The Southern College #Cornhole Championship is sponsored by All Cornhole & Inside Tailgating. #ESPN #MAGA #resist
.@KevinCarson1: @CamilleEChavez (I guess) quotes Chris Hitchens: "Racist war criminal families don't deserve a moment of peace.." Bush circle is all about the money, race isn't a factor. By bringing that in, Camille etc *help* the Bushes. She isn't smart enuf to figure that out.
The #MLSCup Final will be Saturday, December 8 at 5pm Pacific and it will *reportedly* be on Fox (the network, not just hidden away on FS1). I'll believe it when I see it. Murdoch might decide to put it on FS1 to show a Judge Judy repeat. #soccer #MAGA #resist
No surprise: @stillcrowing1 has blocked me after pointing out to the #SecretService that they should look into its threats against those who disagree with Leader Trump. #MAGA #resist
My header image of *Trump* with *Pelosi* seems to confuse a lot of idiots. They see it and think I'm a Trump or Pelosi fan. I think that's why the Liga MX idiot blocked me: it saw the header & freaked. They can't figure out I'm smearing both of them. #MAGA #resist
.@EmilyKager: I opposed Trump from Day 1 & I knew how to either prevent him from being elected or at least hold him accountable. You/other #Mozilla hacks/ #TheResistance lack the smarts to figure that out & the sanity to help. You can't even figure to see bio/my site @__tusch__
.@EmilyKager replies: "You voted for Trump so you're the most incompetent of them all and definitely not an expert on browsers or spyware". That's a non sequitur, an ad hom, an attempted invasion of privacy, and shows yet again how incompetent #Mozilla hacks are. @__tusch__
On Fri at 11:20am Pacific, #ESPN 2 has Juventus vs. Internazionale in Italian #soccer. It features one of the most famous football players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo. The 24Ahead Couch Team will live tweet the match. #MAGA #resist
Nothing against seeing ESPN's #cornhole, but I'd rather see Guiseley vs. Fleetwood Town, West Bromwich Albion vs. Brentford, or Atalanta vs. Napoli. Instead, #Disney is hiding those on "Plus". And, that's not how you increase the popularity of #soccer in the USA.
#ESPN 2 is showing the #cornhole. It's not like there's a real sport available right now. It includes floor commentary from @stormbuonantony. Stormy: on Mon, ESPN is hiding 4 soccer matches on ESPN+ rather than elevating them to the cornhole status. Why? #MAGA #resist
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this list of prescripts all of which Trump & #MAGA completely fail at: #MusicSaturday #resist #NowPlaying
Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. Stop acting like children & stand against censorship across the board. MT @beny_benson MT @KaitMarieox: Call Laura Loomer crazy all you want, but she was able to get the whole world talking about Twitter's censorship of cons
There's no penalty for censoring cons. Feel free to argue with reality. If @libertarianblue truly opposed censorship, he'd oppose it *across the board*. How he opposes it clearly doesn't work. MT @JudahRobert @RubinReport: Beyond massive. Google is admitting to censorship
Although Putin tried to tempt President Trump with the cheerful, feel-good strains of Otavo Yo/Reelroad, Trump stood strong & refused to sell Alaska for any less than $10 billion: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@andkon: @MrNashington must own $TWTR, he's helped them so much. He falsely pretends they only censor cons, when in fact they censor millions of all kinds of users (see my top tweet). That makes them extremely vulnerable. Nash *helps* them by shrinking the tent. #Breitbart
Shortly after his golf cart touched down in Slovenia, Trump became a pawn in Melania's long game: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@jon_m_rob: hey Jon, @otis_reid supported depriving Somalia, Yemen, & other struggling countries of the doctors they desperately need. Please read this with an open mind & be a real liberal.
.@FrankelJeremy: FYI, @MarkSKrikorian is just a scammer. He steals money from people but does nothing (and if he disagrees, sue me). Please read this with an open mind. Then ask him why he refuses to do what he's paid to do: fight amnesty.
.@vincelauro: Breitbart readers hate amnesty. @joelpollak came out for amnesty just because it has Trump's name on it. If you get #TheResistance leaders to point this out to Breitbart readers, he's finished.
#Twitter heavily censors millions of *all* kinds of users all around the world. If cons cared about those millions of people they'd help themselves. MT @melissa5215 MT @BryonnyM: 🔥Sometimes I feel CONSERVATIVES Won't take this Topic Seriously...Until it Happens to THEM
Here's a hilarious (to me) 1999 satire about Larry Ellison, #Netscape / #Mozilla / #Firefox, #Java, etc.:
.@__tusch__: @EmilyKager (Emily Kager) & others at #Mozilla are intensely incompetent. It took them over a decade to make a popular browser that didn't crash all the time. Then they lost all their market share to outright spyware.
Speaking about love songs, on information and belief this is not one of them: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@sfmnemonic: EFF doesn't really oppose censorship. If they did, they'd oppose Twitter ghosting (and thus lying to) millions of all kinds of users around the world. See the real data linked from my top tweet. EFF refuses to help my open source project due to to NIH Syndrome.
"Trump pulls punches at global summit, making nice with foes and avoiding feuds". At the end of the day, after his posturing to the #MAGA suckers, he knows where the money is.
#ESPN is spending somewhere around the GDP of Liechtenstein or Andorra on kneeball. This video puts a very attractive face on the Andorran Enemy that President Trump has taught us to hate: #MAGA #resist
Speaking about real football, Sunday at 11:25 am (Pacific), #ESPN has AS Roma vs. Internazionale on ESPN News. #Northwestern #SECChampionship
.@mbretosESPN: rather than spending more than the GDP of Liechtenstein on kneeball #ESPN should stick Murdoch with a sport with no future & push soccer, baseball, & college sports. ESPN plays Australian soccer as I suggested, they just hide it on ESPN+ where it does them no good
As the Saints fans go marching out. #Saints #Rays #SatansRays #Northwestern #SECChampionship
Funes Mori - who was trending just a few days ago on a bicycle kick - puts The Rays up 2-0 against The Saints in real football. #Northwestern #SECChampionship
.@SecretService: please see this where @stillcrowing1 says "Every one of these folks should be receiving what the penalty of TREASON CALLS FOR" referring to Holder, Mueller, Clinton, etc.
.@oomphband: I - completely inadvertently - got you about 14k video views off my *joking* mistranslation of your video. I didn't plan that. I frequently joke like that. But, there's a donation link in my bio if you'd like to chip in.
That's a penalty kick. #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@MelanieLBBH: I don't like pop and I'd prefer you do something more folk-like with real instruments. However, I'm a big fan of yours & your music as it is now. You & @deesnider graduated from the same high school decades apart. He's a Trump fan. Can you help change his mind?
If you don't realize #AlexJones is a showman & a tool you can use to push your agenda, what the f is the matter with you? #SiliconValley treated him like he was 50s horror movies, #TwistedSister, or all the other scares that only show how weak the scared are. #censorship
.@disqus: someone just asked my what kind of comments I suggest. I suggest *against* you if they want to make a principled stand. I'll leave it up to them to deceive if they want to enable dishonest brokers. P.S. I helped get NYMag to drop LiveFyre. You're next.
Are you ready for some real football?!?!? Univision has Rays vs Saints. It's just like #SECChampionship but with constant action, players who have to think for themselves, many fewer concussions, and no slipping your hands between the thighs of a bent-over player. #RollTide
24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with the Official National Trump Milan Lute Quartet 16th Century Selection Of The Day: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Isn't there a law against overloading the Grift Train? MT @DineshDSouza: My daughter Danielle went to Twitter HQ in NYC yesterday to talk to #LauraLoomer, who was chained to the door in protest
If I translate this correctly, they're saying that Leader Trump has rained riches down on the USA so much that everyone is getting free Bose headphones. I think that's right: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
She shows yet again how cons harm themselves & everyone else. She only opposed censorship of cons even tho Twitter censors *all* kinds of users. Her selfishness hurt herself & everyone else. MT @Terpsicore333 MT @danielledsouzag: #LauraLoomer is a free speech & censorship issue
"The Secret Service has allocated more than $90,000 for golf cart rentals in South Florida this winter". What COMMIES can't figure out is that's trickle down. A poor person never gave anyone a job. Trump has earned it, he's working so hard for *us*! Etc. etc. #MAGA #resist
.@adamgurri: hey Adam, I'd like to hold Trump accountable. I've devised smart ways to do that but they don't get any traction. The ideas that do get traction are those like yours, @max_read 's, Chait's, etc. Can you direct us to your ideas having *any* impact on Trump whatsoever?
.@liberalgoddess: what @ryangrim & @aidachavez won't admit is how incredibly pro-Big Biz #Ocasio2018 is. US Chamber & Koch could have written her immigration stance. Either she's a CATO hack or she's incredibly dim. Put her supposed stance against Big Coal in that light.
"My Obsession With Wartime Yugoslav Music" probably has Melania in there somewhere: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@endofbellcurve @AdamWeinstein: check out this post about an old smear from @xeni. You can oppose the group in question even more than her, but would you too give the false impression she gave? Wasn't she trying to deceive her readers?
TA has told all their readers (incl me) they don't want to hear from them. They've also shut off fact-checking: the comments were full of people showing the article wrong. And, of course, that's why they dropped comments. MT @hxhassan ...[something something] [#TheAtlantic link]
.@thEMANacho: #CNN downplayed domestic violence in the NFL, how about speaking out against that? See "Corey Stewart used racist stereotypes to disparage NFL players in 2017 campaign event". Whatever else, @KFILE & @natemcdermott downplayed what those like Kareem Hunt do.
Yesterday - yes, it was just yesterday - Leader Trump held a #soccer match (if you can believe it!) between the Pac NW & the Midwest to see who'd be fired. ICYMI, here's who must leave the island: #MAGA #resist
.@JohnClaytonNFL: hey John, #CNN enabled domestic violence in the #NFL. @KFILE & @natemcdermott downplayed the huge issue, all to zing a political opponent. Check this out, & urge CNN execs to take action against them:
I, as usual, got #Jeopardy correct. Sad to see Amanda go. Several years ago, I interviewed Chris Simcox in #Tombstone, trying to help him undercut the MSM (& scum like Xeni Jardin). His yahoo pardner was a piece of work & couldn't figure out what I was trying to do. #Arizona
.@kagbae: your reply to me, whatever you were getting at, was censored by Twitter. Despite the false claims by @MikeTokes, Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. If he told the truth about what Twitter does, they'd be *less* able to censor Loomer tc. @CkcGrandmac
.@lariemw: @ChrisCuomo is promoting horrific, very pro-Big Biz policy. He'd drain Cent Am/MX of their most active citizens, leaving those who can't leave behind & making things there *even worse*. He'd flood the USA with cheap labor, greatly harming American workers. Follow the $
.@RobBenjamin: the solution isn't to let everyone in Cent Am & MX move here as @ChrisCuomo wants, it's to stop giving people false hopes & help them improve things where they are. That's the liberal position. Cuomo is wrapping a crooked pro-Big Biz solution in cheap emotionalism.
She briefly got her name on a list seen by thousands. The smart thing would be to use the real data at my pinned tweet to make Twitter look very bad, but cons don't do smart. MT @CkcGrandmac MT @MikeTokes: To all those who are now mocking Laura Loomer for protesting Twitter
.@ParkerMolloy blogs "How Twitter's Ban on ‘Deadnaming’ Promotes Free Speech". The Stasi gets a bad rap, but they too promoted free speech & decorum, leading to more /and better/ speech. #NYTimes
.@wildwestpie: it always should have been incredibly easy for @jonathanchait to undercut Trump. Trump has repeatedly promoted *amnesty* & #MAGA hates amnesty. All Chait needed to do was constantly point that out & challenge Trump proxies on it. Instead, Chait has had zero impact
Valeri puts #Portland ahead for good. Or ill if you don't like the #PacNW. #Cowboys #Saints #NOvsDAL
#KansasCity has just 1 more minute to go ahead, or be expelled from the USA by Trump.
#KansasCity ties it up with #Portland, in a monumental clash between the Midwest & the Pacific Northwest. The results will determine which region President Trump expels from the USA. #Cowboys #Saints #NOvsDAL
Trump is prepping to tweet his thoughts on if that should've been a yellow. #KansasCity #Portland #Dallas #Saints
.@RealSteveCox: it's very easy for me to show the "orange m*r*n" wrong to his base. Can you direct us to you or @EricLevitz ever trying that, much less succeeding at it? Posturing in echo chambers means nothing. Direct us to either of you having any impact at all on Trump.
Valeri puts #Portland up 2-1 against #KansasCity. #Cowboys #Saints #NOvsDAL
In real football news, #Portland ties it up against #KansasCity on a great shot but bad defense. #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@BobbyBigWheel: Twitter is one of the few ways those w/o access can question authority. I think she & I should have that chance. Strict authoritarians like you - lil' Honeckers who hide behind snark - think only approved voices should question authority.
It's 35F in #KansasCity. #ESPN analysts are dressed for Everest. #MAGA #resist
.@Robynmonty: you reply you aren't an amnesty supporter, and that's a good thing. Those like @esaagar enable amnesty. Please urge him to use his access to really press Trump on opposing any form of legalization.
Are you ready for some real football?!?!? Real football, without big babies & #TakeAKnee? #ESPN has #Portland vs #KansasCity. Real football, no big babies. #Cowboys #Saints #NOvsDAL
24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with this glorious video celebrating Leader Trump's glorious win against the counterrevolutionary forces of Col. Mueller & his Traitor Regiment! #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Based on years and years of experience, I don't think cons are capable of understanding that a big tent opposition beats a small tent opposition that divides & helps opponents conquer. Rhetoric won't change the fact that they simply aren't capable of understanding that.
.@SmithCan1: the much more serious issue is Twitter's "content filter" that censors millions of all kinds of users. Cons have consistently *helped* Twitter get away with it by falsely pretending they're the only ones impacted. See the real data at my top tweet.
.@PAMouse0226: Twitter heavily censors replies to Trump officials. Eg, ~50% of the replies to Pruitt - most from liberals - were censored by Twitter. Ajit Pai is even higher. @HawleyMO would probably support that. Do you support Twitter helping Trump officials hide from dissent?
.@joshuabrustein: Twitter's hi-profile bans aside, the much more serious issue is they heavily censor replies from millions via their "quality filter". Real data at my top tweet shows, despite @HawleyMO posturing, they heavily censor both libs & cons & also all other users.