OK. When will you urge MSM reporters to use the StumpTrump site in my bio? MT @TheRynheart I take your point (it’s valid) but I tweet a lot of depressing information. Sometimes, I just need to make people smile.
.@24AheadDotCom_: @erikBobbitt is confused about my claim. #MLS etc. need to get on network TV or at least ESPN. Hiding #soccer on channels millions don't get (FS1) and few get (BeIn) makes soccer a specialty sport like spikeball. MLS could get on network if they negotiated.
.@dmaxter1200 replies: "[Trump] stated legal immigration. Through a process. Filling excess jobs. Positions in need of people after they are not filled by American citizens." Just like GWB:
.@ChuckVipperman: you say I'm presenting a false choice. List some other choices.
The most annoying thing to me about Shelby Shoup isn't throwing her milk, or throwing her pureed peas, or the hysterical claims College #GOP can't show wrong, it's the eyebrows. *That's* what's creepy about her. #MAGA #resist
.@RealMattCouch: hey Matt, you keep tweeting about con grifters being censored. Do you think if you cared about everyone else getting censored - Kashmir activists, Pakistan journos, etc. etc. - that might help your case?
.@SushiComped ckazala "You know nothing of 4chan or his work". At least Shelby Stroup throws milk. You aren't even at that level.
Neil Young recently married Darryl Hannah, the girl from Splash. Also, four dead in Ohio: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Jane_the_Deplor @Yotsublast @freedom_moates: InfoWars is hardly "the loudest voice against Internet censorship". They've only ever opposed censorship of those who agree with them, even though millions more are censored. They help Twitter by dividing the opposition.
When will shadowy forces stop their conspiracy against Amy Mek??? MT @AmyMek No surprise days before the election twitter has frozen my follower count again, limits visibility & reach...
0.0001% know about any of you. 80% oppose censorship. Which is greater? MT @WeirdReport MT @HeshmatAlavi: If you oppose Twitter suspending the account of @_ImperatorRex_, please join me by retweeting...
.@WOLFM00N @jeremycarl4: @LibertarianBlue consistently lies about #Twitter censorship, helping them. He knows Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users (see my top tweet), but he refuses to use that against them. Even though that makes them extremely vulnerable.
I remember that. #MAGA #resist MT prayingmedic: On November 2nd, Q encouraged us to use memes to go around Twitter and Facebook's censorship algorithms
.@TheRalphRetort has started something completely incomprehensible called #WSJKillsKids. #WSJ might have done something wrong (after all the other wrong things), but it's hard to differentiate it from a 4chan/Trump stunt. #MAGA #resist
Not sure how I feel about this: #DCUnited #MLS #MAGA #resist
"Run into the box and fall over" (aka: "get into the box and fall down"): #soccer #MLS #MAGA #resist
#Breitbart headline: "Cher: Trump Hitler". I appreciate the minimalism & how they aren't smart enough to realize they're helping her & hurting their idol. But... OK, there's no but. #MAGA #TheResistance
"Surprise Guests Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity to Join President Trump for Final Midterm Rally". Rush admitted deceiving his audience for GWB. Hannity, well, you know he's a stooge. Let both go down with U.S.S. Trump. #MAGA #resist
.@adidassoccer: key #soccer games - incl last key #LAGalaxy game - are hidden on channels few get. Only fans know they exist. MLS etc keep selling out to Murdoch & others who make it soccer a specialty sport, harming you & everyone else. Demand MLS get on network/ESPN.
.@gyasinho: @MLS, #USMNT, etc. etc. keep harming soccer in the USA by selling out to Murdoch and others who then hi…
You hire Surefire Intelligence to protect your community against Wolfman, but Wolfman keeps eating your residents. Cons would keep on enabling Surefire because they're dumb suckers. They'd *never* turn on Surefire as incompetent. Surefire is safe if they agree with the suckers.
NYT/WaPo/LAT/ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC/Wikipedia/MSM/Congress/etc say otherwise. Imagine those who agree with you were competent. Would MSM get away with it? MT @Steve_Sailer ...Real incidents of white-on-black violence happen, but at tawdry bottom of society & are prosecuted...
Showing the textent he's capable of thinking, @Bakari_Sellers seems to think Kyrsten Sinema is a Person Of Color. #CNN = the #idiocracy lab of democracy.
My vid showing them wrong has 142 views after 6 years. Cons are worthless. MT @CVIEWS MT @JanetMefferd: who else is sick of all these "Christian" news outlets shoving the tiresome drivel of the Soros-funded Evangelical Immigration Table...?
You have to be really, really stupid to downplay a transnational criminal org that's responsible for dozens of murders and that's infiltrated even small towns across the U.S. Yet, a few replies do just that: #MAGA #resist
In the Battle Of Cities With Chronically Depressed People Due To Never Seeing The Sun, Portland goes up 2-1 against Seattle. #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@realDonaldTrump: a mutual friend asked me to tell you I enjoy listening to this Zamfir album. To repeat: I enjoy listening to this Zamfir album. Remember how much you like Zamfir? I enjoy listening to this Zamfir album. I enjoy listening to this Zamfir album.
"Get in the box and fall down". #ColumbusCrew #NYRB #MAGA #resist
Lil' Honeckers @kevinroose & @awinston blog "Far-Right Internet Groups Listen for Trump’s Approval, and Often Hear It". It's easy to show them wrong, but those groups or #MAGA in general can't. It's easy to show Dilbert wrong, but all they can do is smear. #idiocracy
Trump's #ColumbusCrew go up 1-0 with just 25 mins left! While Trump's hatred of the Yankees, Mets, Jets, and Giants is well-known, his hatred of the #NYRB tops all those. He suspects them of colluding with #Ocasio2018 to undercut him.l #MAGA #resist
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with a peppy, inspiring song celebrating the glorious victories of Trump but promising even more! The Trump Revolution is under way! #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@jgfarb: hey Jeff, I missed your reply last year. Can you figure out what's going on from this?
There's money in being a perpetual campaigner. You can run in a way that guarantees a loss (e.g., Tim Donnelly running in #California as a Texas #Teaparty type) and still win as a small % of residents keep enabling you with donations. #GOP #CAGOP #MAGA #resist
.@Angel__Kitty @CindyThomase: he blocked me too. He's still wasting everyone's time: #MAGA #CAGOP
Trump calls you a poopyhead. #NeverTrump / MSM / #TheResistance can't imagine a response besides calling him a double poopyhead. *3+ years later* they don't even realize they're doing it wrong.
.@flowboard61: as she pointed out to you, @rumpfshaker has never been a Trump fan. Rather, she's just completely incompetently opposed Trump. #NeverTrump, MSM, #TheResistance, etc all just helped Trump. They simply aren't smart enough to grok Trump's shtick & undercut it.
.@Rogene: as the NYT "standards editor", is this @YLindaQiu blog really what you'd call "journalism"? Just flip things around. If Trump was leading the #MigrantCaravan, wouldn't you compile a list of helpers & follow the money?
In real football news, Tijuana scored, then Los Lobos got it right back... the #MigrantCaravan has just stormed the field.. the offsides flag is up... the TJ coach has sent in the tanks... #MAGA #resist
MAGA snowflake @nomorepolitical has blocked me for pointing out that Giuliani - a corrupt globalist stooge - is pro-amnesty:
.@PollackHunter: Shelby Shoup is nuts, but instead of calling her commie, wouldn't showing her wrong be better? Ask her a real question, then answer for her if she won't. You undercut attempts to help her & disincentivize future outbursts. So far you aren't any smarter than her.
"Jane Fonda Talks Threats to Democracy, Compares Trump to _______" Fill in the blank. Hint: choose someone she knows of. #MAGA #resist
Which would you prefer: throwing milk, or engaging *all* pols in real debate about their policies with the goal of exposing the flaws in those policies? #MAGA & #TheResistance *really* don't want the second. MT @ChuckVipperman [Shelby Shoup acts like a five year old]
Shelby Shoup - a crazy Gillum intern - was arrested for battery after throwing chocolate milk at College Republicans. *Both* #MAGA & #TheResistance act like children, this just one example of the latter:
"Trump Administration Spares Corporate Wrongdoers Billions in Penalties". Maybe mowing "FU45" into a #Montana field will stop that. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@charnahalpern: in English or Spanish, Thomas Middleditch plays a white Steppin Fetchit in the #Verizon ads. Maybe he should try his hand at singing.
.@ThinSkinTrump: I want people like you to urge/shame MSM reporters into asking Trump officials *tough* questions about *policy* (none do that now). @nadabakos wants people to mow "FU45" into fields. Which of those competing plans is smarter? Which would hold Trump accountable?
.@TeresaMac2009: @TheRynheart hypes mowing "FU45" into a field. I want people like you to urge Cuomo etc to ask Trump proxies tough questions (he doesn't now). Why isn't Ryn urging that, but hypes childish stunts that only help Trump?
(NOTE: If you have not checked the box "I am adequately prepared for some real football", please close this tweet immediately). On Sunday, a #soccer doubleheader on #ESPN: Columbus Crew vs. #NYRB at noon (Pacific), then Portland Timbers vs. Seattle Sounders. #MAGA #resist
.@GFTrib_KInbody: for 3+ years I've urged supposed citizens like yourself to help hold Trump accountable by asking him & his proxies tough questions (see my Stump site). Instead of acting like a citizen & a journalist, you hype 2 #Montana yahoos' childish stunt. Grow up, child.
Montana yahoos mow "FU45" into a field, *helping* Trump. USA needs citizens who hold Trump accountable by asking him & his proxies tough questions. If a leading Trump opponent hypes this stunt, discredit them to their base for being children who help Trump. #TheResistance
.@ybbkaren: @rickhasen seems to cheer on 2 MT yahoos & their childish "FU45" stunt. For 3+ years I've wanted people to engage Trump & his proxies in Socratic debate using real questions about policy (see my bio). Which plan is better for USA: mine or Hasen's?
Are you ready for some real football??!?!??! There's no real football on CBS/FOX/ABC/NBC/ESPN, but Univision has America vs Toluca. It's tied at the half. #soccer #MAGA #resist
Thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with a new Morrissey video, a cover of Back on the Chain Gang. #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
That "reform" is a huge giveaway to Big Biz & would kick of more illegal immigration. Beto would help Big Biz flood the USA w/ cheap labor & harm American workers. #Texas MT @DemForceArmy MT @BetoORourke: "Beto O'Rourke [,on] upbeat... His push to voters: immigration reform..."
Meanwhile back in 1988, Tanita Tikaram is here to sing "Twist In My Sobriety". Really hacky backing & her voice is scary. But, OK. #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Are you ready for some real football highlights?!?!?! Here are highlights of last night's #LAFC vs #RSL match: #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@OldManStoneZone: FYI, here's Trump demagoguing the #MigrantCaravan *and* pushing massive legal #immigration. Trump enablers like @RMConservative don't want you to know just how much Trump is like GWB and Obama. #MAGA
.@SarahPierceEsq: FYI, @MarkSKrikorian is just another r/w scammer. His grifting breaks your way, but maybe you can put the public interest in opposing scammers above that.
In his recent comments on the "Caravan", Trump pushed massive legal immigration. He said we need people to come here to take jobs. He tricked you. MT @gardenofthegods MT @TheRightDefense: @Anna_Giaritelli Trump should [go after "Caravan" over illegal aliens taking jobs]
MSM asks Trump about Heather Nauert, he responds: "Well, she’s under very serious consideration. She’s excellent. She’s been with us a long time. She’s been a supporter for a long time. And she’s really excellent." Louis XIV couldn't have said it better. #MAGA #resist
"[We] suspended our relationship with @jacobawohl. We need to collect more information on this explosive situation. We are not afraid to take chances as you well know but we want to also be careful and accurate." The author? Jim Hoft. *Jim Hoft*! #MAGA #TheResistance
Some people (i.e., me) can make valid arguments against his #immigration stance that'd undercut him to his base. Those like you need scandals & gotcha. MT @JacobAWohl Some people call Bob Menendez corrupt. I call him a Democrat.
Here's the Official 24Ahead Voting Guide: vote for the least extremist Dem who can win. On propositions etc, vote against the #GOP (or fiscal cons or similar). Anything else enables Trump & enabling Trump is horrific for the USA. #MAGA #TheResistance
How incredibly stupid is #MAGA? For years Trump has been promoting mass #immigration & amnesty almost as much as GWB & Obama. But, MAGA only hears the "tough" part.
.@OffTheChartsTx: did you hear Trump's recent comments about #MigrantCaravan where he sounded like GWB or Obama & hyped mass legal #immigration? @MarkSKrikorian & @kausmickey should have been working to better or neuter Trump. Over the past 3+ years, have they been doing that?
.@mikewarder1: you claim to be a former #Pepperdine Vice Chancellor so you must be really smart. Given reality (eg, MAGA only being ~30% of USA, etc), can you think of smarter ways to reduce illegal immigration than Trump's WWE ways that are transitory at best?
.@karenamyatt: has #TheCircus ever followed the $ on mass/illegal #immigration, revealing all the Big Biz outfits that fund pols who turn a blind eye to massive illegal activity? Has @mmckinnon looked int why Big Biz does that? P.S. Both Trump & McKinnon side w Big Biz.
Unless you're very familiar w/ #immigration as I am, you don't know how pols are lying about it. McKinnon would *never* challenge a pro-Big Biz pol on immigration. MT @rjw411 The brilliance of [#TheCircus w/ @mmckinnon] is that all of the hosts ask questions then they LISTEN
Now, the 24Ahead Couch Team closes the broadcast day by recommending a stroll: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Are cons even capable of understanding that their way of opposing #Twitter #censorship (ie, only opposing censorship of those who march in lock step with them) isn't really opposing censorship and *helps* the censors? All evidence points to the answer being "no". #MAGA #resist
Cons have falsely pretended Twitter only censors cons & have shown no concern for others who are censored. Cons have consistently hurt themselves & helped Twitter by shrinking the tent. MT @USATopGuns MT @RealMattCouch [Twitter suspends Laura Loomer]
After 10 minutes of stoppage time, #RSL hangs on to beat #LAFC: - bad news for the #soccer hooligans who threw ice onto the field - bad news for LAFC's celeb owners - bad news for Youtube - revenge for #LAGalaxy #MAGA #resist
~BREAKING~ Donald Trump has just sent in the Navy Seals against #LAFC fans, telling them to shoot any fans throw ice.... Developing.... #soccer #MAGA #RSL #resist
7 minutes? #RSL #LAFC #MAGA #soccer #resist
Trump has greatly helped Silver etc by only speaking about immig in dimmest ways possible. Trump could undercut Silver with smart arguments. MT @Shem_Infinite @NateSilver538 PS: There's no evidence at all to show that being opposed to illegal immigration makes you a xenophobe...
"Win this for Steve Young!", #RSL players scream as they go up 3-2 against Team Youtube and their coach Will Ferrell. #soccer #MAGA #resist
8 years ago, before most now active in politics were born, Obama stole a GWB line on #immigration. He just made a slight change due to inflation. No one else noticed this. #MAGA #resist
Some of the things Trump says are quite reminiscent of things GWB and even Obama have said. I'd imagine very few notice that due to Trump's programming, MSM programming, and just general ignorance. Read Trump's economic statements in a GWB voice to see. #MAGA #resist
And just like that, #RSL ties it up! #LAFC #soccer #MAGA #resist
Are you ready for some real football, and do you have enough ice?!?!?! #LAFC goes up 2-1 against #RSL. #soccer #MAGA #resist
Let's say you really wanted to reduce illegal immigration & were smart enough to realize undercutting Dem leaders is key. Would you go after illegal aliens, or Big Biz? MT @T_H_E_U_S_A I'm working on a major bombshell. I've got illegal aliens on video [etc etc]
Per Trump, DACA was an illegal order. Ergo, you admit Trump's exec order is likewise illegal. Also, please list Trump's arguments against legalizing DREAMers: MT @gspatton007 MT @melissa5215: If a Pres can’t change immigration law by Executive Order then what is DACA, Obama?
.@darksecretplace: I'm all for anti-Catholic jokes being allowed. Show the perps wrong in public rather than forcing the practice underground. Also, cons consistently *help* social media censors by falsely pretending only cons are impacted. That divides & helps Jack conquer.
Silva ties it up, then jumps into the stands with the fans who've been throwing things like ice onto the field. Now the match has been temporarily suspended. #LAFC #RSL #soccer #MAGA #resist
RSL! RSL! RSL! Beat The #LosAngeles Team That Isn't #LAGalaxy!! #LAFC #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@DanaKsw: racist tweets like yours really aren't that far from what Trump does, and they *help* @CortesSteve & his graven idol. Trump is *extremely* vulnerable to smart arguments, but 3+ years later those with megaphones have yet to make one.
.@KeepTrumping: FYI, @CortesSteve is a big amnesty fan. You might reflexively reject that, but do a better job than CNN and do some research. Ask Steve to reject legalization of more than 100k illegal aliens (under any name or any conditions). He won't do it: he's pro-amnesty.
.@outofcontroljb: you could really hurt @CortesSteve if you challenged him on his bogus claim that some Dem leaders support open borders. That means anyone can come here at any time for any reason. Even the most extreme Dem leader opposes that. Cortes is, of course, a liar.
.@joe21120600: hey Joe, @JxhnBinder & @AnnCoulter are just scamming you. As soon as Trump's out of office, Congress would tear down what little of Trump "Wall" ever gets built. For the same reason you can't get it now, you couldn't do anything about that. Demand real plans.
Are you ready for some real football?!?!?! #LAFC is about to face off against #RSL in a *real* football game on ESPN 2. #OAKvsSF #MAGA #resist
.@smalz2124: hi Violet, @Abby4Iowa is pro-illegal immigration. You can completely oppose Trump & also not side with slaughterhouses against U.S. workers as Abby does. Abby would encourage more illegal immigration, perhaps leading to child labor:
.@eScarry: hey Eddie, Trump could reduce illegal #immigration in smart ways simply by trying to toxify enabling it. He'd talk directly to Dem base about how his pal Pelosi would harm American workers. Not in a Trump way but a smart way. When will you urge Trump to do that?
.@carney: @CarlReiner - inspired by your idol - recently cheered globalism. It's unnatural for Dems to support NeoLiberal (ie Koch) globalist policies, but he did thanks to your idol. Reiner won't turn GOP, but if Trump were smart/sincere he could sep Reiner from Dems on issue.
We know. Your idol Trump is no help against that. He just does shtick. He's completely insincere, he's a scammer, he's low watt, he only appeals to yahoos & grifters... He's worthless. MT @carney ...the economic collapse--largely due to China trade--doomed many communities...
UPDATE: it's now over 4 years & 4 months since @sabrina_lelia last tweeted. #Amish #BreakingAmish #AmishMafia #MAGA #resist
.@PaulRieckhoff: Trump will get away with "rocks=rifles" because his loudest opponents just play into his hands. You can help Trump by: not opposing mass/illegal immigration; only appealing to libs; not engaging his proxies & showing them wrong. Are you going to help Trump?
.@AmyKremer: re your claims on @ChrisCuomo show, search Esequiel Hernandez Jr. It's great you say you oppose the Trump/Pelosi amnesty. Light a candle for Trump: ask Cuomo the questions at the link. That'll help Trump, GOP, and USA.
Their users already oppose Google. Gab can't figure out their mailing would be worthless. They refuse to do smart things. MT @4REDD4 MT @getongab: Would be a real shame if we send an email to our 700,000+ users about this leaked internal Google doc that is pro-censorship
24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this shocking documentary - a joint expose from Politifact, FactCheck, NYTimes, PBS, & Parade - exposing Trump's plan to remake U.S. culture. This is a must watch! #MAGA #resist #BellsOn
Censorship is the solution for #Twitter: they heavily censor all kinds of users & about as many libs as cons. Breitbart & other r/w sources know about the data at my top tweet but refuse to call Twitter on it. Please explain. MT @DrDebraSoh Censorship is never the solution