Please keep us updated. MT @RealDonaldTrump I'm going to shave my pubes for Memorial Day.
Cultural Insight Of The Day: there's a Game Of Thrones Gap. Only ~10% of US have seen any of the eps but ~95% of our dulligentsia have seen at least one ep. #CulturalInsight #MAGA #resist
The con base could easily & with no cost help make enabling illegal #immigration politically toxic so it'll go the way of kids working in mines, but they simply aren't smart or sane enough. All they respond to are dumb things that obviously don't work. #MAGA #resist
That's not to say #eVerify, #RealID, or similar are good ideas: they aren't. The only thing that's needed is to make enabling illegal #immigration politically toxic & it'll go the way of kids working in mines. #MAGA #resist
In the Fox interview, Trump wants to in effect help growers hire illegal aliens: "So it’s a very tough thing to ask a farmer to go through [#eVerify]. So in a certain way, I speak against myself, but you also have to have a world of some practicality." #immigration #MAGA #resist
Everyday is a winding road Everyday is a winding road Everyday is a winding road I get a little bit closer Everyday is a winding road I get a little bit closer Everyday is a winding road Everyday is a winding road Everyday is a winding road I get a little bit closer
.@todd_poirier: @atrupar snarks about Trump's Fox interview, but nothing he's ever said or will ever say will ever have any impact on Trump. Which should be your point unless you want to help Trump. Make the points in my latest post if you want to actually undercut Trump.
There was, however, one actual news nugget in the #NextRevFNC Trump interview: ever since his DNA test showed he's 10% Strigoi, Trump has been urgently trying to find someone to transport him across the river. #MAGA #TheStrain #resist
That's the same thing CNN does with Kamala, Warren, Buttigieg, etc. etc. I thought you were better than this. MT @James18D [re the Steve Hilton / @NextRevFNC fluffing of Trump] Great show Steve offering an amazing positive exposure on POTUS with details that no one discussed
.@KristySwansonXO cheers @stevehiltonx doing to Trump what CNN does to Kamala. Did Steve call Trump on how merit-based #immigration would braindrain 3rd world, leading to increased terrorism, crime, famine, etc that would harm the USA too? @NextRevFNC
#Immigration stance of all papers is basically the same, your ignorance aside. MT @SteveHiltonx what is the MATTER with people? easy to avoid "information overload"/"distorted view of the world": - don't have a smartphone - read ACTUAL newspapers w different political agendas
.@themistocles_w: just as OBL won big twice (WTC + USA became less free), Putin is winning all around: he helped & hurts Trump, undermines confidence, makes USA less free... Those like @elizamackintosh are trying to quash dissent & make USA less free, serving Putin's interests.
.@ShaneAllenHorn1: @elizamackintosh 's blog about Finland & "fake news" hypes critical thinking, a good thing. But, she also hypes censorship, hypes a "fact-checker" (such sources are usually biased) & uses pro-censorship terms like "troll". Apply critical thinker to her blog.
Just like the Taliban destroying Buddhist statues, @PeteButtigieg "wants Thomas Jefferson events and buildings renamed".
.@cozmodiva: on a wider cultural note, have you seen the #GEICO barbershop quartet ads? If they'd made it a century ago, the whites would be the heroes & the blacks would be carrying watermelons & stolen chickens. @GEICO_Service has just updated a toxic old concept.
In re Bran: after a few tries, the lady who answered the phone at San Dimas' Organic Milling didn't know about "Hi Fiber Twigs". My pleas fell on deaf ears. The name-brand equiv doesn't taste good & gets soggy. This is one of those things that only Trump can fix. #MAGA #resist
Bran is trending. I used to be able to get "Hi Fiber Twigs" at discount stores for $1. A breakfast cereal with an obscenely high amount of fiber, tasted good, crunchy, w/o a lot of junk. Then it disappeared. I called the mfr (Organic Milling of San Dimas) but... (cont'd)
.@stupidwhiteads: I tweeted hrblockanswers about their racist ads and they responded: @hrblock
.@chollins31: FYI, @jonshorman & @lindsaywise blog about Kobach without revealing a) GOP leaders & their wealthy stringpullers oppose him because his immigration stance would cost them money, & b) Koch has almost always failed at his supposed goal. Would real journalist do that?
Not exactly. The Kochs are pro-mass immigration (just like Dem leaders). Kobach opposes that. His key issue is heresy for the Kochs. Why didn't you know that? Review where you get your info. MT @Tentoads4truth Kobach serves the interests of the #KochNetwork
If he's ever discussed immigration, has he told the truth? Their constant mythologizing aside, "journalists" are less trusted than used car salesmen. And for a reason. MT @BryanLowry3 Congrats to @craasch on four decades of journalism with decades from multiple continents
Duncan has lost it in the 6th and #Arizona is now up 5-1. #Harvard #MAGA #resist
#Arizona makes it 3-1. #GirlsSoftball #SomeOfUsAreSeriousAboutGirlsSoftball #MAGA #resist
#Arizona goes up 2-1 on back-to-back doubles. #MAGA #resist
This desert will soon be painted crimson as a defeated Harvard limps back home. #MusicFriday #Arizona #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
#Arizona on 1st & 3rd with 2 outs.
.@LukeWachob: after establishing what are official govt channels, Twitter *heavily* censors replies to those channels (see the real data at my top tweet). That's like Comcast only delivering some emails to the FCC. @ENBrown strongly supports all of that.
.@LukeWachob: @ENBrown strongly supports #Twitter censorship because they're a private company. Does Twitter sell itself as a way for public officials to interact with constituents? (Hint: TwitterGov). Are accounts like chpalerts anything other than official govt channels?
.@jhaubein: FYI, here's why @popehat blocked me:
#Arizona ties it up against #Harvard. #MAGA #resist
.@sdkitergirl: you can help VZ & other countries by opposing NeoLiberals/vulture capitalists. A recent example is Trump's merit-based #immigration scheme that would rob struggling foreign countries of the leaders they need to avoid getting even worse.
Socialism Lite seems to work just fine in EU esp Scandinavia. Maybe there are other factors to consider. MT @JVTORRESQ [VZ is] Proof that socialism does not work
.@FUNDAMEMORIA: salary of @AKurmanaev is paid by Slim. Trump is largely controlled by the Koch bros. Slim/Koch/etc only see your country as a way to make money such as by taking the leaders you need. Both would braindrain your country dry given the chance.
Good job by unseeded #Harvard holding strong against #6 #Arizona. Harvard is a very special team we'll all be sad to see go home. #GirlsSoftball #MAGA #resist
.@juanplanasr: @AKurmanaev is paid to push NeoLiberal/vulture capitalist policies. The #NYTimes (and Trump, who's largely controlled by the Koch bros) would do to Venezuela via mass skilled immigration (and thus braindrain) what Maduro has done via policy.
They don't care about you & you aren't smart/sane enuf to change them. MT @Tyler2ONeil Suspending @GScottSays is shot cross bow ggn Heritage. Twitter is out to silence dissent on trans identity, even if it means attacking one of most influential conservative organizations in USA
The smart, sane, patriotic thing is for cons to reject Gramscian ideas: stop dividing people into groups & instead be a big tent. That would undercut the far-left but cons simply aren't smart, sane, or patriotic enough to do what's in their best interest. #MAGA #resist
Cons are as eager as the far-left to divide groups, buying into Gramscism. "Blacks for Trump", etc. Except - oddly enough! - those blacks aren't "real" blacks. Cons play the Gramscian game but aren't smart enough to realize they can't win at that game. #MAGA #resist
Cons keeping trying to play the far-left's game & suck at it. They march, pull stunts, wave childish signs, etc. etc. just like the far-left but can't pull it off. Another far-left concept they've completely internalized is Gramscism & they suck at that too. #MAGA #resist
Except they didn't, & you won't be able to figure out what that means. MT @EmilieTHF [dir. of the ironic "DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society"] Why would lesbians and conservatives, feminists and pro-life advocates, and doctors and parents unite AGAINST the #EqualityAct?
The con model has three basic components: 1. The wealthy who use it to increase their wealth. 2. Grifters who serve #1 & translate the wealthy's agenda into demagoguery designed to help #1. 3. The intensely stupid & deranged base that eats it up. #MAGA #resist
Unless they conduct illegal activities, they shouldn't be censored. Scott doesn't seem to oppose censorship across the board, hurting him. MT @Tyler2ONeil "Chew on this: Louis Farrakhan and Hamas have active Twitter pages. Meghan Murphy and I don't" @GScottSays says.
.@Tracinski: Trump has fooled 10s of millions of dim people into thinking his "wall" is a viable plan, but future Congresses will just neglect/demolish it. His Muslim ban either wasn't necessary or made the USA less safe. Merit-based immigration would greatly harm the USA. Etc...
All of Trump's policies & the entire M.O. of con leaders is a much, much bigger con. MT @Tracinski OK, this [Jim Bakker selling a coin to be used to contact God to pray for Trump's reelection] con is so stupid you almost have to admire it as a piece of performance art
Now on #ESPN: Harvard (just 9-12 outside the ivy league) vs #Arizona. Send 'em back to Cambridge, girls. #MAGA #resist
.@flyfranz67: cons are only a tiny fraction of TWTR users & only a tiny fraction of them would block ads. The smart thing is to truly oppose censorship. That means of *everyone*. @TomFitton & other cons don't really oppose censorship. That makes it easier for TWTR to censor cons.
.@Wrecknor: cons like @TomFitton aren't doing you or anyone else any good. They obviously don't oppose censorship: they're just peeved they aren't the censors. Because of that, they refuse to stand with the millions TWTR censors (incl libs replying to Trump officials).
Was it illegal, doxing, a direct threat? If not, you're just as bad as TWTR/FB. MT @GloriaP67166475 TWTR/FB are being ludicrous. I see all kinds of stuff in my limited scope that should be banned but isn’t. I reported something and was told it was ok to stay
.@KaeleyT: cons keep getting censored because they don't have the patriotism to stand with everyone who's censored. When cons drop the whiney snowflake shtick & oppose censorship *across the board*, it won't be so easy for social media co's to censor them.
It looks like there's only one #Jollibee location in the South. That's surprising since it's like something you'd get at a backwoods Alabama fair (aside from deep frying everything). #MAGA #resist
In addition to the buts, what makes girls softball interesting is all the mistakes like missing a fair pop fly by yards. #UMBC #MAGA #resist
On ESPN Oklahoma is trouncing UMBC. Auburn vs Colorado St. That's in girls softball, a fun healthy sport unlike kneeball. #MAGA #resist
.@GaryandShannon: 1. Bill Bradley is 6'5". 2. There's lots of good 60s/70s music. Cher isn't it. 3. Talk about de Blasio's pro-Big Biz policies:
The 24Ahead News Foundation has learned, and verified with several administration sources, that Trump plans to order all Twitter accounts to close with Kūlgrinda - Gili gili upelė. #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@MaggioMatt: there aren't "jobs Americans won't do" in any case. Trump has never sold out: as I've pointed out for years he's pro-amnesty. @jdawsey1 takes Trump's "wall" seriously, without calling Trump proxies on how future Congresses will just neglect/demolish it.
.@MatthewMcCrac18: even GWB did show raids, I haven't heard of Trump doing any. Pointing that out *to his base* would be a good way to undercut Trump. Even better: shame @NickMiroff into doing real journalism & calling Trump officials on how Congress will neglect Trump's "wall".
This is an open book exam. Trump's 2-0-1-5 2016 #immigration plan was a revolving door amnesty: he'd remove illegal aliens & then let most come right back. It was similar to the Jeff Flake-Luis Gutierrez "touchback" amnesty: #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@NHBullmoose: @amber_athey blogs she's "learned" Trump plans to use Insurrection Act to remove "illegal immigrants", even admitting it'd face legal challenges. 1. Under Trump's 2015 plan, what would happen to removed illegal aliens? 2. Whose plan did Trump model his after?
.@islivingston: hey Ian, did @ak_mack discuss how many kids who *weren't aborted* are alive today? That would seem to be a key stat that a real reporter - no less one hyped by @EliasGroll - would discuss. Did either of those prized reporters discuss that stat?
.@AronBender: what do you think of this @JohnAndKenShow solution to finally solve the problem of those dirty, filthy vagrants?
.@BradHutchings: without cavil or comment, @corbincarson interviewed someone saying the homeless will never contribute to society. If you don't know German, learn it. Then, see if you could avoid translating that into mid-century German. #SanClemente #OrangeCounty
That's a bad situation all around, but it has a smart solution. Dim, anti-American, inhumane bourgeois tantrums from @JohnAndKenShow aren't it. MT @CorbinCarson San Clemente apt bldg to evict tenants so chronically homeless people can move in...
How does the passing accuracy of #MLS / #USWNT (forget about #USMNT) compare to top Euro teams like Spain & Barcelona? Probably not too well. #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@panyiszabolcs: @ak_mack blogs "Romania under Ceausescu created a dystopian horror of overcrowded, filthy orphanages, and thousands died from back-alley abortions." That's horrific, but how many kids alive today weren't aborted? Wouldn't a real journalist mention that?
And, all because he tried to stop abortions. #history #idiocracy #MAGA #resist MT @xytmusic [to ForeignPolicy pushing abortion] Eventually there was a rebellion and the leader who put this in motion [Ceaușescu] was killed by firing squad
New Dem slogan: "Abortions should be safe, legal, and something you can arrange using a convenient app right on your phone within minutes." #MAGA #ProLife #ProChoice #resist
Trump's 2019 #immigration plan would harm the U.S. and everyone else: #MAGA #resist
That should have been a red card on #LAFC for bad acting. #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@thenzstory: here's a story for you: #USWNT is not Fiji. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! #NZStoryteller #soccer #MAGA #resist
And thus, 24Ahead close broadcast day with simple code great leader Trump urges all citizens to follow. I joke! This has nothing to do with Trump, his base, or his base's opponents. #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Let's say you don't want Trump to loosen pollution standards. You can do childish things like waving signs. Or, you can do smart things like undercutting anyone who enables Trump's move: his proxies, Breitbart/DailyCaller hacks, etc. No wholesalers means no production.
Let's say you want a wildlife refuge. You can do stupid, childish things like waving signs. Or you can do smart things that use leverage by getting those with Trump's ear to appeal to Trump's ego: how great he'll look, how the elites will cheer him, etc. #MAGA #resist
"Trump pardons billionaire friend Conrad Black, who wrote a book about him". 1. Of course. 2. He played to Trump's emotional weaknesses - such an open sore they can be seen from space - and won. 3. It's possible to play Trump while maintaining principles. #MAGA #resist
.@GregPriddy1: two smart ways to change Trump's direction: 1. Undercut his proxies. Make it impossible for them to push his line by discrediting them when they do. 2. Appeal to his emotional issues as Putin does. Those like @wendyrsherman lack the smarts & experience to do that.
.@kathrynscollins: nothing NYT/WaPo/etc have ever said about Trump has caused him to change direction. In fact, it's only helped him do his thing Do you fantastically believe @wendyrsherman is going to finally be the exception, when she's just as dim & inexperienced as the rest?
Pursuant to Trump National Emergency Official Executive Order #250834-Y ("play Gaye Su Akyol - Bir Yaralı Kuştum"), we do as commanded: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Here's a fun task I shall do one day: look at the Rasmussen (to avoid "fake news!" claims) poll showing support for amnesty etc. Has Trump moved the needle? I guess no: he only appeals to those who already agree with him. #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@wyndovelh: re @CarrollDoherty, what if Trump tried to claim there are 34 mil illegal aliens in the U.S. by including naturalized citizens in the figure? CD did similar: he falsely claimed there are 34 mil legal immigrants by including naturalized citizens. He's not credible.
.@DunganMaryGwen: I dunno how Pew cooks the books on their polls, but one example of a bogus @jocelynkiley study was her false claim there are 34 million legal immigrants. She got that by including naturalized citizens (who by definition aren't immigrants). She's not credible.
Here's a new Melanie Martinez video, K-12. It's just a 19 second preview but we at 24Ahead will keep you apprised of future developments: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@jthorn_ca: FYI, a deceptive @jocelynkiley report falsely claimed there are 34 million legal immigrants in the USA. How'd she cook the books to get such a high figure? By including naturalized citizens. Citizens of any kind are not immigrants. She lies to push an agenda.
.@fsholars: FYI, alec_h_tyson co-wrote a report that tried to claim there are "almost 34 million lawful immigrants" in the U.S. They achieved that fantastic claim by falsely pretending the ~19.8 million naturalized citizens are immigrants. Citizens & immigrants are disjoint sets.
Thursday, #ESPN has a #soccer double-header (both times Pacific): * at 5pm, the #USWNT takes on the fearsome New Zealand team (who are so good because they train upside down) * at 7pm, it's #LAFC vs FC #Dallas. Trump & I will live tweet the matches. #MAGA #resist
.@robin_jbrooks: @alec_h_tyson has a habit of skewing things. An earlier report he co-authored greatly inflated the # of immigrants in the U.S. by including naturalized citizens (who are *not* immigrants) in the number. Alec Tyson just isn't credible.
24Ahead close broadcast day with band of Trump inviting you to celebrate 16 years of Trump as asset: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
In their Alabama hollers, cons are a majority. The problem is they keep extrapolating & thinking the entire USA is like their holler. It's like "View of the World from 9th Avenue" but with trees, cars on blocks, & irresistible cousins in Daisy Dukes. #MAGA #resist
.@DanaBougon: FYI, @prisonplanet made it incredibly easy for social media censors by marginalizing the opposition to their censorship. A smart, sane, patriotic, big tent opposition would've stopped them, but PJW failed on all counts.
.@HeavyPencilled: @vijaya & Jack only understand $TWTR. Help their portfolio plummet by pointing out that Twitter censors *all* kinds of users. And, they do it disreputably: by ghosting. If Twitter users knew they could be ghosted at any time, Jack & VJ would be in big trouble.
.@JamesonHalpern: how cons pretend to oppose Twitter censorship doesn't work: they keep getting banned. Are you sane enough to try smart ideas? Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. If cons opposed censorship *of everyone* they'd help themselves & everyone else.
Lumberjack band -> lumberjack shirts -> sharpie eyebrows SJWs -> Ievan Polkka - Lumberjack band 1952 #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Cons have constantly harmed themselves & others by falsely pretending they're the only special snowflakes who get censored. A big tent opposition would stop Twitter censorship. MT @jastone_stone MT @RealMattCouch: Raise your hand if you miss James Woods on Twitter
.@LevineJonathan: @lachlan enables Liz Warren not being liberal. Real libs would go on Fox & engage them in debate. She does what Trump would do if invited on MSNBC. He also won't call Warren on her extremely pro-Big Biz immigration policies that'd harm American workers.
.@bcjcfiveoh: Trump's loudest opponents have *constantly* helped him for 4 years. You see @JFKucinich going after Trump where he's weakest (he supports amnesty & his plans are unimplementable)? You see her going after Warren for basically agreeing with Trump on the issue?
This is a jaunty number about a one-balled cat (my translation): #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@maureendowd: the GoFundMe is now at $2284.15. That's enough for coach to Denver, a few nights at the Motel 6, and a bag of mushrooms. Will you take it or do you want to hold out for Holiday Inn?
Nothing you'll ever blog will be any different from any other hack who pushes the Big Biz line. You were hired *because* of that. In fact, I'll point out to your base how true that is after you start. MT @Tanvim [I'll be an immigration reporter at @CQnow]
SJWs are much more powerful that privacy advocates. O/c, they'd fully support facial recognition if it impacted disfavored groups. MT @mirakamdar [cheers a "deep dive" by @Tanvim into SF banning facial recognition for racial reasons]
I've tweeted this many times, but; when Liz Warren first ran, the #MAGOP opposed her on policy & focused on #immigration. Kudos! But, when the national #GOP stepped in, they didn't want to discussed their shared weakness with Warren so made it "Pocahontas" 24/7. #MAGA #resist
Speaking about #idiocracy: "Pocahontas" has had some negative impact on Warren (a good part own goals). It's also a distraction from where she's truly weak: #immigration. National #GOP doesn't want to harp on that because they mostly *agree* with Warren. #MAGA #resist
.@davidtaint: did you see @Nicole_Lafond cheering the Red Hen owner? What would a real liberal do instead? Wouldn't they not bother people in private settings, but instead engage them in debate using tough policy questions in the proper forum? Are you a real liberal or not?