.@MikeKellyPA - the "jackboot" loony - says "I'm a person of color. I'm white. I'm an Anglo Saxon... With a name like Mike Kelly you can’t be from any place else but Ireland..." Very confusing & as low-wattage as we've come to expect. #PA16 #MAGA #resist
Seen: a big VTOL at a relatively low altitude flying south (probably along the 5), then banking west (probably along the 134) over #GriffithPark. Probably #NationalGuard. #MAGA #resist
.@DonaldsonESPN: I knew someone tasked with picking up German girls who'd come here to meet the Hoff & gotten stranded. Along the same lines, Carson is a long way both literally (i.e., by freeway) & figuratively from Rodeo Drive.
In just a few minutes, ESPN will have two top-tier European teams - Arsenal and Bavaria-Munich - in #soccer aka #football. #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
"Feel my quads! Don't worry, go ahead!" I was a bit uncomfortable, but I complied. "Wow!" I involuntarily ejaculated, "hard as a rock!" "That's steel, Steve. U.S. Steel! I'm bringing it back!" -- from the latest #FoxAndFriends Trump interview. #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump National Official Executive Official Trump Order #38-45-B ("Light Up or Leave Me Alone"), 24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Reminder, set your alarm clocks, cor blimey gov, etc.: on Weds at 8pm Pacific, it's Your Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich in the International Champions Cup. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
.@mollysmcdonough: you & @ZoeTillman want to silence Roger Stone. He blocked me for repeatedly showing him wrong, but I wouldn't want to silence him. His ideas aren't a threat; quashing dissent is an incredibly dangerous threat.
You can't even spell the childish smear they tried to teach you. I knew in 2015 Trump'd be sued over everything; pointing that out could have stopped him. Who else pointed that out? MT @Jtoillion ...Who's footing bill when the govt gets sued every time Drumph makes a move?...
It didn't. Dim TPers carried it while dressed as Tom Paine sans outrage. SJWs are just trying yet another power play. To undercut them, challenge them on how liberals used to be against book burnings. MT @jepherz [asks @akclarke_ when Gadsen flag became "symbol of oppression"]
You were so close. Replace "violence" (which only extremists in the base want) with "censorship" & try again. MT @merlinsscience [far-left opposition to Gadsen flag is] just another imaginary whistle by the far left to further incite violence against #WrongThink
What'd you expect, based on the last 4 years? MT @MrBarker718 [Obama did it too. However,] there's a correct argument here but this is not it.. MT @flyosity [Trump bad cuz "take away the healthcare of marginalized people, disabled people, and people who don’t look like they do"]
.@Teeluckycat: @JamesMartinSJ means "racism" in the stock SJW sense: "whatever we want". It's an immoral, anti-intellectual cudgel used to silence debate & destroy the career of any foe (even those who were friends yesterday). No one with any sense of tradition should support it.
That's not the "racism" Martin means, he means it as defined by far-left SJWs. It's a deliberately very loose term used to quash dissent & punish *any* foe. MT @revronaldgeilen [claims anti-white racism; not clear if sarcastic or not] RT @JamesMartinSJ Racism is a sin.
As always, this is an open book exam. #TheResistance is... sane. They'd be insane if they kept doing the same childish things (like baby blimps) expecting a result, but they aren't doing that: they don't even have expecting a result on their radar. So: they're sane. #MAGA
Trump's anti-NeoLiberal ideas is where the Dems were for years. They used to realize loose borders, free trade, & globalism hurt workers, now they push/fall for Koch propaganda. P.S. Is #TheResistance sane? MT @upine [supposedly writing a book on r/w propaganda] [something]
Miller blocked me for repeatedly showing him wrong on policy. You two lack the smarts, patriotism, & balls to go after him over something that actually matters to the USA. MT @jerryiannelli [pointless personal BS smear of Jason Miller from @calebecarma, that RTs]
Not surprising you subconsciously equate them with someone who only says things you don't like. MT @Giza_Butler [about CNN having Richard Spencer on] CNN would interview Jerry Sandusky and ask him if he thought what Jeffery Epstein did was pedophilia
.@RabbleRooster: of all the CNN hosts I've seen ask questions, the only one who's actually challenged someone slightly for a second is... Ana Cabrera. So, don't expect @KyungLahCNN to call Kamala on anything. Kamala could have written the questions Kyung asked.
.@GolfDude2000: I'm sure the Ingraham rat ep was wrong in various ways. @cmarinucci would completely ignore some of those ways since they don't fit her narrative, and for the other ways she can't/won't show them wrong. Like MAGA, #TheResistance get suckered by grifters.
How so exactly? Try to do USC-level tweets. MT @IAmKrishanPatel [to @cmarinucci 's Ingraham chyron about supposed rat outbreak] This is TheOnion-level material.
You must be on every phone list in the U.S. Who's "we"? Is there anything wrong with what Ingraham said? Do you approach the immigration issue cognizant of all aspects? MT @miltsdad I personally live in a leftist California city. We believe rats belong in cages & people do not.
.@ChrisDJackson: don't expect @KyungLahCNN to call Kamala on that, look at her big "interview". She asked the same questions a 4th grader would ask for her school newspaper, got the canned speeches everyone could expect, & never called Kamala on anything.
.@HonEB: remember when (at least according to their mythologizing) liberals opposed censorship? @KELLYWEILL is no liberal, she's the opposite: a strict authoritarian. If she could censor at will, Putin would look liberal by comparison. Be a real liberal, not a book burner.
.@milesawaycu: if @KELLYWEILL had her way, we'd have as little dissent as Honecker allowed. As a history buff, you should know the huge dangers of the censorship lil' Honeckers like her want. P.S. USA censorship also helps Putin: he wants to show that our system doesn't work.
.@Gene_972: @carldemaio tries to pin a supposed rat problem on the homeless. It's dishonorable to punch way down like that, esp given that a major reason for homelessness is the anti-American NeoLiberal policies (loose borders/free trade/globalism) those like DeMaio push. #KOGO
.@runzwithknives: @TomSteyer is obviously not that bright. He's spent years trying to silence 10s of millions of people rather than doing the incredibly obvious & smart thing: make smart arguments that undercut Trump to his base.
Bryce Harper just *doubled* the number of homers he's hit this month to a phenomenal, towering, unbelievable 2. THAT'S TWO HOMERS SINCE JULY 1, FOLKS! #phillies #MAGA #resist
.@TIMOTHYJOHNART: @TomSteyer is a failed Trump opponent. Trump is incredibly vulnerable to real arguments, but all those like Steyer can do is try to silence 10s of millions of people. Every "progressive" campaign against Trump boils down to censorship or kid's stuff (balloons..)
Good goal from Fiorentina. #InternationalChampionsCup #IlElCopaDeCampeones #MAGA #resist
.@WiseLadySoCA: on Mon, @ChrisCuomo had on Ron Brownstein, a "passive eliminationist" who - while he wouldn't put whites on trains - cheers the declining # & % of whites. Trump is mostly just playing Ed Anger; Brownstein is a hard-core racist. And, Cuomo didn't call him on it.
On ESPN 2 there's Fiorentina vs Chivas (at the half). They suck back in Italy & Mexico respectively, but on this their special night in the USA, they intend to show the world! Or a close approximation. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
Pursuant to Trump Official National Order #40921-a-634-B (the "Let There Be Polka So All May Dance Joyously!" Trump Official National Order), 24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with Värttinä "Sorja poika": #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@chris_gervino: Trump has made it easier for Dem leaders to support illegal immigration even more. If he were patriotic he'd do the opposite. P.S. Both Trump & @CortesSteve are pro-amnesty. Do you see them going after one of the root causes, Big Biz' desire for cheap labor?
.@junkyday: #GOP & its flunkies like @CortesSteve are very pro-Big Biz. Both he & Trump are big amnesty fans, & amnesty would be a windfall for Big Biz (& a disaster for workers). Why don't you point that out instead of regurgitating NeoLiberal talking points?
~BREAKING~ Trump has just tweeted about the Sheryl Powell incident: "It was probably someone from Lone Pine. You know about them thar Lone Pine folks, right? Some, I'm sure are good people, but you just can't trust those Lone Pine people!" #Inyo #MAGA #resist
.@bozkuhi: actually, U.S. cons are only a tiny part of Twitter's global audience (only 20% is USA). It's better to point out @donie strongly supports censorship, aligning him with book burners, Putin, & other despots. Not only that, USA censorship serves Putin's interests.
Remember how Trump & Putin joked about censoring opponents? If you had any fans, I'd point out to them how close you are to the Trump/Putin mindset. RT @rachelmetz despite policy condemning racism, twitter decides the president's racist tweets aren't against its rule. huh.
You simply aren't smart enough to realize the downsides. I'll point that out at the next MacWorld (assuming they still have them). MT @JasonCross00 [of #MacWorld] There's literally nothing to lose [by banning Trump] and everything to gain
No, actually, I'd never wonder that since I strongly oppose censorship. The fact you'd wonder about that shows you strongly support censorship, in contravention to everything the USA stands for. MT @elanazak Wondering why Trump's racist tweets are still up?...
.@ToddHildebran: @cwarzel & other supposed journalists are very pro-censorship. Putin wants to show the American system - such as free speech - doesn't work & that people need a strongman. He wants *more* censorship in the USA. Point out that Warzel serves Putin's interests.
.@RealDark_Kent: #CNN edited out the part of the Jean Carroll interview where she sounded even crazier than usual. Has @brianstelter - host of "reliable sources" - ever acknowledged what they did?
In fact, "Ed Anger"'s 1996 book was entitled "Let's Pave the Stupid Rainforests & Give School Teachers Stun Guns: And Other Ways to Save America". Can #TheResistance tell us who that sounds like? OK, how about a hint? It rhymes with Pahrump. #idiocracy #MAGA
A good part of Trump's shtick is directly copied from "Ed Anger", a columnist for the Weekly World News (also the home of Bat Boy). If #TheResistance were even capable of understanding that things might get a little clearer for them. #idiocracy #resist
.@minimaxir: hey Max, what are some of the things the USA could do that would serve Putin's interests?
If TSHTF & Trump nukes Andorra as he's hinted, the White Mountains - at least the limited parts I've been to - would be low on the list of places to hide out. It's not like there's an abundance of water & wildlife. #Inyo #MAGA #resist
.@odracir0730 @canammissing: I've been up there a few times. If Sheryl Powell is telling the truth, it could be someone from a sheep farm, a Bishop local, from the Indian reservation, or just a random drifter. It'd be fairly hard to get up there w/o a car & there aren't stores.
.@RenoCow: actually, Twitter enforces its "rules" to millions by ghosting them. They heavily ghost libs replying to Trump officials. @SopanDeb & @donie are strongly pro-censorship. That serves Putin's interests: he wants to show the USA system doesn't work.
Besides there potentially being less likelihood of you being committed, what possible good could come from that, Ashton? MT @ashtondmai Twitter needs to delete [Trump's] account
.@editor_wp: Trump's "go back" tweets were definitely aimed at those who don't see AOC etc as Americans. Instead of digging a hole, wonder why Trump can't oppose her in ways that undercut her to her base. Is it that he isn't smart enough, or that he's too corrupt?
.@ShorealoneFilms: sarahparvini is pretty low on the ol' Oppression Scale, isn't she? Ironically, she seeks her 15 mins in a source that covered up for Villar's involvement in a racist, irredentist group even *after* Villar had renounced the group:
.@ReporterClaudia: as a "reporter" you should recognize that @sarahparvini is just trying to get on the victimhood train despite not really being that Oppressed. And, she does it in the LAT, which covered up Villar's past with the racist, irredentist (look it up) group MEChA.
.@zekittykat: ex-L.A. mayor Villar was a leader in the racist, irredentist group MEChA; their more extreme members think whites should go back to Europe. @latimes constantly covered up Villar's past; they only mentioned it when someone forced him to apologize for what he'd done.
The NYTimes solicited the same thing yesterday. LAT is a pathetic wannabe newspaper, always taking their cues from a paper they think is better & always sucking at it. MT @forkball88 MT @latimes [solicits tales of "go back where you came from"]
I don't know if it happened, but some MX/Indian extremists believe that. The LATimes has covered up for them. MT @xTheMotherx [not sure it happened] MT @Mileystan3 I got told to “go back to England or Europe or wherever your people who stole this land came from” the other day.
Unfortunately I see that others have come up with the phrase "To the Victim Go the Spoils" but it aptly describes the SJW victimization shtick that most Americans are sick of. #MAGA #resist
Where do you stand on the Oppression Scale? Also, does Iran have a caste system & do Iranians look down on some other groups? MT @sarahparvini Growing up, my parents told me I was white. I checked white on college applications. But that was at odds w/ my life experience...
But, wait, there's more. The top match of the week is the L.A. Derby with #LAGalaxy against #LAFC. Zlatan will apparently be playing. It's at 7pm (Pacific) on Friday on ESPN. 24Ahead predicts a 3-2 Galaxy win. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
But, wait, there's more: at 11:30pm (Pacific) on Friday it's Vissel Kobe vs. Barcelona. In case you aren't up on your Japanese #soccer, that's where Vissel Kobe is from & apparently it's being played in Japan. #football #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
But, wait, there's more: ESPN has an MLS double-header on Thursday. At 5pm Pacific it's FC Cincinnati vs. D.C. United (which will probably end up 0-4) then at 7pm it's Portland vs Orlando. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
Then on Weds at 8pm Pacific, it's Your Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich in the International Champions Cup. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
#GOP can't win playing the Dems' game using the Dems' rules on the Dems' field. Not to mention all the referees & broadcasters are Dems. Yet, they keep on trying it & can't figure out why it doesn't work. #immigration #MAGA #resist
Some think #GOP should offer to legalize 1 million illegal aliens to appeal to Hispanics. That assumes Hispanics want amnesty. So, all the Dems have to do is make a higher bid. GOP offers to legalize 10 million? Dems offer to legalize 12 million. #MAGA #resist
.@nchaseteeples: @TimAlberta thinks GOP should embrace "diversity" (i.e., fewer whites) & engage non-whites using far-left tactics that would result in the Dems always undercutting them. He's either a Dem operative or too dim to advance a smarter strategy.
Sheryl Powell has been found alive and if she's telling the truth about how it happened... #Inyo #hiking #WhiteMountain #WhiteMountainPeak
Lindsey Graham has to be smart enough to realize he couldn't step in as Trump 2. There's that video, plus "Grahamnesty", plus all the rest. Being Trump's wingman might help him in #SouthCarolina, but it stops at that level. #immigration #resist
Search engines suck & I don't think I posted about it, so finding the video where Lindsey Graham has an emotional meltdown extolling the virtues of a Hispanic he served with is left as an exercise. Graham has to be smart enough to realize he'll never be #MAGA.
Leave the thinking to those who can do it & who know what's really going on. MT @ZaidSabah [bio: Veteran Iraq war journalist, currently cover Mideast for @business, ex WaPo, USAToday, etc] I think Sen. Graham is working overtime to try to inherit Trump's base one day
.@realdcoutlaw: Cuomo had Ron Brownstein - a "passive eliminationist" - on & didn't call him on his racism. Point that out to those taken in by Cuomo.
.@SterlingDean7: @ChrisCuomo hasn't been paying attention to @RonBrownstein either. Trump is mostly acting, RB is a full-on racist and a "passive eliminationist". RB wouldn't put whites on trains, he's just ecstatic about declining #s & %s. And, Cuomo didn't call him on it.
Tues at 6pm Pacific, ESPN will have Fiorentina vs. Chivas in the International Champions Cup. It probably won't be blacked out (unless Michael Milken is the secret Chivas owner). #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
.@dshulman_espn: why does ESPN even bother showing #Dodgers games that get blacked out in the 2nd largest media market in the U.S.? That has to cost ESPN money & it makes them look bad. Why even show Dodgers games at all?
I got White Mountain Peak (14,252'), but on a previous hike I had to turn back when I was about 14,100'. On a previous trip I didn't even get to the campground when my water pump failed. Rather than waiting for a Bishop shop to open I limped home, stopping for water occasionally.
.@garyandshannon: Sheryl Powell was staying at Grandview Campground, it's only relatively "remote": there are lots of people around, sheep farms, etc. I've stayed there 2x before hiking up White Mountain Peak (14,252'). A road goes to the top except from 12k' it's closed to most.
Pursuant to Trump Official Order #49763-B-396, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day. And, we do it with the most forbidden dance of all time, the forbidden BELTANE FIRE DANCE: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #forbidden
.@cap54 [bio: "Commander Ethan Hawk of FireTeam Raven in Microsoft’s video arcade version of “HALO”"]: how many similar ad homs have completely failed over the last 4+ years? Do you think if enough repeat a failure it'll become a success? Are you even thinking?
She's lying, but you got taken in by pro-Big Biz Dem talking points. MT @Amstrix1 [to @GOPChairwoman lying about Dems wanting "open borders"] [no, they want] ...a pathway to citizenship for those already working paying taxes and part of the big economy that would fail w/o them
.@King_Of_Shade: actually, both the GOP & Dem leaders are very pro-Big Biz. If they didn't pander to Big Biz they'd be out of a job. There are smart ways to show Ronna McDaniel wrong to her base. List the smartest plans to do that that lib leaders have developed:
.@LouiseSchiavone: ex-L.A. mayor Villar was a leader of an irredentist (look it up), racist group (MEChA). The L.A. Times covered it up; it took a guy with a sign at one of his events to make him acknowledge it. Trump's horrible, & @marclacey etc make things very easy for him.
.@jkbjournalist: MEChA, BBs, Indian groups, etc. think whites should go home & that the USA is stolen native land. Obama & other pols played into their Blut und Boden ideas. Villar, Cedillo, Bustamante, Grijalva, etc are ex-MECha. Have you or @marclacey ever called them on it?
MT @marclacey Someone once told a @nytimes colleague to “go back to China.” He was American and [milked it for all it was worth by writing about someone powerless in a key establishment rag]
.@drf30: in case goldietaylor's latest screed was based on Trump's tweet telling those born in the USA to go back whence they came, didn't Trump open himself up to such screeds? Is Trump telling AOC to go back where she came from the smartest way to oppose her?
He's apparently referring to AOC and others who were all or almost all born in the USA. #MAGA? #resist MT @RealDonaldTrump ...Why don’t they ["“Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen"] go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came...
.@Buster_ESPN: #football has ties in regular games but goes to extra time in playoff games. Then, if it's still tied, penalty kicks. OTOH, football players run miles per game while baseball players... don't.
.@thatstegallguy: Trump has been railing about border issues for 4+ years; it's one of the first things he said when he announced. The same people feeding you that talking point have never been able to show Trump's policies wrong/ineffective.
.@AlisonM49811465: I don't know if you're a real person or not, but it should be obvious by now that how those like you do things does not work. There are smart ways to undercut Trump. List the smartest plans your leaders have so far presented:
RT this if you're upset that Jessica Mendoza shaves her pits. #EuroPits #SNB #MAGA #resist
.@JoeySalads is apparently running for public office. A few years ago he got caught pushing a fake video: #NYC #StatenIsland #Brooklyn
.@jthunders13 @Liz_Wheeler: it's very easy to undercut Kamala. Just repeatedly point out to her fans until they understand it just how pro-Big Biz she is: she'd give Big Biz all the cheap labor they want. Trump is too pro-Big Biz to point that out, so when will you do it?
.@jayoung1892: your bot appears to be malfunctioning. In any case, your immigration stance is very pro-Big Biz. I'd like you to imagine an experienced questioner - like a trial lawyer - "cross-examining" you on that at a townhall. On video for Youtube.
.@goldietaylor - last mentioned here in 2017 - has blocked me for correctly pointing out her immigration policies would hlep Big Biz lower wages.
#RedSox tie it up on back-to-back homers off the #Dodgers Entity. #DodgersDelendaEst
.@AnneAnnapolis: "who got bought off"? You should ask that of those pushing the Big Biz line: @michaelluo & @JonathanBlitzer. Trump's horrific, but they'd greatly increase the U.S. labor supply & greatly help U.S. Chamber, Koch, WalMart, McDonald's, Tyson Foods, growers, etc.
Wow, that's worse than what those suffering under the NeoLiberal policies NYTimes pushes have experienced! MT @lisatozzi During 2003 blackout, NYT website was still 5 blocks away from building with generator power; when power went out I had to run down street with my laptop
.@DanKaszeta: FEMA is one of Trump's many Achilles heels. Instead of using it against him or to hold him accountable, list the things those with megaphones have done instead:
.@Mitchkrebsbach: Trump's FEMA made big mistakes during/after Maria. Can you direct me to anyone - @JonathanBlitzer, etc. etc. - even trying to hold Trump accountable? (Note: sleazy anti-American things that only help Trump obviously don't count).
Not only will #ARod probably never get into the HoF except as a visitor, for the next few/several years he has to not only listen to #JLo 's music but pretend to like it. #MLB #baseball #MAGA #resist
Let's hope the NYC #blackout isn't as bad as what happened after Katrina. As reported at the time, "It is reported that black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive": #HuffPost #MAGA #resist #NewYorkCity
Cuomo has called out the National Guard to prevent #blackout survivors from desperately eating rats to survive, and to keep rabid, feral rats from eating even more people. So far there are only 37 victims of mass rat attacks. #NewYorkCity
.@siddhmi: hey Siddhartha, here are some examples of Dara Lind attempting to deceive her readers. She's funded by Big Biz so she pushes Big Biz' line, even if she has to lie to do it.