.@DesertPrimrose: @TomSteyer might as well be working for Trump. He encourages people to think something that's extremely unlikely is going to happen, causing them to neglect smart things they could do right now to undercut Trump (like asking Trump proxies tough policy questions)
In sports, goal is to win: more money, more fame, more security. In politics, the goal of leaders is to grift: get on TV, sell books, collect an NGO salary, fly around to confabs, etc. Only the big donors demand performance, the suckers can't even conceive of doing that.
.@peebsnjay: what do you think about the @IndivisibleNet fan who supports race-based killings (scroll back my feed)? What do you think about them supporting censorship because they falsely think only Trump fans are impacted, when Twitter censors about as many libs as cons?
.@KindaFedUp: FYI, AynRandPaulRyan blocked me for correctly pointing out she basically agrees with the #Koch bros (and Ryan) on #immigration. It's that type of behavior repeatedly endless by #TheResistance that explains in part why Trump won.
.@ResistProfessor: I just RT'd an #Indivisible fan wishing for race-based killings. Good luck getting them or @IndivisibleEVV to disassociate themselves from that. Plus, the main indivisible supports censorship because they falsely think only #MAGA is impacted.
.@ELECTRIC_PAPI RTs @IndivisibleNet and says: "I’m so tired of ugly white racists like can we just put a bullet in their heads already holy shit". To the #NYT & faux liberals like Indivisible, that's not racist. #MAGA #resist
.@emorybryan: here's a question for @stittforgov: "Trump ramped up screening of visitors. Either he ramped it up enough - in which case his bans weren't needed - or he didn't & he endangered the USA. Which is it?" When will you ask a politician a real question, Emory?
.@emorybryan: Trump's a big @stittforgov fan & vice versa. Did you ask Kevin about Trump "wall"? How would Kevin keep Congress - almost all of which opposes & will oppose the "wall" - from tearing down the "wall"? When will you ask him questions like that?
Trump tweets: "Thank you Indiana, I love you!" Unlike its east/west neighbors, one of our most horrible states outside the Deep South. #MAGA #resist
.@JenniferJJacobs: Trump has tricked tens of millions into thinking his "wall" is a viable plan, except he'd have to trade amnesty for it & Congress would tear it down as soon as he's out of office. A real journalist would press him on that. You aren't a real journalist.
.@margarettalev: you had a nice tea with Trump. I'd challenge him on how his "wall" would fail (Congress will tear it down) and on how his bans have made the USA less safe. Trump only chats with those who won't challenge him, and you very much qualify. #Bloomberg #CNN
.@TheBachel0rette: Kellyanne consistently rolls right over @ChrisCuomo, it's hilarious but sad. He can't go after her where weakest (she's very pro-amnesty), but even on things he's allowed to talk about he completely, absolutely fails to hold her accountable. #LetsGetAfterIt
.@KirkHerbstreit: kneeball is like real football for the slow. Add 30 seconds to 10 minutes (!) of non-action between each play of this vid. Kneeball players need a committee to design their every move; football players do it live.
I sight read Cyrillic w/o thinking (as usual), but the same isn't true of Greek. This news is occasioned by me changing the language interface of a cPanel site to Greek (just for fun) and then having to sound things out. How was your day?
.@JulieFoudy: there are no less than 4 kneeball games on right now, 3 on network, 1 on #ESPN. #ESPNNews has a yak show & #ESPN2 has... tennis. Please urge The Mouse to provide a real alternative to kneeball. USFL/NWSL would be a real alternative & make The Mouse more cheese.
.@ChrisCuomo: despite (apparently) being trained as a lawyer, you never engage anyone in Socratic questioning when that's what's needed. A line of questioning used against Caputo, Kellyanne, etc could show Trump's various moves wrong, but you don't do it. #LetsGetAfterIt #CPT
.@riponcollege: so, to recap, you look bad to those who oppose censorship, you empowered those in favor of censorship, you claim r/w grifters are deceiving but can't do anything about it, & you gave lots of free press to those grifters. Great job.
$10 says the 68-year-old Encino #MAGA nut a) has a Twitter account with 50k followers, and b) has blocked me. #resist #BostonGlobe
DOJ has charged a 68-year-old Encino man with making violent threats against #BostonGlobe. He threatened them over the phone 14 times btw Aug 10 & 22, including threatening to shoot them at a specific time. He called them "the enemy of the people". #MAGA? #resist
FYI, #Encino is a good to fairly wealthy area of the San Fernando Valley aka "The Valley". As in "Encino is like so bitchin', like oh my gosh!" Free Fallin' by Tom Petty mentioned its lower-rent neighbor Reseda. #MAGA #resist #FakeNews With that in mind:
I was asked throughout tonight's broadcast if I'd close with trippy Turkish folk psychedelic from 1974 or something else. Now finally all can be revealed despite the #DeepState machinations: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@zenxv: as the reports at my top tweet show, #Twitter censors about as many libs as cons and also Target customers & Ozil fans. Sometimes it isn't just about you or your pals, it's about millions of people being censored. Have some concern for everyone else for once.
.@pmigdal: check out the tweet ranking algorithm at the reports at my top tweet. It took me under 1 hour to do it, and it's far superior to the algo #Twitter & @fhuszar uses now. They elevate sheer dreck, my algo (once again, under 1 hour to do it) doesn't. Twitter is pathetic.
Sometimes it isn't about you or your pals. Sometimes you have to think of others. Most learn that in Kindergarten. #Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. MT @zenxv Video proof that there's a Twitter algorithm affecting [users 0.00000001% of world has ever heard of]
.@SuhasforVA: @amac is pals with @vijaya. She admits ghosting - & thus lying to - millions of people. Call me principled, but I'd back away from those who don't have a problem with lying to millions of people. Do #Virginia voters look kindly on liars, Suhas?
I've played "Ederlezi song in Kurdish language" many times, but 2 other vids of same band were mysteriously deleted by the #DeepState: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@TryConservatism: neither @RMConservative nor @JessicaV_CIS have the patriotism to make Trump better on #immigration. Read the below with an open mind. Have either of them given Trump arguments that would make him back off amnesty?
With the help of intel provided by Trump via #Twitter and red phone, forces of Putin prepare to cover a Rammstein song: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@JoshMcKoon: do you remember what I told you over 2 years ago? @dakdis lacks the patriotism to do smart things that would greatly help the USA. He scams money out of suckers but does nothing for them.
Did you know Iron Maiden were Trump fans? #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@CluckandChip: I've repeatedly asked @kausmickey to urge people to press pro-amnesty pols using tough questions designed to show how amnesty would harm the USA. Kaus has repeatedly refused. What sort of person who opposes amnesty would do that?
Meanwhile back on the highway, it's the Brotherhood Of Muscle where shifting - up or down - means faster: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #BrotherhoodOfMuscle
.@fredbauerblog: hi Fred, please read this about @MarkSKrikorian. Talk is cheap. Is there *anything* he's actually done that indicates he isn't 100% fake? Eg, has he ever tried to get Trump use smart anti-amnesty arguments?
.@AlexParkerDC: in SalenaZito's Kellyanne profile she listed KAC's lobbying clients. *Except*, Salena oddly forgot to mention KAC's links to the pro-amnesty #Koch bros & how KAC got paid by the pro-amnesty Zuckerberg to deceive about amnesty. Admit you don't know enough.
Trump's attempt to shift blame does not appear to have worked in this case: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@EsotericCD: @SalenaZito blocked me over repeatedly pointing out how she covered up for Kellyanne Conway: Did KAC get paid by Zuck, yes or no? Did KAC mislead for Zuck, yes or no? Did Zito reveal KAC got paid by Zuck, yes or no?
.@thomasj17431826: back in March I pointed out Krikorian's groups could have made Trump's policies much better: Have you ever asked him about that or even tried to hold him accountable in the slightest?
One of the contributing factors - hold on to your petticoats - to being censored by #Twitter is having a number in your name. No, really. Twitter is the sewer of #SiliconValley: they get the worst, least competent engineers. #MAGA #resist
.@TracieLVaughn @MrFilmkritik: Coulter says Trump Wall would be "forever". That makes her extremely vulnerable: point out to her base that Congress would simply neglect or tear down his wall when he's out of office. When will you help undercut Coulter to her remaining base?
Stormey Daniels - as part of her work contract - required Trump to call her "Angel": #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Hi Laura, Coulter thinks Trump "wall" would be "forever". She enables future illegal #immigration: Congress would just tear it down. We'd have *more* illegal immigration due to him. MT @LauraLoomer @AnnCoulter @rushlimbaugh [Sie sind das bestest] Rush called you a warrior today.
#Twitter misidentifies "Rammstein - Amerika" as Dutch. Why go for Dutch when German would be the more likely choice plus Rammstein isn't a Dutch band? Is the fault Twitter or Microsoft? Figuring out a language is a difficult task but Twitter/MS have endless resources.
.@togawamercer: take a look at the reports at my pinned tweet showing #Twitter censors *all* kinds of users & about as many libs as cons. @AlxThomp helped Trump lie about what Twitter is doing. He knows about my data but he lacks journalistic ethics to correct Trump's lies.
Rammstein - Amerika: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@htmcg: hey Hugh, Joel Pollak came out for amnesty just because Trump, colluding with Pelosi & Schumer, supported it. I've posted 1000s of anti-amnesty posts since 2002 at my site, at Malkin's old #immigration blog, etc. and I can't imagine ever supporting amnesty. #Breitbart
Can you make a Trump / Stormey Daniels / Snow White / etc. etc. joke out of this? Of course you can. #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@HL3tweets: following Trump's lead, @joelpollak supported amnesty. I've posted 1000s of posts at my site, at Malkin's old #immigration blog, etc. since 2002. Unlike Pollak I've always opposed amnesty, but unlike Pollak I have integrity.
Trump accomplishments: - trying to claim the business cycle as his doing when he'll run away during the inevitable downturn - bringing back the forbidden dance: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@DebHiers1: Sarah Palin followed McCain & supported amnesty. @joelpollak followed Trump & supported amnesty. McCain was wrong on policy but he was a war hero. Palin & Pollak are wrong on policy and both are just sycophants who've never done anything for the USA. #Breitbart
#CNN libruls try to claim Trump's new national dance is dangerous. Libruls are scum! #MAGA #resist
.@thinkpuertorico: Trump needs to be held accountable for sat phones, not having teams in each #PuertoRico settlement within hours, etc. etc. @CarmenYulinCruz is just putting on a show & helping Trump by repelling even those prone to oppose Trump.
.@thinkpuertorico: @CarmenYulinCruz is toxic. Would Dems choose Kathy Griffin as their spokesmodel? CYC is like that. Example: she tweeted "we need water!" Less than a week later she tweeted a pic of her in a torrential rain. She lacks smarts to understand what a cistern is.
.@MrsMalindo - a MAGA snowflake I've never tweeted - has blocked me. MAGA act just like the far-left They don't oppose censorship, they're just upset they aren't the ones doing the censorship.
Here at 24Ahead, we're all about the logic. In fact, you could say we're sticklers about it. We completely reject as decadent all things that are not completely logical. We really mean it. #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@marcorubio: Confucius Institute & their links to @MDCollege and Stanford need to be looked into. So too do the links betwetn GMU/Mercatus & the #Koch bros. When will you look into both of those?
.@cccannon123: @marcorubio is so dim he lost to Trump. He couldn't spot & use Trump's incredible vulnerabilities but played right into his hands instead. Is there any logical reason you think he has the smarts & sanity to go up against Putin?
.@mariaramirezNY: hi Maria, how did @AlexConant getting Rubio to get personal with Trump work out for his client? If Alex were slightly smart, wouldn't he have foreseen what would happen and instead showed #MAGA that Trump's grand promises are just unimplementable vaporware?
Did Trump stay strong and keep flags up, or did he cower and relent? MT @nnw59 [to hacks, but paid and from NeverTrump ] How embarrassing for you. #NeverTrump never miss an opportunity to bash Trump [about extremely low class not keep flags at half staff for McCain]
.@AndyQashou @Rey_Sistance: it should have been obvious decades ago Trump doesn't care about non-Trump things. San Juan mayor only makes that worse. She just rants & can't figure out how to actually impact Trump. Putin can figure out how to play Trump, #TheResistance can't.
Economy at a high, unemployment at a low, plus the "forbidden dance" now being featured in town squares and village greens throughout the land. Is there anything Trump can't do? #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #BellsOn
.@TDaneNYC: @ChrisCuomo just postures on #PuertoRico. San Juan mayor is toxic: only those who dislike Trump can stand her rants, she repels everyone else. CC has her on but refuses to engage Trump proxies in Socratic debate about Trump's many specific failures (like sat phones).
Cuomo already has an answer & it's persuasive to his base. You aren't doing anything. I have #immigration questions he wouldn't like but those like you won't use them. #MAGA *helps* Cuomo. MT @CarmineZozzora the $117 BILLION [we spend on illegal alien vs PuertoRico funding]
Neither Cuomo nor Red dare go after #Ocasio2018 where she's most vulnerable to her base: her pro-corporate #immigration stance. We know why Cuomo won't. MT @BigRfaze @redsteeze: Also will ChrisCuomo have any highlights from the New York gubernatorial debate tonight?
Ron DeSantis preceded his "monkey up" comments with calling his opponent "articulate". I'd never heard of him before, but I picture a @alexconant style dip telling him to say such things, just as Conant told Rubio to get personal with Trump. That worked well. #Florida #resist
Remember how #NeverTrump said Trump was a crypto-Dem? Whether intentionally or just because he's a complete idiot, Trump appears keen and making #Florida blue via #DeSantis & his completely incompetent #PuertoRico response. #MAGA #resist #GOP
This Labor Day, #CNN will have a much-touted documentary on Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, including outtakes of those "films" #RBG - hair down and legs up! - made in the 60s. #MAGA #resist
Many, many years ago I ran into "Buuuuuttttttttmmmaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn" outside an establishment & tried to sell him on online video (with my help). He declined. Now he's accused of the unspeakable: feeling up a pr0000n huuuurrr on a set. #horror #MAGA #resist
.@TaylorTwellman @TheAthleticSCCR: encourage #ESPN to show more #USFL etc etc games. More TV = more interest = better pay. Likewise with #NWSL.
.@ChrisCuomo: you're just posturing on #PuertoRico. If you cared you'd really press Trump proxies on *specifics designed to show Trump is incompetent*. Eg, FEMA rush ordering 325 sat phones *after Maria* from a *phone store in Miami*. Trump skates due to people like you.
.@JeffreyToobin paraphrases "Network Propaganda": there are "no significant Web sites on the left that parallel the chronic falsity of those on the right". Aside from #CNN, #NYT, #WaPo, etc. on #immigration. Like these perennial lies:
Even Fox called out @kelliwardaz for trying to deceive about her disreputable McCain comments. Good riddance to bad rubbish. #MAGA #resist #Arizona
"Network Propaganda: Manipulation, Disinformation, and Radicalization in American Politics" from hacks with Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society tries to falsely claim that Maddow & Hannity aren't just opposite numbers. #MAGA #resist
And thus, 24Ahead closes broadcast day with Jefferson Airplane - Wooden Ships: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@stormestone: @Uncle_Jimbo is wrong or lying, plus he *helps* #Twitter. The real data at my pinned tweet shows they heavily censor libs, cons, & all other kinds of users. Jim *helps* Twitter by reducing the possible opposition to their censorship.
If we can't secure #PuertoRico within hours, how could we invade Iraq and... avoid it going south...... in a big way. Never mind. #MAGA #resist
As you've heard: #PuertoRico is smaller than CT, lower than L.A. *City*, just ~300 settlements, no ice/snow/hostile forces, etc. It took over a week to get teams to some settlements, when it should have taken hours. That makes us look extremely weak to enemies. #MAGA #resist
.@KatCapps @SpyTalker: Trump's disinterest in #PuertoRico is no better than O/HRC disinterest in #MAGA. You could harm him if you a) showed interest in those harmed by the NeoLiberal schemes you support & b) hold him accountable to his base over his gross incompetence.
Why, it's almost like the exact opposite of "deplorables" or "bitter clingers". You turned your backs on #MAGA, now Trump repays the favor. MT @KatCapps MT @SpyTalker: So much #Trump concern for rich, conservative #Houston, so little for poor, Democratic #PuertoRico
Theoretically, it's always been incredibly easy to show Trump wrong, stop him from being elected or getting his way, etc. etc. Yet, none of that has happened. Clearly, it's not because Trump is a stable genius, it's because #TheResistance are the opposite of both.
.@StephenGlahn: Trump was grossly incompetent on #PuertoRico. His fans think he's a great manager but he completely failed. #TheResistance has likely completely failed to hold him accountable. Do you think that might just be because they doing it wrong?
.@ReaIDonnaSiciIy says "Trump is a murderer. There's no other way to look@ it." And I thought her bio claiming he "serves Satan" was strong! #TheResistance!
.@JSWardell: @Sultanknish questions w/ little evidence #GWU #PuertoRico study. He's doing that to deflect from Trump's gross incompetence. Not securing PR within hours makes us look incredibly weak to enemies. Plus other examples of gross incompetence like
.@ABC7: "Dr. Jones" is actually Alex Jones. You got taken in by the @SCEC fraudsters.
Everyone else felt it and no one cares what you think about it. MT @KimNBCLA That #earthquake lasted a little too long for my taste. Anyone else in LA feel it? #laquake
.@Saintsfan5348: clearly how #TheResistance etc have approached #PuertoRico hasn't worked: Trump's never been held accountable. Admit it & work to change it. Urge MSM to really press Trump proxies on how FEMA placed a rush order for sat phones with a phone store after Maria.
Meanwhile in Georgia, Georgia girls prepare for the next Trump rally there: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
If the people didn't respond to entertainment there wouldn't be entertainers. People pay for movies so there are movie actors. It's like that in politics: people respond to entertainers who tell them what they want to hear but do nothing. Maddow, Hannity, etc just fill a gap.
.@Angelo_Taylor: FYI, @angela_rye blocked me after correctly pointing out she's not that bright. See the link then: Should all candidates face tough questions? Did Angela ever show @kayleighmcenany wrong about anything in all her time at CNN?
Why do smart, sane, patriotic, realistic things when you can go completely crazy? Why have a bicycle when you could have a flying bicycle that shoots laser beams? That's exactly how #MAGA & #TheResistance act, prodded by either COINTELPRO-style agents or grifting leaders.
No doubt there are many in #TheResistance who would - not due to profit motive but just because they're incredibly dumb and deranged - support someone charging Trump with genocide over #PuertoRico. Trump *needs* people like them. They serve his interests.
Just as #MAGA, #Teaparty, #OWS, etc were keen on COINTELPROing themselves so are #TheResistance. MT @Rey_Sistance Trump’s claim of his admin handling of damage of Hurricane Maria was an A+ in reality its epic failure F + and probable cause for Crimes Against Humanity / genocide
On #CNN, @RepCharlieDent falsely pretends #immigration is a left-right thing. It's more a 2D thing, with one axis being pro-corporate vs pro-citizen & the other being sincere vs fake. The loudest r/w leaders are very high on the fake axis & on bad side of the other. #MAGA #resist
.@StacyLeMelle: I don't get MSNBC, but it's highly doubtful #Maddow has had any sort of impact on Trump & #PuertoRicoDeathCount. If she had, Trump would either relent or attack. That indicates she's trying to hold Trump accountable using ineffective tactics, no?
.@RepMcGovern: Trump has skated on his gross incompetence re #PuertoRico because his loudest opponents do it wrong. Think about it: if they were doing it right, wouldn't Trump have had to admit his incredible failures & institute real changes? Are you doing it right?
Tonight's goal is to see #KellyWardAZ lose big for her McCain comments. Either that or see her win big to help undercut the #GOP. #Arizona #MAGA? #resist
.@MissMyrtle2: "#FakePresident" is your first mistake. If you want Trump's ear, undercut him to #MAGA. Such terms (& falsely playing the race card, etc) *help* him with MAGA. Trump's #PuertoRico response was grossly incompetent. Urge #TheResistance to just concentrate on that.
CYC: "we need water!" CYC a week later: "help us from this monsoon!" As unbelievable as it sounds, she's even dumber than Trump. #MAGA #resist MT @askboomer1949 Someone PLEASE draft #SanJuanPuertoRico Mayor #CarmenYulinCruz for a run for POTUS in 2020 ... I AM NOT KIDDING
.@SidianMSJones: FYI, the author of that blocked me after just 1 tweet correctly pointing out #CommonDreams supports NeoLiberal policies that help the wealthy. It's hard to oppose Trump when you actually agree with him on key policies.
I've rigged my Twitter bot up to my Geiger counter, so I tweet "Earthquake!" immediately. After #LosAngeles is just smoldering rubble, I want historians to look back and find out who were among the first to tweet the news everyone who cares knows already. #MAGA!
.@FlagLovesBernie: FYI, corbett_jessica blocked me after just one tweet in which I politely (for me) pointed out #CommonDreams supports NeoLiberal-friendly #immigration policies. Isn't that correct? Can you trust a writer who closes her mind & who can't debate? WWBD?