On Putin's urging, Trump went to one of those Tony Robbins things where you walk on coals. This is the video: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
No, people like you enabling the same old worthless grifters - scammers who literally steal money from people - like Vaughn and expect a different result is. Put USA ahead of scammers. MT @FieldRoamer @JessicaV_CIS THIS IS INSANITY!!!
.@blkndy: hey Bill, both @kausmickey & @RoyBeck_NUSA are scammers. Look at their history: what exactly have they done to get Trump to back off amnesty? Haven't they enabled Trump all the way? Have they said or done anything to try to get Trump to back off amnesty?
.@rickbkylex: read this about @MarkSKrikorian with an open mind. He's a thief: he steals money from people & does nothing. If he thinks that's wrong, he's welcome to sue me. He won't because he knows he'd lose.
.@proudamericanmm: when did @Cernovich stop flacking for Trump & stop enabling his pro-amnesty proclivities? I've realized Trump is 100% fake since 2015; I never trusted him for a picosecond. Cernovich, Coulter, etc. can't say the same.
At the carnival, Trump received conflicting advice. Some fortune tellers told him to flee to Uruguay, others told him Dubai: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
There are few U.S. pols who are actually anti-amnesty or close to it. That includes the extremely flawed & incredibly dim Steve King, the wimpy Tancredo, & the questionable Lou Barletta. We have no one in the public eye who's smart, sane, big tent, & aggressive like MLP is.
.@lynmarieglowsk1: hey Lynn, I've written 1000s of anti-amnesty posts since 2002 at my site, at Malkin's old immigration blog, & elsewhere. Not even for a nanosecond was I taken in by Trump's shtick. I've realize he's pro-amnesty from Day One. What about @ali & @Cernovich?
Melania escape through forest, past Secret Service, Trump, & Fake News. She ask fortune teller who to vote for in 2020. Look, this what fortune teller say: #MAGA #resist #Trump2020
.@susanferrechio: hey Sue, any worries about being swept away by Trump's amnesty? One day his fans might wake up & realize those like you & Kaus only enabled him & his pro-amnesty impulses. You can be easily replaced by those who'll actually do things to stop amnesty.
.@donsurber: I've realized Trump is pro-amnesty since Aug 2015. Can you direct us to @kausmickey ever doing what he could to keep Trump's pro-amnesty impulses in check? To the extent a Venice dumpster diver gets a footnote, Kaus gets a footnote on the Trump/Pelosi amnesty.
.@SY65554316 @PlayboyPuryear: since Aug 2015 I've realized Trump is fake & pro-amnesty. @kausmickey has constantly promoted & enabled him, impeding efforts to make Trump back away from amnesty. Realize your mistake *now*. Stop enabling pro-amnesty hacks. Right now.
CIS had an employee advising Trump. He's never once used smart, sane, big tent, pro-American arguments that'd undercut Pelosi to her base. Stop enabling CIS & Trump. Demand more. MT @fail2communic8 MT @aseegs3: 32% of Federal Inmates Are Aliens | Center for Immigration Studies
In other news, here's video of Trump, his proxies, & his fans on the bus to Crazy Town: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@BOB_1and_only: Trump blocks dissent. You'd block him, making you no better. How about instead just helping smart people who can show him wrong to his base? Also, @JoeNeguse hypes letting anyone come here. What little argument he has collapses upon scrutiny.
When Trump's out of office, Congress will tear down the "wall". Like Reagan, you'll get all the amnesty & little of the enforcement. Stop enabling amnesty. MT @BeverlyConserv1 MT @hazards4: Do what we say [build the "wall"], then we will pass #immigration reform...
And quicker than Trump grabbing the last Chicken McNugget, we find the Fabrika dressing room video: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Like Amazon's, Youtube's search sucks. I've seen the Fabrika winter festival & dressing room videos in the past but I can't find them now. #MusicFriday #NowPlaying #TrumpPutin
The takeaway is Trump is a stooge, COINTELPROing the opposition to extremely pro-Big Biz mass immigration. Take some time out & really think through cui bono. MT @morethanmySLE MT @HMAesq: Hey [Trump], here's one of those #PrayerRugs I found in my immigration law office
"Fortune teller, I need to know: which minimum security prison will Trump, his administration, & his proxies wind up in?" #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@LAFC: I ran across your feed by accident. Are you some kind of sports team? I only watch ESPN so I only know about basketball, wrestling, poker, tennis, and cornhole. Are you one of those sports that's only on obscure cable channels? If you're a real sport, get on ESPN.
Video showing those who used to work in the Trump admin what they're missing: #MAGA #resist
.@ColumbusCrewSC: what the heck are you talking about? I get my sports from ESPN & all I know about is basketball, wrestling, & cornhole. What's "MLS"? Is that a real sports league, or some sort of elaborate stunt? If you're a real sport, you must only be on obscure channels.
.@nedryun @CortesSteve: when Trump's out of office, what happens to his "wall"?
.@ATLUTD: I ran across your feed. Who's @bguzan & what sport do you play? I turn to ESPN for sports and all I know about is basketball, tennis, basketball, wrestling, basketball, go-karts, poker, basketball, and cornhole. Are you only on obscure cable channels or something?
.@CortesSteve: hey Steve, I've written 1000s of anti-amnesty posts at my site, at Malkin's old immigration blog, and elsewhere going back to 2002. I've always opposed amnesty. I'd destroy a pro-amnesty stooge like you in seconds.
.@tweettruth2me: most Americans would oppose obsequious lil' Honeckers like @oliverdarcy. Cons have consistently *helped* him by marginalizing his opposition. It's like when the Raelians glom onto an issue: they COINTELPRO the issue & help the bad guys. #MAGA isn't MAGA.
.@freedom_moates: @realDonaldTrump is pro-amnesty, look at everything he's said about the issue. Just recently he told Daily Caller he wants to work with the Dems on CIR (aka amnesty). Trump supports amnesty as much as the MSM. Has Trump ever said "no amnesty ever", yes or no?
.@SoundersFC @zulily: what's this "soccer" thing? I've been watching ESPN for the past month and I haven't seen it. I've seen lots and lots of basketball, lots of tennis, some wrestling, some lumberjack competitions, & some cornhole. What's "soccer"?
.@realDonaldTrump: you want to work with Pelosi on "comprehensive immigration reform", aka amnesty. You said that in your Daily Caller interview. If Pelosi & the MSM are Enemies of the People, so are you.
"Megan Logsdon" is a surprisingly common name, but none of them appear to be the hot #Jeopardy contestant who unfortunately lost.
.@SauterRory: #ChrisCuomo just used the "diversity is our strength" mantra. Long after Trump is out of office & Congress will have torn down his "wall", those like Cuomo will still be using that mantra. Trump (& those like @CarmineZozzora) will have done nothing good for the US.
.@ByrneDrdbyrne: the real goal of all our leaders/"elites" is to help Big Biz. Trump & @SecNielsen posture to help increase immigration so Big Biz can lower wages. Dem leaders posture to their base in order to get the same thing. Step back & look at the bottom line.
.@MollyJongFast: ironically, you & @SecNielsen aren't that far apart. She & Trump posture for #MAGA, but they know where the money is: helping Big Biz get more immigration to lower wages. Dem leaders - Pelosi, Maddow, etc. - posture to their base while helping Big Biz.
24Ahead close broadcast day with video from near future of disgraced president Trump trying to escape on his Soviet-era tractor: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
To avoid nagging pains, I'll point out that when I referred to "what it sounds like", I wasn't referring to Men At Work & their fun, breezy hits. I was referring to how #Vegemite is described. #Australia #Austria
First #ACDC song ever played by the 24Ahead Musical Soviet is this video of Trump & his fans & proxies escaping from prison to start a new life in Naranjastan: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
If Trump/his family/his pals are dirty, then they shouldn't be in office (despite what some unpatriotic #MAGA [BIRM] think). If they're clean, then bend over backwards to prove it. That'll undercut Dems and Putin. Trump & MAGA simply aren't patriotic enough to do that.
Putin wants turmoil. Dems are just doing what they should: if they stopped it they'd let someone who might be guilty off the hook, possibly helping Putin. Only ones who can hurt Putin are Trump & #MAGA. If they came clean rather than constantly enabled Trump, Putin would be sad.
#CNN is in Hog Heaven with this breaking news: "Trump Directed His Attorney To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project". Prep for Trump Truthers: long after he's indicted, they'll still be frothing at the mouth that it was all a setup. #MAGA #resist
.@juliefoudy: over past month, ESPN has showed more *cornhole* than soccer on network in the day/evening. More soccer on TV helps fans, announcers, teams, leagues, etc. Please subtly suggest that those not affiliated with ESPN speak out against what they're doing.
.@panzer: @Jack heavily censors replies from *liberals* to Trump officials. He heavily censors dissent around the world. See the real data at my top tweet. Did @ashleyfeinberg call Jack on helping Trump officials & foreign dictators?
.@IanDarke: #ESPN is showing 2 basketball games and a yak show. They've shown almost no football over past month: they've shown more *cornhole* than football. That makes football less popular, harming fans, announcers, teams, leagues, etc. Please urge others to speak out.
.@calvinstowell: @Jack wants #Twitter to just be sharing cat pics. Jack heavily censors dissent all around the world. He censors 20% to 50% of the replies to Trump officials: see the real data at my top tweet. @ashleyfeinberg didn't call him on *helping* shield Trump officials.
.@antonioregalado: FYI, years ago I'd comment at Sailer's site urging his readers to help make Trump push smart plans that'd work. Sailer's readers - aided by @steve_sailer - smeared me, enabling all Trump's idiocy & un-American activity. Trump can't be indicted soon enough.
#CNN alert: "Rudy Giuliani: 'I can't possibly say no one' in the Trump campaign colluded with Russians". #winning! #MAGA! #idiocracy #resist
.@dougmcvay; Trump is extremely vulnerable on his "wall" because Congress would just neglect it or tear it down when he's out of office. His fans don't know that. Why don't you urge @GabbyOrr_ to really press Trump proxies on that, or do it yourself?
.@ChrisPack716: hey Chris, I'd like you to imagine someone really pressing you on things like: - what happens to the "wall" when Trump's out of office? - will the "wall" have big doors? - why won't you undercut Pelosi where it counts: on how pro-Big Biz she is? #Youtube
.@angelinblackink: Brits tend to be snarky & passive-aggressive, but on the plus side it's hard to see them forming a personality cult like our last two presidents have (& like GWB had until he was a lame duck). They'd do a better job of vetting & ejecting. #MAGA #resist
.@realJohnMappin: @parscale also says Twitter mostly censors cons. Watch this 3 minute video showing how wrong he is. Parscale couldn't even do basic research, like looking at his own reply pages.
Trump stories made Morris Dancing our national dance, kidney & jellied eel our national dish, and this guy our National Clarinet Expert. Plus, he put QEII on the dollar bill. Odd. #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
What if we took a trip into the distant future and visited the Fort Tryon Medieval Festival? What if there was not only Hurdy Gurdy, but an explanation? This is what it'd be like: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@nathanlgonzales: Ocasio is most vulnerable on her extremely pro-Big Biz immigration stance: she'd help US Chamber etc harm workers. @mshields007, GOP, Trump, etc can't use that against her because they want the same. Do you have the integrity to oppose that balancing act?
.@schill_joe: read Vox' Bernie interview where he points out open borders is a Koch plan. They fund pro-open borders groups like Reason Mag, Cato, etc. Zuckerberg & other billionaires fund loose borders groups. Ask yourself why they do that. Then, ask why @fmanjoo helps them.
.@BronusSwagner: you're falsely inflating Manjoo's base simply to play a cheap partisan gotcha game. I'm going to point out how Manjoo *isn't* liberal to marginalize him. Not to marginalize his opposition as you do.
In the near future, paper money will be all electronic. When you get ready to pay, an animated Lincoln announces new sale items at Target, etc. The bills will also send view rates, GPS coords, etc. In fact, Trump has already started some pilot programs! #MAGA #resist
.@JackKingston: #TSA is doing a great job, I agree! Of course, Trump's doing a better job than anyone. I think it's time for him to finally replace Lincoln on the $5 bill. Will you help get the ball rolling? #TrumpOn5DollarBill
Here's video of Ronaldo in the Italian Cup final. Who won? You'll have to watch: #Juventus #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer #soccer
.@provo_macher: 2.5 years ago, your anti-speech tweet to @RobAstorino hasn't come true. A better way to undercut him is to urge/cajole/shame the MSM to ask him what will happen to the "wall" when Trump's out of office. That will show up not only him, but Trump will rage.
I took a new online personality test, I won't give the site. As it turns out, I'm very disagreeable. #MAGA #resist
.@taylortwellman: if someone got here from Mars a month ago & just watched ESPN for the last month, they'd think the world's most popular sport is as popular as dental surgery. Please subtly suggest to those not connected to ESPN that they should speak out about that.
ESPN has played almost no soccer in past month on network. They should show basketball, just not every night (sometimes 3 games at the same time). They also show more tennis & cornhole than soccer. I realize you don't work for them anymore, but please speak out against this.
In other news, "Fox News Debuts Premium Channel For 24-Hour Coverage Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez". No, really, I read it in the newspaper. #FoxNews #MAGA #resist
.@annekem: I guess you lost, and I'm glad. #Jeopardy should have redone the scene where you engaged in casual racism. Not only against whites, but against non-whites.
24Ahead closes the broadcast day reminding everyone that thanks to Trump we have mandatory schooling unto the 2nd grade, most mansions have indoor plumbing, & most of our rivers aren't on fire: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@RedIsTheNewPunk: hey Ashley, @hannahbleau_ blogs about Gillibrand running for Pres. Several years ago Gillibrand was anti-amnesty. The pro-amnesty side caused her to switch sides. I tried to stop it, but I got zero help from cons. Exactly what use are cons to the USA?
.@geeminee: what those like @DeanRoberts3 say just *helps* Trump with his base. Those like him keep falling into Trump's traps & don't even realize it. The goal is to undercut Trump to those like Hannah & those like Dean have never been capable.
.@CityofTwoRivers: @joshdcaplan also blogs about Gillibrand considering running for pres. Several years ago, Gillibrand somewhat opposed illegal #immigration. Under pressure from the pro-amnesty side, she did a 180. I tried to stop it. Breitbart & others did absolutely nothing.
Although popular music is nowadays associated with Satanism & the Dark Arts, some early rock bands made scopitones in churchyards despite the burning: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
In the 60s, performing songs in then-modern office parks was all the rage: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
So, you want massive immigration that helps Big Biz lower wages, you just want Tyson Foods to displace American workers with legal aliens? MT @JanetGember MT RT @winincal: @SenSanders I’m not right wing. I want legal immigration. Ring the doorbell then come in. #BuildOurWallNOW
As an alternative proposition, we can all watch France Gall with this Baby Pop "scopitone" (an early video jukebox): #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@sivavaid @AnandWrites: @jonathanchait could have impacted Trump if he were capable of figuring out how to do it & were willing. Eg, pointing out *to Trump fans* that future Congresses would just tear down Trump's "wall". Ask his fans why he's never done that.
Meanwhile back in Trump's USA, Georgia's always on my mind: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users all around the world, see my top tweet. If that becomes a big story, it'll force TWTR to oppose censorship, helping you. MT @Pablo_picccaso MT @flintbedrock: The internet has been shutdown in Zimbabwe. No access to social media...
.@GNev2: in past month, ESPN has shown almost no football. They've shown more lumberjack competitions & cornhole than football. That doesn't just harm fans in the USA, it harms players & leagues around the world. Please speak out against it.
You want to keep him on there, Darcy was able to keep him off. What lesson could we learn from that? MT @TanyaCornfield MT @yournewswire: Wow. CNN's Oliver Darcy just successfully lobbied @Roku to remove Infowars from their platform within a matter of hours
I've seen variants of this #MAGA profile: "NO DM'S PLEASE, NOT LOOKING" from *dudes*. Really ugly dudes. Like there are hoards of horny MAGA babes DMing MAGA dudes looking for a good time. #TheResistance
For most Americans, their only brush with #Vegemite is with the first result for "Vegemite song". Based on what it sounds like, that's probably a good thing. Bully for us! #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@HeelStCloud: #hamberders is yet another Trump trap. @atrupar isn't smart enough to avoid the trap. That suits the corporate sponsors of #Vox - like GE - just fine. The last thing they want is for their employees to go after Trump where it counts.
.@ChihuahuaFaerii: I've shown all of the @JohnFugelsang talking points wrong & in ways that would really undercut him to his base (see my Talking Points page off the Topics menu). Trump, Breitbart, CIS, FAIR, etc. haven't done anything like that. Why aren't they helping me?
.@BestRelaEver: "alien" is the correct legal term - used for centuries - for foreign citizens. It just sounds funny to those who aren't that familiar with things.
.@Faithannad: @JohnFugelsang chides pols for not going after illegal aliens' employers, then uses talking points *devised by those in the pay of those employers*. GWB, Romney, etc. have all used those. Here's just 1 way he's wrong:
Trump's Great Wall didn't protect Spain, but it does protect Manchester against invading Cockney hoards from Tottenham in this video: #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer #soccer
.@ashbar96: I heard about @Vegemite in that song, but I've never seen it here in the U.S. You know what else I haven't seen on ESPN in the last month? Soccer. They should show tennis, but they should *also* show soccer. Please urge them to give viewers a choice.
.@markpulisic: in past month, ESPN has shown almost no soccer on network. They can't get enough basketball, poker, lumberjack, tennis, and cornhole, but not so soccer. That helps marginalize the sport, which harms fans, players, & leagues. Please demand better.
.@billbeckwith22: @ArevaMartin enables mass immigration policies that greatly harm #LAUSD. MX's oligarchs educate their people at expense of U.S. citizens. What has @davidwebbshow done besides helped that? Let grifters like Webb fight their own battles until they fight yours.
A witness at a drug kingpin's trial says the former MX prez took a $100 million bribe. Can anyone who isn't a complete Trump cultist see him turning down $100 million? #MAGA? #resist
.@VeraKTLA is fascinated by this 300' diameter, slowly spinning ice disk that formed in the Penobscot River in #Maine: #MAGA #resist
Remind me never to buy #Gillette products. I've probably bought a few when I wasn't near a place with 10 Personna disposible shavers for $1. Made in the USA too. #MAGA! #resist #CNN
.@DonLemon asks #CNN studio techs if anyone's upset with the #Gillette anti-masculinity ad and, of course, no one even has a cavil. If Hannity asked his techs they'd all object to the ad. Neither are capable of learning. #idiocracy #LNYHBT #MAGA #resist
As they always do, our "elites" are falling into yet another Trump trap. #Hamberders #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
24Ahead close broadcast day as majestic strains of "The #MAGA Revolution Is Only Just Beginning" fills the National Mall: #MusicMonday #resist #NowPlaying #TrumpPioneers
"КПРФ ТВ viewers also watch" - 5 words Trump sees a lot of when he turns to Youtube. #MAGA #resist #FoxAndComrades
The #GOP/#MAGA/con base are intensely stupid & deranged: it's impossible to overstate that. That doesn't mean we shouldn't reduce mass/illegal #immigration or contain SJWs. It certainly doesn't mean we should act like those who grift off them in order to get the opposite.
She reps GOP base. You & your megadonors try to corral them, rather than doing the patriotic thing & channeling them. MT @shawnsteel1 MT @willsommer: Right-wing activist Laura Loomer, last seen chaining herself to Twitter HQ, has jumped the fence at Nancy Pelosi's Napa home
I just like the sound of David Bowie's "Always Crashing in the Same Car" (& the Low album), I don't know if it's a metaphor for how #TheResistance has consistently helped Trump but let's assume it is: #MusicMonday #MAGA #NowPlaying
.@MarshallLocke: say we wanted to undercut the leader of Naranjastan to his supporters & he's a dim, venal oaf. Given his abject failure to do that in the case of Trump, could @StevenLHall1 devise a plan to do that in the case of the leader of Naranjastan?
.@cocktailgurl17: @McFaul says "Obama also does not lie". In fact, O constantly deceived about immigration. He tricked libs into supporting very pro-Big Biz policies. He even repurposed a pro-Big Biz talking point GWB used. President Goldman-Sachs is about as credible as Trump.
Obviously, Trump isn't smart in the "figure out the best policy", etc. way. However, he's got lots of street smarts as you'd expect from someone in a rough industry. And like a wolf he knows where his prey is most vulnerable. The MSM is an old, diseased elk. #MAGA #resist