.@hpstorian: you promote political violence & having tantrums against political leaders. You lack the smarts and sanity to promote Socratic debate.
How many have been killed by actual white supremacists (not just your broad definition) over the past few centuries? How many have been killed by Muslim supremacists in same time period? MT @RandaAFattah ...We told you the threat is white supremacy [@The_NewArab]
.@Stefan24Frei @chadmarshall14: soccer in USA is a specialty sport. It's mostly hidden on channels many or most don't get. MLS isn't trying to grow the sport by getting it on TV. There's no soccer on ESPN this weekend. If MLS were serious about growing the sport there would be.
Meanwhile on Univision, The Goats (Trump's team) are facing off against America (the Deep State's & Mueller's team). America (the Deep State) is up 2-0 with ~25 minutes to go. #MAGA #resist
Who are you talking to? No one can see it unless they have a specific cable provider or live in Abu Dhabi. You could greatly help yourselves, soccer, the fans, & the advertisers if you did what you had to to get on ESPN. MT @LAGalaxy The XI for #LAvMIN 👊 #LAGalaxy | @ModeloUSA
.@nancycbarnes: what do you think about @_gsaldivia & thus #NPR promoting political violence? Will NPR try to do a better job, such as finally encouraging real debate rather than violence against your political opponents?
.@AnaCabrera: as can be seen from #eggboy, many fake liberals think the proper response to r/w violence is l/w violence. I'm sure you're different and will condemn assault no matter the ideology of the victim & the perp. In fact, I'm sure you'll support Socratic debate. Right?
In their defense, everyone knows cons are too fake to actually follow through. MT @terresapeterson MT @TheRightMelissa: The mass shooting in New Zealand appears to line up with the narrative that conservatives are violent and hateful
In his latest tweet storm, Pres Trump opines that the new Eluveitie - Ambiramus - is way too poppy and way too little folky. The 24Ahead Music Team regretfully agrees. #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@robbraxmantech: Dissenter will fail miserably like the many similar past efforts failed. Also, @GetOnGab refuses to use the data at my pinned tweet showing how their competitor lies to millions of all kinds of users. What sort of sane company does that?
How hard is to see Trump as a Balkan leader? If he spoke one of the languages he'd fit right in. There's also a note due in part to Trump, #AltRight, and #MAGA. #MusicMonday #resist #NowPlaying
.@trip_elix: you're a smart guy. Cons consistently *enable* social media censorship by shrinking opposition. The reality is few care if cons are censored. The reality is also that Twitter censors all kinds of people. If cons were smart they'd use that to increase the opposition.
Trump was on the brink of nuking #Romania just to make a point to #CNN, when the "Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra" called on the red phone & made him stop by playing Geamparalele: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@chrisulmer: if you want to save your livelihood, you have to play but back away from both the @Cernovich / #AltRight types and those with power over Youtube. Play them into encouraging real Socratic debate about real issues.
.@chrisulmer: you got RTed by @Cernovich. That means you'll get a modicum of support from the dimmest, most deranged, least powerful people in the USA & you'll drive away smart/sane/powerful people who have varying degrees of power over #Youtube.
Thinking it was somehow being used by the #FakeNews to discredit his great victory, Trump denies rape being a problem in India, blames it on the victims: #MAGA #resist
What % of those who can cost SPLC support trust a word you or @Josh_Moon say? What % of said people would trust things they can easily verify themselves like SPLC's deceptive studies? Which makes you $? MT @JMichaelWaller SPLC supporter confirms racism inside #SPLC leadership
I will. And, as soon as I get my Trump Bonus Check from the Trump Tax Cuts and the Trump Patriots Payoffs, I'll be sure to buy her book or other products. MT @davereaboi Celebrate ⁦@politicalelle⁩’s birthday by reading her latest in the ⁦FDRLST⁩!
I translate, yes? All cons, when they put their heads together, just weren't smart enough to stop someone as incredibly flawed as Obama. Twice! #idiocracy #MAGA #resist MT @JohnEkdahl ...McCain v Obama [was] most absurdly 1-sided media coverage of a pres election in history
.@YoungStreete: here's a simple test if @MaximeBernier is real. Ask him to urge Trump to use this highly effective argument to undercut pro-amnesty Dem leaders to their base. He'd help a neighbor, prove his bona fides, & get lots of support:
One of the endless examples of #Twitter incompetence is how a feed with lots of videos keeps jumping as the page loads. They could get around that by putting a height on their vids (or images that are replaced with vids). Pray their "engineers" never work for Boeing. #Java
.@CarterBaum: you'd make much more money if @FCDallas didn't willfully marginalize themselves & #soccer in the USA. There's no soccer on ESPN this weekend. That'd change if they & MLS gave ESPN - or even network - a good enough deal. Take less now to make more later.
.@YoungStreete: @MaximeBernier seems to be standard issue NeoLiberalism marketed to yahoos like Trump does in USA (perhaps a slightly smarter version). He throws out red meat for Bubba when his real goal is to bring home the Canadian bacon for the wealthy.
Q. Why do so few use #DocMartin to refer to the series? A. Because few 99+ year olds are on Twitter. But seriously: it's a great, heart-warming series. And if you disagree, go fuck yourself. #MAGA #resist
.@AJA_Cortes: hey Alex, when Trump's Muslim/travel ban was blocked, was Trump ramping up screening enough to keep out bad dudes?
.@WinstonTheW0lf: everything Coulter & other r/w'ers say about SPLC just helps SPLC (in the same way deranged leftists help Trump). She *helps* the SPLC. She also thinks the "wall" is a viable plan, but Congress would just neglect/tear it down. Point that out to her fans.
.@Julian_Hasse: you know how Cher is a joke to #MAGA? All of her whining has done nothing except *help* Trump. And, she can't figure that out. You & @henryrodgersdc are exactly like her (minus the Malibu mansion). Just like Cher, you lack smarts/sanity to oppose Beto for real.
#CNN teaser: "White Nationalism Evident Across The World". That will come as quite a shock to the majority of countries that have few of the tainted people, but I'm sure CNN has an explanation. #MAGA #resist
All else aside and in the cold light of reality going forward, Christchurch is bad for Trump, #AltRight, & cons in general. And, what's bad for them is usually good for USA. But, it makes opposing mass #immigration / globalism / NeoLiberal harder. And it'll increase censorship.
.@Cernovich: hey Mike, I've written 1000s of anti-amnesty posts at my site, at Malkin's, etc. I opposed Trump since Aug 2015: I knew he was fake. You didn't. When his Muslim/travel bans were blocked (as I predicted), did Trump ramp up screening enough to keep us safe?
All alone in the White House, surrounded by Filet O Fish wrappers, Donald Trump will often watch Fox News with the sound turned down as he practices his lute. #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I'd imagine #NFL got popular due to regular TV broadcasts. Also, the promos they ran during gladiator movies. #MLS needs to follow the same model, just without the gladiator movies part. #soccer
.@mnufc: #ESPN isn't showing your game tomorrow due to your failures & the failures of @MLS. You refuse to take less now to get more popular later. Give ESPN (or network) a good deal. Make it difficult for them not to show you instead of lumberjack, poker, or cornhole.
.@LAGalaxy: have you considered taking less money now for more money later? It's a time-honored formula for those in it for the long haul. That means making ESPN an offer they can't refuse rather than marginalizing your appeal on Univision or (even worse) FS1/BeIn/etc.
.@WelchsFruitSnck: I don't get your name. What's a "snck"? A "snick"? A "snuck"? Or is that Serbian & there's no vowel?
.@AllyBrinken @jizlee: the @HRBlock ads have a recurring theme: Sassy Black Lady saves non-white-male from Deceptive Or Nerdy Or Incompetent White Male. It's like old movies that had blacks with a watermelon under one arm & a stolen chicken under the other, in reverse.
.@cnnbreyingnews: I don't want to "guess" which groups of U.S. citizens aren't patriots per you. Please spell it out. Or: when conservatives constantly turn their backs on California, is that patriotic of them?
Anything r/w needs disclaimers up the wazoo for anyone who isn't a r/w dimmywit. Try this test phrase: "[Publication] says this, but don't worry, I've verified it". Imagine you're speaking to the 75% who aren't yahoo cons & plug in various publication names. #MAGA #resist
.@billhandelshow: before calling @SPLCenter "well-respected", review their history of deception. E.g., not revealing inconvenient statistics until they were called on it. I can't imagine doing that & I'm sure you can't either. Yet, they did it:
.@RealDonaldTrump: Mr. President, we #MAGA Patriots are hardest hit by these huge price jumps in fast food. Can you please look into this?
The #FakeNews media laughed when Trump picked up his lute. They weren't laughing after he started to play! 24Ahead closes with his improvisations: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@SmythRadio: hey Kerry, @miketokes - the Political Strategist - pushed #48Hours. You probably didn't know about it because it had zero impact whatsoever.
Conclusion: dim, deranged rightwingers (which is to say almost all of them) have some sort of thing about being duped by pro-amnesty casino owners. #MAGA #resist
Not unrelated: in 2012, the "Tea Party News Network" live-blogged Mitt Romney's loss from Sheldon Adelson's Venetian. #MAGA? #resist MT @hollandcourtney We had an amazing first #MAGA Meetup in Las Vegas last night with around 80-100 attendees at @TrumpLasVegas....
If you're going to pay thousands or hundreds of thousands to get your kids into #USC etc as fake athletes, wouldn't it be a wise idea to have the kids at least try the sports? I mean, "crew" requires no athleticism, just easily-acquired upper body endurance. #MAGA #resist
'"I'm a janitor, oh my genitals!" is possibly the single most profound lyric in contemporary music, and does in 6 words what Bob Dylan could not in 6,000.': #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@RonColeman: my pinned tweet has real data that would help Gavin McInnes. It shows how heavily Twitter censors patriots.
.@joe_pelech: the only way to stop #Twitter censoring cons is to oppose them censoring everyone. If you don't oppose censorship of those you disagree with, you don't oppose censorship. Twitter censors *all* kinds of users: see my pinned tweet. Will you stand with them?
#HurryCane is being sued by the family of a #Cleveland man who'd filled the cup holder of his #HurryRoll with vodka and drunkenly crashed into Lake Erie. Rudy Giuliani is leading their defense. #MAGA #joke #resist #NowReal #satire #PleaseDoNotSue
Which group(s) of US citizens aren't patriots? RT @cnnbreyingnews [a moi] WHEN YOU EMPLOY ONLY THIRD WORLD AMERICA HATING LEFTISTS TO CENSOR PATRIOTS.
#CNN has David Axlerod from a Scottsdale studio with really bad lighting last seen on the Count Floyd Show. #MAGA #resist
It's only Thu and Trump is looking forward to yet another weekend of golfing & catching up on the few Fox News segments he didn't have time for during the week. #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Here's a simple question that'd show Trump's Muslim/travel ban wrong if Trump or a proxy was really pressed on it: "While the ban was blocked, either Trump ramped up screening enough (& thus his ban was unnecessary) or he endangered the US. Which is it?" #MAGA #resist
.@Prichardington: it's time to encourage real debate. In US, a simple one-line question would show Trump's Muslim/travel ban wrong. No one with access to Trump or his proxies has been able to think it up & even if they could they wouldn't press Trump/his proxies on it.
I personally find whatever Katy Perry says extremely objectionable. If I took over, she'd be the first to Siberia. But, I also realize opposing censorship doesn't work that way: you aren't really against censorship unless you support letting those like Perry speak. #MAGA #resist
.@rsultzba: which group(s) of U.S. citizens aren't "patriots"? Twitter heavily censors *liberals* replying to Trump officials. The only way to help yourself is to stand with them & *all* others censored by Twitter. Otherwise you don't really oppose censorship.
.@SebiSalazarFUT: from mid-Dec to mid-Mar, list all the #soccer games ESPN has showed (on network, not at 3am). Anyone watching ESPN would think lumberjack, poker, & cornhole are more popular than soccer. @AlexiLalas
.@JerseyJonathan: localities heavily subsidize NFL/NBA via stadium giveaways, etc. We should subsidize at least #USWNT & #USMNT. Losing to Trinidad and/or Tobago should be a national embarrassment.
.@amoryreb: 1. Your reply shadowbanned by Twitter. List all the con victories against censorship: 2. Explain your reply. @FAIRImmigration & @JxhnBinder have the ability to make enabling amnesty politically toxic. List examples of them trying to do that:
.@commoben: Big Biz loves it when people like you call opposition to wage-lowering mass immigration "anti-immigrant". You're helping Biz Biz lower wages.
.@Steven12604294: Trump fans love it when @ChrisCuomo has KAC on: she rolls right over him. Cuomo's trained as a lawyer to ask yes/no questions, but instead he just asks weak open-ended questions that let her get her talking points out.
.@buddystone: o contrary. #MAGA loves it when KAC is on @CuomoPrimeTime because she steamrolls him. Lawyers are trained to ask a series of y/n questions to show the jury a witness is lying. Cuomo refuses to show the MAGA "jury" that KAC is lying. Instead he lets her steamroll.
.@Dadspumpkin65: people have been hearing Trump & his proxies for years & he still won. What's needed is to show a Trump proxy wrong *to their base*. @ChrisCuomo can't or won't do that. He asks Kellyanne weak, open-ended questions. He won't use his lawyer training & ask yes/no.
24Ahead thus close broadcast day with this live broadcast from your local #MAGA / #TheResisistance / MSM meeting: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@br7ndon: in his Vox interview, Sanders opposed Koch-friendly #immigration policy. Then, when he ran for prez the first time he pushed Koch-friendly immigration policy. Do you see @EricLevitz or @jonathanchait calling him on that? Of course not: they agree with the new Sanders.
Here's something you can do right now. Con leaders turn their backs on CA & that's unpatriotic even as they call themselves "patriots". When will either of you call con leaders on being unpatriotic? MT @espiers MT @AdamSerwer [bitter clingers was unfortunate, but GOP is worse]
My records show you & your pals had the ability call Palin etc on that when they said it. You could've engaged her in debate & showed her wrong. What are your excuses for not doing that? MT @jeffspross MT @Ed_Crooks [US budget is like household budget is "obvious falsehood"]
To the extent it matters, 24Ahead didn't like what @annamurphymusic did after Eluveitie, until the latest. Here's Drown: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@nerdosyndical: @BigMeanInternet wants a Buttigieg/Pence debate. Pence is weakest on immigration. He even had his own amnesty plan inspired by the Loctite heiress. Malcolm & Buttigieg are too corrupt to use against Pence how much they agree with him.
.@AlexisCoe: @GMPaiella posts dog pics. She also interviewed AOC & didn't call her on how pro-corporate her immigration stance is. I'd like you to take some time out & really think through the impacts of AOC's stance. Would labor supply increase or decrease? Cui bono?
No surprises there. Where is DeSantis weakest? Where is Trump weakest? If you can't figure that out, what use are you? MT @SeanTrende DeSantis is easily the most surprising storyline of the post-2018 election to me
.@lrbrinkley: that indicates for the millionth time a deep cultural problem even as profits are on the side of increasing those problems. Also, every LAPD cop is at USC at night: there are more cops than students. He strayed outside the safe zone.
.@CLEUCl: @jessesingal claims #ACLU is "intellectually dishonest" re sports. ACLU etc hypes the millions made from pvt #immigration detention to help Big Biz make billions from illegal labor. You see Singal calling them on helping the powerful make money? Of course not.
.@brandondarby blocked me, probably some time in 2016. I didn't notice it until now because of how insignificant he is. However, he does show yet again that cons are scared little snowflakes just like SJWs.
.@irishbill59: FAIR, Breitbart, Binder, Trump, etc have endlessly hyped criminal aliens' crimes. Please list all the cases where it's caused Dem leaders to back away from enabling illegal immigration. Has it cause Pelosi to back away? Ocasio? Schumer? List any such cases.
It's actually easy to stop it. FAIR/Breitbart/Binder have a financial incentive *not* to stop it. If they helped stop it, they'd lose money. MT @amoryreb [Replying to @FAIRImmigration BreitbartNews @JxhnBinder] Sick of [criminal aliens]! There must be some way to curtail it.
Trump edges closer to instituting a One Woman, One Ukulele policy, Fox News reports: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
So, we can expect Tucker to stop losing and start gaining advertisers after his intense takedown. Let's count his advertisers now then in a month. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist MT @DailyCaller @TuckerCarlson buries Media Matters in just two minutes of pure savagery.
.@TomDurante: you & @rbbrown harp on celebs' kids, but ignore the much bigger issue: unis use legal aliens as cash cows & give limited slots to illegal aliens. Both harm U.S. students *and* foreign countries. Pray right now that your readers never wise up to what you ignore.
There have been plenty of sub-6' NBA/NFL players. MT @rbbrown One dad in the college bribery scandal allegedly paid his 5-foot-5 son's way into USC - as a basketball recruit
.@theedwardrose: I reply to @sarapekow & you send me a childish gif. Let's say all those in Yemen capable of becoming doctors moved to the USA. Would that help or hurt Yemen?
.@ExercisingDrunk: at #SFist, you blog about the latest instance of a criminal aliens' crimes, referring to the "outrage machine" of Fox News, etc. Leaving aside all else, what is Murdoch's immigration stance? Does he want to reduce it or increase it?
There's a bear in the woods.. OK, I got off track. It's just a song from a Turkish chick singer, it has nothing to do with U.S. politics or anything, she's just walking in the woods. No bears. #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@FutureAudioC: @luciasuarezsang is vulnerable to real arguments. Like how she hypes a criminal alien. That's news, but it's never reduced illegal immigration. That makes it acceptable to Fox: Murdoch is a big amnesty fan so he'd never allow things that'd actually work.
.@people: all those tissues. But, at least I now know the truth. I'll try to rebuild somehow. #soccer #USWNT #MAGA #resist
What is the Trump? * The Trump is all. Where is the Trump? * The Trump is Everywhere. How do I follow the Trump Way? * Follow the Trump Path. Is the Trump perfected? * The Trump is perfected. #MAGA #resist
.@breck_dumas: you blog about latest crime committed by an illegal alien. People like you have been doing the same thing for decades & it's never caused leaders to stop enabling illegal #immigration. It's great for clicks tho! When will you put solving problems ahead of clicks?
.@Pezjax: another way to undercut @chrispleasance is to point out to anyone who takes him seriously (if any) that he hypes illegal aliens' crimes. That's important, but it's never had any impact on reducing illegal immigration. Point out to his fans (?) he's all shock, no action.
.@SarahSpain: here's a fun sports trivia question: list all the sports and shows #ESPN is more likely to play than the world's most popular sport. I'll start you off: - ax throwing - go-karts - poker - cornhole ......
A Mr. Seb G. of Bratislava/DC/Naypyidaw writes: "Could you close the broadcast day, & also do it with Téka 40 - 1. Magyar duda és tekerő zenekar?" Of course: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Theytukerrrjobs: @TheToddSchulte does you no good. He's got all this money from Zuck & he can't move the needle. He snipes at Roy Beck but can't figure out where he's weakest: on how much of a grifter he is. Or maybe it's just because he realizes that's where he's weakest too.
.@Constitution_76: you support amnesty like @RepJasonCrow, you just want cheap, deceptive promises of more enforcement first. Me, I oppose amnesty. You can help by pointing out to his fans that he'd increase competition for college slots & increase braindrain.
.@helenwilker: if @RepCarbajal is a citizen, he isn't an immigrant as he claims: those are disjoint sets. He's not clear on the fundamentals. His policies would also harm the 3rd World: is taking 800,000 of their active citizens is OK, why not take 8 million from them?
.@csilverandgold: FYI, Noahpinion blocked me for pointing out he'd harm the Third World. He knows he can't engage me and show me wrong, so he runs away.
Of an evening, those strolling in the vicinity of the White House will often hear Trump's classical music favorites wafting through the night air. Like this Mozart classic: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@JillayneMC: I knew Trump was fake on immigration from Day One. I've opposed him since Aug 2015. If you really want to undercut @kausmickey & @AnnCoulter, point out *to their fan(s)* that they pushed Trump even as it was obviously to me pro-amnesty he is. Go after their base.
For balance, almost all of #TheResistance is just as dim/deranged as #MAGA. Those like these two will never realize how they help Trump. MT @scripterry @SocialPowerOne1 Coulter didn't see any of that in Trump until he failed to build his white supremacist wall.
On the orders of the Donald Trump Blue Ribbon Committee To Liberate The Baltics From Freedom, 24Ahead plays Rüüt - Orjalaul: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
"Maybe if Tucker's forced off Fox, cons will learn their lesson & oppose censorship for real." Sorry, it doesn't work that way: the con base is too dim & deranged to learn any kind of lesson. The only way to impact them is to make it profitable for those who grift them. #MAGA
.@JonChampionJC: @LAGalaxy isn't on #ESPN. In fact, no #soccer is on ESPN until Thu of next week. They'd sooner show ax throwing & cornhole than the world's most popular sport. You really need to get those not connected to ESPN to speak out against that.