.@lbundy90: on the wider issue, @MLB needs to spread the postseason out. Take a week off preseason. Keep the postseason format, just only show 1 game/day. Also, stop selling out to Murdoch. He greatly harms baseball by hiding key games on a channel 10s of millions don't get.
.@RealBenisons: Trump & MAGA are horrific, but @oneunderscore__ is much worse. He's a lil' Honecker who's trying to quash dissent. Just like Trump is doing. Review what liberals are supposed to believe in.
Could you? If you understood & supported the Constitution, you'd oppose pro-censorship lil' Honeckers like Caroline Orr tooth and nail. MT @lets_past I want to go live in New Zealand. They seem to care about their people and democracy MT @RVAwonk [NZ to ramp up censorship]
.@jbens241: as a "Biomedical Engineering Technologist" you should be smart enough to figure out that Trump & his fans would call a lot of @TheOnion 'hate speech' & would seek to silence it as they seek to silence those who disagree. Be a real liberal & oppose censorship.
Conflating what's called 'hate speech' w/ that is from The Onion. MT @NachoDonut ~like how 6 million seems to be a a very precise and arguably unrealistic number MT @TheOnion FB: 'Identifying Hate Speech Is Difficult Because Some Posts Actually Make Pretty Interesting Points'
.@dollymad1812: Trump's horrific, but @MelissaRyan is much, much worse: she strongly supports censorship. Be a real liberal and oppose censorship across the board, whether Ryan or Trump push it.
.@MSosiuk: @HashtagGriswold is no help at holding CNN or anyone else accountable. Gizmodo blogs a similar tale about ABC to much more effect. They're a "normal" site (i.e., not conservative). Griswold is a con. Like other cons he only plays to an echo chamber few care to visit.
Curious: when I replied to HoselMr, his was first reply to HashtagGriswold. When I reloaded the Griswold reply page, his was at the end of the (short) list of replies, just before 'Show more replies'. Can I shadowban others' replies just by replying to them? #censorship
He's got just 31 RTs & only Breitbart/GatewayP/WashTimes link. Only a handful of cons care. How is conservatism at helping hold CNN accountable? MT @HoselMr MT @HashtagGriswold CNN didn't disclose Warren townhall questioner was fed max donor
"Now That Shep Smith Is Gone, Trump Zeroes In On Fox News' Chris Wallace". And then they came for Sean Hannity... #MAGA #resist #FoxNews
.@S_AkbarHasan: as a supposed surgeon you have to figure out tough problems, right? Yet, you apparently can't figure out that those like @SangerNYT are part of the problem. They have access to Trump, but have never once asked him a tough policy question.
.@je_mclaughlin: it takes two to tango. Those like @SangerNYT (& especially Haberman) have always been a phone call away from Trump. Never once have they sought out experts to give them tough policy questions they can ask. As a result, they've constantly *helped* Trump.
.@grammyisabel: Trump's an ijiot savant: he's great at PR & trolling, horrific at ideas. One OK thing he's done is reveal how grossly incompetent #TheResistance / MSM are. Just look at reality: nothing they've ever done has undercut him in any way.
USA could give Trump much, much, much more of what he wants than Putin ever could. #TheResistance isn't smart enough to offer that to get what they want. Putin is much, much, much smarter than your liders MT @Lynn102309 [hilariously replies to NYT, calling Trump a Putin lackey]
A Word of Explanation from the 24Ahead Governance Board: "Here at 24Ahead, the 24Ahead Sports Desk recently engineered a #Nats victory over the #Dodgers. They intended that the #Cardinals would subsequently defeat the Nats. As that has not happened, we have terminated the Desk."
.@JeffFrancoeur: MLB should: 1. Shorten the preseason by 7-10 days and spread the postseason over 7-10. Don't change the format, just spread it out. 2. Stop selling out to Murdoch, since he greatly harms baseball by hiding it on a channel 10s of millions don't get.
And thus, 24Ahead takes a recess in the tweetage. Everyone in #MAGA & #TheResistance, go out and play. #MusicSunday #NowPlaying
Trey Gowdy could be used to greatly help Trump if Karni called him on being pro-amnesty. She can't do that because she agrees with him & Trump on it. MT @anniekarni [palace intrigue on Trey Gowdy] MT @Incatnito1 [calls someone else's childish GIF in another reply "too cute"]
.@TNChick67: @anniekarni is worse than a Tiger Beat reporter. She only covers palace intrigue & other things that will never have any impact on Trump. The last thing she'll ever do is call Trey Gowdy on agreeing with her on amnesty, even though that'd hurt him & Trump.
#Astros walk it off. Thank gosh. #ALCS
.@Danaiolos: @Elizrael types have constantly enabled #TheResistance in order to get clicks: pussy hats, "Drumpf", etc. Obviously, none of that kid's stuff stopped Trump's Kurds plan. Doing that requires a very low level of smarts & sanity, but Tsurkov etc can't rise that high.
.@kcullen: even a PI lawyer should be able to figure out how all this works by now. Trump does outrageous things so those like @brooklynmutt shock their readers to get clicks. It greatly hurts USA by distracting from the huge issues in Trump's ideas, but RS & Wade don't GAFF.
.@amyspaulding: @brooklynmutt found out about the video of a fake Trump shooting MSM because Trump wanted it: it's a setup. It's Dee Snider's world, and Peter Wade is just a low-rent Tipper Gore. He isn't smart enough to show Trump wrong to his base. #RollingStone
More things you can do to help Trump: faint; whine; demand a warning sticker on his records; faint; wear a pussy hat; faint. #TheResistance! MT @Codybfan87 [to #RollingStone taking the bait] Something truly has to be done this time. It’s a video of Trump killing the media..
.@eaglescentral: think how many millions more would see #ALCS if MLB hadn't sold out to Murdoch, who hides it on an obscure channel while showing cartoons on network. MLB hurts fans, players, teams, & themselves by selling out to Murdoch. Speak out against that.
.@KidukSong: Trump's first #immigration plan was the Flake-Gutierrez "touchback" amnesty (see his 2015 Chuck Todd interview). That's Jeff Flake & Luis Gutierrez. Trump's amnesty would have illegal aliens leave then come right back. And, you enabled all of that.
I've posted since 2015 how pro-amnesty/loose borders Trump is. CNN/NYT/etc won't call him on that because he & the Dems agree on it. MT @TheAngelOrsini MT @effiedog: Look for Trump to quietly make exceptions to immigration rules to allow more workers for his buddies in Big Oil
#GriffithPark has #HauntedHayRide again & I was forced to listen to the "scary" soundtrack. Part of it was painfully obviously recorded: pathetic. Due to USA, we can't have anything authentic folk culture but have to go for the LCD: horror movie culture. #LosAngeles
.@mark45mac: check out the @AnnCoulter soccer columns & tweets. She really hates a healthy, all-American sport & she really loves a hostile, culturally-toxic joke of a sport: kneeball. She thinks Ray Lewis is the American ideal while Rose Lavelle is "moral decay".
.@jbobwilliamson: #AnnCoulter is incredibly vulnerable to her dwindling base: she thinks the "wall" would be "forever" (the next admin will just tear it down) & she hyped the NFL as an all-American sport. Only the mental/emotional failings of #TheResistance keep her afloat.
It certainly fits in with the pattern of cons being the least patriotic people in the USA. #MAGA #resist MT @saintpeeter1 When it comes to sports, the players are all the same to me. But I usually cheer for teams in Red States over Blue States - does that make sense?
.@adamclanton: hey Adam, the great majority of Americans will have no idea there's even a game on. MLB hoes out to Murdoch, who then hides baseball away on a channel few get while showing a worthless cartoon on network. Why don't you do some real reporting & call MLB on that?
.@maryangelafitz: #Benzo would be less of a problem without low lawsuit caps (pushed through by medical industry) & without rampant NeoLiberal policies due to cultural issues & corrupt leaders (e.g., mass offshoring). @lisaling & CNN are too corrupt to punch up against those.
.@Waddy_D: CNN will never challenge anyone with institutional power (note: Trump doesn't have institutional power). CNN owns @lisaling. If she were a real reporter on a real network, #Benzo would go after a) low lawsuit caps, & b) NeoLiberal policies worsening addiction.
.@4symbols78: when you fantasize about playing for the @NFL, which role do you fantasize about: the one who bends over and receives the hands gliding between your thighs, or the one on top who glides his hands between the thighs of a bent-over player? #NTTAWWT #Chargers
.@SaosEip: tens of millions have no idea what @BarstoolHubbs is talking about because MLB hoes out to Murdoch, who hides baseball on his specialty channel in order to show kneeball & cartoons on network. That greatly harms baseball long-term. You & Hubbs should speak out.
.@DerekIngram11: @NFL = @BLMNational. Some players are felonious & most are hostile to you due to your skin color. Not to mention how boring it is (one pointless set play after another) and how weird it is (bent over players?) Take a knee on kneeball.
.@BarstoolBigCat: kneeball is a "funny" sport. As in "Coach wants me to bend over while he comes up behind me and glides his hands between my thighs" funny. #NTTAAWWT #Chargers #Steelers #SNF
Sick of the #NFL? ESPN has Wales (Gareth Bale) vs Croatia (who were in the latest World Cup final) in real football. #MAGA #resist
.@PabloAlsina: MLB hoes out to Murdoch, who then marginalizes the national pastime by putting it on a channel 10s of millions don't get. Fox would rather play pointless kneeball games than tomorrow's Verlander game. Plus, there aren't any nobody celebs in the audience.
No, really, I mean that: rural New England is great. It's just wicked pissah cold. #WickedPissah #MAGA #resist
.@NasshanPassion: rural New England is great. Also, Yang plagiarized his immigration stance, taking stock boilerplate written by others & slightly modifying it to deceive those like you. @marchandsteve might be behind it. P.S. I've written *1000s* of posts about immigration.
.@Elisabethmngirl: what's horrific for the U.S. is Mark Sanford will speak to stooges like @justin_chermol of @Cheddar because he knows they'll never ask him any tough questions (e.g., about any downsides in HR8/UBC & Sanford's "tweaks" to it).
.@JeffTho32446530: the networks and reporters might be bought and paid for, but at least we've got @justin_chermol & @Cheddar! Get everyone in #YangGang to give them a big thank you for their support!
Beto has released a "Plan to Win": "We see a no-bullshit path for Beto and for our people-powered campaign-and a real, serious one". Wow! He swears just like me! He must be a real person! #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
.@Peej_Jones: @chefjoseandres hands out gourmet sandwiches instead of more nourishing, cheaper staple foods. He enables dependency rather than independence. Get into a survival situation and you'll understand.
There's no #NLCS Sunday & #ALCS is hidden away, but ESPN has perhaps one of the world's most fierce rivalries at 11:30am (Pacific). On that day, Wales will face off against archrival Croatia in real football. Croatia will never forget Wales & the Axis' atrocities in WWII.
.@CamInTaunton: Fox is putting the Verlander game on a channel 10s of millions don't get. MLB sells out to Murdoch, who then marginalizes and greatly hurts baseball.
Thanks to @KurtSchlichter, here are some facts about our enemies, the Kurds: - the Kurds were ardent Axis supporters in WWII & took part in mass atrocities... - Sirhan Sirhan & Ted Bundy were Kurd... - Mehmet Ali Agca was a Kurd (NOTE: call him MAGA in Alabama). #MAGA #resist
Trending on Twitter: #JoeBuckFilter Unfortunately, despite frantic research in AI labs around the world, no commercial products have been released yet. #ALCS
And thus, pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #4092834 ("Let All Walls Be Voodoo"), 24Ahead close broadcast day with a Stan Ridgway / Wall of Voodoo concert from 1982 or 1983 or something: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@DjRodgers1231: Rudy/Pence/Kellyanne/Perry/etc/etc should be toxic to MAGA, but those like @kenvogel refuse to go after them where they're incredibly vulnerable. Rudy supports amnesty+TTC+Rockefeller+national ID etc. Why didn't Ken go after him over those huge vulnerabilities?
Stan Ridgway - Harry Truman: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Mister_Fun_Guy [snarks about Rudy being corrupt] Certainly not those you enable like @evanmcmurry. Trump's always been incredibly vulnerable to his base over Rudy/Pence/Kellyanne/etc, but those like Evan have always lacked the smarts/sanity/patriotism to use it.
Thank you for your input. RT @Radar_Funk Trump is criminal murderer!!
.@Mariterri0607: as a supposed lawyer - someone paid to devise action plans - can you think up a smarter way to have opposed Trump than @attackerman etc etc have done? Perhaps on the huge flaws in his policies, rather than waiting 4+ years for Trump to f up?
Your tweet only has 135 interactions a day later. Reuters is doing the inorganic hype game wrong. Maybe tell the truth for once to get organic buzz. RT @bradheath [of Reuters] That @AramRoston [of Reuters] photo is going to get a lot of mileage today.
Either you're corrupt or not qualified as a doctor, Sheyna. If not the first, you'd realize what Mink hypes is a contributing factor to the problems CA faces. Can you figure that out, Sheyna? MT @humansareawesme MT @CMMink [hypes "binational health fare" for illegal aliens+]
.@Blake_S_Davis: maybe cut back on the replies to @WaterForLAC. Instead, point out how much of a joke they are. E.g., all the gallons to make a cup of coffee are in places with abundant rainfall that we'd never see a drop of. It's absurdly childish deception.
Stan Ridgway - It's A Lonely Town: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
True confession time: I used to smoke. I know, I'm worse than Satanhitler. I tried various ways to stop & what did it was realizing it was like walking into a house on fire. Now I'm getting sick from smelling this #Sylmar / #SaddleRidgeFire / whatever. Please just stop it.
.@paradoxofvalue1: before Teaparty made everyone sick, @scrowder hyped a dojo that'd made it on their own. Except he ignored all the govt help they got. He dressed up like Lena Dunham & pretended her fans - who could buy Crowder 1000x over - just want free stuff. He's a joke.
Let's say it's Dec 2015 & your sincere goal is to keep the USA safe. Is the plan Trump announced - his Muslim Ban - the best way you can think of? Are you capable of thinking of a better plan? MT @GuyThompson_Esq [cheers] MT @CountDankulaTV [unfunny r/w comic]
SJWs freeriding their battles on CC *helps* those who push the corporate line. Perhaps PJW can't separate CC from how SJWs use it. MT @RobPalmer80 I do believe in climate change and the science behind it, but the over the top, regressive left's politicization of it is ridiculous
.@TwistedMc842: @PrisonPlanet smearing climate change is odd: he'll never got corp $ & Fox Newsism won't endear him to his betters. Maybe it's just because he's provably dim.
.@theresa62605716: Rudy & other Trump lackeys are incredibly vulnerable to Trump's base; making them toxic would marginalize Trump. Hasn't the "Resistance" only ever done things that have caused MAGA to flock to Rudy/Kellyanne/Pence/etc.? Aren't they part of the problem?
.@mgdurand: @ScottAdamsSays was an early Trump adopter, he helped make Trump acceptable to the r/w dulligentsia. What has #TheResistance done? Have they shown "12d chess" wrong (easy)? Have they undercut Dilbert over amnesty (also easy)? Dilbert wins because of ppl like you.
.@TheKoreyT: I understand your job is to spread the #YangMessage beyond the #YangGang, but Dilbert is bad news. He's constantly hyped Trump, who'd sell the USA out to " #FentanylChina " for a hotel deal. If Yang won't oppose those like Dilbert, what use is he to the USA?
Sorry for the delay, I was just sitting here in a darkened room sobbing & rocking back and forth, wondering what we'll do as a country once the #Newseum shuts down. #MAGA #resist
#Dilbert aka the sniveling little s Scott Adams was one of the catalysts for Trump. Him hyping Trump helped make Trump fashionable among the r/w dulligentsia. Lots of libs have had access to him, but none of them have ever really pressed him on his & Trump's BS. #TheResistance
.@catznpeg: those like @smerconish have helped Trump at every turn for 4+ years. E.g., disproving "12d chess" would've greatly hurt Trump. Smerc had Dilbert - the top "12d chess" pusher - on at least 2x but just fawned over him, never pressing him on Trump's huge flaws.
De Niro is a cultural pollutant. So, of course you'd hype him. MT @CLWUnlimited Got to interview Robert De Niro recently...
.@katherine_lee1: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! The @Newseum is closing??? Now, who will mythologize worthless desk jockeys who have *never* asked any politician anywhere an actually tough question about policy? Where will I turn for nauseating mythologizing???
.@DragoonScene: GWB pushed an anti-American mass amnesty that would've helped Big Biz lower wages & bust unions. He also pushed the very pro-Big Biz NAU. While Canadian libs opposed the NAU, U.S. libs were trained like seals by their leaders to dismiss concerns.
NB: the #Nats were just a Team of Convenience I designated to eliminate the #Dodgers menace. I thank them, but I'm cheering for the #Cardinals. That said, I calls 'em as I sees 'em.
He's out. #Cardinals #Nats
GWB did a lot of things liberals cheered at the time, like pushing a massive amnesty designed to help Big Biz lower wages. List all the Dems/libs who opposed that crooked pro-Big Biz plan: MT @EoinHiggins_ [chides @TheEllenShow for attending a kneeball game with GWB]
Both Giuliani and Rick Perry were fans of the TTC. Giuliani was being paid, Perry probably was too. They get away with being Trump employees because #TheResistance is incredibly incompetent. #MAGA
.@scrabbleal: some years ago, Giuliani was kneedeep in the crooked TTC scheme. Before that he extolled Rockefeller & hyped amnesty & a national ID. All of those are toxic to Trump's base, but those like @nytmike cheered Giuliani on at the time. They're a fake opposition.
.@Ken_Rosenthal: millions won't see some ALCS games because Fox will hide them on a channel many don't get. They'd never do that to kneeball. What they - with MLB's active help - do to baseball greatly harms the sport's long-term prospects.
#Cardinals finally get out of the inning. In case anyone has issues with "Frenchie", count your blessings: it's about to get worse. A lot worse. Mega worse. Joe Buck worse. #ALCS
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive National Trump Order #49023 ("Enough commienism! Support Trump! This is our new national anthem!") 24Ahead thus close broadcast day: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #CzarTrump2020
.@jamohio9719: @AmyMek *helps* Twitter censorship by shrinking the tent. The fact is that millions are censored worldwide. By falsely pretending only a small number - U.S. cons - are impacted, that lets Twitter off the hook to 10s of millions.
.@luigibenitez: the real data at my pinned tweet shows Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. By falsely pretending only cons are impacted, @w_terrence *helps* Twitter & hurts everyone else by marginalizing the opposition. Stand with *everyone* who's censored.
.@suzannaregos: the dirty little secret @JRubinBlogger dare not mention is that Trey Gowdy is extremely vulnerable to MAGA over his strong amnesty support. She dare not exploit his main vulnerability because she agrees with him. What do we call Jen's choice?
Ejection would require 20 GOP Senators. Anything less - threats of impeachment to conviction - only helps Trump & his victimization shtick. Ergo, reality says those pushing impeachment *help* Trump. MT @BionicBlonde how about putting some sanctions on Trump--like impeaching him
.@omaureen: what's ironic is to see @JRubinBlogger turn on Liz Cheney over the Kurds when she slavishly supported Dick Cheney on Iraq.
.@l_oconnor19: that's about right. Kneeball involves dudes bending over while another dude comes up behind them and slips his hands between their thighs. Real football has constant action, players making up their own plays, and no felons. #NYGvsNE
.@ManPantsLive: hey Jared, what did you like best about #NYGvsNE, the tight ends and wide receivers, or the part when Brady gently slipped his hands between the thighs of a bent-over lineman? #NTTAWWT
.@vrijmetselaar56: what's funny is you claim to have a PhD but you can't figure out how to undercut a simpleton like Trump to his base. If we hosed down this cardboard box some more, could you & @AlanIAbramowitz figure your way out?
.@cmpnwtr: so, you're a "One World, One Family" type yet you sign on to @joanwalsh 's gender divisiveness? If Liz Warren weren't the right gender, Joan might be patriotic enough to call her out on her very pro-Big Biz, Koch-style immigration stance.
.@MayankGupta___: it's always been incredibly, laughably easy to undercut Trump to his base. Instead, those like @ewarren turn to censorship to make up for their huge intellectual failings.
No #TheResistance has ever made a valid argument that'd undercut Trump to his base. Never, not once. So, Hughes turns to every lil' Honecker's fave weapon: censorship. MT @josh_rog [I agree] MT @chrishughes [Liz Warren is right, FB should only allow truthful ads]
So, if a Liz ad hypes mass/illegal immigration without revealing the huge downsides (like lowering wages), Facebook should ban it? MT @a35mmlife Thank you for speaking up MT @chrishughes [Liz Warren is right, FB should only allow truthful ads]
.@Julie_Locascio: millions are spent each year to get politicians to turn a blind eye to massive illegal activity so Big Biz can profit from lowering wages. Oddly, @CampaignLegal is silent on that. They're just partisan attack dogs like there are similar r/w groups.
.@StevenAscher: @MLB sold out to Murdoch, who puts a pointless kneeball game on network while hiding the AL games on a channel 10s of millions don't get. Just like MLS, MLB needs to get on network no matter if they (and those like you) take a hit.
"Portland Trail Blazers Join Boycott Against Israel". Ball In Hoop is presented as a Big Time sport, but few care & that number isn't growing. Jews probably make up a high % of their non-black fans. So, good luck. #NBA #MAGA #resist
.@Eyeshotcha1: actually, few will see the Yankees because @MLB - just like MLS - has ho'ed themselves out to Fox. Fox has a kneeball game on network, while hiding the ALDS/ALCS on a channel few get. Baseball can't survive as a specialty sport.
.@brianmctaggart: millions have no idea what you're talking about because Fox is playing a pointless kneeball game on network while hiding the key #Astros postseason game on a channel few get.
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #402 ("We now start Brumaire - then late October - in early October but pretend it's Late November by Sandy Denny"), 24Ahead confusedly close broadcast day: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying