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Have a MAGAnificent Day! 🇺🇸
Hispanic Nationalist, Pro-Trump, Not Politically Correct. I will call out the Left’s Socialist, Globalist, Enslavement Plan.
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Megaupload and Mega will be small potatoes compared to We are revolutionizing the flow of…
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From @AlexanderLevit
@KimDotcom Create an exclusive platform destination for #infowars @PrisonPlanet reach out to #alexjones and bring his content on board
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From @Acts_11
@AlexanderLevit @KimDotcom @PrisonPlanet Alex Jones is controlled opposition.
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Odd how Alex Jones spent years screaming about FEMA Coffins, FEMA Trains, & FEMA Camps, yet he hasn't said a peep about that since Trump took over. MT @Acts_11 @AlexanderLevit @KimDotcom @PrisonPlanet Alex Jones is controlled opposition