~BREAKING~ Still on home...

COVID-19 Response

Like everyone else, we urge you to wash your hands and engage in social distancing.

Unlike everyone else, we urge you to also help with this smart plan to get more tests, ventilators, and PPE. Everyone can do that plan right now, at home, in just 15 minutes.

If enough people help with the plan we can save lives. Take time out now and help get more desperately-needed supplies.

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~BREAKING~ Still on home quarantine, it is reported that Ronaldo fell down 10 seconds after being brushed by his cat, then looked around for a non-existent ref to give the cat a red card. (24Ahead Special Note: this is just a lame joke. We mean him no ill will.) #soccer #MAGA
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Tweeted Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 8:19 pm