Latinos call for legalization

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Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Mary Lou Pickel/[[October 8, 2006]]/ link

About 2,000 people marched near the state Capitol on Saturday, pushing strollers, carrying American flags and calling for legalization of all illegal immigrants (and an end to deportations).

"We are Latinos, and we are here!" the crowd chanted in Spanish as marchers began their three-mile walk from the Capitol toward Turner Field and back.

...Most (marchers) were of Mexican and Central American heritage.

State Sen. Sam Zamarripa (D-Atlanta), state Rep. Pedro Marin (D-Duluth), Tisha Tallman, regional counsel for the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and Jerry Gonzalez of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials 'walked arm-in-arm at the head of the march.

Spanish-language radio personality Yogi, of 105.7 FM Viva, called for dedicating the march to the children of deported immigrants and those who died on the Mexican border trying to cross into the United States...