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Patient Advocate, Men's Health, Microbiome Enthusiast, Nutrition Junkie, Laker Nation, Science Fiction Fan. Exposing widespread medical harm and corruption.
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From @yashar
James Woods' Twitter Account Locked
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From @JohnLakeshow
@yashar Never agreed with him, but this is censorship. Twitter is setting a dangerous precedent by picking and choo…
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From @Rarcham2018
@JohnLakeshow @yashar It is not censorship to block someone from posting falsehoods and lies on their platform. Twi…
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From @sweetweetertot2
@Rarcham2018 @JohnLakeshow @yashar So I guess that means you support CNN & NYTimes being banned for spreading false…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@sweetweetertot2: you're censored by Twitter because con leaders only use censorship for partisan games. They refuse to acknowledge that Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users and they won't oppose censorship in a big tent way. They *help* Twitter by shrinking the tent.