Should Georgia Sen. Sam Zamarripa recuse himself on illegal immigration votes?

Georgia state Senator Sam Zamarripa is a tireless supporter of illegal immigration into that state. A letter [1]from activist DA King to the Secretary of the GA Senate wonders whether he should recuse himself on certain votes:
...Citing section 1-4.3 of the Rules of the Georgia State Senate dealing with conflict of interest, I am hereby requesting that the senator from the 36th district, Sam Zamarripa, be prohibited from voting on any pending or future legislation regarding illegal immigration in the current legislative session.

It is a matter of public record that senator Zamarripa is a founding partner of a Georgia – based, federally chartered bank, United Americas Bank [aka Banco Unido], where he also holds the position of Director of Marketing.

It is also a matter of public record that United Americas Bank is currently active in soliciting and accepting business from, and making mortgage loans to, persons it and Senator Zamarrpia know to be present in the United States illegally...
I don't know what they'll do in this case, but see "Mexican agents in the state houses? Part 2" for how they handled a similar matter. ------------- [1] thedustininmansociety . com/blog/?p=59


He should be arrested for conspiracy and racketeering under RICO.