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Moira ☘️ ن
4,112 miles from Paradise!
Catholic, Conservative, looking to disrupt The Narrative as often as possible! Abair leat! #HH #CelticFamily #RubioRepublican #IStandWithBrett #ConfirmKavanaugh
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From @BuzzFeedBen
How to deal with the Koch-backed Latino group is a real dilemma for notional allies via @Carrasquillo
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From @Moira1987
.@BuzzFeedBen It's always telling that only conservative groups have their "backing" mentioned in headlines. @katherinemiller @Carrasquillo
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Moira1987: why do you want a #Koch group to join with NCLR to push amnesty? Are you pro-open borders like the Kochs? #teaparty #tcot