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Amnesty author Mike Pence for president? Dick Armey, Club for Growth, others hype him (UPDATE: he's out) - 01/21/11

Back in 2006, Indiana Congressman Mike Pence proposed his own "compromise" amnesty plan. He may have gotten the idea for that plan from a proposal by billionaire heiress Helen Krieble, and also in 2006, Krieble, Pence, and Dick Armey of Freedomworks appeared at an event to promote comprehensive immigration reform. The latest bad idea from their general camp is to try to draft Pence to run for president. Those backing the idea include Armey, Chris Chocola of the Club for Growth (known around here as the "Club for Profits at Any Price"), former Rep. Jim Ryun, and Brent Bozell. Per Armey: “What...

Tom Ashbrook of NPR /WBUR helps Mike Huckabee spout anti-American policy ("On Point Radio") - 08/11/10

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee appeared on the "On Point Radio" show (link) and promoted policy that's not just anti-American, but that would harm other countries as well. And, the host of that show - Tom Ashbrook didn't say a word about it.

Max Blumenthal's bigoted comments about Mormons, Gentiles - 02/04/10

Max Blumenthal is a low-level far-left enforcer of political correctness, frequently calling those to the right of him "racist" in the pages of The Nation and other publications. Now, let's take a look at a couple of interesting items from his Twitter feed (I took screenshots in case either disappears). At 8:40am on 2/2/2010 he tweeted (twitter dot com/MaxBlumenthal/status/8548913520): File under goyisherkop: http://tinyurl.com/yf762uk That links to a Jerusalem Post interview with Mike Huckabee (youtube.com/watch?v=4syfZK4QY9k) and - whatever explanation he wants to give - his tweet is a...

Clueless: Lee Fang of ThinkProgress doesn't even understand how liberals play the race card (Steele comments) - 05/27/09

Lee Fang of the Center for American Progress' ThinkProgress site offers "Days After Steele’s Racist Attack On Obama, C-SPAN Airs Video Of Steele Denouncing Racism" (thinkprogress.org/2009/05/27/steele-racism-malcolmx) about two recent sets of comments made by RNC chairman Michael Steele. The first set is discussed here; the second here. See both links for the context. Of the first, Fang says: ...last week, Steele employed the same "rotten" racist stereotypes to attack President Obama. ThinkProgress reported that Steele suggested that Obama won the presidency because of his race. “He was not...

2008: The Year in Politics - 12/31/08

Here's the roundup of virtually everything important that happened in 2008. The message this year, as in every year: "If only they'd listened to me". Some of the mistakes made by Obama opponents are described here. If, instead of making those mistakes his opponents had pushed this plan or my non-partisan list of reasons to oppose him, Obama might not be president. The word "idiot" is used below.

The Star Spanglish Banner and Barack the Magic Negro tear up the RNC chart - 12/29/08

The latest way for the MSM and the Democratic Party to portray the Republican Party as home of knuckle-dragging racists was, ultimately, self-inflicted by Chip Saltsman, a candidate to be chair of the RNC. Saltsman is a former head of the Tennessee Republican Party who managed the Mike Huckabee campaign and who recently distributed a Christmas CD containing parody songs, including some from Paul Shanklin which are "controversial". To a good extent, the two songs I've reviewed are only controversial because they were made so. Unfortunately, that's not a full defense of Saltsman's actions...

McCain volunteer behind hoax is obviously troubled former Ron Paul volunteer - 10/25/08

Somehow I don't think the following bit about the John McCain volunteer and College Republican National Committee field representative who recently staged a mugging at an ATM is going to get a lot of attention: In March, [Ashley Todd] was asked to leave a grass-roots group of Ron Paul supporters in Brazos County, Texas, group leader Dustan Costine said. He said Ms.

Arkansas state Senator Joyce Elliot backs in-state tuition for illegal aliens - 10/08/08

Former Arkansas state representative Joyce Elliott - after November a state Senator - has signaled that she'll re-introduce legislation to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens. This will have the impact of taking college educations from U.S.

HuckPAC: Mike Huckabee launches his Political Action Committee (PAC) - 04/15/08

Mike Huckabee has launched his own Political Action Committee (PAC) called, euphonically enough, "Huck PAC" (huckpac.com), saying: "Our goal is to secure a better future for our country by changing our punitive tax system, standing firm for the sanctity of life and traditional marriage, and protecting our borders and giving our veterans the blood-bought benefits they deserve.

Real border fence not built, virtual fence on hold - 03/05/08

A border fence wouldn't be necessary if we could discredit those politicians and others who support illegal immigration. And, it's currently being used by John McCain and was used by others such as Mike Huckabee as an example of how they were going to crack down on illegal immigration. However, from this: Over a year ago, Congress passed a law to spend over $7 billion to build a fence to secure our Mexican border.

Deborah Howell, Washington Post ombudsman: WaPo immigration coverage mostly OK - 03/01/08

Washington Post ombudsman Deborah Howell offers "Immigration Coverage in the Crossfire" (link): Readers who oppose illegal immigration often complain that The Post has too much sympathy for those living in the United States illegally and too little for those who oppose this... ...A review of immigration stories, mostly local, over the past year and several months, showed that the coverage was mostly straightforward and informative...

Mike Huckabee wins West Virginia, with help from Ron Paul - 02/05/08

The Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, and John McCain campaigns were apparently in on a deal that caused Huckabee to win West Virginia's delegates.

Mike Huckabee signs Jeff Sessions immigration pledge - 02/03/08

Joy Lin of CBS News informs us that Mike Huckabee has signed Senator Jeff Sessions multi-point immigration pledge. There was one minor technicality he was concerned about initially.

Allez Obama! (the blogs are alive with sock puppets) - 01/21/08

There seem to be a large number of sock puppets (per Wikipedia an "online identity used for purposes of deception within an Internet community") running loose on various blog sites and leaving comments supporting various candidates such as Barack Obama, Mike Huckabee, and occasionally others.

New York Times editorial mind reads the "immigrant vote", gets it wrong - 01/19/08

Earlier today, the New York Times offered "The Immigrant Vote" [1], promising wrath and ruin upon those who dare stand in the way of corrupt businesses profiting from illegal activity: Nevada is the first state on the election calendar with a sizable Hispanic vote, and among them will be a substantial number of immigrants. We don't know who they'll choose, but we do know they are anxious. They have endured the racially tinged rhetoric used to sink immigration reform; they have witnessed Republican candidates exploiting the xenophobic nastiness. Families have been torn apart as illegal...

Scared New York Times tries scare-mongering attrition - 01/18/08

Apparently "attrition" - the plan to enforce our immigration laws and thereby encourage many or most illegal aliens to go home and discourage future illegal immigration - has the New York Times scared, namely because they think it would work.

Mike Huckabee signs Numbers USA no-amnesty pledge - 01/17/08

Mike Huckabee has signed Numbers USA's no-amnesty pledge; news report here, and background here. What he signed is this: I pledge to oppose amnesty or any other special path to citizenship for the millions of foreign nationals unlawfully present in the United States.

Huckabee, Obama: what happens when no one asks tough questions - 01/03/08

Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee have won the Iowa Caucuses. Neither are qualified for any elected office, and for the same reason: their strong support for illegal immigration.

Jonathan Weisman/Washington Post misleads on Huckabee immigration stance - 01/02/08

Jonathan Weisman of the Washington Post offers "For Republicans, Contest's Hallmark Is Immigration": ...And just days after he delivered a passionate defense of the humanity of undocumented children in a Republican debate, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee presented one of the most punitive immigration platforms seen in this campaign season, rejecting legislation to provide the children of illegal immigrants a path to citizenship if they finish high school, at

Joy Lin/CBS News sneers at Mike Huckabee concern over possible terrorist infiltration (Pakistan) - 12/28/07

On the topic of immigration, there are - believe it or not - people who are even worse than Mike Huckabee. One of those is Joy Lin of CBS News, who offers "Huckabee Ties Bhutto's Assassination to Illegal Immigration" (link). While Huck apparently made a few mistakes on other topics related to the situation there, one thing he said should be supported by all those who want to prevent terrorist attacks inside the U.S.

Dana Milbank lies, misleads, smears (Tancredo) - 12/23/07

The Washington Post doesn't appear to be sore losers about the failure of immigration "reform". They recently published a vile column from Harold Meyerson and a similar editorial. Now comes Dana Milbank with "Hasta La Vista" (link) about Rep. Tom Tancredo dropping his presidential bid. The problems start with the title, a childish attempt at irony. The running theme throughout is that Tancredo is angry; in fact he uses that word four times. Why is he an "angry man"? We know this because he has proposed dropping bombs on Mecca. We know this because he sang "Dixie" at a South Carolina gathering...

Jay Newton-Small/Time misleads about immigration (Huckabee, Tancredo, INS) - 12/22/07

A minor example of how Time magazine and the rest of the MSM mislead and/or don't understand immigration issues is presented in "Tancredo's Single-Issue Victory" (link):

Mike Huckabee sued over Mexican consulate deal - 12/21/07

A private citizen in Arkansas (Jim Parsons) is suing the former governor of that state, Mike Huckabee, over his role in helping the Mexican government establish their latest consulate there (link). The main claim is that Huckabee used public funds to offer discounted office space to the consulate, and that per AR's laws he was forbidden from doing so.

You can't trust what Harold Meyerson says (immigration edition) - 12/19/07

Harold Meyerson of the American Prospect offers a vile, illegal immigration-supporting smear piece called "Hard-liners for Jesus". Pretty much everything in it is bad, including comparing the GOP to the KKK. And, he misleads about the immigration stance of all the GOP candidates and the vast majority of GOP voters: But it's on their policies concerning immigrants where Republicans -- candidates and voters alike -- really run afoul of biblical writ. Not on immigration as such but on the treatment of immigrants who are already here. [Biblical "stranger" references; those are answered here and...

What? Washington Post tells truth about Mike Huckabee in-state tuition - 12/18/07

Apparently there's been some sort of cosmic shakeup or something, because the Washington Post has finally told the truth about something relating to immigration.

Jim Gilchrist reconsidering Mike Huckabee endorsement - 12/18/07

Huckstered! From this: Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist says he will have to reconsider his endorsement of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee after learning the Republican presidential candidate favors allowing illegal aliens to wait only days to receive documents allowing re-entry into the U.S... "I'm going to have to follow up on this," Gilchrist said.

Michael Gerson turns on Mike Huckabee, spins LULAC/Tyson Foods meeting - 12/14/07

Bush hack turned Washington Post hack Michael Gerson - at that link trying to push for Bush's immigration "reform" by calling the GOP base names - offers "Homespun Meets Hard-Line". Like yesterday's WaPo editorial he turns on Mike Huckabee because of the latter's new (supposed) tough stance on illegal immigration.

Vile: Washington Post turns on Mike Huckabee to support illegal immigration - 12/13/07

The Washington Post offers a vile, spittle-flecked editorial called "The Immigration Swamp/As the presidential campaign intensifies, so does the nativist ferocity." They turn on Mike Huckabee for changing from a strong supporter of illegal immigration into someone who (supposedly) wants illegal aliens to return home within 120 days: The idea that

Flashback: Mike Huckabee was for amnesty in April 2007 - 12/12/07

Back on April 24, 2007, the Mike Huckabee campaign uploaded this video address, where he said he was against "amnesty", then went on to outline a plan that everyone in their right mind - voters as well as millions of prospective illegal aliens in foreign countries - would perceive to be amnesty: To address the question of what we should do about immigrants who entered the country illegally, I propose starting with the highest law of human behavior: do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.

I'm switching to Huckabee! Catch THE HUCKABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 12/11/07

It's odd how even the mention of the name "Mike Huckabee" on a blog or similar will trigger an avalanche of glassier-eyed-than-many-Ron-Paul supporters ready to leave generic comments. Whether these are from real supporters or those who are paid to be the same, many of them have the same tenor.

Huckabee admits immigration plan has revolving door (amnesty or "guest" workers) - 12/09/07

[Mike Pence-style update below] Mike Huckabee cannot be trusted on immigration matters.

Mike Huckabee's immigration plan announced - 12/06/07

[UPDATES below] Mike Huckabee has released his immigration plan (link). It has as few details but isn't as strong as Mitt Romney's immigration plan. It's also not as detailed nor as strong as Fred Thompson's immigration plan.

David Broder wants McCain-Huckabee ticket (because of immigration; retransmits Huck lie?) - 12/02/07

David Broder offers the completely clueless "Republicans would be wise to tab McCain and Huckabee" (link). He wants that ticket explicitly due to their immigration stances. And, Broder not only fails to do his job but he may be spreading Huckabee misinformation and he's being misleading about a program Huckabee supported: What sets McCain and Huckabee apart is most evident in the way they treat the contentious issue of illegal immigration.

CNN/Youtube Debate Debacle: 11/28/07 GOP version, Part 2 - 11/29/07

Part 1 is here. At last night's debate, CNN gave Mike Huckabee so much time to demagogue college discounts for illegal aliens that they didn't give Mitt Romney enough time to make the essential point that what Huckabee supported would have deprived U.S. citizens of college discounts. They also failed to do their research and realize that there's already an existing federal law (Title 8, Chapter 14, Sec.

Mike Huckabee: in-state tuition for "the children of illegal immigrants" (2005; actually for illegal aliens themselves) - 11/25/07

An oft-repeated claim is that, as governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee wanted to give scholarships to "the children of illegal immigrants". That claim has appeared in several news stories, and it's partly false: 1. The discounts were for students who were themselves illegal aliens. The immigration status of parents doesn't necessarily imply the status of their children; parents who are illegal aliens could have U.S. citizen children for instance. 2.

When will the MSM pull the ball away from Mike Huckabee? - 11/21/07

The mainstream media has been working feverishly to promote Mike Huckabee, as have various low-level Democrats. Are those completely unrelated, or is the MSM taking their marching orders from the Democratic Party? And, is The Huckster being promoted because: 1. They're simply reporting on what's happening... 2. They just need something to write about... 3. They're trying to give "them" an acceptable candidate... 4. They support him due to, for instance, his support for illegal immigration... 5.

Thanks, Huckabee: business at Little Rock Mexican consulate is booming - 11/13/07

Former Arkansas governor and current presidential candidate Mike Huckabee arranged for a Mexican Consulate to be built in Little Rock. And, business is booming! Per Jon Gambrell of the Associate Press (link): ...In its first six months, the Mexican consulate based in Little Rock has seen the number of citizens it serves a day rise from 50 to 120, said consul Andres Chao.

More on Mike Huckabee's questionable Mexican consulate deal - 11/13/07

From this: An Arkansas commercial developer confirmed his role in a no-cost "incentive deal" packaged by former Arkansas Gov.

Kevin Tracy deletes anti-Mike Huckabee comment (immigration) - 11/08/07

I have no real idea who Kevin Tracy is, but the many widgets on his site lead me to suspect that he's a strong fan of Mike Huckabee (it's just a feeling I get). Yesterday he posted "Huckabee Immigration Facts" (ktracy.com/?p=587), which almost entirely consists of a Huck-supplied list of his current positions on the matter.

Mike Huckabee defends Mexico consulate deal (businesses agreed to pay Mexico's bills; law violated?) - 10/31/07

Mike Huckabee is the new establishment favorite GOP presidential contender, and one reason is probably because he'd keep the cheap labor flowing. In fact, he encouraged Mexico to build a consulate in his state with the obvious intent of providing a workforce for Arkansas' low-wage employers. Jerome Corsi asked him to defend his actions: A lingering controversy over the role former Arkansas Gov.