CNN/Youtube Debate Debacle: 11/28/07 GOP version, Part 2

Part 1 is here.

At last night's debate, CNN gave Mike Huckabee so much time to demagogue college discounts for illegal aliens that they didn't give Mitt Romney enough time to make the essential point that what Huckabee supported would have deprived U.S. citizens of college discounts.

They also failed to do their research and realize that there's already an existing federal law (Title 8, Chapter 14, Sec. 1623) covering the wider issue: post-secondary benefits given to illegal aliens have to be made available to U.S. citizens. However, the DHS has apparently refused to enforce that law.

Huckabee may have also misled about the contents of the bill, although he could be refering to different versions. If CNN were a credible news outlet they would have asked him to clarify that matter.

UPDATE: Via this, there's a list of the different versions of HB 1525 (the Arkansas bill Huck supported) at this FTP page. From the first link:

Nothing about being in the school system since age 5, nothing about being drug-free, nothing about being an A+ student. Those are provisions of the existing Academic Challenge Scholarship Program [], which HB 1525 would have given illegals access to.


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