Huckabee, Obama: what happens when no one asks tough questions

Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee have won the Iowa Caucuses.

Neither are qualified for any elected office, and for the same reason: their strong support for illegal immigration. However, the good news is that should they continue on they'll be extremely vulnerable on that issue and it might lead to a third-party run by someone like Lou Dobbs.

The only reason either of them have political careers is because the mainstream media refuses to do their job and ask them questions about their policies and past statements and actions. If the MSM had looked in to Huckabee's Mexican consulate deal or Obama acting as a useful idiot for those linked to the Mexican government I don't think that we'd see this same result.

The thing to do now is to a) work to shame the MSM into asking real questions, and b) go to campaign appearances and ask those tough questions yourself, and then upload the responses to video sharing sites.

Questions for:
* Mike Huckabee (search for his name here for much more)
* Barack Obama (also this)
* John Edwards
* John McCain
* Hillary Clinton
* Rudy Giuliani (also ask about his incipient national ID card)
* Bill Richardson
* also see the videos here.

Clinton, Giuliani, and Obama take certain steps to avoid being asked difficult questions, but even asking someone more accessible like Bill Richardson a series of tough questions would work wonders: it would send a message to the others as well as to the MSM.


I've noticed that in local community forums and candidate Q & A sessions in the Chicago area, the leftist groups that organize the events are now very rigorous in screening and censoring questions from the public. They hand out cards and pencils and collect questions from the audience and questions about immigration issues invariably never see the light of day. Gone are the old days of ling up before a microphone to ask a question.

The Huckster and Osama-Obama are both far too lightly experienced as well as both being very, very liberal. They both are taco-pandering, open borders "Sink Hole de Mayo" panderers. But the good news is, both are unlikely to be nominated.

How come the Republicans never did anything about illegal immigration when they controlled all the branches of government?

The system is so much fun to watch, what is happening is Clinton bitch wants Huckabee to run against her in 2008, this ass Huckabee will fall on his face and hill and bill and Osama obama will become the next vic-president and will be the butt boy to run in 2020 if we have a country after hill and bill sell this non nation to the third world rulers. But when this evil bitch become the next dick in office we may see some people who will know its up for the USA And start to fine ways to free Ourselves from this evil one world pig and her little helpers. I for one will help in my own way and in my own time as so many others will. Long live the ideals of Freedom and the Ideals of Justice, if you know what i mean?

Go Ron Paul! That Redstate director sure doesn't like you. That guy is a real douchebag.

The Oligarch will tell you who the next President will be, the office of the President just follow's orders after all that is what you see now, or maybe you are to stupid to see that fact? and hell people the media guys are only following order's.

I question the sincerity of Lou Dobbs, after the McCain Hillary NH wins he was all smiles in fact i've never seen him so happy. If Mr Dobbs is opposed to illegal immigration why was he so happy at the two biggest illegal immigration advocates winning in NH? His nightly rants about illegal immigration also seem to be entirely partisan in lamenting Bush's policies while completely ignoring bi-partisan Democrat treason. If Mr Dobbs were a true anti-illegal immigration advocate he'd lament the Democrats as well as Republicans. Personally I think Mr. Dobbs does his anti illegal immigration schtick more for ratings than as an actual political position.