New York Times editorial mind reads the "immigrant vote", gets it wrong

Earlier today, the New York Times offered "The Immigrant Vote" [1], promising wrath and ruin upon those who dare stand in the way of corrupt businesses profiting from illegal activity:

Nevada is the first state on the election calendar with a sizable Hispanic vote, and among them will be a substantial number of immigrants. We don't know who they'll choose, but we do know they are anxious. They have endured the racially tinged rhetoric used to sink immigration reform; they have witnessed Republican candidates exploiting the xenophobic nastiness. Families have been torn apart as illegal immigrants have been deported, leaving their citizen children behind.

According to the exit entrance polls from the Nevada caucuses (link), among Republicans identifying themselves as Latinos: Mitt Romney got 41%, followed by Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee with 9% each, Rudy Giuliani with 8%, Duncan Hunter with 6%, and Fred Thompson with 1%. The only openly pro-amnesty candidate, John McCain, got 25%. Rudy supports an amnesty, he just doesn't push it that much. But, to be fair let's add them together and come up with around a third selecting someone who's in favor of amnesty. And, other factors may have come in to play with that third.

Meanwhile, over on the Democratic side, among Latinos Hillary Clinton got 64% vs. Barack Obama's 24%, and he's slightly more pro-illegal immigration than She [2] is. Unlike Her, he supports driver's licenses for illegal aliens, and he also marched at 2006's pro-illegal immigration march in Chicago, the one that was organized by several people linked to the Mexican government. Of course, other factors which are not to be discussed may have played a role with some number of those who voted for Hillary. And, Bill Richardson is apparently still on the ballot and got 0%.

UPDATE: Numbers are crunched here.

[1] Generally speaking, there should be no such thing as the "immigrant vote", since anyone who can vote (at the federal level at least) must be a citizen and thus, even if they're a naturalized citizen they're no longer an "immigrant". A minor point? Well, yes. But, it goes to the already abysmal credibility of the New York Times.

[2] I'll be using the royal capitalization from here on out.


_racially tinged rhetoric_ Yes, I will forever hate and remember the Editors Without Borders (NYT, WSJ, WaPo), Ted "the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset" Kennedy, John "I'll build the goddamn fence" McCain, Lindsey "tell the bigots to shut up" Grahamnesty, Linda "I just don't like White people" Chavez, etc. calling anybody who opposed the invasion racist. Filthy lying traitors.