Clueless: Lee Fang of ThinkProgress doesn't even understand how liberals play the race card (Steele comments)

Lee Fang of the Center for American Progress' ThinkProgress site offers "Days After Steele’s Racist Attack On Obama, C-SPAN Airs Video Of Steele Denouncing Racism" ( about two recent sets of comments made by RNC chairman Michael Steele. The first set is discussed here; the second here. See both links for the context. Of the first, Fang says:

...last week, Steele employed the same "rotten" racist stereotypes to attack President Obama. ThinkProgress reported that Steele suggested that Obama won the presidency because of his race. “He was not vetted, because the press fell in love with the black man running for the office,” Steele said...

The weekend following Steele’s racist smear against Obama, Mike Huckabee praised Steele for being “effective in challenging” Obama because “no one is gonna be able to use the racism charge.”

The only part of Steele's comments that dealt with Obama himself were the "what does he stand for? What does he believe?" parts. The rest was an attack on the mainstream media. Steele wasn't attacking Obama in any way, much less a racist way. The only possible racism in his comments is the assumption of white liberal guilt among the media and related elites, but that's hardly racism since it's a continuously demonstrated fact by those groups. And, nothing in Steele's comments was a "stereotype"; those Steele was discussing are in fact almost all archetypes of what he discussed.