Kevin Tracy deletes anti-Mike Huckabee comment (immigration)

I have no real idea who Kevin Tracy is, but the many widgets on his site lead me to suspect that he's a strong fan of Mike Huckabee (it's just a feeling I get). Yesterday he posted "Huckabee Immigration Facts" (, which almost entirely consists of a Huck-supplied list of his current positions on the matter.

I left the following comment, and it appeared on the page without anything indicating that it was held for moderation. Now, for one strange reason or other, it's not on the page. Obviously, Tracy has the right to delete comments at this site, and no one cares what he does in any case, etc. Now, all The Huckster and his supporters have to do is extend that to every other site that discusses his record. (Comment linkified).

Bush, the NCLR, the AILA, the ACLU, and all their friends also "opposes and will never allow amnesty." They just want an "earned adjustment of status" (link).

As for the DREAM Act, he supported the state version of it.

As for the rest, come on. This guy is **even worse than Bush** on this issue. And, he even manages to be more sanctimonious than Bush.

Here's the 38-second introduction to just one of Huck's liabilities on this issue.

Note that everything in there is fully sourced, with links in the description and cites in the video itself.

I suggest switching him to independent and seeking the endorsement of the above-named groups on a platform of a Tyson's chicken in every pot.

Previously in this long series of bloggers not being able to face the Lonewacko heat:

Sister Toldjah edits, deletes comments


Kevin Tracy is a fan of Mexico City I.E. Drug Dealers of the world and so is Huckabee the only guy that can stop the coming race war and blood all over us all and this nation and the world is Ron Paul. see End Game by Alex Jones some would say he is nut's and others get what is happening to us all.

good grief. A Ron Paul reference and an Alex Jones reference in the first two comments. Is Willard awake yet?