Mike Huckabee wins West Virginia, with help from Ron Paul

The Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, and John McCain campaigns were apparently in on a deal that caused Huckabee to win West Virginia's delegates. From an official Ron Paul press release (link):
In an agreement first reported by West Virginia television station WSAZ, the three Ron Paul delegates were secured through an agreement with the Mike Huckabee campaign.

Ron Paul delegates to the state convention swung their support to Huckabee – putting Huckabee over the top – after Congressman Paul was eliminated in the first round of voting. With three national delegates, Ron Paul secured 17 percent of the 18 delegates that were decided at the State Convention.
Gosh, thanks. To a certain extent, McCain winning would make a third party run by Paul or someone else easier, but on the other hand McCain isn't qualified to be president.

UPDATE: I should have pointed out this:
...the combined McCain-Huck vote was only 49 percent: Paul supporters sealed the deal.


I think we are seeing a 1996 thing going on here.