You can't trust what Harold Meyerson says (immigration edition)

Harold Meyerson of the American Prospect offers a vile, illegal immigration-supporting smear piece called "Hard-liners for Jesus". Pretty much everything in it is bad, including comparing the GOP to the KKK. And, he misleads about the immigration stance of all the GOP candidates and the vast majority of GOP voters:
But it's on their policies concerning immigrants where Republicans -- candidates and voters alike -- really run afoul of biblical writ. Not on immigration as such but on the treatment of immigrants who are already here. [Biblical "stranger" references; those are answered here and here]

Yet the distinctive cry coming from the Republican base this year isn't simply to control the flow of immigrants across our borders but to punish the undocumented immigrants already here, children and parents alike.
Very few people want to actually punish illegal aliens. And, in fact, some such as Ruy Giuliani or Mike Huckabee are supporters of amnesty. The most that others support is attrition, which is designed not to punish illegal aliens but to reduce the jobs and benefits magnet so that many will go home and many fewer will try to come here.

And, supporting illegal immigration is not humanitarian in the least.

You can leave comments at the WaPo, or send him an email explaining why he's wrong to meyersonh *at*

However, the better option in the long term is to go to appearances by those religious leaders who make the same "stranger" arguments, publicly point out how they're wrong using the last link, and then upload the exchange to video sharing sites. If we could completely discredit someone like Roger Mahony or Jim Wallis it would prevent people like Meyerson from making similar false arguments.


If a law-abiding tax-paying citizen breaks the law they are punished. Why the hell should illegal aliens be _treated specially_? Imagine you robbed a bank and after years of spending the money you were finally caught and forced to give what was left back, and then whined about your "punishment". Just pathetic. And what's more pathetic is that more Americans aren't picking up their pitchforks over the outrageous threat this kind of insanity represents.

Tanstaafl we do not have laws only gangs that are now ruling this non government. But here is a story.. in new orleans some people started to ask to many question at a city council meeting it is not about illegal's but about homes and place's to live in new orleans as you may know many third world people from south america and Mexico have been moving to this part of this USA, Many are moving the black population out of that old city so some are starting to get mad and you can read about what happen, but to cut this down, some people had been beaten and chemicals and drogged out of the city council meeting a law professor asked is this democrocy at work? well its a one world idea at work you fool..see cain burdean at

Hey, Tanstaafl -- good to see you over here -- I'm Charlie, who got banned by Kevin Drum. The problem we face with all of the illegal aliens WE ALLOWED INTO our country is that many of them are now parents to American CITIZENS and our weakening economy depends on that work force. Is there really a "magic bullet" solution out there?

Does anyone know what ever happened to Bob / rmck1 on Political Animal?

Next time I go to a foreign country, I'll see if I can overstay my visa. If they try to kick me out, I'll just tell them they're being anti-Jesus.

its really over over here within 10 years this nation will just become some-like mexico.