HuckPAC: Mike Huckabee launches his Political Action Committee (PAC)

Mike Huckabee has launched his own Political Action Committee (PAC) called, euphonically enough, "Huck PAC" (, saying:

"Our goal is to secure a better future for our country by changing our punitive tax system, standing firm for the sanctity of life and traditional marriage, and protecting our borders and giving our veterans the blood-bought benefits they deserve. We launch the new website today as we formally push the lift-off button for HUCK-PAC, which will enable us to help Senator McCain become our next President, and to assist conservative, pro-life and pro-family candidates to Senate and House seats. The website will not only preserve our online community, but enlarge it and encourage it to be a force for freedom, faith, and family!"

These are their current "featured candidates":

NH State Sen. Bob Clegg, who is running for Congress, GA Congressman John Linder, and AR State Sen. Gilbert Baker.

Now, as a start at following the chicken money, Baker gave $500 to Huck's presidential campaign, and Don Tyson and John Tyson (both exectutives with Tyson Foods) also gave to that campaign, maxing out at $2300 each (link). Baker is/was on the outs with current Arkansas governor Mike Beebe, but:

Counted among Baker's supporters are those in the construction, poultry, telecommunications and transportation industries. His allies claim that many of the same people who supported Beebe last year are now supporting Baker... Archie Shaffer, a Tyson Foods' lobbyist; Eddie Drilling, an AT&T vice president; Lane Kidd who heads the Arkansas Trucking Association, and Tom Kennedy, Entergy's vice president of Governmental Affairs, are either expected to be at Baker's fundraiser or have contributed to it.

And, last year during his failed attempt the Huckster claimed to have ordered state police to begin enforcing immigration laws under an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security. While he did sign the bill, he didn't complete the process. Baker sponsored the bill (link), and couldn't recall whether Huck had followed through on it (link).


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