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"The Kronies": slick libertarian propaganda linked to Koch, and who doesn't reveal that - 01/24/14

[SEE 6/17/14 UPDATE BELOW] "The Kronies" is a series of slick, live action videos that promote a libertarian message. The effort comes complete with not only its own site, but a fake site for the "company" behind the figures, a "Chimera Global Holdings Inc.".

Don't buy "White Girl Bleed A Lot" by Colin Flaherty (Amazon, review) - 08/28/13

Colin Flaherty is the author of "White Girl Bleed A Lot", a book about black mob violence against whites. I strongly encourage people not to buy it. Not because it isn't a worthy topic, but because Flaherty is only interested in selling copies of his book, not in solving problems. After learning about the book, I sent a few tweets to Flaherty designed to point out issues I'd seen from taking a quick glance at his site: 1. are the paid idiots (e.g., @ElectionLawCtr) who say, "where's Holder" etc. helping solve problems or just preening?

Ann Althouse finally discovers ethical behavior (blogger, law professor, University of Wisconsin) - 06/21/13

Ann Althouse is a blogger and a law professor at the University of Wisconsin who's finally decided to engage in ethical behavior (or at least pretend to support it).

Yet another way Hot Air will enable amnesty (Jazz Shaw, immigration, ACLU) - 06/16/13

Ed Morrissey and Erika Johnsen of HotAir both support comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. AllahPundit somewhat opposes it, he's just not doing all he could.

Conservative bloggers who support amnesty (Rubio; Hot Air, Morrissey, Johnsen, Loesch, Moran, Mataconis...) - 01/21/13

This post will maintain a list of those supposed conservative bloggers who support some form of comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty), specifically the amnesty proposed by Marco Rubio. This post doesn't list GOP politicians or pundits, just bloggers and other low-level members of the GOP establishment.

An example of rightwing blogger incompetence (Tim Scott as a token) - 12/19/12

Needless to say, there are far too many examples of the incompetence of rightwing bloggers than I could ever cover. However, to pick one out of the hat, take a look at the reaction to "The Puzzle of Black Republicans" by University of Pennsylvania professor Adolph L. Reed Jr (link).

Why should I help them with anything? - 05/25/12

Patterico is a major blogger and Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney who's being harassed by unknown parties, and the harassment is probably more for his political activities than his DA work (link). It's a horrible situation; I hope no harm comes to him or his family and I hope they catch and severely punish those responsible. But, other than that, I'm not going to do anything about this.

The galling incompetence of supposed opponents of the far-left, Part 1 (Limbaugh, Fluke, "slut", Jacobson) - 03/04/12

Rush Limbaugh recently used the word "slut" when discussing Congressional testimony given by one Sandra Fluke [1]. That activated yet another battle in the leftwing's long-term war to get him off the air, and their latest effort has been more successful than others: several sponsors have dropped their ads from his show. One of them even dropped off after Limbaugh issued an apology.

Koch Industries' sockpuppets edited Wikipedia and post comments on blogs too - 03/09/11

Public relations firms employed by the billionaire Koch family have been caught using "sockpuppets" to edit Wikipedia pages about the Kochs. And, one of those firms admits that they use people to promote the Kochs on blogs and news sites. Unfortunately, ThinkProgress [1] doesn't discuss what the latter consists of, but I would not be surprised at all to discover that the vile and idiotic replies I receive to my anti-tea parties comments around the web (a recent example here) are coming from sockpuppets for Koch, FreedomWorks, and similar groups. From [1]: Last year, Koch Industries began...

Why Joseph Fein isn't credible (political analyst/fund raiser; Los Angeles; DC, "Valley of the Shadows") - 11/17/10

Joseph Fein is a blogger and political analyst who, as will be shown below, isn't a credible source. He describes himself as a political analyst involved with fundraising and research and as a legislative analyst involved with appropriations and Central Asia oil and history. And, he recently attacked me on his blog "Valley of the Shadows" [1] and did so in a way that shows he has trouble analyzing and understanding. A nobody saying bad things about me would mean little, except Glenn Reynolds linked to it [2]. In the same post, Reynolds linked to a Google search for "shut the f--- up lonewacko...

Will teaparty and rightwing bloggers stumble us into amnesty? - 05/09/10

As if there wasn't enough to worry about, here's something else: rightwing bloggers and the tea parties might "oppose" amnesty in such a way that makes amnesty more likely.

24Ahead reaches seven years of being better than everyone else - 09/22/09

The very first post on the modern incarnation of this site was almost exactly seven years ago. And, from the very beginning until now, this site has always been better than any other site out there. While you the reader pause and think through all the sheer enlightenment that this site has brought you over the years, let me briefly recount some of the highlights: * 2000 or so (pre-history): I started this as an outdoors site for trip reports at the original domain; there was nothing political about it...

@AllahPundit: what part of discrediting the MSM don't you understand? - 07/24/09

AllahPundit of HotAir posts about CNN's Jon Klein supposedly forbidding Lou Dobbs from covering the Obama citizenship issue (something that Klein has since walked back). In comments he says about this issue: It’s a useful way for the left to make the right look paranoid. Obama’s shedding no tears seeing it get lots of coverage this week. He's right about that, but only because I'm one of the few people who's discussing this issue in a completely defensible and fact-based fashion. One of my main goals with my coverage - why I'm spending so much time on it - is in order to discredit the many...

John Thacker: please don't lie about me - 06/11/09

John Thacker is a libertarian and blog commenter who uses johnthacker *at*, and here's an example [1] of him replying to a comment I left with a couple of lies: Oh, shut up LoneWacko. Just the other day you were saying that though you were against immigration, you weren't a libertarian because you thought leaving things up to the free market and cutting welfare and spending was "immoral." That's a reference to two comments I left at [2].

How to get a link from HotAir (note: must be completely shameless) - 06/01/09

The following cartoon from Chris Muir is, as are many others of his cartoons, unintentionally hilarious (link).

"Your site is flat": scenes from this year's Symposium on the Site - 04/03/09

"Your site is flat." With those words, Guilliaume earlier today caused a gasp from the audience at this year's Symposium on the Site - the eighth annual meeting on how to improve this website - but, then he continued to explain himself:

Pajamas Media blogger network fails; boo; hoo - 01/31/09

Starting on April 1, the Pajamas Media network will stop serving up ads to a network of major blogs and will be concentrating on their video line instead. You know, the video line that features talking head shows with worthless minor pundits and that I can't imagine anyone being interested in. Read the Dear Blogger letter they sent here.

Kos gets one thing right: the rightwing blogosphere is mostly just inept chatter - 11/19/08

There's a first for everything, and subcomandante Markos Moulitsas Zuniga - the Kos in DailyKos - has finally got one thing right. From the article "Right-wing bloggers see their chance" (link): While conservative bloggers talk about making a difference for their party, they have yet to back up their talk with action, said Markos Moulitsas, the founder of the liberal Daily Kos blog. Moulitsas, also a columnist for The Hill, boasts about how the liberal netroots got Howard Dean elected as Democratic Party chairman, raised millions of dollars for victorious candidates and created a "partisan...

Bloggers: stop linking to Wikipedia - 01/22/07

Based on a "directive" from Jimmy Wales [1], the English version of Wikipedia has started using the "nofollow" tag on all external links (the foreign language versions had been doing that for a while). That tag tells search engines to not pass any "search engine juice" (e.g., PageRank) from the WP page to the linked page. While sites that have links in WP will continue to receive visitors from those links, they will (supposedly) not receive search engine-related benefits (they might, however, be spidered by some engines). Certainly, some search engines may special-case WP (including having...

A traipse through the BushBot blogosphere - 05/24/06

Believe it or not, there are still KoolAid-besotted bloggers out there who believe in Our Leader. One of them is "MacsMind", which was previously featured here giving Bush's critics a piece of his mind: "Shut up whiners" He's back with

Pajamas Media blog babe is scary, but hot - 12/04/05

If I were going to create a fake blog that represented many of the things that are wrong with the medium, it might look something like She's pretty hot even if that's not her body, but... c'mon ( Note also that her page contains around 130 various graphical doodads which weigh in at around 1.68 Megs. And, she's also part of the Open Source Media stable.

A BelderBlog classic - 11/28/04

In the past, we've featured BlogsForBush and PoliPundit classics, now it's time to fish down even deeper into the barrel [1]: