@AllahPundit: what part of discrediting the MSM don't you understand?

AllahPundit of HotAir posts about CNN's Jon Klein supposedly forbidding Lou Dobbs from covering the Obama citizenship issue (something that Klein has since walked back). In comments he says about this issue:

It’s a useful way for the left to make the right look paranoid. Obama’s shedding no tears seeing it get lots of coverage this week.

He's right about that, but only because I'm one of the few people who's discussing this issue in a completely defensible and fact-based fashion. One of my main goals with my coverage - why I'm spending so much time on it - is in order to discredit the many mainstream media sources that have lied and misled about this issue.

Unfortunately, that's undercut by other "birthers": those who scream "HE WAS BORN IN KENYA!", those who engage in legal arcana that won't be explored unless the MSM is made to explore it, those who engage in speculation without facts to back it up, and so on. That's also undercut by those like Ed Morrissey and AllahPundit who, instead of taking on Media Matters for America and showing how they're wrong, bask in the glow of being declared reasonable by the Beltway establishment.

If AllahPundit were smart, he'd realize this issue for what it is: a golden opportunity to discredit the MSM and force them to improve their coverage. Obviously, he's not able to understand that.

Another thing AllahPundit isn't smart enough to realize is that, no matter how much he, Morrissey, and others try to show how reasonable they are, the Democrats are going to paint the whole Republican Party with the "HE WAS BORN IN KENYA!" brush. The smart way out of that is to undercut those currently leading the campaign against the "birthers" rather than doing as AllahPundit is doing: capitulating to them.


The thing we should be asking each other "do we want to be part of a monkey nation", with laws for none and justice based on how black or brown or yellow you are? with whites being used as cashboxes by our little brown brothers. what is the point in following rules when the leaders do not?

Fred.....you really know how to ruin a site.

I see two viewpoints that could be working together on a solution instead of sniping each other. First, 'it's possible, even likely, that Obama doesn't meet the natural born citizen requirement and we should do something about it'. OK. Second, 'perhaps that's true, but there's nothing we can do about it...and by the way, you are a stupid 'birther' so shut up'. Not OK. And here I thought the enemy of my enemy was my friend. So, one option is to come together on the issue that we do agree on. http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h111-1503 I have no idea how Justice Roberts was able to hold his nose long enough to administer the oath, but unless the congress or the court settles the natural born question, it will come back again and again. And the next candidate will have Obama's position of non-compliance established as a clear precedent...that there is no obligation to release any documentation. Even if Obama's constitutional qualifications are never answered, never resolved, (and not saying we shouldn't continue to pursue that question), at least we should make certain that this never happens again. Ever.

I agree Edward. Makes perfect sense, and its not just because you have my late Fathers name either. But Fred is truly an enigma. His comments tend [95%+] to make our side look like ignorant zoo hating rednecks. Instead of: pro English pro Constitution law abiding tax paying amercian culture loving people we really are. Of course I can only speak for myself.

think mass freedom and buy guns.