An example of rightwing blogger incompetence (Tim Scott as a token)

Needless to say, there are far too many examples of the incompetence of rightwing bloggers than I could ever cover. However, to pick one out of the hat, take a look at the reaction to "The Puzzle of Black Republicans" by University of Pennsylvania professor Adolph L. Reed Jr (link). In it - among other things - he implies to-be-appointed Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina is a token and says that those in the Tea Parties engage in "thinly veiled racism".

If I cared, I could discuss why it's wrong and take other actions designed to discredit Reed. Take a look at the posts at this site for examples (start at NYT editorial and then see the topics page for much more).

Right-wing bloggers can't do that: they can't present a convincing argument against what Reed writes and they have no clue about how to do things effectively. Let's take a look:

* William Jacobson doesn't have an answer for anything Reed says other than to point out the lack of diversity on the NYT Editorial Board ( )

* Sean Medlock (aka Jim Treacher) of the Daily Caller points out that one's skin color needn't determine one's ideology, but basically just whines ( )

* Sean Higgins of the Washington Examiner does much the same, ending with a complaint about the "success of propaganda efforts like Reed's" but with no ideas about how to make such efforts less successful ( )

* The thoughts of Gateway Pundit are limited to: "Of course, it’s OK for liberals to call blacks “tokens” as long as they are Republicans. Disgusting." ( )

* The more upscale but no less incompetent Ricochet offers "The Grey Lady Offers Up a Racist Inanity" by Peter Robinson which just links to the next post ( )

* The closest to an actual counter-argument is offered by John Steele Gordon at Commentary Magazine ( )

* Michael Warren of the Weekly Standard just excerpts Reed's post ( )

* does "Weasel Zippers" ( )

* over at National Review, Andrew Johnson adds nothing ( )

* "Lonely Conservative" adds nothing of interest ( )

* Clay Waters of Newsbusters adds nothing ( )

* AllahPundit of HotAir links to an apparently fair-to-Scott article from a liberal, but basically just describes what those like Reed do to conservatives without coming up with any sort of solution ( )

In addition to only one or two offering something approaching an effective argument, all of those listed engage in various technical errors (which I won't describe) that end up helping the New York Times and hurting their side.

If you want to help the New York Times smear conservatives, rightwing bloggers are your unwitting allies.