Don't buy "White Girl Bleed A Lot" by Colin Flaherty (Amazon, review)

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Colin Flaherty is the author of "White Girl Bleed A Lot", a book about black mob violence against whites. I strongly encourage people not to buy it. Not because it isn't a worthy topic, but because Flaherty is only interested in selling copies of his book, not in solving problems.

After learning about the book, I sent a few tweets to Flaherty designed to point out issues I'd seen from taking a quick glance at his site:

1. are the paid idiots (e.g., @ElectionLawCtr) who say, "where's Holder" etc. helping solve problems or just preening?

2. do MammonCons really GAFF about the issues you discuss (other than as boob bait to help anti-Obamacare/regulations efforts)

3. why does everything boil down to buying your book? No offense, but there are *much* better ways to deal w/ issues.

On this book's site, Flaherty has a link "How you can make a difference". I was expecting something similar to the advice offered at this site, such as this, or this, or this, or this, or dozens upon dozens of other entries all designed to actually solve problems. This site does request money, but only to make it possible to conduct campaigns designed to stop amnesty and reduce illegal immigration.

Flaherty isn't like that: his only solution to the problems he outlines is to buy his book. Compare that to how I do things at the links in the last paragraph. If I were trying to solve the problems outlined by Flaherty, I'd suggest actions designed to solve the problem, not just increase my income.

Flaherty also engages in the counter-productive conservatives-good-liberals-bad argument, when - as I pointed out in a tweet - many conservatives could care less about the issues he discusses. At the same time, many liberals could be allies in the solution, if people like Flaherty weren't driving them away with their binary thinking.

So, how did Flaherty respond? To the first tweet he said it was "above my pay grade". Which is a dumb thing to say, since those who say things like "where's Eric Holder or Al Sharpton??" aren't going to solve problems. They're just preening to their echo chambers. The much smarter alternative would be to directly ask those who've covered cases like Trayvon Martin when they'll cover cases of black on white violence, and hold them accountable.

To the other points, Flaherty's response was to call me a "troll". If Flaherty were smarter, he'd recognize that I want to solve the problems he outlines, I don't just want to sell books. He'd also realize that my methods could be used to solve the problems.

As it is, Flaherty is just preening for an echo chamber, trying to sell books, and most likely trying to get an appearance on Fox News.

My goal is to solve problems; Colin Flaherty's goal is to help Colin Flaherty.

If you want to read "White Girl Bleed A Lot", please find a library that stocks it instead of buying it. Don't look to him to try to solve the problems he outlines, for that you'll need to assist with my efforts.