Yet another way Hot Air will enable amnesty (Jazz Shaw, immigration, ACLU)

Ed Morrissey and Erika Johnsen of HotAir both support comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. AllahPundit somewhat opposes it, he's just not doing all he could.

There's also a fourth way Hot Air is enabling amnesty, and his name is Jazz Shaw. He writes [1]:

Yet another glitch seems to be popping up in the immigration reform debate, and I’ll confess that I really didn’t see this one coming. One portion of the proposal regards expanding – and making mandatory in a variety of cases – the use of the E-Verify system. This would ensure that employers were making use of the system to screen out illegal immigrants when hiring. But if it applies to immigrants, in the opinion of some observers, it winds up applying to everyone. And that could lead to the equivalent of a national ID database... And here I’d been foolishly thinking that E-Verify was a good idea, and one that most of us were on board with. For starters, the ACLU absolutely hates it, so that was one mark in its favor right up front. But some of the civil libertarians out there – who I generally sympathize with – have issues with it.

Now, the reader should compare the above to question #6 for Kelly Ayotte (posted a week ago) or the October 2007 post about Rudy Giuliani's worker ID card eventually becoming a national ID card. See also the biometrics, national ID, and eVerify pages.

If HotAir truly wanted to block amnesty they'd organize an effort to get the questions at the Ayotte link asked. Instead, they refuse to do things that would stop amnesty and they post things that show how ignorant they are.

I'm not suggesting that you stop reading HotAir. Just that when it comes to actually blocking amnesty do things the way suggested here rather than relying on HotAir and similar major rightwing blogs.