Someone apparently in Knoxville TN is leaving nastygrams in replies to my comments about Instapundit. Whoever could it be?


This is way too deep into blogging for me, but I'll persevere. Ann Althouse conducted a poll to determine who's more of a hack: Glenn Reynolds or Andrew Sullivan. Althouse is, of course, a Reynolds partisan. I left a comment [1] on the poll that was critical of both (albeit more critical of Reynolds). Someone then left a pseudononymous nastygram reply [2].

Thankfully, that polling software includes the first three digits of the poster's IP address. And, it looks like the person who left the nastygram is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. That city is home to... Glenn Reynolds. And, this is the second time something like that has happened: the previous time the IP address appeared to be from the University of Tennessee... the school where Reynolds teaches. (On a sidenote, the nastygram uses the same locution as many other comments that are left about me using pseudononyms on other sites such as Reason Magazine's "Hit and Run" blog; in fact, the comment references that blog.)

Now, I'm not ready to accuse Professor Reynolds of leaving any of those comments; I don't want to falsely accuse people of things. Only a partial IP address is available, and the services I'm using might be wrong. And, who knows how Bellsouth has their network organized? There are also proxy servers and many other factors to consider. So, pending some form of confirmation I'm just going to say there's no way to tell who left the current and previous comments.

The comment is at The IP address given is 70.153.125.x. The service I used is and shows a reverse lookup of (Because the last digit isn't given I tried four different numbers for the 'x').

3/18/11 UPDATE: Since I posted this, Glenn Reynolds linked to a smear piece about me and referenced others telling me to "STFU". The above left open the possibility that it wasn't Reynolds. However, based on him referencing the "STFU", I have no qualms about now directly accusing him of being the person who posted the comments discussed in this post.

[1] The comment I left using the username 24AheadDotCom was:

Which is hackier: a pound of GOP-buffing PJTV-promoting John Galt snark, or a pound of BHO-buffing Trig-obsessed delusion that very frequently needs a Mental Health Break?

(Note: that's a trick question. Both have equal lack of gravitas.)

P.S. Here's the technique that could have stopped BHO from becoming president that Reynolds and several other bloggers refused to promote before the election:

[2] The reply from the person using the username "HitandRun" was short and vile:



Don't know who posted the first one, but I'll add my own hearty "shut the fuck up, lonewhacko!" for good measure. -jcr

are you the real lonewacko? 'cause this other guy said some stuff and I don't know what to believe. If you are really lonewacko then why can't you just shut the fuck up already? It would end a lot of grief.

Funny. You idiots come over here to tell the proprietor to shut the fuck up? That takes an unusual amount of arrogance. Tell you what, why don't you GOP trolls go back under your bridge? You lost the election and destroyed the party. Now go away with your tail between your legs, cowards.