Pajamas Media blogger network fails; boo; hoo

Starting on April 1, the Pajamas Media network will stop serving up ads to a network of major blogs and will be concentrating on their video line instead. You know, the video line that features talking head shows with worthless minor pundits and that I can't imagine anyone being interested in. Read the Dear Blogger letter they sent here.

I'm having trouble working up much sympathy, since some in their network occasionally spread disinformation (Glenn Reynolds) and others pretended to be opposed to Obama but just put on a show for their circle without suggesting ways that others could do anything. While ace mu nu has at least once or twice suggested things people could actually do, a site like Protein Wisdom simply encouraged people to sit in a dark corner sobbing. Instead of engaging in activism and trying to do something, they kept people occupied with worthless activities and in some cases did things that in effect helped Obama, such as by over-hyping or not being accurate about something. The mainstream media was then able to deflate that story because they'd overhyped it. See for instance this story. Some of those sites pretended to be the opposition to Obama, but at the end of the day they either weren't doing anything or they were helping Obama's cause.

In fact, I sent several PJM bloggers - including Protein Wisdom, Ace, and Instapundit - an open letter suggesting how they could have both helped defeat Obama and done real reporting, the kind of reporting the MSM refuses to do. It was ignored.

One would think that doing the kind of reporting the MSM refuses to do would have gotten all of them a whole lot of page views, but I guess they're either too dumb or too much of partisan hacks to be interested.

Cry me a river.


All of those PJM bloggers are not worth expending any keystrokes on. Worthless tools, each and every last one of them. Who reads that crap anyway?