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Ricky Taylor
Jacksonville Florida
Ret MCPO. Happily married. Pro Police Pro Military, Pro 2nd Pro CCW. Less government more freedom . All lives matter. Don't murder babies.@POTUS @MAGA
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From @joelpollak
The usual leftist blackmail. #DACA
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From @Penguincharto
@joelpollak Hell no. Cancel DACA. Deport them and let them take the Democratic American haters with them
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Penguincharto: @joelpollak supports #DACADeal, he just wants a good deal. He doesn't seem to realize the Dems would renege on any deal. However: Trump is never going to do mass deportations. Pollak needs to demand Trump supports voluntary repatriations using smart arguments.