Marco Rubio admits amnesty supporters will fight amnesty's "tough" enforcement provisions, but has no plan

Marco Rubio admits that those who know support amnesty will fight the "tough" enforcement provisions in amnesty if it passes, but he has no plan to counter-act them.

From this (bolding added):

There are also far-left activist groups that see citizenship for illegal immigrants as a "civil right" and will push to water down border security and enforcement measures that are critical to reform's long-term success. These groups view immigration reform as something that should quickly legalize as many people as possible. That idea - which is manifest throughout the current administration - has done more to poison the well of immigration reform than anything that restrictionist groups could ever manage on their own.

He's admitting that the Obama administration will try to undercut the "tough" provisions of the very amnesty bill they will end up supporting. Hillary Clinton stands a very good chance of being our next president, and no doubt she'd be the same way. In other words, left to their own devices, current and future political leaders from the Democratic Party will replay the 1986 amnesty. Under that amnesty, illegal aliens were legalized, but the promised tough enforcement was never delivered.

So, what's Rubio's plan to deal with this? Nothing other than this:

For those who expressed concerns about giving the federal government too much discretionary power through waivers and exceptions in applying different aspects of the law, we have a chance to make clear exactly how the executive branch must enforce this immigration law and what the consequences are if it doesn't.

That isn't worth the electrons it's printed with. Rubio's amnesty will give more power to the far-left, the Democrats, and corrupt business interests. Those groups will use that increased power to work around those "consequences" just as they do now with the current immigration laws.

The only way to deal effectively with those who don't support immigration enforcement is to deprive them of power. Rubio would go in the opposite direction and give them more power. Until they're deprived of power, they'll keep coming back taking action after action to weaken immigration enforcement and/or to encourage more illegal immigration.

One excellent way to deprive those groups of power is what this site does: work to discredit them, showing to their supporters why their ideas are wrong. With that, Rubio is also going in the opposite direction: he's continually enabled the concepts those groups rely on. On immigration, there's very little sunlight between Rubio, Tamar Jacoby, and Frank Sharry. They might disagree on some things, but on fundamental topics they agree.

See Marco Rubio for much more on him, and see comprehensive immigration reform for several reasons why amnesty doesn't serve the national interest.