Human Rights Watch: let criminals stay and come back for amnesty (Grace Meng, immigration)

Just how uninterested in immigration enforcement is the far-left? For a data point, over to "Don't deport all criminal immigrants" by Grace Meng of Human Rights Watch (bolding added) [1]:

...[The Gang Of Eight amnesty] falls short in at least one significant respect: it continues a "one-size-fits-all" policy that would deny a second chance to many non-citizens with criminal convictions. And immigration judges would be powerless to make exceptions for these non-citizens if they were put into deportation proceedings...

...By Human Rights Watch's calculations, 72% of non-citizens deported for criminal convictions from 1997 to 2007 had nonviolent offenses. More than 1 million family members were affected by these deportations. Given that at the current rate, almost 2 million people will be deported by 2014, the number of families torn apart by this policy is now probably much higher.

These "criminal aliens" include people whose "crime" is trying to stay in the country one step ahead of immigration enforcers. For instance, among the felons targeted for deportation are people whose crime was forging documents to say they were here legally or for reentering the United States after being deported once already...

...Reform could also create avenues for people previously deported for criminal convictions who have strong ties to U.S. families to apply to return legally, if they provide evidence that they are not a threat to public safety. The Senate proposal, while barring those with criminal convictions from legalization, would allow those with misdemeanor convictions to apply for a waiver of that bar based on family unity. A similar opportunity to provide evidence of family ties and rehabilitation for those with felony convictions would not condone criminal conduct; it would simply give people a chance to reunite with their families in the country they consider home....

Holy LifeLock! As if identity theft and the crimes committed by illegal aliens wasn't already a huge problem, HRW would make it even worse.

Bear in mind that comprehensive immigration reform aka amnesty would give groups like Human Rights Watch even more power than they have now. So, even if their recommendations aren't followed now, they'll put pressure on politicians to change the laws later on or to just ignore immigration enforcement.

For more on them, see Human Rights Watch (especially their deep establishment links) and Grace Meng. For a similar proposal from the NCLR, see this.

If you want to do something about this, contact those who are in @grace_meng's circle on Twitter and ask them why she wants to help increase crime in the U.S.

[1] In USA Today: