In a bid for votes, Ted Poe now supports amnesty for illegal aliens (Texas, immigration)

Rep. Ted Poe (see the link) - vice chairman of the House immigration subcommittee - has now switched sides and supports comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty.

Per , he now "supports measures that would include a path to legal status" and he thinks that waiting for border security before declaring amnesty is "unrealistic" and "counterproductive." He says, "I've changed... I used to think we had to do border security before we ever talk about other immigration issues. But we have to do them in tandem, because [otherwise] we’ll never get to those other issues."

What could have prompted his change of policy? This:

Latino population growth also upended many congressional districts – including Poe’s. His district was about 10 percent Latino, but redistricting after the 2010 Census swelled his Latino constituency to 41 percent.

Obviously, whatever principles he had (if any) disappeared once his job was on the line.

Further, he says:

"[Illegal aliens are] not leaving... They're not going to go back to their countries, and what purpose would it serve for them to leave? ...It's not automatic pathway to citizenship... I don't think that's right, I agree that we shouldn't reward people for being here illegally. But if you’re in the country without permission, you should register, we have to know who's in the country. Then you would have legal status for a period of time, and you can stay here and work here during that time."

It would definitely be helpful to the millions of unemployed Americans if many did leave, so that's one major purpose. Whatever amnesty plan is proposed now, it will be changed later on so those legalized eventually become voters.

To top it off, Poe also now supports the anti-American DREAM Act, a bill that would let the illegal aliens covered by it deprive Americans of college slots and discounts.

Want to do something about this? Search for those who talk to @JudgeTedPoe, and then point out to them the many downsides of what Poe now supports.