*does* support immigration reform and mass legalization; how their plan would fail (secureamericanow . us)

According to previous reports, the TheTeaParty dot net organization supported some form of mass legalization for illegal aliens. See this and this for the backstory.

One of their representatives tried to claim that their organization opposed mass legalization [1]. That turns out to be false as their organization has released an eight-point plan called "Conservative Principles for Immigration and Assimilation" [2] that supports mass legalization. And, it does so in a way that is not in touch with reality.

Here's the point where they support some form of comprehensive immigration reform that would include legalizing most illegal aliens in the U.S. (bolding added):

4. Military Service should be given preferential treatment in any comprehensive immigration plan and discussion
The military has historically been the most efficient, and immediate, assimilation vehicle for the nation. Why has military service been put on the back burner of immigration plans/dialogue? Military service should be highlighted. Whatever pathway is created, be it to work visas alone (no citizenship), full citizenship or something in between; military service -­--­- past, present, or future should provide an express ticket for the pathway. And for many of those who don't believe in ANY pathway at all, military service preferential treatment might inspire some flexibility. It can be easier to find common ground in the immigration debate if we first begin by discussing the streamlining of citizenship for those willing to fight in defense of their new country.

Obviously, not only are they not against legalizing most illegal aliens in the U.S., but they're even offering an idea on how to convince their base to support it.

Some of their other points are delusional at best. Those include secure the border, "Assimilation Vouchers" to teach civics, and 'severe restrictions (perhaps complete prohibition) on the entitlements for possible "beneficiaries" of immigration reform'.

The problem with those ideas is that the very people who'd gain political power due to mass legalization would fight those tooth and nail, and they'd win. Why propose something that contains the seeds of its own destruction?

For instance, the American Civil Liberties Union would find their powerbase greatly expand due to all those who were newly-legalized. The ACLU would use their increased power to challenge "Assimilation Vouchers" and any attempt to assimilate former illegal aliens. Assimilation isn't a key issue for Hispanics (as demonstrated by some), and their leaders are completely opposed to it because it would reduce their power. Instead of opposing powerful, far-left opponents of assimilation such as Luis Gutierrez, TheTeaParty dot net would give him a big win.

I invite TheTeaParty dot net to explain how they'd block suits by the ACLU, MALDEF, League of United Latin American Citizens, Southern Poverty Law Center and so on that would attempt to block their assimilation plans. Since they have no ability to block those suits, and since those suits would probably be effective at blocking or watering down their assimilation plans, how can you trust TheTeaParty dot net? What they're proposing would largely fail; either they know that and are trying to deceive, or they don't know that and they're incompetent.

On a wider note, all of those who'd benefit from mass legalization would fight the other plans of TheTeaParty dot net. If growers want more "cheap" labor, all they'd have to do is do what they do now: pay off politicians to look the other way and allow more illegal aliens to cross the border.

Another one of their points is "Immigration should not undermine the American worker", which is one of its selling points to many of its supporters. In that section, they claim there's a "void of workers" in industries such as agriculture; for why that's wrong see crops rotting in the fields and more generally see immigration agriculture. As with cultural issues, TheTeaParty dot net is working against what they claim to support. Their support for mass legalization would reward crooked businesses that have employed illegal aliens for decades, and those crooked businesses will then feel emboldened to push for even more "cheap" labor. Mass legalization would give crooked businesses a big win, and they'd respond to that by doing things like fighting against any "severe" fines that were in the amnesty bill.

In another point, TheTeaParty dot net supports making legal immigration easier, which would likely result in more of it. And, that would have many of the same negative impacts discussed above.

Illegal immigration and immigration "reform" (aka amnesty) are some of the top issues where the far-left and the Democratic Party (and segments of the GOP) are most vulnerable and need to be reined in for the good of the nation. Instead of doing that, TheTeaParty dot net would give a big win to the far-left, the Democrats, big business, and other corrupt elites.

Please look up those who talk with @TheTeaParty_net and make the points above to them.

[1] @MatthewKBurke tried to claim that they opposes mass legalization, but refused to request a correction from @tparti, the author of the Politico pieces discussed at the links at the top of this post. They also refused to release their "Secure America Now" document, which might be the basis of the document discussed above.

[2] secureamericanow . us/principles.pdf