Napolitano immigration meeting: you weren't represented (vast # of loose borders groups, Obama/Janet anti-287g)

Earlier today, Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security held a closed-door meeting with a group of what she calls "stakeholders" ( but was actually a vast pantheon (see below) of far-left, racial power, corrupt business, and in general loose borders groups all of which want some form of comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. There were at least 98 participants in the meeting, and none of them represent your interests or the interests of the great majority of American citizens. Why exactly they'd hold the meeting isn't clear; aside from guest workers and minor details they're all pretty much on the same page. Perhaps it was a strategy session to see how they could fool as many people as possible whenever they decide to push for amnesty.

According to Ali Noorani of the National Immigration Forum (link) Obama stopped by:

The President said specifically that when it comes to the local police charged with enforcing federal immigration law under 287(g) agreements that he wants these local law enforcement agencies held accountable.


Noorani’s other question concerned the 287g program, which gives local law enforcement the authority to enforce immigration law. Noorani asked Napolitano to revoke the authority of agencies who have clearly violated the spirit of the agreement, and that the immigration reform community looked forward to seeing that happen. Napolitano responded, “Me, too.”

Other statements from those attending the meeting are here. Here's the intro to the DHS's press release:

"Today’s meeting on comprehensive immigration reform was an important opportunity to hear from stakeholders and build on the significant time I’ve spent on the Hill meeting with members of Congress on this critical subject. I look forward to working with President Obama, my colleagues in Congress and representatives from law enforcement, business, labor organizations, the interfaith community, advocacy groups and others as we work on this important issue.”

UPDATE: Griswold of CATO weighs in with a slab of Policy-As-Highschool ( After Napolitano gave her "opening remarks we broke up into smaller roundtable discussions of about 15 people each moderated by DHS officials". They then reconvened and Napolitano discussed what they'd learned. Then, Obama entered the building and made his speech "about 20 feet from where I was sitting". Griswold also refers to himself as a "small fish"; he's much too modest since he was some kind of inspiration for Bush's 2004 anti- and un-American guest workers plan.

And, there are so many groups that I've split the list into two parts. The religious, union, city/police, and miscellaneous groups are here. The following has the major groups, the business groups, and the single libertarian:

Major or of interest
League of United Latin American Citizens Rosa Rosales
American Civil Liberties Union Chris Calabrese
Frank Sharry (America's Voice)
American Immigration Lawyers Association Crystal Williams
Casa de Maryland Gustavo Andrade
Center for American Progress Angela Kelley
Immigration Policy Center Mary Giovagnoli
Center for Community Change Gabe Gonzalez
MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense Fund, Dini Karasik)
Migration Policy Institute Marc Rosenblum
National Council of La Raza Clarissa Martinez
National Immigration Forum Jeanne Butterfield, Ali Noorani
National Immigration Law Center Marielena Hincapie
New Democratic Network Simon Rosenberg
National Urban League Valerie Wilson

Cato Institute Dan Griswold

Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform Monte Lake
American Farm Bureau Ron Gaskill
American Meat Institute J. Patrick Boyle
Associated General Contractors Katherine Knott
Citigroup Paul Thornell
Compete America Rebecca Peters, Bo Cooper
Essential Worker Coalition Laura Reiff
Hewlett Packard Gina Bancroft
Intel Ryan Triplette
Information Technology Industry Council Dean Garfield
McDonalds Bo Bryant
Microsoft Bill Kamela
National Association of Homebuilders Jenna Hamilton
National Electrical Contractors of America John Grau
National Restaurant Association Beth Johnson
Oracle Dejan Pavlovic
Society for Human Resource Management Mike Aitken
Tech America Jeff Lande
Tyson Foods Nora Venegas
US Chamber of Commerce Angelo Amador
US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce David Ferreira
University of Texas Dr. Ray Marshall
WalMart Adam Hemphill


Isnt this get together and others like it, an open and shut case of aiding and abetting? Or Harboring? MEANS ANY CONDUCT THAT TENDS TO SUBSTANTIALLY FACILITATE AN ALIEN TO REMAIN IN THE U.S. ILLEGALLY. If it isnt, then please explain to me how this is NOT!

Not to mention the obvious act of TREASON.

Beaner, Of course itÂ’s aiding and abetting and treason, but what can be done about it albeit we law abiding people take to the streets en masse to protest? Seriously, people go to the town halls on health care, line the streets for health care, but will these same people line the streets in protest of our treasonous officials and the illegal alien invasion? I donÂ’t think so. Americans know that illegal aliens (especially Mexicans) are a protected group and theyÂ’re prone to violence when someone speaks out about them. I donÂ’t think too many people want to deal with that.

_held accountable_ For what? _They then reconvened and Napolitano discussed what they'd learned._ I'd rather listen to a class of second graders tell what they did on their summer vacation. What a bunch of faggots.