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Center for American Progress corporate funders and immigration - 12/14/13

The leftwing Center for American Progress has released a list of their corporate funders for 2013 [1]. Several of the funders have a financial interest in higher immigration and in comprehensive immigration reform.

Rumors falsely claim Walmart is cooperating with DHS on immigration raids at its stores - 03/16/10

Walmart is a strong supporter of comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty and probably wouldn't cooperate on immigration raids with the Department of Homeland Security. Why bother?

Breitbart scoop: Buffy Wicks? Ari Emanuel? NEA? Patrick Gaspard? Hollywood? - 09/20/09

Andrew Breitbart is teasing a major story to appear on Monday and he's hinted that it will come from "left field".

Napolitano immigration meeting: you weren't represented (vast # of loose borders groups, Obama/Janet anti-287g) - 08/20/09

Earlier today, Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security held a closed-door meeting with a group of what she calls "stakeholders" ( but was actually a vast pantheon (see below) of far-left, racial power, corrupt business, and in general loose borders groups all of which want some form of comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. There were at least 98 participants in the meeting, and none of them represent your interests or the interests of the great majority of American citizens. Why exactly they'd hold the meeting isn't clear;...

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama speak to extremist-funding National Council of La Raza - 07/22/07

From this: Two top Democratic contenders in the presidential race are in South Florida to address the National Council of La Raza, the nation's largest Hispanic civil rights group. Sunday morning, New York Senator Hillary Clinton told the gathering at the Miami Beach Convention Center, she would prefer to pass a comprehensive immigration bill that would provide a path to legalization for immigrants in the United States. But, s

Mayday/May 1, 2007: another illegal immigration boycott - 01/07/07

Mark it on your calendars, because illegal aliens and their supporters will supposedly be holding yet another mass walkout/boycott/march on May 1 of this year. And, there's supposedly going to be a planning meeting on February 3 and 4 at Loyola Marymount Law School in Los Angeles. The specific target of the boycott is Walmart.

Illegal aliens arrested at WalMart construction site in Allentown PA - 11/18/05

This one has an interesting union angle: ...Wal-Mart spokesman Marty Heires said the company would cooperate fully with federal authorities. "We have written contracts with these subcontractors requiring that they follow all applicable local, state and federal employment laws," he said in a statement. At least 120 illegal immigrants, most of them from Mexico, were detained, Schuylkill County Sheriff

2003 Warrant says Wal-Mart aware of cleaners' status - 11/05/05

Bentonville: Warrant says Wal-Mart aware of cleaners' status (link): Wal-Mart management knew people who cleaned dozens of their stores in 2003 were illegal aliens, some of whom lived in poor conditions and, in one case, slept in the back of a store, a federal affidavit released Wednesday said.

WalMart: no more "undocumented" workers for us! - 10/27/05

Our guiding light Insty links to the site for some reason or other. Doing a search, our crack team came upon this bit: We have been such a successful retailer because we focus our efforts on running our stores. Like many companies, we entrust our suppliers and contractors to do the hiring - and that means hiring only documented workers.

WalMart has 103 products about Wicca? - 10/24/05

What happened to the Five and Dime? Rootbeer floats and penny candy? Today's WalMart is not yesterday's Woolworth's! Now, you're just as likely to find books about... Wicca! As this article points out [1], "Along with the Barbie dolls and Tonka Toys, 100 items for Wicca can be found at Wal-Mart." Actually, when I went there and searched it said they had 103 items. Just 103? On the other hand, Amazon has over 3500 books about the subject:

Big Business Balks at Bush Propaganda Plan - 08/29/05

President Bush has created the Orwellian-named "Americans for Border and Economic Security" to push for his massive guest worker amnesty scheme. Now, Bloomberg reports, Big Business is balking at the plan: ..."There is a reluctance to sign up for something that might turn out not to be the type of immigration reform bill we want to see," said John Gay [1], who runs a coalition in support of guest-worker programs that includes the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, First Data Corp. and Marriott International Inc. Republican lobbyists including Ed Gillespie, the party's former national chairman, and...

Wal-Mart, illegal aliens, and a wink and a nod - 06/03/05

Earlier I pointed out that the $10 million fine to WalMart for employing illegal aliens represented about 15 minutes of their revenue (Wal*Mart's 15 minutes of pain). Now, comes this news [1]:

Wal*Mart's 15 minutes of pain - 03/18/05

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. [1] - Wal-Mart Stores Inc. escaped criminal charges but agreed Friday to pay $11 million, a record fine in a civil immigration case, to end a federal probe into its use of illegal immigrants to clean floors at stores in 21 states. A dozen contractors who actually hired the laborers for work inside stores for the world's largest retailer agreed to plead guilty to criminal immigration charges and together pay an additional $4 million in fines.

The price of "cheap" labor is about to go up - 12/24/04

Wal*Mart is facing a class action lawsuit from former janitors: After the raids, nine of the immigrants filed a suit in state court in New Jersey, with Cuban lawyer Gilberto Garcia of law firm Garcia and Kricko. Before that case developed, New York City attorney James L. Linsey of Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP, contacted Garcia, and the two decided they had a case that was more far-reaching than a state court complaint.

What Does the War on Wal-Mart Mean? - 04/10/04

I wondered why the heck Jesse Jackson would show up in Inglewood to protest Wal*Mart. While I've known of anti-WalMart organizations for a long time, recent articles are focusing on what's really involved. See 'What Does the War on Wal-Mart Mean?'

Nanci Pelosi, supporter of sweatshops, opponent of citizens and laws - 10/26/03

Nanci Pelosi (D-San Francisco) is upset by the recent raids on illegal immigrants at Wal*Mart: "We think there might be a better way to go about this because the fact is that it is against the law for the employer to hire these people so there should be more focus on the employer and less in these terrorizing raids," Pelosi said. Let's leave aside the fact that Nanci - an elected U.S.

Danegeld, then and now - 07/21/03

Then (per Wikipedia): The Danegeld was an English tax raised to pay off Viking raiders (usually lead by the Danish king) to save the land from being ravaged by the raiders... the amount of silver paid impressed the Danes with the idea that it was more profitable to extort payments from the English than to take whatever booty they could plunder. Now: