Bush "guest worker" program to be "open to any type of employee"

Mark Krikorian writes about a Cato Institute panel on the Bush/Fox Amnesty (nationalreview . com/comment/krikorian200401260938.asp). Of particular note are the remarks made by Margaret Spellings, "assistant to the president for domestic policy, and point person for the president's immigration proposal":

my director of research, Steven Camarota, briefly mentioned the alternative to the president's amnesty plan: using consistent, across-the-board enforcement of the immigration law to cause attrition of the illegal population over time. The White House response?


Then she suggested, "You need to come visit Austin, Texas."

When a political aide cynically laughs about enforcing the law, you know it's time for a change. We didn't elect Bush to hire people who mock our laws.

You can see the entire 80 minute video at cato . org/events/040116pf.html. Her laughter is around the 59 minute mark.

Here are two other statements Margaret Spellings made:

"We do envision that this would be open to any type of employee and any type of employer, such as nurses, teachers, high-tech workers, low-skilled workers. This is a concept that can apply broadly"

Asked "Will the children of "guest workers" automatically become citizens?", her response was: "Anyone who is born in the United States is presumed to be a citizen, and we do not support changing that. So I guess the answer is yes."

In other words, our "guest workers" will have children and will be here to stay.

And, those earning $40 or $60 or $100 or $200 per hour will be in for a rude awakening as a million people from China and India start bidding on their jobs.

Are you a teacher, a nurse, a high-tech worker, or another type of high-wage worker? I'd suggest contacting other members of your profession via online message boards and letting them know what Bush wants to do to you.

(It might not be all bad; maybe one day 'Cato Institute Analyst' might be one of those "jobs that Americans won't do")

The realmedia file is 80Megs; if you don't want to stream it, you can downloaded it in greater-than-realtime for offline viewing using a program called 'Offline Explorer Pro' available at tucows.com or cnet.com.


i think this is the best program, its good for economey and good for the citizens of united states i meant the crime wise .