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Tyson Foods: chicken and illegal aliens

Springdale, Arkansas based Tyson Foods is the U.S.'s largest chicken processor. The entries below detail their close relationship with illegal immigration and their links to Mike Huckabee.

Last modified Dec 18, 2011
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Jay Reeves of AP helps chicken processors with their illegal labor needs (Alabama, twister, immigration) - 05/28/13

If Jay Reeves of the Associated Press isn't getting paid off by chicken processors like Tyson Foods and Pilgrims Pride, he should be. Reeves offers "Twister Heals Ala. Town Fractured Over Immigration" [1]. The article seems to have two purposes:

Napolitano immigration meeting: you weren't represented (vast # of loose borders groups, Obama/Janet anti-287g) - 08/20/09

Earlier today, Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security held a closed-door meeting with a group of what she calls "stakeholders" (dhs.gov/ynews/releases/pr_1250792978709.shtm) but was actually a vast pantheon (see below) of far-left, racial power, corrupt business, and in general loose borders groups all of which want some form of comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. There were at least 98 participants in the meeting, and none of them represent your interests or the interests of the great majority of American citizens. Why exactly they'd hold the meeting isn't clear;...

WSJ discovers: Americans compete with immigrants for jobs (Miriam Jordan) - 05/24/09

Miriam Jordan of the Wall Street Journal offers "Job Fight: Immigrants vs. Locals/Tennessee Residents Compete for Work They Once Scorned; An All-Night Wait for Slaughterhouse Shifts" (link).

HuckPAC: Mike Huckabee launches his Political Action Committee (PAC) - 04/15/08

Mike Huckabee has launched his own Political Action Committee (PAC) called, euphonically enough, "Huck PAC" (huckpac.com), saying: "Our goal is to secure a better future for our country by changing our punitive tax system, standing firm for the sanctity of life and traditional marriage, and protecting our borders and giving our veterans the blood-bought benefits they deserve.

Tyson Foods hiring suit tossed; will appeal; evidence they harbored illegal aliens - 02/15/08

From this: The poultry workers who alleged that Tyson Foods Inc. conspired to depress wages by hiring illegal aliens plan to fight a federal court decision that tossed their [RICO] lawsuit. The long-contested court battle over whether Tyson Foods Inc.

Marshall Islands immigrants in Springdale, Arkansas: leprosy, VD, TB - 02/08/08

Springdale, Arkansas - the "Chicken Capital of the World" and home of Tyson Foods - is also home to 8000 apparently legal immigrants from the Marshall Islands (see first update), an independent country northeast of Australia (also home to the Bikini Atoll).

Virginia Employers for "Sensible" Immigration Policy - 12/23/07

A new group of businesses has been formed to oppose anti-illegal immigration laws in their state, called "Virginia Employers for Sensible Immigration Policy". One of the organizers is Julia Ciarlo Hammond, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business. They'll supposedly only focus on measures affecting employers, and they state that they want to follow the law, they just don't want undue burdens. But, don't they all. The coalition includes some of the most influential industries in the state, including many that rely heavily on low-cost and migrant labor. The group...

Michael Gerson turns on Mike Huckabee, spins LULAC/Tyson Foods meeting - 12/14/07

Bush hack turned Washington Post hack Michael Gerson - at that link trying to push for Bush's immigration "reform" by calling the GOP base names - offers "Homespun Meets Hard-Line". Like yesterday's WaPo editorial he turns on Mike Huckabee because of the latter's new (supposed) tough stance on illegal immigration.

Lawsuit claims Tyson Foods conspired with LULAC to hire illegal aliens - 11/06/07

From this: The plaintiffs in a lawsuit accusing Tyson Foods Inc. of hiring illegal aliens to work at poultry plants are focusing on the meat producer's relationship with the League of Latin American Citizens. [Note: the two are also linked with Mike Huckabee]

Arkansas Friendship Coalition: ACLU, Tyson Foods, ACORN join to support "immigration" - 11/01/07

The Arkansas Friendship Coalition (arfriendshipcoalition.org) is a new group formed by business and religious leaders, and their goal is to ensure that Arkansas doesn't establish Prop. 200/187-style laws as Oklahoma and Missouri have or are trying to do.

White House listening to pork producers, La Raza, Mexico-linked NALEO, NRA... just not you - 06/21/07

The White House offers a PDF entitled "What They're Saying: Border Security And Immigration Reform Agreement" and subtitled 'Business And Agriculture Groups Say "It Is Critical That The Process Moves Forward"' (PDF) [1]. It's just a collection of quotes from press releases from those few groups that support the Bush/Senate massive illegal immigration amnesty, and it contains no accompaning text other than the titles. As simply a collection of quotes, it's not that shocking. However, it's interesting that these are the special interest groups that the White House chooses to use to bolster...

Texas Employers for Immigration Reform - 03/31/07

Site: txeir.org Association of Texas companies and groups calling for immigration "reform" (a massive amnesty) and a "guest" worker program. Chairman is Bill Hammond, president of the Texas Association of Business in Austin (Secretary calls for reform). Commerce chief defends raids Secretary calls for reform

Hundreds Meet to Launch New Immigrant Rights Alliance - 02/20/07

Socialist Action/Jason Cain & Wayne McElyea/September 2006/ link Reveals that "a number of delegates" to the National Immigrant Rights Strategy Convention had "close ties" to Mexico's PRD party. Rep. Luis Gutierrez - a member of the U.S. Democratic Party - attended and spoke at that convention.

May Day illegal immigration march/boycott: the supporters - 04/28/06

Who supports the May 1 illegal immigration boycott and/or the marches on that day? Let's keep track of them in this post. The Democrats in the California state senate support both the march and the boycott. UPDATES --5/2/06:

Tyson Foods and tuberculosis - 03/05/06

One employee at a Tyson Foods plant in Shelbyville Arkansas has tested positive for tuberculosis. Another 64 workers are being tested. Tyson denies there's a problem. The incident is "not an outbreak, but there has been one person to test positive," said Sheets.

Chertoff promotes "Temporary Worker Program" at Senate meeting - 10/18/05

Don't believe everything you read about DHS head Michael Chertoff's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. First, from Drudge, come these headlines in red: HOMELAND SECURITY CHIEF: EXPEL ALL ILLEGALS... 'Our goal is to return every single illegal entrant, no exceptions'... Those headlines and the first two paragraphs of the AFP article [1] Drudge references are wrong. Read Chertoff's prepared remarks at [2].

I stumped Tamar Jacoby - 10/11/05

Earlier tonight, I attended the appearance at the Los Angeles Public Library of immigration "reform" maven Tamar Jacoby. I managed to ask a stumper of a question; more on that after an overview of her remarks. What she said was basically a live performance of one of her columns. My summary is very long, so feel free to skip ahead.

Illegal aliens doing the jobs American hurricane victims could do - 09/09/05

From the AP propaganda piece "Illegal immigrants afraid to get storm aid" (link):

Big Business Balks at Bush Propaganda Plan - 08/29/05

President Bush has created the Orwellian-named "Americans for Border and Economic Security" to push for his massive guest worker amnesty scheme. Now, Bloomberg reports, Big Business is balking at the plan: ..."There is a reluctance to sign up for something that might turn out not to be the type of immigration reform bill we want to see," said John Gay [1], who runs a coalition in support of guest-worker programs that includes the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, First Data Corp. and Marriott International Inc. Republican lobbyists including Ed Gillespie, the party's former national chairman, and...

Arkansas' Huckabee, Tyson Foods, LULAC all aligned - 07/01/05

Arkansas' governor Mike Huckabee recently spoke before the League of United Latin American Citizens convention in Little Rock. His remarks could be best characterized as far-left, pro-open borders, pro-cheap labor, churchy pap (link):

"Texas has been conquered by Hispanics" - 06/22/05

The titular quote is from Rev. Julio Barquero, the Arkansas state chaplain of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens). The quote is taken from the article "Border state", and here it is in context: "Little Rock is the border between Mexico and the U.S.," said the Rev.

Tortured by Tyson, whipped by Lisa Franzetta - 05/25/05

PETA's gone out and bought a new domain: TorturedByTyson.com. They intone: From December 2004 through February 2005, a PETA undercover investigator worked on the slaughter line of a Tyson Foods chicken processing plant in Heflin, Alabama. Using a hidden camera, he documented the treatment of the more than 100,000 chickens killed every day in the plant.

Mmmm... Tyson Chicken and TB - 05/03/05

At a Tyson Chicken processing plant in Oklahoma, 41 out of 222 workers were found to be suffering from tuberculosis. There's no stated illegal immigration connection in the article ("Workers in Processing Plant Being Infected with Tuberculosis"), but let's just say it's possible that some or many might be of that status. The article also says there's no risk of it having spread to the food and, not being a food scientist I have no way of verifying that.

"Forging a New Use for Civil RICO" - 09/09/04

Lawyer? Like money? Look here: Despite a string of defeats before federal trial judges, Howard W. Foster has doggedly pressed on with a type of litigation he pioneered: using RICO to target companies that allegedly hire undocumented workers for the purpose of driving down wages... [He's brought] five Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act suits since 1999, usually on behalf of employees with valid work authorization. Four were dismissed at an early stage by trial judges. But in three of those cases, Foster has persuaded federal appellate courts to reinstate his suits. Last month...

"Who is really to blame for illegal immigration?" - 09/02/04

From this: ...Illegal immigration could be stopped at any time. Rep. Silvestre Reyes of Texas, a twenty-six year veteran of the border patrol, commented on the issue of curbing illegal immigration during a debate on PBS's News Hour with Jim Lehrer. "We can show statistically that the employer sanctions was an effective tool," remarked Reyes.

Federal Court OKs Suit Against Tyson for Hiring Illegal Aliens - 06/07/04

From this: A lawsuit by former employees of Tyson Foods, Inc. against their employer may go ahead, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday. The four former workers are seeking damages as a result of Tyson's use of illegal aliens to depress wages. They sued the company under a provision of a 1996 law that made the intentional employment of illegal aliens for financial gain a violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act...

Miami Herald "endorses indentured servitude" - 03/22/04

That's what the Stein Report says regarding the Miami Herald's editorial supporting the AgJobs bill ('A win-win for growers, farmworkers, America'). That bill would provide an amnesty for half a million illegal aliens. As history shows, amnesties simply lead to more illegal immigration. One amnesty leads to more illegal immigration, which requires another amnesty, which leads to more illegal immigration, repeat. As for the claim that the editorial supports indentured servitude, judge for yourself: ...AgJobs sets up a process by which illegal immigrants already working in agriculture could...