Lawsuit claims Tyson Foods conspired with LULAC to hire illegal aliens

From this:
The plaintiffs in a lawsuit accusing Tyson Foods Inc. of hiring illegal aliens to work at poultry plants are focusing on the meat producer's relationship with the League of Latin American Citizens. [Note: the two are also linked with Mike Huckabee]

The class-action suit in U. S. District Court in Eastern Tennessee [Trollinger v. Tyson] claims Springdale-based Tyson Foods knowingly hired illegal aliens to work for wages below what American workers would take. It was filed in April 2002 on behalf of former Tyson workers in several states, not including Arkansas.

..."We believe Tyson has used its relationship with LULAC to help carry out a 'willful blindness' policy of hiring illegal workers," said the plaintiffs' attorney, Howard W. Foster of Chicago. "Tyson is very close with LULAC, especially in Springdale, and we're alleging that the groups have agreed not to investigate workers who are suspected illegal aliens."
Of course, both Tyson Foods and LULAC deny the claims, but let's hope for the best.

Arkansas Friendship Coalition: ACLU, Tyson Foods, ACORN join to support "immigration"

2/14/08 UPDATE: A suit against Tyson has been tossed; it may be the same or a different one.


Do you think there's causation with how radical and corrupt Huckpuppy (fried food and shoe reference) is on immigration law and all the love Huckabye (Beach Boys reference) is getting from the MSM? Couldn't be, could it?

somebody needs to prosecute all the non-profits promoting illegal immigration.