WSJ discovers: Americans compete with immigrants for jobs (Miriam Jordan)

Miriam Jordan of the Wall Street Journal offers "Job Fight: Immigrants vs. Locals/Tennessee Residents Compete for Work They Once Scorned; An All-Night Wait for Slaughterhouse Shifts" (link). The immigrants in this case appear to be all or almost all legal workers, including refugees and those allowed to come here under the diversity lottery. And, they're all competing for jobs at a Tyson Foods plant in Shelbyville, TN. Not only that, but many came from out of town with some even being bused in by non-profits that receive federal grants to help with resettlement.

With millions of Americans unemployed, any reduction in the numbers of immigrants - aside from those who can actually create jobs - will have a net economic benefit. If your goal is to help Americans, it makes sense to reduce the numbers of immigrants through enforcement, putting restrictions on the H1B program, or through halting elective programs like the diversity lottery. Yet, despite printing articles like this, the WSJ will still keep singing the open borders tune.

And, so will Barack Obama and the Democrats, who are promoting comprehensive immigration reform despite millions of Americans needing jobs.

What you can do about this is to make sure that the WSJ never forgets having printed this article; through it back at them in comments every time they promote massive immigration. Even better, go to a public appearance by Obama or a nationally-known Democrat and ask them how they can promote "reform" despite the fact that it would greatly increase the competition for jobs like those described in the article.

The article also helps further disprove the hoary talking point about there being jobs americans wont do, with one applicant saying:

"They've been doing jobs we wouldn't do," Scott Hunter said, surveying the immigrants in the line. "Now the economy is so bad, we're all willing to do them."

And, it includes the funny:

As a spate of federal raids earlier this decade underscored, many plants had hired, sometimes unknowingly, illegal immigrants en masse.

I'm sure many would be completely shocked to discover that they'd hired illegal aliens.


Nothing on why (some, most, whatever) Americans might have 'scorned' those jobs in the past I suppose.

"The political ideals of our political people have one idea that is to have a scorched earth way of doing third world business." the political rats which love government have this idea. "render unconditional obedience to obama", end of story.

Thanks for posting this - I would probably have missed it. Best, PC

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I got here from the Patrick Cleburne article at Vdare. I read the comments at WSJ. They are a travesty of the indoctrination of Americans that loyalty is bigotry. Even the military recruits non-Americans. I was also surprised that Ft. Detrick employed people not from the US handling biotoxins. Its strange for a government to invade a country to find wmd while hiring people from the same region in its own wmd labs. But such is the irrational country we live in. Now we may fight Iran. Who is the WMD for the FBI? A man born in Iran. It seems that keeping Iran from getting WMD in the US is not a job Americans want to do, at least not in the US.

sk can see the facts in front of him.