Federal Court OKs Suit Against Tyson for Hiring Illegal Aliens

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From this:

A lawsuit by former employees of Tyson Foods, Inc. against their employer may go ahead, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday. The four former workers are seeking damages as a result of Tyson's use of illegal aliens to depress wages. They sued the company under a provision of a 1996 law that made the intentional employment of illegal aliens for financial gain a violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act...


Any employer who hires illegal aliens should be arrested for aiding or engaging in illegal activities. All illegal aliens should be deported as they are illegal and are invading our Republic. Those who took May 1 (a communist holiday) off work to march in support of these illegals should be terminated from their jobs.

These corporations should realize how much damage they are doing by bringing in the third-world at the expense of the net taxpayer. Corporations and rich businessmen pay most of the taxes here; so why don't they catch on that they're jeapordizing their future by bringing in those who receive net public subsidy? Our investment in labor-saving approaches to production is not just economic; it is also a political consequence of restriction of immigration. The balance between labor and labor-saving capital would be enormously different, if much less restricted immigration had been the policy. Productivity trends can go up, or down, as in Africa. It is restriction of immigration which controls the balance between the supply and demand for labor, and allows us to move forward in productivity. Other countries, with very rapidly increasing labor supply, have had declining productivity, not just for years, but sometimes for decades. Don't business leaders see that their investment in labor-saving technology is unwarranted, and must be liquidated, if there is a sufficiently increasing labor supply at lower wages, as with immigrants?